Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Profiles in Rampant Dishonesty: Victoria Pynchon of Solo Practice University

Lemming Compares Law School to a Golden Ticket:


Writing for ForbesWoman, Victoria Pynchon allowed a guest post from an idiot who will start law school in Fall 2012. The piece is entitled “Is Law School Still a Golden Ticket?” Read this pathetic opening:

“Whatever anyone says, I want my Golden Ticket.

That’s why I’ve decided to go to law school.

Like little Charlie Bucket in Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, I believe my golden ticket is my big chance to make my way.

Against popular opinion, and even the American Bar Association’s reports on the unemployment rate for newly minted J.D.s, I still romantically believe that law school has value and presents opportunities I may not have otherwise.”

If your son or daughter is this naïve and stupid in middle school, then you seriously need to re-assess how you raised your kid. Then, open the trunk of your car, grab a lug nut wrench, and smack yourself over the head with it 10-15 times. In the event that your child is this damn dumb as a college graduate, do the world a favor and shoot yourself. You have clearly failed as a parent and mentor, and you have nothing to offer this world. Yet, for $ome rea$on, Cockroach Melvin Schweitzer feels that this group, i.e. college grads, is comprised of “sophisticated consumers.”

Jessi Freud, plenty of people attended law school, in order to help “the little guy.” Not everyone enrolled wants to fellate/represent the plethora of corporate pigs and criminals in this nation. However, you need to realize that you will be defending broke bastards, deadbeats, and bums. Is that how you want to subsist?!?! The biggest problem is that roughly 200 ABA-accredited law school diploma mills are pumping out FAR TOO MANY GRADS, for the available number of attorney openings, each year!!

Critical Coverage of Pynchon’s Article:


On June 21, 2012, Paul Campos posted an entry labeled “A brief note for Jessi Freud et. al.” Check out Pynchon’s comment to readers, which LawProf correctly describes as “Pynchon [advising] aspiring lawyers to commit malpractice in order to learn their trade”:

“You try your first case alone with butterflies in your stomach, your hands shaking and your armpits sweating. One old grizzled defense attorney told me that if you didn’t gag over your toothbrush the first day of trial, you shouldn’t be trying cases anymore; you’d lost your edge. You enroll at Solo Practice University. You join Bar associations. You stay up all night reading. You pick up the telephone and ask for help. You start with small cases. You’re not representing people in capital murder cases. There’s not that much you can screw up. Just don’t blow the statute of limitations.” [Emphasis in original]

Why would this dumbass encourage newly-minted lawyers to enroll in $olo Practice Univer$ity?!?!

The Swine’s Background:


“Victoria is an attorney-mediator with experience in complex commercial litigation and trial advocacy. She will teach a course called 'The Art of the Deposition' at Solo Practice University®.” [Emphasis mine]

As you can see, Pynchon the Shill works for this company. What a beacon of integrity, huh?!?! Surely, that is not a conflict of interest.


Does anyone else notice the strong resemblance to the two-headed bitch named Kimber Russell?


Check out this comical clip from Pynchon's bio:

“After a 25-year commercial litigation career, Victoria earned her legal masters degree in dispute resolution from the world-famous Straus Institute at Pepperdine University School of Law. The knowledge, wisdom and skills she gained at Straus can be found in her two books on dispute resolution, The Grownups' ABCs of Conflict Resolution (Reason Press, 2010) and Success as a Mediator for Dummies (Wiley, 2012).”

Yes, readers of this blog are fully aware of the “prestigious” nature of Pepperdine University Sewer of Law. Who wouldn’t want to enroll in a grossly overpriced toilet affiliated with the Churche$ of Chri$t?!?!

Conclusion: Jessi Frued is a well-meaning fool. The main point is that it is intellectually dishonest and irresponsible for Victoria Pynchon – who is associated with Solo Practice University – to encourage such a person to pursue their moronic goals. If a friend or family member told me that they were going to quit their decent, secure job – in order to pursue their dream of becoming a Hollywood actor or chess grandmaster – I would explain to them that their goals are unrealistic and not attainable. If they insisted in their stupidity, I would then grab that person by the scruff of the neck and shake the hell out of him.

Perhaps, the comparison of a “legal education” to a golden ticket is fitting. After all, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a work of fantasy. The novel was written for children. If you earnestly believe that a law degree from Fourth Tier Nova Southeastern University is a ticket to a better life, then you truly are crazier than Gene Wilder, in his portrayal of the fictional Willy Wonka.


  1. So that's my problem. I didn't set up shop after learning fuck all in 3 years of law school. If I had done that, I'd be making it by now. Rolling in the dough. Making opposing counsel shake in their loafers.

  2. Nando, you forgot to mention that aside from Pynchon attending law school when it cost a fraction of today's tuition, she was also privileged to have had a "daddy" who was a Judge and the Commissioner of the California Courts. Pynchon's dad was none other than Judge Donald Pike. Judge Pike, like Professor Stadler's dad (a former U.S. General Solicitor), also hailed from Nebraska.



    This witch has some nerve to encourage a young woman to become an indentured servant so that she can enter this profession with no connections. If my dad were a fucking Judge, Commissioner of the Courts or a General Solicitor, I could graduate dead last in my class and still "rise" to the top of this profession. Remember, it's not what you know, but who you know.

  3. Speaking of SoloPractice University, whatever happened to its columnist Jack Whittington? His last entry was on January 31, 2012 when he penned a piece about getting up after failing the bar exam. I heard he faied the February bar exam again but how come he is not thumping his chest and writing about "soldiering on?" Wasn't this the guy who studied for the bar while listening to Rocky Balboa's training music?

  4. I can't believe that she is so delusional to consider it a golden ticket, especially with the information she has in front of her. Even when I was thinking of law school, I did not expect it to bring me huge amounts of glamor. Yes, I did expect to live well afterwards, but had yet to read a scam blog and was too stupid to search for contrary information. That being said, I have known for a long time that there is no such thing as a golden ticket in life (other than being born into a certain family), and it's really sad that a magazine of the intellectual caliber (sarcasm) as Forbes would allow that term to be thrown around like that.

  5. Also, that article was horrible. Most of the paragraphs were two sentences, some three. It was filled with cliche after cliche. Honestly, is this the crap that mainstream media puts out? It's no wonder I don't read magazines such as Forbes.

  6. Terrified Law Student has it right. Today's "Golden Ticket" is to be born into the right family. In that respect, Victoria Pynchon was born with the Golden Ticket in her mouth thanks to her father's standing as a sitting judge. These fortunate ticket holders downplay their connections and try to convince others that they are where they are by pulling their own bootstraps. If Pynchon's dad were a janitor or garbageman, do you think she would succeed today given her lackluster credentials?

  7. If Ms. Frued ever does practice law of any sort, she will learn very quickly to rely on facts, rather than on something she chooses to "romantically believe." And the facts ARE available now, due to the improved placement reporting requirements.


    As is clear, Nova Southeastern isn't issuing too many golden tickets. In exchange for a nondiscounted cost of $222,000, she has an approximately 55 percent chance of any sort of full-time law job-- and, in all liklihood, that elusive job will be in a dead-end small firm.

    As for Pynchon, her spiel is a variation of what we have heard from Lessig and that bald-headed "ethics" guy and others: never mind a job--just hang out a shingle and the world will beat a path to your door. My guess is that that was rarely do-able even in better times. However, these days, the newly-licensed rookie will have to contend with a super-saturated legal market, Legal Zoom, yelp reviews, the prospect of bar punishment for rookie mistakes, meager court appointed work, and the ever-present crush of law school debt. Therefore, Pynchon's "advice" is really a recipe for a young grad to destroy whatever resources and prospects that survived law school.

  8. What a fucking pig this bitch is. These cocksuckers were born on third and think they hit a triple.

  9. Whenever I see the word "complex" used to describe one's experience (as in this case, "complex commerical litigation"), I always think "dipshit".

  10. It done been awhile since The Colonel done did make an appearance on here. When ya gets'ta be mah age, it be hard keepin' track a passwords 'n shit. I mean got fuckin' dayem, it be hard.

    Ennyway, dis skank ass ho bitch-ho can go suck on a chicken wing 'n choke. Fuckin' stupid fuckin' slutface don't even be realizin' it but I done be gettin' applicashuns from JDs all da muthafuckin' time.


    Have ya seen mah new promo fo' mah chickin 'stablishment? Wanna hear how I done gots da idea fo' dat commercial? I was wrasslin' my grandson. In real life, he done knocked meh senseless on mah ol' keyster. Even lost mah gotdamn dentures. Course the boys in advertisin' figured it'd look best if da ol' man came out on top in this them there here commercial.

  11. I'm mostly concerned that the well-meaning fool failed to hyphenate "newly-minted" JD.

    Otherwise, I agree.

  12. All that glitters is not gold.

    A law degree really seems like a Pyrite ticket. It shines with prestige, but when melted down the dross bubbles, sizzles, and burns with a third tier reality.
    Degrees from Pepperdine and Nova Southeastern are Fool's Gold; too prestigious for regular jobs, not prestigious enough for the law.

  13. Don't get a law degree from Nova SoutheasternJuly 3, 2012 at 6:26 PM

    When you get a law degree from Nova Southeastern, you can't get a decent legal job. When you can't get a decent legal job, you have to apply for non-legal work. When you apply for non-legal work, those employers are gonna look at your transcript and ask you if you got your law from an accredited school. When employers ask you if you got your law degree from an accredited law school, your chances of getting employment go in the toilet.

    When your chances for employment are in the toilet, you give up. When you give up, you move into your mom's basement. When you move into your mom's basement, no one wants to date you.

    Don't get a law degree from Nova Southeastern University.

  14. I have a suggestion for the folks here:

    If you are underemployed, unemployed, and have the time, why don't you send emails to Deans/Administrative Officers/Obnoxious Professors, asking - well, taunting them - what they feel about the 5 year prospects of their law school surviving? Do they expect to have a job in 5 years? What do they plan on doing with a pay cut?

    Or you could take the guise of a 0L and ask similar such questions.

  15. The law profs and deans know the score. They don't give one fuck about the students. But the morons are so secluded from reality they don't think they're going to be affected by this at some point. Talk about delusions of grandeur. Or would that be cog dis?

  16. not sure whether anyone mentioned this yet, but it has been mentioned in the comments of Campos' blog:

    Jessi is a somewhat attractive female. she has inherent advantage that no other 1L/2L/3L male has. this is her backdoor exit.

  17. AtheistATLLawyerJuly 3, 2012 at 8:25 PM

    This bitch is a fucking parasite! I wonder how much money this scammer is raking in from "Solo Practice University"????

    Jesus fucking christ.

  18. I know AATL!

    Isn't it amazing?!?

    Again, we have another example, and in this case a rather exceptional one, of someone who clearly rode to success on the coattails of connections telling people of the "underclass" that "xyz is appropriate for them", in this case, education.

    Sophisticated consumers?

    Give me a break...

    If these Lemmings were any more "sophisticated", I'd have deeds for swampland in Fla. at the ready.

    It's inane.

    Note here we see the predatory female of the species. And yes, at her age.. a Boomer.

    Never trust anyone over 30 kids! You know who invented that saying? Boomers.

  19. http://twitter.com/#!/Canine_Advocate

    Apparently, Jessi Freud is a very attractive brunette. She has good bone structure and sculpted eyebrows. My guess is that she has a nice ass, too. Her Twitter handle is "Canine Advocate." Perhaps, she can represent Rottweilers in dog bite cases. Then again, as a proud PSU grad student, she can work on Penn State Child Molester Gerald Arthur Sandusky's appeals.


    At the conclusion of her entry, you will see the following data on this moron:

    "Jessi Freud is in her last semester of master’s degree work in Public Administration at Pennsylvania State University. She graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor of arts in English literature. Prior to enrolling in her master’s program, she was a communications aide in the Florida Governor’s Office and worked in cable news. This fall, Jessi will begin her first year at the Shepard Broad Law School at Nova Southeastern University."

    Yes, this buffoon is nearing completion of a Master's degree program at the Penn State Child Rapist Sanctuary. Evidently, this mental midget has not learned that “higher education” is a scam. Don’t be surprised if Freud goes on to earn a PhD in another irrelevant, impractical field.

    @11:04 am,

    Thank you for that information on this pig's father.


    “Donald Wayne Pike (June 9, 1924 – June 9, 2008) was a lawyer who was appointed as a Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner, seated on the bench in 1973 until the mid-1990s. Pike is best known for graduating from law school and becoming a judge without ever having attended college.”

    While Cockroach Pynchon romanticizes her father’s trek, she $somehow forgot to mention that he did not need to incur student debt in order to become a lawyer or judge. The entry continues:


    Pike earned his high school equivalency diploma at age 26. Later, he attended law school without first attending college. He passed a college equivalency test allowed at the time by the State Bar of California. He then enrolled at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento at night while delivering Dad's Root Beer during the day. In July 1965, while attending law school, Pike formally withdrew his membership in good standing from the Teamsters union, which he needed to work as a truck driver delivering root beer. After transferring to the San Fernando Valley College of Law, he was awarded a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1967.” [Internal citations removed]

    It must be nice to earn a law degree from such a dung heap, and still be appointed a commissioner on the Los Angeles Superior Court. How often does this occur today, short of phenomenal people skills and excellent connections?!?!

  20. From what I have read, Ms. Pynchon's dad was a millionaire as well as a respected judge. She could have graduated dead last at Cooley and still rode her dad's coattails to a successful legal career. Imagine if your dad was a millionaire, a high powered judge and you were coming out of law school. And this person has the nerve to give advice to disadvantaged and unconnected lemmings? Also, she wrote a series of entries titled "Negotiating Life's End," which I believe exploits her father's memory rather than pays homeage to it (for example, she discusses suing the doctors that treated her dad during his last days). After all he did for her and she still managed to desecrate the memory of her father by discussing the delicate nature of her dad's health on a blog which serves to hype her practice as a mediator. This woman has no shame.

  21. Honestly? You can just hang out a shingle and that's that? People will break down your door begging you to represent them?

    1) Where are you going to get start up funds to get some office space and the minimal equipment and furniture needed to actually have a legitimate looking firm when you're up to your eyeballs in student loan debt?

    2) You walk out of law school knowing shit about how to actually file an actual lawsuit, so you'd better have some mentors. Oh wait, who's going to help you when they're going to view you as the competition?

    3) People want experience. Which is why a lot of law firms either pair new associates with more experienced lawyers until they know what they're doing or start them out doing small claims and other easy cases. People get nervous about inexperienced professionals in any career. They want to know there's someone who knows what they're doing helping out the newbie.

    4) If you think you can sign up for public defender work and get loads of cases, you're delusional. Right now in the rural county I live in, with a population of 46,225, there are around 250 lawyers on the public defender lists. I would not be surprised to hear that it's like that all over the place. Yeah, you're going to get a lot of work.

    5) Better be ready to offer "WalMart prices" for your services. You have to beat the competition and people are not going to pay top price for inexperience. And they will try to screw you over. I had that problem a lot before the law firm I was in went bankrupt thanks to a partner embezzling. Think about how much worse it is when it is little inexperienced you all alone taking shit law cases with undesirables as clients. Go ahead and try to sue them for nonpayment. They're probably judgment proof.

    Yes, it sure looks like solo work is the way to go. I looked into it after my law firm went belly up. The best I can do is show up at my local courthouse and know that I'll get thrown public defense cases from the judge who feels sorry for my predicament. That will have to do until I find full time work again.

  22. What a shit ass profession. If people gave similar advice to doctors (go set up a practice in a back alley and see bullet and knife wound victims), they would be strung up and publicly flogged. Fuck this piece of shit.

  23. This lady should get together with Jack "mustard tooth" Marshall and produce the antttichrist.

  24. I have read that Ms. Pynchon's dad, the late Judge Donald Pike, was a self-made millionaire who became a lawyer in his 40s and later used his clout as a union leader to catapult himself into a judge's position. Judge Pike was also highly respected and held in high esteem.

    Compare him to his daughter, who was born into wealth and was a de facto princess in the legal profession by virtue of having a high powered judge as a father. She is someone who attended a TTT law school and yet was able to succeed thanks to her dad. Of course, she now tells unsuspecting lemmings like Jessi Freud that she can succeed because if Victoria Pynchon could work "hard" and attain professional accolades, so can she. This is complete and utter bullshit. Pynchon probably didn't have any student loans because her dad was a millionaire in the '70s (when a million dollars was a big deal). She had the financial backing of her father to set up a solo shop. And who would sue her for malpractice or file an ethics complaint against her when her dad ran the Los Angeles courts? Pynchon had a professional rabbi to protect her every step of the way. Most law grads today have six figure debt and no rich dad or judge mom to fall back on and call in favors. She reminds me of Donald Trump, who was already born into wealth. However, in Trumps' case, he actually increased his family's net worth. Does anyone really think Pynchon has anything to improve the legal profession by shilling for Solo Practice U.? It is abominable conduct for her to counsel people to commit financial suicide and professional malpractice. She is a menace to the legal profession.

  25. A few observations on $$$olo Practice Univer$$$ity:


    As soon as I saw the following:

    "Solo Practice University® is partnering with progressive law schools to help students achieve their goals."

    I knew it was going to be trouble.

    But here's the kicker, IMO. Go look at the membership options:


    $175 for the first month, then $45/month thereafter. NO FREE TRIALS. NO REFUNDS.

    Sound familiar??

    Sounds a lot like law school, doesn't it?

    That kind of pricing structure tells me that a lot of people sign on and then quit after a few months, which further tells me that this operation mainly targets people who are discouraged from seeking attorney positions and are beginning a solo practice. Obviously, estavlished solos would see little need to join.

    They are targeting the desperate who are following their last hope.

    The dropout rate is likely high within the first few months so the signup is designed to get people paying the most up front.

    What about jurisdictional specifics? Trouble here, IMO.

    All in all, despicable. But that's this shithole profession.

  26. Hi Jessi if you're reading this.

    I am an attractive older attorney who would luv to tell you the story about the time I represented a pitt bull who had bitten three different people. But after two days of trial the evil Department of Aggies decided to put Spike down. Now I go tell other defense attorneys I once lost a client to lethal injection.

    I just read your twitter, and this is crazy, Call me maybe?

  27. And if you call within the next 15 minutes and use the coupon code "I'll believe anything", I promise to tell you, Jessi, that you are truly one unique, very special snowflake.

  28. @8:19

    "this is her backdoor exit"

    Backdoor, huh? Perhaps someone should fuck her in the "backdoor exit" and maybe this way he can reach her brain, provided she has one.

  29. I'd cornhole her.

  30. It's always the same ole story. These privileged pricks always say how hard they worked or how much they hustled to get a good job when it was nepotism or family connections that helped them. It seems like there is a judge's kid in every class or at every school. I was competing against a couple during OCI. Gee, guess who got the jobs, and guess who ended up working at the mall after graduation for $10/hour? Yet, they always say it was because they worked harder, networked more, hustled more, etc. Riiiiight.....

  31. As a 20 year veteran attorney, I don't really see how clients can pay this woman's hourly rate of $750. Her reasoning skills are horrendous and her advice (if her words to Jessi Freud are any indication) is equally as toxic. And she still had to be talked out of raising her fee to $1,000 by her rich Biglaw husband. But don't take my word for it, read it here in her own words:


    Maybe if my dad were Mario Cuomo or William Brennan, I could justify raising my fee to $600.

  32. These wealthy fuckers didn't work hard to get where they're at. And everybody with a brain stem knows it. The fucks were born on third with no outs, and the heart of the lineup coming up to bat. Of course, they'll cross home plate.

    The only exception is if they have a severe drug or alcohol problem. In which case I don't feel sorry for the cocksuckers. Why should I? Their parents just end up paying their room and board at several high end rehab facilities. So stupid fuck is still not making it on his own. And is in fact making others pay for his mistakes in life.

  33. Nando, you should check out the article cited in 7/5/12 @ 7:24AM's post. Pynchon basically justifies raising her fee to $750.00 because it is split $375/hr. between two parties. She pats herself on the back by saying that $375/hr for each party is still a bargain basement rate since she charged $500/hr a decade earlier in Biglaw. Does anyone see the ethical problem with this thinking? Imagine if your plumber told you: "I am charging a double rate to fix your toilet because you AND your wife shit on it." It is no wonder why lawyers are hated by laypeople. When you can justify charging twice your hourly pay because two people are paying, that is like saying I can charge two separate clients for the same time because I was on a plane traveling for one client while doing work for another client in business class. That my friends, is unethical behavior.

  34. Didn't this woman write an autobiography titled: "A is for Asshole?"


    At $19.99, it seems like an expensive coaster.

  35. ^Write what you know, I guess. It must be an autobiography.

  36. @ 9:16 AM



    About the Author

    Victoria Pynchon is an attorney-mediator with ADR Services, Inc. in Century City and an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association in Los Angeles, California. She is the co-founder of She Negotiates Consulting and Training, a negotiation training and consulting service for women professionals, executives, managers and entrepreneurs. Victoria received her LL.M degree in Dispute Resolution in 2006. Her new book, Success as a Mediator for Dummies, is due out from Wiley in April, 2012. Victoria lives in Los Angeles with her husband, attorney Stephen Goldberg.


    Oh, now I get it..

  37. Thanks for the link to that book, 9:16 am.

    For $ome rea$on, this pig forgot to include that published work in her $olo Practice Univer$ity bio. I'm sure that it is a real masterpiece.



    Pynchon, the daughter of the late Donald Pike, grew up in La Mesa in San Diego County and graduated in 1970 from Helix High School. She received a bachelor of arts degree in literature from the University of California, San Diego, and in 1980 she received her Jurist Doctor from UC Davis School of Law (King Hall). In 2006, she received her Master of Laws degree from Pepperdine University School of Law."

    It must be nice to have a father who is a judge in Los Angeles. Does anyone doubt if this rat constantly claims that she made it on her own merits and "hard work"? Because well-off kids certainly know all about that concept, right?!?!


    At least, Victoria knows how to heap praise on her father’s memory. One wonders how much he left to her, in his will.


    On June 17, 2008, Victoria Pynchon wrote a piece labeled “How Did You Become a Lawyer, Ms. Pynchon? I Owe It All to Dad.” Check out this sickening excerpt, which reveals a little kid sucking up to her recently-deceased father:

    “And I want to thank Dad for following his own best advice from our river rafting adventures: keep your oar in the water (for balance) and paddle through your fear. I would never have had the courage to go to law school were it not for the example he set -- which you can read about in Noah's fine article below.”

    How many of your readers have ever experienced white water rafting, Dumbass?!?! We understand, Victoria: your father was the greatest person in the history of the universe. I have never had any respect for people who are always trying to gain their parents’ approval – ESPECIALLY when the insecure child is an adult.

  38. Check out Ms. Pynchon's advice for female college grads on how to "negotiate" a starting salary:


    Why with this sage advice, Jessi Freud should be able to walk into Cravath, Swaine & Moore with a JD from Nova or whatever the fuck that cesspool is called, and demand that the hiring partner give her $200K with a guaranteed bonus of $75K and equity partnership within 5 years. Yes, pursue that golden ticket Jessi!

  39. how can one argue with a point of view that, in spirit, goes something like this:

    "I'm all right Jack. Keep your hands off of my stack!"


  40. Not surprised this woman works for Solo Practice U. Both are trying to find gullible victims to take advantage of.

  41. She is just another well-off person born on 3rd base who thinks she hit a triple.

  42. This man is lucky her father was a judge and self made millionaire.

  43. She didn't need Daddy's help with student loans. She freely admitted in an earlier article that law school cost her about $1500 total.

  44. They seem to have taken the comments down for the article. In the comments she lost it when someone brought her father. Must be a touchy subject for her. She also wanted someone to thank her for ending the draft after the Vietnam war.

    If you check the history for her wikipedia article, 99% of the edits for it came from one person, I presume her.

  45. http://www.negotiationlawblog.com/advice-for-young-lawyers/how-did-you-become-a-lawyer-ms-pynchon-i-owe-it-all-to-dad/

    Pynchon provided the text to her father's obituary. Take a look at this excerpt:

    "June 17, 2008

    By Noah Barron
    Daily Journal Staff Writer
    This article appears on Page 2

    LOS ANGELES - Superior Court Commissioner Donald W. Pike was a self-made millionaire, a self-taught thinker who went to law school but never college, an adventurer and a legal pioneer who broke ground on gay marriage rights three decades before it was fashionable. He died in his Los Angeles home on his 84th birthday on June 9 from complications from Parkinson's disease.

    Back in 1982, the Daily Journal profiled Pike, setting down in print many of the stories that came to form the man: his impoverished beginnings in Nebraska, the fifth of nine children, his family's "Grapes of Wrath"-esque exodus to California and his early jobs as a child of 14 working as a farm laborer.

    Before he was appointed commissioner to the Los Angeles County Superior Court bench, he was a milkman, an insurance salesman, a merchant marine in World War II and a lawyer, and then in his 60s became a millionaire through his real estate investments.

    "I am ridiculously proud of my father," Pike's daughter, Victoria Pike Pynchon, said. "He took every opportunity to improve his station in life and improve the future of his children. But he didn't accomplish these things alone. No one does."

    It is strange to see adult children constantly revere their parents. In the final analysis, Victoria Pynchon is another connected dog who merely wants to keep feeding young people to the law school swine. What a beacon of integrity, huh?!

  46. As July 4, 8:02 AM said:

    This woman is in another (Boomer) world. We're all just living in it..

    She had protection all the way. First her father. Then married her ivy / pedigreed husband. She had like All-State Insurance protection for the legal field.

    I considered, many, many years ago, getting an LL.M. in Dispute Resolution. Then I realized: As with the JD, it didn't / wouldn't matter what I did. The more I tried, the more trouble I would only get myself into. And more debt. For nothing.

    If you don't have the right connections and, like this Boomer, aren't a shameless self-promotor, you won't get anywhere.. No one cares about some wet-behind-th-ears newbie mediator with an LL.M. from wherever the fuck.. She had her time in Biglaw and then got the LL.M. - after 25 years of progessive experience, heavily backed by connections and career armor-plating all around. 100% protection.

  47. I thought the FTC had a policy on blog disclosure? Shilling for spu should qualify.


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