Monday, August 20, 2012

For-Profit, Fourth Tier Pile of Excrement: Charlotte School of Law

Tuition: For the 2012-2013 academic year, full-time law students will be charged $36,882 in tuition. The school also charges a general fee of $1,640, plus $84 in SBA dues. Combined, these figures amount to $38,606. At these prices, who wouldn’t want to attend such an elite in$TTTTTiTTTTTuTTTTTion?!?!

In case these costs were not outrageous enough, notice the following info:

“A one-time matriculation fee of $77.00 is assessed at the beginning of the student’s first semester.”

Ranking: Based on the cost of attendance, this school must have a solid reputation, right?!?! As you can see, Pussy Bob Morse at US “News” & World Report listed Charlotte Sewer of Law as a fourth tier waste heap. Of course, those rats now refer to this group as Rank Not Published.

Supposed Employment Placement Figures: The commode claims that 82.47 percent of its Class of 2011 was employed within nine months of graduation. If you are considering this dung pit - or are set to enroll here - then check out this admission:

“In accordance with NALP guidelines, the number of employed graduates includes all employment positions, including legal and non-legal positions, permanent and temporary positions, full-time and part-time positions, and any positions funded by Charlotte School of Law.” [Emphasis mine]

Members of this cohort who ended up selling insurance or making lattes are counted as “employed.” What a nice cartel, huh?

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Charlotte School of Law Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $100,417. Furthermore, 89% of this trash can’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Keep in mind that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled. Also, this sum does not take undergraduate debt into account.

This Commode is Operated by Infilaw Corp.:

“The InfiLaw System is a consortium of independent, community based law schools that is establishing itself as a leader in making legal education more responsive to the realities of new careers dynamics.

The InfiLaw System includes Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, FL, Phoenix School of Law in Phoenix, AZ and Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte, NC.” 

Infilaw is Owned by Sterling Parters, a Private Equity Firm:

On August 4, 2012, the Oregonian published a piece from Jeff Manning, under the headline “Law schools revenues soar as they take in millions from tuition and fees, as supply exceeds demand.” Check out this excerpt:

“That flood tide of federal money has attracted some unusual players. Consider the case of Phoenix School of Law, Florida Coastal School of Law and the Charlotte School of Law. The government loaned more than $150 million in 2011 to the students of the three stand-alone law schools, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Phoenix students finished with a median debt of $153,489.

The three schools are owned by Sterling Partners, a Chicago private equity firm. They are among a new breed of for-profit law schools to emerge in recent years. Once the American Bar Association accredited the schools, their students became eligible for federal loans. 

"Sterling is making a ton of money courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer when no bank would lend a dime to these students," said Paul Campos, a University of Colorado Law School professor.” [Emphasis mine]

Full Accreditation Granted in June 2011:

This garbage pit received provisional ABA approval in 2008, and then full accreditation on June 10, 2011. Keep in mind that the pigs and cockroaches at the American Bar Association have lower standards than a street hooker. Yes, what a prestigious “academy,” right?!?! 

TTTT Mission Statement:


Our Mission Pillars
  • Practical preparation is critical. 
  • Our students are our focus. 
  • It is essential to serve our community."
Yes, enrolling borderline people into law school - and strapping them down with $110K-$150K in additional, NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt certainly shows how much you care about your students. Unless, of course, you meant that students are your target - in the way that a hunter seeks prey. And robbing the taxpayers, via the federally-backed student loan system, definitely falls under your third “pillar.” Contributing to the glut of attorneys in North Carolina - a state with seven damn law schools - must also be seen as a “public service.”

Conclusion: This “school” is an absolute laughingstock. It happens to be a mere subsidiary of $terling Partner$. Do you think - for one second - that these venture capitalist cockroaches give one damn about you or your future?!?! If you are enrolled at this commode, then drop out immediately. The fact remains that decent firms and agencies will not hire those with degrees from CharloTTTTe $chool of Law.


  1. This is a naked money grab. That's all there is to it. This shit shouldn't be allowed. But money trumps everything else in this country.

  2. Here's hoping your post is the first thing people see when they google this school.

  3. I'm actually kind of glad some of these schools are owned by private equity firms. It just goes to show higher ed is a commodity.

  4. Technically, not venture capitalists, but rather private equity guys. JAMMBOGs, in fact.

  5. Nando, there's some delusional jackass with a new blog attacking yourself and others in the scamblog movement.

    He espouses the usual pro law school party line...that scambloggers just entitled, lazy whiners who would have failed in any field and that anyone can get a job in the legal profession if just dream big and work hard enough. He doesn't actually provide any evidence supporting his Pollyannaish view; it's all just ad hominem attack after ad hominem attack.

  6. Charlotte is among those schools that a kid should not attend even with a full-tuition ride, indulgent parents willing to cover living expenses, a network of contacts in the legal community, and a burning desire to be a lawyer. Whatever the bought-and-paid-for ABA says, the name "Charlotte Law" on your resume will be read as "Scammee of a Scam School, and Way Too Dumb for the Legal Profession."

    Check our the placement stats at Law School Transparency. 97 grads in 2011, of whom a mere 33 obtained a bar-required, long-term, non-solo job nine months out (and, amazingly, an additional ZERO of whom were able to score a part-time long-time bar-required job).

    Then examine the stats for those "lucky" 33. A grand total of 1 landed a judicial clerkship. A grand total of 1 landed a law firm job at a firm with more than 50 lawyers. A grand total of 2 landed a public interest job-- and I suspect that those are probably low-paying fellowships that expire after a couple of years. 6 got government jobs at some level.

    I encourage anyone contemplating borrowing $100,000 to attend this scampit to make the following, and far more prudent use of those funds--go to Vegas or Monte Carlo and bet that loot on two successive spins of the roulette wheel. Here are the advantages: (1) you won't have to expend three years of your life in addition to the funds; (2) you have a better chance of getting your losses discharged in bankruptcy; and (3) your odds of a comfortable financial payoff are considerably better at the roulette table than at Charlotte Law.

  7. 10:34

    When that delusional jackass owes $160,000 in student debt, he'll be singing a different tune. Don't give him any free publicity either. Some people have to learn the hard way.

  8. I looked at the blog by the law-school proponent. From the buffoonish way he expresses himself, and a few other clues, I suspect that he is the poster formerly known as "World Traveling Law Student."

    1. I believe you're right. His blog does the same smugly clueless tone as his earlier postings as "World Traveling Law Student."


    On August 20, 2009 at 11:02 am, this blog went live. After 249 posts, I am still kicking the law school pigs in the face, snout, kidneys and ass. So far, I have profiled 122 ABA-accredited diploma mills. Currently, 76 more toilets need to be sandblasted.

    I am proud that this blog has been part of a movement to educate those considering law school. While I do not expect any legislative or judicial, i.e. political, solutions to this problem, I do recognize that corporations care about how they are perceived by the public. They do not want to look bad to potential customers. This site has helped create a visual connection to the term “third tier toilet.” In sum, the schools flush many of their former students down the drain – and provide them with garbage job prospects. They do not give these people a second thought.

    I have received dozens of emails from people thanking me for helping them avoid law school. The waterheads who have seen the information - but choose to enroll anyway - are lost causes. These same idiots would attend law school, even if tuition was higher and the odds for decent employment were worse.

    The law schools and the criminal cartel known as the ABA need to be held accountable for their actions. The banksters are also a key element to this “higher education” scam, in this country.

    As Dick Durbin, a sitting U.S. senator, said “the banks own the place.”

    As reported in the Huffington Post, on May 30, 2009:

    “Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has been battling the banks the last few weeks in an effort to get 60 votes lined up for bankruptcy reform. He's losing.

    On Monday night in an interview with a radio host back home, he came to a stark conclusion: the banks own the Senate.

    "And the banks -- hard to believe in a time when we're facing a banking crisis that many of the banks created -- are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place," he said on WJJG 1530 AM's "Mornings with Ray Hanania."

    For those who may agree with the message, but take offense at the aggressive tone, remember the following:

    I am not charging $35K+ in annual tuition, for a fifth-rate product. Also, I am not the one who publishes false and misleading employment statistics – for the purpose of gaming the rankings and attracting more applicants. Furthermore, the scamblogs have backed up their case with facts, charts, graphs, industry statements, etc. In contrast, the perpetrators of this fraud merely rely on their pronouncements and meaningless platitudes. Try that latter approach in a courtroom or at a staff meeting, and then let me know how well it worked for you.

    I want to thank all of you who read this site, as well as the other scamblogs. I may not agree with LST’s softer approach, but they have also helped expose the law school swine. David Segal and the New York Times truly helped augment the message. Subsequently, we have now seen literally dozens of mainstream articles mentioning that law school is a gamble. Hell, we now have tenured law professors such as Tamanaha and Campos documenting the scam.

    Lastly, I need to express my appreciation for my predecessors such as L4L, Tom the Temp, unperson, and others. They inspired me to get involved. I am glad that I expanded my blog from covering Third Tier Drake. I still get a thrill from beating up on that rat-hole. However, I realized that I needed to provide ass-kicking profiles of each ABA-approved trash pit – in order to take this blog to another level. I plan to flush the remaining commodes, and to shove a plunger up the deans' portly asses.

  10. I hope the author of "Go To Law School" is writing tongue-in-cheek. Albany Law School is a "gem"? Please!

    He'd probably argue that for-profit law schools like Charlotte are providing a valuabe service by taking in people who couldn't get into other law schools.

  11. This is for Mr. Infinity:

  12. "ABOUT ME

    Mr. Infinity
    We are people who have been to law school and know statistics, economics, and psychology. And above that, we know the value of hard work. We do not work for the schools nor do we represent them."

    This person is clearly a head case. Probably dangerous, too. He refers to himself (a poor, misguided fool) in the plural. Look who got out of the nuthouse and discovered the internet.

  13. @ 2:25 P.M.

    Perhaps it's a use the royal "we." Mr. Infinity might think he's Napoleon Bonaparte or Mad King Ludwig.

  14. Mr. Infinity is just another shitbag trying to make a name for himself. He has no facts.

    You now have tenured law profs writing books and blogs telling people law school is a terrible decision. And we're supposed to be impressed by some anonymous piece of shit that couldn't write to save his life?

  15. $terling Partner$ originated out of one of the most corrupt cities in America: Obamaland a/k/a Chicago. Al Capone could never dream in his wildest imagination conjure up an enterprise in which he fleeces his customers, gets paid a guaranteed sum of money that flows in year after year and best of all, enjoys tax exempt status as a not for profit educational entity.

    Make no mistake, these law schools were created for the purpose of generating profits. $terling Partner$ saw an opportunity to make money and with Obama at the helm not doing anything to help student debt slaves, the money train is riding express all the way to the bank. And law students and 0Ls believe these institutions are out for their best interests? What kind of retards have been born into the world these past 25 years?

    I have never heard of Charlotte Law School but I am very familiar with the legal market in North Carolina. NC law firms hire mostly from Duke, Vandy and UNC. They wouldn't even dare interview someone from this school for a janitor's position.

    1. Duke, Vandy, UNC, WFSOL, USoCaro, Harvard, Yale, CU, UGa, UVa, etc. NOT this one.

      The academic money train where "deep pockets" Uncle Sam funds student loans that can not cancel to so-called well-established uni's also on the dole for research grants is outrageous.

      Especially, in a job market where the trend is to hire L-1 talent to fill a "gap". The 2008 crisis with Fannie/Freddie/Ginny and banks will replay with Sallie & banks, again.

  16. In a country that values money above morality like the United States does, you figure out pretty quickly that money always wins out.

  17. Congratulations on 3 years of courageous Humanitarian work Nando.

    August 20th will always be, for me, a day that stands for honesty and courage for standing up for what is right.

    You, JJD and Cryn as well as the other scambloggers are my heroes and a light shining in the terrible life and sould destroying darkness of debt that has overtaken the very fragile idea, in human and civilized terms, of becoming "Educated" and the idea of cultivating the human mind after adolescence, in the USA.

    As Gertrude Stein said, and in so many words: "If a young person does not have a civilizing influence before the age of 25, he or she will never become civilized."

    And what better way to destroy higher ed and all civilizing influences that might possibly get through from higher ed, than by creating the strongest deterrent to Higher Ed by now, Student Lending?


  18. TTT grad here. If you enroll in this school, or any other Sterling For-Profit law school, you've pretty much dug your own grave. Your only way out will be to go out on your own. But this will be exceedingly difficult when you owe as much as $150,000 coming out of this dung heap. Keep in mind, if you stay in South Carolina, it's not exactly hopping with legal activity. I've visited Charleston - nice place, but I'm sure there are a lot of starving lawyers. Outside of retail, there is very little economy there. Document review is likely not an option in that neck of the woods either. That means, you are basically screwed. Bad move attending this school, but you will only acknowledge that to yourself after you've graduated and you're sitting in your parents basement wondering what the hell went wrong.

  19. I hope Nando skewers the remaining 76 cockroach-infested sewers lucky enough not to be exposed here yet. I've read criticism that Nando's tactic of juxtaposing shit with law schools is uncivil and crude, but the critics don't seem to realize that using imagery in that fashion has the potential to quickly shock people out of their presumption that law schools are havens of prestige and upward mobility. Now when I see or hear about law schools, the first mental image is always a gooey, steaming pile of shit. And few people want to associate with anything that compels mental images of shit.

  20. I just read about how Peter Thiel made off like a bandit with a cool $1 Billion from the Facebook "pump and dump" scam. I remember calling my broker and telling him that if he bought one share of Facebook on the IPO, I would fire him and take my accounts elsewhere. Imagine how many dumb people put their faith behind the "monolith" known as Facebook only to see their retirement savings go up in smoke and into Zuckerberg's and Thiel's pockets. This nation has been picked to the bone. It has been de-industrialized and sold down the river in favor of a cheap whore (i.e., globalization of labor forces). America now is truly a land in where one makes a buck by sticking your hand down the next's guys pocket.

    The law school racket is no different. These law school deans and professors are counting on the naivete of college grads who have no clue what it is like to carry six figure debt that accrues interest every waking second of your life. The banking industry has their confidence man in Obama, telling every youngster that higher education is the key. They key to what? Not the key that will free your shackles of a life destined for indentured servitude. At this point the message is falling on deaf ears. The kids that scored well on the LSAT for the most part passed on law school. The idiots who took their spots at T14 schools remained and for them I have no sympathy for their impending misfortunes. As for morons that will attend schools such as Charlotte, well, it is a goddamn shame these kids are allowed to make decisions that will fuck them up for the rest of their lives. Then again, these are sophisticated consumers who are purchasing a business good.

  21. Nando, I think you need to cover Texas Tech School of Law if you haven't yet. I went to orientation there and will never forget that they were priding themselves on being the cheapest law school in Texas- well, that's an embarrassing thing to pride yourself on, AND there's a reason why it's a little "cheaper". Except it's really not cheap for the 4th tier trash education you get. Not to mention that it's in Lubbock, Texas: felt like a western movie, but a shitty western movie. Nothing to do. Smelled like cow poop all over the city. Would go well with your website. Good job, I am always very entertained by your blog!

  22. I see that you already covered Texas Tech... I think you should cover SMU. I have a many friends who graduated from there with over $180k worth of debt, and no job.

  23. Good work. Now the first image that comes to mind when I think of law school is a shit covered toilet. And people are starting to understand that more education does not necessarily equate to better job prospects.

  24. Congratualtions on doing God's work for three years.

    To those who complain about Nando using verbal and visual images of shit and garbage to portray law schools, I say to look at newspapers from the early days of this country. They pulled no punches: Political leaders were compared to dragons, lizards and worse.

    I think of something an old musician once told me: Call the motherfucker what it is!

  25. ^Weak people like metaphors. And we have a lot of those type of people in this country. They don't like someone who's direct and to the point. Even if she or he is right. It's a shame because they overlook the fraud that's taking place in universities and instead focusing on a critic's tone.

  26. I agree with Dona Furiosa

    Nando, keep doing God's work. I say it half-jokingly, but if we seriously consider it...who is doing God's work, Lloyd Blankfein* or Nando?

    Destroy the law schools Nando!!!

    * =

  27. My law school experience was awful. I spent all that money and I didn't learn anything useful. As in nothing that could help me hang a shingle since that was my only option coming out of a TTT. That's why people are upset with legal education. All that money so useless profs could pontificate on their pet areas of expertise. We all still had to sign up for Barbri so we could pass the bar. I knew one guy who was top 5 percent of the class. He didn't take Barbri and he paid big since he failed the bar exam on his first try.

  28. Nando, I want to add my congratulations on the third anniversary of your blog. Don't "tone it down," as a few have unwisely advised. Before gambling a borrowed fortune that a fraudulent educational experience will yield a professional career, kids need to hear the sarcastic anger of someone who has been through the system, as well as the cold facts. You provide both, eloquently.


  29. You should post something on the "Anon" commenter over at Taxprof blog. Probably just a scum law professor(s), but how many more lives need to be destroyed by the bullshit "data" they spew?

  30. Equity firms now owning law schools? If that doesn't tell you this field is a scam, I don't what will.

  31. ^^^^

    Goldman Sachs owns one out in California


    Read this Jordan Weissmann article, which was published by the Atlantic on April 10, 2012. The piece was labeled “The Wrong People Have Stopped Applying to Law School.” From the opening:

    “Among the many unfortunate developments in higher education over the past decade, one of the most talked about has been the law school bubble. In the heat of the recession, a record number of students decided that it would be a good idea to dive six-figures into debt for a shot at a legal career. Many were lured with utterly misleading job placement stats, as well as a stubborn misperception that law was still a safe career choice, that a J.D. even guaranteed a living wage. Once they graduated, many realized otherwise.

    Last month, the Law School Admissions Council (a.k.a., LSAC) published data indicating that the bubble finally seemed to have popped - a merciful development, as I put it at the time. The number of LSAT tests administered has plummeted over the past two years, and fewer students are accepting admission. This is a happy turn of events. The fewer grads being funneled into an super-saturated industry, the better. (Full disclosure: I used to work for a law firm.)

    Yesterday, LSAC released a new bit of evidence* that law school has finally lost its luster. Applicants are down more than 15 percent for the year. But there's one problem: The wrong students have stopped applying.

    Take a look at the chart below, which shows the number of applications from prospective students in each LSAT range for 2012. Here's the take away: The number of students applying who probably have no business going to law school has dropped the least. The number of students applying who probably should be going to law school has dropped the most.”

    Notice how people who are familiar with the industry – and are not currently employed by the ABA or its member law school commodes – are willing to mention the truth about this glutted “profession.” Weissmann mentioned that he worked for a law firm. Unlike the piece of trash calling itself “Mr. Infinity,” these men and women are not living in their mother’s basement – and they actually know what the hell they are talking about, with regards to U.S. "legal education." Those who are married to the idea of attending law school are not reliable sources – especially when their IQ does not exceed room temperature. It is irresponsible for such cockroaches to encourage other lemmings to take the plunge.

    Look at Weissmann’s lucid conclusion:

    “So the smart kids got the memo. Law school is largely a losing game, and they're not going to play, even though they can probably count on a better hand than most. Meanwhile, the number of laggards applying has barely budged.

    Maybe that's just what makes the smart kids the smart kids.”

  33. Congratualtions on going strong for 3 years Nando. I think you have outlasted your predecessors Tom the Temp and L4L. I appreciate your tireless efforts to expose this corrupt and filthy business (I am glad a law school dean finally admitted on public record that this is a BUSINESS). Also, the fact that you have private equity firms investing in law schools tells you that this is a business of putting money and profit motives ahead of students.

    Nando, don't be an apologist to the critics who lambast you for your harsh tone and use of fecal matter images to describe this profession. The images are crude and vulgar but they aptly describe the law schools and their conduct. Your critics say you should avoid profanity and tone down your words. Fuck your critics. This isn't a motherfucking courtroom. The pigs you write about are protected by politics and the law. They can continue to fleece students (by selling IBR) and fucking over the taxpayers. Bottom line, who benefits from this BUSINESS? Not the students, who are left with a giant bill and dismal career prospects. Look at the law school deans, professors, venture capitalists and law school administrators. These sons of bitches are feeding at the trough with no end in sight. I am delighted that when I speak to college students, some appear to be aware of the law school scam whereas none appeared to know about it 3-4 years ago. Keep up the good work and don't rest until you highlight all the law schools. Once you are done, you should compose a volume and shop it to editors.


    Here is Elie Mystal’s take on this development. This April 12, 2012 ATL piece was entitled “If You Are Still Applying to Law School, You Might Be an Idiot.” Here is one biting excerpt:

    “Evidently, the decline in LSAT takers will not hurt the bottom-feeding law schools that much. That’s because the low-hanging fruit that they pick off are still out there in abundance. I don’t think that the LSAT is a particularly good measure of anything, but not being able to break 140 on it is probably a decent indication that you can barely read (and even when you sound out the words you don’t learn anything from them).

    Which is probably why those people are still eager to apply to law school. When they read a blog post saying, “LAW SCHOOL WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY,” they understand, “School will turn you money into steel, which is even more valuable than paper.”

    I don’t know, maybe they don’t hear that, it’s just hard for me to put myself in the shoes of a person who can’t break 140 yet still thinks they should go to law school. That’s like me showing up at the London Olympics expecting to be allowed to compete in the 100-meter hurdles.”

    Mystal follows up this stiff jab with a punishing right hook to the law school pigs’ snouts:

    “But there’s another reason the dumber people are being left behind in law school. It’s because the smarter people have more options. For most people, being a lawyer sounds like a boring thing to do. Safe and relatively well-paid, but boring as all hell. As the economy gets better, people with skills — even if their only skills are being awesome at taking tests — find that there are other, less boring options out there. In a good economy, smarter people feel better at taking risks. Hell, if things don’t work out, they can always go back to law school.

    What we’re seeing here is a bit of a legal brain drain. It’s a drain that will continue to happen as the economy improves, and legal education continues to be wildly over priced relative to the expected value of the education. If law schools want to attract smarter people, they’ll have to start offering a better deal.

    But in the meantime, there appear to be plenty of people dumb enough to continue buying what law schools are selling.”

    There are also a few sick, mentally depraved individuals who are glad to do the bidding of the law school sewage pits. I understand why "law professors" and deans, i.e. academic thieves, will defend this rotten industry. They are making a nice living by perpetrating this scam. However, those who are not on the cartel payroll - yet puff up "legal education" - are beyond pathetic. These losers are akin to the guys who worship their girlfriend - even though she is balling other men. Then again, we all know that Mr. InfiniTTTTy prefers blow up dolls anyway.

  35. It's funny how law schools teach torts, business and consumer law, and similar courses. They cover damages, negligence, willful misrepresentation and breach. But they don't think these things apply to them. And they're supposed to train lawyers. What a disgusting scam. It's even more foul than the images of shit that accompanies each school profile on this blog.

  36. I got set up with this chick on a blind date and her first email to me had the following quote:

    "I just finished law school so now I have a lot of spare time"

    You cant make this shit up. Unintentional comedy gold.

  37. The odds of getting a real lawyer job is about 40 percent for recent JDs. Of that amount, about half will not be practicing law in five years. Who still wants to go to law school?

  38. I know 2 people who went to Charlotte law. One dropped out after a year and is doing ok. The other graduated through 3 years and is working an hourly job that has nothing to do with law.

  39. Speaking of vulture capitalists...

    why couldn't Bain Capital buy up a bunch of law schools, merge them and then get rid of several?

  40. Nando, I appreciate your efforts, but at least you have to admit that someone who gets into T8 and manages to be at the top 25% at the end of 1L has a decent chance of finding a job which, with the aid of frugal living (that means no bmw, no clubs, home food, no bling and no ferragamo) will allow him to pay its debts within 3 years.

  41. ^^^^^
    No he doesn't.

    People who have graduated recently from NYU have found themselves on the doc review circuit.

    Last I checked, it was ranked as a #6 school by that most-evil of industry publications, USN&WR.

    If you add enough qualifications, any statement can be true, I suppse.

    Finally, there is no guarantee that someone will last 3 years in a job allowing them to pay down their ls debt, which would be Biglaw.

    All bets are off in the New Economy.

    Why don't people now plainly state the obvious? That being: Higher education (college and above) now primarily benefits the connected/elite/monied class. There is no longer any UPWARD social mobility in America. However, by attending law school and not being a member of said class above, there is a very strong chance of permanent DOWNWARD mobility and financial ruin for life.

    Finally, as Nando has said many times and now with the addition of Prof. Campos, the financial benefit of a law degree is now nearly wholly usurped by the law schools themselves:

    Law school professors and administrators hold the keys to the legal profession: We decide who gets to enter the profession and how much they pay for that honor. Over the last three decades, we have continuously raised prices to the point where we take for ourselves most of the economic benefit conferred by a legal education. For a growing number of graduates, we have exceeded that level; attending law school leaves those graduates worse off financially than they would have been without the degree.
    (Aug 8-2012 entry entitled "News of the day"

    The schools exist primarily for their own enrichment. Very simple. America is now completely a house of frauds.


  42. To the mental midget who posted today at 4:00 pm,

    Learn how to spell, bitch. If you are the cockroach calling itself "Mr. Infinity," at least have the balls to use your handle when posting comments on this blog. By the way, only a relative few law students are dumb enough to purchase high-end cars or designer clothes. After all, they only need to buy your girlfriend or mother a Happy Meal from McDonald's in order to get her in bed.

    Read this Forbes article, from contributor L. Maureen Henderson, which was published on June 26, 2012. The piece was entitled "Why Attending Law School is the Worst Decision You'll Ever Make." Check out the opening:

    "The news for would-be attorneys keeps getting worse. According to analysis from the Wall Street Journal released yesterday, only 55% of class of 2011 law school grads were employed full-time as lawyers nine months after graduation. The other 45% may be unemployed, working at Starbucks or starting their own law school hate blogs. Couple this with declining starting salaries (they fell $9000 between 2009 and 2010) and the fact that 85% of law school grads are facing an average debt load of $98 500 and you can see why law school as a career path has taken a public lambasting in recent years.

    There’s a good reason that the WSJ’s data – based on figures from the American Bar Association – may seem shocking. It marks the first look at employment figures related solely to jobs requiring a legal degree and passage of a bar exam. Previously, law schools reported employment rates that counted all of their grads with jobs, regardless of whether they were working at a white-shoe firm in New York or teaching ESL in Taiwan. These misleading stats have actually been the subject of class-action lawsuits against 15 law schools filed by recent grads who allege that the schools used deceptive post-grad employment numbers to boost their rankings and attract more students."

    Take a look at this excerpt - and hopefully it will penetrate your gray matter:

    "The message that law school is no longer a sure bet when it comes to employment security and financial prosperity finally seems to be sinking in for potential students. In the last two years, the number of law school applicants has dropped by almost a quarter and the number of LSAT tests administered by the Law School Admissions Council has declined by 16%."

  43. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  44. I went to Mr. Infinity's website. I could not find and facts or logic to substantiate his claims about law school being a good investment or a law degree being versitile. However, I did see plenty of FUD against our host Nando and JD Painter.
    He's also doing profiles of law schools, much like the ones here. Except he shills for them instead of flushing them. His American University profile was pretty vile and invertibrate shilling.

  45. Keep on keeping on Nando! You've already saved many a person from becoming a law school lemming.

  46. Heads up:

    There is a racist and antiSemitic commenter on the JD Junkyard forum called: "TheJohnBungsolaphagus"

  47. Please tell me, if I can't see my daughter and need the education in order to get a court to order her mother to let me see her, why wouldn't I go where I can get in to law school?

  48. Just maybe, the Charlotte School of Law is giving the oppurtunity to students who would not be accepted into the stuck up law schools that are morally and ethically corrupt. This country is run by law students that came from the so called elite schools who forgot their canon of ethics. Tell me what institution where the bottom line is not the ulitimate goal and what law school does not plays with thier numbers to make the best presentation. GET REAL,


  49. Charlotte School of Law is a true shithole. If you scored above 140 on the lsat, you wouldn't even consider this place.

  50. I've practiced law in Charlotte for 22 years. The advent of the Charlotte School of Law is the worst thing to ever happen to the practice of law in this town. No firms hire these people. Most of them drag ass down to the public defenders office and beg for appointed cases. They have no clue what to do in court. I get at least one new criminal case a week from a client who has been screwed over by a graduate of this shit hole.

    1. The school has defeated Harvard Law in moot court competitions, is a leading law school in pro-bono hours, and strives to assist the unfortunate within the Charlotte community. Sure, a debate exists on whether the school is taking advantage of federal funds, and, or unqualified individuals. However, your eagerness to group all students from this institution as unqualified and unemployable is shameful, if not ignorant. Several students are currently working clerkships for Mecklengurg Judges, and hundreds are working in firms in Charlotte. Go fuck yourself, you elitist fuck.

    2. To the sensitive pussy above who doesn't like to hear the truth about his garbage pit:

      No one gives a damn about moot court, i.e. FAKE COURT, competitions, waterhead. Legal employers don't concern themselves with such meaningless, mindless activities. They care about the supposed caliber of one's alma mater.

      In the final analysis, you attend a FOURTH TIER trash pit. Hell, the school is owned by for-profit Infilaw. It's clear that those pigs do not care about their students' outcomes. Now, get a life, Bitch.

    3. I do believe you are correct, sir. I will graduate with $100K in debt and have no job when I get out. That makes me the norm. But I’m glad Charlotte Law was around to enable me to do such a thing. I’m not looking to make lots of money. Like me most Charlotte students understand what they are up against, but they take the risky opportunity anyway. I’m happy with my decision. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to serving lattes to customers.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Dearest Nando,

    You magnificent bastard. The web is rife with hit-pieces targeting your website and your person, but the truth of the matter is that you're doing a service that few others have offered; outing shit heaps like Charlotte School of Law for the pathetic frauds they are. Allow me to tell my tale to any others who may be reading in this comment section:

    Many months ago, I was an aimless student with a fast-approaching graduation date from college. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so law school seemed like the ticket. I signed up for the LSAT in a hurry, took it with next to no studying (I know, stupid) and eeked out a 146. The future looked dark; how could I get accepted to the ever-prestigious law schools with such a low score? But then I saw that that pathetically low score still qualified me for likely acceptance to Charlotte School of Law and many more of that "caliber." I applied, I was accepted, and I almost went. But then the rational part of my mind kicked in. I had BOMBED that test. How in the ever-loving-fuck could a school admit me like that? And so I began the google search which confirmed what the skeptical part of my mind had feared; there was a massive money-scamming scheme at play in the law field. To confirm, I talked to many family friends who were lawyers, as well as former classmates who'd gone on to law-school. The resounding answer was yes, the law field was fucked and the best thing any sane person could do was to steer far clear of it; so I did.

    I instead took the GRE (after studying), did well, got accepted to several very good graduate schools (in a field that a graduate degree is smiled upon in), and picked the one I liked the most.

    Any doubts of my decision not to go to law school were smashed by the constant influx of emails in my inbox every week. Law schools such as CSL are constantly "sweetening the deal" with new scholarships, financial incentives, and phone calls for poor saps who have graduated and are now working for the school, fully aware that in just a few more months their "employment" will be ended and they'll be left for dead.

    So thanks again, Nando, for being that voice of honesty that would-be law students need to hear before making a very important decision.

    And as for the Charlotte School of Law, who is having to lay off staff and professors because they can't fill their classes anymore, I fucking laugh at you. Go enjoy unemployment you blood-sucking leeches.


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