Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Second Tier Bird Droppings: University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law

Tuition: Kentucky residents attending this commode on a full-time basis will be charged $17,694 in tuition, for the 2012-2013 school year. Out-of-state full-time law students at the University of Louisville will be slapped with a big-ass tuition bill of $33,866 – for 2012-2013. Some apologist cockroaches will maintain that this is a “reasonable” rate. However, those dogs are comparing this to schools that charge $40K+ per year in tuition.

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, room and board; books and supplies; travel; personal expenses; technology and Stafford Loan fees will add another $19,086 to the tab. As such, the toilet published the following estimated COA for in-state, full-time law students: $36,780. For full-time, non-residents, this figure came out to $52,952.

Keep in mind that ABA-accredited trash heaps list living expenses – on a nine-month basis. Seeing that actual students will require such costs for the entire year, I have prorated expenses for the following areas: room and board; travel; and personal/miscellaneous. With those calculations, a more accurate, estimated COA will amount to $42,714 for in-state, full-time students, and $58,886 for non-resident full-time students – for 2012-2013. What a bargain, right?!?!

Ranking: The garbage pit is named after Louis D. Brandeis, a former member of The Supremes. This MUST make it one hell of a law school, correct?!?! Well, Pussy Bob Morse of US “News” & World Report has listed Univer$iTTy of Loui$ville Loui$ D. Brandei$ Sewer of Law as the 89th greatest, most magnificent, and illustrious law school in the entire United States. In fact, there are seven law schools who share this particular rating! One question: when so many schools share a ranking, doesn’t that take away from the prestige of the 89th spot?!?!

Published Employment Placement Data: Take a look at the Class of 2011 Employment Report, which was reported the racketeer influenced and corrupt organization known as the American Bar Association. This document is provided by the commode’s Office of “Professional” Development.

The school lists 97 grads, from this cohort, as being employed in jobs where bar passage is required. Another 33 JDs are listed as working in “JD Advantage” positions – whatever the hell that means. However, when you go to the section labeled Employment Type, you will see that only 54 members of this class ended up working in law firms. Of that figure, 40 are working in the following two categories: desperate solos; and in firms of 2-10 lawyers. Only one person is working in a firm of 51-100 attorneys, and the same applies to firms of the following sizes: 101-250 and 251-500 lawyers. How do you like your odds of landing stable legal employment now, lemming?!?!

Notice that the pile of bird feces does not even bother to publish median or starting salary info, for this class. Perhaps, the school is too modest or embarrassed to mention the stratospheric levels of its graduates’ income.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” listed the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTy of Loui$ville JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $78,725. According to this listing, 100 percent of this dung heap’s 2011 class took on such rotten debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled.

Amazing Academic “Opportunity”:

“The Journal of Animal and Environmental Law (JAEL) started in 2009 as an interdisciplinary journal focusing on the increased interest and support of both animal and environmental law at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law. JAEL's goal is to become an essential resource for judges, lawyers, teachers, and school administrators on matters relating to animal and environmental law.”

Who wouldn’t be impressed with you, if you landed a student editor position on this TTT publication?!?! Hell, even if you managed to become a mere staff member, southern belles are likely to spread their legs wide open for you. [Note: nothing of the sort will happen – as those women will get on all fours for the university's fourth string running back before they even acknowledge your existence, moron.]

Conclusion: The University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis Sewer of Law is a pathetic trash can. If you want to roll the dice on YOUR FUTURE, then step right up and send in your application to this ABA-approved cesspool. Remember that student debt, unlike gambling debts and lavish credit card bills, cannot be wiped out in bankruptcy proceedings. You will not be served well by incurring an additional $85K-$130K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to practice law in a small firm. If you are married to the idea of going to law school and becoming an attorney, realize that everything boils down to economics. Women don’t want some scrub making $35K-$45K per year. On top of that, try purchasing a home – and paying off your student loans - on such a paltry salary.


  1. ILSS prety much kicked me off the comment section of the blog, but I would like to say that default on my student loan debt in 2009 was my path to ICR (C as in Charlie)

    A private company collection agency brokered the deal or rather acted as the middleman and got me into the federal William D. Ford Program/Direct Loans.

    The collection agency is called "GC Services" and acted as a collections "vendor" for NU Higher educational Services Corp.

    GC services made 40K in taxpayer dollars as the result of my default as a collection fee.

    If people can enroll in IBR right out of school now, I wonder if it comes with a large set up fee as well?

    And of course the interest never stops compounding under the federal government relief or charity program, and at the end of IBR/ICR there is a tax bill on a whoppingly inflated loan principal balance.

    And that is so all the pumpkinheads in Higher Ed. can continue to feed off the student lending sugar teat.

    1. Um, how did the collection agency make the extra $40K from the *taxpayers,* exactly? They just decided that you owed it to them. The taxpayers will never give them that $40K...even if the Feds do wipe out your debt someday. What's the current tally, anyway? Is it at $400K yet?

  2. Lemmings,

    You listening? That car covered in bird shit represents your future.

    You'll owe a shit ton of student loan money, and you'll be driving a 1996 Toyota Celica with 230K miles on the odometer. That probably won't impress any women worth dating. You'll get to drive that clunker from temp agency interview to temp agency interview. Google Robert Half when you get a chance. Even they can't help you get staffed, since so many doc review jobs are overseas. Instead of reading up on Palsgraf, learn a foreign language. That might, just might, give you an edge on the competition.

    Good night now.

  3. Animal and environmental law?? WTF?? This is just so much fluff to make the place sound like something special.

    How many employers will look for activity in animal law? Are there even any jobs in that "specialty?" Maybe representing the dog in dog bite cases?

    The whole environmental law thing is a joke too. I guess a lot of naive students want to be the next Erin Brokovich. The only "environmental law" jobs out there are basically ones representing the polluters so they can get advice on how to pollute legally. And these jobs are mostly in big firms--jobs very few grads get these days.

    Flully "specialities" like these ones should be a warning sign.

  4. ^What if someone's pet pees on someone causing that person severe emotional distress? That journal might come in handy (like a roll of toilet paper.)

  5. $33,000 in tuition? Goo' lord that'sa lotta money.

    If mah fadin' memory serves meh co'rectly, the franchise fee fo' openin' a new KFC is less than dat. 'Course it'll cost ya a pretty penny to open one up 'cause we got'sta have a lot of startup costs.

  6. Somebody said it before, but if you name a lawl skool after somebody famous the chances are good it's one of these bottom-of-the-barrel loan default traps.

    Burn it to the ground.

  7. The Singularity is near, and that preoccupies me more than law schools or student loans. Things will get really bad, very soon...

  8. Law sucks as a profession. The JD degree has been so damn pimped out as an easy way for academic businesses to charge 30K, 40K, or more regardless of whether they teach any practical skills or if there is even any demand for more lawyers. It is is like the Soviet system of production, without taking into account supply and demand. The ABA has been complicit in making this profession a complete garbage pit, licensed hairdressers have more prestige and at least they have a useful skill when they graduate.

    The legal profession has never been at a lower point in terms of prestige or opportunity for graduates. I can understand someone going to Harvard Law or Stanford Law, even now, but why would anyone go to the high priced law schools that are middle of the road or bottom tier and pay 40K+ a year? A law school like New England Law or Suffolk Law School are perfect examples.

    I placed an ad recently for an associate and received twenty-five responses within two weeks. Do you think if I placed an ad for a doctor or a dentist, I would get even one response?

    I was talking to a friend that had an appointment with a doctor, the office was full with twenty or more people. He had to make an appointment a month ahead of time. He had to wait an hour to see the doctor for five minutes. It is all supply and demand.

    Almost anyone can get a law degree from some law school like Thomas Jefferson Law if they are will to go into debt, no matter if they have bad grades or a bad LSAT score, the law schools charging the tuition are the winners.

    This profession is garbage.

    1. It's not much better for MDs and DDSs. Most of the patients in that waiting room expect the doctor to basically treat them for free.

  9. What's the difference between a JD from UL and a pigeon?

    One of them can still make a deposit on a new BMW!

    1. Please remove your head from your ass. Which law school one attends is not relevant, unless you want a miserable life in big law. Where did you go, how many hours do you work and what do you make?

  10. ^

    That is a good one.

  11. Drum roll for Dona Furiosa!

  12. Dona, such a wicked sense of humor, may we clone you?

  13. She has a sense of humor, unlike Crynge Johansen. Why is she on your blogroll again?

  14. The turds at the Brandeis Sewer of Law are starting to look for their victims at an earlier age. This is akin to a child molester scouting the neighborhood parks and elementary school playground, for his next casualty. This update was posted on April 8, 2008, and is lableled “Central High School Students Experience Law School Life.”

    “Central High School Students Experience Law School Life

    On April 2, sophomores from Louisville's Central High School visited the University of Louisville's Brandeis School of Law to learn more about the law school experience. Students toured the campus, talked with admissions counselors, and met with law students and law faculty. The students were able to sit in on Torts and Property Law classes and hear Oral Arguments from current law students.

    Central High School Magnet Career Academy offers a law & government program, and students in this program have opportunities to visit courts, law offices and the Brandeis School of Law.”

    You would think that the law school would be embarrassed to keep this announcement on its website. Then again, these cockroaches have NO INTEGRITY and they are without shame. I’m sure that this trip was a big deal for high school sophomores. If you look at the accompanying four pictures, you will notice that the high school students are dressed up for the occasion. Hell, they dress MUCH better than the typical law student.

    Hopefully, these Magnet students are smart enough to see through this nonsense. Unfortunately, regardless of their intelligence, they are high school sophomores, i.e. they are easy to manipulate. It appears that the commode even provided lunch for the visitors.

    The school made sure to have the students meet with admissions counselors, i.e. academic drug pushers. Yes, that must have been a mere coincidence, right?!?! Who could possibly question the TTT motives of the law school pigs?! THESE KIDS ARE BEING PREYED UPON BY ACADEMIC CHILD MOLESTERS! But that doesn’t matter. After all, the swine are providing books that will help students cope with law school.

    On October 3, 2012, Virginia Mattingly, the Plain Jane “Cybrarian/Associate Professor of Legal Bibliography,” published an article entitled “Guidebooks for Surviving Law School.”

    “The newest exhibit in the law library features a collection of books to assist you during your first year of law school.

    Each copy currently on display is available for check out. Similar items can be found by browsing the contents of the bookshelves labeled KF 281-283 in the treatise section on the library's lower level.”

    You may be wondering whether I was joking about Mattingly’s job title, at the commode. Here is a link to her faculty profile. You will see that I merely added the description of her as a plain Jane. Check out her photo, and decide for yourself if I was too harsh on her.

  15. Apparently, the high school is offering up its own students as victims to the Univer$iTTy of Loui$ville Loui$ D. Brandei$ Sewer of Law:

    “History of Central High School

    Central High School Magnet Career Academy is an extraordinary institution of learning with a rich history. Central began in a time dramatically different from now; a time of separation, inequality, and injustice for many people.

    In 1870, a group of leading black citizens appealed to the Louisville Board of Education for free schools for their children. Thus, the Board of Education opened two buildings in October for educating "children of the African race," to be financed by taxes collected from the black community. From the very start, the courses of studies at Central High School consisted of a college curriculum. Students were able to take part in classes like rhetoric, trigonometry, botany, and philosophy."

    After a paragraph devoted entirely to the high school's tradition of athletic prowess, the description continues:

    "Central High School is the classic story of from rags to riches. This school started with virtually nothing and now has partnerships and relationships with the University of Louisville School of Law, Medicine, Business, and Dentistry; the Louisville Bar Association; Morehead State University School of Veterinary Science, Spalding University School of Nursing, Kort Rehab, Norton’s Hospital, JCTC, Papa John’s Pizza, 5/3 Bank, Speedway Stores, Argo Networks and a host of many others."

    Notice that the Louisville Bar Association has a relationship with Central High School. At least that doesn’t sound creepy, right? What do you expect from a “professional body” of reprobates, bums, pigs, rats and human waste?!

    "Central High School Magnet Career Academy


    Offers career magnets in medicine, law, computer technology, and business

    Provides dual credit (college and high school) courses as well as industry certifications, business/educational partnerships, and work co-op experiences

    Slogan: Where Tradition Meets Opportunity... Welcome Home to Central!"

    Even if some of these kids have wanted to be attorneys since age five, they visited the law school with two years left in high school! Add another four years for a Bachelor’s degree – and many students are now taking longer to complete a BS or BA – and you can see why this tour was so disgusting. Perhaps, the academic drug peddlers need to get their victims hooked at an earlier age.

  16. ^Wait until they start recruiting in nurseries and day care centers.

  17. Sorry to say but your dictator qualities no longer matter in view of ILSS. Have fun hanging out with your buddy Painter taking pictures of poo. Idiot!

  18. This is for the John Bungsolaphagus:

    Ichiro also went 4 for 6 last night and had two RBIs

  19. To the piece of garbage who posted at 5:14 am,

    Ask Brian Tamanaha who inspired him to take a tougher stance on the law schools, mental midget. If you can read, you should pick up his book "Failing Law Schools." Perhaps, your parents can read it to you, when they tuck you into bed at night. Since you are still living in your mother's basement, I hope that she runs the washing machine and dryer late in the evenings, bitch.

    By the way, do YOU speak for Paul Campos? Or do you merely want to feel important, so you took it upon yourself to act as his little errand boy? Grow up, moron. You may need to develop a brain stem first. Furthermore, have you noticed that Campos has recently adopted a more aggressive stance against the law school industry pigs?!?!

    The use of excrement pics should be self-explanatory: the term "third tier toilet" has been in use for decades, with regards to low-ranked universities and law schools. I have simply provided a visual to that phrase, cockroach. Notice how the pics accompany law school profiles, waterhead?!?! The schools take in too many students, and they pump out FAR TOO MANY graduates for the available numbers of attorney openings. The commodes also charge monstrous levels of tuition. As a result, legions of JDs end up with toxic debt and anemic job prospects.

    Apparently, you are more offended by someone using clear, direct, descriptive language to describe the situation than you are by the actual scam itself. You truly are a pathetic sewer rat.

    Lastly, recognize this reality, dung beetle: the aggressive tone and sterling data employed by the scamblogs attracted the attention of the mainstream media. When you have the facts on your side, but no industry support or deep pockets, then you need to come out swinging. In contrast, Law School Transparency's choir boy tactics FAILED MISERABLY, until major media outlets starting covering the scam.

    On January 8, 2011, the New York Times published reporter David Segal’s piece “Is Law School a Losing Game?” Look at the following excerpt:

    “Avoid this overpriced sewer pit as if your life depended on it,” writes the anonymous author of the blog Third Tier Reality — a reference to the second-to-bottom tier of the U.S. News rankings — in a typically scatological review. “Unless, of course, you think that you will be better off with $110k-$190k in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a degree that qualifies you to wait tables at the Battery Park Bar and Lounge.”

    Do you believe that the NYT would have critically covered this garbage industry without the scamblogs first bringing heat to the bastards?! Now go back to your coloring book, borderline retard.

  20. Get a life Nan-Doo-Doo. You and Painterdipshit are now irrelevant.

  21. I don't know why this guy keeps the blog up. Only a fucking retard would not know law school is a gamble and the legal jobs just aren't there.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Slam solos and small firms all you want, but I know many solos, including myself, that make $300k plus / year and work 40 hours a week, at most. And we are happy. Most big law lawyers are miserable.


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