Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fourth Tier Oklahoma City University School of Law Will Accept Applicants by August 1 for its Entering Fall 2012 Class

Solicitation: Apply to OCU Sewer of Law…Please!

Take a look at the following pathetic solicitation from this fourth tier cesspool:

“Dear Joseph,

Several prospective applicants have called to inquire as to whether it is too late to apply for admission to the 2012 entering class or to be considered for scholarships. The answer to both is a resounding no. Applicants who apply by August 1st will not only be considered for admission, but will also be considered for a renewable scholarship.

As you consider where to pursue your legal education, I hope you will consider Oklahoma City University School of Law. Located in the northwest quadrant of Oklahoma City—ranked by Forbes Magazine as the #1 recession proof city in America—Oklahoma City University School of Law is a thriving, close-knit academic community committed to your success before, during, and after you matriculate. We offer over $1.5 million dollars in scholarships annually, ranging from $5,000 to full-tuition. We have a strong job placement rate, and an equally strong bar passage rate. For these and other reasons, you should consider pursing your legal education at Oklahoma City University School of Law. So, apply today, your fee is already waived.* [Emphasis in original]

The letter explicitly mentions that applications received by May 7, 2012 will automatically be considered for admission to the commode’s alternate summer admission program.

Putrid Alternate Summer Admission Program

“The Alternate Summer Admission Program (ASAP) is a conditional admission program designed to identify and evaluate those candidates for admission whose quantitative credentials, either LSAT or GPA, do not meet the requirements for direct admission to the law school, but whose personal statement, letters of recommendation, and resume reveal characteristics that meet the non-academic standards sought by the admissions committee. Especially valued in this process is evidence of important academic skills–analytical reasoning, writing, research, oral communication, logic, critical thinking and problem solving–that suggest strong potential for success in law school.

The admissions committee extends offers to enroll in ASAP to a limited and select group of applicants. Spaces are limited and candidates must be available to attend the 4-week program from the end of May through June.” [Emphasis mine]

If your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA are not good enough to gain admittance to this FOURTH TIER piece of trash, then you should do something else with your life. 

The sales document concludes:

“No separate application is required for consideration. All applicants not admitted directly to the fall program are considered candidates for ASAP. [Emphasis mine]

Can you sense the desperation? Apparently, every moron who applies to this dung pit by May 7th is a candidate for the summer admission program. Wow! Crack whores have higher standards!

According to Law School Numbers, this garbage pit is not exactly selective. For instance, the median UGPA for the JD Class of 2010 was 151. A score of 153 landed one in the 75th percentile, whereas a 149 placed you in the 25th percentile. In addition, median UGPA for the same class stood at 3.14.  An undergrad GPA of 3.49 would put you in the 75th percentile, while a UGPA of 2.86 would be good enough for the 25th percentile.  Yes, what truly rigorous admission standards, right?!?!

Conclusion: The trash pit acknowledges that it is seeking applicants and asses in seats. Do you think that this school’s administration gives a damn about the students’ outcomes?!?!

According to the document above, supplied by Oklahoma CiTTTTy Univer$iTTTTy Sewer of Law, orientation for first-year students begins on August 4, 2012! In sum, the school could determine if applicants are worthy of admission, in the span of three days. Then again, anyone with an IQ above 90 should be able to gain acceptance to this rot pile. But if you were that intelligent, would you consider applying to this dump in the first place?


  1. Why don't they offer a program where you can just buy a law degree without attending. The law school would get what they really cared about $$$ and the law graduate would be able to take the Bar exam. Why waste three years learning theory?

  2. 'Can you sense the desperation? Apparently, every moron who applies to this dung pit by May 7th is a candidate for the summer admission program. Wow! Crack whores have higher standards!'

    I'm not sure they have higher standards, but crackwhores won't cost you $100K

  3. Imagine if medical schools selected candidates this way. So what if someone has demonstrated zero ability in the areas of chemistry and biology? They may fulfill other "non-academic standards sought" by medical schools. Consider the disastrous/fatal implications of this. While bad lawyering is not necessarily fatal, except in a few cases, the glut of lawyers in the market due to for-profit "law schools" with no standards is financially devastating to many JD's with no employment prospects.

    I agree, if your grades and LSAT are not good enough to get into a third/fourth tier school? Consider yourself lucky and do something productive with your life.

  4. Have shitty grades and a low lsat score? No problem. Can you bring sumthin' else to da table, like a nice ol' little personal essay? If yer non-academic standards are convincin' enough, we'll take a chance on ya. Come on down to luvly ol' Oklahoma City, and kick up yer heels and make this place home. Giddy up, muthafucka!

  5. Applications must be down at this dung pit. The Deans and professors are probably panicking that they won't be able to make their annual country club membership dues. So what do they do? Open admissions for everybody.

    When I went to college 25 years ago, only the joke schools took in anyone with a pulse and a checkbook. Looks like the more things change, the more they remain the same.

    The simple solution is to turn off the government student loan valve. Put the schools on the hook for their graduates' success. How can these sonsofbitches justify charging $150K for a law diploma that will entitle you to sit for the barzam. And if you pass, you get to put that Esq. at the end of your name and represent hillbillies on cowtipping charges. How prestigious?

  6. They'll fill all the seats in that class. Anything's possible when you get rid of all your standards.

  7. Nando,

    You should do a piece on the incompetence of career services departments at law schools. The one at my school is completely worthless, and posts maybe 2-3 jobs a week on simplicity. Many of these "jobs" were unpaid, and were across the country from my school. Please find some examples of some law school career services departments and just roast them.

  8. Don't go, don't go.

    Don't go don't go don't go.

    Do not go to Law School today unless you are well set up and connected.

    Otherwise you will be in debt slavery for the rest of your miserable life.

    Is that stating it clearly enough?

  9. Nando, I usually support what you say, but in this case I have to take exception to your calling this fine institution Oklahoma CiTTTTy Univer$iTTTTy of law. It appears that you are attempting to characterize this school at a TTTT institution.

    I checked OKCU's placement statistics at the ABA's website.

    These statistics show that OKCU Law placed 0 graduates into firms of 501+ attorneys, 0 graduates into firms of 251-500 attorneys, 1 graduate into a firm of 101-250 attorneys, 0 graduates into firms of 51-100 attorneys and 4 graduates into firms of 26-50 attorneys.

    These statistics clearly show that OKCU is not a TTTT institution. These show that OKCU is a TTTTTT or a TTTTTTT institution. I feel you have insulted TTTT schools everywhere by including OKCU in their ranks. I suggest you issue an apology to all TTTT schools and begin referring to OKCU as Oklahoma CiTTTTTTTy Univer$iTTTTTTTy from here forward.

    Sarcasm aside, this is good news. If crap schools with nothing other than limited regional appeal are having trouble filling seats, its a sign that the message is getting out that law school is a disastrous wager. We're probably a year or two away from seeing some of these law sewers close down.

    My bet is that one of the TTTT shitholes in Florida will be the first to fold.

  10. The comments are the best part of this blog.

    When are we gonna see a law school with open enrollment? It can't be far off. Sometimes it seems like junior colleges have stricter admissions requirements than some ABA schools.

  11. Hi Nando,I come on here frequently and I really admire your efforts. I wanted to let everyone know that the F.B.I is hiring for special agents and the application is closing today at midnight. For people with J.Ds they are waiving the three year work requirement. I know alot of people on here mentioned that they were unemployed. The special agent has a good starting salary. Just go to the f.b.i website and good luck everybody!

  12. After being busy with law school and visiting various places, I am awestruck and baffled that this silly/stupid blog o' whining is STILL around! Nando has yet to run out of schools, even though he had to stoop so low to feature Georgetown University on this blog. WTF?!?! I honestly am dumbstruck! Why not go out and do something worthwhile, and I can't believe jd painter is still whining! Gimme a break!

    The World Traveling Law Student

  13. Holy shit, its WTLS! What kind of job do you have lined up for the summer? How did 2L go?

  14. WTLS says he is back. Does not sound to me as the genuine WTLS but what the fuck? Here goes usual and very effective WTLS repellent.

    WTLS, how is your mom doing? Do you still fuck her in the ass or you were too busy with law skool studies? No problemo, pal, just send her to my place and will fix her. Do you have a sister? Send her to my place too. Send all female members of your fuck up family to my place (including your wife) for a treatment.

    Now, you useless piece of shit, get back to the mental institution you have been confined to all this time.

  15. "AnonymousMay 16, 2012 3:42 PM

    The comments are the best part of this blog.

    When are we gonna see a law school with open enrollment? It can't be far off. Sometimes it seems like junior colleges have stricter admissions requirements than some ABA schools."

    This led to an idea: Does anyone think that Law Schools might start allowing homeless bums to enroll, in order to obtain the loan money?

    In the latter part of the housing bubble prior to the cash, Real Estate agents were handing out NINJA (no income, no assets) loans left and right, committing fraud in the process. These were people who clearly had no business owning a home, yet they received a mortgage so the RE agents could get their share.

    It will be interesting to see what the Law Schools think of. The bubble will still burst, but they will try everything possible prior to it happening.

  16. I used to go to Western New England College. I was excited, after applying and being denied to law schools for 3 years before. I finally got in, moved across the US, and started. I did very well, getting top 5-10% grades my first semester and not doing quite as well the second semester, but ending with top 18%. I was cocky and thought I was amazing. I came to this blog, fists out, mouth roaring. I gave Nando and JDPainter a bunch of crap. I laughed at those who thought law school was a waste. I said I was different and would end with an AMAZING job because I was "so smart". I am sure there are THOUSANDS of people like that out there.

    Above I posted a post about my return. Truth is, I struggled through my second year of law school. I transferred to a much higher ranked school but had a hell of a time getting settled in. My grades were among THE WORST OF MY CLASS the first semester of 2L. I secretly came to Nando's blog and the others. I started to realize that there was much truth to these blogs.

    I am now going into my 3rd year of law school. I have no job lined up for the summer. I have no want to be a lawyer. I think, no, scratch that, I hope that I can find something after law school. Maybe I will be a teacher. Maybe I will get a job as a telemarketer. I don't know. Truth was I was cocky, and I ended up regretting it.

    Kids, listen to Nando. Listen to these people. Do NOT think you are different. Life can throw you a curve ball. That being said, if you are in law school have some other options ready. You may not like law (I don't want to practice it, and right now with Diablo III out, I care less about working an internship -- what good would it do me anyway? Not like they pay.) Also, be aware that your grades are almost random. I was not smart my first year like I thought. Instead I was lucky. And I don't believe in luck.

    The World Traveling Law Student

  17. Can we start a pool about which law school will close first?

    T Money has a good idea with one of the Florida schools (Ave Maria, Florida Coastal, Barry, etc.), but it'd be hard not to bet on certain other candidates.

    If things don't pick up with the 2013 applications, I think we might see one announced by early next year. Still waiting for someone at Indiana Tech to wake the fuck up. They're basically the guy who was buying stocks during the crash of '29.

  18. The World Travelling Law Student used to do prety good poems I think. Or maybe not and it could have been somebody else.

    As far as I go the debt never goes away, and for life.

    Student loan debt is of a different character than say, for example, real estate or property and land.

    As Oscar Wilde/Lady Bracknell said on the latter subject, and to paraphrase:

    "What with the duties that are expected of one during one's life, and the duties that expected of one after one's death, land can no longer be said to be a profit nor a pleasure.

    It gives one position, but prevents one from giving it up.

    And that is all that can be said about land."

  19. And a law degree gives neither positon or pleasure, unless the position can be said to be guaranteed prior to the 1L year.

    At my law school graduaton ceremony, there were a number of people that were greeted on stsage by people that were announced as Judge so and so, or the Mayor of this place or that, or the partner of this firm or that firm etc.

    And I sat there after a while thinking: WTF? Those people have jobs already!

  20. @ Doc West

    I think the other good chance for a law toilet folding up will be one of Ohio's presTTTigious institutions. Here's some stats for a few OH schools. Data is all from the ABA's website. The percent is the number of graduates who have long term employment with firms over 26 attorneys:

    Capital - 3.9%
    Ohio Northern - 2%
    Akron - 6.7%
    Toledo - 4.3%
    Dayton - 8.4%

    And some of our favorite swamptastic sewers in Florida:

    Barry - 3.6%
    Florida Coastal - 1.6% (7 of 433 graduates)
    Ave Maria - 0.0%

    If you look up the stats for T-14 schools, the numbers are entirely different. There is just no way in hell these TTTT sewage pits can keep bringing in the lemmings year in and year out when there just aren't any jobs out there for them to come anywhere close to justifying the cost of law school.

    I wonder if law deans at shit law schools now tell their students during orientation, "Look to your left. Look to your right. Look around the entire room. Nobody you see will get a job that will make this worthwhile."

  21. @ Recovering Lawyer, what does "not fatal" mean? I clerked for a district judge, and there are far too many bad lawyers out there. A mistake may not cause death as in the medical profession, but they really screw up their client's cases, and it's very sad. Schools of this ilk really need to go out of business.

  22. It's never too late to fuck up your life, is it?

  23. T Money,

    You can remove Akron from the pool. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Akron law grads can now join Legal Shield, which has access to over 26 lawyers. If I was an Akron law grad, I would forego the bar exam and pay for the $250 introductory package to become a Legal Shield account executive. I could make my own hours, make as much money as I want and still claim to have ties to the legal profession. And best of all, Marty Belsky can claim me as employed after graduation. Nando, thanks to your expose, you indirectly helped Akron walk off the ledge.

  24. The schools care about money first and foremost. Nothing else comes close. Take this piece of shit law school. It's in the fourth tier (what a shithole). It's taking apps until August 1st for this fall. They just want to make sure there's enough people enrolled when classes start on August 4th or whenever.

    If any school takes in homeless people, do you think they'll adopt a shirt and shoes optional dress code?

  25. World Travelling Law Student!

    Back to remind us of that ancient adage: A fool and his borrowed nondischarageable tuition money are soon parted.

  26. To “The” World Traveling Ass-Clown,

    “After being busy with law school and visiting various places, I am awestruck and baffled that this silly/stupid blog o' whining is STILL around! Nando has yet to run out of schools, even though he had to stoop so low to feature Georgetown University on this blog. WTF?!?! I honestly am dumbstruck! Why not go out and do something worthwhile, and I can't believe jd painter is still whining! Gimme a break!”

    Actually, you were struck dumb at birth, douche-bag. You have been baffled by coloring books and 50 piece jigsaw puzzles ever since, cockroach. To be technical, you were destined to be an idiot at the point of conceptions after two morons - your parents, i.e. your mother and her boyfriend, on the side – forgot to use a condom after smoking a bowl and knocking back a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    Update for everyone: WTLS allegedly spent his first year of law school at Western New England College Sewer of Law. The garbage heap then changed its status to that of a university, in 2011. It is now known as Western New England “University.” It is still a fourth tier dung heap.

    WTLS visited this site several times, shortly after supposedly transferring to another school. His new IP address showed San Francisco, California as his home. Seeing that the moron could barely string together two somewhat coherent sentences together, we can cross Berkeley and Stanford off the list. It seems that there are only three ABA-accredited trash pits actually located in San Francisco: UC Hastings College of the Law, Golden Gate University SOL, and University of San Francisco Sewer of Law.

    From my analytics:

    Visits: 1
    Unique ID: 1214432347
    IP address:
    Locale: Burlingame, CA, USA / English
    Platform: Internet Explorer 8.0 / Windows XP / 1024x768

    May 16 2012 5:15pm 5 actions 17m 14s ttt law school blog,+CA/to/Burlingame,+CA

    As you can see, Burlingame is an estimated 15 minute drive to San Francisco. How are your studies at your new toilet? Actually, no one here gives a damn. You are obviously not doing so well, if you are posting nonsense on this site instead of billing for your legal services.

  27. Lawprof just wrote an article about how Columbia, a real law school, has been sending out letters to potential applicants to encourage them to apply. (They even waived the fees). Unlike this shithole profiled here CLS was trying to give itself a lower acceptance rate to boost its USNWR ranking. This conduct goes to the top schools even.

  28. I was in court this morning and had a chance to speak with a group of younger attorneys (Classes of 2005-2009 were represented). We talked about the legal profession and how everyone's happiness meter registered these days. Most people in the group griped about the student loans, the drudgery and monotony of the practice and of course, the misery level we all feel. I asked the question: would any of you do it all over again? No one replied in the affirmative. College grads and 0Ls should really talk to attorneys that have been out a few years instead of relying on glossy brochures and charlatan fast talking deans.

  29. ^You did a public service.

    So if you're considering law school, are you gonna listen to licensed attorneys that know this profession sucks elephant dick or are you gonna listen to other 0Ls that don't know what the fuck they're talking about?

  30. You gotta check this out.

    'The Advocates' Law Firm LLP
    Passionately Zealous About Your Rights

    Advancing your legal rights is our most important priority. Advancing your legal rights is our passion, period.'

    WHat a bunch of pretentious bullshit. Guess which law school the partners went to.

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  33. If the school really sent this out to people, then this school is a joke. If that's not a diploma mill I don't know what is.

  34. Nando, I know it is hard for you to grasp, but I honestly agree with your blog and message. Of course, you should have seen this coming, and further, I do deserve the beating I am getting, but I am admitting you were right. If anything, this should send a chill down any cocky 1L's spine.

    The World Traveling Law Student
    The World T

  35. Nando, did you read this:,0,1730536.story

    I don't know what Sergio's strategy is. Assuming he gets sworn in as a lawyer, can't ICE officers just pick him up and deport him back to Mexico? And why did the law school admit him knowing he was an illegal alien? It would not surprise me if the law school he attended helped him solicit federal loans, which makes the law school a co-conspirator to defraud the U.S. Govt. and aiding and abetting the violation of immigration laws.

  36. @T-Money:

    Good call on Ohio, but there's just so many toilets that could be down the tubes.

    Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New York are all low on the growth scale and overweight in law schools. So places like New England, W. New Eng., Suffolk, Northeastern, Drexel, Duquesne, Northern Illinois, Marshall, Southern Illinois, Touro, Pace, Brooklyn, St. Johns, etc. are viable candidates.

    And then there's the darkhorse candidates: secondary schools in smaller states that need only one law school, but have two or more. I'm talking places like Arkansas-Little Rock, Washburn, Creighton, Drake, Charleston, etc. They're all behind the 8-ball on hiring and can't really have a purpose going forward in a world with fewer lawyers

    Of course, there are others (the Minneapolis trio, Cooley, Marshall-Atlanta, St. Mary's, Texas Wesleyan, Regent, Liberty, Appalachian, on and on).

    It's going to be a fun next few years as the bottom-rung places get more and more desperate.

    You can already see a major shift on LSN. Here's Florida Coastal five years ago:

    The bulk of green is between 150-156.

    Here's today:

    The cluster of green has shifted to 147-152.

    There's people on there with LSATs in the 145 range who have multiple acceptances. Options for someone who probably shouldn't be accepted to law school at all.

  37. Going through more profiles, Phoenix School of Law is about to burst off the low end of the graph:

    Pretty soon they'll be accepting people who could've guessed their way to their LSAT score. I almost feel sorry for the law professors who are going to have to teach these relative lightweights parol evidence and Erie doctrine.

    Look at this- Barry is giving out lots of money to people who score in the 140s:

    This ain't ending well, folks.

  38. I almost feel sorry for the professors too. But then I realize the cocksuckers are paid $150K to teach parol evidence to lamebrain 0Ls.

  39. @5:41 pm,

    I read the article that you furnished. Thank you for the link. It is interesting that the California state bar allowed an undocumented immigrant/illegal alien to become licensed. I am aware of other stories, where such students were able to receive financial aid. Apparently, the law schools and the ABA pigs don’t really give a damn as long as they have more asses in seats.

    To Doc,

    Thank you for posting those figures. The general public needs to realize that law school is a terrible gamble, for most students. You are aware of the following, so it supplied here for the benefit of WTLS.

    Why the hell should anyone shell out $120K-$180K for a degree that *may* land you a job that pays $45K per year?!?! That simply does not make any economic sense. Remember, where you start on the salary scale matters in the long-term. (The era of CEOs working their way up from entry-level positions has been over for a long time. Even generations ago, it was the exception.)

    If you earn $35K at a job, and then seek to transfer to another employer or industry, expect to make a similar salary. Why do you think potential employers ask for your salary info, from prior jobs?! (Clue: they do not seek this info so that they can pleasantly surprise you by giving you a generous boost in pay.) HR departments determine that if an applicant made $38K at his last job, then he or she is probably worth about the same amount.

    Of course, there are exceptions to the general rule. For instance, if you brought in a lot of business or funds – but your company was too damn cheap or broke to offer you a raise or promotion – then the new employer might take that into consideration. Even in that scenario, don’t expect a big-ass increase in pay or position. There are literally tons of lawyers and other workers who top out at a certain income, but continue to stay in those positions. (They know that they will have difficulty finding a better position or higher compensation.) Plenty of productive employees go years in between (nominal) raises, which are now referred to as cost of living adjustment, i.e. COLA.

    @ WTLS douche,

    Yes, referring to this site as stupid and silly and then attacking JD Painter shows that you agree with the blog's message. To wit:

    "After being busy with law school and visiting various places, I am awestruck and baffled that this silly/stupid blog o' whining is STILL around!"

    In the final analysis, you do deserve the beating that you are receiving. At least you acknowledge that reality. The schools are now lowering standards - which the scambloggers predicted. Then again, when you check your opponent's king with several pieces, you can easily determine your adversary's next move.

  40. It feels great to be vindicated by seeing mainstream/corporate news sources now focus on the law school swindle. You have allegedly been busy traveling and going to law school. Perhaps you missed the following stories, so I will provide some links:

    On March 8, 2012, CBS Evening News featured a New York Law $chool grad named Kevin Johnson on its nightly broadcast. The story, by correspondent Chip Reid, was entitled “Lean times for law school grads." Here is an excerpt:

    “Kevin Johnson wanted be a lawyer all his life. He graduated from New York Law School last February. His lifelong dream is to serve the needy as a lawyer but, for now he's serving pizza.

    "I am not a lawyer," Johnson said. "I'm a server. Lawyers do lawyer things. Lawyers work at law firms. Lawyers do public policy work... Lawyers don't serve pizza.

    Johnson graduated in the top 25 percent of his class and was confident he'd find a job with a Juris Doctorate degree, especially when he saw his law school reporting an employment rate of almost 90 percent on its website.

    "I think (I was misled.) I think the culture of law schools is misleading, sort of what they're all selling to future students and the idea that a JD is a ticket to a job and to immediate prospects and stability," Johnson said.”

    On February 24, 2012, Grace Nasri published a piece for the Huffington Post, which was labeled “Law Schools Feel the Heat From Unemployed Grads.” Here is a portion of that article:

    “Many law schools hire their own graduates in February, just as the nine-month mark approaches in accordance with the U.S. News's stat called "graduates known to be employed nine months after graduation." But the jobs are often 3-6 month, part time stints that pay $15-20/hr.

    An example of this can be seen in an email the dean of the University of San Francisco School of Law sent to recent graduates, which reads in part: "To help our newest alumni during this difficult period, the School of Law has created the Transitional Employment Program (TEP). The purpose of the TEP is to provide a few temporary, part-time jobs for recent graduates who have passed the bar and have not yet been able to secure employment.... These positions are with our faculty as research assistants and with administrative offices at the School of Law working on distinct, law-related projects.... The positions are part-time (20 hrs/week), will last for three months, and we anticipate a start date of early to mid February. The pay is approximately $15 dollars per hour."

    One former University of San Francisco law student, who graduated in 2009, said, "I wouldn't recommend law school to anyone. I know so many people who, after three years of searching for decent legal employment, have settled for temporary document review work that is boring, unrewarding, and unreliable. If you want to be unemployed for half the year, stuck to your computer waiting for a staffing agency to email you a temporary job then, sure, go to law school. But good luck paying off your loans."

  41. This is very disgusting. But it really proves the point. The schools do not care about student outcomes whatsoever. They are only getting more greedy and brazen about it. Nice job, Nando pointing this one out.

  42. Nando & Co.,

    Come on over to the Junkyard! Feel free to promote/discuss your blog.

  43. You ever see a vicious cat play with a dead mouse before? The cat tracks down his prey and pounces. But is it satisfied with a mere kill? No. It wants to play with it some more. You'll even see it use both paws to smack up a dead limp mouse and slap it around. That's nando for you. He calls out these professors and shills. He ripped Kimber Russell to shreds. He did the same thing to Eric Evan Sustad. He's ruthless. So don't expect him to change course for you, WTLS. That said, it's nice to see you admit you were wrong about the schools. Unlike most shills, you had the humility to admit it. Good luck to you.

  44. Kudos to schools that report employment right like U of of M:

    But these statistics highlight an important point. Even graduating from a top 10 law school does not guarantee a $160k job (or a job)right now. For the class of 2011, 75% at U of M makes $160,000 but 25% at U of M makes $62,647. The mean salary is $117,577. Of a class of 378, 299 of the jobs required bar passage. So, 79 were not necessarily legal jobs. Kudos to them for reporting unemployment too. 13 unemployed seeking jobs. 4 unemployed not seeking jobs. Only 1 student whose employment status is not known. These are the kind of statistics EVERY school should report. But won't happen at bad schools like Oklahoma City because the numbers will be so dismal.



    Recently, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visited students at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia and encouraged them to load up on college loans....


    Says it all.

    We'll give you "free money" for education, promising you jobs which aren't there and/or no longer exist and a middle-class lifestyle which was DOA in 1972 when the US was taken off the gold standard.

    I don't care about the "quality" of the schools or the education (good/bad). That's not the issue. The issue is the non-dischargeable debt and the outright hucksterism of the bankers in collusion with the U.S. Government.

    Like any Ponzi scheme, the quality or lack thereof of the product is immaterial.

  46. I am certainly not going to argue your statistics - that would be pointless. However, the placement in 'larger' firms that you mention is a bit misleading. There are only a handful of firms in the entire state with more than 25 attorneys, thus placement in such a firm - within the state - is not likely.

    That said, I also don't disagree with you that many people who attend schools in OCU's tier probably shouldn't get into the legal field. These people normally do not graduate from law school nor do they take or pass the bar exam. Like most professions, there are processes in place that insure appropriate attrition so that those actually practicing have some acceptable level of competence.

    To answer the question I know you're thinking - no, I don't work for the law school. I did, however, go there many years ago. I thought the faculty were amazing and the job placement center disgustingly incompetent.

    Law school, like most things, is what you make of it. You can go in perhaps a bit "underqualified" but excel because you choose to utilize all of the resources available to you. I was accepted with a very strong LSAT score but not so stellar grade point average. (And, in fact, was accepted at the very last minute - and I chose this route versus a graduate school admission that included a teaching assistant position). Thus, the level of work was not a problem - it was my work ethic that had to be developed. The professors were wonderful at finding what a student needed to work on - and developing that to help them be successful. You just had to want to get the help in the first place.

    On the whole - I absolutely agree that not everyone can be a doctor or a lawyer or accountant, etc. But in the same regard, each person needs to find something they enjoy and at which they can excel - thus becoming a productive member of society. If I were to drive a forklift, for example, I would probably not be very good and therefore not contribute as much as I can to society.

    I think you are on the right track as far as discouraging some people from going to law school - but perhaps you could be more tactful and encourage people to look realistically at what their skills are, what their options are and what they really want to contribute. Certainly talk to lawyers or law students - the legal world is, as you have pointed out, very different from what is commonly perceived.

    It can be rewarding, however, even if you don't got to a "Top 8" law school.

    Everyone in the legal field will tell you the same thing about law school - "A" students become judges, "B" students become professors and "C" students make all of the money.

    I have found this to be frighteningly accurate.

  47. thanks for sharing.

  48. I could not disagree more. My attorney went to OCU and he is wonderful and doing very well. I find it interesting that his two associates both went to first tier law schools.

    For those of you SERIOUS about school, you'll always get as much out of school as you put into it, regardless of where you go.

  49. What a pathetic shit heap. I've never even heard of Oklahoma City University. Is that a real school?

  50. LOL at 11:41's Boomer logic. "If people are SERIOUS, then they succeed! If they are not SERIOUS, they fail!" I'm going to guess you are in the SERIOUS camp (shocker!), and therefore have the authority to judge others.

    Yep. By your reasoning, Mitt Romney just wasn't SERIOUS enough, and therefore got what he deserved. Totally makes sense.


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