Friday, October 5, 2012

Third Tier Explosive Diarrhea: Quinnipiac University School of Law

Tuition: For the 2012-2013 school year, full-time victims/students will be charged $46,260 in tuition, so that one can attend this magnificent institution of “higher learning.” In comparison, full-time tuition at Harvard Law School - for 2012-2013 - is $49,950. These schools must be in the same league, right?!?! Part-time law students at Quinnipiac will only face $32,400 in tuition costs, for the current academic year, if they take 10 credit hours per semester.

Total Cost of Attendance: In the worst-case scenario, i.e. an off-campus student attending this commode full-time, the ABA trash heap estimates that fees, books, living allowance, and loan fees will add another $20,742 to the big-ass tab. Of course, the cockroaches provide these costs on nine months. As such, the school claims that the total estimated budget will be $67,002 - for 2012-2013.

Seeing that actual students will require expenses for the full year, I have prorated the living costs - in order to provide a more accurate figure. These expenditures increase to $24,699 - from $18,524. As a result, the proper, estimated COA - for the current year at this commode - will amount to $73,177. Who doesn’t have that level of money lying around?!?!

Ranking: Based on its ridiculous cost of admission, this must be one incredible law school, correct?!?! Well…according to US “News”& World Report, Quinnipiac Univer$iTTTy Sewer of Law is the 107th greatest, most elite law school in the entire nation. For some reason, Pussy Robert Morse of the defunct magazine is currently displaying the ratings for last year.

Employment Data, for the Class of 2011: According to Quinnipiac University, the JD Class of 2011 had 133 members. Of this figure, only 57 grads reported working in a job where bar passage was required. $omehow, the toilet conveniently forgot to publish a “placement” rate. Apparently, one person did not provide employment status to the commode. The school claims that 108 out of 132 graduates found some type of employment, within nine months of graduation. This translates to an employment rate of 81.81 percent. Hell, for this class, one’s chances of landing a job “requiring bar passage” was 43.18%. What a prestigious law school, huh?!?!

Scroll down a little, to find a real gem of information. Of the 47 grads working in law firms, four worked as sole practitioners and 34 landed employment in firms of 2-10 attorneys. In fact, only two grads ended up in a firm of 101-250 lawyers - and exactly one Quinnipiac JD from this cohort worked in a law firm of more than 251 attorneys. How do you like those odds, Lemming?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Quinnipiac Univer$iTTTy JD Class of 2010 who incurred debt for law school - as $96,256. Furthermore, 81 percent of this dung heap’s 2010 class took on such toxic debt. Apparently, Vagina Bob Morse has also replaced his 2013 data with that of the prior year. What a man of “integrity.” I guess the sewer rat doesn’t mind making the numbers look lower. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled.

Administrator Salary Info: Let’s juxtapose the debt-strapped graduate with the chief academic leech, at this supposed "non-profit."  John Lahey, “president” of this garbage university, raked in $1,137,132 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. Yes, this grotesque pig received $875,405 in reportable compensation from the school; $218,851 in reportable compensation from related organizations; and $42,876 in estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations. This “man” doesn’t even have the balls to provide his photo on his university bio. I suppose this equates to “leadership” in academia. But that is fine. After all, this swine was inducted into the Irish American Hall of Fame earlier this year. And that is extremely important, right?!

Conclusion: Avoid Quinnipiac University School of Law, at all costs. If you attend and graduate from this third tier garbage can, the best, probable outcome that you can hope for is that you will end up in a law firm of 2-10 attorneys. You DO NOT need to incur an additional $100K-$135K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to earn $45K per year. By the way, try purchasing a home, or starting a family, on that paltry income - especially in the northeastern United States.  What bank will extend to you a small business loan or mortgage, with your massive student debt? If you are lucky enough to work for a small law firm, imagine your insurance coverage.

In the final analysis, you must look at law school PRIMARILY or SOLELY as a financial decision. Everything boils down to economics. The Boomers told us, since infancy, that “Higher education is THE KEY to your future.” Parents, grade school teachers, extended family members, policymakers, politicians/servants of the oligarchs, well-meaning adults in positions of supposed authority informed us that by doing so, “You will be making an investment in yourself.” Well, most people seek to make a positive return on their ventures. Apparently, it is okay for everyone but college grads to have this mindset. This decision will affect you for the rest of your life. Do not piss your future away on this terrible bet.


  1. These people ought to be ashamed of themselves. 57 out of 132 grads were employed in jobs requiring bar passage. Subtract the 4 "working" as solos, plus the small firm attorneys who don't get real salaries, plus the ones doing part time or temp work and probably about one-fourth of these unfortunates actually got long term, full time lawyer jobs. And for this they charge 46 K per year?? And the dean makes over a million bucks???

  2. Kids, it is simple math:

    $150K = JD from QPAC
    JD from QPAC = UI x (y)years

    The equation is clear, don't go to law school.

  3. Yeah, try paying off $96K (for a lot of students, it will be much more) on a solo salary. If you work for a 2-10 man firm, you're fucked too. Most of those guys make $35K-$45K. And you'll be expected to eat what you kill. You gotta bring in business to the firm. Like you said, the ins. benefits are lousy too. If you work for a big company, the insurance costs are spread out among all the employees and the carrier can provide coverage at what passes for decent rates these days. God bless these poor bastards.

  4. It seems over 18 percent of graduates were completely unemployed. This is over twice the national average for young adults (25-34). So getting a law degree from this place more than doubles the risk that a student will be completely unemployed nine months later.

  5. 'Increasingly popular on environmentally conscious campuses, these sites allow students and staff to immediately see how their behaviors impact energy consumption. Viewers can select a building and see consumption over a time period or on a per-person or square-footage basis. The sites also offer frameworks for competitions, green tips and local weather conditions.

    Click on the graphic below to go to Quinnipiac's Building Dashboard Web site.'


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    1. Thank you so much for these amazing posts over the years.

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  8. Pay no attention to the critics at ILSS.

    Tamanaha mentioned you for good reason in his publication, and Campos wouldn't have emailed a number of us in the very first days of his blogging unless he took us seriously as well.

    Tamanaha also commented on JJD, and on Life's Mockery.

  9. ^^^ Correction: Tamanha commented on JJD and on Demo's Blog: Outside Lies Magic, and not Life's Mockery as far as I know.

  10. The only times I've ever heard of Quinnipac before today were when its university's polls were cited in media reports on elections in this area.

    Quinnipac is in Connecticut. I'm in New York, and have lived in or near it for most of my life. What does that say about the school?

  11. This shitter's in CT? So they're competing with Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, BC and BU for jobs. These. Kids. Are. Fucked.

  12. When I'm not on this blog, I practice law in Connecticut. So a bit of background on Quinnipac. It used to be University of Bridgeport School of law. (Bridgeport is CT's biggest urban wasteland of a city) When the moonies bought out this university, the law school migrated to Quinnipac, because they were willing to build them a whole new building including a law library. It rests in the shadow of Sleeping Giant state park (hopefully the site of my first date with Dona) Which is about 10 miles north of New Haven Ct.

    Quinnipac takes in a substantially larger 1L class then which graduates because they fail out approximately 1/3rd of their first years (instead of just giving them C grades like UCONN does) So even though the students have much lower LSATs then UCONN the final product has a similar bar passage rate. (Q also runs a non-credit bar review class in the last semester at the school to keep its passage rates up)

    Its not a bad school, but its horribly overpriced compared to what its students can realisticly earn, like most other law schools below the top 14 in the country.

    Incidently while Yale Law school is just down the road in New Haven, very few Yale law school grads stick around to practice law in CT preferring New York City. In my stay in Connecticut I've met two Yale law school grads in general practice.

  13. I am sure Quinnipiaaac has the number one ranked "pollster law" program in the country. In this case, the pole is getting shoved up your rectum for paying the highway robbery tuition that this joke of a school charges.


  15. Arent all the books in French at this shithole?

  16. No Quinnipac is an indian derived name, it is not from the French language.

  17. Scott Bullock once commented on Quinnipiac. Here's all you need to know:

  18. There should be not be any six figure and seven figure academics, truly disgusting loading other members of society with student loans.

  19. If the ABA gave one single solitary droplet of shit about future lawyers, schools like this stink pit would be closed down tomorrow. (or better yet they wouldn't have approved these shitholes in the first place.)

  20. I know someone that went to the U of Bridgeport Law School and graduated, and walked and received a printed diploma from the u of Bridgeport law school.

    And then not long after Quinnipiac took the school over, and they mailed him a new law school diploma with Quinnipiac on the top line.

    True story, and the poor graduate was confused to say the least.

    But he ended up as a public school teacher and got out of law completely, and so the two diplomas were immaterial.

    I hope he put both diplomas in the shredder.

  21. ^Law school diplomas make good starter paper for a campfire.

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  24. Check out this silly nonsense:

    On May 8, 2012, the cesspool known as Quinnipiac University School of Law posted a profile labeled "School of Law professor authors book, produces CD on WWII-era Gibson guitars." Here is an excerpt:

    "If you are one of the lucky few to own a 1940s-era Gibson guitar with the slogan "Only a Gibson is Good Enough" on the headstock, John Thomas wants to hear from you.

    A Gibson guitar enthusiast and professor of law in the School of Law, Thomas has spent years researching and writing a book about Gibson's "Banner" guitars built during the World War II era. The project started several years ago when Thomas uncovered a little-known fact about these guitars: they were primarily made by women.

    Most of the craftsmen working at Gibson's Kalamazoo, Mich. factory shifted to building products for the war. Rather than halt production of its guitars, the company quietly recruited women to work in its factories, but hid it from the public."

    Thanks for clarifying that Cockroach John Thomas is not a "law professor" at the School of Nursing, dolts. See how productive these academics are, people?!?! Someone should ram a 1940s Gibson guitar right up this pig’s ass.

    On the commode’s web site, TTThoma$ is listed under “Faculty Experts” - along with nine other rats.

    "W. John Thomas is available to discuss health policy, politics, juvenile justice and mental health treatment.

    A litigator for seven years, he has worked for the Arizona-based law firm Miller, Pitt and McAnally and the Connecticut-based Wiggin and Dana.

    He received his law degree at the University of Arizona and his LLM and MPH at Yale University.

    To reach Thomas, call 203-582-3264 or e-mail"

    By the way, I love how the school notes that this ass-clown is “available to discuss health policy, politics, juvenile justice and mental health treatment.” Does this mean that bored students can scrape together some money and pay the jackass to discuss these exhilarating topics?!?! Is Thomas available for birthday parties, as well?!

    1. did you go to law school?

    2. To the cockroach above,

      Did you ever learn how to read, Bitch?! As mentioned on the right-hand side of this blog, I graduated from Third Tier Drake. If you were admitted to Quinnipiac University Sewer of Law, then the school truly is a decrepit waste pile.

  25. These schools are gonna keep operating for two main reasons-

    one, idiots with poli sci and other bullshit degrees are going to double down when they realize they have no job skills any employer wants.

    two, federal student loans. As long as the program exists, schools know they can take in as many students as they can. They don't have to give a shit about the job market for their students. All they have to do is fill them with three years of bullshit.

  26. Nando:

    Thank you for taking on the scoundrels at Quinnipiac. This wretched excuse for a law school deserves much more of your attention. As to your reference to Professor Thomas; the reason why he is “available to discuss health policy, politics, juvenile justice and mental health treatment" is because he is desperate to get his face in front of a camera... any camera! And no, you don't want him at your kid's birthday party...he would find a way to make sure he is in all the pictures.

    It's kind of ironic to have someone suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder actually giving lectures on mental health treatment.

  27. CT has some first rate schools...Yale, Trinity, Wesleyan, Connecticut College, Fairfield. Quinnipiac isn't one of them.

  28. If you go here and graduate, your law diploma is going to say "Quinnipiac University" across it. You think law firms are going to take you seriously when you list your alma mater on your resume? BWAHAHAHA.


    "What kind of lawyer will you become?

    Excellent law schools share many common traits: faculty members renowned for their scholarship and commitment to teaching; academically rigorous courses; loyal, successful alumni; and motivated, focused students. We consider all of these to be essential components of the Quinnipiac University School of Law, but they do not complete the picture.

    What sets Quinnipiac apart is the way we help you develop the skills, acquire the knowledge and discover the personal strengths that will determine the kind of lawyer you will be. Skilled. Ethical. Successful.

    We invite you to our beautiful, congenial setting of learning and growth, to experience for yourself our personal, student-centered approach that will both challenge and support you as you prepare for your career in law."

    When you enter the workforce, you will quickly discover that employers don't give a rat's ass about any of your courses that were taught by alleged "legal scholars." Businesses, government entities, non-profits and law firms want you to be competent at the tasks assigned.

    Let’s take another look at the toilet’s claim:

    "Skilled. Ethical. Successful."

    Yes, sitting in class for three years - and accumulating a bunch of archaic knowledge - is going to make you very skilled, right?!?! And charging $46,360 in tuition - for the 2012-2013 school year - is the epitome of ethics, correct?! Look at the commode's published employment "placement" data, for the Class of 2011. That does not equate to success, for most recent Quinnipiac law grads.

    If you want to gamble with YOUR FUTURE, then you are better off heading to Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut. Hit the blackjack tables or waltz into the race book. I cannot stand casinos, since they prey on weak-willed, desperate people. However, at least the fiends and addicts can have their gambling debts discharged in bankruptcy. This option is NOT available for student debtors. What a great country, huh?!?!

    For you poor fools currently enrolled in Quinnipiac Univer$iTTTy Sewer of Law: the driving distance between Hamden, CT - home of the commode - and Ledyard, CT is only 62 miles. See if you can get a partial refund by dropping out now. If so, then you might want to hit the slots. At least, in that scenario, you can be a big spender for one night.

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  31. To the pathetic piece of trash who posted at 5:07 pm,

    Provide me with your name and address, and I will be happy to meet you. If you have any balls, then you will provide that info, pussy. Now go back to blowing your pimp for bus fare, cockroach.

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    Is that you, Doug? How many more months will you be in the psychiatric ward this time, you pile of human waste?!?!

  32. Way to handle that shithead troll.

    A word to the unwise: if you're gonna talk a bunch of shit and threaten someone online, at least have the fucking balls to use your name you piece of shit. The only thing more chickenshit than that is keying a man's car.

  33. Doug is such a pathetic piece of shit. Didn't he end up enrolling in some barely accredited law school? It's like telling a retard not to eat crayons. Or touch the burners on a stove. They're going to do it anyway.

  34. Nando, thank you so much for writing these reviews and doing this blog. I was all set to go to law school and probably end up working at Starbucks, but thanks to you I'm going to stay the fuck away. You are a hero, keep it up.

  35. Only a worthless piece of shit with no self esteem or brains would even bother defending this place. The school ought to be boarded shut.

  36. I went to Santa Clara Law School. I didn't finish but 1.5 years has me 80K in Debt. But funny enough, working as a lit secretary has me making more than a number of other attorneys who I did go to school with. They are all like this. Unless you are at the top... don't bother.

  37. Unless you are at the top... don't bother.

  38. This school is pure shit. If not for the dummies it would be out of business.

  39. OK... I just stumbled across this and I'm feeling the need to interject. The top-tier snobbery displayed in this post and the comments is harmful to the legal profession as a whole because it deters passionate would-be lawyers from pursuing careers simply because they don't have the means or the standardized test-taking abilities -- traits that are irrelevant to being a good lawyer -- to get into a top 10 law school. I am a recent graduate of QU law. I passed the bar in the summer after graduation and immediately took a job as a legal assistant at a courthouse. One month later I accepted a position at a prominent civil litigation firm in CT, starting at $60 thousand with benefits and room for advancement. I love my job and I do not regret my decision to go to QU. Granted, I graduated at the top of my class and I worked very hard to secure moot court and relevant internship experience while in school. However, if a person is truly passionate about the law and he or she works hard in law school, they can end up doing what they love without going to Yale or Harvard. Some of my classmates are clerking for judges at the CT Supreme and appellate courts, some have secured competitive fellowships, some are working for the government, and many more are employed by private firms in CT, MA, NJ, and NY. Yes, the tuition at QU is high, but you've neglected to mention that the school hands out scholarships like candy. There are ways to make it work. This post reflects a mindset that is too pervasive in our profession: If you can't get into a top-tier law school, then forget about it. That is something that needs to end.

    1. Passion doesn't pay the bills, waterhead. You stated that this toilet hands out scholarships as if they were candy. Take a look at the debt levels that recent graduates are strapped down with, for a

      Updated Average Law Student Indebtedness: US "News" & World Report lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Quinnipiac Univer$iTTTy JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $111,952. In fact, 87 percent of this dung heap’s 2010 class took on such foul debt. Keep in mind that this amount does not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled. It also does not include debt from undergrad.

      That average law student debt figure represents an increase of $15,696 - in the span of two years! Plus, the percentage of the class incurring such additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt increased by SIX PERCENT, during that time.

      Check this out, douche-bag. Quinnipiac University Sewer of Law is now listed as the 134th greatest, most sensational and amazing law school in the country, by US “News.” Your mother must be very proud.

      By the way, only social retards would be “passionate” about law school or “the law.” Be passionate about your kids, if you have any - or your significant other.

      Perhaps you truly and foolishly believe that "law professors" are performing a public service by dumping out an annual excess of debt-strapped JDs each year. If that is the case, then you are complicit in their scheme. That makes you a piece of trash.

  40. Quinnipiac University School of Law is a piece of fucking shit and that's the bottom line. Only stupid cunts would defend this shithole.

  41. I went to that school back in 1994... glad to see I am not the only one to know that it is a bad racket and a waste of time and money. One of the worst decisions I ever made was to go to that school. I feel like I paid for a dinner at the Four Seasons and left with French Fries from McDonalds :)

  42. This school is a shithole. 'nuff said.

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