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Profiles in Judicial Excrement: Jonathan Lippman, Ass-Clown and “Chief Judge” of New York

Thanks to This Sewer Rat, New York Will Now Require Future Attorneys to Perform 50 Hours of Free Work:

On September 19, 2012, Reuters published a piece from reporters Daniel Wiessner and Joseph Ax, with the headline “New York says lawyers-to-be must work 50 hours for free.” Take a look at this excerpt:

“Aspiring lawyers in New York State must perform 50 hours of free legal work to gain entry to the state bar under a first-of-its-kind requirement handed down on Wednesday aimed at expanding access to the legal system for the poor.

The rule, written by New York's top-ranking judge, takes effect in 2015 and applies to all future law school students and those currently in their first or second years. Existing third-year students are exempt.

Chief [Cockroach] Jonathan Lippman estimated the requirement will add as much as 500,000 hours of pro bono service each year. Only 20 percent of the need for legal services is being met in New York, he said, even though state officials this year agreed to double funding for legal service programs to $25 million.” [Emphasis mine]

Who doesn’t look forward to participating in forced “volunteerism”?!?! Notice that this requirement DOES NOT APPLY to currently-licensed New York attorneys. Of course, advocates for legal aid to the poor are thrilled. By the way, isn’t it nice that Boomers and old fossils do not need to engage in this program – even though this group is in the best position, personally and financially – to perform pro bono work?!?!

Near the end of the article, the authors were kind enough to mention the attorney glut in passing:

"We didn't want to force people to leap tall buildings in a single bound to perform this service," Lippman said. "(But) pro bono is a part of the core values of our profession. Lawyers, or those aspiring to be lawyers, have to embrace those core values."

Last year, there were 15,000 applicants to the New York bar.

The requirement comes as law students, many of whom graduate with heavy debt, face an uncertain job market.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone think that this reality even entered Jonathan Lippman’s decaying mind, before he issued this opinion?!?!

Additional Coverage of This Filthy, Vile Edict:

Take a look at Mosi Secret’s September 19, 2012 piece for the New York Times. The piece was entitled “Judge Details a Rule Requiring Pro Bono Work by Aspiring Lawyers.” Read the following portion:

“When the judge, Jonathan Lippman, proposed the rule in May, some in the legal community said it might be burdensome for new lawyers in a tough economy. Others voiced concerns about using those new to the profession to fill what Judge Lippman calls the justice gap: the growing number of people who cannot afford legal services.

But an advisory committee that formulated the final version of the rule answered some of those criticisms: students have a full three years to complete the work and they must be under the counsel of more experienced lawyers.

“I see absolutely no reason why aspiring lawyers can’t do this without greatly burdening themselves,” Judge Lippman said in an interview. He added, “This idea that you have to be a lawyer with 25 years experience to provide a service doesn’t make any sense to me.” [Emphasis mine]

If you had any doubts as to whether Lippman considered the impact on new lawyer hopefuls, the piece of trash just dispelled them with that statement. Of course, this career leech/bureaucrat relied on an advisory committee to make the final touches on his judicial decree. Because these idiots have all the answers to the world’s problems, right?!?!

The Pig’s Background:

From the bastard’s bio:

“Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the State of New York and Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, was appointed by Governor Paterson in January 2009 and confirmed by the New York State Senate in February 2009.”

What would you expect from someone appointed by a corrupt, blind man?!?!  Later, the description contained this nugget:

“Chief Judge Lippman received his B.A. in 1965 from New York University, from which he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and cum laude. He received his J.D. from New York University School of Law in 1968.”

Yes, I’m sure that this old fart can relate to debt-strapped, broke-ass JDs!

According to this Wikipedia entry, Cockroach Jonathan Lippman was born on May 19, 1945. Perhaps it is a mere coincidence that this new requirement does not extend to those who already have a license – especially the old fossils who can presumably afford to donate their time and effort.

Conclusion: The courts and state bar associations DO NOT give one damn about you, the recent law graduate or the current law student. These political groups merely want to ensure that the scam continues. Before any of you lemmings dismiss this as applying to only one state, keep in mind that New York and California often chart the course for other states and regions.  Do you want to be strapped down with $150K in additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt and be forced to perform 50 hours of free work for indigent clients - before you can even be allowed to sit for the New York bar exam?!  As if these demons have not ass-raped you enough!


  1. Lippman is indeed an ageist, classist, establishment cockroach.

    On the plus side, however, this "Work Brings Freedom" decree will only serve to deter more and more sensible 0Ls from going to law school.

    Take heed 0Ls!!! If you go to law school, particularly at one of the TTTs saturating NYC and other metro areas, a life of debt penury and indentured servitude is the likely "best result" awaiting you! Take heed!

  2. Wait. This isn't from a court case?

  3. Huey Lewis--you are right, maybe it will be a deterrent.

    This is wrong on so many different levels. It is another shifting of the burden to young, financially stressed people who can least afford it. As Nando pointed out, the requirement does not apply to established lawyers who are best positioned to do pro bono work. Law school graduates on the whole have no idea how to practice law--if they are unemployed and can't find a non profit that will take them on as volunteers, where are they going to find licensed attorneys to supervise this work? What about expenses often occurred in pro bono work (e.g. client evaluations, filing fees, process serving fees, court reporter fees)? Who will pay for that?

    This doesn't even address the oxymoronic nature of "mandatory pro bono" and the issue of involuntary servitude.

    1. So how is this requirement satisfied? Can lawyers just pair off and hand each other contracts to review over martinis, after which they all say "Yep, looks fine" ?

      Who determines the value of pro bono legal work?

  4. Yes, I doubt the sudden availability of all this free labor will make things any easier for people who are looking for PAYING clients.

    It's amazing that this judge has the power to do such a thing. State bars should be run like corporations - where every licensed attorney is a shareholder who gets to VOTE on these proposals.

  5. Can we get some dentists to provide free labor and fix this guy's teeth? That grill is hideous.

  6. he looks like that ex Romanian dictator they supposedly killed or maybe hes Chikatillo from the USSR. Maybe hes British because of the bad teeth(is this racism JD Painter you big loser)

    What job could this assclown get if he didnt have a law degree?

  7. I second 905's comment. We also need to round up some cosmologists to fix this guy's eyebrows and hair. (You're bald, dude. Just shave it off or get a buzzcut at a minimum.) I'll toss in a dollar or two if the girls can get to this asshole's nose and ear hair. (Call it a chip in for pain & suffering).

  8. (1)Spend three years of your life in a classroom being bored to death
    (2) Take out $130K in loans
    (3) And now you gotta give 50 hours of free legal work before you can even be allowed to sit for the bar exam.

    Anyone still dumb enough to do this? Oh yeah. For a second, I forgot there were so many morons in this country.

  9. How does this work exactly, what law work can you even do without passing the bar , that would be of any value to the poor folk who need free legal assistance .

    It would make far more sense to make this based on annual income ONCE you pass the bar . Like for each 2k a year you make( in LAW) , you have to give an hour of time, with a cap of 200 hours per year .

    So if you pulling 100k a year , you then have to do 50 hours a year in pro-bono time .

  10. The new pro bono rule is not only disgraceful hypocrisy, but it is also a lost opportunity.

    There evidently is an unmet need for legal services among poor people in New York. So why not ask young lawyers to represent such clients in exchange for partial student debt forgiveness, rather than requiring unqualified bar applicants to do it for nothing? Why not set up mentorship arrangements through the bar or the law schools, so the kids won't screw up the cases, and will pick up practical knowledge and professional contacts besides? Why not set up foundations or government grants to remunerate the kids for their work-- even nominal pay is better than nothing. They wouldn't need to make the pro bono program mandatory, young lawyers would line up to participate, and the clients would benefit as well.

  11. Maybe it will be a deterrent for going to law school.

    Go into debt for your entire life, and also give away a week of uncompensated labor for the privelege of admission into a profession that has destroyed so many lives and souls.

    Sound like a good deal!

  12. I guess you could become a community organizer like Obungler and represent slumlords like Bishop Arthur Brazier for turning off heat and water on low income blacks (you know, the guys Obama was serving when he was an organizer) in the middle of a brutal Chicago winter . Well, he got his slumlord pal off with a hefty $50 fine.

    Shit, it's the state bar. Representing the shitty scumlord for free would suffice.

  13. Yet another Jewdicial decision. Hey Painter, did I hurt your feelings?

  14. Looky here. Lippmann. Another Joo making a decision to fuck over the proles.

  15. @3:41PM

    You had better quit it by now.

    Make no mistake, the Southern Poverty Law Center is probably watching every move you make now, and at every waking hour.

  16. And to the person from TTR that is so critical of the Jewish People and that will hopefully read this:

    This is what I mean, and, from an older person's perspective, and in a friendly, political way and in a spirit of trying to solve political disputes: Please look at this, and try to realize that your problems and my problems have a much bigger picture:

    Basically, the Southern Poverty Law Center has offices in Atlanta, Jackson Miss., new Orleans, Miami, and in Montgomery Alabama.

    If that is not true, then why is the Southern Poverty Law Center trying to hire people for those locations :)

    In any event, stop being racially critical, and just look at the economic situation overall, and stop trying to scapegoat a particular race of people, or religion of people for whatever it is that troubles you?

    What else can I say?

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  17. Please check out:

    and a new article about His Honor in Truthout:

  18. URGENT:

    Do you know that Lippman has been nominated by President Obama to be on the board of directors of the federal "State Justice Institute"?

    He is about to be fast tracked into that position by a "voice vote" of the US Senate.

    Please let your senators know that Lippman is a corrupt piece of shit, and that he must be investigated for crimes and corruption.

  19. ^^^^^^^^^^

    Why am I so not surprised..

    This is pathetic.

  20. motherlode. Nando struck gold and he doesn't even know it.

  21. Imagine what would happen if the Small Business Administration told everyone who wanted to open a store, bar, restaurant or repair shop that he or she has to give away his or her goods or services for free during the first week the establishment is open.

  22. I noticed the Truth-Out article, while researching this bastard. I also stumbled up the Expose Corrupt Courts blog, which features many articles on Cockroach Jonathan Lippman:

    Check out this September 7, 2012 entry, which was labeled "U.S. Senate Poised To Vote on President Obama's Nomination of Jonathan Lippman":

    "Jonathan Lippman, currently the Chief Judge of the New York State Court System, and Chief Judge of the NYS Court of Appeals, was nominated by President Barack Obama on May 23, 2012 to become a member of the 11-person Board of Directors of a little-known national organization called the State Justice Institute- a non-profit group located in Reston, Virginia.

    According to its website, The State Justice Institute (the "SJI") was established by Federal Law in 1984 to award grants to improve the quality of justice in state courts, facilitate better coordination between State and Federal courts, and to foster innovate, efficient solutions to common issues faced by all courts. The SJI says that only they have the authority to "assist all State courts- criminal, [civil], juvenile, family, and appellate…" Each of the 11 members of the SJI Board of Directors is nominated by the President, and that nomination must be confirmed by the United States Senate.

    The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on the President's nomination of Judge Lippman anytime before the next SJI Board of Directors Meeting in Reno, Nevada on Monday, September 17, 2012, with the vote coming as early as Monday, September 10, 2012. The actual scheduling of the vote before the U.S. Senate is handled by U.S. Senator Harry Reid (202-224-3542 tel) The U.S. Senate scheduling can be viewed at: - (see bottom of page) -"


    As with all nominees, Judge Lippman was subject to an FBI background investigation. While the FBI file is confidential, it has been confirmed that in early April, 2012, White House advisors were reviewing information and documentation contained in a story called "The Allegations of Jonathan Lippman's $40 Million Dollar Fraud." A New York based anti-court-corruption group, Ethics Rouser, had been made aware of the fact that staff from within The White House had been reviewing the material about the President's nominee, Lippman. In fact, a staffer close to the President of the United States, and from within The White House, conducted a simple 'google' search using the words, "Jonathan Lippman boondoggle." It was that search that led the staffer to a Wall Street Journal article, "When our Trusted Officials Lie" and, "The Allegations of Jonathan Lippman's $40 Million Dollar Fraud" - where evidence that had been previously relayed to the New York office of the FBI had been posted. CLICK HERE to see the article, "White House 'Criminal Leaks' Explained."

    If these allegations are true, then Jonathan Lippman is an evil dog. For the main entry, I wanted to focus on this pig’s judicial decree - since it will exploit current and future law students. I wonder if an applicant for the New York bar will meet the pro bono requirement if he donates 50 hours of free labor to the victims of New York judicial corruption.

    1. Official Citizen's Complaint to US Attorney Preet Bharara Regarding Fraud and Corruption in the Nomination and Confirmation of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman to Chief Judge of New York State.

  23. The Jews as a class are not responsible for the law school scam. In fact, unconnected Jewish lawyers are being scammed at an accelerated rate because there is a whole Jewish college, (Yeshiva University), with their own law-school (Cardozo). The place was called a clown college by Nando due to how their graduates are forced to compete with lawyers from NYU, Columbia, and Cornell. Also they are known as Carbozo by many and the Innocence Project, which is run from Cardozo, had not hired any graduates of Cardozo, implying that they are not prestigious enough.

    WASPS don't really like Jews and some of their number were even sympathetic to and allied with the Nazi movement.

  24. I hope some enterprising young attorney challenges that corrupt pig's 50 hour pro bono requirement edict. I think the requirement violates the 13th Amendment as it is a form of indentured servitude. Assholes like Lippman will say that the 13th Amendment doesn't apply here because there is no fundamental right to practice law and it is a privilege rather than a right. And of course since it is a privilege, the powers that be can attach these asinine requirements that are nothing more than addition hurdles to the entry into this foul "profession." You know what else is a privilege and not a right? The privilege to drive. You don't see state governments telling would be drivers that they have to drive the elderly or school children around for 50 hours before they are given their driver's license.

    Another question for that corrupt son of a bitch Lippman. Who is going to pick up the tab for the malpractice insurance for these pro bono hours?

  25. “I see absolutely no reason why aspiring lawyers can’t do this without greatly burdening themselves,” Judge Lippman said in an interview. He added, “This idea that you have to be a lawyer with 25 years experience to provide a service doesn’t make any sense to me.”

    You don't need to be experienced to provide this service. But if you want it to be done right, you should have actual experience as a lawyer. I guess this never entered the cocksucker's mind.

  26. With untrained law students doing legal work on their behalf, these poor folks might be worse off.

  27. I am not trying to sound anti-semetic here but when I worked in the NYC disability and public entitlements office, the overwhelming majority of public assistance benefits were Jews. Yet, when a politician or political pundit discusses welfare, the blacks and hispanics are cited. In a city that is replete with all of these minority groups, the Jews were sucking on the public teat more than any other group. Then today, I read this story about a wealthy Jewish couple who were collecting welfare checks each month from the government. Again, this is not an anti-semetic post but the Jews are not the saints they portray to be. In fact, I have a Jewish colleague who hasn't spoken to his brother in 15 years over a $10 bet. Talk about petty...

  28. Here is the story about the wealthy Jewish couple who were stealing government benefits.
    Fucking dispicable assholes:

    1. I understand why you wish to remain anonymous. Your anti- Semitic rant makes you a pariah to this site, and to any group of decent, educated people.

      There is no place on this site for racism and bigotry. Crawl back into your hole.

      I am a Jew fighting against the murder of my Chinese friend by an Italian Judge, a Jewish Chief Judge, and an Irish police commissioner.

      There are enough despicable assholes in every ethnic group to go around, and what most of them have in common is perverse racist attitudes like yours, which enables them to objectify other humans by putting them intro boxes, so they can be easier to hate.

  29. What a shitty profession. I tried to give it a go. Even hung a shingle (even though I knew it was a bad idea). My then girlfriend and family and even casual acquantances pressured me (Why don't you just pass the bar?)

    None of these assholes chipped in any money for me to take the fucking test. But they thought I'd come out, get my little law license and then just start making money hand over fist. Now I'm in worse shape financially. My girlfriend left me too. That's cool. She expected to stay home and have babies anyway while I worked. I advertised as much as I could afford in the Atlanta area. I'm no salesman. And I really didn't know what the fuck I was doing. I did a few cases, and I'm just lucky I wasn't sued for incompetence.

    Now, here I am past midnight on a Saturday drinking cheap beer and dreading my existence. Should I go with musclebound lesbians going down on each other or should I go watch amazon facesitting before I head to bed?

  30. ^is that you Painter?

  31. CAPTION THIS PICTURE. I'll go first...

    I've got a bad case of constipation.


    On September 19, 2012, Ashby Jones posted an entry on the WSJ Law Blog, employing the headline "It’s Official: New York Imposes 50-Hour Pro-Bono Requirement on Lawyers-to-Be." Take a look at this excerpt:

    "A few months ago, we wrote about a new requirement likely to go into effect for newbie lawyers in New York.

    In addition to having to pass one of the nation’s most difficult bar exams and providing evidence of “Good Moral Character,” applicants to the New York bar would first have to complete 50 hours of pro bono work.

    Well, on Wednesday, the law became reality. Starting in 2015, aspiring lawyers will first have to complete 50 hours of free legal service in order to practice law in the Empire State. The new rule, which represents the first of its kind in the country, was handed down on Wednesday by New York’s top judge, Jonathan Lippman."

    As you can see, the bastard had this decision in the works months ago. The story concludes with the following:

    "According to an earlier AP story, however, 21 law schools nationally require students to do pro bono work in order to graduate, and most others have clinics where students can do free work for the poor.

    In other words, expect more states to follow New York’s lead."

    As I mentioned in the main entry, California and New York politicians – including the ones wearing black dresses - often set the path for other states to follow. If you are planning on attending law school in a smaller state, with designs to practice law in that area, then this JUDICIAL EDICT may affect your ability to sit for the bar exam. After incurring large sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, who doesn't want to be forced to perform 50 hours of free legal work - for the "privilege" of being allowed to take the bar test?!?!

  33. "There are all these indigent people who need help, thanks to the policies of my generational cohort! SOMEBODY should do something about these people...though not me. While I have years of experience and know the right people along with myself who could make a difference, that would require me to get out of my La-Z-Boy. Here, have unexperienced young people do it, on their own...for free."

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^ This. ^^^^^^^^^^

  34. Maybe just maybe this will cause some students to reconsider going to law school. On second though, it won't do shit. Maybe if the state set the requirement at 500 hours.

  35. He really does look like Chikatilo from that movie Citizen X. Right down to the glasses and eyebrows and pained expression on his face.

  36. Sept. 22nd @9:12PM is not me, but I laughed when I read the post.

  37. Could you go back to posting pictures of dirty toilets, rotting landfills and fly-blown turds. That picture of Judge Nosferatu is really disgusting.


    Read Matt Leichter’s Am LawDaily piece “New York's New Mandatory Pro Bono Requirements a Step in the Wrong Direction.” It was picked up by on September 26, 2012. Look at this excerpt:

    “In May 2012, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman of the New York Court of Appeals announced that a new rule requiring bar applicants to perform 50 hours of pro bono legal services would be adopted later in the year. His announcement received widespread negative reactions, as evidenced by a letter to The New York Times by University of Missouri law professor Ben Trachtenberg (and the many responses to it). Trachtenberg argued that the rule would be unfairly onerous on inexperienced, indebted law students. More recently individuals quoted in the New York Law Journal added that the rule might be burdensome for the supervising lawyers as well, since they will need to devote much of their time to training the law student–practitioners rather than serving the poor themselves. The rule has many other flaws that also deserve airing, chiefly that the legal profession needs fewer rules for entry, not more.”

    For $ome rea$on, these reasons did not enter Lippman’s deteriorating mind. Now, look at Leichter’s concluding, stinging indictment against this idiotic judicial mandate:

    “A Pessimistic, Politicized Profession

    One of the underemphasized criticisms of New York's pro bono requirement is that it reduces serving the poor to a regulatory formality to be carried out by the least experienced (non) members of the profession, not an obligation to be shouldered by even the profession's wealthiest. I think this criticism hints at a more profound point. The question the requirement raises is, How does the profession view the poor? The answer, as critics suggest, is not very highly. As far as the rule is concerned, the poor are a permanent fixture in society, and worse, their continued misery is now a necessary condition for there to be a legal profession.

    The charitable motives used to support the rule also mask its ideological pessimism, casting the poor as a prop for a profession too timid to openly support legislative policies aimed at eliminating poverty in the first place for fear of appearing politicized. Too bad, because proclaiming that poverty should be eased by throwing a lump of work-hours by soon-to-be lawyers supervised by paid lawyers at the problem is a political statement, and not a very noble one.”

    What an noble and honorable “profession,” huh?!?!

  39. Please help…. we need to get more signatures on the White House Corruption Petition.

    We need NATIONAL exposure to the corruption in and about our system of justice !!


    We Petition the Obama Administration to "Restore the faith of the people in their justice system by withdrawing the Presidential nomination of Jonathan Lippman"

    Please register and sign the petition, and pass it along to your contacts !!


    (You must register, but can use your initials… and city/state entry is optional) Many thanks !!!


  41. In my opinion Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman is a pervert, and is now creating a "Special Court" for women and children entrenched in the "Sex Trafficking" business, supposedly to "help them."

    Right, just how his "Family Courts" help people who get fucked by the Family Court system.

    The only reason he is creating this new "special" court is to harvest and collect more sex slaves and vulnerable drug-addicted zombies for his New World Order wealthy co-conspirators and Illuminati circles.

    He doesn't give a shit about women and children who get trafficked in the global sex trade - and judging by his performance and track-record as the Chief Judge for OCA in the NY Family Courts along with CPS - he most probably helps to control and manage it globally and most definitely in New York.

  42. Please see the above referenced criminal NYS Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman give his speech at wherein he admits that his Center for Court Innovation is all about "experimenting" with the courts, the US Constitution, and the law, both federal and state.

    In this interview he talks about changing the NYS Court System, "rethinking justice," and other treasonous acts illustrating how this man plays with the lives of millions of people by subverting the US Constitution, the law, and the integrity of the judiciary and the courts as a whole.

    He constantly refers to the Judiciary as an "organization" like some kind of corrupt Mafia Don, completely throwing out the vision of the Founding Fathers and their views on what the Courts in the United States should be doing, the law they should be applying, and other established mechanisms of procedural and substantive jurisprudence as our Framers envisioned when they drafted the US Constitution.

    Each and every single Judge he has hand-picked and selected has been corrupted by him, and is ultimately owned by him.

    The methods these people use to mete out justice is easy to hide and mask when they punish people by setting them up with equally corrupted members of the NYPD, and then prosecuting people out of retaliation, retribution and vengeance, throwing people in jail and ripping families apart under the guise and color of law and authority.

    In essence Jonathan Lippman has created institutionalized "mafia rule" which completely and totally flies in the face of established US Jurisprudence.

    Lets hope the FBI investigates this man and his connections and throws him and his cronies in jail.

  43. Ben Brafman is not really a very good lawyer. In fact he is not even a decent lawyer, he is a buffoon, an oaf, and a moron. He looks and acts like a cave-dwelling troglodyte, almost like the Hobbit, rather than a litigator. He is a supremely arrogant asshole with a complete sociopathic disregard for people’s problems, and he lacks empathy and compassion for his clients unless they have serious money - then he fakes it for a few minutes. But what Ben Brafman does have in is corner is connections - connections to ancient Jewish Cabbalists that infect and infest the criminal courts throughout New York City. This widespread and deeply hidden corruption by and between these Freemasonic/Illuminati/Jewish Nazis essentially run the courts of New York City because they all take care of each other, all pay each other off with bribes, and all stick together even if it means breaking all rules of law and ethics, because frankly, the only thing they give a damn about is their own Jewish power. Nevermind that these corrupt Jewish Illuminatis corrupt, subjugate, and subvert the entire court system, the US Constitution, and the judiciary, this is why they always win, and this is why none of their clients get convicted. This is why Ben Brafman’s last famous client Sanford Rubenstein, a known rapist and pedophile, did not even get charged when a woman came forward to allege that she had been raped and sodomized, because even the NYPD police department and its upper echelons of Freemasonic Illuminati Jewish influence manifested through William Bratton, Chief of Police, covered it all up and told the rape victim to essentially go fuck herself. Jews in New York City have completely subverted and undermined the courts and justice, and jail and punishment is only reserved for minorities, blacks, hispanics, poor whites, and orthodox jews who piss them off. It is believed that Benjamin Brafman is under no less then 6 different federal, state and local criminal investigations for bribery, corruption, fraud, forgery, witness tampering, jury fixing, and witness intimidation. He has also been part and parcel of many murders and sexual crimes against children. He is truly the bottom of the bottom, and the worst type of vermin. If you hire him you might be sharing the next jail cell over from his, where he is certain to go next.


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