Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Tier Bag of Ass: Pepperdine University School of Law


Tuition: As you can see, students attending this school on a full-time basis will be charged $44,290 in tuition, for the 2012-2013 academic year. Yes, these pigs are certainly looking out for the students and graduates.

Total Cost of Attendance: The commode estimates that room, board, fees, books, transportation, medical, and miscellaneous expenses will add another $23,860 to the tab. Of course, the swine explicitly admit that the budget reflects nine months. Then again, why would a “sophisticated consumer” believe that housing in Malibu, California would only amount to $12,000 for the entire year?!

Using twelve month costs for room, board, transportation and personal costs, this figure rises to $30,605. After adding the big-ass tuition bill, we reach a more accurate estimated COA of $75,525 – for 2012-2013. Who wouldn’t want to incur such expenses in the pursuit of a “legal education”?!?!


Ranking: A school with such prohibitive tuition must offer an elite law program, right?!?! Well, according to “Disappointing IQ Not Published” Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report, Pepperdine Univer$ity Sewer of Law is the 49th greatest, most fantastic, euphoric and stupendous law school in the entire United States! If you are a prestige whore/insecure fool, then you may be willing to take out a ton of student loans to attend such a prestigious school – even though a local second tier septic tank offers you a large scholarship. Try not to be a dumbass - and realize that everything boils down to economics. 


Wretched Employment Statistics: The school reported that only 72.5% of its Class of 2011 was employed within nine months of graduation. Keep in mind that seven grads were hired in university-funded, short term positions. In fact, the school lists 53 graduates – 23.1 percent of the class – as Unemployed-Seeking.

Also, of the 116 grads who reported working in jobs requiring bar passage, 98 stated that they were in full-time, long term positions. There were 229 graduates in the Pepperdine JD Class of 2011. Of this amount, only 42 percent ended up in such jobs. What a great achievement! The cockroaches even included a new metric: employment within 11 months of graduation!


Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Pepperdine JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $125,423. This toilet is also in the first tier of student indebtedness! Furthermore, 83 percent of this cohort took on such toxic debt. Remember that this amount does not take undergraduate debt into account. 


Administrator and Faculty Salary Info: Let’s contrast the debt-strapped recent graduates with the well-paid, under-worked dung beetles known as “law professors” at this commode. Head to page 19 of the 2009 Form 990 for Employer ID No. 95-1644037. The figures below pertain to the tax year ending July 31, 2009 – and represent TOTAL COMPENSATION for the individual pigs listed.

You will notice that the piece of trash known as Kenneth Winston Starr – then dean of the law school – raked in $402,144. He is now “president” of Baylor University. Yes, this is the same under-sexed slob who “served” as “special prosecutor” for the Monica Lewinsky affair. Can you guess which school is next on this blog? Thomas Stipanowich made $274,264 as “law professor.” Grant Nelson “earned” $287,216 as “William H. Rehnquist professor of law.” The school named another position after a pathetic mutt. Edward J. Larson received $310,648 in annual loot, for his role at the toilet.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, the school DOES NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about its recent graduates.  What’s that you say, lemming?!  The school hired several members of the Class of 2011 in university-funded positions?!?!  That is called “protecting your institutional image.”  The school is doing this for public consumption, i.e. the pigs want to be able to say “Look!  We are doing something to help our former students.”  If you are this na├»ve, then you are not cut out for the legal/political field.

Again, only 72.5 percent of the commode’s Class of 2011 was employed within nine months of graduation. Furthermore, the school placed several grads in university-funded positions. In contrast, 83 percent of 2011 Pepperdine JDs incurred an average of $125,423 in additional student debt. You will not be served well by taking on a mountain of NON-DISCHARGEABLE loans. Try starting your “career” with $160K-$200K in total student debt. See how many banks will provide you with a small business loan. In addition, no mortgage company will approve you - as your huge liabilities will FAR EXCEED your assets and annual income. With such outrageous debt levels, don’t even think about having children. You simply do not need to go into financial hell - in order to pay these academic leeches/political hacks excessive salaries. Do not attend this trash pit. It may be borderline first tier, but it is clearly a pile of rot.


  1. They give you a free surfboard and a pissed on picture of Kim Kardashian for attending this commode.

    This is a prime example of why school loans will never be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

    If they were, this school would have the toughest admission standards in the country. Who wouldnt want to hang out in Malibu on the gvts nickel for three years, graduate, cant find a job that pays more then working in a surfshop, so you discharge 200k in bankruptcy and go learn to be a plumber.

    Law School is really the best Ponzi scheme of all time. Its like Obamas Presidency. Just keep lying no matter what the truth is and nobody will do anything to you and will let the scam keep going because the general public is stupid overall. Fucking Brilliant.

  2. You forgot the oath to Jesus required for admissions.

  3. From its website, this place seems unusually gushy about its religious principles and its alleged commitment to "global justice."

    But what awaits students after they turn over a quarter million dollars in money and IOUs, and partake in their three years of useless study, piety, globetrotting, and Malibu fun-in-the sun?

    LST puts the employment rate, nine months out, at a dismal 39.7%.

    However, a look at the raw numbers indicates that LST is too generous.


    Out of 229 grads, only 98 landed full-time, long-term, bar-required jobs. Of those 98, 4 are in law school funded postitions, 2 are solos, 30 are working for firms of 2-10 lawyers (often a couple of desparate grads hanging out a shingle or being a gopher for the deadest of dead-end collections firms).

    Subtract the law school funded positions, the solos, and half the kids in the 2-10 category, and get a score of 33%.

  4. This school is shit. If it is ranked 49th, it goes to show you how shitty the other law schools are. Lay on the beach and collect $150K in debt. No thanks.

  5. It sounds like this school was started by Brian Wilson and Jerry Falwell.

    If I were giving a graduation speech at this school, I'd say, "This is as good as it will get for most of you." Of course, no one would be allowed to say anything like that.

  6. Pepperdine Law produces great and ethical lawyers...like federal inmate Rod Blagojevich.


  7. Nando, you need to administer a beatdown of Jack Marshall, the infamous shill and apologist for the law school scam in your next blog entry.

  8. Back in the early 90s, I thought about attending this school. The thought of becoming a Bohdi type, surfing off the coast of Malibu, slamming good looking chicks and collecting a JD, albeit from a lowly regarded school seemed like a good idea. I decided to go to a T25 school and lived my other fantasies by visiting Costa Rica and Thailand. This is a classic trap school.

  9. If this "school" is so interested in justice, why don't they advocate putting their criminal deans in jail?

    They have violated the false claims act, which is a felony. Then again, the "laws" in this shit pile of a third world country are no longer enforced.

    America is dead.

  10. Lovin' the righteous indignation on these comments. Fuck this country.

  11. Forky Jones the Good CatholicJune 19, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    IIRC, Pepperdine required some stupid essay about meeting the mission statement of the school. I think I wrote something about making women realize their place in the world and taking back the Holy Land. Full ride scholarship offer.

    I second the poster who asks for a smacking of that Marshall guy. Read his blog posts from Angel's link. Wow. What an "ethical" clown.

  12. Great job Nando! Your beatdowns of the setom hall law TOILET have caused them to write a laughanly absurd "intro" to their absurd 2010 emoyment stats. The intro is so bad it makes them look even worse than their "numbers" do. They are clearly staggering and desperate. Keep up your great work. It ia appreciated by many and it is having an impact.

  13. Thank you, Nando. Thank you for finally putting this noxious privy in its place... It breaks my heart to see the waterheads at TLS consistently ask about Pepperdine and harbor the hands-over-ears delusion that it's a decent, viable school.

    Looking for work with your fabulous Pepperdine JD? Tell that to the Standford, Berekley, UCLA, *and* USC grads ahead of you in the interview line. I'm sure they'll be amused. On second thought, you're not even getting an interview. You went to *bleeping* Pepperdine.


    1. Uh, its Stanford you moron, not Standford. You couldn't even get in to Pepp Law...

  14. Pepperdine is shit. I mean why the fuck would anyone in their right mind take out so many loans for a small chance at practicing law? The picture doesn't begin to describe this school.

  15. http://www.lawschooldiscussion.org/index.php?topic=4025078.0

    On March 16, 2011 4:01:08 pm, some dumbass using moniker "salve5" posted an entry on Law School Discussion entitled "Is Pepperdine Worth It?"

    "I'm having an extremely hard time deciding whether or not Pepperdine is a worthwhile investment. After paying interest on all my debts I'll be paying back $250,000 over ten years. Are there any current Pepperdine students or recent alums out there who can offer some realistic insight?


    On March 17, 2011, at 1:12:34 pm, LSD user Jwebony956 posted the following wise comment, in response to the lemming's original entry:

    "Jeff, don't do it. Please don't."


    On June 16, 2009, some ass-hat employing the handle “James Bond” started a TLS thread labeled “Is Pepperdine Really That Bad?”


    On the same day, at 1:08 am, “The Cure” posted this reply:

    “Coming from someone who actually lives in Los Angeles... no. I'm in no position to judge whether the status is justified or not but USC and UCLA are tops, Loyola is a (surprisingly) close third, and Pepperdine follows with Southwestern. This is based on speaking with clerks, biglaw hiring partners and other lawyers[.]”

    This school is a grossly overpriced toilet. Incurring an additional $125K-$150K in student debt will not improve your financial situation. Hell, look at the employment “placement” rate by the commode.

  16. Why are you picking on Pepperdine. I can't think of a better location than Malibu. Fuck off dude.

  17. Ah the location argument.


  18. I second the comment by the poster who said this is the typical "trap" school. Other schools (off the top of my head) that fit that description are Boston Univ., George Washington U, American Univ., etc. Basically what you have here is a school that caters to a bunch of rich brats who have parents with a lot of money. Keep taking visually stunning photographs of the campus in order to lure more unsuspecting lemmings mesmerized by the possibility of being a surfer dude for three years - and likely longer when they realize they won't get a job coming out of this "religious" institution. This place is not worth the money.

  19. Would the ABA accredit a law school called the Lionel Hutz School of Law? The admission requirements would be writing a paper on your favorite movie about lawyers, no LSAT, and a minimum undergrad GPA of 1.5. Tuition would be 50K a year. Tell me I would not get applicants. I dare you.

  20. "That's why you're the President of the ABA and I'm the Dean of the Lionel Hutz School of Law Talking and Shoe Repair."

  21. Actually Lionel Hutz would have more integrity than the shitbags at the ABA.

  22. Profiles in Putrid Phantasizing: Victoria Pynchon.

    You know what to do Nando.

  23. http://insidethelawschoolscam.blogspot.com/2012/02/trap-schools.html

    On February 13, 2012, Paul Campos published a blog entry entitled “Trap schools.” Here is an excerpt:

    “A trap school, in other words, is the kind of place that attracts the kind of highly-qualified, reasonably prudent 0Ls who would never consider attending the vast majority of law schools at anything like sticker price, and yet still ends up generating a very high risk of financial and personal disaster for its students. (Of course as long as law schools can get away with publishing misleading employment and salary statistics there are going to be a lot more trap schools than there would be otherwise, since it will be much easier for schools to make those statistics appear superficially attractive even to the reasonably prudent future victim of institutional malfeasance).

    Under current conditions, some good examples of trap schools include USC, George Washington, and Fordham. (Many other schools qualify as trap schools to greater and lesser extents. In a more limited sense even HYS have become trap schools under current conditions.) Students who enroll this fall at these schools without the benefit of "merit" -- i.e., cross-subsidized by their fellow law students -- scholarships can expect to spend between $225,000 and $250,000 in tuition and cost of living expenses by the time they graduate. Now it ought to be obvious that, for people who don't come from The Blessed Realm of the One Percent or closely adjacent precincts, this constitutes a ruinous sum of money, given that such people will have to borrow most or all of that sum in the form of very high interest non-dischargeable loans.”

    TLS commenter “sunynp” started a thread labeled “Trap law schools,” on February 15, 2012. Here is a portion of his original post:


    “Paul Campos has a definition of law schools that are "trap law schools.". The criteria are:1 very expensive. 2. Desirable location. 3. Superficially attractive employment and salary statistics. (the trap concept gas to do with a sports metaphor that I don't understand or care about- something about a game being harder to win than it seems on the surface just comparing two teams.)

    Trap schools are schools that look good enough on the surface that reasonably prudent students will attend at sticker- but end up in financial disaster anyway.”

    Pepperdine Univer$ity Sewer of Law certainly meets some of the criteria above. However, the commode features a pathetic job placement rate for its Class of 2011. Hell, the school admits that job prospects are weak for a significant portion of its students and recent grads. Yet, certain people – such as the troll who posted at 3:57 pm – will cite to the location as a reason to enroll. If you want to piss your money away, take out a small loan for $10K. In exchange for that amount, I will kick you in the forehead. This will be much less painful than if you decide to attend this overpriced toilet.

  24. seems like u all mad for being poors

  25. ^seems like u mad for being a lemming.

    Learn how to spell. That's not 2 hard 4 U 2 understand, is it?

  26. Pepperdine's not really a trap school. Aside from the great location, what else does this shit heap have to offer?

    You want to practice law in Cali? Well, step in line behind UC Davis, Hastings, Berkeley, USC, UCLA. Did I leave anyone out?

  27. Pepperdine Law = shit shit shit shitty shit

  28. @June 21, 9:22PM

    Not so much "poor" as in the red for life.

  29. Someone mentioned Hastings. The school is a trap. When are you going after that public toilet? I graduated from there in 1995 and it wasn't so great then.

  30. Ok guys.. Everybody is trying to tell me how bad these loans are, and how I shouldn't take out more than I need for school (0LTTTT). Nobody has been able to explain to my satisfaction what's wrong with these loans! From what I can tell, you never really have to pay them back. Even if you flat out default, they can't seize your assets, they can't throw you in jail, they can't even embarrass you publicly.

    Obviously, federal loans don't have to be paid back after 25 years of regular payments, and the payments will never break your back because they are adjusted to your income. It seems to me that there is nothing to lose with federal loans.

    Private loans are also tempting, for one reason. When else in my life will a lending institution be willing to lend me this much money? Banks are not really making business loans anymore, even with income, collateral and credit. Interest be damned, take what you can, put it in the bank and call it capital! Here's your chance: pretend it's a small business loan.

    If I don't take this money out, my doom is the minimum wage. If I were going to pepperdine, I would be grateful for the 3 year vacation, because there's no such thing as a paid vacation where I'm from. This may be the last chance the world gives you.

    Optimistic 0L

    1. The troll - feed it, you must not.

  31. Check out this June 27, 2011 article, which appeared in the New York Times Economix blog. It was entitled "The Lawyer Surplus, State by State." Here is an excerpt from Catherine Rampell's piece:


    "In fact, across the country, there were twice as many people who passed the bar in 2009 (53,508) as there were openings (26,239). A separate estimate for the number of lawyers produced in 2009 — the number of new law-school graduates, according to the National Center for Education Statistics — also showed a surplus, although it was not quite as large (44,159 new law grads compared with 26,239 openings).

    In raw numbers, New York has the greatest legal surplus by far.

    In 2009, 9,787 people passed the bar exam in the Empire State. The analysts estimated, though, that New York would need only 2,100 new lawyers each year through 2015. That means that if New York keeps minting new lawyers apace, it will continue having an annual surplus of 7,687 lawyers.

    California and New Jersey have the next largest gluts of new lawyers, according to EMSI."

    You will notice that California has the SECOND MOST GLUTTED legal job market, in the nation! Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. estimates that the state will have 3,307 annual job openings - from 2010-2015. However, 6,258 people passed the state bar exam. This represents a surplus of 2,951 attorneys in one year.

    Others have pointed out that Pepperdine JDs will be competing against their counterparts from higher-ranked California law schools. Biglaw firms are not going to spend much time recruiting students at non-elite schools. Remember: if you want to spend time at the beach, you DO NOT NEED to incur an additional $130K-$165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.

  32. http://irs990.charityblossom.org/990/200907/951644037.pdf

    Mentioned in the article, but worth checking out some of the outrageous salaries and costs this s***hole pays to its own. Example, $275k salary for Tom Bost, law professor and husband of a regent.

  33. Hey guys, I´m a brazilian and here in Brazil the situation of lawyers and people with law degree is even worst than USA. In the past many smart people start to openning law school across the country, because the cost of open a law school is not too expensive comparing to others courses, for example. So, it was horrible and today many lawyers and guys woth law dregree are heaving trouble to make a living in Brazil. Just to give you guys a example, a fresh of the law school are making like 500 dolares per month here. There are law school everywhere in Brazil. Of course, with you have parents who are lawyers and are willing to let you work with them, it is ok. But with you have to start from the zero is like a death sentence.

  34. I graduated from this shithole in 2005. It's an even bigger shithole now. Fuck this place.

  35. Lol. Take it from a law student who took a scholarship at a Tier 2 school with no pre-law-school job prospects and now has two federal clerkships lined up: if you suck dick really hard and take it seriously, law school is well worth it. Especially at Pepperdine. Just ask both federal judges I blew. One of these guys is 70 and he manuscapes well. I just wish he wouldn’t make me stick my finger up his asshole and call him Your Honor when I’m blowing him, but what’s a shitty Pepperdine JD gonna do?


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