Monday, September 17, 2012

Academic Waste Product: Concordia University Opens a Law School to “Serve” Boise, Idaho

Dung Pit Opens With an Inaugural Class of 74 Desperate Idiots:

On September 16, 2012, the National Law Journal published Karen Sloan’s piece, which was entitled “Yes, they’re still opening law schools.” The three turds are: Concordia University Sewer of Law, Savannah Law School; and California Desert Trial Academy. Here is a juicy excerpt:

“Seventy-four students comprise the inaugural class of the Concordia University School of Law in Boise, the first law school in Idaho's capital. The school is part of Concordia University in Portland, Ore. — a private, Christian, liberal-arts university.

"We're very excited, and the students are excited as well," said dean Cathy Silak, a former justice of the Idaho Supreme Court. "On the first night of orientation, they wanted to start classes."

University officials began contemplating opening a law school in Boise, which is about a seven-hour drive from Portland, in 2007. They pointed to an unmet demand for legal education in the city — the closest full-service law school was the University of Idaho College of Law in Moscow, 300 miles away. Moreover, the Portland market was already served by Lewis & Clark Law School, with both the University of Oregon School of Law and Willamette University College of Law within 100 miles. 

Moreover, there was no part-time law program in the state, Silak said. Some 30 percent of Concordia's inaugural class is attending part time.” [Emphasis mine]

I love how these cockroaches chirp about meeting supposed “unmet needs” for more “legal education” - in a weak attempt to justify their deci$ion to open a new diploma mill. When will we see a new law school, exclusively for left-handed, gay women?!?! Perhaps the ABA can issue a study to see if this group is under-represented in the “profession.”

Boise’s “Massive” Population:,_Idaho

“As of the 2010 Census, Boise's city population was 205,671. The Boise metropolitan area is home to about 616,500 people and is the most populous metropolitan area in Idaho, and the third most populous metropolitan area in the U.S. Pacific Northwest region (behind only the Seattle, WA and Portland, OR metropolitan areas). It is also the 104th largest U.S. city by population.” [Internal citations removed]

As the 104th largest city in the nation, in terms of population, Boise, Idaho MUST be in dire need of its very own law school! Can someone please tell me why this thriving metropolis does not have two ABA law schools?!?!

Actually, Sloan’s article continued with the following info:

“Annual tuition is $28,500 — well below the average $39,184 for private law schools, according to the ABA.

The school apparently has received significant support from Boise's legal community. Each student has been paired with a mentor attorney or judge — and the school has plenty of volunteer mentors, Silak said. They will teach professionalism and ethics plus nuts-and-bolts skills including records-keeping and interacting with clients.

"The law school is located right in the heart of downtown Boise. We are steps away from the largest courthouses in the state," she said. "The students have unique access to the legal community."

Concordia won't be the only game in town for long — the University of Idaho is slowly establishing a satellite campus in Boise. It already offers third-year courses and recently received preliminary state approval to add second-year courses. Eventually, that school plans to offer a full three-year curriculum, giving students the option to attend in either Moscow or Boise, said dean Donald Burnett.” [Emphasis mine]

It appears that $28,500 is the default tuition rate for new ABA-approved trash pits. Keep in mind that the Indiana In$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTe of TTTTechnology will open a law school in 2013 - and is also set to charge this ridiculous amount in annual tuition. If someone purchased several doublewides - and provided bookshelves, a few couches, running water, a printer, fax machine and an internet connection - I’m sure that the ABA pigs would have no problem if tuition was around $28,500.

The Chri$tian Commode’s Mi$$ion $tatement:

“Concordia University is a private, nonprofit, liberal arts school that enrolls students committed to making a positive impact on their communities. The establishment of a law school is a natural extension of Concordia's mission as a Christian university to prepare leaders for the transformation of society.”

Yes, adding to the legions of debt-strapped, broke-ass college and law grads is going to help revolutionize the world, right?!?!

“Mission and Values Preparing Leaders for the Transformation of Society Concordia University and the School of Law are committed to preparing students for lives of meaningful vocation and service. The law school will provide a challenging, supportive, learning environment that integrates faith, learning, and civic engagement in the search for truth, social justice, and an informed voice of reason.”

As with most corporations masquerading as religious institutions - for the tax-exempt status and other benefits - this university only cares about one value: making lots of money! Case in point: according to this page, Concordia is part of a network of 10 colleges and universities affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod.

Conclusion: Boise does not need one law school - let alone two ABA trash pits. Then again, the bastards who run these commodes DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN what happens to their students upon graduation. After all, the administrators and faculty members are paid up front, in full - while the students and graduates will be left paying the bill for the next 20-30 years, with interest. The pigs’ salaries are not tied to employment “placement.” The schools reap ALL of the benefits of the federally-backed student loan $y$tem, while bearing NONE of the risk!! Isn’t this a great and wondrous industry?!?!


  1. So they want to make more shit in Idaho. I guess their potato crop wasn't so good this year.

  2. I think this is it; they've finally reached saturation point. When you are opening law schools in Idaho for people who are too lazy to drive to Moscow to attend the established law school, it's over....the Starbucks model, where you can have two of their coffee shops in the same mall MAKES NO GODDAMNED SENSE FOR LAW.

    1. Yes, because a 5.5 hour drive is close. Or you know, that Moscow is a college town, with not many options. Yeah, makes no sense at all.

  3. "unmet needs"? WTF? Do these carnival barkers think every city in the nation needs a law school?

    The linked article is what seems to pass for journalism these days, e.g. parroting press releases without asking any tough questions. I'd love for a reporter to ask these deans something like "Dean so and so, how can there be an unmet need for a law school when there are twice as many graduates as there are jobs?" Or maybe "Dean so and so, can you name any legal employers in this town who are complaining about the lack of job applicants?" etc.

  4. Sorry to be off topic here but can you believe the mainstream media is still, in 2012, trying to prop up law school as some great opportunity that will open doors? Check out this tripe that was posted on the national law journal website:

    Lemmings, notice that the people profiled attended law school 25-30 years ago. Scott Turrow? Come on. Oh and they threw in Sandra Fluke (of Limbaugh's whore comment fame) as a recent example of success. Yes, because with a Georgetown JD you too can become an "activist."

  5. Hey all:

    I feel your pain, but you are wrong on very, very important point.

    There is a TREMENDOUS unmet need for law skools...

    For you MUST realize who the customer is. The customer is NOT the student. The customer 90% of the time is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. It is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT paying the bills. The government will pay almost any bill presented, in any quantity...

    As long as the government will pay the bill, schools will continue to open. As long as there is UNLIMITED money, there will be more supply.

    Simple as that, simple economics.

    1. exactly..we need more minority lawyers so you have to open up more crappier law schools. Then you pass them through to keep the government off your back while you make a ton of money with your school scam and then when they get out, lets pray they can pass the bar(non whites are given extra points just by signing their name so they can hopefully pass easier) so they can have a chance at a job in the public sector as the private sector wont touch them.

      Once you are graduated and pass the bar, you have the best chance to get a gvt job where you push the white male out of the work force which is more important then the fact your incompetent. It also allows you to have direct input on the racial discrimination on whites.

      Now if you are a total screw up then the white working taxpayers pay for your failed loan because you could not take advantage of the affirmative action laws that allow you be all you can be no matter how much the standards have been lowered.

      The mind is a terrible thing and the USA is going to be South Africa in 20 years. Zimbabwe in about 50.

  6. I'm feeling left out. I moved to Seattle and practiced law for about 5 years before I realized there were much, much better ways to make a living. I needed a change of pace. I was stressed to the 9s and started going thin up top by 30 (yep, law is great for one's health). And now I live in Montana. We only have one law school in the entire state. Is there any chance Concordia can put a satelite campus up here?

  7. Just another scamster trying to get in on the federal loan tit. It's embarrassing the government just throws money at these criminals.

  8. To "serve" in, "To Serve Man."

    They won't be done until they have ruined as many lives as possible.

  9. If you were in solo practice, why would you welcome a law school being opened in your backyard? Let me mentor these guys, so they can compete with me for the limited pool of clients. At the solo level, competition for clients is already cut-throat, with attorneys underpricing each other for basic legal services, "Uncontested Divorce for $500" as an example.

    Was there some huge unmet legal need in Boise? If they really had that demand, with only something like 50% of law grads being able to get legal jobs, you could easily get unemployed law graduates flooding into Boise from all over the United States. The reason the law school is being opened is because they can and it will make money.

    If you want to serve a truly unmet need, open a dental school in Arkansas. Arkansas does not have a dental school.

  10. Why do you need a dental school in Arkansas? No teeth to take care of in that state. Thats like a fur coat retailer opening up a store in Barstow California. Or a real estate lawyer opening an office in Detroit. Or JD painter guy taking the bar exam. Whats the point.

  11. I live in the TriCities area of Washington state. My area has a population of 275K and is flooded with attorneys. Open any phone book in Idaho, Washington, or Oregon and the largest section will be attorneys. We already have enough law schools (include ones that offer part time programs). All markets in my area are flooded with attorneys (many who are not working as attorneys - myself included). Seattle, Boise, Spokane, Portland, Tricities, Yakima, Wenatchee, and all points in between ARE FLOODED with JDs.

    Cumcordia is doing a huge disservice to our area and to prospective students AND THEY KNOW IT!!!! Fucking fraudsters.

    I hope anyone who is considering law school is hip to the scam and RUNS away from applying.

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  13. ^^ Too many typos.

    But anyway:

    I have some good tales about things that I saw while preparing for the bar exam.

    For instance, there was the woman and young mother that brought her 8 or nine year old child to the bar prep course every night because she couldn't afford a babysitter, and how I saw that young girl sleeping in the hallways of Hofstra University while her exhausted looking mother was busy taking notes during a grueling 800 hour bar prep course.

    I really wonder if that young woman ever passed the bar, and whatever became of her and her daughter.

    It was a long time ago. 10 years or more by now.

    Like many of us, I guess the young mother thought she was going to grab the gold ring after she passed the bar exam and got off the law school scam carousel.


    "Costs and Scholarships

    Financing your Legal Education

    Law school is a significant financial investment and one that should be made only after careful consideration of your educational and career goals. Your total cost must take into account application fees, living expenses, books, transportation, the rate charged to take a state bar study course along with the fee for the actual exam, and even the costs of finding a job."

    Apparently, the bitches and hags at this school agree with my assessment that "legal education" should be seen primarily as an ECONOMIC DECISION. If you cannot put food in the fridge, shoes on your children's feet, or pay the mortgage, then who gives a damn if you have some fancy letters behind your name?

    “Tuition, Fees, and Cost of Attendance

    Tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year is under review. Tuition for the 2012-2013 academic year is currently $950 per credit hour.

    Full-time 30 credits ($28,500)

    Part-time 24 credits ($22,500)

    At this time, the annual fees to be assessed and the cost of attendance for purposes of financial aid remain under discussion.”

    Of course, the pigs have no problem setting tuition at $28,500 – despite the following: (a) the school has yet to attain ABA accreditation; (b) there is NO ALUMNI BASE for law grads, which helps in the job search; (c) it has no track record; and (d) the commode is located in Boise, Idaho. This is beyond disgusting.

    “Seeking Diversity

    Concordia University is committed to a diverse student population, and we are eager to continue that legacy at the School of Law.

    If your background, life experiences, or personal attributes enhance your ability to contribute to the student body by adding a diverse perspective, we encourage you to share this information within your Personal Statement or to submit a separate Diversity Essay with your application materials.”

    At least, the school is ostensibly devoted to “diversity.” So that makes everything else okay, right?!?! These diploma mills act as if they are “opening the doors of the profession to under-represented segments.” In reality, these cockroaches are merely going to soak additional minorities with massive amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. What a fount of integrity!

  15. This is yet another cash cow being created on the backs of gullible lawyer wanna-be types and the taxpayers. Until the federal govt stops guaranteeing the loans, these unnecessary law schools will continue to open. Forget the ABA-at what point do taxpayers say "Enough"; the students are getting ripped-off but the taxpayers are footing the bill. I keep thinking this has got to stop-but it's never going to stop, at least not until the federal govt stops funding this nonsense.

  16. Yes, there is an unmet need for legal services in Boise, Idaho. You see in 2011, a young solo lawyer was gunned down by his secretary's husband.

    Mr. Corrigan's passing left a huge void in the Boise legal community that could only be met by opening a new law school.

    Take a look at the damsel who allegedly caused the appearance of a lethal love triangle:

    Makes me want to trade in my NY bar license, and take a Greyhound to Boise, Idaho.

    Quick joke: What do you call a native american hooker? A Nava-hoe.

    What do you call a hooker who turns in tricks for potatoes? A Ida-hoe.

  17. ^That lady was probably attractive. You know, before meth took control of her life.

  18. The school just wants to get in on the money train. Many more students will get ruined before either piece of shit political party does anything to stop it. But have fun in your upcoming presidential election anyway. I'm sure everything rides on the outcome.

  19. The general public is clueless about the law school scam and higher education scam in general. Ive read articles about graduates of "culinary schools" who are suing their schools because they borrowed 40-60K to learn how to cook, and are making minimum wage chopping vegetables.

    Who borrows that kind on non dischargable debt to learn how to cook?? Didn't your mama show you how to use the stove and the oven and the skillet? With all of the free cooking shows and websites and cookbooks you can check out from the library, what were they thinking? Maybe they thought they'd be the next Jamie Oilver.

  20. Law schools are pumping out about 2x as many grads as needed. No law schools should be opening. Shit, you need to close down about 3/4 of these money pits. At a minimum, close down half of them.

  21. No! Shut them all down!!

    Sorry... Thought of Star Wars and C3PO there with the garbage compactor scene.

  22. When I was at Touro Law School and in my third year, I signed up for an elective course, and the instructor, who was a lawyer, wasn't there for the very first class.

    So we all sat around in the class kind of confused, and then a law prof. dean, came down to the basement classroom and said that the instructor's mother had called and said that her son, the instructor or teacher, was running late.

    So we all sat around some more, and then the Instructor finally showed up, and was really strange.

    He cracked a few bad jokes and asked questions, and then, thinking he was funny, said: "Fuck You" in reply to an answer that a woman in the class had given to one of his questions.

    I stood up and walked out.

    I wrote a letter describing the whole event to the registrar of Touro Law School, and followed up with an office visit not too long after.

    I sat down and across the desk from Dean Waxman, the Registrar of Touro Law School, and asked him face to face for my $1,800.00 dollars in borrowed tuition money back.

    Dean Waxman said to me: "We are not inclined to grant it."

    And so that was it. I never got my eighteen hundred bucks back.

    Dean Waxman was a big fan of Winston Churchill and had pictures of Churchill in his office.

    Oh... I have more stories like this.

    1. Waxman was a Jew, was not he? Are not you able to connect the dots?

    2. JDP, although well-intentioned in his beliefs, cannot or will not understand that the Joos are first and foremost for the joos. They are a group that strongly identifies with class exclusion, education being one of those means, etc. Talk to one of these joos in higher education and you will quickly see their bias. Money, education, social class, these are all things that the joos take very seriously and are used primarily as tools to benefit themselves vs. the goyim and likely at the goyim's expense.

    3. Jews are no different then any other race or ethnic class and if anything they have less loyalty to fellow jews then say blacks.

      Say what you want about the black folks but they stand up for each other against mutual enemies ie black folks would vote for a one drop black guy that was the biggest failure on the planet because they hate white people. The worst black man is better then any white guy and they would act to their own self detriment to promote black culture and power more so then any jew would do for his fellow jew. Unlike the jew however, blacks need that group mentality to survive because it hides their inner inferiority.

      Jews on the other hand all about themselves personally. They would destroy another Jew if it meant personal wealth or success just like most anyone else would but jews are some of the best at it so they dont need their fellow jews and have no loyalty to each other like you say they do. Look how many Jews vote liberal. I mean we have a muslim president who hates Israel and 50% of the Jews will vote for him because they benefit from something if a liberal is in office. They would vote for the dude putting them in the oven if they thought it would keep them from being in the front of the line to get there. Jews are no different then anyone else. If they were first for the Jews, they would behave a lot differently then they do.

    4. Every single word is true.

      When people ask me why I distaste Jews, I say that is because they are the epitome of the human race - profit driven, disloyal, hateful, filthy, dishonest, all-you-die-today-so-i-can- die-tomorrow group of people. Well, hideous external appearance does not help either and I am not even talking about orthodox Jews. Feh.

  23. Touro sounds like a real shithole.

  24. Is there a law school to provide for the needs of people in the Ozarks and Appalachia? If not someone'll jump all over that and open one.

  25. So let me get this straight...
    the facts of you being a liberal pussy aside, you in your third year of law school already tons in debt asked for a tuiton refund for a class? What if he had said yes? You would have had to come back for summer school or take an extra class in the spring which you probably couldnt handle either way delaying your chance at becoming a lawyer. Guess in the long run it didnt matter for you but it probably made that Dean pee his pants woth joy waiting to see the next crop of 1ls.

    You may by your stupidity have actually contributed to others opening new law schools because word got around there are some dumber then dumb suckers who think they can become lawyers

    Thanks for sharing dummy.

  26. Why you mad at JDP? Did he steal your girl or something?

  27. no one is mad at him..just hate being reminded that he is the poster child for the law school scam. You cant have a scam without suckers and hes a picture on the front page of the student recruitment brochure sucker.

  28. hey all,

    not to go off topic, but look what I found!

    An LLM in agriculture and food law!

    When I sound this, I thought for sure it was a hoax; however it is real. Maybe Nabisco is looking to hire some graduates of this cutting edge "program" to defend against claims of expired Fig Newtons!

  29. JDP wasn't the only sucker. I bet his ex-wife married him thinking he would be her golden ticket. She probably thought "I am marrying a lawyer. I will be able to upstage the girls at the salon when I tell them my husband is a prestigious attorney." Well the joke was on her. At least she had the sense to not have a baby with JDP before she bailed on him. For richer or poorer. Yeah right.

  30. @11:26 am,

    It’s funny that you mention this degree program. One of my fellow classmates earned his LLM in Agricultural and Food Law from the University of Arkansas Sewer of Law - after earning his JD from Third Tier Drake.

    "Emiliano Lerda's Education

    University of Arkansas School of Law, Fayetteville LL.M., Agricultural and Food Law
    2009 – 2012

    Activities and Societies: Graduate Assistant at National Ag. Law Center.

    Drake University Law School J.D., Law, Food and Agriculture Law, International Comparative Law & Human Rights, Public Interest Law
    2006 – 2009

    Activities and Societies: Drake Law School Student Bar Association, Ag. Law Student Association.

    University of Northern Iowa B.A., Communication Studies
    2000 – 2004

    Activities and Societies: Northern Iowa Student Government, Student Alumni Ambassadors, International Students Association, Global Health Corps."

    According to his LinkedIn profile, he is the executive director of Justice for Our Neighbors-based out of Omaha, Nebraska.

    “Who We Are

    Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska is a faith-driven ministry, welcoming immigrants into our communities by providing free, high-quality immigration legal services, education, and advocacy.”

    I’m sure that his LLM in Food Law will help him immensely in his new job.

  31. Maybe Mr. Lerda can file a class action lawsuit against Monsanto for slowly killing us by putting Cancer causing genetically mutated organisms in our food. I am sure with LL.M in food law, he can take on that filthy industry and save humanity.

  32. An LLM in food law??? Now I've heard everything. Campos did a post a while back about "international environmental space law" basically saying that all these "specialty law" programs are BS because no one gets real jobs in these "specialities." They are mostly cash cows for the universities, and mental masturbation for the faculty.

  33. @11:39AM

    having a child is a blessing. We couldn't have a baby together, so don't assume that everyone can.

    However, I did start law school with a girlfriend that pretty much dumped me after learning of my first year grades. She used to tell me that she wanted to have my baby, and I didn;t realize that her statement came with the qualification that I become a big, successful lawyer.

    She also told me that I could make law review around the time of my 1L orientation if I "Worked hard."

  34. @10:45 AM

    Why are you Anon?

    And I say this over and over: I am not a poster child, but maybe dumb enough to talk openly about my law school experiences. And I am not about the law school scam so much as I am about out of control student loan debt.

    But I did go through a lower tier law school experience and graduate, and it was really awful, and my memories are very bitter and especially in light of my debt.

    So I contribute what I can.

    And once more, I strongly condemn the anti Jewish comments and slurs.

    I would hate to see the scamblogs go the way of Mel Gibson on a drunken rant.

  35. Listen up aspiring lawyers. Employment prospects are bad enough for people that didn't get into a top 15 school. But anyone attending these schools (or unranked or even worse unaccredited) will get absolutely zero sympathy from me when their in debt out their ass, with $150,000 in debt, and NO JOB - except working as a greeter at Wal-Mart or a barista at Starbucks. You might think this is an exaggeration. You would be sorely mistaken. Anyone attending one of these crap hole schools has a death wish. Plain and simple, you are a sucker. I hope you enjoy your crappy life attempting to pay off your debt with no legal job. Law is a prestige-oriented profession. Why, you might ask? Because there are too many god damn lawyers and so everything is geared toward "weeding" out the competition. It starts with the LSAT, then your undergrad grades and where you went to school. What law school you attended, your grades in law school, whether you are fat or skinny, attractive or butt-ugly, big boobs or flat-chested, tall or short, aggressive or a wimp, well-mannered, i.e., rich or poor, how well you dress, whether you made law review, etc. All these hurdles are put in place because the competition for law jobs is FIERCE! They say it doesn't matter where you go to medical school, you can always find a job - even if you graduated from a foreign medical school. This is NOT the case with law school. Where you attend completely matters. Secondary rankings, such as rankings in IP or health law have no meaning with legal employers. They just don't care. So the long and short is if you attend one of these three schools, you will undoubtedly regret your decision for the rest of your life. Literally, you will be a legal loser from day one and you won't even know it until you're sitting at your graduation with no job thinking how am I going to pay back my $150,000 debt. Have fun living in mama's basement sucker...

  36. How do you or anyone know if or where or when I have been having a few beers?

    But I gots lots of stories, but if you must, save this one too:

    I had a horribe experience when learning Constitutional law at Touro Law School almost 20 years ago.

    My instructor was a a very dull and hunched and obnoxious and bullying one completely and fully Tenured Professor Gary Shaw at Touro law school.

    Like me, he never passed the NY Bar Exam, if he had even tried. (I don't know)

    This tenured Professor used to brag about his overseas trips to teach the people in Bealrus about how to write their own constition, and from time to time, tenured Shaw used to talk (in a sort of dicta) about how he was a brilliant prodigy of law when in law school as a young man, and about how he hardly studied, but instead played cards or rather Pinochle so as to pass the time because the study of law came so easy to him.

    Tenured Shaw one day talked about an old classmate of his named George that the tenured Touro Law School law professor named Gary Shaw ridiculed as someone at the "botton of the class" that could not get a job anywhere and so had to "hang out his own shingle."

    Tenured Law Professor Gary Shaw even talked about how he had a house in Connecticut that was worth 500K, and all because he wanted to, for some reason talk about that house and it's real estate value, and, besides Shaw had a totally captive audience.

    Tenured law Professor Gary Shaw, one day, made a creepy effort at justifying his bullying with a statement that went something like this:

    "If you think I am tough, just wait until you go before a Judge someday."

    And Shaw, a tenured law professor, even said something in a sort of threatening way about how difficult the Bar Exam was and was not for the lazy to pass, and, ironically, tenured law professor Gary Shaw at Touro Law School taught in a NY law school without having obtained a license to practice law in NY.

    When the end of 2 very horrible and soul destroying semesters with Gary Shaw came to an end, I wrote a scathing review of him and about how I deeply resented having been forced to have him as an instructor by Touro law school. And about how the alumni fund will never get a cent from me.

    The woman from the Registrar's office, Dean Waxman's office that is, came around to pick up the reviews, and paused and stood and read my scathing review about Gary Shaw.

    The reviews were supposed to be anon, and yet there was that woman standing there reading my piece of paper with a very bad critiqe of Gary Shaw.

    I got nervous after that and so I went to the office of the kindly and very charming Dean Rosemblum and told him the whole story about how I had written a very scathing review of Professor Gary Shaw, and about how I wanted to retract that review because I saw the secretary from the registrar's office read it, and also because I felt a bit of personal remorse for having been a bit unfair to Tenured Professor Gary Shaw.

    And the response of Dean Rosemblum was?

    Well, that is a full story for another day, but Dean Rosemblum did say to me in a sort of half joking and charming way at that meeting, that:

    "The A students end up teaching. And the B students end up working for the C students."

    And I thought that was encouraging advice..........

    at the time...........

    1. ...Dean Rosemblum did say to me in a sort of half joking and charming way at that meeting, that:

      "The A students end up teaching. And the B students end up working for the C students."

      That may have worked in law in the 1960s through the mid-1980s, but it was obsolete by the time you hit Touro.

      Because you are so badly screwed by these frauds, THAT is why I want you to flee to Canada or further afield. Fuck the country that allows these scumfucks to live.

  37. Rosemblum, huh? You had the Schindler's list of God chosen people up there.

  38. Nando--you are doing a great public service, and have no doubt saved a lot of people from untold misery. But the racist and anti-semitic rants on this blog are truly ugly and will undermine any credibility and moral high ground that can be claimed. The movement to expose this scam also seems to be getting hijacked by JDP and the responses he provokes. I would respectfully ask you to consider blocking some of these characters, and deleting the most offensive and pointless posts.

    1. Notice they are all Anons; I would say it's part of a discrediting operation by one of the colleges or that maniac WLTS or some other goddamn troll.

  39. You are totally wrong on all counts.

    Jews represent at least 50 percent of the legal profession and at least 50 percent of the ABA. Are you legally and willfully blind and do not want to see the connection?

    And we are not WTLS. That idiot was sent back to a high security mental institution with no internet access.

    1. "Are you legally and willfully blind and do not want to see the connection?"

      You're with the LaRouche people, right?

  40. 5:32's comment is the best one I've read in a while. In law, you are weeded out because this profession is busting at the seams. Competition for jobs is fierce. So many intangibles play a big role in who gets a job.

    Doctors are weeded out based on merit. But at least they are pretty much guaranteed a fucking job (as a doctor) when they graduate. And it doesn't matter if they went to a no-name school. Or if they have a large nose. Or crooked teeth. Or thinning hair. They have actual skills that help people get well.

    In law, you're dealing with wordplay. No actual skills other than bullshitting and splitting hairs is needed. Since they're not healing people or doing anything requiring real skill, you can get away with hiring people based on their looks, where they went to school, who they're related to.


    I don’t like citing to law review articles, to prove a point that is off topic. However, I am a little tired of the comments targeted at Jewish people. You can make your argument, without pointing to a culprit’s ethnicity. As someone mentioned earlier, Jewish people can be selfish, greedy, and vile. How does this separate them from any other group?! At least, I don't need to be concerned that some Jewish thugs will point a gun in my ribs and steal my wallet – or break into my home.

    Check out this article from Carol M. Langford, adjunct “law professor” at UC Hastings Commode of Law. It is entitled “Barbarians at the Bar: Regulation of the Legal Profession Through the Admissions Process.” This piece was published in the 36th volume of the Hofstra Law Review, in 2008.

    On page 1204 of the toilet’s 36th edition – and page 12 of the PDF – Langford notes that “moral character” was established by state bar cockroaches in order to limit the number of Jewish, black and Eastern European attorneys. The bar exam was designed to be a barrier to entry in the “profession.” In her words:

    “However, class and ethnic biases defined the implementation of the principle of moral character. Indeed, “[w]hile the quest [for moral character and fitness] was ‘aimed in principle against incompetence, crass commercialism, and unethical behavior,’ the ostensibly ‘ill-prepared’ and ‘morally weak’ candidates were often in fact ‘of foreign parentage, and, most pointedly, Jews.’” Much of the initial drive for more stringent character scrutiny emerged “in response to an influx of Eastern European immigrants, which threatened the profession’s public standing. Nativist and ethnic prejudices during the 1920’s, coupled with economic pressures during the . . . Depression, [further] fueled [this] renewed drive for entry barriers.” Character requirements were not the sole preventive measure. Other preventive measures in addition to the moral character requirement were created through institutionalized restrictive barriers towards immigrants, such as educational and ethical requirements which poor immigrants failed to possess, including thorough knowledge of the King’s English and the available funds for a law school education.” [Internal citations removed]

    The real pigs calling the shots, i.e. wealthy, spoiled WASPs, viewed Jews to be as “dirty” as Greeks, Italians, Slavs, blacks, etc. Keep in mind that the ABA has always been run by elitist trash. While the ABA now features a relative few women, blacks, Hispanics and others in supposed positions of “leadership,” these people are often nothing more than tokens. I recognize that Jewish men have attained a foothold in the legal field. But they did so, despite the WASPs' best efforts to sideline their asses. Plus, plenty of Jewish men and women, in this country, are now in financial ruin - due to their decision to attend law school.

    Langford also operates her own firm, i.e. The Law Office of Carol M. Langford, which is located in Walnut Creek, California. As such, she has more than an academic understanding of this topic.

    Anyone with an IQ above 50 is aware that rich and powerful white men – as a group - are no more ethical than a gang of street criminals. However, these pigs are able to disguise themselves better thanks to their wealth. This enables them to purchase better homes, expensive toys, fancy clothes, trophy wives, etc. As we all know, the average American looks up to these bastards. So they must be "upstanding members of the community," right?!?!

  42. "Anyone with an IQ above 50 is aware that rich and powerful white men – as a group - are no more ethical than a gang of street criminals. However, these pigs are able to disguise themselves better thanks to their wealth. This enables them to purchase better homes, expensive toys, fancy clothes, trophy wives, etc. As we all know, the average American looks up to these bastards. So they must be "upstanding members of the community," right?!?!"

    This is one of the best things you have written on this blog, Nando. Rich white assholes are as big a bunch of criminals as any other group. The only difference is, rich white assholes have their hands on the levers of power. So when they do something illegal, they get away with it by calling it "business." The more sophisticated white criminals have made up the mythology of personal responsibility to rationalize blaming the victims of their crimes.

  43. There are four states, IDAHO, Iowa, and two others, that require the bar taker's Law School have full ABA Accreditation during all three years of the students LS tenure to sit for their states Bar Exam. They will not accept either a mixture of full and provision ABA accreditation nor a mixture unaccredited and provisional ABA accreditation.

    So, none of the current students can sit for the IDAHO Bar ever. If it take 3 years to get ABA Provisional accreditation and three more years to get ABA full accreditation, then three more years to have a class qualify for the IDAHO Bar. That's nine years if everything goes as clockwork!

    1. Actually, Idaho doesnt need full ABA accreditation. Provisional accreditation would actually. Technically the ABA considers them accredited even with provisional. And if they arent accredited, the students are able to petition the supreme court.

      Also, good thing you aren't going into math as a profession. Those students who are there for the provisional accreditation and once they have the full accreditation would be able to sit for the bar once it happened. So, if you were going off the full accreditation, that'd be 6 years, not 9.

  44. This school is just another shit heap trying to get in on all that federal loan money. That's what education in America has come to.

  45. The Dean is an ex-supreme court justice. You don't think she hasn't already received under the table approval from the court for provisional students to sit for the bar. How dumb are you?

    1. Hello, Stupid Bitch. Are you upset because your boyfriend didn't pound you in the ass this morning?

      I recognize that most provisionally-accredited commodes receive full ABA approval, moron. The fact remains that Concordia "University" Sewer of Law does not have an alumni base. Do you think that this might possibly impact the initial graduating classes, cockroach?!?!

      The school is CLEARLY not established, in terms of job placement. However, this does not prevent the pigs from charging $28,500 in annual tuition.

      "TUITION FROZEN for 2013-2014

      After careful research, analysis and budgeting, Concordia University set the tuition rate for the inaugural class at $950 per credit hour and this rate will continue for the 2013-14 academic year.

      This rate results in a full-time tuition cost of $28,500, an annual cost that is more than $10,000 below the annual price point of the average private, nonprofit law school.

      In addition, all members of the Fall 2013 incoming class will receive a grant of $15,000 ($5,000 per year for full-time students and $3,750 per year for part-time students)."

      Get a life, waterhead. Enjoy your pathetic, overpriced "legal education."

  46. I’ve been accepted to 5 ABA schools and applied to Concordia University School of Law because the state of Idaho is close to my spouse’s home state. Essentially it was just an option in case something happened to her family. I got A TWO SENTENCE REJECTION LETTER from these idiots! 3 of the ABA schools I have been accepted to aren’t that great but 2 of them are in the top 100…no b.s. Take this post how you want, but everything above is the truth, I merely want to warn people that do get accepted to this NON-ABA school that sends out two sentence rejection letters that there’s undoubtedly something wrong with this school. Maybe they’re afraid that as soon as some people visit their campus before enrolling they’ll see that this “law school” is nothing but a fraud? Again I’m not b.s.’ing this is the honest truth.

  47. @ 2:23, I would be upset too if I couldn't get into a law school still seeking provisional accreditation. That puts you in a category of your own!

  48. Very interesting comment thread. I am a part-time 2L at Concordia Law. I am $28,000 in debt, I will graduate just under $40,000. I had no connections in the legal community prior to getting into this school. Now my connections are numerous. One of the school's academic coordinators scored me a legal job last year and I am able to pay for most of my $112,000 education as I go. The school has hired many Idaho Lawyers with great connections into the community and I have little doubt that our prospects are as good as any other students seeking jobs in this state.

  49. Full disclosure: I am a Concordia student and I think it is an awesome school. (Gasp! Hiss!)

    I make $22K a year at a full-time job. I have lived in Boise my whole life and am surrounded by friends and family that I want to continue to spend time with; I want to live in Boise. I have waited for a law school to put down roots in Boise for years. My decision to go to Concordia has nothing to do with being 'too lazy' to go to Moscow, ID (which is actually a farming town in Northern Idaho). It is a decision based on values and wanting to continue to live in and impact the Boise community. The generous merit-based scholarship program (contingent on me blowing two of my professors each 3x a week) has resulted in a manageable tuition bill for me. Luckily, my bank account was able to absorb that seismic shock to my personal finances when I wrote that check. Thank you for your concern for all of us uneducated fools that try to go to law school for a reasonable price in a community that we want to live in. Phew!

  50. I'll offer a personal experience somewhat at odds with the bulk of the correspondents above. I didn't go to Concordia, but I did go to a new (private) law school seeking provisional ABA approval, which they received during my first year (almost 40 years ago). I already had a BS and MS in a field I no longer had interest in, and was seeking something more intellectually stimulating. I chose the school I attended because I wanted to be in that geographic area, and it was the only one available. Over the course of 35 years, I held a number of jobs of increasing responsibility with law firms and Fortune 50 companies. I eventually retired as the #2 lawyer in a company, with almost 40 lawyers reporting to me. I'm now comfortably retired because I took the risk of attending a school not too dissimilar from Concordia. There are good jobs out there if you're smart enough and aggressive enough, even if you went to a "third tier" law school. I know, because I was one of them, and I hired a lot of them.

  51. Concordia Law School is a piece of motherfucking shit. As a Boise resident I know the school's reputation (if you can call it that). It's a shithole. And the students enrolled there are shit. I wouldn't hire these idiots to mow my lawn.


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