Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Second Tier Crustiness: University of Connecticut School of Law

Tuition: Connecticut residents attending this trash pit on a full-time basis will be charged $23,324 in tuition and fees – for the 2012-2013 school year. Those full-time students designated as Compact/NE Region are going to face tuition and fee costs of $40,100, for the upcoming academic year. Out of state, full-time law students at Uconn will be slapped with a big-ass bill of $48,092 – for 2012-2013. At such prices, who wouldn’t want to attend this public, “non-profit” in$TTiTTuTTion?!?! By the way, costs for those in the Evening Division are not much better.

Total Cost of Attendance: If you have a weak heart, I advise you to skip over this section. The toilet admits that the following full-time student estimates are nine month figures: in state, $40,140; in-state but living with parents, $30,606; regional, $56,916; and out-of-state, $64,908.

Seeing that actual law students will require 12 month living expenses, I will prorate the figures for the following areas: room, board, miscellaneous, and transportation costs. Doing so, we reach the following, more accurate estimated COAs: Connecticut residents, $45,309; in-state but living at home, $32,597; regional, $62,085; and out-of-state, $70,077. Now, imagine how much annual income you would need to earn, in order to make a positive return on your investment.

Ranking: Based on the above-listed prohibitive cost of attendance, this must be an excellent school, right?!?! According to US “News” & World Report, the University of Connecticut Sewer of Law is the 62nd greatest, most magnificent and amazing law school in the United States. It shares this distinct honor with Chicago-Kent and the University of Kentucky. That is one hell of an achievement!

Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: Let’s take a look at this PDF, entitled “University of Connecticut School of Law Graduate Report - Class of 2011.” The commode notes that 166 out of 179 graduates responded to this survey. Basically, only 92.73% of this class bothered to report their employment status.

With this background, the second tier turd claims that its employment “placement” rate - for the Class of 2011 - was 83.1 percent. Furthermore, 2.4% of these graduates pursued to earn another academic degree - due to not being able to find a decent position. In the past, most ABA sewers would include these JDs under the category “Employed or enrolled in an advanced degree program.” Lastly, the toilet states that 6 percent of 2011 grads not seeking employment. This represents roughly 32.25 percent of unemployed members of this TT cohort.

On page 2 of this file, you will find the Salary Report for the Class of 2011. Based on those who bothered to report their income to the ABA trash heap, the overall median starting salary stood at $65,000. The published average starting salary was $78,578. By the way, only 92 out of 138 furnished this salary data to the school. This is two-thirds of employed grads. Perhaps the other 46 JDs were too embarrassed to provide their huge salary to their pre$TTigiou$ alma mater, right?!?! Hell, the overall class size consisted of 179 graduates.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: The bitches and hags at USN&WR list the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTy of ConnecTTicuTT JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $65,639. Fully 85% of this cesspool’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled. Plus, seeing that the school charges exorbitant levels of tuition, this average debt figure seems artificially low.

Pathetic Law Journals: As a student at this second tier law school, you will the unique opportunity to write onto the world-famous Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal! If you become a student editor, keep that info to yourself - unless you want beautiful, strange women to climb on top of you. Take a look at this descripTTion:

“The Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal is a student-run scholarly journal that publishes works by professors, judges, practitioners, and students. The Journal's publications are subjected to a rigorous editorial board process designed to strengthen their substance, tone and accuracy.

The Journal's primary purpose is to further the discussion of legal aspects of public interest issues and especially those confronting underrepresented individuals. The Journal is a forum for such intellectual discussion and is a force for change and progress.”

“The Connecticut Insurance Law Journal is the world’s only academic law review dedicated exclusively to the publication of original research on the law relating to insurance, risk and responsibility. Since its founding in 1994, the Journal has succeeded in attracting articles that are theoretically sophisticated and of practical importance.”

At least, you can point out that you are on the top insurance law journal in the nation - if you are allowed in the journal. What employer wouldn’t be extremely impressed by this “experience”?!?!

Conclusion: Don't be a moron. Avoid this sewage pit - unless you are receiving a full-tuition scholarship. Ask yourself how well you will be served by incurring an additional $70K-$110K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a law degree, from this dung pit. Do you think that any bank will extend a mortgage or small business loan to your heavily-indebted ass?!?! If you are not in the top ten percent of your class, after first semester, then drop out immediately. In the end, law school is a financial decision. This will impact your future, for decades.


  1. It's finally happened. Online law school:

    1. I clicked on the About page; these fuckers have been running an online lawl skool SINCE 1998.

      Concordia LS is owned by Kaplan, which is in turn owned by the Washington Post. Allegedly the WaPo is kept alive by the profits of Kaplan, which started as a tutoring center for high schoolers trying to pass the New York State Regents Exam. That was 1938; now it's a billion dollar business.

  2. I think I got about three or four communicable diseases just from looking at that photo!

    The thing to remember about this school, and the Connecticut legal market, is that if you're in either, you'll be in competition with Yale grads as well as those from Columbia and other highly-rated out-of-state schools. Yes, New York City is nearby, and Boston is relatively close, but I'm not sure that firms in either of those cities are going to hire graduates of this school when they can get alumni/ae of HYS or other prestigious law schools.

    1. Actually, as a regional school, law grads tend to do very well in the Connecticut market (at least those who graduate in the top half of the class), and those who are at the top of the class tend to go to the NYC or Boston market. Yale grads and grads of NYC law schools do NOT, on average, come to or stay in CT. I say this as a UConn law grad (top 5% of class) who worked in BigLaw in Manhattan. The rankings at UConn have gotten worse and worse over the years; when I first applied it was a top 50 school. If you're in the bottom half of the class at UConn Law, though, good luck to you. If I were making the choice to go to law school now, though (which I wouldn't), I wouldn't choose UConn unless I received full tuition, and I agree that anyone who graduates with a mid or bad ranking is going to have a hard time.

    2. I am also a UConn Law grad and I have my own firm. I graduated in the middle of my class, and over my career I have probably averaged over $250,000 per year. Probably not what you would make in New York, but then again, I don't have to live in New York. Bytheway, at one point early on in my career, I was recruited by one of the biggest firms in Connecticut, but I turned them down, since I could make a lot more money on my own. My best year was about $450,000. So how do I feel about my UConn Law education? Well suffice it to say, I have been a donor for years, and both kids have or will be attending UConn Law.

      My Opinion: You could not do any better than UConn Law.

  3. What is that substance? Don't tell me that's 10 years of collected shit either. I've seen outhouses with less waste.

  4. Dut dut dut dut Woo-wa-ha
    The Colonel goes cuckoo for hooha

    Sorry, boyz. The Colonel jus' gots done chockin' his chickin over Mary Tyler Moore.

  5. Yale hired 10% of its class. On the bright side, if you're hot you can go to UCONN and it's still a slam dunk.

  6. Damn that girl is hot. With looks like that, the hiring partner probably went down on her during the 'interview'.

  7. WTF happened to that toilet? Damn!

  8. Nando, what will you blog about in here, after you have covered all law schools in the USA?

    1. I am still waiting for HYS to be featured here. Come on, Nando! WTF are you waiting for?
      Seriously, thanks for the great service you are doing.

  9. That toilet was probably the result of a cesspool or sewer line backup.

    Before I went to law school I lived in a basement apartment, and the cesspool would back up, and there would be these really gross little worms swimming around in the water.

    I thought I was headed for a brand new and better life by borrowing money and going to a lower tier law school.

    And today and 20 years later, I am still in a basement! Although the neighborhood has seweers and the plumbing is fine :)

    The only thing is the camel back crickets or rather spider crickets, which can jump several feet high. They kind of creep me out, and someone told me that if I got a Geko, the Geko would catch and eat the spider crickets.

    There are also the sort of centipede bugs that are pretty nasty once in a while and when I turn on the lights suddenly in the wee hours of the morning.

    1. You must be a real hit with the ladies.

    2. Or the little boys?

    3. JDP,

      Leave the US!
      Go teach English in Asia and get some ladies there while you can still get erections. You complain about women here? That's because "ladies" here are a bunch of spoiled whores. Leave the US and you'll meet awesome women. You are wasting your life in the US!

  10. It's expensive, but I think it's a decent school. I would have liked to have been accepted to UConn. At some point, it's hard to make the argument that every law school is a complete dump. Granted, it ain't Harvard or Yale, but I would imagine there are still opportunities for grads that are better than your typical law school shiTTTer.

  11. ^That's why most of the Uconn JDs lucky enough to work in law firms are in firms of 2-10 attorneys. Pretty much all US law schools are fucking scams. HYS gets away with it, because they accept the brightest students.

    They teach them the same abstract shit we all learn. Those kids don't learn how to practice law either. But big firms and clients will take a student on school name brand alone.

  12. What is up with this entry. Are you gonna tell everyone CT is flooded with lawyers? Get real.

  13. Dona I luv you because you are so smart yet severe in your picture, now back to my regular comment. Call me maybe?

    Yes, I graduated from UCONN law school in the 1990s. It is the cheapest law school in Connecticut, mostly because its grads end up in the Connecticut legislature and get the state to give it new buildings as swag. (I'm thinking of the law school library, which they incidently had to rebuild after the contractor fucked it up royally)

    UCONN has been having cost containment problems because they have kept adding new faculty over the years thinking that this will somehow help them get their USN&WR rating to improve rather than drop from the low 40s to 62. They are very sensitive, if not panicking over this development. In the meantime however, these new faculty have generally not been added to their clinical programs which were in my opinion the most valuable part of the education they provided.

    Oh, the top students generally get hired by top hartford law firms and law firms with offices in Stamford CT. If you want to crack the New York City market UCONN has not performed well here placing very few students in these $160,000 a year positions.

    Finally UCONN is historically notable because its worst alumni Scott Thomas Pickles was a solo in the mid-1990s and when he couldn't make an adequate living as a solo, he broke and snuffed his family.

    I only wished he had been visiting the dean of the New England School of law, at that particular moment.

  14. Wasn't this University of Bridgeport Law School at one point? Didn't UConn buy after the school folded?

  15. No, after the Moonies bought the University of Bridgeport, the law school revolted and managed to get reattached to Quinnipeac University becoming the Quinnipeac school of law. Leaving of course one mystery. How in the $%^# does one spell Quinnipeac?

  16. @9/26 9:18PM

    You are thinking about someone else

    When did I ever complain about women here?

  17. @5:16,

    Take a look at this June 27, 2011 entry in the New York Times Economix blog, from Catherine Rampell. It is entitled "The Lawyer Surplus, State by State."

    "We’ve written before about the tough job market for recent law-school graduates. The climate is hard partly because of the weak economy, but also partly because the nation’s law schools are churning out many more lawyers than the economy needs even in the long run.

    Now a few researchers have tried to quantify exactly how big that surplus is.

    The numbers were crunched by Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. (also known as EMSI), a consulting company that focuses on employment data and economic analysis. The company’s calculations were based on the number of people who passed the bar exam in each state in 2009, versus an estimate of annual job openings for lawyers in those states. They also looked at data from the Department of Education on law school graduates each year to get another measure of the quantity of new lawyers. Estimates for the number of openings is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau."

    Perhaps you prefer numbers provided by the law school pigs, i.e. bastards who have a direct interest in trying to make potential customers believe that law school is a wise investment. In contrast, EMSI has no stake in the matter.

    Here are the numbers for Connecticut:

    2010-2015 Estimated Annual Openings: 316
    2009 Bar Exam Passers: 880
    Surplus: 564

    Hell, this represents 2.78 newly-licensed attorneys for each new opening. How do you like those odds?!?!

    According to this table, Connecticut is the ELEVENTH MOST GLUTTED LEGAL JOB MARKET, in the entire nation!! Maybe, you might now consider this state to be oversaturated with lawyers. Of course, that is contingent on you being able to comprehend and accept reality.

  18. I think I know.

    I wrote about how six figure student loan debt can be a deterrent to marriage or have detrimental effects upon an existing marriage.

    That is very different from saying that all of the women in the US are no good, or whatever it is that you implied.

    Dating is never a problem, but marriage can be.

    And I guess you are saying to leave the US and there will be no more debt, and marriage is therefore more likely?

  19. I went to law school and all I got was a bunch of nondischargeable debt.

  20. Dear Thomas Jefferson:

    I want to thank you for your help in the creation of, and the paving the way for, a nation that can place so many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, into the chains of debt slavery and USA sanctioned usury.

    Don't worry about me folks, I am a walking dead man, and all because I wanted to warn other people about the law school scam.

    The FBI Criminal Justice Division and the Department of Defense in Columbus Ohio looks at my blog quite often, and I am just waiting now to be arrested for my blogging.

    And maybe that is why all of the other scamblogs have gone away. Out of fear.

    In any event, the heart of the law school scam will continue and go on and on and on:

    I hope I have saved at least one life from taking out student loans and from the deceptions of the lower ranked law schools.

    My life is absolutely ruined with student loan debt. Take heed.



  21. Painter,

    I used to like you but you are a bleeding, flaming lib. who complains about politically-correct racism ("X" against Joos) as opposed to what the Joos do to blacks daily in this country.

    On top of that, you *constantly* complain about your paper debt, which is all it is.. etc.

    You want to call down the S. Pov. Law Center vs. suing your school, etc. and actually doing something constructive.

    GET. A. LIFE.

    As far as Shit-Conn, CT. is a very small state which, unfortunately, borders two states with top law schools. Between the Yalies taking up the top spots, you have to deal with Harvard looking for refuge and then any NY schools thrown into the mix (Columbia, NY Joo, Cornell, etc.)

    Once again, it is a SMALL state. In a terrible geographical position as far as legal competition. The Yale grads, of course, have home ground. But they still must compete for the limited top spots available. Outside of Hartford and possibly Stamford satelite offices, where are any Biglaw pickings to be found??

    Nando has annualized the COA and it is frightening. UCONN is a screw-job at this point, similarly priced, and overpriced, as are all the other shithole law schools.

    Most of these students, absent those who are "hot" and have contacts are, for lack of a better term, "fucked" and not in a good way..

    They'll never, ever, ever pay that debt down. And I don't think a CT JD is all that wonderful. Probably no one really does..

  22. @Sept. 28, 12:43AM

    So I'm a bleeding Lib?

    I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on the radio, and have been for many years now.

    But I don't take everything they advocate or say as gospel, nor do I believe everything the liberals preach.

    But don't go down the road you are going. There is prejudice and scapegoating everywhere, and it goes in an infinate number of directions.

    At Touro I had an orthodox Jewish friend who dropped out after his first year and he was terribly stressed by the law school experience and very unhappy.

    Another friend was the same way and was jewish as well.

    We were all in the same study group, and a third friend in my study group, and who was from Trinidad, also dropped out, but he liked all of well enough to share an outline for a Torts class that was shared among the LEAP program participants which was supposed to help disadvangaged minoritys to gain entry into the profession of law.

    And yes, I overheard another Jewish student asking my orthodox friend if I was 'Goyim"

    And yes I heard some Jewish students use the term "schwatza's"

    But like I say, and I might be a bit older than you, let us not go down that road.

    There is a derogatory term for every race and religion, and I could be called a Kraut, Mic, Limey, Papist etc.

    If there are racial slurs for Hungarians and the Dutch, than I am that too.

  23. OK, I mulled it all over, and here is my better reply to Sept. 28, 12:43AM

    For a History class, I interviewed a Holocaust survivor when I was in College,and before I threw my life away by going to a 4th tier law school

    Just go to my blog and you can follow the story.

    It will take some time to get it all on youtube and on my blog.

    As Mr. Wisla says: The Catholic Priests and the Jehovas Witnessess and the homosexuals got all got served in the same brutal way in the Nazi death camp, Sachsenhausen.

  24. Anon 5:35 here:

    Thank you Dona, and my particulars will be on file with Nardo. Likes, rainy nights, history books,clients who pay on time, and Italian women who don't resemble snookie. Dislikes, most law school deans, and politicians who think the fountainhead is an instructional manual.

  25. Anon 5:35 here again.

    J.D. Painter, for once could you keep it light, and maybe talk about unicorns and rainbows and not your debt situation, its ruining the mood here.


    1. should only post a comment if it involves you getting laid since you left Touro.


    On March 26, 2012, Elie Mystal posted an ATL entry labeled “Is This Dean the First 2012 Casualty of the U.S. News Law School Rankings?” The piece focuses on the Univer$iTTy of ConnecTTicuTT Sewer of Law’s continuous plummet in the USN&WR ratings scheme. Check out this opening:

    “When we talk about the power of the U.S. News law school rankings, we often talk about how prospective law students choose their schools based on the rankings and little other information.

    U.S. News also flexes its muscles by getting law school deans fired. Oh, university presidents never like to admit that they push out deans based on the rankings. But if your law school drops like a stone in the law rankings, your law school dean is going to be looking for work.

    Today, we could be staring at our first casualty of this year’s U.S. News rankings. We’ve previously written about the faculty member who tried to cheer up his dean after his law school plummeted again in the rankings. Well, now the dean is on his way out of the door….

    The students at the University of Connecticut School of Law were informed today that Dean Jeremy Paul will not be seeking another term.”

    Mystal concludes this article with a stiff jab at the commode:

    “UConn has dropped ten spots in the past few years in the U.S. News rankings. Just saying.

    As UConn begins its search for a new dean, let’s hope that the school focuses on the things that matter to students: not the school’s U.S. News rank, not the school’s “resplendent” library, but jobs, jobs, jobs.”


    Look at this Admissions Dean interview with Karen DeMeola, assistant dean for admissions at Uconn Law. Read the following portion:

    “AD: Since 2009, UConn has dropped in the USNEWS Law Rankings (from #46 to #56). What reasons do you attribute for this drop?

    KD: I knew you would go there. Of course, any answer that I give will appear to be self serving. The reality is that we have not played the “rankings game”. We have not diverted millions to buy the median and continue to honestly report all of our numbers. Do I wish we had millions to give to the incoming class? Yes! Would I buy the median with those dollars? Absolutely! As the economy continues to plague the legal community, financing a legal education has become more and more important to prospective law students. Unfortunately, we do not have the funding to offer free rides, renewable scholarships, or large stipends.

    Does this mean the quality of our education has changed, of course not! Our faculty has published more in the past 3 years; we have more experiential learning opportunities for students; our graduates are rising in the ranks of their profession; our career planning center has expanded their programming to meet the needs of our students and graduates; and our students continue to excel. The rankings of a magazine have not changed the quality of our program.”

    Notice how these academic hustlers can never provide a cogent, concise response to direct questions. Later on, the interview continued:

    “AD: How many applications did you receive for the Class of 2014?
    KD: We received 2025 applicants this year. This year’s pool is just about the same size as it was in 2008 just as the economy was starting to turn, but 15% down from last year.

    AD: How did that compare to the prior cycle (those applying to the Class of 2013)?
    KD: We saw a 15% decline, which was not a bit surprising end result given the economy and the negative press law schools have received of late.

    AD: Given all the negative press that law schools have received over the past 12 months from major media outlets like New York Times (see here, here and here) and the Wall Street Journal (here), did you see a significant change in the makeup of the applicant pool?
    KD: We did see a change in the applicant pool. As mentioned above we were down 15%. The biggest change however, was in the types of questions students asked. I spent more time explaining career planning numbers and scholarship requirements than ever before. The articles surely made for more sophisticated questions. We have been transparent with our numbers for quite some time. I just wish it did not take a scandalous summer to prompt applicants in this way.

    By the way – I blame US News for all of this!

    Of course, this bitch ostensibly believes that law school is “still worth the cost.” I wonder why this $elf-intere$ted swine would feel this way. Lastly, you are welcome for fewer applications - and for potential law students becoming more skeptical of your industry’s claims.

  28. So there are 2000 applications for 200 or so spots? And we question why more law schools are being opened? Shit i think ill open Lizard Lick law school here in NC. Dont any of you geniuses go trademarking that name.

  29. ^Try not to charge the poor fucks more than $40K per year, okay?

  30. Hi, thanks for sharing much useful info on this blog for prospective JD(s). How about UConn for Part-time law. I am CT resident and planning for Parttime law. I would continue my fulltime job. I have 12 years of software development exp and got this love for law ,may be seeing too much tv shows :).Should I really try these new waters?? Somehow started geting disinterest in software .Pls help me in putting my thoughts in place about this law. Also how good is IP law, insense can I get a big law firms attracted with my 15+ years of exp in IT by the time I graduate from any parttime law schools .Pls suggest me which one should I target if not UConn. UConn for the reason of instate tuition and being with my family. I am interested in IP law and Healthcare litigation law (Medicare/Medicare fraud) as I currently work in a healthcare company for their IT.
    Your suggestions are much appreciated.

  31. Nando , can you give your thoughts about my above query Oct8

    1. Email him: I doubt he's reading this old post.

  32. thanks you @oct14 for this email

  33. This shithole demands that everyone send in court records of any criminal offense, including tickets. So, if you drove cross country and got a speeding ticket in Alabama 8 years ago, prepare to fly all the way to Alabama to get a copy of the court records to send to this shitty school. Who are they kidding?

  34. this whole blog is a waste of space. The blogger is a tool who cannot get higher than a 120 on the LSAT

    1. You are a waste of sperm and egg, bitch. I attended Third Tier Drake on a full tuition scholarship for all three years. I graduated four years ago, waterhead. So much for your idiotic theory. Enjoy law school, especially the immense debt, drudgery, and weak-ass job prospects.

      From 1980-1981 to 2009-2010 - a span of 30 years - ABA-accredited law schools/diploma mills collectively pumped out 1,161,863 graduates. For $ome rea$on, Theodore Pig Seto did not mention this anywhere in his article.

      According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were only 728,200 attorneys – in 2010. Keep in mind that many of those lawyers are old fossils who have no plans to retire before their 80th birthday. By the way, BLS projects that there will be 73,600 more employed lawyers in 2020 than there were in 2010. You are about to attempt to enter a GLUTTED "profession," moron.

  35. A bag of wet dog shit is worth more than a law degree from UConn.


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