Monday, October 15, 2012

NALP’s Executive Director Admits That Biglaw Hiring Will Not Return to Pre-Recession Levels

The Admission:

On Saturday, October 13, 2012, Paul Campos published a sobering blog piece entitled “Five stages of grief.” Take a look at this opening:

“James Leipold, the Executive Director of NALP, has a striking column in this month's print issue of the NALP Bulletin. Leipold begins by noting his surprise that "a number of law schools, through their dean or their office of career services, have called on NALP generally and on me specifically to develop a more positive message about the entry-level job market. One request went so far as to urge me to describe the entry-level legal employment market as good.

Shocking but, sadly, not surprising. Law schools have had to disclose their sobering job outcomes, but they want to reassure applicants that the market is "fundamentally strong" and will "turn around shortly. Fortunately, Leipold points out that he can't say things that are false." [Emphasis mine]

This further proves that the law school pigs do not give one damn about their recruits, current students or recent graduates. They simply want you to believe that law school is a sound investment. But we are supposed to show respect to these deceitful cockroaches, because they are “law professors,” right?!?!

Later on, the article continued:

“After pointing to steeply declining outcomes for the Classes of 2009 through 2011, Leipold writes: "We also know that the large law firm hiring model is different than it was before the recession, and is not likely ever going to look like it did in the last years before the economic collapse. That is because the business environment for large law firms has changed in significant ways that are likely to be permanent, or at least it has changed because of trends that are not likely to reverse themselves."

There you have it. Leipold is someone who hangs out with BigLaw partners and recruiters; BigLaw is the backbone of NALP. He also has every incentive to portray legal hiring as optimistically as possible; see above on pressure from law schools. If Leipold thinks BigLaw will not revive its ebullient hiring practices, then it almost certainly will not.” [Emphasis mine]

NALP’s Class of 2011 National Summary Report:

ABA-accredited trash pits pumped out 44,495 graduates in 2011. Out of that gigantic number, employment status was known for 41,623 JDs. These grads competed for a mere 27,224 jobs labeled “bar passage required.” Yes, that represents 61.2% of all cohort members. Keep in mind that not all of these are traditional attorney positions.

Scroll down to page two of this PDF, and head to the section “Size of Firm.” You will see that only 17,666 grads reported working in private law firms. THIS EQUATES TO 39.7 PERCENT OF THE ENTIRE 2011 CLASS ENDING UP IN PRIVATE PRACTICE! Furthermore, a total of 1,059 desperate souls went into solo practice. Another 7,570 were employed in firms of 2-10 lawyers. Nearly half, i.e. 48.8 percent, of private lawyers came from these two categories. Do you think that ABA law schools are producing too many graduates?!?! Let these numbers sink in for a moment.

NALP’s Selected Findings, for the JD Class of 2011:

On June 7, 2012, NALP furnished a press release labeled “Law School Grads Face Worst Job Market Yet — Less Than Half Find Jobs in Private Practice.”  Take a look at the following excerpt:

“According to Selected Findings from the Employment Report and Salary Survey for the Class of 2011 released today by NALP, the overall employment rate for new law school graduates is, at 85.6%, the lowest it has been since 1994, when the rate stood at 84.7%. In addition to an overall employment rate that fell two percentage points from that for the previous class, and that has dropped each year since 2008, the Class of 2011 employment figures reveal a job market with many underlying structural weaknesses. The employment profile for this class also marks a continued interruption of employment patterns for new law school graduates that had, prior to 2010, been undisturbed for decades.” [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: Apparently, the dung beetles know that the game is over. “Law professors” and deans may continue to claim that the legal job market is going to improve. However, do not expect too many of their close allies to make such assertions, and place their names and repuTTTaTTTions at risk. Mentally deficient lemmings need to realize that the facts cited come from the industry.

Biglaw clients are sophisticated enough to realize that they do not need to pay firms big dollars to train new lawyers. The fact remains that this area is pretty much limited to those who attended elite schools, as well as those who are have sterling connections and the right family name. If you have a pathetically low chance of ending up in Biglaw, then there is NO DAMN REASON to incur an additional $110K-$170K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a law degree. Hell, would you pay ridiculous sums of money for one lottery ticket - or $30 for a single chance to win a prize from McDonald’s Monopoly campaign?!?!


  1. If anyone out there is thinking to themselves 'That's biglaw. It won't affect me', you're flat out wrong. Where do you think the no-offered Duke, Cornell, Harvard grads are going to go? They will and they are taking jobs that previously went to tier 2 grads. Sweet dreams, kiddies. Law is a contracting market. And it did so at an alarming rate.

  2. This is Doug asshole. I don't appreciate you deleting my posts or BLOCKING ME FROM YOUR FUCKING SITE. I spent a year at Florida Coastal, and due to some personal issues which occured during my life during that year, I was distracted, and did not get very good grades. I am however, trying to get back into law school.The LAW IS A GREAT AND REWARDING PROFESSION AND ONE DAY, I will be a great lawyer. I big firm corporate lawyer here in Pittsburgh. Before going to law school, I worked as a mall security guard, because I could not find any decent jobs with my philosophy degree. How dare you insult me on your site. HOW FUCKIN DARE YOU! I plan on applying the the Appalacian school of law. It is a fine institution, and once I explain my Florida coastal situation to them, I'm sure they will FUCKIN UNDERSTAND. You are just jealous of me because I have a dream. A dream to one day do big things, marry a beautiful woman, and buy a huge house in the suburbs. You are jealous because you live in a trailer with your fat, slutty cow of a wife. How fun being a loser. Once I make it big, I'll let you know. Quit hatin.

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    2. That is some lulzworthy shit. It cannot possibly be a serious post.

  3. I hope Leipold doesn't lose his job over this. Thank God some people in this industry still have some integrity left.

  4. It's been a long time coming. The truth has an inconvenient way of coming out, no matter how the shills try to spin it.

    Problem is, the deans/skools will go down with the ship rather than admit to the situation or dare to change anything, which means more bilked victims in the interim.

  5. Hi Doug Asshole.

  6. If Liepold had any balls, he would whistleblow on the law schools that urged him to lie about the employment picture. The fact that a law school dean urged him to lie is attempted conspiracy to commit fraud. This just goes to show how filthy this industry is. I heard that the October LSAT was dumb downed, probably to increase LSAT median scores (which have been falling) so that these schools' precious USNWR rankings aren't affected. The schools are starting to lower their standards to get asses on seats. There is no end to the shameless tactics that these criminal schools will resort to.

  7. The law schools have no shame. I'm surprised they didn't give Liepold a bag full of cash to get him to say what they wanted.

  8. Florida Coastal? Appalachian?


  9. Doug Asshole...

    That name rings a bell...

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    1. Simple mistake, Dougie Cockknocker. Try not to rape any of your classmates at Appalachian so you don't have another 'situation' during law school.

  11. Somehow the clueless young Doug reminds me of this scene.

    I realize the context in the scene is war, and not law school, but somehow the thread or theme seems to fit: Young exuberance confronted by someone who has been there and is telling it all like it is......

    It is not Doug's fault.

  12. Overall, Paul Campos did a nice job of reporting on Liepold’s recent remarks. However, he should not give the man credit for being honest.

    On May 3, 2010, Elie Mystal posted an ATL article entitled “NALP 2010: NALP Executive Director James Liepold Talks to the ‘Lost Generation.’ Take a look at what James Liepold told the NALP Annual Education Conference, on April 30, 2010 – where he was the sole panelist for “The State of the Legal Economy and the Legal Employment Market”:

    “But Leipold told us that NALP is also counting deferred students as employed — even though NALP KNOWS that some deferrals will never result in actual employment.

    Since it was me, Leipold, and 11 other people who didn’t want to look tanned when they got back to work on Monday, I decided it was appropriate to question Leipold about this. Why was NALP providing “cover” for law schools when we all know that prospective law students will believe these inflated numbers? Doesn’t this make NALP complicit in this law school scam? To Leipold’s credit, he answered truthfully:

    “If we said to law schools you have to report a significant percentage of your graduates as ‘unemployed,’ they wouldn’t do it.”

    Yes, what a fount of integrity, huh?!?!

    On May 27, 2010, I profiled James Liepold on this blog. Read the main entry. You will notice that the rat merely hoped that the worst part of the recession has already occurred.

    To the cockroach who posted at 7:57 am and 12:15 pm,

    You seriously need to check yourself into the nearest psychiatric hospital. Since you are living at home, and don’t have gainful employment, you likely do not have insurance. Don’t worry, bitch. The taxpayers will be better served by picking up the bill, rather than seeing you free for any additional time.

    If you are seriously considering entering Appalachian Law School, then your mental status should be a red flag. Take a look at this Francis X. Clines piece for the NYT, published on January 17, 2002. The article was labeled “3 Slain at Law School; Student is Held.”

    “A distressed student facing suspension stormed through the campus of the Appalachian School of Law today with a handgun, killing the dean, a professor and a student and wounding three others before he was tackled by fellow students, the state police reported.”

    You are not wired right, you piece of trash. If you couldn’t handle the coursework at For-Profit, Fourth Tier Trash Can Florida Coa$TTTTal, then you are clearly not going to become a “great“ lawyer, mental deficient. If you had not touched those little kids at the mall, then you would still be a security guard. Have fun in the padded room, moron.

    Lastly, my wife is due with our son after Thanksgiving. One day, when you finally get laid, you might experience that joy in your life. Although, I'll bet that you don't have enough sperm in your tiny balls, in order to produce a child. Also, I own a two story home with three bedrooms, a big-ass yard and a two car garage. Plus, I have never been on pubic assistance - as you alleged in another comment. Now, go cry yourself to sleep in your mother's basement, loser.

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  14. This is good news in a strange way. Once more people start going to HYS and end up in school funded positions and shitlaw, the jig is up. The dummies at TTTs and TTTTs might take longer to figure it out. But when the smart kids realize they're fucked, the scam won't go on much further after that.

    The law schools won't be able to label people with law degrees from HYS or Columbia and U of Chicago as lazy, stupid or entitled kids that didn't work hard enough. This is a train wreck and I can't turn away from it. It's better than watching the NBA playoffs.

  15. It's Doug again motherfucker. You still insulting me? Here's the real story. (Not that I owe it to you to tell you a thing.) I went to Florida Coastal for a year. And I had a nervous breakdown. I quit my job to go to law school and I really struggled with school. I thought my dreams were shattered. So I decided to drop out. HOW DARE YOU FUCKING MAKE FUN OF ME AND MY DREAMS OF BECOMING A GREAT LAWYER!

    But I don't want to be a bitter fuck like you so I'm going back as soon as I can. And I'm going to make the most of the opportunity. Now I order you to quit making fun of me on this blog. RIGHT THIS FUCKING MINUTE. The only reason I don't have kids is cause I'm still a virgin out of personal choice. So fuck you.

    1. You have to be the SuperTroll....sweet Jesus, you are burying yourself.

  16. Doug:

    I struggled as a 1L at a lower tier law school.It was quite a while ago, but the basic curriculum is the same as it was then.

    I never "got it" when it came to issue spotting or writing law exam essays, although it was explained repeatedly.

    Some say that I should have been part of the 1L attrition and/or that the school should have kicked me out because my overall GPA after the first year was below 2.0

    In hindsight I wish I had dropped out after the first semester.

    Life is full of dreams, and not all of them come true, and maybe for good reason.

    I remember something Bruce Jenner said once: He said that his parents told him that if you are ever going to try something new in life, give it your all for 6 months, and after the 6 months take stock of the situation and decide if you want to continue.

    I stayed in law school because everyone around me said that a law degree is a law degree no matter what the tier, and that if you are at the bottom of the class you will still be called "Counselor" some day.

    But the intellectual skill set for doing well in law school is something that not everyone has, and a wise faculty that kicks a struggling student out may be doing that student a big favor in the long run.

    And then there are the student loans to think about too, because, like a Bruce Jenner facelift, one cannot always reverse the new look, or the debt.

  17. Doug checking in again to set the record straight.

    I meant I'm only a virgin when it comes to women. (My throat and asshole are well acquainted with the human penis.) That's why I don't have any kids. What's so great about changing poopy diapers anyway, YOU DUMB SON OF A BITCH.

  18. This profession sucks. Why anyone would go to a Suffolk Law School, New England Law, Cooley Law School, Thomas Jefferson Law, Appalachian Law School or any number of law schools that are truly in the bottom, is astonishing in 2012.

    One non-ABA law school, Massachusetts School of Law, has internet ads where the main selling point is no LSAT required. This profession has gone to shit and it is obvious that it is designed to line the pockets of the law schools and third-tier trash deans like the $800,000 a year dean at New England Law.

    The ABA sucks for letting quality standards go to shit. A lot of law grads are going to be stuck with big debt and dim job prospects, with no practical skills.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I am concerned about the alleged confusion arising out of numerous posters misrepresenting themselves as DOUG and and submitting non-authentic posts.

      We thereby will assign to all of them code names. Your code name for all future posts will be COCKSUCKER. You should duly identify yourself by this code name for all future posts. I trust this is going to address the problem and prevent any future confusion as to the authenticity of your posts.

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    From blog analytics, mental midget:

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    I have banned several of your IPs already, ass nugget. YOU have severe emotional and mental health issues that need to be addressed soon. I knew that you went to Florida for law school. Due to your recent activity, over the past few months, I am also aware that you only spent one year there. Move on and get a life. The streets of Pittsburgh are not safe, with you on the loose.

    In all seriousness, check into the local psych ward, loser. Law schools are producing too many lawyers. Hell, Paul Campos has documented this reality, retard. Brian Tamanaha and several other professors - mostly adjuncts - have also highlighted this situation. State bar officials and sitting judges have likewise made similar comments to the press. You are free to return to law school, bitch. If you want to piss away your sad, pathetic existence, then go ahead.

    If Appalachian Law School accepts your worthless carcass, then they are asking for another deranged moron to shoot up the place. For the students’ sake, I hope that the commode performs a serious background check on you, waterhead.

  22. Busted.

    If you did so well in law school, why did you drop out and why do you have all that time to post from the local college?

  23. Lol with all due respect nando, doug is likely a troll made up by several different ppl. How do u know all these threats came from the same person. None of the threats are credible and i doubt Pitt would waste their time investigating it. Just saying, i think u are making a big deal over someone who is just messing with u.

  24. I thought Doug was in Florida?

    But I wouldn't rule out Mr. Infinity still floating around. Hopefully sober.

  25. Are Doug and Mr. Infinity butt buddies?

  26. NALP is a joke. The numbers show there are too many lawyers and too many law schools.

    ANd while some assholes might say, That's the students fault, it comes on the taxpayer's dime. There's no reason why we should keep paying professors and college administrators so they can keep ruining young people's lives.

  27. Do this guy next:

  28. @ 2:38 pm,

    I already featured Jack Marshall, the fat, hideous pig on my blog - back on June 24, 2012. If you have a weak stomach, don't head to that blog post - since you will see one of the most reprehensible pictures that I have ever published on TTR. Doberman pinschers look better than this bastard. Then again, Marshall spent most of his formative years running into parked cars with his face.

    From the link you posted above, it is apparent that Ass Clown has read that profile. Here is one excerpt from the dung beetle’s recent entry:

    "In addition to routinely referring to others, especially law deans and professors, as “cockroaches,” “pigs,” “dogs” and even more denigrating terms ( I, for example, am “a ball-less, spineless, brainless waste of sperm and egg. The man has no character and no integrity. He bills himself as a purported “ethics guru.” Always be leery of these types; by nature, they are mere charlatans who seek to avoid real work. However, this physically and ethically grotesque pig takes deceit and dishonesty to another level.” So unfair. I have never billed myself as an “ethics guru”!), Nando decorates his site with graphic photographs of various forms of fecal matter, including a particularly nauseating shot of the aftermath of explosive diarrhea."

    Jack Marshall, apparently you are too dense to understand the purpose of the images. Read the following very carefully; you may need to peruse it several times before it penetrates your tiny brain:

    Low-ranked universities and law schools have been referred to as "third tier toilets" for decades. I have simply provided a visual connection to the term, waterhead.

    Here are some reasons to highlight the unethical law schools:

    (a) They charge ridiculous amounts in yearly tuition, regardless of their ranking;
    (b) The pigs do not adequately prepare students to practice law;
    (c) For years, MANY accredited schools published false or misleading employment placement data; and
    (d) they collectively pump out FAR TOO MANY graduates for the available number of attorney positions each year.

    In essence, ABA accredited law schools flush out too many graduates. Does that strike you as a problem, moron?!?!

    For everyone else: if you want to scare the living hell out of the neighborhood kids this upcoming Halloween, grab yourself a Jack Marshall face mask - and hit the streets. Just be careful, since you may attract farm animals – or get sprayed in the face with mace by concerned parents.

  29. Greetings Nando! So nice to see that you are alive and well and still keeping up with your blog.

    I'm a paralegal who has worked in this profession now for 15 years and I so happened to be unemployed. When firms stop hiring legal support positions, that's an indication that lawyer positions will eventually follow suit, and that has happened four years ago. I live in NY between two markets: NYC and Westchester County. Take it from me--this profession is stalled. I think it will take at least 20 years for this profession to turn around again and open when there is a mass exodus of people retiring.

    If you can't afford law school, don't have connections, and you if were accepted into a school that is not within the T25 list, do yourselves a favor and don't go. I know many kids who graduated from Pace who work part time and volunteer at legal services. These kids are barely making it.

    The entire higher education system is predatory and it works on people's emotions. At this time, it's best for those who can't afford the tuition to do the community college route, pick your tech or trade profession, and just wait it out. Neither Obama or Romney is in the position to give anyone a break regarding student loans; once you attend college and take out that loan, you still need to pay that bill off. The Colleges and Universities need to do their part and lower its tuition and fees and until these schools do, nothing is going to change. Don't fall for the you need that degree and skill speech that’s often dished out--take it from me, I'm an X'er who is now in my 30’s, even those of us who have degrees AND experience AND even connections, are having a rough go at it finding jobs in the legal field. I also know plenty of attorneys who work P/T jobs on the side, and have taken huge pay cuts over the last four years just to keep going.

    Take care and be well Nando.

  30. ^There you have it folks.

    Law schools won;t mention this. They urge the NALP to say the entry level legal market is good, when it's shit. The pigs (before I used to wince when nando wrote this about law profs but his description is right) are trying to keep the wool over your eyes. But the facts don't lie.

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