Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crusty Fourth Tier Turd: University of Northern Kentucky Salmon P. Chase College of Law


Tuition: Kentucky residents attending this foul pile of trash on a full-time basis, for the 2012-2013 school year, will be charged $16,562 in tuition. The bitches try to downplay this amount, by providing semester figures. Out-of-state full-time law students are facing a gigantic tuition bill of $35,204 - for the 2012-2013 academic year. I almost forgot to mention the special Metro Rate for those who permanently reside in “select” counties in Indiana and Ohio: those idiots will only pay $26,780 in tuition, for 2012-2013.

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, other costs amount to an additional $16,618, including student fees of $192. As if the pigs did not anally rape these poor lemmings thoroughly enough, with tuition costs.

By the way, ABA-accredited trash pits furnish living costs for nine months. Seeing that actual law students will need to pay rent and purchase food, gas and other necessities year-round, we will calculate a more accurate figure. With twelve month room and board, transportation, and miscellaneous costs, additional expenses round out to $21,150. As such, look at the following total estimated 2012-2013 COA for full time students: Kentucky residents, $37,712; non-residents, $56,534; and Metro victims, $47,930.


Ranking: At such prohibitive costs, surely this must be one hell of a law school, right?!?! If you believe that, then skip over the next sentence - and make yourself a sandwich. US “News” & World Report rates the Univer$iTTTTy of NorTTTThern KenTTTTucky $almon P. Cha$e Commode of Law as a rotting fourth tier outhouse! Who wouldn’t want to take out such monstrous debt, for a chance to attend this prestigious, elite “institution of higher learning”?!?!


Employment Placement: Check out this telling admission:

“Employment information was available for 168 of the 179 total graduates in the Class of 2011. At nine months after graduation, 149 graduates (89%) were employed, 17 graduates (10%) were seeking employment and 2 graduates (1%) were not seeking employment.”

If the pigs had based this number out of the total of 179 total members of this cohort, that “placement” rate would be a mere 83.24 percent. Perhaps, the 11 JDs who did not provide their status to the commode were simply too embarrassed to report their big-ass salaries. Also, the toilet notes that only 50.3% of employed 2011 graduates reported working in positions requiring bar passage!  This school charges massive tuition, and yet produces miserable results for its students and grads.  Then again, the pigs' salaries are not tied to the outcomes of their graduates.


Take a look at this pathetic page for the dung heap’s supposed Career Development Center. The bastards provide the consumer and student with PDF files on how to dress for interviews!

“Dress For Success At Your New Job Interview

Briefcases Direct LLC has made 2 free downloads available for their popular handbooks discussing proper attire for professional job interviews. These books are basic guides to help you put together an outfit for a job interview and present your best self. Appropriate business casual attire is also discussed. Downloads are available at: 
- http://www.briefcasesdirect.com/dress (Guide For Men) 
- http://www.briefcasesdirect.com/success/ (Guide for Women)”

Yes, this is the true hallmark of an academic powerhouse. Do these files include gems such as “Making sure to wear pants to the interview” and “Wiping away drool on your chin before entering the reception area”? 


Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTTTy of NorTTTThern KenTTTTucky JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $79,238. Furthermore, 71% of this trash can’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled.


Keep in mind that Salmon P. Chase appeared on the $10,000 bill/ Federal Reserve Note. He was Secretary of the Treasury under Lincoln, and the bastard later served as chief of The Supremes. There could not be a more apt name for a grossly overpriced fourth tier trash can.

Conclusion: Avoid this festering pile of excrement at all costs. If this school provides you with a no strings attached, full-tuition scholarship - and a date with Miss Kentucky - run in the opposite direction. Take a step back from cliff, and ask yourself the following question: If you were an employer, would you hire someone who earned a JD from something called the University of Northern Kentucky Salmon P. Chase Commode of Law?!


  1. Yeah, naming a law school after a former Supreme Court Justice is never a good move. It's even worse when the university is a no name piece of shit.

  2. Interviews they'll never get, to boot.

    Prof. Campos has put the finishing touches on the last of the nails in the Higher Ed / Law School Coffin. The statistics show, simply, that there are far too many "Y" graduates being pumped out for "X" jobs per year.

    No matter what someone might try, how hard they try, etc. "network", none of that will create a job - let alone a good-paying one sufficient to the debt incurred - for the legions of desperate JD gradutes.

    Higher Ed is a scam designed to funnel money from the young to the schools, the banks, and the gov't. It's a legal scam.

  3. Brilliant. These poor fools will need to take out 8 Salmon P. Chase bills (in debt) just to earn a TTTT law degree.

  4. So the picture depicts a pile of feces as a law school. Are those flies swarming over the shit supposed to represent the foolish lemmings?

    BTW, it has been beaten to death on this and many blogs but is worth repeating again. If your law school is named after a former U.S. President, U.S. Supreme Court Justice or lower court judge, congratulations, you are officially attending a commode as a law school.

    1. Good one.

      0L's are like flies over a piece of turd, rather than lemmings.

  5. Another school down. It shows you how many law schools you have when this blog hasn't run out of law schools to profile.

  6. Speaking as a dog owner. I have noticed that flies lay their eggs in dog poop in the yard, and it is not more than a matter of a couple of days before the larvae hatch and leave with clear exit holes.

  7. Salmon P chase sounds like a fishing trip albeit an expensive one. Are kids really that desperate to go to law school in this age of information and easy entitlements?

    PS..JD Masterpainterguy you are an insult to the law school scam movement with your bitching about loans and injustice when your dumb ass couldnt even pass the bar. Cant believe you admitted you sat for the bar and didnt write shit on the essay part. Im guessing youd piss your pants if you had to go to court and plea a simple traffic ticket. Surely you had a clue about this not being a good career choice for you long before Touro emptied your pockets like a Kentucky Hooker.

  8. 50% got jobs requiring a JD, eh? This makes me wonder WHAT KIND of JD required jobs they got and the SALARY DATA for these "JD required jobs."

    A "JD required job" that barely pays a minimum hourly wage isn't worth jack.

    In fact, the data doesn't rule out that the number of grads who make over $50k/yr with "jobs requiring JDs" may actually hover around the 10% mark. YIPES!!!

  9. Dude, I don't know where your come up with these schools. Is he Salmon P Rushie school of anti islamic law up next? I know it grosses some out but the excrement photos just drive home the point. And on this one you got the flies. I am feeling the flies for this school. Who the hell even comes up with the Northern Kentucky school of anything? What the fuck is Northern Kentucky? Is that north of South Bumfuck? I can't even imagine their recruiting propaganda. Come to Northern Kentucky School of Buttfuck law and smoke the blue grass fertilized by the thorough bred horse crap. Jesus H. Chrizist! This school makes JD Painter Guy's Toro Law School look like Yale. Stop the law scam madness. God bless you from the Great lawland prophet, The Infamous John Bungsolaphagus.

  10. ^You took the words out of my mouth.

    Nando wrote:

    If you were an employer, would you hire someone who earned a JD from something called the University of Northern Kentucky Salmon P. Chase Commode of Law?!

    That could just as easily be amended to:

    If you were an employer, would you hire someone who graduated from University of Northern Kentucky?

    (If I owned a movie theater or gas station, I might hire a Northern Kentucky grad...if I felt they'd be reliable.)

  11. Where the hell do they come up with these names for law schools? I agree, Salmon P. Chase sounds like a guided fishing trip. And "Case Western Reserve"? It sounds like a bottle of wine, and not a very good one at that.

    BTW what's up with the hate for JDP? He clearly has some issues, but is trying to put his experience out there so someone hopefully can learn from it.

    1. putting it out there is one thing but constantly talking about it while blaming others gets old..he has no standing to say anything when he cant pass the bar. If his debt was 5000 or 500000 hed still be painting houses. Id rather hear from folks who passed the bar and cant find a job etc with a ton of debt as that is a more accurate portrayal of what is going on.

  12. Can we get a Two Buck Chuck Skool o' Law up in dis bitch?

    Here's a secret straight from good ol' Uncle Harlan (a.k.a. The Colonel): dat shit be tastin' extra nice wit' a bucket o' mah very own 'riginal recipe chickin. It also done damn did be tastin' extra nice wit' a bucket o' mah crispy chickin too. 'course I no know if dat wuz 'coz I had jus' finished eatin' Rue McLanahan's pussy at da time o' not.

  13. @9/11 6:58PM

    The topic of Prostitution in Kentucky, or any other state in the USA is beyond my ken.

    I have always been a very good looking fellow and at all times of life, and btw have never paid for sex in my life either.

    However, you seem to know a lot about the underside of life, and seem fond of drawing analogies to such seamy topics whenever possible.

    You are a class act, and a credit to the legal profession, and humanity in general.

    1. Ill bet the women are just knocking your door down there Super Mario. Masturbation is not paying for sex so Ill give you that one. I am sure as your debt grows you need to convince yourself you are still "very good looking" but like law school, what do these looks get for you? Tell us please.

  14. Col. Sanders--Two Buck Chuck School of Law LOL that is funny! Actually it is 2.79 at my local Trader Joe's but even at that price even broke JD's should be able to drown their sorrows occasionally.

    For the rest of you, read the Colonel's profile and you'll learn a couple of fun facts about Harlan Sanders. FWIW I dont eat much fried food--Im too poor to buy another wardrobe if I get fat--but when I do I go to KFC!!

  15. I have always said that I am more about runaway student loan debt than about the law school scam.

    But I contribute what I can.

    And the story I am putting together on my blog right now is based upon a real life event where I was told by a manager from Allstate that I was overqualifed for a job with my JD.

    Bar exam or no bar exam, the job recruiter told me that I was overqualified.

    Another time, an insurance industry headhunter told me on the telephone that he avoided lawyers because they are adversarial and would possibly make trouble. He also said that he had a troublesome tenant once, and who was a lawyer, and that he would never rent to another lawyer again.

    And I have other examples of how the JD, rather than opening doors for non-legal work, it tends to close them. Call it discrimination perhaps, but the letters JD can be scarlett letters.

    As far as passing the bar goes, if you have a look at my transcript you will see that I had a failing GPA after the first year.

    A law professor at Touro told a class that I was in once that the "pecking order" is established after the first year.

    I guess she meant the GPA dictates how far you will go in your career in law.

    In my case some have said the school should have flunked me out; that I had no business in being admitted to a law school in the first place, and that the first year attrition is supposed to weed out the incompetents.

    As far as Sept. 12, 8:03PM goes- The world is divided into two types of people: Masturbators and liars. So what are you?

    Sigh, it is hard to be so good looking. People get jealous :)

    Abd BTW, I also sold insurance for a while, and I worked as a compliance manager for a couple of years as well.

    1. 2 types huh? Its clear you dont lie as no one would make up your story so we know where you fall. As for gpa determining your succes in law..total bs..The best and richest lawyers I know are street smart and had poor gpas. They were smart enough to pass the bar.

    2. Who the fuck are you, and why does JDpainterguy annoy you so fucking much?

      I'm guessing you work for one of the colleges or one of the collection agencies, or you are one of the wannabees. And if you aren't any of those guys, then you are a pure troll.

      So what is it?

  16. Take a look at this review of the commode, from a student’s perspective – which was posted on April 11, 2008:


    “Salmon P. Chase College of Law Student Review


    The admissions process was a little delayed. I was admitted into most of my other law schools, and in fact had visited another law school on a recruitment weekend prior to getting admitted to NKU. However, once I was admitted, I quickly received a scholarship offer. So there appears to be good communication between departments. All you need to virtually assure admission is a median g.p.a. (3.0-3.2) and a median LSAT (150-154). Something very high will probably garner a scholarship offer.”

    What rigorous admissions standards, huh?!?! Later on, the reviewer points out the anemic, pathetic job outlook for graduates of this vile dung pit.

    “Employment Prospects

    Most students are looking at small plaintiff or insurance defense firms following graduation. I was in the top 10% of my class and did not work hard for a job, but was staring at insurance defense firms as the main prospects out of law school. However, if you are in the top 10 %, on law review, and moot court you may be able to land a mid-law position in Cincinnati/Louisville/Lexington regional firms.”

    People attend law school – and professional schools – in order to land a career. I realize that nothing is guaranteed in this world – other than death and taxes. However, no one in their right mind spends at least seven years in post-secondary educational in$titution$ - and incurs a mountain of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in the process – for a chance to enter a job that does not require such an “investment.”

    If you attend this FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT, then you are likely looking at working in non-law positions. Keep in mind that this review was written by someone who claims to have attended the commode from 2005-2008. The overall job market has changed since that time. Now, if you bust your ass and get lucky, then you might land decent legal employment. Of course, even in that scenario, you will still face an uphill battle to: (a) keep your job for any meaningful length of time; and (b) pay off your student loans. What a great reTTTTurn on your time, energy, and large sums of borrowed money, right?!?!

    In particular, the legal industry has been battered by automation, predictive coding, outsourcing of doc review, resistance of big dollar clients to pay top dollar to train new associates, etc. Of course, the ball-less shills and law school cockroaches continue to blame the job market on the recession.


    1. "I was in the top 10% of my class and did not work hard for a job, but was staring at insurance defense firms as the main prospects out of law school."


      "Hello WEMED!"

  17. These kids won't even get shitlaw. They'll be lucky to work at fucking Petco.

  18. @7:55PM

    Nevertheless, the Professor told the class that the pecking order is established after the first year.

    What was I supposed to do? Call her a liar?
    She was the authority figure at the law school and so I believed her.

    BTW, I didn't hear her say that until I was in the second year.

    But I think all lawyers and judges ought to be required to say how many times it took them to pass the bar exam.

    I saw a former classmate from Touro in the Javits center taking the bar for the 8th time.

    That is four years after law school, and so he had spent seven years of his life becoming a lawyer.

    Something seemed terribly wrong to me about all that, and it still does seem terribly wrong to let someone practice law after failing the bar two or three times.

    A partner of a rather large long island law firm once tried to console me by telling me that he knew of practicing Judges that took the bar exam four times.

    And something seems very wrong about that too.

    As the old furmity tent woman said to the Mayor of Casterbridge, and in so many words: "Who are you to sit in judgement of me?"

  19. Law is a dying profession. If you can get out and find something else to do, what are you doing on here? Get out of this shit ass profession right away.

  20. As a former graduate (actually, make that "as a graduate of the former) Nashville YMCA Night Law School, I take umbrage as this characterization.

    Hang on, I need to pick up one mor epiece of litter on the street before I can go home for the night.

  21. Well Judge Neil Cohen dismissed another lawsuit against the law schools. I believe the tally for law grads (Plaintiffs) is 1 for 5. The only case that has survived a motion to dismiss was in CA against Thomas Jefferson. The other courts presiding over the lawsuits against NYLS, Cooley, BLS and DePaul have basically acknowledge that the legal market sucks and that you have to be an idiot lemming to go to law school. And, if you believe in law school employment stats, you probably believe in the tooth fairy, easter bunny or Santa Claus. Do you think these decisions will dissauade 0Ls from continuing to immerse themselves on a one-way ticket to a 3 year waste of life, plus a lifetime of debt repayment? My guess is lemmings will lem.

  22. I didn't see much coverage of the TJSL decision. One would think this was newsworthy. Oh well. The scam goes on.

  23. The lawsuit against TJSL is still ongoing. The plaintiffs have not prevailed. They only survived a motion to dismiss. I wouldn't hold my breath on waiting for the Plaintiffs in the TJSL to come out victors either.

  24. Cohen ruled in favor of the law schools. Schweitzer did the same. Schmidt with BLS did the same.

    Does anyone see a pattern?

  25. One commenter made the profound point, on ITLSS, that for judges to allow plaintiffs in these lawsuits to prevail would be an extreme disruption of the financial and social order. It's not that 1 or 2 schools are in on this scam--they all are. These are results-oriented decisions, pure and simple.

    The word is officially out--caveat emptor--law schools are no more trustworthy than carnival barkers or used car salesmen. Proceed at your own peril.

    Nando--I can't wait to see your take on this.

  26. "One commenter made the profound point, on ITLSS, that for judges to allow plaintiffs in these lawsuits to prevail would be an extreme disruption of the financial and social order. It's not that 1 or 2 schools are in on this scam--they all are. These are results-oriented decisions, pure and simple."
    - BamBam

    They've created a structure that is very fragile and based on a few sub units holding it up. So yeah, the law profession is like a game of Jenga.

  27. The judges need to uphold the system. Without it, they are nothing. They need people to buy into the legitimacy of the system.

  28. Please don't insult shit by comparing it with the Salmon P. Chase Law School. Excrement serves at least one useful purpose: It helps make the grass blue in the state named for its most famous form of vegetation. For that matter, the Hon. Judge Chase himself has been doing that for ages. He and the fly-flecked turds in the photo are thus performing at least one more useful function than the school in your post is performing at this moment!

  29. Check out this tripe, from Lawrence Rosenthal, a$$ociate dean for academic$ at this fourth tier dung pit:



    Extending learning beyond the classroom with hands-on experience and giving students the necessary tools to be successful

    Students at NKU Chase are part of a rich and innovative academic environment. In addition to learning from nationally-known experts in their fields, Chase students will have many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Chase's Center for Excellence in Advocacy, its Transactional Law Practice Center, and its Local Government Law Center all provide students with hands-on learning opportunities, as well as the opportunity to attend presentations by judges, practitioners, and other members of the legal community. The NKU Chase Law + Informatics Institute represents an interdisciplinary partnership of the law school, College of Informatics, Small Business Development Center, Small Business and Nonprofit Law Clinic, and other programs throughout NKU to prepare students with the practical skills to be twenty-first century lawyers working on the cutting edge of law and technology. Additionally, Chase's numerous externship programs provide students with opportunities to handle real cases and experience various aspects of a law practice. These are just some of the opportunities Chase's academic program offers its students, regardless of whether the students are in the full-time division, the part-time division, or in the joint-degree programs.

    The Kentucky Supreme Court and the Kentucky Court of Appeals regularly schedule oral arguments at Chase, affording students the chance to observe actual appellate practice. Additionally, Chase faculty members often invite students to be research assistants for articles being written for publication in scholarly journals.

    In short, the academic experience at NKU Chase extends beyond the classroom, and it provides our students with the tools they will need to be successful members of the bar.”

    This may be the case, for those graduates who are able to land actual attorney jobs after earning their TTTT law degree from this ABA-accredited trash can.


    Remember, Poindexter Lawrence Rosenthal: according to the Univer$iTTTTy of NorTTTThern KenTTTTucky $almon P. Cha$e Commode of Law, only 50.3 percent of EMPLOYED members from its JD Class of 2011 found jobs requiring bar passage. Yes, those are excellent odds, right?!?!

    Another 30.2% of 2011 grads ended up in positions listed as “JD Preferred.” What the hell does that even mean, douche-bag?! In the end, no one cares if they were able to listen to oral arguments or listen to appeals cases at the law school – if they cannot find attorney jobs after graduating from this overpriced garbage heap! Hell, you can pack those hearings in your ass, pathetic bitch.

  30. "The Kentucky Supreme Court and the Kentucky Court of Appeals regularly schedule oral arguments at Chase, affording students the chance to observe actual appellate practice."

    Sigh. First, there is nothing to prevent any law student or interested citizen from driving to the courthouse and observing "actual appellate practice," aka oral arguments, in person. Second, reviewing courts are increasingly uploading sound and video recordings of oral arguments to their websites, so you might be able to observe "actual appellate practice" from your home computer or digital device.

    Staging appellate arguments in the law school auditiorium...that is just more attractive window-dressing on the scam. I am sure that having the state Supreme Court hold arguments on campus makes the students feel important and involved in the legal profession. A good feeling, no doubt--but one that will vanish when the bills come due and the job search begins in earnest.

  31. ^This guy gets it. This boils down to more window dressing for the lemmings and their proud parents. Suckers.

    Watching appellate arguments is not gonna do shit to help you find a job. Yeah, put that shit on your resume and mention it during an interview (if you're lucky enough to get one coming out of this shithole).

    "Tell us about your experience. What makes you a better candidate for this job than anyone else?"

    "Well, uh, you see, I did listen to appellate arguments at my law school. I've seen lawyers in action. That makes me prepared to practice. I, uh, even got to witness oral argument on campus. That is practical, real world experience you just can't get at most law schools. This separates me from the pack, and makes me better qualified."

  32. The shit at the top looks like a dick with balls. It would be nice to push this dick to Cohen's mouth up to the balls. I am not sure the flies will want to go all the way in.

  33. Don't get mad at Cohen. What do you expect from a Jew bastard judge?

    1. That you, TheJohnBungsopholus [sic] of JD Junkyard?

  34. "Efforts to blindly ramp up recruitment of Chinese LLM students may be unsuccessful as a long-term strategy to solve the current problems confronting U.S. law schools."


  35. I strongly object to the racist comment @9:48PM and hope that Nando deletes it.

    I might be part Jewish for all I know, and on my mother's side.

    What I do know for sure is that I was raised Catholic, but that a lot of my extended family were Protestant.

    1. I already told you - do not use terms meaning of which you do not even remotely understand. How many times something has to be repeated to you before you get it?

    2. Jd stop whining..look up the word racist.. calling someone a jew bastard is not racist. Hes a jew and a bastard just like you are what you are and a dumbass. You are not a dumbass because you are jewish or italian or whatever you are...you are just a dumbass.

      Go cry somewhere else

    3. I second JD Painterguy's complaint, which is entirely reasonable and decent.

      I find 356's and 709's cyberbullying crap to be almost as objectionable as 948's bigotry.


    4. Who gives the fuck what you "second"?
      Do not fuck with us, buddy.
      Fuck you, the fucking fucker.
      Shut the fuck up.
      Fuck off.
      Go and grow some balls, fuckface.
      Did I already tell you to fuck off, fuckball?

  36. Law school is not cool;
    It's for fools.
    I do not like law school;
    I don't like how judges rule.
    Law school is for the birds;
    And now some people think law school reeks of turds.
    Now some law schools
    Accept people who always drool.

    Avoid law school.

  37. $16k isn't too bad. Sure you won't work as a lawyer if you don't have your family's firm ready to take you in, but it could be a lot worse.

  38. Up here in Barrow Alaska we are going to see the Moose D. Hunt law school for the University of Northern Alaska. You think Mohammed and Rajiv will work cheap, I have some eskimos with law degrees that will basically work for food.

  39. Isn't there a need for a law school in Southern Alaska? All that real estate and no law school. We can't have that. Everyone's entitled to go to law school.

  40. 2:40PM--sounds like there are unmet legal needs in Alaska for recent law school graduates who are willing to go where the jobs are. They can hang out a shingle and represent people in dog bite cases (don't they use sleds to get around?), poaching cases, maybe DUI (if I lived in Alaska I imagine I would drink a lot). Go where the jobs are!!! Be a giver, not a taker!!

  41. Let's take a look at some of this prestigious commode's certificate programs!


    "Certificate and Concentration Programs

    At NKU Chase, students may choose to earn a Certificate through programs that focus on particular skill sets or a Concentration through programs that focus on particular law subject areas, while simultaneously obtaining a well-rounded legal education."

    Those who have graduated from law school recognize that these certificate programs are largely worthless, i.e. they do not help you in the typical job search. ABA-accredited toilets merely offer them, in order to entice lemmings to take the plunge.


    "Advocacy Certificate Requirements

    The Certificate in Advocacy is a rigorous program of study that includes specialized advocacy skills courses, real-world advocacy field work, participation in at least one advocacy competition, and participation in extracurricular advocacy-related programming."

    You can pack this certificate up your ass. After all, these supposed "advocacy skills" will not come in handy often, when you are selling insurance or tending bar.


    "Certificate in Transactional Law

    Students interested in transactional law will learn not only the law but the skills that are required to be a transactional attorney in today's fast paced legal field. Students take an exciting array of transactional courses, pass an accounting and finance competency test, participate in programming sponsored by the Transactional Law Practice Center, and perform transactional related pro bono projects to hone their legal skills so that they can be an immediate asset to a firm or company upon graduation and passing the bar exam. Employers are looking for attorneys who have the skills and the knowledge to be ready for practice."

    Yes, legal employers will climb over each other to get a crack at a Univer$iTTTTy of NorTTTThern KenTTTTucky JD - armed with this credential! While Biglaw firms would prefer to hire practice-ready attorneys, they will gladly take those with the right pedigree over some TTTT grad who participated in pro bono tripe.

  42. This law school (if you can call it that) is shittier than shit. Fourth tier = garbage. Why? Because law firms (the ones worth anything) don't like hiring idiots who graduate from toilets. So all that money and time you spent getting a law degree would've been better spent on almost anything else. Even a junket in Vegas.

  43. CNN just published. an article called "Why are lawyers killing themselves" and one of the Case professors was mentioned as committing suicide.

  44. Nando...appreciate and respect what you are doing here. Basically awakening all of the lemmings before they destroy their lives. I certainly wish your glorious and accurate depiction of my alma mater had been in place five years ago before I fell for the snake oil they were selling. Perhaps I'd have made something of myself and used my mind for something other than reading emails for Fortune 500 companies at $19 an hour (and that's when there is work). Perhaps I wouldn't have wasted so much time reading, studying, and graduating with honors to be sitting at my kitchen table at noon on a Monday morning with nothing better to do than commit Hari-Kari.

    This concrete prison is where unsuspecting law students go to become underemployed e-Discovery "attorneys" or open sole law offices doomed to fail.

    I wish I had a Delorean that traveled 88-miles an hour so I could go back in time and punch myself in the face for even considering attending this trash heap.

  45. I just received an invite to attend an alumni luncheon from this 4th Tier Turd-Dungeon. I considered attending until I saw that a seat and a plate was $40 bucks. The last time I made $40 bucks was from selling plasma.

    If you are thinking about attending this school, do yourself
    a favor and spend three years huffing propane while chain smoking cheap cigarettes. Your life will be better for it.

  46. Northern Kentucky University, not University of Northern Kentucky


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