Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Profiles in Academic Thievery: John O’Brien, Dean of Fourth Tier New England School of Law

The Oregonian Exposes the Law School Swindle:


On August 4, 2012, the Oregonian published a hard-hitting piece, from reporter Jeff Manning, entitled “Law schools revenues soar as they take in millions from tuition and fees, as supply exceeds demand.” Check out the following gem:

“The federal student loan portfolio exploded in the last decade from $295 billion in 2002 to $848 billion in 2011. It amounts to a vast transfer of wealth from the taxpayer to the nation's colleges, leaving students to repay the loans.

That flood tide of federal money has attracted some unusual players. Consider the case of Phoenix School of Law, Florida Coastal School of Law and the Charlotte School of Law. The government loaned more than $150 million in 2011 to the students of the three stand-alone law schools, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Phoenix students finished with a median debt of $153,489.

The three schools are owned by Sterling Partners, a Chicago private equity firm. They are among a new breed of for-profit law schools to emerge in recent years. Once the American Bar Association accredited the schools, their students became eligible for federal loans.

"Sterling is making a ton of money courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer when no bank would lend a dime to these students," said Paul Campos, a University of Colorado Law School professor.” [Emphasis mine]

The fact that the ABA pigs allow for-profit trash cans to provide “legal education” shows conclusively that the cartel does not give one damn about the students, graduates, the general public or the supposed “profession.” As those of you with an IQ above 80 are aware, “higher education” is now a commodity in this nation. When private equity firms own and operate three law schools, you know the score.

Money Quote from Pig O’Brien:

“John O'Brien, dean of the New England School of Law and chair of the ABA's legal accreditation committee, agreed the new schools are adding to a significant oversupply of lawyers. But the supply-demand imbalance is not a factor the ABA considers.

"It's not the ABA's job to police the number of law schools," O'Brien said. "Law schools are like other businesses. Ultimately, that's what they are. If there are people who feel there is a void that needs to be filled around the country, the process is to apply for ABA approval. If you meet those standards, you get approved." [Emphasis mine]

This statement was made by a sitting dean of a fourth tier commode. As the article mentions, the cockroach also “serves” as chair of the ABA’s accreditation committee. In fact, O’Brien is chair of the Section of “Legal Education” and Admission to the Bar. This damning quote did not come from a bitter scam-blogger or a disillusioned law student. This admission speaks volumes! Simply put, it reveals the mindset of the pigs and bastards who operate the law school scam.

The Cockroach’s Background:


“[John O’Brien] was a founding member of the Community Ombudsman Oversight Program, Boston’s civilian police review board, and he was also a founding member of the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education, Inc., a group of four independent law schools that offers joint study abroad programs, visit-in programs to provide geographic flexibility for students, and other creative programming and services for the four schools.” [Emphasis mine]

If we were not aware of the fraud, one might ask “Why in the hell is such a bastard in charge of the ABA’s $ection of “legal education“?!?!


“Dean O'Brien has been dean of the law school since 1988, before which he was associate dean. He has the longest continuous service at a single institution of any law school dean in the country. He has taught Constitutional Law, Legal Research and Writing, Personal Income Taxation, and Taxation of Business Entities.”

Prior Nonsense from Ass-Clown O’Brien


On June 18, 2012, Paul Campos posted an entry labeled “Man paid $867,000 to run fourth-tier law school says law school is a good investment.”  Try not to eat or drink anything while reading O'Brien's "argument":

“But others view [Brian Tamanaha's Failing Law Schools] as just the latest overly dire prediction about the fate of law graduates and misplaced finger-pointing over tuition costs.

"Most people in the profession were already concerned about what it costs to get a law degree," said John O'Brien, dean of the New England School of Law and chairman of the ABA's Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. "Nobody feels good that tuitions have gone up. But the claim that a law degree is a bad investment doesn't hold water."

Why would such an educated man make such a moronic statement?!?! As Campos pointed out in his article, O’Brien made $867K in 2011. According to page 17 of the toilet’s 2010 Form 990, O’Brien “only” made $781,710 - in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for the tax year ending June 30, 2010. At least, the rat is being paid handsomely to financially ruin young people. 

Conclusion: In the final analysis, John O’Brien is another academic hustler and a certified piece of trash. The man has no integrity. If he was paid $800K per year to state that flammable children’s pajamas are safe, then he would likely do so - without any hesitation. These “legal educators” are greedy swine who do not care about their students or the truth, i.e. they are sociopaths. BEFORE incurring an additional $125K+ in law school debt alone - the average for the NE$L Class of 2011 was $120,480 - ask yourself whether you would purchase a used car from this “man.” 


  1. This whole clusterfuck is just glorified welfare. Law professors spout off some nonsense for 7 hours per week and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a do-nothing job.

  2. Nobody feels good that tuitions have gone up?



    Now I understand why everytime I saw these "distinguished professors" after each year, they seemed to be living better and better.

    It's not because they merely seemed to. They, in fact, were living better.

    Tuition outpacing inflation explains that.

    In the ginal analysis, it's all about the money. The quote above re: wealth transfer and associated burdens says it all.

    While these people's lifestyles are enhanced year after year, it must therefore follow that the students have mortgaged their future into Oblivion and their lifestyles will decline as they fall further and further behind year after year.

    Zero-Sum Game.

    1. "In the ginal analysis, it's all about the money."

      I think you mean, the vaginal analysis.

  3. New England School of Law is without question the most lowly-regarded school in Boston. Which is no small accomplishment, since Boston has six law schools! Recently I have noticed via their subway advertisements that they are now calling themselves "New England Law." Advertising on the subway and "rebranding" by changing the school moniker should be taken as serious red flags by any prospective applicant!

    It's incredible the ABA would appoint this utter mediocrity, this shameless craven hustler, to chair a committee. I suspect there is an interesting money trail behind that... In any case, it tells you all you need to know about the ABA.

  4. We need a cultural revolution!

    The profs need to spend their summers working in the fields picking fruit & vegetables! They need to "get in touch" with the common man. Just their summers...

    If they don't like being in the open sun, their alternative would be slaughterhouse/meat packing plant.

    I suspect if that were a requirement for teaching, a lot of things would change.

  5. What more do you want? All the negative press for the last 2-3 years and this idiot still admitted law schools are just like other businesses. Now if you go to law school (especially a TTTT) it's on you. Do some basic research and you'll discover law school is nothing more than a money trap.

  6. Law schools are not like most other businesses, that have to respond to market factors. Law schools are heavily subsidized in the form of fed-guaranteed student loans. Take away this subsidy, and trashpits like NESL would go out of business overnight.

  7. ABA also forces schools to (over)pay tenured faculty and limits these leeches to 4-6 hours per week. Can you name another actual job (sitting on corporate boards doesn't count) in America where you work so few hours for $200K a year?

  8. Huey Lewis--As one commenter to one of my posts pointed out, people do what they believe to be in their best interests in any given system. So, law schools charge as much tuition and enroll as many students as they can because the government guarantees student loans. Really, they're no different from those Chinese badminton players who threw games so they could get more favorable matchups in subsequent rounds of play.

  9. ^The key difference being that Chinese badminton players actually have skills.

  10. Dona, if I'm interpreting you correctly, you are giving O'Brien and his ilk far too much credit. They have to know that the vast majority of their students will never earn enough to provide any kind of decent ROI on the degree. They are selling a phony dream. This, in my view, takes them out of the realm of rational self-interested businessmen and into that of con men and bunco artists. They are criminals in all but name.

  11. I detest these law school deans/hucksters/charlatans but I give Dean O'Brien some props. Take Staci(yes that is an "i" not a "y" at the end) Zaretsky, who is a recent alum of O'Brien's school. She has flunked the bar several times and could only secure a legal blogger position over at abovethelaw. She is always touting how she loved her law school experience and has no regrets. Whenever you can screw your own customers and leave them with a taste of Stockholm Syndrome, you have skills. I tip my cap to this O'Brien ringmaster.

  12. Talk 'bout da nerve of deez muthafuckaz. They rob ya blind 'n then they tell ya how much they care 'bout'cha. 'N how they feel bad 'bout raisin' the fuckin' tuition on ya. 'N how it's not their fault, 'course. Get da fuck outta here wit' dat bunk. I run a bizness. A real bizness. Not some trumped up bullshit model where yer guaran-gotdamn-teed a profit 'coz yer sucking on Uncle Sam's tit nonstop.

    Do ya see meh chargin' $50 fo' a bucket a chickin? Do ya? Fuck, I'd done damn did build up a solid muthafuckin' r'putayshun fo' mah chickin 'n sides 'n shit. And I couldn' git away wit' dat shit.

    Peace out. Next time ya bring yer family out fo' mah heav'ny herbs 'n spices 'n mah sides try some A&W root beer float t' quench ya thirst on these hot August days.

    Colonel of the 23rd Kentucky Neck-Billy Brigade (I ain't a redneck 'n I ain't a hillbilly. I'm a neckbilly.)

  13. LOL! I bought a KFC 6 piece bucket of chicken, extra crispy on the way home today.

    I seriously thought of getting the Colonel's original recipe, but I went for the extra crispy.

    All day I was depressed about my SL debt and as I was waiting for the chicken at the drive up window I was looking at the Colonels face on the sign and had to laugh thinking about all of his prior posts here.

    One thing I have to say about Nando's blog vs the Campos blog, Nando's blog is a lot funnier, especially with Cameo appearances by the Colonel. And one never knows when the Colonel will show up :)

    It cost eleven bucks and change for the chicken and I call that a good deal, and an example of a normal exchange of goods or rather food for a normal price.

    Such things do still exist in this world, unlike the case with law school.

  14. Colonel, we need you to print up some consolation-prize JD-only coupons to KFC. Like, show your diploma or your bar card and get an extra bucket o' chikin at half-price and a side for free, or something. Hook us up!!! Thanks.

  15. I think KFC still gives a couple of free pieces of chicken to homeless people that show up. That's more public service than the law schools have ever done.

  16. Nando,

    Sadly, it appears that you have been drastically UNDERestimating actual law school debt. Not only do the "average indebtedness" figures not include undergraduate debt, they also don't include the interest on law school loans that accrues before the "student" makes his/her first payment...


    This is fucking criminal.

  17. Hello Boys and Girls, quick math lesson here. If you are enrolling this Fall in any of these horrendous law schools featured on these pages, keep your eye on the ball.

    Say you borrow $40K a year for each year you are in law school at 6.7%, before your first payment is due, you will have accumulated $19,133.86 in interest, which you will likely capitalize at the end of the loan. This means, when you pay interest upon interest you will pay (assuming a standard 10 year repayment period) $26,305.20 JUST ON THE INTEREST YOU ACCUMULATED DURING LAW SCHOOL! Obama fucked you over by eliminating the graduate school interest payment subsidy. In the end, you will pay approximately $1,600 for 120 months and that is assuming all you borrow is $120K for law school. This calculation does not include undergraduate student loan debt and your bar exam loan. Welcome to your life of peonage/indentured servitude. And you still won't know how to practice law. But hey look on the bright side, you will take a 3 year vacation from reality and read 400 year old cases involving Blackacre and shipwrecked people who cannibalize others.

  18. Law school is a waste of time and money. Don't like your job? That's life. Work your balls off, laugh at the boss's stupid jokes, do whatever you got to do to move up. If you have a halfway decent job, stay with your company. You can look for a better job while still getting a paycheck at the job you hate.

    But do not go to law school. If you get into HYS, forget what I just said. If you'll be taking on $160K in debt for these three schools, move on. Any other school, don't bother with. At all. You won't learn shit at HYS either, but you'll have the name brand behind your name. If you never practice law (not so much as file a single motion) you'll still be considered a success.

  19. Wait, so of the ABA says law skool is a business, what gives with the federal judge (Cooley lawsuit) and the NY state judge (nyls lawsuit) saying that students aren't consumers? Don't business serve the consumer? What a disgusting profession. Only law could come up with such twisted logic (if it walk like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be a giant squid)

  20. Recently a California judge let two class action suits go forward against TTTTs. So maybe there's some room for optimism.

  21. I rarely eat in "chain" restaurants. When I do, KFC is my first choice. I mean, who couldn't like their chicken? And it's actually a pretty good value for the money.

    Plus, the Colonel actually makes this blog even more fun than it already is.

    JDs and graduate degrees in the humanities...Well, they're another story!

  22. If JD Painter wants to make a positive impact on the movement, why can't he show up at Touro's orientation (coming up within a week or two) and stand in front of the school with a T-shirt that contains the following words: "I got $400K in debt, a JD from Touro and paint for food." People who felt scammed should do this to their alam maters.

  23. http://www.boston.com/business/ticker/2008/09/new_england_sch.html

    On September 5, 2008, the Boston Globe reported on NE$L’s minor change, in a story headlined ‘New England School of Law has a new "nickname."’ Check out this comical opening:

    “New England School of Law will change its name to New England Law | Boston as it looks to avoid confusion with other law schools with similar names and tie its identity more closely to the city of Boston.

    In an e-mail to students, faculty, and alumni that was made available to the Globe, John F. O'Brien (right), dean and professor of law, wrote that as the school prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary this month, one way to mark its entry into its second century was to adopt a new "'nickname' - New England Law | Boston - that will serve as our public identity (although our legal name will remain the same, including on diplomas)."

    The school will be using not just a new nickname but also a new logo and a revamped website, he wrote.

    O'Brien also wrote in the e-mail, "We chose a name that we feel differentiates us from other law schools in the region with very similar names, provides continuity with our old name, and connects the school with its very appealing location in Boston."

    When your commode feels that it needs to change its name, you KNOW that it is a pile of waste.

    The Globe piece featured this hilarious conclusion:

    “O’Brien discussed the school name change further in a telephone interview.

    "We're downtown," he said. "We're in the Theater District, and we want people to know who we are."

    Name recognition is important. If people in the northeast cannot distinguish your commode from others in the area, then you have a major problem. After all, you pigs only care about money; it’s not as if you are concerned with providing a solid “legal education” and decent job prospects – for your students and graduates.

    Ass-Clown, the problem is that people know that your school is a rancid excrement pile. You can change the name – as many businesses use DBAs for public consumption - but the school is still a fourth tier piece of trash. Plus, the new logo and updated website will add nothing to the TTTT producTTTT that you offer, douche-bag. You could even alter the school's colors and get a new haircut, but it would not have any effect on the toilet's ranking.


    By the way, dumbass: another Boston toilet has officially changed its name. On April 18, 2011, WNEC published a piece entitled “Western New England College to Become a University.” Western New England College is now a “university.” Many business-savvy administrators/leeches realize that the term “university” sounds more prestigious.

  24. Nando, Western New England "University" is actually in Springfield, closer to Hartford than Boston, but is every bit the steaming pile of shit that is "New England Law." O'Brien no doubt changed the name of his bucket shop to avoid confusion with Western N.E.

    If you count WNE, the new "UMass Law" in southeastern Mass., and non-ABA accredited Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, Massachusetts has nine - count 'em - NINE law schools.

  25. @10:04AM

    The figure is a little less, and more like 330K.

    I think I have done enough. I did the media and nothing is going to change.

    Even the highly credentialed Campos Blog is, in my opinion, ineffective in bringing about change, although it might influence a decade long trend towards change, and Campos and DJM are certainly on target when it comes to identifying problems that Nando already identified 2 or three years prior.

    No, I got the debt for life, unless I move halfway across the world, and that is that, and I have talked enough about it.

    If I have saved just one life from financial disaster then maybe I have made a difference in this world after all.

    JD Painterguy

  26. JD Painter, many people here have given you wonderful advice which I agree with. You claim your ancestors built this country but as you now know, that is meaningless to the power brokers. If I were in your situation, I would have left this country. The problem is, I believe you haven't traveled much and you are a bit of a xenophobe. I would have written a nice letter to Sallie Mae telling them to kiss my ass and go after Touro for the money since you are going off the grid for good. But you reject this idea and choose to wallow over your misery. Stop being a victim man. I would become a crusader, not against law schools but against Touro Law. You should narrow your focus on Touro. These people took you in, kept you in against their better judgment just to collect your student loan bounty. If I were you, I would be the biggest thorn or pebble in Touro Law Dean's shoe. I believe Scott Bullock made the Valvoline Dean's life so miserable that he invited Mr. Bullock for a sitdown (maybe he even had a job offer for him) to call a truce. Scott Bullock really maligned Seton Hall and was a one-man Punisher against SHU Law. Eventually he moved on but you could be a crusader against Touro.

  27. @3:10PM

    All done. Yes My family did heavy construction, and yes I am proud of that, but past exploits in a family line are worthless unless there is money to back it (Tess of the Durbervilles)

    Whatever I have shared will always be online and forever and for those that want to share it.

    I was at Touro when the school was a start up and was renting a former primary school building next to the railroad tracks in Huntington Station, NY.

    Maybe in time Touro will be on top of the rankings, but that is their problem and not mine.

    When I enrolled in 1992 I read all about the master plan for Touro to integrate into a Federal Court complex in Islip, Long Island, and was so friggin' impressed.

    Over the years they finally did so, and I was shocked out of my mind to read on The Jobless Juris Doctor blog that Touro was still in the 4th tier of American law schools several years after having made the master plan move.

    JJD and and Nando are and will always be my heroes.

    And what more does anyone want from me?

    I am poor as poor can be. I did my TV and radio thing and I cannot give any more.

    I sometimes want to just fly away, but I have no wings and no where to fly to.

    JD Painterguy

  28. Some basic facts:

    1)Law schools are money traps.
    2) The cocksuckers don't teach you how to practice law but they'll charge you $40K per year in tuition.
    3)They don't give a shit about the students.
    4) They don't give a fuck about the taxpayers or financially ruining a whole generation.
    5) And the shitbags distort their employment data (and it looks like their average student debt numbers too).

    The scambloggers and Campos have proven their case beyond all reasonable doubt. The law schools are run by greedy fucking bums who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. The end.

  29. One thing I have noticed about this post today. Having Forth tier deans in charge of such committees as "Legal Education and Admission to the Bar" is like having rats guard cheese or the F students proctor the test.
    They sure enough aren't going to start upholding standards, they almost can't because standards exist so that forth tier people who don't care about quality can't set up schools. Any standards they exhibit could be used in the future to close down their own schools. Deans with long tenures at forth tier schools have probably forgotten what rigor Even looks and feels like.

  30. I have heard of corporate welfare but the way the student loan system works hand in hand with the way these quasi-criminal schools operate, this is ACADEMIC WELFARE. And who enjoys the spoils? The deans, presidents, tenured professors etc. who get paid a king's ransom to produce minimal output that serves no functional or beneficial use in our society except bankrupt young people and stymie their dreams. I have more respect for John Gotti or fictional characters such as Vito Corleone than I do for assholes like O'Brien, LeDuc et als. God is going to condemn these dream killers and profiteers soon enough.

  31. I love the comments. It shows people are well onto the scam known as law school and higher ed. You guys are doing great work.

  32. I have more respect for the guy playing 3 card monte than I do for these "academic" pigs who are dining at the trough courtesy of YOU, the TAXPAYER. Fuck the current system. It has to be taken down. These sonsofbitches need to be evicted from their lofty ivory towers and thrown into real life and forced to make an honest living for the first time in their collective lives. These professors see themselves as a class of "philsopher kings" who get paid handsomely for teaching useless sophistry. I wonder if a Con Law professor is going to spin some dogmatic bullshit about how the US Supreme Court decided Bowers v. Hardwick and reversed itself in Lawrence v. Texas, 25 years later? I can see it now, the law professor goes into "In 2007, SCOTUS eschewed the long standing doctrine of stare decisis because the majority interpreted the Constitution as a living document rather than the contra position of constitutional originalism." Kids, it's all bullshit. The reason the court reversed itself is simple. The liberal appointments in the Court tilted the scales. In other words, it was based on politics, just as most SCOTUS cases are (e.g., Citizens United, Obamacare, etc.). These professors are snake oil salesmen who DO NOT teach you how to practice law. Can you imagine throwing down $180K and three years of your life to subsidize of lifestyle fit for kings and at the end you still have to pay Barbri several thousand dollars more to teach you the blackletter law stripped form the bullshit filler that your professors will spout for 3 years? The system is BROKEN. Law school is a SCAM and those who dare go forward deserve a lifetime of penury.

  33. ^best insight of all.

    The law is made up. It's wordplay. It's all based on politics. That's why the nine highest judges in the land often decide cases 5-4. It's that fucking simple, folks. You don't need a law degree or PhD to figure this shit out. You just need common sense and a bullshit detector.

  34. At this point there is so much info out there, thanks to LST, Nando, Campos, and others, that I seriously question the judgment of anyone who goes to law school, unless they have full scholarship to a T6 school or the family/political connections to guarantee a well paying job upon graduation.

    This scam is another example of the crony capitalism practiced by both Democrats and Republicans. Govt. picks the winners and loses, and favors some businesses over others. In a truly free country no one would be forced to guarantee someone else's loan (which never should have been made in the first place).

    BTW it's great to see the Colonel make an appearance.

  35. Schools will lower standards to the point they'll start taking in people with 2.7 gpas and 138 lsat scores. How long will it take the government to realize they shouldn't guarantee loans to these people?

  36. JD Painterguy - why do you keep deleting your blogs?

    What happened to JJD?

  37. JD Painter is a quitter. He should've quit law school after first semester.

  38. @1:39PM

    I figured I would give it one last try, but the last blog was dead and had hardly any traffic.

    My blogging, from a 6 figure debtor's frantic standpoint, had its time. It came, and then went, and one has to know when to give it all up.

    Besides, TTR and the Campos Blog are doing a far better job identifying problems, of which there seem to be so many surrounding legal academia and the legal proffesion.

    I did my TV and radio things and there was no feedback from the public because student loan debt is so much dirty laundry and the public in general does not want to view it or hear about it and are unable to understand.

    One comment from John Q. Public (which I later deleted) still resonates with me. The comment said that all law students start law school with the intent to "rip off" the public and are now getting exactly what they deserve.

    I don't really know what happened to JJD. My guess is she got burnt out with blogging, or perhaps she got involved in a relationship with someone and figured it was not cool with the new someone.

    Which is what I go through now. One girlfriend wanted to pray for me and my debt. Another (and a JD) told me I should have been part of the 1L attrition at Touro, case closed, and that Touro kept me alive with powder puff courses and grades as a 2L and 3L.

    A third only cares about me for me and does not care for media at all and does not care about blogging or any of the issues that seem so important to all of us here.

    Fortunately, I am a very good looking man and I know it, and the women I meet know that I know it and find me charming and someone they want to know better.

    I have a great body as well, and six pack abs, which makes the eyes of women, especially over 40 women, glaze over with female lust that can be a bit intimidating at times.

    Take it from me guys, as far as dating goes, women do not give a damn about what a man does for a living. They need to laugh, and if you can make them laugh with silly things you are in like Flynn!

    And all women are beautiful. And if a man really understands that, all women will see that in him and find him attractive regardless of how much money he has :)



    1. If it's women you want, Canada has loads of `em.


  39. Seton hall law administration flunkies are at it again. Thy have spent significant time and effort massaging and distorting the harsh truths that were put on the schools wiki page. What a telling act. These "academics" spend time saving their disgraced brand but arent nearly as concerned withbreducing tuition or bringing in more firms to the pathetic oci program. Outrage.

  40. Nando, another entry on Seton Hall is overdue. I see the lemmings are lining up for 1L during orientation only after seeing the long faces on the Class of 2012 during Commencement. The only smiles that remain constant belong to the faculty and the Valvoline Dean.

  41. ^Best. Hyperlink. Ever!

  42. http://www.americanbar.org/groups/legal_education/about_us/leadership.html

    Take a look at the makeup of the ABA’s Section of “Legal Education” and Admissions to the Bar.” The pigs recently met and appointed new officers/rats to this council. Here is the list of all academics assigned to this committee:

    “2012-2013 Council:

    Chair: Kent Syverud (2013)
    Dean, Washington University School of Law

    Vice Chair: Joan Howland (2013)
    Associate Dean and Professor, University of Minnesota Law School

    Immediate Past Chair: John F. O'Brien (2013)
    Dean, New England Law|Boston


    Jane H. Aiken (2014)
    Professor and Director of the Community Justice Project
    Georgetown University Law Center

    Edwin J. Butterfoss (2013)
    Associate Dean and Professor
    Hamline University Law School

    Michael J. Davis (2013)
    Professor, University of Kansas School of Law

    Antonio García-Padilla (2015)
    Dean Emeritus and Professor
    University of Puerto Rico School of Law

    James M. Klein (2015)
    Distinguished Visiting Professor
    Charleston School of Law

    Cynthia Nance (2015)
    Dean Emeritus & Nathan G. Gordon Professor of Law
    University of Arkansas School of Law (Fayetteville)

    Maureen A. O’Rourke (2015)
    Dean, Boston University School of Law”

    It is comical that the ABA referred to O’Brien’s “non-profit” corporate employers by its DBA name. I suppose the cockroaches recognize that they are running businesses – and the motive of these entities is to rake in money. By the way, notice that the two most prominent schools listed above are Georgetown University Law Cesspool and Boston University Sewer of Law. The “professor” from GULC is listed as “director” of the community service project. This does not sound very "prestigious."

  43. NESL is a god awful trash pit. Appointing someone from a school like this as chair of a committee on legal education is like appointing a cat to watch a chicken coop.


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