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Profiles in Academic Swindling: Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of Dung Heap University of California, Irvine School of Law

Chemerinsky Defends the Cost of “Legal Education”:

On July 23, 2012, the National Law Journal printed Chemerinsky’s self-serving drivel. The piece was entitled “You get what you pay for in legal education.” It was intended to be a retort to Brian Tamanaha’s new book, Failing Law Schools. Here are some key excerpts:

“Tamanaha is correct that law professors are paid significantly more than university faculty in disciplines like English, philosophy and history. Imagine that a law school tried to pay at that level, say roughly half of current faculty salaries at top law schools. Who would come and teach at a school where they got paid half what other law schools would pay them, and who would stay there when other opportunities arose?” 

Nice straw man argument, douche-bag. You can thank the American Bar Association for engaging in price-fixing of tenured “professor” salaries. Without these controls in place, tell me that someone re-hashing Carbolic Smoke Ball or Pennoyer would inherently be worth $190K per year. Recall that the U.S. Department of Justice sued the ABA for violating the Sherman Antitrust Act, via the law school accreditation process - in 1995.

“The Complaint alleges that the ABA restrained competition among professional personnel at ABA-approved law schools by fixing their compensation levels and working conditions, and by limiting competition from non-ABA-approved schools.”

Ass-hat Chemerinsky continued:

“Cutting a law faculty in half would require relying far more on relatively low-cost adjunct faculty. Tamanaha's assumption is that relying on practitioners rather than professors to teach more classes won't compromise the quality of the education students receive. Here I think he is just wrong. There are certainly some spectacular adjunct professors at every law school, and they play a vital role. But as I see each year when I read the student evaluations at my school, overall the evaluations for the full-time faculty are substantially better than they are for the adjuncts. It is easy to understand why. Teaching is a skill, and most people get better the more they do it. Moreover, full-time faculty generally have more time to prepare than adjunct professors who usually have busy practices.

Adjunct faculty are available far less for students than full-time faculty. Tamanaha gives no weight to the substantial learning that occurs outside of the classroom. I think he tremendously underestimates the amount that most faculty are around the school and available to students.” [Emphasis mine]

Erwin, most tenured “professors” are too busy reading the Wall Street Journal and watching Youtube videos to be bothered during office hours. By the way, the very best instructors at my third tier law school were adjuncts. They knew how to explain the nuts and bolts of practice. As you stated in your article, moron: most people become better at the tasks that they perform regularly. You can’t expect those who practiced law for 12 minutes to be able to teach students how to become lawyers.

Coverage of Chemerinsky’s Garbage Defense:

On July 24, 2012, Paul Campos punched UC Irvine in the ass with an entry labeled “The absurdity of UC Irvine.” Look at this killer opening:

“A few years ago, somebody decided it would be a good thing for the University of California to open another law school. Now even a few years ago this was obviously a terrible idea.  Today . . . well.

So it has come to pass that UC-Irvine's dean, Erwin Chemerinsky, has taken to the pages of the National Law Journal to explain why it's actually a good thing that the dumpster fire that is the California market for new (and old) attorneys has now been supplemented by another law school. And not just another law school, but one that will charge nearly $47,000 this year in resident tuition and fees, and $53,000 to non-residents, while conveniently located smack in the middle of one of the most expensive places to live in the USA…

But a funny thing happened on the way to the apologia: Chemerinsky's article is around a thousand words long, and exactly none of them are dedicated to explaining either why California needs a new law school or whether that school is worth anything like the cost of attending it. 

Instead, the article is dedicated to the proposition that it's impossible - literally impossible - to provide a "quality" legal education for much less than the mind-boggling price UCI is charging for this increasingly less in demand product.” [Emphasis mine]

The Swine’s Background:

Prior to becoming dean at the new turd, Chemerinsky was best known as the editor of the five pound piece of trash casebook Constitutional Law. At least, if you were ever confronted by an assailant in the parking lot, you could pull out that text and beat them to death with the damn thing. The man is also recognized as someone who believes the legal $y$tem can produce "social justice."  Take a look at this quote from his faculty bio page:

“I was inspired to go to law school by the civil rights lawyers of the 1950s and 1960s and how they transformed society. I continue to believe that law is the most powerful tool for social change.”

One wonders whether strapping young people down with $170K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt fits under the bastard’s definition of “social change.” If anything, such outcomes merely serve the status quo – as indentured debt slaves are unlikely to ever challenge their pig-headed bosses or social constructs.

Conclusion: In the last analysis, Erwin Chemersinky is FULLY AWARE that many law schools are having difficulty filling their seats for the upcoming Fall semester. He knows that his school is an expensive joke. Furthermore, California did not need one more ABA-accredited trash pit. Yet, the school was approved and opened its doors. In his op-ed, Chemerinsky also attempted to justify the cost of law school by noting that it reflects the increase in undergrad tuition. However, for $ome rea$on, he failed to mention that most universities are relying more heavily on adjunct and associate faculty. Chemerinsky also did not inform his readers that law schools do not require massive infrastructure costs, as most research is performed online. Also, when one simply utters “I think he is just wrong,” you KNOW that the person has no real case and no argument. This rat had carefully built up a reputation as an outspoken liberal intellectual. In the end, it always comes down to money with these academic pigs.


  1. Here is a link to a radio show Cryn Johannsen and I were on yesterday.

    The topic was student loans and thoughts of suicide:

  2. I call this man the "Chemical Dean" because he must think his students and supporters are on some strong chemicals to believe his bullshit. I recall Nando wrote a strong entry on UC-Irvine a year or two ago. The entry was a strong indictment against a school that was created for no other reason than to foment a safe haven for law professors who can ride the California taxpayer Express while enjoying the sunny and wealthy environment of Orange County, CA. The school recently announced that it was accredited by the ABA as if that were some sort of great accomplishment. It just means you were able to duplicate Cooley-Tampa Campus's feat. Look at this man's crooked smile and beady eyes. Taking away his academic credentials and standing as a famous scholar and law school shill, would you trust this man to sell you a used car for $5,000? If not, then why are you going to throw $250K (factoring COL in costly Orange County and the $53K annual tuition for a PUBLIC law school) into this man's coffers?

  3. Not only wouldn't I buy a car for $5,000 from this man. I wouldn't purchase a pack of batteries for $5 from this snakeoil salesman.

  4. Chemerinsky's adjunct-knocking is disgraceful. An adjunct-practitioner may lack the hide-the-ball classroom razzle-dazzle of a $190K bullshitter with a CV full of nonpeer-reviewed law review articles about critical race and gender studies or postmodernity. However, that adjunct actually, you know, practices law, litigates relevant issues, and has the ability to provide real training to students.

    For a funny variation on Cherminisky's faith in the value of overpaid full-time faculty who teach but do not practice, consider the following quotation from Paul Horwitz of Alabama, a scamming kiss-ass windbag who earns $177K teaching constitutional law-- though none of his articles on conlaw has ever been cited by a reviewing court. Horwitz wrote that: "Talking in class, and other ways of throwing yourself into the mix, is a terrific, bad-consequence-free way of actually starting to practice at being a lawyer. Take advantage."

    Now, it is true that no mere practitioner would come up with the insight that gunning in a hide-the-ball doctrine class is "actually starting to practice at being a lawyer." For an insight like that, you need a very well paid full time scammer who knows nothing about legal practice.

  5. AtheistATLLawyerJuly 26, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    Just another law school scammer STEALING money from young naive "students" and ultimately, from our country.

    And the idiot shills allow it.

    What a fucking joke. If the common working man knew about what kind of bullshit goes on in this "capitalist" economy, there would be riots.

  6. "Talking in class, and other ways of throwing yourself into the mix, is a terrific, bad-consequence-free way of actually starting to practice at being a lawyer. Take advantage."

    This nonsense doesn't fly. You can figure out causes of action and the elements without sitting on your ass all day long and without spending $100K. Researching statutes, caselaw, local rules of court takes you to a level of competence and general practical knowledge. Sitting around reviewing law review articles doesn't do much to prepare you either. Unless you want to be a professor (good luck with that dream coming out of a nonelite school) or plan to be an appelate lawyer or judge.

    For the sake of argument, I'll come at this from Horwitz' perspective. And still prove the moron wrong. Law school does not lead to classwide discussion. You have a person who didn't want to practice law talking down to students. Usually, one at a time. The professor is armed with the teacher's edition. If you provide a commercial outline response (correct, by the way) prepare to piss off the professor and his fragile little ego.

    Also, I remember most everyone in my classes playing Solitaire, sudoku and other games online during class. I did too. During law school, no one in my family could touch me in poker. (these fucking academic thieves are so out of it, they didn't foresee that kids would choose to watch ESPN (with the sound off of course) or shop online rather than listen to the boring lecture.) Even if you're not big into shopping, wouldn;t you rather look at shoes or watches than listen to some god awful windbag discuss FRCP 12(b)(6) for an hour?

  7. "If you provide a commercial outline response (correct, by the way) prepare to piss off the professor and his fragile little ego." --10:37 am

    So true. And here, again, is the inimitable Horwitz, expressing hostility to his students in his own cutesy way: "I am just about ready to shoot any student who walks into law school with the Chemerinsky con law treatise and without the assigned con law casebook (and yes, it has happened [the business with the books, not the shooting])."


    Several profs have tried to ban laptops in their classrooms. They feel it causes a distraction to other students. Frankly, if the chick in front of me is reading celebrity gossip it doesn't interfere with my online version of the New York Times.

  9. Their goal is to make UCI a top 20 law school?


  10. Chemerinsky was just one of the "First Amendment Scholars at higher institutions of learning" contacted by Erin Baldwin for help against the State Bar. The State Bar of California is presently the subject of a petition for a writ of certiorari to the Ninth Circuit. The petitioner, a journalist, exposed the State Bar's intentional fraud against consumers in foreclosure back in 2009 and her "spot on" reports launched 3 years of retaliatory prosecution against her to silence her speech. The petition also exposes the fact that the State Bar's participation in the judicial selection process has purchased judges on its behalf. The petition can be read at this blog, the cover story.

  11. Law skools are worse than street criminals.

  12. UCI was charging 40-50k a year for a provisional accredited law school.

    A topic that is ripe for the picking is California only accredited law schools.


    On December 12, 2010, I profiled this pathetic, useless, overpriced public trash heap on this blog. Since that time, the tuition has increased, of course. Plus, the school is no longer furnishing full ride scholarships to incoming classes – in a cynical attempt to attract top students and increase the toilet’s future ranking.

    “Law schools are eligible for provisional accreditation after two years, and full accreditation after five. Provisional accreditation means that graduating students can take the bar exam in California without taking a qualifying "baby bar" exam.

    "The ABA's decision puts the official seal of approval on the hard work of scores of faculty, administrators, students, and supporters - both on campus and in the legal community," said Dean Erwin Chemerinsky. "It's the culmination of years of planning and execution."

    The commode has now achieved provisional accreditation from the ABA. This is no big accomplishment, despite Chemerinsky's claim.

    Hell, Fourth Tier Cooley has four campuses located in Michigan – with one branch in Tampa, Florida. One wonders when this particular garbage pit will set up shop in Wyoming or New York.

    “Setting and Meeting High Academic Standards

    Each school embraces the highest academic and teaching standards. Florida Coastal School of Law, Phoenix School of Law and Charlotte School of Law are all ABA accredited schools. High academic standards and high quality instruction are the most important institutional priorities for each school.

    To ensure each school becomes a regional center of excellence, each InfiLaw school has its own regional board of trustees to advise upon policy for its institution. These boards are comprised of leaders in legal education, government, business and law.”

    Hell, the pigs and cockroaches at the American Bar Association approved three dung piles that belong to for-profit InfiLaw Corporation.

    “Company Overview

    Infilaw Corp. operates a consortium of community based law schools. It focuses on legal, management, business, judgment, and interpersonal skills. Infilaw also develops career placement services to assist students with securing jobs in the legal profession. The company was incorporated in 2003 and is based in Naples, Florida. It has law schools in Jacksonville, Florida; Phoenix, Arizona; and Charlotte, North Carolina.”

  14. Nado:

    You mentioned this is the article, "In the last analysis, Erwin Chemersinky is FULLY AWARE that many law schools are having difficulty filling their seats for the upcoming Fall semester." When I ask the people form my schools admissions (on-the-side & off-the- record,) they say the number of applicants are down. Although, they are filling each seat. Are most TTT toilet filling each seat? What do you think the future trend will be?

  15. Schools are having to lower standards to fill their seats. Maybe that's what he meant.

  16. This guy looks like a constipated gerbil

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    It's me again. I'm not posting from the continental US. Remember me? Go get fucked, you angry fuck. I've had enough of your negativity. I'm going to law school. I'm not a loser like everyone else here. Go find a job fuckers.


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  19. Francisco is already busy taking up the ass this evening. Then again, that is his daily routine. Also, he likes to run his hand gently up his clients’ hairy butt cracks, while he is giving them head. Since he cannot make a cogent argument as to why law school is a wise investment, the mental midget has been blocked from commenting on this site.

    IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: Netherlands Antilles
    Country Code: AN
    Latitude: 12.25
    Longitude: -68.75

    @The Yuppie Attorney,

    Check out Paul Campos’s July 25, 2012 entry labeled “Most top law schools still accepting applications.” Here is a telling excerpt:

    “So 28 of the 50 top schools – including eight of the top 17 -- are still accepting applications for 2012. In all but two cases they’re doing so four to six months after their formally announced deadlines, and in some instances just three weeks before the beginning of the fall semester.”

    On April 11, 2012, this blog noted that Third Tier Stetson University Commode of Law extended its application deadline to July 1st of this year. The toilet also waived the fees, for those who accepted this TTT offer.

    Even the dolts at TLS are starting to wake up. Look at this May 3, 2012 thread entitled “Are Law Schools Getting Desperate?” Original poster AntipodeanPhil submitted the following:

    “I found this at the tail-end of a post on Paul Campos' website:

    What's happening with law school admissions waiting lists suggests how soft the market is getting. In the past week I've corresponded with a 0L who as of two weeks ago had only gotten into Touro (unranked), Hofstra (#89), and St. John's (#79). She was then admitted off the waitlist at Cardozo (#56) and, much more significantly, offered a $30,000 per year discount on tuition in the bargain. A few days after that she was admitted to George Washington (#20), and shortly afterwards GW offered her a more than 50% discount off the (increasingly fictional) official tuition price. Cardozo reacted by raising its offer to $43,000 per year, i.e., more than 80% off sticker. A glance at sites like TLS reveals that even schools like Chicago are offering significant tuition discounts (20%) to people who they just offered off their wait lists this week.”

    ABA-accredited diploma mills will continue to lower standards, solicit those who took the GRE, extend application deadlines, etc. The pigs are desperate to maintain the federally-backed student loan gravy train.

  20. AtheistATLLawyerJuly 28, 2012 at 7:20 AM

    When will these ugly fucking boomers die off?

    They've ruined the country by raping it's economy. Charging young students 100k for a worthless piece of paper.

    These mother fuckers are truly disgusting.

    But don't worry, shit Obama and Romney are one in the same. You won't hear a peep from them!

    Oh that's right! Obama cares so much about the students, right?????

    Gotta make sure those loans stay at 6.8%!

    Wow! Thank you Obummer! You mother fucking sell out piece of shit.

    When will the boomers die already? Go die.
    No funding for nursing homes btw.
    Just die on the street.
    Boomer fucks.

  21. Geez. And what? Leave the boomers to fend off wolves?

  22. I get a kick out of those asswipes on JDU and ITLSC who criticize Nando for displaying images of fecal matter and toilets under the captions to his blog entries. These fuckers believe Nando is "de-intellectualizing" the debate by utilizing these images, which I believe appropriately describe the legal education complex. Would I prefer to see the picture of a blindfolded lady holding the scales of justice or the ugly and scary looking man featured on this entry? I prefer the former but it accomplishes nothing to euphemize this filthy profession. Keep up the good work Nando, but please move on to the next piece as the image of Dean Chemerinsky conjures up memories of neighborhood child molestor who terrified many little children when I was a tyke.


    If you can't get hired by a firm AND you have the means to go solo, this could be you.

    Bob Loblaw asks 'Why should you go to jail for a crime someone else noticed?'

  24. I have to laugh whenever the boomer critic speaks :)

    I mean, the boomers got their bona fides by bashing their elders, and then time went on.......

    and mother nature did her natural work on the self important boomers, and now they are all old and not so pretty.

    What goes around comes around, and "talkin' about my generation" can also be a nice example of how outrageously selfish the boomers really were in their youth, and still are.

    Doesnt the following video look absolutely like some kind of a circus?

  25. Dogshit > the Boomers

  26. And tell me that this isn't just the oddest and strangest thing from boomer history. What the hell were they thinking about?

  27. Why Baby Boomers Suck!

    Why do Baby Boomers suck? Let me count the ways! First you have the feeling of entitlement where everyone thinks they deserves to eat their cake and then a slice of the other guy’s too. Second is politics—everything is red or blue, Republican or Democrat, Left of Right and it doesn’t matter what’s right anymore. As a RVR reader says, they’re “hippy-crits”. I think that just about sums it up! Third is the corporate system in which millions of us have been shuffled in to and used and abused while our Baby Boomer middle managers make all the money for doing nothing. The list goes on and on.

    Burn and rot, greedy little cocksuckers.

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  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Chemerinsky is a bastard. Just look at his creepy smile. Makes my skin crawl.

  31. 12:13. I could not agree more. This year, when the ballots open, I will not be voting red or blue. I don't care for either. I don't like how the system is now, nor do I care for a world where people think they can control another person's reproductive choices (especially re: birth control).

    A few years ago I saw an episode of the Simpsons where they call for everyone to vote Ralph Wiggum as president. This year I am writing in Ralph Wiggum.

  32. Francisco,

    You know, I once thought like you. That I was "better than everyone else". I thought, "even if others could not succeed, I will." Once you owe over $100k and realize the truth, you start to wish you thought things through a little more. Good luck, you're cocky and you will need it.

  33. Many readers of this blog will recall that Chemerinsky was hired as dean of this trash pit, suddenly fired, and then quickly re-hired as dean.

    On September 24, 2007, Inside Higher Ed published a piece from Jon Weiner entitled "Chemerinsky and Irvine: What Happened?" Check out the opening:

    "The biggest academic freedom fight of the year was also the shortest -- and the hardest to understand. Duke Law School professor Erwin Chemerinsky accepted an offer on Sept. 4 to serve as founding dean of the new law school at UC Irvine; UCI Chancellor Michael Drake withdrew the offer a week after the contract had been signed; the firing was greeted with outrage on the campus and among law school faculty nationwide, and was condemned in editorials in the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times; and Chemerinsky was rehired six days later, on Sept. 16.

    Chemerinsky is a prominent legal scholar and liberal advocate who has argued for judicial review for detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and represented Valerie Plame, the CIA agent outed by the Bush White House. He’s also something of a legal celebrity in southern California, where he taught at the University of Southern California for 19 years and often appeared on local TV and radio, speaking in favor of reform of the Los Angeles Police Department and against the state’s “three strikes” law.

    Drake is a former professor of ophthalmology at the University of California at San Francisco who had been UC vice president for health affairs before becoming the first African-American chancellor in the history of the 10-campus University of California. With a search about to begin for a new president of the university system, Drake was considered a strong candidate -- until his firing of Chemerinsky destroyed his chances. The forces that pushed him thus must have been powerful."

    You can check out the staged photo ops, featuring Michael Drake and UC Irvine students. Does anyone with an IQ above 80 actually believe that these university administrators give a damn about these students’ outcomes?!?! In the final analysis, these functionaries are soul-less, ball-less, spineless, money-grubbing politicians/businessmen. They are not worthy of one iota of respect.

  34. On September 17, 2007, the ABA Journal posted an article from Martha Neil, which highlighted this mess. The piece was headlined "Chemerinsky to be Rehired as Irvine Dean." Here is the text of her opening paragraphs:

    "In a remarkable about-face, Erwin Chemerinsky is to be rehired as dean of the new law school being created at the University of California at Irvine.

    For the second time in less than a week, university Chancellor Michael Drake traveled to Durham, N.C., over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times reports, and Chemerinsky's on-again, off-again appointment as the fledgling law school's new dean is now a go once more. Last week, Drake lowered the boom on the renowned Duke University constitutional law professor, telling him he was no longer a desired hire.

    In a statement posted by UC Irvine, the two pledge their commitment to academic freedom and say: "Many issues were addressed in depth, including several areas of miscommunication and misunderstanding. All issues were resolved to our mutual satisfaction."

    Here is Neil's conclusion:

    "The Times reports today that "a group of prominent Orange County Republicans and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich wanted to derail the appointment" and California Chief Justice Ronald M. George "criticized Chemerinsky's grasp of death penalty appeals."

    Although Drake insists Chemerinsky's polarizing approach rather than his politics was the issue, by the end of last week Drake was in the hot seat and some faculty were calling for his resignation."

    Apparently, the pussy known as Michael Drake does not like when prominent university faculty and administrators act as antagonists or make controversial political statements. However, he has no problem when those same individuals publish lies about the legal industry - when it helps the law school pigs.

    “It is my goal to infuse our values into the core of everything we do at the University of California, Irvine. These values – respect, intellectual curiosity, integrity, commitment, empathy, appreciation and fun – foster the creative process, build stronger bonds between people and inspire a shared sense of purpose. It is my hope that as dedicated members of the UC Irvine community, we will continue to live by these values and promote the highest standards of excellence in all that we do. — Chancellor Michael Drake

    Respect - We understand that respect is the cornerstone of human interaction.
    Intellectual curiosity - We are committed to learning, teaching, creativity and research.
    Integrity - We tell the truth and strive to earn the trust of those around us.
    Commitment - We always give our best effort.
    Empathy - We act with compassion and sensitivity.
    Appreciation - We appreciate different opinions and points of view.
    Fun - We enjoy our lives to the fullest.”

    It is clear that U.S. “institutions of higher education” only care about value, i.e. money! These cockroaches have no integrity. They will do and say anything in order to keep scamming students, graduates and the taxpayers.

  35. Chemerinsky's work on behalf of the Gitmo detainees is honorable. But who will file habeas on behalf of his Irvine graduates--who suffer indefinite detention in the hell known as debt servitude for having made the mistake of trusting Chemerinsky and his colleagues.

  36. UC Irvine's law school should never have been approved by the regents. But it's not like those assholes are concerned with the legal job market. Or the graduates.

  37. Folks, especially college students and 0Ls, realize this: colleges and universities only care about making money to sustain the nice lifestyles of those involved in the scam (university presidents, chancellors, provosts, professors, etc.). Look at the UC system for example. They decided against opening a medical school and gave the green light for UC-Irvine law school. The system overproduces lawyers and underproduces doctors. Doctors serve a more social purpose than parasitical lawyers. Want to know why UC-Irvine law was chosen over a medical school? MONEY. Running a law school can be done on the cheap. Medical schools are costly to operate. Law schools only require lecture halls, fill them with 80 students and have 1 professor play hide the ball for 3 months. UC-Irvine Law was not needed in an already super saturated legal market.

  38. It boils down to money. As the write above said, the actors involved in this scheme only care about maintaining the posh jobs and lifestyle. If they could enroll skid row bums and charge them $40K per year, they would do it in a heartbeat.


  40. If you go to the University of California, Irvine school of Law you are basically trusting in Erwin Chemerinsky's Prestige to be able to save you from the TTT fate usually reserved for the graduate of a new/low ranked law school. Can you trust in the Prestige.
    To be fair, some people believe in the Prestige. Brian Leiter believes that Irvine school of Law deserves to be highly ranked due to Erwin Chemerinksy's prestige. and the University of California believes that Chemerinsky has the Prestige to make their new law school successful.

    However Brian Leiter is not hiring and the University will probably only give a newly minted Irvine lawyer a job for 9 months. Consider also that if a hiring partner is impressed by Chemerinsky's Prestige, they will be more impressed by the Prestige of the school Chemerinsky went to, Harvard, then the Prestige of the school Chemerinsky currently runs.
    If you take the gamble of betting on Chemerinsky's Prestige I fear the odds are not in your favor.


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