Monday, May 21, 2012

Fourth Tier Rancid Toilet Water: Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

Tuition: This private trash heap lists its tuition rate on a per semester basis. As you can see, full-time law students will pay $14,875 for 13-16 credit hours, for the upcoming school year. Yes, who wouldn’t want to pay $29,750 in tuition, at this dung pit, for 2012-2013?!?! In fact, when you add fees to the equation, Tex Wes law students attending on a full-time basis will be financially raped to the tune of $30,580 - for the 2012-2013 academic year.

This commode - located in Fort Worth, Texas - also features links to its student blogs. This is vile conduct! The school is charging these tools a ransom in tuition, and then they use their web pages to promote this garbage pit to other unsuspecting lemmings.

Ranking: At such costs, surely this school has a sterling reputation in the legal and academic communities, right?!?! If you believe that this is the case, then go to the kitchen and make yourself a sandwich before reading the next sentence. According to Vagina Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report, TTTTexaS We$leyan Univer$iTTTTy Sewer of Law is a fourth tier pile of rat droppings. (Of course, Pussy Boy now lists this category as “Rank Not Published” - after he assigned numerical values to the third tier last year.)

Supposed Employment Statistics: Since this sewage pit does not furnish employment data, we need to head to another source for this information. According to Law School Numbers, for the Texas Wesleyan JD Class of 2010, the employment “placement” rate was 85.3 percent. Then again, grads working as call center employees and insurance adjusters were included in this figure.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Texas Wesleyan “University” JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $96,397. Fully 80 percent of this school’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Keep in mind that this figure does not take undergraduate debt into account. Who wouldn’t want to attend such a garbage institution at this prohibitive cost?!?!

Faculty and Administrator Salary Info: Let’s see how well the pigs and cockroaches are doing, in contrast to their students. For this data, we head to pages 17-18 on the 2010 Form 990 for Texas Wesleyan University, Employer ID 75-0800691. The following individual TOTAL COMPENSATION sums pertain to the tax year ending May 31, 2010:

Michael Green, “Associate Dean for Faculty Research & Development and professor of law” made $178,542; James George raked in $186,331 as “professor of law”; dean Frederic White “earned” $203,478; Frank Elliott, “dean emeritus and professor of law” made $191,296; and Cynthia Fountain received $174,072 in total, as a “legal educator” at this dung heap. Who says that “higher education” isn’t a great investment?!

Check out this message currently on the commode’s main page:

"UPDATE - The application deadline has been extended until Monday, May 21, 2012. June 2012 LSAT scores will be accepted (as long as all other materials are completed by May 21)! Click here for more information." [Emphasis in original]

Yet another ABA-accredited trash can has extended its application deadline. At this rate, one expects to see law school admissions offices provide free hand-jobs to those considering law school.  If you are not doing anything tonight, and you are bored, then you could fill out an online application.

As a student at this pathetic “institution of higher learning,” you have an opportunity to write onto the world-famous Texas Western Journal of Real Property Law. If you want to avoid having attractive women ripping your clothes off in public, and climbing on top of you, then don’t mention that you made notes editor on this publicaTTTTion. [Note: in reality, even women with poor self esteem will not come near your ass, if you mention this “credential“ to them.]

Conclusion: If this is the best school that accepts your application for admission, then you should realize that you are not cut out to be an attorney. Do not quit your job to attend this rot pile. If you have a spouse or children, DO NOT SEND IN YOUR SEAT DEPOSIT. How will you or your family be served by you racking up $100K-$135K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, from a fourth tier cesspool?!?!? Perhaps, you desire a second career. If that is your excuse/objective, then you will be sorely disappointed. First, law firms typically do not want to hire students who are over 30 years old. The partners and associates want someone who they can mold - not a person with independence, extensive work experience or a strong personality. Second, Biglaw firms do not seek students or graduates of low-ranked toilets, such as TTTTexa$ We$leyan Univer$iTTTTy. I did not create the rules or biases. I am providing you with facts. If you decide to dismiss them because they hurt your feelings, then you can accept your fate.


  1. That photo makes me want to throw up. Thanks for that. Anyway, I worked with a guy who graduated from the law school once. I was a college freshman. At the time I couldn't believe a lawyer would be working in IT for a small company. Now it doesn't surprise me.

  2. Not a bad premise at all. Lawyers seem to be a dime a dozen now, and although the market is signaling no more lawyers are needed (through tepid hiring and low salaries), the law schools continue to crank out more lawyers.

    I guess the old adage of lawyers always make money is staying put for now. Eventually though, people are going to realize that mortgaging future earnings for a degree that may not even yield a raise in real terms, nor will it make you more marketable, is a bad idea.

  3. Wow! Where did you find that bathroom? It might be the most putrid one you've shown yet.

    You make great points about how law firms hire. Even though the law prohibits age discrimination, there's really no way to prevent it. The big law firms--and other employers--know that.

  4. Whenever you see Wesleyan as part of a school's name you know its a TTT or TTTT. No self respecting institution of higher ed in the 21st century would do this.

  5. Re: A Sallie Mae Class Action Settlement

    Read the postcard that I scanned on my blog

  6. As you can see, the law school cockroaches are busy checking out this site:

    Whois information NetRange: -
    OriginAS: AS15223
    NetHandle: NET-64-64-64-0-1
    Parent: NET-64-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    RegDate: 2010-04-05
    Updated: 2012-02-24

    From my analytics:

    Visitors who live in Fort Worth

    2:23pm 5 actions 6m 48s
    1:39pm 5 actions 3m 20s
    1:21pm 1 action 10s
    11:34am 2 actions 27s
    10:41am 5 actions 7m 36s nando law school
    8:18am 8 actions 8m 51s
    7:55am 4 actions 6m 19s
    7:53am 1 action 10s
    7:33am 3 actions 14s blog texas wesleyan law salary
    7:09am 6 actions 7m 55s
    7:03am 2 actions 4m 28s

    I have provided links supplied by the law school. The institution is currently ranked in the fourth tier. Apparently, someone at the commode is sensitive about his big-ass salary being posted on this site. Since the school is considered a non-profit institution, the 990 Form is available online.

    Instead of showing concern for the DEBT-STRAPPED students, these pigs are interested in protecting their image. The fact remains that Biglaw firms do not recruit at low-ranked ABA law schools. (Perhaps, if a student is related to a federal judge or public figure, then he or she may end up doing pretty well – in spite of attending a fourth tier trash can.) Yet, law students at Texas Wesleyan University are incurring crushing debt levels for their TTTT law degrees - which could only be justified with Biglaw salaries.

  7. Texas Wesleyan is a Methodist affiliated law school in Fort Worth that promises poor job prospects that was established in 1989. There already was and is a Methodist law school that promises poor job prospects just down the road in Dallas in the form of Southern Methodist University.

    Why was this law school even established in the first place?

    It is like building another Mormon law school in Utah or another Jesuit law school... err anywhere.

  8. @4:34PM

    Because everyone that is on the student loan sugar teat is so happy they can hardly count.

    In his last State of The Union Address, I think President Obama told the Universities to make higher ed more affordable, or that the money would be cut off.

    Perhaps he was referring to easy student loan money.

    If that ever came to pass, it sure would change the playing field.

  9. Isn't there going to be a new law school in Texas soon? North Texas wants one but last I heard it was hung up in the state legislature. For fuck's sake, we don't need another shithole law school.

  10. As long as federally guaranteed student loans exist as they are now, with no risk whatsoever to the lenders, there will be more law schools opening up.

    Law Schools have absolutely no skin in the game, and maybe never will.

    The scam will go on, for decades more perhaps.

    I realize now that this election cycle will not change all that.

  11. I can't stand lawyers. My sister was injured in a crash years ago when a negligent asshole crashed into her. The other driver had insurance at least. Anyway, her medical bills added up. So she went to see a PI lawyer. The fuckhead told her the bills were piling up and that she better find another lawyer. Yep.
    Legitimate injury. Check. Client not seeking anything more than getting her bills paid, check. Greedy cocksucker lawyer. Check. He was expecting a quick settlement. When his client (my sister) had to have more therapy, the greedy fucking lawyer cut the cord. Fuck that greedy fuck. Right in the fucking ass with shards of glass.

  12. This country's all about getting over on someone else. If you can scam your way to the top, then no one's gonna hold that against you. The rubes will hold you up as an example of a good businessman. Just take a look at that joke Romney. The phony bastard made his fortune at Bain by bankrupting companies (leveraged buyouts led to thousands losing their jobs). The company started out investing in startups. So the phony can now say his company invested in small businesses without technically lying. Guess what? This fraud has a law degree from Harvard.

  13. 5:58

    Not if demand drops significantly. They can artificially keep the supply up all they want, if nobody (i.e. 10% of the amount of today's number of applicants) wants to be a lawyer, there is nothing the Law Schools can do.

    Of course, they might make up candidates, or admit homeless bums, but at least it won't be the future of a 21 year old destroyed.

  14. The link is to an article showing that Drake College of Business enrolled homeless people into its program. This isn't your alma mater is it?

  15. To the poster above:

    That private trash pit is located in Newark, New Jersey. Third Tier Drake is situated in Des Moines, Iowa. I remember when this story first appeared. It further shows that "higher education" is a mere commodity, in this nation.

    "Texas Wesleyan Law School in Fort Worth is a private, Methodist law school that offers students a good legal education at a relatively bargain price. It was unranked in the 2011 U.S. News and World Report rankings because, according to the publication, the school did not provide sufficient information to calculate a ranking.

    Texas Wesleyan Law was only founded in 1989 so it’s still working on name recognition, but it boasts a high bar passage rate as well accessible professors and a strong community spirit.

    Texas Wesleyan Law's three-year Juris Doctor (J.D.) program operates from mid-August to early May; there is also a popular evening division. Students may choose to live in either undergraduate housing or off-campus."

    Why should a toilet that is less than 25 years old charge such prohibitive prices? The pigs do so, because they know that the students are required to attend law school for three years – before they can sit for the bar exam. Of course, under such a system, the “educators” do not need to teach students how to practice law. By the way, if your school points out that it has a popular “evening division,” then you KNOW that the institution is a pile of waste.

    Check out this entry from ITLSS today:

    “First, although I support some aspects of the university-as-business model, our students are not one-time purchasers of iPads, running shoes, or microwaves. They are people who will spend three years working with us to earn a professional degree. At least in theory, we will share professional knowledge and values with them. And at the end of three years, we will welcome them as colleagues in the professional community of lawyers. Surely this is a different relationship than the one between a cashier and customer at BestBuy.

    Second, markets properly set value only when those markets are free. DCM figured that out after reading a single economics text! The market for legal education is not free; it suffers from two massive distortions. Government-backed student loans allow law schools to increase prices with very little pushback. And law schools are gatekeepers to a gated profession. In most states, people who want to be lawyers must pay for three years of our tuition; that gives us tremendous market power.”

    @ May 21, 2012 4:54 pm,

    According to this web site, there are currently nine ABA-accredited law schools located in the state of Texas. Why don’t the dumbass legislators simply approve several “mobile law schools” housed in the back of moving trucks?!?!

  16. If the Devil's goal was to bring law to the massess at a soul crushing cost, then the proliferation of law schools across the nation is proof of "mission accomplished." May God illuminate the paths of these foolish lemmings.

  17. Cynthia Fountaine's CV (seems she is now with SUI Law):

    Professor Fountaine's career as a practicing lawyer began in 1988 and ended in 1991. Since then she has earned her six-figure salary at various law schools by teaching civ pro and legal ethics, and by publishing such groundbreaking texts as: "In the Shadow of Atticus Finch: Constructing a Heroic Lawyer" and "Stepping In: The Unique Challenges Faced By Interim Law Deans." She has also served on ABA site evaluation teams for outright scam schools as Cooley and Charlotte.

    I am sure Professor Fountaine plays the academic game very well but, to my thinking, she barely qualifies as a lawyer. And, of course, Ms. Fountaine is not unusual-- just a typical example of a law professor who wouldn't know a courtroom from a faculty lounge.

    Even though it does not top the list of law school outrages, it disgusts me that schools insist on employing "professors" whose entire practice experience consists of one to three years as a big firm associate or one to two years as a federal circuit court clerk. I even found one guy-- Professor Michael Sevel, teacher of torts at the University of Florida, who never practiced law for a single minute.

    Law is a learn-by-doing profession. The faculty should consist mostly of successful local practitioners, paid by the course, not by piggish tenured layabouts. There is room in this model for scholarship too. A lawyer, or even a nonlawyer such as an historian or philosopher, who has a proposal for a genuine scholarly project in law could get a nice stipend and teach law school core courses or electives for a couple of years, but he or she should not get a lifetime ride on the law school gravy train.

    When I was with the public defender, we ran an appellate clinic at the local law school to rave reviews. And our only compensation was parking privileges. So why do law professors need 150-200K (plus sabbaticals, benefits, and pensions) for their dubious services?

  18. Oops, apologies to the University of Florida. The incompetent Michael Sevel taught at the University of Miami.

  19. At least he wasn't convicted of viewing child porn like this piece of shit who taught at NYLS

    'A former New York Law School professor who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography was sentenced today to six months in jail and 10 years' probation, according to a newspaper report.

    Edward Samuels, an expert in copyright law, was a tenured member of New York Law School's staff when two IT workers discovered images of naked girls while troubleshooting his office computer in June of 2002. Following Samuels' arrest, a search of his home turned up tens of thousands of images of child pornography. In April, Samuels pleaded guilty, then resigned from his position.'


    The link above is to the ABA placement statistics. Texas Wesleyan has some very impressive employment stats. In 2010 they had 237 graduates. 154 of those graduates are reported as employed. That's a whopping 65% employment rate. 89 are reported as long term employed. That makes a long term employment rate of 37%.

    What really makes Texas Wesleyan stand out among law schools are its law firm placement stats. I hope everyone is seated and strapped down for these numbers. In 2010, Texas Wesleyan placed exactly four graduates into firms of over 26 attorneys. That's 1.6%!!!!!

    For everyone who can't read between the lines, what these stats mean is that you have no chance at all at of making it as a lawyer coming out of this shithole of a law school.

    I'll give everyone who is considering attending this toilet a suggestion. Nando says that the average loan debt for Texas Wesleyan grads is $96,397. Instead of wasting three years at this dung heap, just go find some kind of a job. Doesn't matter what the job is. Then every month set aside $735.84. That is how much it costs per month to pay back $96,397 in loans at 6.8% over 20 years. Take that $735.84 and set it on fire. This is what you will effectively be doing if you go to this TTTT. You will not get a job that will put your degree to use. You will be burning through hundreds of dollars a month for years on end to pay for your mistake.

  21. @4:06PM

    Who cares about serious or lasting scholarship?

    When times are fat, and whne student loan gravy train money is flowing in like crazy, the law schools will of course grant large sums of money and lots of time off to a so called academic to indulge in all sorts of far fetched scholarship, no how far related it is to anything useful, such as: "Farting and Law and it's impact on interpretations of French Impressionistic art in hindsight"

    Easy money. Eeeeeesy money, and it's called the student loan sugar teat.

    Prety sweet.

  22. The professors are a joke and none are worth six figure salaries unless you're Alan Derschowitz or a former supreme court justice, perhaps. These days you could find plenty of qualified lawyers willing to live the academic life at 75k a year no doubt.

  23. I read through the article on Samuels. Is this sick fuck still teaching law? It looks like the school backed him all the way. Shit, that's worse than the student loan scam.

  24. Why is Douchewitz worth his salary?

    1. Just because his name ID might actually generate enough free publicity to justify a high salary.

  25. How do the faculty members at these sinkholes make that much money? Who decided that every law professor in the country needs to be paid six figures? If you are that the top of your field that is one thing, but these people are teaching at the law school equivalent of community college. I feel sorry for the students (who will never find work) subsidizing this criminal enterprise.

  26. To Dona: "Wow! Where did you find that bathroom? It might be the most putrid one you've shown yet."

    I believe the picture is an *actual* toilet at TWU. The faculty and administration skimmed so much $$$money$$$ from the pot that there was not enough left for a janitor. This law school is their person BABY BOOMER RETIREMENT PLAN. Fuckers...

  27. Wesleyan: "At its heart, the theology of John Wesley stressed the life of Christian holiness: to love God with all one’s heart, mind, soul and strength and to love one’s neighbour as oneself."

    So why has it turned from the above into "Fuck everyone else for their money"? God fucking damn it, I hate religion and religious universities in particular for their cuntish hypocrisy.

  28. Heeeeeelp!!! Some sick disgustong animal just took a huuuuuuge "SETON HALL LAW" in the office toilet! The janitor keeps plunging and flushing but it won't go down!

  29. 4:03

    Religion is a bigger scam than higher ed. So it makes sense to me that they'd get in on this scam too.

  30. GOD

    JD Painterguy shut down his blog....AGAIN.

    He needs to leave the country; the debt is driving him insane.

  31. There is nothing more I can do.

    Someone or some people from the US senate has looked at my blog from time to time. The same for the US House of Representatives.

    I even had a look one day from the Office of the President in Washington DC.

    Also the Dept. of Justice. Also Homeland Security.

    And NOTHING is going to change for student loan debtors, or the law school scam.

    And as far as the law school scam goes, I had contributed what I could, and at this point I probably don't help the movement, given that I am not a recent grad, and the fact that I could not pass the bar, even though some people cannot understand why.

    The JD made me overqualified for non legal jobs, and well, everyone knows the story.

    I am sorry Nando for the short notice, but I live in fear now about the debt. Apparently privately owned prisons are being built all around the country, and I have heard from a source that debtor's prisons are coming back.

    And why not? If Prisions are now becoming owned by private corporations, why not place debtors in them?

    As far as the Inside The Law School Scam blog goes, it is still too detatched overall and clinical sounding about the real human costs of the Law School Industrial Complex.

    Perhaps Strelnikov was right all along. The only thing to do is flee the USA, if that is even possible.

    I forsee a day when student loan debtors will have their visas revoked.


  32. You did some good things Painterguy. Keep your head up...and leave the fucking country. I sincerely mean that. Best of luck.

  33. "I forsee a day when student loan debtors will have their visas revoked."

    Visas are a two-way street; it's the issuing country and the place where the person came from, so the US could deny SL debtors from coming in, but not if an American SL debtor goes to China.

    Nobody but the US gives a shit about student loan debt, because we are the only country that runs that scam.

    "Keep your head up...and leave the fucking country. I sincerely mean that."

    I second that. You could be living a semi-decent life in Canada or Britain, JD Painterguy. Don't feel that the US is worth living in if they deny you a chance for some sort of existence....being an expat is not a crime.


    "Mission Statement - Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

    Texas Wesleyan University School of Law was founded upon the mission to provide excellence in legal education, emphasizing service to our diverse student body, our profession, and our community. The law school continues to pursue this mission of excellence through outstanding teaching and scholarship, the development of innovative academic programs, a commitment to public service, and promoting the highest ethical standards in the practice of law.

    At Texas Wesleyan, students will find a law school committed to providing a strong theoretical foundation and the practical skills necessary to traverse the dynamic legal landscape of the 21st century."

    The school is a fourth tier Methodist piece of trash. Also, when a school boasts of its "commitment to public service," you know that it is a pathetic laughingstock. People generally attend law school in order to attain a chance at a middle class lifestyle - not for "academic enrichment."

    Check out this me$$age from the dean:

    "Texas Wesleyan University School of Law is a wonderful place to begin your career as a lawyer. It is a law school where “opportunity awaits.’” I appreciate this opportunity to tell you why I think you should consider attending this law school. We are proud to provide you with a unique combination of a quality, private school education at virtually public school cost. In today’s economic climate, providing a quality educational experience at a reasonable cost is a rare thing indeed.

    Here our focus is on you, the student."

    Ignore this pig’s sales pitch. Remember that this bastard made $203,478 in TOTAL COMPENSATION as dean of this dung heap/diploma mill, for the tax year ending May 31, 2010. When you graduate from a TTTT garbage pit, you will have numerous opportunities to work for free, collect unemployment, sell insurance, wait tables, etc. But how many prospective students have these outcomes in mind when they apply to law school?!?!

  35. The slogan at tx wes should be: "Ask us about our bats"

  36. Jesus Christ, SMU has dropped to #51 in the rankings, and Wesleyan is nowhere to be found. Screw the LSAT. I just saved myself some serious debt stress. Thank you for this blog!

  37. Texas Wesleyan is a true shit heap. Basically, it's a law school for retards.

  38. This might be the shittiest law school in the entire fucking state. That says something.

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. I went to this school and graduated in 2005 and make a nice living at a mid-sized law firm in Dallas. If you do well at this school and make the right connections, the 4th tier ranking is not a big deal. Wesleyan also awards pretty nice scholarships for those with decent LSAT scores, so the tuition isn't nearly as bad as it seems. My recollection is that the school boots people out not making the cut during first year, so that might help with the job placement numbers.

  41. Nando or whoever,

    If you had to make the choice to attend Texas Wes of South Texas, which school would you chose and why? I stress had to make the choice. Thanks

    1. Neither. They're both obscenely expensive, and there's about a 99% chance you won't be able to find a job when you get out.

  42. I graduated from this "law school" in 1994. It was new, I moved in from another town, and we all had high hopes back then. After graduation, TWUs career services were never any help and so I temped-to-hire at several firms. I was told by a hiring manager in a well-known Dallas firm, flatly: “If I’ve got a resume from SMU and yours, who do you think I’m going to hire? I know what I'm getting.”

    So after that, I started working for free and I did good work and was told so. Still not hired. Then, I started working with recruiters and was told, “No firm is going to pay for you! I’ve got a TWU student that graduated with honors that I can’t even get a job for.” I had to move back home and live with my parents. I can’t stress to you enough how hard it has been and how humiliating it's going to be for you, if you don't have your own network after graduating from a Tier 4 school not mention your debt.

  43. My son graduated from TWU in 2008 in the top third of his class. His best opportunity came from the Mock Trial Team and Negotiation Team Competitions and his internships w/ the Dallas DA and an airline legal dept. It was hard work, expensive and studying for the BAR something one only wants to do ONCE in life....that was his motivation after putting in many long days of studying. True, law school does NOT prepare you to be a lawyer and so many of the required classes and papers are worthless in the real world. Paying for classes that are disconnected from today's legal preparation needs is disgusting and I've often wondered "why" students can't be given more choices in required subjects and legal fields of interest. One class @ TWU requires each student to write a 90 pg. publishable paper which the Prof. utilizes for "his" new textbook which becomes required reading for each class......convenient way to "publish or perish". However, one Prof. was brilliant, motivating and life-changing providing solid references. The job market was tough in 2008 but he did pro bono work, wrote a novel and worked on job applications. Four months after passing the BAR he had a job as an attorney w/ the TX Workforce Comm. and 6 mos. after that he was hired as an Ass't. DA. He has moved up into various positions and is now making a good salary, enjoys his job and benefits and is surrounded by a great staff. So, my advice to all is this.....IF you are interested in the law and have the guts and determination to put forth the effort you can find a measure of success. His job requires long hours and often weekends at the office but there are many advantages of public service that may not be readily apparent. Starting salaries are often low but include many nontaxable benefits that may not be provided in the private sector. Now, he was able to cut law school costs by living in the graduate school housing @ Wesleyan. That was a negative experience...complete ghetto, w/ gang-bangers frequently hanging about (and probably living there with some of the lovely young coeds) . The "students" (undergrad) have ripped up many of these "new" units and I know if the alumni and "big donors" saw what I saw they would demand the housing administrator be fired. Many of the students at the main campus of TWU are "ghetto types" thugs that have been given athletic scholarships. However, the TWU Law School is truly a great place. Profs are always available for chats and most are excellent. Grading is tough and it is nearly impossible to get an "A". So, please don't give up on third tier schools..."Big Law" may not be the place where you belong and you might find good jobs in the public sector. Law school is still a good investment, and can open doors to other careers. There are ways to cut costs, however, that are seldom discussed. 1) buy all your books early on Amazon....don't fall for the "newest version"....usually there are only minor differences that you can see in the law library. 2) don't waste time w/ study one is going to help you w/your exams 3) don't waste money on the BAR/BRI...son wasted several thousands on prep courses and said afterwards that everything he needed for the BAR was in his books and notes from classes 4) take classes that are covered on the soon as you enroll start looking at current year's BAR exams....5) and this is key....plan your class schedule around the final exam schedule......look at when the exams are for which classes and plan to have a day between each exam. This is better for your brains and your body. 6) Join "something" while in law school. Trial teams/ and anything w/ competition are great resume builders.
    OK...the verdict is school is it worth it? ....YES !

  44. The worst mistake I ever made in my entire life was going to law-school. I graduated from Texas Wesleyan School of Law in 2011. It's now over two years later, and I've still never worked as an attorney. I can't say there's anything wrong with the school, but expecting a career in law with a degree from Wesleyan is NOT realistic. Employers won't call you back. You won't be able to find a job.

    After I graduated, and began to experience difficulty in finding relevant employment, I went to the Career Services office. They basically gave me names and phone numbers of law firms that were in the DFW area. I asked if these were firms looking for help. She replied: "No, these are just some of the firms in the area." So, basically, she handed me a phone book and said "good luck. Don't ask me for help." Career services at this school is USELESS.

    The professors seem to be fine. Bar passage ratio is pretty good most of the time. But, the fact remains that you won't be able to get a job after you get your worthless degree and equally worthless bar card. If you have an extra $120,000 laying around that you don't care about, go to law school. Otherwise, just get a part-time job at Taco Bell or Wal-Mart or somewhere. You'll be way better off.

  45. I find many of the comments on here disturbing, if not outright false. I graduated in the top 10% of Tx. Wes. School of Law in 2001, had a job waiting for me upon graduation, took another job almost doubling my salary within 6 months, and have enjoyed a very nice, lucrative career in law ever since.

    I can tell you that I get flooded with applications all the time--not just from Wesleyan graduates, but from law school graduates from all over Texas. Simply put, the economy put the squeeze on job openings. I know of students in the top 25% of Tx. Tech that still did not have jobs lined up 6 months after graduation. The market is tough, even now, for new lawyers.

    There are many, many graduates for the law school who have been quite successful and have carved out lucrative careers. Did most of them work for large law firms? No. Did most of them work their butts off to achieve? Yes.

    I suppose the point is now moot now that the school has been purchased by Texas A&M, but that just bolsters my point. If the school were really that bad, would A&M have been so anxious to purchase?

  46. We hired the editor of their law review as am insurance adjuster. From there she moved up to a paralegal in a staff counsel office and eventually got a job as a lawyer for another insurance company. Smart kid who could do a good job.

    Just FYI -- some of their grads have made good lawyers and great insurance adjusters.

  47. Let me just say this. Tex Wes School of Law is the absolute biggest piece of shit law school in the whole state of Texas. Hands down! It's not even a question. And we have some shitholes in this state.

    I'm kind of glad UNT is opening one up. At least then Texas Wesleyan Law won't be the biggest piece of shit in the state anymore.

  48. Thank you for this!!!!!!

  49. Just stumbled upon this: My cost attending TWU law.

    40 years old top student.
    No government interviews. Open records showed youth and schools as factor for obtaining interview.
    Lost 10 year old business.
    Relegated to non-status lawyer.
    Lost income about 500k due to business loss and years of job hunt.
    Destroyed any career opportunity.
    At 50 years of age--working grey collar (HS diploma only requirement)
    No career consultation by school.

    And now three years after acquistion by Texas a and m---money, politics and down right superficial changes and rating of school goes up up and away.

    Texas a and m has told TWU grads--you are insignificant. Even with twenty years of growth--three years and a and m claims to be so very progressive.

    Parent with $'s send kids to universities for summer LSAT prep designed to promote the special ones with big $. Parents game the system.

    At forty TWU law school destroyed my career by YOU WILL NEVER GET A JOB.

    Legal industry is corrupt, influenced by $ and will not enhance your life. Unless--you are top 20 school in by--legacy, parents $, gaming LSAT test or really verifiably a most intelligent person.

  50. I would like to talk to blog owner. I would like to help update this site. I have an important topic related to Texas A and M's acquisition. Something sticks--big tmie--I am near the smoking gun. TWU grads are not in the trash yet with diabolical A and M. Can you post email to contacy


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