Friday, August 24, 2012

Second Tier Pile of Rotten Feces: University of Richmond School of Law

Tuition: Full-time law students attending this private commode - on a full-time basis - will be charged $36,850 in tuition - for the 2012-2013 school year. That is one hell of an “investment.”

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, for those who live off campus, additional expenses will amount to $16,130. Of course, these ass-clowns claim that room and board, plus utilities, will only reach $11,070.

Keep in mind that ABA-accredited sewage pits base these expenses on a nine-month basis. Seeing that actual law students will require living costs for the full year, we need to make prorated adjustments to room and board, personal budget, and auto allowance - in order to reflect this situation. Doing so, we can determine that these expenditures will reach $20,980. As such, the estimated COA - for 2012-2013 - will climb to $57,830, for full-time students living off campus.

Ranking: Based on these enormous costs, one would expect this school to be an “elite” academic institution, right?! Well, according to US “News” & World Report, the Univer$iTTy of Richmond Sewer of Law is ranked as the 58th greatest, most amazing and fantastic law school in the United States. In fact, it shares this distinct rating with the following commodes: Georgia State University, Lewis & Clark College, and Temple University. Their mothers must be very proud.

Purported Employment Placement Statistics:

The school claims that 91.57 percent of its Class of 2011 was employed within nine months of graduation. The bastards assert that 106 members of this cohort found jobs where bar passage was required, with another 32 employed in positions labeled “JD Advantage.“ However, only 58 grads from this class were hired in law firms. Apparently, these pigs are bad at math.

By the way, of those employed in law firms, two desperate souls started solo practices, 23 went to work for firms of 2-10 attorneys, and 12 grads reported working in firms with 11-25 lawyers - while one damn person landed a job in a firm of 501+ attorneys. Do you like those odds, mentally deficient lemming?!?! For $ome rea$on, the school did not even bother to publish median or average starting salary figures for this class - despite this high published employment rate.

The toilet also published this nonsense:

“Students leave Richmond Law for jobs with large and small firms, in government agencies, and in corporate offices. Our students have an enviable record of securing among the highest percentage of prestigious judicial clerkships in the country. They enter the federal government through the Presidential Management Fellowship program. Our graduates become civic servants and leaders in the legal community.”

The vile dogs forgot to mention that some of their graduates also secure employment as doc review monkeys, baristas, insurance adjusters, grade school teachers, real estate agents, or they simply return to their prior line of work. Remember that JDs who work as servers as McCormack’s Irish Pub - or sell policies at State Farm - are considered “employed,” as long as they do so within nine months of receiving their diploma. Clearly, the schools have no problem including these non-law positions - since this boosts their overall "placement" rate. What beacons of integrity, huh?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the University of Richmond JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $98,650. By the way, 82% of this dung pit’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled. Also, this sum does not take undergraduate debt into account.

University Administrator Salaries: Head to pages 63 and 64 of this corporation’s 2011 Form 990, so you can see how well these “educators” are doing, in contrast to their debt-strapped graduates. You will notice that John G. Douglass, then-dean of the law sewer, raked in $342,687 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. Yes, this academic received $303,431 in base compensation, in addition to $39,256 in “estimated amount of compensation from the organization and other organizations.”

By the way, Srinivas Pulavarti, the “president” of the university’s Spider Management Company, the school’s investment management arm, earned MUCH more than the supposed head of the university. In fact, he made $2,501,824 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for the same year. Edward Ayers, in comparison, only received $838,840 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - in his role as university “president.” Who says that “higher education” doesn’t pay off in spades?!?!

Conclusion: The University of Richmond Sewer of Law is a grossly overpriced stench pile. The commode is located in a state that hosts eight law schools, if you exclude the JAG School. In sum, you will not be served well by accumulating an additional $110K-$145K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE DEBT - especially when you can, at best, look forward to working for a small-ass law firm. Do the math, simpleton: attempting to repay such mortgage-sized debt - at 6.8%-10% interest - while earning roughly $45K is not exactly feasible. Even if you live frugally, you will find it incredibly difficult to pay off your student debt. By the way, the above scenario pertains to those grads fortunate to find a job.

If any piece of trash tries to tell you that this is a wise investment, then make the turd back up its unsubstantiated claims with actual facts. In the end, you should view law school strictly as a financial decision. After all, this choice WILL affect your future and your lifestyle. Everything boils down to economics, unless you happened to be born into a wealthy family. Try purchasing a home or starting a family with your JD, massive debt, and a small salary.



    This guy went to Syracuse Law and he graduated near the bottom of his TTT class. He even admitted to plagiarism while he was in law school. Now he's VP.

    BTW, how the fuck does Biden have thicker hair now than he did 25 years ago?

  2. John G. Douglass is a fucking criminal parasite.

    He should be hung from a tree.

  3. I know several people who went here for law school. And it's funny you mention it, but one of my friends who earned his JD from here went back to being a real estate agent. He passed the bar and everything. Ahh...the joys of law school.

  4. In regards to the above @9:31 AM, I would also suggest a read of today's post from Prof. Campos, Aug 23, 2012 "Unemployment"

    Basically, there is no middle class left in America. Anyone who is stupid enough to dump down $100k-150k++ more for NYC schools / urban, etc. in this "economy" is a fool.

    Understand this one point:


    There is no social mobility. The American Dream died a long time ago.


    As labor economists recognize, skilled workers can--and do--take jobs below their training level. The four largest occupations in the United States are: retail salesperson, cashier, office clerk, and fast food worker. A JD holder can do any of those jobs. Likewise, most law graduates could fill seven of the next eight most populous jobs: waiter or waitress; customer service representative; janitor or cleaner; laborer or freight/stock mover; secretary or administrative assistant; general or operations manager; and stock clerk or order filler. Only one of the twelve most common U.S. jobs, registered nurse, requires training that a JD lacks.

    The eleven open-to-JD occupations listed above, by the way, account for a full 21.3% of the U.S. labor force. So a lawyer almost always can get a job. The question is what kind of job can the lawyer get--and will the job justify the cost of obtaining a law degree?

    On that question, we have very informative data. NALP reports that, a full nine months after graduation, 9.6% of 2011 law school graduates were unemployed and seeking work; they had no jobs whatsoever. Another 10.0% were working part-time, and still another 5% held full-time jobs for which the JD conferred no advantage. One out of every four graduates was unemployed, working part-time, or not using their JD.


  5. Personally, I don' have enny problem hirin' a JD. And in Richmond, I'd be happier than a pig in shit to hire a lawyer to run da grease traps. Er t' run da cash register. Ennything I can do help out my ol' Southern folk.

    You knows I gots 'bout 20 fuckin' stores in and around Richmond, dont'cha know? If ya can't git a gotdamn job with yer muthafuckin' law degree, take yer ass down to The Colonel's. If we can't git you a job, we'll try 'n git you a free 8 piece bucket a chickin. (If yas got'sa nice set a knockers or sweet calves, I'll even toss in a side a mashed taters 'n gravy.) But don't tries this shit twice, or I'll fuckin' hit you wit' my fuckin' Caddy. Ya hears meh loud 'n clear 'n shit, mufucka?

  6. 1138 is correct.

    Also Richmond is basically Grundy with a few more dirty and smelly buildings. Shit of a city.

    The investment in a crap school is simply not worth it. What young men fail to realize that 20 years ago when I graduated from such a crapper, while loans were not as tough to pay back and jobs were a little easier to find, even in the best of circumstances, marriage and family was delayed for many reasons especially if being happy was on your list of requirments. That problem has not changed but its now worse and with women being even more money grubbing, good luck finding one who will stick around with you or just save herself for your mid 30s ass to pay back everyone and be rich so she can marry you and give you kids before her uterus dries up and you have some down syndrome children because you are so desperate to have kids. Atleast the pushing or over 40 self centered Hollywood set adopts babies from Africa rather then have babies so late in life.

    Even if you do lock in a woman young, imagine all the bitching and unfaithful behavior while you struggle through school and her exes are all partying. She will end up fucking some country redneck with his own pseudo construction company or some other guy she knew from college who manages a Best Buy.

    Forget the job problem, ask yourself if you want to dig a bigger whole for yourself socially. Unless you go to a top flight school, chicks dont care. Its not a magnet like it might have been in the 80s. If you go to law school at Richmond, even townie chicks laugh at you.

    Society changes and those of us in the profession only stay out of necessity. I tell all kids, start a business, get in with a real company even if advancement seems slow. Even if you work a crap job in your early to mid 20s, you still have possibilities and are not burdened by debt. This makes your attitude better and chicks will like you more then the pissed off kid who has debt and no better job prospects because he went to law school. Plus while that idiot is in school studying, you can go partying whenever you want. Life is too short to be bitter and it passes you buy quickly.

    In todays fucked up times where the middle class is being destroyed by liberal policies, you have to be a total fool to go to a shit law school IN THE PRIME OF YOUR FUCKING LIFE!!. This is when girls are their nicest look the best and will enjoy fucking you with little to no drama. Law School and the time trying to play catch up until you are 35 and go oh shit i have less hair, more weight, and not likely a big salary relative to my sacrifice, how am I going to get married and have kids with someone I have something in common with. How is that something to look forward to?

    You are not missing out on anything. I understand your personality and goals say be a lawyer, but fuck it, its not that big a deal and you dont get your life or your money back. If you go, you are either likely a social failure and if your job prospects are as bad as they are for most kids, your financial life is not going to be good.

    To do this to yourself is one thing, but to do it in Richmond, you are better off setting yourself on fire.


    Look at this shitty ass admissions video from the University of Richmond Shithole of Law.

  8. My reply to the troll known as "Mr. Infinity"

  9. Plus virtually all of southern Virginia (including Richmond) is chock full of rednecks and yahoos. If those are the kind of people you would like to represent, then by all means attend this dump. My opinion is that Richmond Law is a local school. In fact, I can't recall ever running into a RIchmond grad in the Northeast. That's not to say that don't exist up here, but you will be facing a long, hard road finding employment compared to local schools that have a significant alumni base. Why anyone would want to spend three years in Richmond is beyond me. It's night and day compared with Northern Virginia.


    On February 23, 2012, Bloomberg Businessweek published a piece entitled "Student Debt is Stifling Home Sales." The reporter was Bob Willis. Read the following portion of that article:

    "According to a recent Federal Reserve study, only 9 percent of 29- to 34-year-olds got a first-time mortgage from 2009 to 2011, compared with 17 percent 10 years earlier. “First-time home buyers are typically an important source of incremental housing demand, so their smaller presence in the market affects house prices and construction quite broadly,” Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said at a homebuilders’ conference in Orlando on Feb. 10.

    Recent college graduates carry an average debt load of more than $25,000, limiting their ability to qualify for mortgages even if they’re able to land a job in a market with an unemployment rate of 9 percent for 25- to 34-year-olds. Dubbing it a “student loan debt bomb,” the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) warned on Feb. 7 about the effects of rising student debt on recent graduates, parents who co-signed their loans, and older Americans who’ve gone back to school for job training.

    “Just as the housing bubble created a mortgage debt overhang that absorbs the income of consumers and renders them unable to engage in consumer spending that sustains the economy, so too are student loans beginning to have the same effect, which will be a drag on the economy for the foreseeable future,” John Rao, vice president of the NACBA, said on a conference call."

    Yes, the chair of the Federal Re$erve understands this reality. Unlike anonymous online pieces of trash who moronically encourage others to head to law school, this man has pointed out that those in the 29-34 age group are finding it increasingly difficult to get approved for a mortgage. Could it be a mere coincidence that this cohort holds massive student debt, in an era of SKYROCKETING tuition?!?! Then again, the trolls and ball-less shills are likely still living at home with their mother.

    This is serious business. Student debt affects families, personal relationships, entire communities, and the nation. When people have less discretionary income - because they are sending large chunks of their salary to Sallie Mae, Nelnet or other student lender cockroaches - then they are unable or unwilling to make many major purchases. That *might* be a problem in a consumer-based economy, huh?!?!

    In the final analysis, the universities and law schools do not give one damn about their students. They simply see them as suckers. In a world where commerce and communication is largely conducted online, these greedy morons are busy spending immense sums of (taxpayer) money on new brick and mortar buildings, law libraries and for their bloated administrations. Furthermore, the pigs are relying more heavily on adjuncts, associate “professors,” TAs, and graduate students, and many courses are now available online. Yet, for $ome rea$on, the bastards keep raising tuition to alarming levels.

  11. Richmond is a third tier city. If you move here because you think a law degree is your ticket to a better future that's on you.

  12. If you go to law school all you're guaranteed is more debt.

  13. you & this blog are fucking disgusting. have fun being bitter and wasting your time hating on people & institutions that have absolutely nothing to do with you. and no, I don't go to richmond....

  14. @ 7:43,

    You're a poor (financially speaking) idiot.

    "Nothing to do with you"?

    You mean other than ruining the country, right?

    Go back to church you bible humping christian slime. You're probably a fourth tier "law professor" somewhere.

    I bet you are proud you fucking criminal. I will find you and ensure you live the rest of your life in prison. Worthless parasite.

  15. Hey Nando, just to let you know, this blog has done a lot of good. Were it not for you, I might very well be in law school now, which, as we all should know by now, is a potentially catastrophic decision from the standpoint of one's long term financial health.

  16. This entry demonstrates how ridiculous these "tier" rankings are. In two plus decades of practice, I was unaware of the existence of Richmond Law School, much less its place in the "2nd" tier. Make no mistake, as a private sector employer, I place no stock on the rankings compiled by the U.S. News & World Report publication. In fact, when I applied to law school, these rankings did not exist. It was pretty much well accepted that you were on good footing if you attended a top 10 law school or a state flagship school.

    Nando, I realize your antagonists try to attack you by bringing up that you attended a lowly ranked school and that you did not take the bar exam. I don't hold that against you as I feel your courage to come out against this corrupt and filthy industry trumps your "shortcomings."

    I wish I could come out in public against the law schools and the irrational courts that have dismissed these class action lawsuits by basically declaring that law schools cannot be held accountable of their fraud because they were merely following ABA and NALP guidelines. This excuse is a cheap and invalid cop out that the judges are using to protect the law schools. Most of the law school deans are former judges, state attorney generals and prominent members of the bar. Do not mistake the credentials of your typical law school dean to that of a law school professor. In fact, law school professors seldom become deans because the purpose of the dean is to revenue generate (through higher rankings, alumni contacts, fundraising, etc.). Law school deans are supposed to be rainmakers, in fact the few I know are very charming but they hide a beast in their soul called avarice. Law professors rarely exhibit the charm or connections to the private sector that would help them become "better" deans in the eyes of their respective schools.

    I wish I could criticize these vile monsters in public; however, the law is the hand that feeds me and I would be ostracized by the legal community, which is why I give Nando a lot of credit for putting his face and real name out there.

    Make no mistake, most of the law school lawsuits will fail by design. Fraud is fraud regardless of whether it is sanctioned by the ABA or NALP. Law schools have been committing this kind of fraud for decades. And, it is starting to assist in the collapse of the legal industry. In my day, newly minted lawyers would not make $10-15/hr. Go on craigslist and see for yourself that this profession is in its final leg of the race to the bottom. Only morons would pay to go schools such as the "2nd tier gem" featured on this entry.

    NYC Hiring Partner

  17. @NYC Hiring Partner

    Im glad you are still around and thank you.

  18. There are all kinds of law schools here in Virginia, everywhere in the state. Every tier is represented (There might even be one or two unaccredited law schools around here somewhere). So there no jobs for First Tier, Second Tier, Third Tier, or Forth Tier lawyers.

    Know also that Just as Northern Virginians will go south to UVA and William and Mary, they'll also go north to the six schools in DC too. The region is fully saturated. Please do not come here to practice law

    Here is the list

    University of Virginia
    Appalachian School of Law
    Washington and Lee University
    University of Richmond
    William and Mary
    George Mason
    Regent University
    Liberty University

    District of Columbia
    American University
    Howard University
    University of DC
    George Washington University
    Catholic University
    Georgetown University

    Some of these names might look familiar. Some are in the T14, some are mentioned on these pages. One is actually both.

  19. The guy at 7:53 is a wannabe. Just look at his writing skills. If my 5th grader exhibited such poor writing, I'd shoot myself for being a failure as a parent.

  20. On November 11, 2010, the univer$ity's student paper, the Collegian, published a piece from Liz McAvoy under the header "President Ayers' salary not number one at Richmond." Here is a meaty excerpt:

    "The University of Richmond employee who made the most money during the 2008-2009 academic year was someone most students have never even heard of.

    Srinivas Pulavarti made more money, including benefits, than President Edward Ayers ($710,472), head basketball coach Christopher Mooney ($362,339), and professor of psychology and President Emeritus William Cooper ($450,034).

    Pulavarti was paid $811,553 including benefits during the 2008-2009 academic year for his management of the university’s endowment and other institutional investments as president of Spider Management Co."

    According to this report, John Douglass, then-dean of what was then called the T.C. Williams School of Law, made $285,846. The reason why this bastard - who is largely unknown to the students - rakes in so much money is because the
    piece of trash manages the university's endowment and other investments.

    This is the engine that drives expansion, capital improvements, attracts big names to join the faculty, etc. In the final analysis, U.S. colleges and universities are PRIMARILY CONCERNED with making money!

    Read this next portion:

    "[Director of treasury services in the department of business and finance Louie] Love explained the method for university compensation decision-making.

    “The university has a compensation system and that system has ranges for staff and administrative positions,” Love said. “The ranges are reviewed periodically to be sure they’re consistent with the job market and competitive with peer institutions.”

    Compensation totals for Pulavarti and Robin Blandford ($448,273), director of investments for Spider Management Co., also both included bonus and incentive compensations of $275,000 and $175,000, respectively. Spider Management Co. is a wholly controlled affiliate of the University of Richmond.

    “[Pulavarti and Blandford are] both paid a base salary and they’re eligible for performance bonuses under the terms of their employment based on the performance of the university’s endowment,” Love said. “This is a very typical bonus structure for positions such as these.”

    The university’s endowment lost about 14 percent of its value during the 2008-2009 calendar year."

    After that performance, Pig Srinivas Pulavarti was rewarded with even more bags of cash. Isn't "higher education" wonderful?!?!

  21. Fuck you nando. Your friends too. Quit complaining about how unfair the world is. And all of you guys go out and get jobs. Fuckers.

  22. ^^^^^^^
    Fuck you 8/26 8:26 PM

    Fuck you and your mom, you POS.

    P.S. - Have a Blessed Day!!

  23. To the cockroach who posted on August 26, 2012 at 7:53 am,

    How is life in Charlotte, North Carolina, lemming?!?! I am covering a filthy, vile, deeply corrupt indu$try. As such, I am not obligated to discuss the perpetrators in sterile, academic terms. Do you understand that concept, bitch?!

    From my analytics, moron:

    Visits: 11

    Unique ID: 457180562
    IP address:
    Locale: Charlotte, NC, USA / English
    Organization: Clearwire Corporation
    Platform: Google Chrome 21.0 / Windows 7 / 1600x900

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    Aug 20 2012 11:04am 1 action 10s
    Aug 20 2012 8:07am 1 action 10s
    Aug 20 2012 7:55am 1 action 10s [secure search]

    ABA-accredited law schools are sewage pits. By the way, ass-clown: your mother's vagina is disgusting. Tell her to clean herself thoroughly before she drops by next time. If you are married to the idea of being an attorney, then you need to be aware of the GLUTTED legal job market. Have fun at your local TTT, ass-clown.

    Wait a minute! As you can see, this idiot viewed this blog from another IP, as well.

    IP Lookup Details:
    IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: VA
    City: Richmond
    Latitude: 37.5522
    Longitude: -77.4582

    It feels great to bust a troll. For future reference: don't mess with someone who has 60 IQ points on you, Bitch. What can you expect from an angry moron?! Now, it is clear that this LIAR is from Richmond, Virginia. Have fun in law school, mental midget. The rest of us will continue to bring in a paycheck and be responsible.

  24. ^Doesn't surprise me the kid is from Richmond. Mature adults usually don't get mad if you happen to mention that a college or university in their hometown is a trash pit. Even alums aren't that crazy about their school. It's only the idiots who are looking to get in that have such an emotional reaction.

  25. Nando:

    I am still eagerly awaiting your profiles on HYS.

  26. ^^^^^^^

    5 more years.

    By then, I predict we will see people, even from those schools, having trouble finding jobs.

  27. To 8/26 8:26 PM

    From Carl

    At least to have the balls to not speak anonymously. You just fart and run away like a 2nd grader. I have a "real" job. I'm not saying "the world" is "unfair," I'm saying that LAW SCHOOLS commit FRAUD in their recruiting, and then pay the profit to CEO bosses.

    Good article Nando. I agree that it's important to focus on where the excess profit is going, and who consumes it.

  28. August 27, 2012 9:54 AM There's probably variety of different attitudes that alumni have when you say bad things about their law school.

    Some might get mad because their ego is invested in the prestige of their Alma Mater or because they need the school's reputation to be above reproach in order for them to secure a job.

    Others might be glad because they believe their school to be a scam but never heard it put so eloquently before.

    Several Examples. Our host Nando refers to his Alma Mater at all times as 'Third Tier' Drake, indicating that he has no little or no respect for the thing despite being an alumnus.
    On the other hand Thomas E. Brennan publishes 'Rankings' where the school he founded, Thomas M. Cooley, is ranked second only to Harvard. Advertizing his belief in the quality of a Cooley education.

    Several people who comment on this blog ask Nando to profile the schools they went to themselves. Others will get angry when their school is mentioned.
    For the record I'm attending GW but not in the law school. The place's law school was referred to as a 'First Tier Flush' by Nando, and perhaps even more damaging to its image of prestige it was labeled the archetypical 'Trap school' by Dr. Campos. It hurt, but the logic of these gentlemen's arguments is irrefutable (And the tuition too damn high).

  29. This law school is a certifiable shithole.

  30. Why the fuck would anyone even contemplate attending a shit-pit like University of Richdumb school of law? I'd rather burn rolls of $100 bills while making some warped rap video to put on Youtube than give that money to Richdumb.

  31. Wow... you fuckers need help.


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