Sunday, July 22, 2012

Profiles in Political Expediency: Cockroach Gordon Jay Quist Tosses Out the Consumer Suit Against Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Cockroach Gordon Jay Quist in the Advanced Stages of Shriveled Balls Syndrome:

In the picture above, the piece of trash appears to be constipated.  Perhaps, Quist did not have his recommended daily amount of fiber and prunes when this picture was taken.  The link below leads you to the 22 page opinion, issued by Cockroach Gordon Jay Quist. From the top of page two:

“[I]n this Court’s judgment, the MCPA does not apply to the purchase of a legal education to attain employment, Count I does not state a claim for which relief can be granted. Counts 2 and 3 are dismissed because one representation is literally true and because Plaintiffs unreasonably relied upon the representations that comprise Plaintiffs’ misrepresentation claims. Therefore, Cooley’s motion will be granted and Plaintiffs’ amended complaint will be dismissed.”

Notice how this ball-less, spineless corporate hand puppet issued his opinion granting Cooley’s motion to dismiss on a Friday. He realized that the news cycle would refresh on Monday morning, and items published at the end of the week prior would be overlooked. How do think he earned his politician’s robe?!?!

“Of course, every one of these “reasons” relies upon the assumption that Cooley graduates’ employment statistics move in correlation with overall market statistics.”

On the bottom of page four, we can see that this ancient pig dismissed the Plaintiffs’ complaint quickly. Back in June 2011, Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. estimated that there will be 862 annual attorney openings in the state of Michigan, from 2010-2015. However, a total of 1,024 people passed the Michigan bar exam in 2009. Do you see how that presents a problem for recent TTTT grads in your state, Moron Gordon Jay Quist?!?!

Read this portion of the swine’s opinion, which appears on pages 17 and 18:

“Last, Plaintiffs unreasonably relied solely upon the two statistics in the Employment Reports when enrolling or deciding to remain enrolled at Cooley. This Court agrees with Judge Schwietzer, a judge for the New York Supreme Court in a nearly identical case, for some of the reasons he discusses as to why reliance upon the two statistics would be unreasonable. See Gomez-Jimenez v. New York Law Sch. This Court does not necessarily agree that college graduates are particularly sophisticated in making career or business decisions. Sometimes hope and dreams triumph over experience and common sense. Nevertheless, it would be unreasonable for Plaintiffs to rely on two bare-bones statistics in deciding to attend a bottom-tier law school with the lowest admission standards in the country. In addition, “[i]t is widely accepted that American law schools, Cooley included, employ all sorts of legerdemain to boost employment rates in a contracting legal market[.] [Internal citations removed and emphasis mine]

Since it’s now widely accepted that ABA-accredited schools, including fourth tier trash pits, falsely increase placement rates, then it was unreasonable for past graduates to rely on the school’s published data. In the end, this piece of garbage engaged in “legal gymnastics” in order to “justify” his gutless decision.

This Decision Was Fully Expected:

On June 14, 2012, the Wall Street Journal published a piece by Chelsea Phipps, which was entitled “Judge: Graduates Face ‘Uphill Battle’ in Lawsuit against Cooley.” Here is one telling excerpt from that article:

“At the June 5 hearing, Gordon J. Quist sided with the graduates on several issue. He brushed aside Cooley’s contention that the lawsuits should really be aimed at the American Bar Association and NALP, who make the rules on reporting job-placement statistics. 

“Regarding the ABA and NALP standards, they’re a floor not a ceiling,” [Cockroach] Quist said in the hearing. 

But on the larger issue of whether Cooley’s advertised job-placement figures could have violated the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, the school seemed to have the upper hand. 

“I don’t see that it’s a consumer issue,” [Quist] told Jesse Strauss, who represents the plaintiffs, in the hearing. “The fraud count — I think you’ve got an uphill battle.” 

“Even in your own statement you say they wanted to, in essence, get jobs in the legal profession and become high-skilled and high paid lawyers in some law firms.” [Quist] said. “To me, that’s a business reason as distinguished from a consumer protection reason.” [Emphasis mine]

Coverage of the Bastard’s Decision:

On July 20, 2012, the Wall Street Journal published an article by Chelsea Phipps, under the headline “Cooley Law Grads’ Lawsuit Dismissed.”

“The former Cooley Law grads were seeking $250 million in damages, claiming they decided to attend Cooley based on what they said was misinformation from the school. Law Blog reported on the case here.

But [corporate bagman] Gordon Quist, who got the case, wasn’t buying it. The court dismissed lawsuit on the grounds that purchasing a legal degree is not protected by the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.

Even if it was, the job numbers at stake were “literally true” whether they differentiated between recent grads in legal jobs vs. non-legal jobs or not, the court stated, adding that the grads “unreasonably relied upon the representations” in question in their law school decision.”

Isn’t it funny to see a supposed “judge” defend his decision from several angles?! This is one of the devils' favorite tactics.  Look at the comments section of this piece. Most of those readers understand why this decision was reached.

Also on July 20th, Brian McVicar wrote a piece for Michigan Live labeled “Buyer beware: Why judge dismissed federal lawsuit against Cooley Law School.” Here is a portion of that entry:

“U.S. District [Pig] Gordon Quist granted Cooley’s motion to dismiss, saying that while the school’s employment and salary figures were “vague and incomplete,” the students should have relied on more than statistics when making their decision to enroll.

“Plaintiffs and prospective students should have approached their decision to enter into law school with extreme caution given the size of the investment,” Quist wrote. “With red flags waiving and cautionary bells ringing, an ordinary prudent person would not have relied on the statistics to decide to spend $100,000 or more.” [Emphasis mine]

Once again, it is clear that college graduates are not “sophisticated consumers.” By the way, this idiotic reporter failed to understand the real reason behind the dung beetle’s decision: law schools are the gateway to the “profession.” If those donning foolish black robes start ruling against these profitable “institutions of higher learning,” then the whole house of cards may come crumbling down. Recognize that “judges” are NOT going to grow a spine, especially when it comes to a system that has rewarded them so well.

Conclusion: One wonders whether this 75 year old ass-hat will be invited to speak at a future Cooley gathering - or receive some other form of acknowledgement - for his work in defending this fourth tier sewage pit. In the final analysis, we cannot expect a judicial or legislative “solution” to this problem. Perhaps, a member of Congre$$ will occasionally lecture the ABA on how to run its business - but this is merely for public consumption, i.e. “I do care about the students and graduates.” A politician in a black robe may point out that law schools lie - but then the rat will quickly add, “It’s understood that law schools lie about employment figures. As a student, you should know better than to rely on the school’s data.” Better-educated consumers will lead to fewer people enrolling in law schools, and this may cause some sorely-needed school closures.


  1. First!

    This entire country, at least today, is built on legalized scams, such as law schools and college.

    Casinos, culinary arts, U. of Phoenix online. Banking / finance, free trade for Wal-Mart while killing small Mom & Pop's.

    That's what America the Beautiful is all about today.

    This "Buyer Beware" decision by some established / establishment politician merely confirms it.

    He slams Cooley by calling it bottom-tier and having the lowest admission standards in the country because it serves the interests of precedent. Lower-tier schools are virtually given a legal Seal of Approval for past conduct. Oh well.. shoulda known better. Higher-ranked schools won't see these suits and, even if they do 10-15 years hence, this is still precedent because its for a"business purpose".

    He covered all the bases for the Establishment Education Law School Scam. And he will, no doubt, be rewarded by his Massers.

    Fucking Prick.

  2. Judge Quist is just another black gowned clown who will not dare issue a decision that will rock the boat.

    So now a legal education is a product obtained for a business purpose? Really Judge Quist? Can I cite your opinion when the IRS audits me and asks me to explain why I deducted my student loan payments on Schedule C (Business Schedule) of my 1040 tax form? If my legal education was a business purpose, how come my financial aid officer did not direct me to the SBA (Small Business Administration) for a student loan instead of Sallie Mae? At least I could discharge SBA loans in bankruptcy whereas I can't discharge Sallie Mae's student loans.

    I have read thousands of court opinions and Quist's opinion was one of the worst reasoned and incongruous opinions I have ever read. Also, these judges (Quist, Schweitzer, etc.) seem to treat the USNWR as gospel when they take the reported stats as judicial notice. We all know by now that these stats are irregular as they are reported by the law schools and UNVERIFIED by Bob Morse and his gang of paid "journalists." Look at the Rutgers-Camden scandal for example that was featured on Prof. Campos's blog. Rutgers-Camden reported for 3 years that the total debt of a Rutgers-Camden grad was $27K on average. Well, this number was for one year, not 3. Yet Rutgers-Camden claims it was an inadvertent error (can anyone tell me when an inadvertent error actually did not favor the schools or the entity committing the error?) that was repeated for 3 straight years. Did Bob Morse or his staff bother to vet these numbers? No, and yet the courts are taking judicial notice of published flawed information.

    Quist should be removed from the bench as he is clearly partial to the law school scam. As Nando has stated, he is no different than our politicians who act as paid bagmen for corporations and entities with money.

    It still boggles my mind how this "judge" stated that students should investigate the nuances behind the employment stats (i.e., discerning which jobs required a JD and which do not). This is something that law schools can play with too. For example, let's say Cooley places a job ad which states "Must have a JD." A recent Cooley grad responds to the ad, interviews for the job and at the end of the interview Don LeDuc(k) says "Kid, you are hired, now go put on the Lugnuts mascot costume as we have a game tonight at the Cooley Stadium." There are many ways data can be manipulated and the Courts will never side with the little guy.

    Quist has disgraced the judicial system. Shame on him. He deprived a jury from deciding whether a legal education is acquired for a non-business rather than business purpose. Again, Quist presupposes that everyone that goes to law school has a business purpose in acquiring a JD. Doesn't this contradict what the law schools shills say about the versatility of a degree? After all, you can go to law school, get a JD, and become a community organizer or a public servant such as the President of the United States.

  3. I just read this report card on Quist in which he was rated "Very Bad" as a judge. A bad judge, a bad decision, it shouldn't surprise anyone.

  4. Bad judge?

    Bad for whom?

    His decision probably resulted in Deans and professors dancing in their offices at schools across the country.

    By dismissing this suit against the obviously worst offender of them all, by far, he has covered all shitpile schools.

    Bad judge?

    Not for the Establishment and those who put him in that robe. On the contrary, he did a fine job for the people that mattered.

    He's a great judge.

    This decision, and many others, should show that justice and law are often mutually exclusive.

  5. Since is the "World's Most Trusted Judge Rating Site," can we take judicial notice that Quist is a very bad "jurist?" It seems to me that is the reasoning Quist adopted in taking judicial notice of USNews&World Report law school rankings.

  6. By now I am getting a sense that Law, Politics, and Big Business are one and the same.

    Maybe it has always been that way, and always will be, and I am only now just starting to catch on.

  7. JD Painter, of course it's always been this way. Do you think it was a coincidence that this case was assigned to an old hack like Quist who is on "Senior Status?" Quist can retire and ride into the sunset as he has served his masters very well. The law school scam will not end in the Courts. It will end when the public has been educated on it and schools are starved to death into closing. The government is not going to stop the student loan gravy train as it serves the banking industry hand in hand with the pernicious non-dischargeability designation granted under the Bankruptcy Code by both the Democrats and Republicans. You the student loan debtor has no friends in Congress. Orin Hatch, a Republican introduced the 2005 Amendments making private student loans non-dischargeble but it was Bill Clinton, a Democrat, who in 1998 made student loans non-dischargeable when the were previously dischargeable. Wake up folks. America is run by the few corporate interests that have our government in its pocket. People like Quist and Schweitzer are minions of a larger and more powerful monolith. The only way to beat the law school scam is to expose it every day. Keep it going Nando. The message is getting out and in a month we will know the true impact of the movement when law schools report lower enrollment numbers.

  8. @11:24AM

    Yes, I have often read comments such as yours that express, in so many words, the idea that the financial interests and lobbyists have the politicians in their pockets.

    Still, I hate to think and take to heart that it has all ended up that way, and I still refuse to believe it.

    In any event, here is a quote from Robert Penn Warren's novel: All the King's men:

    "No, the Boss corrected, I'm not a lawyer. I know some law. ... but I'm not a lawyer. That's why I can see what the law is like. It's like a single-bed blanket on a double bed and three folks in the bed and a cold night. There ain't ever enough blanket to cover the case, no matter how much pulling and hauling, and somebody is always going to nigh catch pneumonia. Hell, the law is like the pants you bought last year for a growing boy, but it is always this year and the seams are popped and the shankbone's to the breeze. The law is always too short and too tight for growing humankind. The best you can do is do something and then make up some law to fit and by the time that law gets on the books you would have done something different.”

    ― Robert Penn Warren, All the King’s Men

  9. Best entry of this blog. You've connected all the pieces. Yes, law school is a scam. Yes, the ABA is run by Biglaw cocksuckers and academic hacks.

    But the bigger point is that the law is a fucking scam. It's wordplay. That's all there is to it. The emperor has no clothes. Doctors can give you a diagnosis or term you aren't familiar with. But if you ask for layman's terms, they can explain it to you in a way that you'll easily understand.

    Lawyers on the other hand are paid to complicate things. If you ask for a layman's terms, some asshole at law will tell you, "It's complicated." Or they'll hem and haw and give you a wordy nonanswer.

    And the judges are the fucking gatekeepers. You finally got there. These guys wear robes and that's supposed to make people respect them. The decisions, like you said, are not based on logic. If another old fuck 50 years ago made a decision in a similar case that the current old fuck agrees with, he'll cite to it as precedent. If the current old shit doesn't agree with it, he'll discard precedent and find something that makes the new case different from the old one. (You could do this with pretty much any case if you really wanted to.) The gatekeepers reach decisions based on their worldview and that of their corporate masters. Then they find any rationale for their decisions.

  10. If you can't successfully sue a fourth tier shithole that publishes its own bullshit stats, you can't sue any of the schools. Expect to see a law school named after this pig.

  11. This animal's decision should come wiyh gree large red shoes amd a squirtong flower. Lowlife pig and whore. His life stands for nothing other than corruption aand self dealing.

  12. this judge is a bigger shitstain than Schweitzer.

  13. Don't this shit make a Colonel wanna jump jump?

    Don't this shit make a Colonel wanna jump jump?

    Don't this shit make a Colonel wanna jump jump?

    Don't this shit make a Colonel wanna jump jump?

  14. What a disappointment. I honestly can't believe that this is allowed when a graduate has no options for bankruptcy. Disgusting.

  15. First saw news of this on ITLSS and couldn't wait to get Nando's take on it.

    Yes, it is pathetic, but not surprising. Judges will not rock the boat on this and will come up with any reason to find for the defendants.

    I'm curious as to whether any unsuccessful plaitiffs will file bar complaints against the schools' deans and administrators. Even if some of these suits are dimissed, what about the ethical guidelines that prohibit "fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation?" Law schools prattle on endlessly about ethics, professionalism, etc while running this scam which victimizes thousands every year. And it's not just the recent graduates who are screwed. The surfeit of JD's pulls down wages and job availability for experienced lawyers.

  16. No surprises here. As their depredations against their youngers become exposed, the pampered generations respond by circling the wagons. They will not reform themselves, they will not willingly make reparations. But time is not on their side. In the end, they will lose, and suffer terrible punishments for their betrayals of those whom it was their sacred duties to counsel wisely and protect, rather than exploit. A pox upon them!

  17. So the Cooley grads are officially fucked. $100K+ in debt, no chance of getting a legal job, or probably any real job for that matter. Bet 99.99% of them have worthless liberal arts undergrad degrees (like me).

    Totally fucked over by this scumbag and shitty school..

  18. Doctors learn how to practice during school. The governing bodies also make sure there aren't way too fucking many doctors. You don't see licensed physicians suing their medical school, do you? Gee, I wonder why...

    1. The artificial lack of supply imposed by the AMA is great for physicians but the resulting mid six figure salaries are fleecing the rest of America, limiting access to healthcare and basically killing people.

      The abundance of cheap lawyers would be great for the economy, if only they were actually trained and could practice law.


    On July 23, 2012, ABA Journal published a piece by Debra Cassens Weiss, under the headline “In Buyer Beware Decision, Judge Tosses Grads’ Suit Against Cooley Law School.” Here is the opening:

    “A federal [piece of garbage] in Michigan has dismissed a suit by 12 Cooley law grads claiming they were misled about their job prospects.

    [Cockroach] Gordon Quist dismissed the case on Friday, saying Cooley’s employment stats are “literally true” and the plaintiffs unreasonably relied on the school’s representations, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog reports. The [ball-less shill] also said the state’s consumer protection law does not apply to items purchased for a business purpose, including the purchase of a legal education.

    “With red flags waiving and cautionary bells ringing, an ordinary prudent person would not have relied on the statistics to decide to spend $100,000 or more,” Quist wrote in his decision (PDF). "The bottom line is that the statistics provided by Cooley and other law schools in a format required by the ABA were so vague and incomplete as to be meaningless and could not reasonably be relied upon. But, as put in the phrase we lawyers learn early in law school—caveat emptor."

    This swine is talking out of both sides of his jowls. First, he states that the TTTT’s employment placement figures are “literally true.” However, he then argues that the stats furnished by this fourth tier pile of rotting excrement were meaningless and could not be relied upon by potential students. Of course, this corporate ass-inhaler also decided to frame a “legal education” as an “item purchased for a business purpose.”

    Gordon Jay Quist, if you are reading this entry, make sure to do the following: after going down on your knees for this supposed non-profit trash heap, make sure to clean your dentures with extra care. I’m sure that you used your gums to stroke the shaft and the crown, but you don’t want that residue lingering in your mouth.

    Seeing that you love to fellate your corporate masters, maybe you can deduct your denture cream as a business expense on your tax form. If anyone has questions about this cockroach’s commitment to his owners, copy and paste the link below into a new window.

    Check out this January 26, 2011 article in the New York Times. The piece, from Diana B. Henriques, was entitled “A Reservist in a New War, Against Foreclosure.” This pathetic old bitch reversed his earlier “ruling” denying a U.S. reservist the right to sue after Deutsch Bank illegally foreclosed on his small house. The pig then decided that punitive damages against the banking giant were not warranted. What a beacon of integrity and competence, huh?!?!

  20. I'm sure Cooley's shit-ass deans and profs are living it up, celebrating this shitty decision.

  21. Prof. Campos just ripped a Banglore torpedo in the side of this Prick's decision at his blog:

    See right side, this blog, Inside the Law School Scam.

    Direct link:

  22. And here:

  23. It takes a generation of people to get fucked over so their descendants learn from it. Law is going through that change now and has been totally devalued as a profession. It used to be people who are not even close to legal scholars could get law degrees at the shittiest of shit schools, advertise on TV, and through hard work can sometimes make real money. Not anymore.

    People such as myself who graduated from these fourth tier crappers never were even thinking about job statistics and employment opportunities when we went to these schools. We went because our liberal arts degrees bought us nothing and all the stories of becoming a rich lawyer made us chase the carrot and bought us just a little more time to impress the snobby bitch we were dating.

    The no job problem has existed for atleast the past 25 years. The problem is the cost of tuition has gone up and students who have attended in the past 10 years are the ones suffering. While we might overcome a massive 50k debt 20 years ago, the equivalent 150k debt of today combined with an ever increasing anti lawyer statutory law change in many areas of practice have made this profession unattainable and not even worth it for 75% of all law grads and probably 90% of schools like Cooley when you have to pay anywhere near todays sticker price.

    Yes the schools dont tell the truth about employment statistics but at some point students with all the information that is out there who continue to sign up and use that as an excuse for what they cant get a job is a bit disingenuous when some asshat judge who is so out of touch makes this decision that has no basis in legal scholarship.

    It is really about supply and demand and I know how lucky I was to get in the profession and make some money relative to my loans. Sadly though earning peaked years ago and many of us in our 40s have our heads in the sand as we try to hang on to a practice and job we dont even like. You would have to be a fool to go to law school in the past ten years yet the schools are still full even after all the cracker jack incentives. If you think it is because of these employment statistics they spew out in their bs brochures, you are wrong. Kids go because they want a shot, no matter how tiny, of being the exception of today like the norm of 30 years ago. Its a different world and they all know it but they go. Kids are smarter today then we were but mistakes costs so much more and cant be fixed like going to law school.

    When students ultimately decide that the tuition is not worth it, they will stop going but like the profession itself which has filled the yellow pages and webpages with more and more lawyers making us all poorer, there seem to be plenty of underqualified people filling slots who could never practice law and they dont care.

    Law is the shittiest of shit professions but with so many of us not able to build or fix or create things, law seems to be our only ticket to stand out and possibly make real money so even its like playing the lottery, many of us will bitch but still role the dice. The reinforcement of failure will someday bringdown these schools but until the demand is gone, then the schools will keep jacking up the tuition and fools will pay.

    If you think this jack leg judge is a legal scholar forget it. Hes so old they call it the good old boy system for a reason. Hes in it but his types or dying off and their replacements are dumber. Its shifted from old white dudes to women and minorities. Do you think Kagan, Sotomayor, and Ginsberg are even slightly qualified to serve as Judge muchless supreme court? Then ive got beach front property in Kansas for sale. Law is about who you know and always will be especially as minorities have to be placated so the last of the old dying white dudes can be kept around to make these decisions.

    Move on from law folks. The rest of us who are in it want out but to do what? Sell cars? Manage a Taco Bell? We have no other qualifications.

  24. Might as well tear up that shitty law degree, and go to s community college and learn welding, or something useful. Might even be able to pay off the loans someday, if one can actually do something useful.

    I wish I had never gone to law school!

  25. Law school is for suckers. The professors are in it for the money. When you hear some old prof bitch about how he could make more money in Biglaw, don't believe it. If he could do it, then he would've done it. The profs prefer the easy schedule and workload. If given the choice to make $600,000 a year working 80 hours a week or making $200K and working only 4-6 hours a week, they'll go with the latter every time.

    In a just world, law school should be run like a trade school. And tuition would be very affordable. Unfortunately, too many kids think they're special. My girlfriend wants to go to law school even after I warned her. She knows my story. What can you do? I'm not that attached to her so if she goes, I'll go find someone else.

  26. @ 2:14PM

    Very well and good, but just make sure you are not throwing away Love. It does not come often in life, if at all.

    The greatest thing you will ever learn.

  27. Judges are nothing more than politicians. This boils down to an old man not wanting to piss on his beloved profession. Even if it means he has to piss all over a generation of young people.

  28. On Monday, July 23, 2012, Paul Campos posted a blog entry labeled "Cooley counts temp doc review as a full-time long-term job." Read the telling excerpt below:

    "Over the last year and a half enough pressure has been brought to bear on the ABA's Section of Legal Education that the lower-tier law school deans and faculty who control it have been forced to disgorge school-specific employment (but not salary) information. People who apply to Cooley and other law schools can go to an ABA web page and look up how many 2011 graduates of those schools supposedly got full-time long-term jobs requiring bar admission.

    There they will learn that Cooley reported 375 of 999 2011 graduates got such jobs (that's approximately 37.5% for us English majors). That sounds pretty awful, but even this dire number is probably significantly overstated. Leaving aside the fact that 21.3% of those "jobs" consist of the 80 2011 Cooley grads who listed themselves as solo practitioners, if we go to Cooley's web page and dig around long enough to actually find the placement data page, we will find this footnote in small print underneath the first employment table (brought to my attention by a law professor who prefers to remain nameless):

    NOTE: The ABA advised schools to determine and report every graduate’s full-time/long- or short-term and part-time/long- or short-term employment status, even if a graduate did not voluntarily supply complete information. Of those 2011 graduates reporting sufficient information for Cooley to make this determination, slightly more than 87 percent reported full-time/long-term employment. Based on this high percentage, the default classification for those lacking complete data was full-time/long-term unless Cooley had evidence to contradict that classification.

    Note also that graduates working for legal temporary agencies were classified as full time/
    long term due to the nature of their employment contract with the temporary agency."

    Campos retrieved this data from the link above. The commode notes that 80 members of its Class of 2011 reported being in solo practice. Of that amount, only 10 provided salary info to the toilet.

    Furthermore, 190 graduates fromt his cohort informed the school that they were employed in firms of 2-10 attorneys. Only 69 of these respondents furnished their salary data to Cooley. Fully 130 members of this class were supposedly working in "business and industry." You will notice that only 44 people from this category even bothered to supply their income.

    Does anyone with a brain stem - and who is not making money off of this scam - care to make a tepid defense of this fourth tier trash pit?!?!

  29. This is disappointing but not surprising. "If someone didnt report their status we'll assume they are full time and long term employed." "Temp doc review is full time long term due to the nature of the contract." "Older attorneys will soon be retiring and this will create a job surplus." Nothing from this place surprises me.

    Campos made the valid point, some time ago, that some people aren't reporting salaries because they dont have salaries to report. Im sure some do, but don't report them out of embarrasment. But there are many others who are completely unemployed, doing unpaid "internships" or otherwise working for free, getting paid hourly for doc review, are trying to make a go of solo practice, or are in "eat what you kill" arrangements which feature no reliable income. None of these people have salaries to report.

  30. Hey Nandildo,

    Your writing style and grammar are absolute shit. I'm hoping that is intentional in order to go along with all the pictures of shit you post.

    If not, how about taking a writing class at your local community college? No wonder you didn't do well in law school!


  31. Francisco,

    Are you upset because your boyfriend pounded you in the ass again without using lube? Go cry to him, bitch. By the way, this blog has been cited in the New York Times.

    “Avoid this overpriced sewer pit as if your life depended on it,” writes the anonymous author of the blog Third Tier Reality — a reference to the second-to-bottom tier of the U.S. News rankings — in a typically scatological review. “Unless, of course, you think that you will be better off with $110k-$190k in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a degree that qualifies you to wait tables at the Battery Park Bar and Lounge.”

    When was the last time that your work was referenced in the Sunday edition of the Times, ball-licker?!?!

    Check out this comment from Marquette law professor Gordon Hylton, ass-clown:

    "Gordon Hylton on July 30, 2010 9:24 pm For a thought-provoking (and sobering) blog devoted to the realities of legal education in the 21st century, one should check out Third Tier Reality"

    Have a bad night, loser. Go finish your community college education, you piece of trash. Also, quit posting comments from your call center job, cockroach. Lastly, the pictures of commodes and excrement provide a visual to the term "third tier toilet." Those with an IQ above room temperature don't need me to explain that concept to them, pussy. Make sure that your man picks up some lube tonight, so he doesn't cause trauma to your anus.

  32. Nandildo,

    What makes you think that posting the city of a commenter has any effect on the commenter? What a dimwit you are...

    Oooooh, someone ran my IP through Google and found a major city and publicized it...ooooh.

    Plus, you're way off even then. I'm not even in the continental US, knucklehead.


  33. Francis got raked. That was some awesome work there. I haven't laughed like that in months.

  34. Keep up the great work Nando! :)

  35. To the ball-less wonder calling itself Francisco:

    IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: Netherlands Antilles
    Country Code: AN
    Latitude: 12.25
    Longitude: -68.75

    How is life in the Caribbean, borderline retard?! What's it like being owned by the tiny-ass nation of The Netherlands - even though you are located roughly 4,800 miles apart - bitch?!?! The next time your mother is servicing clients in Amsterdam's red-light district, toss her a couple of Euros.

    From my site analtics:

    Visits: 3

    Unique ID: 2385941426
    IP address:
    Locale: Netherlands Antilles / English
    Platform: Firefox 14.0 / Windows 7 / 1440x900

    Visits by this user in the last 7 days

    Jul 25 2012 4:34pm 5 actions 5m 13s
    Jul 25 2012 3:03pm 3 actions 22s
    Jul 25 2012 2:38pm 5 actions 11m 25s

    Get a life, cockroach. Why do YOU care about a site devoted to informing students about U.S. "legal education"?!?! Are you seeking admission at an ABA-accredited dung heap? If so, then make sure to go to the lowest-ranked, highest-priced school that accepts your stupid ass.

  36. Francisco,

    You have been violated twice tonight. Once by your boyfriend and the second time by Nando. You will have to sleep on your chest for a while. Sleeping on your back will be a problem and for a while you will have to blow your boyfriend. But look on the bright side - now you know how it feels to be a woman.

    Why would not you stop to study for your LSAT and to open Francisco Grammar and Spelling Repair Shop and see how this business goes. You maybe be set for life, you never know.

    Boy, what the fuck is wrong with all these English and Political Science majors and other Liberal Artists. They have no skills whatsoever, and cannot even jerk off, but are feeling superior because they "love law" and "love writing for living".

    Fuck off, loser.

  37. I always thought it was fascinating how on the Top Law Schools website, 0Ls would burst with enthusiasm about their "love of the law," "passion for justice," etc. and call a loser or ban a poster warning them of the perils of this miserable profession. Then 1L starts and you would never hear from that person again. No more "rah, rah, rah law school." I remember reading a dude who came back to TLS after he passed the bar and he called himself a naive prick for all his 0L posts. Normally, I would say forgive them Lord for they do not know what they do, but thanks to sites like this and Prof. Campos' blog, I say they deserve their fucking penurious fate. Let these kids suffer for their recklessness. However, if you avoided law school because you did your due diligence (as Judge Quist believes it is your duty to do so), then you are way ahead of the game.

  38. What is it about this site that attracts shitlings like World Traveling Law Student, demented Doug and now this Francisco asshole? If you want to get fucked hard, ignore everyone here and go to law school. When you get ripped to shreds come back and eat crow. Or just be a coward and never come back.


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