Sunday, June 24, 2012

Profiles in Wicked Deceit: Jack Marshall of Ethics Alarms

The Liar Blames the Job Market on Recent “Lazy” Grads:

Back on October 26, 2011, some turd calling itself Jack Marshall posted an entry on its blog, under the label “Young, Gullible, Lazy, Unimaginative and Unbelievable: I Wonder Why This Lawyer Has Trouble Finding A Job?” Here are some excerpts from this trash:

“Do you know what the unemployment rate was for lawyers in 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Labor?

1.5%, and that’s a big increase from 2007, when it was under 1%. What law school is this where 30% or more of the graduates are unemployed? If true, it has to be one spectacularly crummy institution. Again, I am dubious.

But I am especially dubious about anyone with a law degree who isn’t a drooling idiot and yet says he has “no job prospects.” Impossible. A law degree is the most versatile and useful degree there is. It is just as useful for getting management jobs in business and politics as it is in law. It is considered a credential for consulting, negotiation, public speaking, and lobbying. I once was hired to run a health care organization that required a medical degree: they couldn’t find a doctor they liked, so the Chairman of the Board said, “Eh, a law degree’s just as good,” and hired me. No prospects? None? What’s wrong with this guy?” [Emphasis mine]

The cockroach concluded his moronic article with these words:

“And there is one more thing to consider. Nothing, presumably, is stopping a healthy young man who actually learned anything at law school from doing what young lawyers from Abraham Lincoln to Clarence Darrow to my father did and still do: hang out a shingle and start a solo practice, at least until another job materializes. There are indigent defendants that need representation; there are non-profits that need affordable legal work. He could be doing some good for the other “99%,’ and starting to pay of that loan in the process.

“No job prospects”?

Baloney.” [Emphasis mine]

The human waste product known as Jack Marshall fails to recognize that law students today typically incur an additional $80K-$150K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt. That might preclude someone from hanging out their own shingle. Hell, how many banks will even offer a small business loan to such an applicant?!?!

The Pig’s Background:

“ProEthics, Ltd., is a national professional ethics training and consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington D.C. It is led by Jack Marshall, who has diverse training and experience as an ethicist, teacher, professional speaker, lawyer, performer and stage director.

Founded in 1994, ProEthics has gained a national reputation for creating and delivering professional ethics training sessions, seminars, retreats and presentations that lead the field in their creativity, timeliness, energy and effectiveness.”

“A graduate of Harvard College, where he specialized in American Government and leadership, and Georgetown University Law Center, he practiced criminal law in Massachusetts and organization law in the District of Columbia, and led non-profit organizations devoted to education, public policy research, and health. He is a member of the Massachusetts bar and the District of Columbia bar.

He served on the adjunct faculty of the Washington College of Law at American University in Washington, D.C., teaching legal ethics from 2006-2008.”

Yes, this piece of garbage is neutral on the subject, correct?!

Prior Published Idiocy from Pig Marshall:

“Legal ethics are law. One doesn't lose her law license for merely not following guidelines. Anyone who doesn't understand that legal ethics are law can read some judicial opinions. The Rules of Professional Conduct are as much of a part of law as the Rules of the Road: Violate traffic laws, and you'll lose your privilege to drive a car. Violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, and you'll lose your livelihood.

It's obvious, then, that Jack Marshall lacks any understanding of ethics and legal ethics. He cannot comprehend that his opinions on how humans should behave is not the totality of the subject. He does not understand that one's duties as a lawyer are subject to enforceable rules - laws, in every sense of the word. 

Anyone who charges people to attend his lectures on ethics after Marshall's display of ignorance, is unethical. After all, Continuing Legal Education must involve education. Jack Marshall is a de-educator.” [Emphasis mine]

Apparently, Goofy Bald-Headed Ass-Wipe Jack Marshall feels that a lawyer who play an April Fools Day joke is unethical. What a beacon of ethics, huh?!

Conclusion: In the final analysis, Jack Marshall is a ball-less, spineless, brainless waste of sperm and egg. The man has no character and no integrity. He bills himself as a purported “ethics guru.” Always be leery of these types; by nature, they are mere charlatans who seek to avoid real work. However, this physically and ethically grotesque pig takes deceit and dishonesty to another level.

This pathetic moron has chosen to ignore articles critical of the law school cartel and the legal “profession” - which have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Slate and other mainstream publications. A law degree is not required for the following jobs: insurance adjuster, grade school teacher, sales, customer service representative, bartender, etc. Furthermore, no one with any semblance of sanity can expect a recent lawyer with $100K+ in student debt to give away his services - or to represent indigent clients.


  1. The only alarms going off relate to this asshole being an ethics coach. No wonder this country's in the shape it's in.

  2. Jack Marshall complained that the new lawyer posted anonymously on Jack Marshall's web site, against Jack Marshall's rules. The thing is, the post could not be loaded onto the Jack Marshall Web Site until it was reviewed by Jack Marshall, who then allowed it to be posted. So, Jack Marshall waives the no anonymity requirement, and then calls the guy Jack Marshall let anonymously post "unethical" and violating the Rules of Professional Conduct. But, it is NOT unethical because it was an "counter-offer" to post anonymously in response to Jack Marshall's open offer to the public to post non-anonymously. When Jack Marshall accepted the counter-offer by allowing the posting, it became a mutually agreed upon matter - not unethical at all. I think that Jack Marshall accusing the guy of violating the Rules of Professional Responsibility is inaccurate. If for some reason Jack Marshall did not realize that the post was anonymous, Jack Marshall has since made that realization. So, Jack Marshall should either take it down if he does not agree to an anonymous comment, or leave it up. It is outrageous that he publicly rebukes the new lawyer as a violator of the Rules of Professional Responsibility. That really bothers me more than the fact that Jack Marshall has "let them eat cake" opinions on the state of the job market. He has a right to be an idiot or an asshole, but I don't think he has a right to accuse someone of violating the Rules of Professional Responsibility unless they actually do violate those Rules. I would like to find out whether or not this new lawyer really did violate the Rules of Professional Liability.

  3. No the law degree is not versatile. It repels, and will not open any doors.

    My experience has been that prospective employers do not understand why the JD is looking for a job in the larger, non legal job market

    And that is why, for the sake of survival in this world, it is better to leave the JD off the resume.

  4. A word about representing indigent clients for free.

    Every pro-bono case I have ever handled has cost me money out of my own pocket for expenses such as serving subpeonas. Consequently, I strongly recommend against a new lawyer taking on more then a couple pro-bono cases at one time. I would also recommend being careful of pro-bono cases which require you, the new attorney to hire an expert witness for your client, since you will be likely to be paying this fee.

    One can not make a living wage by taking on indigent clients unless the PD office, or legal aid is paying you for your services.

  5. Indigent clients also will call you at all times of the day and weekends. Because they know they're not being billed for all those calls. That adds up. Fuck this guy. I'll bet you $100 this bald headed cocksucker has never represented an indigent client.

  6. Why do men shave and polish their heads today anyway?

    If you have hair you got it. If you have less hair, why cut it all off?

    A balding man is distinguished, but there is no reason to attack and eradicate the rest of the hair.

    And Jack Marshall could walk into a local pharmacy with an overnight tooth bleaching kit, by Rembrant for example, and wake up tomorrow with white teeth.

    Instead he wants to be a baked bean tobacco stained toothed shill.

  7. Somebody should jerk off on his forehead. It would 100 percent ethical thing to do.

  8. Look at the size of his fucking head. Shit, 20 people could jerk off on his forehead.


    Marshall decided to post a comment made in response to his original posting as comment of the day on 6/19/2012. There were responsive comments aplenty. Marshall proved something about himself in the debate that took place in the comments section. He proved that he is not very smart. Commenter after commenter pointed out that his advice for law grads has no relevance to 2012, and cited various examples of why his advice and opinions are relics of a past era. His response was to state that opposing commenters are wrong because he is right. That was about it. He could not cite to anything other than a sad mixture of conjecture, straw man arguments and blind unwillingness to consider contrary arguments.

    If you don't want to go through and read all the comments and Genius Jack's responses, I'll give the Cliff's Notes version of what Jack had to say: "I am right because I am right. You are lazy whiners. Law degrees are useful and versatile because I said so. There is no un- and underemployment problem for JDs. And if there is, it is their fault."

    No point in trying to engage in debate with Jack. He already knows everything and is correct about everything. He knows because he said so.

  10. Look at his bifocals. There is a weird gray spot in his right lens. Did someone already bust a nut in his eye and he forgot to wipe it clean?

  11. I am not sure what is more foul: the hideous appearance of this dishonest shill or his words. When I first saw this chromedome, the first thing that came to my mind was the scene from the Return of the Jedi when Darth Vader asks Luke Skywalker to help him remove his helmet. I too read this egghead's commentary about how a JD opens all kinds of magical doors for lawyers. This troglodyte is the worst type of offensive pig that is helping thousands of young people doom their financial futures. He attempts to use sophistry to get his point across but those of us that have been down the law school path and career know better. I swear the more I look at this man, the more malice I see in his eyes. This man oozes plain evil. Avoid his advice, which at best was dated 30 years ago and at worst is a financial death sentence to most.

  12. I like to be open minded, even to positions that are contrary to mine. I read that prick's blog. He is wrong in so many ways. He is an idiot and no one should pay attention to anything he says.

    Most of what he has to say falls under the category of blame the victim. He suffers from the I had no problems with my law degree, so no one else should have a problem getting a job complex.

    It is pretty much a joke that someone would say come run our hospital or health care organization, you have a law degree. Yeah, Aetna is just waiting for a 3L to come out of Cooley Law School to be CEO.

    He takes exception with someone relying on law school statistics with high employment rates. He claims the law students should know better. Why? The legal field is supposed to be an ethical profession with high morals. If you can't rely on law schools to be ethical, doesn't that mean this whole profession is full of shit from the start of becoming a lawyer? Something the ABA should put as a top priority, not their stupid pet projects.

    It is has only been until recently that the full extent of law schools, scum bag behavior has been widely known.

    Lastly, this guy has head up his ass. He has not read the many objective reports and stories, including the recent report that only half of law grads are able to find legal employment jobs. Many of these law jobs are low paying, dead end jobs, in small firm shit law.

    This guy is a douche bag.

  13. Just open up your own practice upon bar admission, it worked for Honest Abe!

    Well, no. Here are some reasons off the top of my head why that is not practical or advisable:

    1. Law is a learn-by-doing profession, and law school generally fails to provide students with any clinical training whatsoever.

    2. Extending pt. 1, if a kid lacks clinical training, he or she at least needs local mentors. But law schools generally ignore opportunities to partner the local bar in favor of seminars about critical legal theory.

    3. Kids are carrying unprecedented educational debt loads, and opening up a solo practice means lean times for years, at best. Moreover, law firms, like all small businesses, need a line of credit--which is not easily obtained by a kid with six figures of nondischarable debt obligations.

    4. Document review is drying up, and with it the chance for a kid to fund a start-up practice with intermittent temp work projects.

    5. Lots of small potatoes legal work-- such as uncontested divorce, wills, and trusts-- is vanishing as the public learns that they can just access the proper forms and information online.

    6. Rookie mistakes can mean bar discipline and scathing reviews in online forums, killing a fledgling practice before it gets off the ground.

    7. Market super-saturation--law schools are producing 20,000 excess lawyers per year--and plenty of those will also be starting solo or small firm practices, as a desparation measure.

    Now, it is the case that there are plenty of working poor who need legal assistance and do not qualify for legal aid. For instance, a million Americans are facing foreclosure, and I would love it if they could all be represented by counsel, even newbies working for token fees. However, those newbies need training and funding and loan forgiveness, and that is not available under the current law school scam system.

  14. Jack Marshall is your classic out of touch asswipe. His 'advice' was out of place 20 years ago. Does this persons actually believe nonprofits and companies are just itching to hire a lawyer to run their org? Get the fuck outta here.

  15. Hum. The fact that he went from Harvard College to Georgetown Law speaks volumes.

    From what I've heard, it's more or less understood that Harvard undergrads have a standing invitation to any one of the grad schools there. Unless said student is a hopelessly blithering moron.

  16. The thing about his "advice" is that it is completely irrelevant. Whether a law degree is useful outside the law is highly dependent on factual and situational contexts. If, and this is a big if, a person demonstrates sound business and sales skills (along with some prior experience), a law degree could be helpful in a regulated industry.

    What is missing is any discussion over value. A law degree for the vast majority of people is not a good or a marginal value today, even with generous tuition discounts (taking into account opportunity costs, too). What matters is not Marshall's subjective you should never be employed with a law degree cheerleading, but rather whether: 1) a law degree is a good value under any objective valuation model; and 2) whether there exists sufficient accurate information in the legal education marketplace to permit someone to make a sound valuation decision (and that includes information about the huge downsides of the relevant debt instruments students execute today). Even if Marshall's statements represent pearls of wisdom (and may I suggest they do not), he might as well have said them yelling from the top of his lungs atop Mount Everest. They are irrelevant to key issue of whether law school represents any kind of sound value.

    By the way, when I attended the same law school as Marshall 25 years ago, even then it was not a sound or strong market. Unlike Marshall, I graduate the very top of the class and was a Law Review editor with a bunch of other awards, too. That was the kind of performance required to obtain a top notch LEGAL job in a culture one could stomach. In other words, there were too many lawyers in the 80's too, and prospects were not all that great. The "value" proposition, however, was far, far better in the 80's than now, something Marshall completely misses. I finished with no debt, and no help from parents or family; something absolutely impossible today.

  17. 8:55 = best comment of the post. Stick that one in your pipe and smoke it, Jack.

  18. This is my favorite excerpt from his above quotes: "Anyone who doesn't understand that legal ethics are law can read some judicial opinions." It sounds just like every "argument" he's made on this issue:

    Anyone with a law degree who doesn't have a job can go get one!

    Anyone who doesn't believe that a law degree is versatile can go look at the facts!

    Jackass Marshall is a vile human being. He is perfectly content to ignore the thousands of law students and grads whose lives are destroyed by the law school scam, by deeming them all "whiny," lazy, etc. As if that justifies this massive scam. He is further willing to ignore that law schools are scamming taxpayers out of billions of dollars, by claiming that the victims don't truly care about the taxpayers (at least according to his ridiculous troll comments on Campos' site). As if that (if it's even true) also justifies this scam. What an ethics guru!

    And apparently he has no self-control:

    He posted this just two days ago, making the same ridiculous points that were completely destroyed in his original post.

  19. My litmus test when deciding whether or not I should take someone's advice is whether I can trust them with my children. After taking a hard look at this chromedome egghead and the look of evil incarnate in his eyes, the answer is no, I would rather trust Captain Kangaroo. So if you can't trust your kids with this troglodyte, why should you trust your career and financial future to this paid shill?

  20. Let’s see what others think about the piece of trash called Jack Marshall. On April 7, 2010, Brian Tannebaum posted an entry entitled, “Ethics Alarms Go Off, “It’s Jack Marshall! It’s Jack Marshall.” Here is the entire text:

    “I had never heard of Jack Marshall until he made clear he believed Eric Turkewitz to be the scourge of ethical lawyers everywhere by, um, playing an April Fool's Joke that snared the New York Times.

    Jack is the most ethical person in the universe, just ask him. Anyone who disagrees with him, is.... not-ethical. He's right, he's right, he's right, and everyone else is wrong. If you ask Jack a question, he will fully respond.

    If you want to learn more about Jack, try to catch one of his classes at American University's Law School. According to his bio, he's an adjunct professor there. I'm not sure if he's taught a class since 2006 though.

    Check back later, I trust Jack will say hello, but I won't laugh. I've already stopped doing that.”

    T Money also made a similar assessment of Cockroach Jack Marshall.

    Attorney Scott Greenfield rips into the swine, with his April 5, 2010 entry “Jack Marshall Can’t Take a Joke.” Take a look at this portion:

    “This leads me to Jack Marshall's Ethics Alarms. where he argues that Eric Turkewtiz's April Fools Day joke isn't merely ethically dubious, but:

    No doubt about it, the Times was fooled, and should have checked the story. Then again, lawyers like Turkewitz are forbidden by their ethics rules (Rule 8.4, to be exact) from engaging in intentional misrepresentation or dishonesty, and there is no April Fool’s Day exception. The Times and other trusted Turkewitz to behave professionally and ethically, and he did not; and he is criticizing them? Web hoaxes are unethical, always, every day of the week, and web hoaxes perpetrated by lawyers are professional misconduct[.]

    Well, not exactly. Actually, not even close. To avoid any potential allegation of misrepresentation, let me be more specific: Marshall's dead wrong.”

    By the way, Greenfield is a foul pig, too. However, at least he brings the perspective of the toilet-lawyer. Jack Marshall, i.e. Dumbass: your “ethics” are a hoax perpetrated on gullible victims.

    By the way, does anyone else have the urge to smack this ass-clown in his egg-shaped head with a pool cue?!?! Then again, this dog-face is not worth the effort. Make sure to brush your teeth, Jack. If you have a wife, then I actually feel sorry for her – seeing that she may need to occasionally, i.e. once every three months, sleep with your vile ass. Hopefully, she is seeing someone much more attractive and intelligent than you, on the side.

  21. It would be completely ethical to jerk off on this Georgetown asshole's forehead. It's ethical because I say so. If you don't agree with me, you're wrong.

  22. And any idea that it's NOT ethical to do what 2:44 recommends is just a perception borne of confirmation bias.

  23. Look into those dead, evil eyes. No one's home. And people are supposed to take advice from this thing?

  24. What choice do they have but to take advice from Marshall? He is always correct. Or in Brian Tannebaum's words, "he's right, he's right, he's right..."

  25. Can anyone here find proof that Jack Marshall is in fact a licensed attorney? It's suggested at the following location (in the comments) that he is not:

    My thanks to JDU poster "gowings" for pointing this out here:

  26. 4:01 here. I guess what was pointed out in the first link I posted is that he is not licensed in New York, as he claimed in the comments. He could very well be licensed elsewhere. Or maybe not.

  27. He claims to teach law at American U. But here nothing comes up:

    "Jack Marshall


    Currently Teaching
    There are no classes currently associated with this professor."

  28. Marshall is licensed in Massachusetts.

    Below is a bit of Marshall's brilliance. Its how he responded to a poster who provided links as evidence that law school has become a high risk - little to no reward proposition:

    "Bobby wants to engage me in a link battle; no thanks. The web is a confirmation bias freak’s crack–any two sides to any issue can throw links at each other all day. I know very well what I am writing about regarding this topic."

    What Marshall does here is disingenuous in the extreme. He takes evidence that people who oppose him provide, and then instead of actually coming up with contrary evidence, or an argument to counter the evidence, he declares the evidence not to be valid because "the web is a confirmation bias freaks crack." In short, he declares contrary evidence not to be evidence by comparing it to crack. And then he declares himself to be right because he knows what he is talking about.

    I could go on and on tearing apart Jack's sad little arguments that he puts up on his sad little TTTTT blog. Its not worth the effort though.

    What I can't stand about Jack and other smug boomers like him is that they are so certain they are right about everything, and they are so certain that the world has not changed in the past 40 years. Guys like Jack Marshall like to think they are successful because of how brilliant they are. They aren't. Marshall is a blithering idiot. It just so happens that he is a blithering idiot who was entering the workforce during a time when opportunity was plentiful and even morons like him could make a living. Make Jack a 23 year old GULC graduate in 2012, and he'd be lucky to make it as a doc review lifer.

  29. Okay, now this is a blog that nicely captures the disappointment and resentment of the many recent law-school grads who have realized that the party is finally over.

    A bit about me. I am the object of these students' resentment. I come from a family of lawyers, and have never found a hard time finding work. In fact, the real problem for me, is not *finding* work, but securing work that I consider easy. A secret: easy work involves representing clients who go after people who will probably not secure counsel, which means that you just appear in court and get the default. That is the dream job.

    Also, Yes, I went to what this blog considers a "toilet" of a law school, but then again, securing employment was never a problem for me. Moreover, tuition was never a problem, either.

    So, for these reasons, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of this blog: Do NOT go to law school if you cannot get into a Top 8 school and/or you will have to use loans to finance your education.

    BUT NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU DRILL THIS HOME, THE PROBLEM WILL NOT GO AWAY. I have been in the trenches, and have seen the kinds of kids that go to law school. The problem is endemic. Consider that 95% of law students were undergradyuates who majored in either philosophy, history, political science, or english literature. THESE ARE USELESS DEGREES. The only reason they are in law school is because (1) their undergraduate degress are useless; and (2) other graduate programs are difficult and time-consuming. (2) is not talked about very often, but is important. Compared to other graduate, Ph-D level programs, law school is a breeze. There is no thesis requirement, it does not take 5-6 years, and you don't need to keep a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. In fact, a law student who makes all C's will have no problem graduating. This is unheard of in other graduate programs. Law school is basically a shitty graduate program for students who don't know what else to do.

    So, in my mind, the problem is not with the number of kids going to law school, but with the number of kids going to 4-year colleges. Going to college and getting a B.A. in history is USELESS. Kids have no business doing that. And those that do are forced to go to law school because they can't do anything else. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. If these kids never went to a 4-year college, then law school would have never entered their mind. What they should have done is gone to a tech school, and learned how to be an electrician or plumber. Or should have gone into construction work, or something like that. BUT NO. Parents everywhere have this idea that their students are ENTITLED to go to college and get their 4-year degree. For what? That is the problem.

    I was in the trenches, and saw the kids that were in my law school. I wasn't impressed. The kids were nerds and totally socially awkward. This, of course, is not surprising, given their background.

    So, in conclusion: if you want to get kinds away from going to law school, I think you should start by stopping them from going to college. I remember that on my walks to law school, which was in the center of the University, I would think to myself, Geez, what are all these thousands of kids going to do when they graduate? And then it occurred to me: they will probably apply to law school. After all, what else will be open to them???

    I think placing the blame on the outrageous tutiton these shitty law schools charge is correct, but the problem is far more fundamental. These law schools are just cashing in on a more serious and endemic problem, and so you can't ONLY blame them. The problem goes back to the American psyche that every kid should get a college education. Unless you get a degree in chemical engineering, then college is a waste of time.

  30. Jack Marshall is a piece of shit because I said so. If you try to bring links showing he's not a complete and utter piece of shit, you're showing your confirmation bias. So there.

  31. This fucker kinda reminds me of Mark "I don't see a student loan crisis" Kantrowitz, the student loan "expert" and shill for the EIC.

  32. Jack,

    I see you just called out Colbert King for "call[ing] Rep. Issa a “devil” for insisting on transparency, honesty, accountability, and transparency from Attorney General Holder regarding the Fast and Furious fiasco..." (I see you're emphasizing transparency - excellent).

    Fair enough. But isn't it a little odd that over the past week you've spent so much time and energy calling posters lazy, stupid, irresponsible, etc. when the vast majority of them have only been "insisting on transparency, honesty, accountability, and transparency" from law schools and the ABA?

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  33. @6:03Am

    You are hitting the target, but not quite all the time.

    My guess is that you are young and that is why.

    But you got the touch, and the talent kid, and the makings of a good scamblogger someday!

  34. Let’s take a closer look at the pile of human waste known as Jack Marshall. (Did his parents name him John Marshall, but he simply goes by the Irish nickname “Jack”?!) After his shameless shilling, this pig could have a law school named after him.

    “Welcome! My name is Jack Marshall. I’m an ethicist and a lawyer, and the president of ProEthics, Ltd. I write this blog. If you want to know more about me, there is a biography below. Ethics Alarms is not about me, however. It is about ethics, defined as the study of right and wrong. Although I will frequently discuss issues involving law and the legal system, none of the opinions here should be taken as legal opinions, because they aren’t. My field is ethics, I specialize in legal ethics, but with rare exceptions, I no longer practice law.

    Ethics Alarms are the feelings in your gut, the twinges in your conscience, and the sense of caution in your brain when situations involving choices of right and wrong are beginning to develop, fast approaching, or unavoidable. The better your alarms work and the sooner they start sounding, the more likely you are to do the right thing, or at least to use good ethical reasoning to decide what to do. This is a blog that aspires to help keep everyone’s ethics alarms in good working order.”

    For $ome rea$on, this cockroach does not “feel a twinge” in his “conscience” over the fact that the law schools, for years, have KNOWINGLY LIED, i.e. PUBLISHED FALSE AND MISLEADING employment placement figures – in a crass effort to attract more applicants and students. Apparently, the law school cartel does not ring any of Jack’s alarms. Perhaps, Ass-Clown has poured too much turtle wax on his dome – and it has affected his thought process.

    By the way, this moron has “ethics” confused with morals. For the bald pig’s benefit, here is an elementary explanation of the distinction:

    “Morals define personal character, while ethics stress a social system in which those morals are applied. In other words, ethics point to standards or codes of behavior expected by the group to which the individual belongs…So while a person’s moral code is usually unchanging, the ethics he or she practices can be other-dependent.

    When considering the difference between ethics and morals, it may be helpful to consider a criminal defense lawyer. Though the lawyer’s personal moral code likely finds murder immoral and reprehensible, ethics demand the accused client be defended as rigorously as possible, even when the lawyer knows the party is guilty and that a freed defendant would potentially lead to more crime.”

    In the end, Jackass Marshall is another charlatan trying to pass himself as a font of knowledge and ethics. The fact that he wrongly and irresponsibly accused another person of violating legal ethics – because of a damn April Fool’s joke – shows that Jack Marshall has no integrity, not one iota of character, and a weak to non-existent personal moral compass. He also has the intelligence of a coffee cup.

  35. The intelligence of a coffee cup with the insincere face of a non Human reptile.

  36. This guy is a Grade A shitbag -

  37. 6:03 AM has an excellent point. Why are there so many useless majors out there? Can't do a thing with them, save work at Walmart, which one could do without a BA in Women Studies - or go to a TTT law school, and borrow 100K doing it.

    Most of the bullshit majors are made up of left wing kook professors as well - funny how that works -

    1. I know! Learning how to think or know history is SO HARD.

  38. When you said the intelligence of a coffee cup, you meant an empty cup, didn't you? Because an argument could be made that Jack Marshall is not in the same league intellectually as a full coffee cup.

  39. This sentence intrigued me. "[A law degree] is considered a credential for consulting, negotiation, public speaking, and lobbying."

    This man seems like he has the resume of someone connected. That was probably the source of his hospital administration job despite the fact that he was manifestly and admittedly not qualified for it, having never been a medical Doctor. It's probably also the genesis of his valueless ethics career and his delusion that a third tier law degree is a credential for anything other than document review and shitlaw.

    I would have thought that knowing what you are talking about was the credential for Public Speaking and Consulting; and having Ethics was the credential for being an Ethicist. I guess I was wrong.

  40. So, this guy was hired to run a health care organization because of his law degree.... Can I guess that this "health care organization" is actually a home health provider service? And if its a big enough Medicare parasite, they don't care what sorts of mouth breathers they having running the joint as long as it looks "official" from the outside.

  41. 9:03: You are absolutely right.

    This guy sounds like a rich kid who tried his hand at acting and failed miserably (it's a tough field, especially for those not blessed with good looks). So he went to law school. And after law school he found a job through connections, from where he went to eventually build his own make-believe consulting firm.

    He's now convinced himself that he's worked hard and that's he's smart, when in fact he never had to work, and is clearly an idiot. So any challenge to modern legal education, which lies at the heart of the fantasy that he's created, drives him crazy. Or just makes him depressed. See for e.g.:

  42. 9:43: If was in fact a home health care provider service, that explains why he's such an adamant defender of scams funded by taxpayer dollars.

  43. This piece of shit sounds like the kind of guy who uses "summer" as a verb. I summered at Martha's Vineyard. Notice how this cocksucker doesn't have any experience representing the indigent. But it's good advice for others. Go die in a traffic accident already, asshole.

  44. This guy's head looks like a penis.


  46. lustylarrylikesitinthetoiletJune 27, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    Does this "person" actually exist? He seems like a fictional composite of all that is disgusting and wrong with ivory tower eggheads and the law school scam. Imagine what h_ll this guy's life was going through middle school and high school. He must have had a lot of time to think about ethics while stuffed inside his locker. At least God punished him by taking his hair and making his teeth mustard yellow.

  47. I think Jack Marshall is Brian Leiter.

  48. I have looked at pictures of John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Hitler and Barrack Obama. I have been able to decipher the evil that lies in the souls of these men by looking into their eyes. As dark as those souls are, the Jack Marshall tops them all. There is something dispicably evil about this man's gaze. This guy is the equivalent of an academic boogeyman.

    1. So Obama is Charles Manson.

      What sort of pills are you on right now?

    2. No. Charles is a much better singer.


    Link to cheery story that just shows that Jack is a Jack Ass and doesn't know shit.


    “Singer: Jacqueline Manger
    Lecturer: Jack Marshall, Pres. ProEthics, LTD (
    Sponsor: Virginia CLE
    Parody Lyrics: Jack Marshall
    "Stormy Weather" (1933) by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler”

    What are the odds that someone who attended this CLE class went out and immediately shot themselves after this nightmare?! Notice that Cockroach Jack Marshall wrote the lyrics to this abomination. Now, I actually agree that it would be ethical to punch Marshall in the face, with a meat hook.

    By the way, this ass-clown’s squeaky voice is exactly as I imagined when I saw Marshall’s portly build, bushy eyebrows, bald dome, and dead snake eyes. This clip was posted on August 20, 2009 and has only received 1,121 views.

    This self-proclaimed “ethicist” is a pathetic joke. At least, charlatans such as Tony Robbins and Joel Osteen have some charisma - and will not bore you to death.

    If you don’t aren’t busy watering your lawn or playing with your ant farm, then you can check out this video featuring Jackass Marshall. This clip was uploaded to Youtube on September 1, 2009. So far, it has attracted a pathetic 654 views. Head to the 1:49 mark:

    “Unwillingness to report unfitness to practice. ABA had a legal ethics opinion a couple a years ago that I think really stated the obvious, which is that we have a MANDATORY OBLIGATION to report misconduct in an fellow attorney if that attorney engages in conduct that calls their, their trustworthiness into question, even if that activity occurs when they’re not practicing law!”

    Listen to the blithering moron/psychotic freak, starting at 3:29 of the video - while he describes his three personal alarms for ethics:

    “The second is what we call “the mom test.” You know, can you call up your mother or your father or, or somebody that is, you know, that you want them to respect you and say, ‘Guess what? You know my best friend who saved my life in Desert Storm? Ha ha. I just reported him to the bar. Ha ha. He’s gonna lose everything!’ You know, it’s, we don’t like doing that.”

    Very articulate, bitch. Jack Marshall is a waste of food and oxygen. Therefore, if you see this turd on the street, then you have a mandatory obligation to punch him in the nose. People actually pay money to attend these CLE courses, so that they can listen to pieces of trash such as Jack Marshall - and be in good standing with the bar.

    Both of these worthless videos were uploaded by user “CaptCompliance.” The pig lists his age as 61 years old. It is pretty clear that this rat graduated from law school in a different era, where mental midgets with the “correct credentials” could waltz into decent positions.

  51. Nando,

    Your posts are brilliant.

    In the second video, Jackass explains the "Mom rule" like he's telling a joke, expecting people to laugh. But everyone just sits there silently.

  52. I love the vitriol and ad hominem attacks on the jackals. Fucking assholes deserve it.

  53. Jeez Nando my buddy..

    You've killed him enough, lol! Nah, seriously, I love it..

    You went out and found those 2 vids. And killed him some more. Love it.

    Dude, you remind me of the future Batman in "The Dark Knight Returns":

    No one else gives a shit about fighting crime or cleaning the scum from the streets. The GCPD is totally incompetent, of course. So a 55-yr-old Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement to do the job. Older, slower, but even more determined to get it done despite all of that and overcome any obstacles in his path. The tenacity of a bulldog. He never quits.

    I mean.. You killed him and then killed him again. You just keep coming.

    I love it.

    Much respect.

    61. I knew he was of the Boomer generation. Called it. I tried watching the 2 videos. They all love to pontificate don't they?

  54. Listen to his drivel about metadata in the first video. He has no fucking clue what he's talking about. I see why he has such a hard time understanding that the legal industry has changed.

  55. Shit, I'm surprised nando didn't post the idiot's home address and phone number.

  56. I also love the end of the first video where he mentions that an attorney was caught double-billiing hours, which caused some embarrassment to the attorney. Yeah, the attorney was SCREWING the client out of money and that caused the attorney some "embarrassment."

    No wonder this guy is completely indifferent to law schools ripping people off.

    What a fucking ethics clown you are, Jack Marshall.

  57. Dude, that guy is wicked not-attractive.

  58. Unfortunately this disgusting slob is still at it. Another blog post reiterating the same, illogical and unsupported arguments.

    You can tell Nando's post, and its comments, got to him. Well done, Nando.

  59. "I know my father [Jack Marshall] is a jackass, I didn’t learn it through the internet." - Grant Marshall.

  60. To jackmarshallize

    (verb) to write, pontificate or act in such a manner that resembles unconscionable, sadomoralistic douchebaggerry of the very highest order.

    Jack Marshall is a self-proclaimed champion of ethics, but he is actually just a lawyer who is invariably very rude, dismissive and intimidating.

    In attempting to defend the indefensible (most often his beloved policy of drug prohibition) he does so mainly from the power of his own extreme prejudicial convictions – by blatantly ignoring fact and historical precedent he has achieved the highest form of cognitive dissonance and suffocating bigotry.

    Mr Marshall’s convictions are most definitely not based upon the ethics he purports to champion, but are the ‘ethics’ of utter malice towards all who dare to disagree with his particular form of stifling, authoritarian hypocrisy.

    Usage: “Do you honestly believe you can just march in here and simply jackmarshallize us?

  61. Jack Marshall twists opinions of those that comment and disagree with his opinion. The guy is an asshat Jackass.

  62. I know! Learning how to think or know history is SO HARD.Because an argument could be made that Jack Marshall is not in the same league intellectually as a full coffee cup.


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