Friday, November 9, 2012

Loose Bowel Syndrome: Liberty University School of Law

Today, we head to Lynchburg, Virginia, so that we can profile Jerry Falwell’s law school.

Tuition: Students attending this rat-hole on a full-time basis will be charged $33,396 in tuition – for the 2012-2013 school year. When you click on the hyperlink above, you will notice that fees/basic costs add up to another $2,007. In sum, the total cost is $35,403. Note that the technology fee is $642. Hell, are they giving every enrolled victim a fancy laptop?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: Under “Variable Costs” on the same document, the pigs estimate that living expenses will amount to $16,800. Apparently, the bastards decided to use round numbers. After all, “law professors” love to joke about how “Lawyers are terrible at math.”

Keep in mind that ABA-accredited commodes base living costs on a nine month basis. Seeing that a calendar year is comprised of 12 months, I will provide a more accurate picture of these expenses. Prorating housing, personal costs and travel, this amount increases by $5,000. As such, a first year, full-time student can look forward to a total, estimated COA of $57,203 – for 2012-2013.

Ranking: Based on these big-ass costs, one would expect this school to have a sterling reputation in the legal and academic communities. Well, according to US “News” & World Report, LiberTTTTy Univer$iTTTTy Sewer of Law is ranked in the sordid fourth tier of American law schools. Of course, Pussy Bob Morse now lists the grouping as “Rank Not Published.” Yes, that is one prestigious institution, right?!?!

Embarrassing Employment Placement Rate: The toilet states that 66.3% of its 2011 graduates were employed, within nine months of graduation. Another 28.9 percent of the class was seeking a job, while 4.8% of this cohort was not looking for work. By the way, the school states that were 55 employed graduates – out of 90 JDs. If this is the case, then the “placement” rate – for the LiberTTTTy JD Class of 2011 - is only 61.1 percent. That is quite an accomplishment, huh?!?!

Under the subheading “Employment Type by Industry/Sector,” you will notice that only 50.9 percent of employed grads were reportedly working in law firms. Hell, 18.9% of this cohort was employed in business/industry. Keep in mind that tending bar and selling insurance would fall under this category. Are you still interested in applying to such a cesspool?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the LiberTTTTy Univer$iTTTTy JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $66,088. According to this source, fully 94 percent of this dung heap’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled.

Administrator Pay: In order to see how well the pigs and rats are doing, we head to the 2011 Form 990 for Liberty University Inc., i.e. Employer ID No. 54-0946734. Scroll down to page 17 of this PDF, Part VII – Compensation. No member of the law school faculty is listed among the highest paid employees. However, you will see that Jerry Falwell, Jr. received $409,960 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. As “chancellor” and legal counsel, the dog raked in $371,521 in reportable compensation, plus $38,439 in estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations. 

Further down the same page, Opie Taylor doppelganger Jonathan Falwell – a trustee – “earned” $118,918 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the same tax year. No other Liberty “University” trustee earned a dime. That MUST be a mere coincidence, right?!?! Apparently, the swine prefer to keep the money in the family.

Founding Cockroach Jerry Lamon Falwell:

“In 1967, Falwell implemented his vision to build a Christian educational system for evangelical youth. He began with the establishment of Lynchburg Christian Academy, an accredited Christian day school for grades K-12 . In 1971, he founded Liberty University, an accredited Christian university for evangelical believers. In 1985 Falwell announced his goal of 50,000 students.”

This is the same “man” who blamed the September 11th attacks on gays and feminists, in this country. Since evangelical churches are a big fraud and a blemish, it makes sense that this bigot opened a “non-profit university.” Hell, his fellow Chri$tian charlatan, Gordon Marion “Pat” Robertson, did the same with Regent University. That garbage heap is also located in Virginia.
Conclusion: Do not attend this supposedly “Christian” law school – at any cost. The commode was founded in 2004. Additionally, it did not gain full ABA accreditation until 2010. The trash pit is consistently ranked in the fourth tier of U.S. law schools. Look at the employment “placement” figures above, which were reported by Liberty University Sewer of Law. Most legal and non-legal employers are not impressed with a degree from this place. While the law student debt figure may not seem monstrous – in relation to other schools – try paying off $70K-$90K in additional, NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, on a measly income. Good luck starting a family or buying a home, with those debt chains around your neck. Anyone with a brain stem would not view this as financial “liberty.”


  1. Maybe Falwell didn't have enough revenue streams??

  2. Shame on you, he's a man of gawd.
    /snark off.

  3. Falwell was mostly correct about the causes of 9/11 - although I'd say that some of Bill "Stinger Missile" Clinton's many adventures in the Middle East should come in for some of the blame, too.

    1. Maybe he was taking out his wrath on America for Clinton getting his "stinger missle" spit shined by an intern in the White House?

  4. Nando, I agree with your assessment of this school. However, Jerry Falwell was a wise man. My favorite Falwell quote is this gem:

    "I listen to feminists and all these radical gals... These women just need a man in the house. That's all they need. Most of the feminists need a man to tell them what time of day it is and to lead them home. And they blew it and they're mad at all men. Feminists hate men. They're sexist. They hate men; that's their problem."

  5. Falwell and wise don't belong in the same sentence. Even if in gest.

  6. Jimmy Swaggart is a much better man than Falwell ever was.

  7. Careful now. I's gots 2 res'raunts in Lynchburg and 4 mo' in da surroundin' area. Don' be fuckin' wit' mah bizness now.

    'There are statues of Colonel Harland Sanders standing sentry at KFC outlets across Asia, but the town where the legendary restaurateur opened his first café has long resisted memorializing the man many locals consider a fast-talking, two-timing scoundrel.

    "There are a lot of people here who knew him from way back," sighs Suzie Razmus, newly appointed chair of the Corbin (Ky.) Tourism Commission. "How can I say this? He wasn't exactly ..."

    Universally beloved?

    "Yes, exactly," Razmus says, with the obvious relief of a publicity pro saved from uttering something more damning. "You hear stories about women and his colorful language that didn't sit well with a small conservative town. There are still people here that say he owes their great-aunt money, or he fired their grandfather."

    Fuck dat them there mo'fuckin' website. Nobody and they dog cares dat I was a scoundrel er dat I gots mehself disbarred fo' fightin' wit' a law client in a courtroom. Who gives a gotdamn fuck? So what. I used salty language and had womenfolk on da side. What gives?

    Heh. Guess I'm lucky da boys didn' find me eatin' a clients pussy in da law lib'ary dat one time. Or was it twice? Ennyweh, it was hot 'n humid as a mu'fucka. When she showed me her bush I dove right in face foyst like I was diggin' in t' some grits 'n biscuits. How'dja think I done did come up wit' da idea of wet wipes?

  8. Colonel Sanders' posts are "DA SHIT!" Keep 'em, coming, Colonel! Don't let those mealy-mouthed puritans silence THE TRUTH.

  9. Colonel, you so crazy!

  10. Whoever took the pictured dump ate about half a dozen White Castle sliders. I have seen that image before.

  11. Should I be amused by the irony of a law school started by the so-called Moral Majority? Or should I be appalled at the hypocrisy that made it possible.

    Whatever...I got a rise out of the Colonel's comment. As a Southerner, he should know that you can't go home again. And, as a God-fearin' man, he should know that a profit is without honor in its own country.

  12. I don't know if this will outdo the Colonel, but I got a blow job from a cute coed in the school law library once. I even came in her mouth. But some of it landed on my sweater and I didn't have an undershirt. So I had to dart to class with my sweater tucked into my jeans like a dumbass. Probably the highlight of my law school career.

  13. The high tuition at Liberty Law School is apparently being used in part to provide sinecures for anti-abortion politicians. Case in point: Phil Kline, the disgraced and voted out of office former Attorney General for the State of Kansas is now a law professor at Liberty Law School.

    Phil Kline is scheduled to go before the Kansas Supreme Court for oral arguments to determine the fate of his law license on November 15.

    The ethics report on this law professor from the Kansas Board of Discipline of Attorneys can be read at:

  14. Let me guess. Does this Kline asshole teach ethics? I guess they can hire Richard Mourdock, the senate candidate who won over the support of women everywhere with his 'If a woman gets pregnant after being raped that's something God intended' comment.

  15. Fundamentalist Christian colleges hinge on ONE thing: accreditation. Most don't have any, or if they do, its that new fake crap (I think it's called TRACES?) cooked up by the colleges themselves. You are better off going to the Louisiana State University at Shreveport (one of the worst state colleges in the South) than ANY of the Bible Belt fundy schools, either for law or a real degree.

    Places to avoid:

    Pensacola Christian College (accreditation issues, has thrown students out for breaking "rules" while off campus)

    Hyles-Anderson College (long list of graduated child molester youth pastors, most recent pastor Jack Schaap facing jail time)

    Bob Jones University (crazy rules again, crazy leadership run by crazy decendents of Bob "I applaud the death of Martin Luther King" Jones)

    Patriot Bible University (mail-in diploma mill where Kent Hovind, aka Dr. Dino and present jailbird, got his doctorate of divinity. School is run out of former vet's office in a blasted Colorado town.)

    ....and many, many more.

  16. Take a look at the following figures, from Law School Numbers:

    The bar passage rate - for the Class of 2010 - was 57 percent. This pathetic rate is a full 21 percentage points below the state average. What a great in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion, right?!?!

    Let’s peruse the LSAT and undergrad GPA stats, for this trash pit. The following figures are for the LiberTTTTy JD Class of 2010. Regarding UGPAs, a pathetic 2.75 landed one in the 25th percentile median figure, whereas a grade point average of 3.43 would have placed you in the 75th percentile. The median was a 3.19 GPA. Keep in mind that many law school applicants majored in garbage such as political “science,” history, philosophy, etc. Plus, the numbers above apply to enrolled law students who ended up graduating from Liberty University Sewer of Law.

    Pertaining to LSAT results, for this same class, a score of 148 equated to the 25th percentile - while a 153 would put you in the 75th percentile. Furthermore, the median was 151. That is very impressive, huh?!?!

    If you are mentally challenged, you might ignore those figures. Perhaps, you feel that one can overcome the stigma of graduating from a fourth tier waste heap. In the end, the stench of a TTTT degree never fully leaves you. Legal and non-legal employers are generally not impressed with these schools.

    According to LST, a total of ZERO law firms from New York, DC and California participated in Liberty University Sewer of Law on campus interview program. Of course, west coast law firms are not interested in hiring Christian political nut-jobs from a southern fourth tier trash pit.,+VA/to/Washington,+DC

    However, Lynchburg is only 180 miles away from the District of Columbia. Then again, there is a terrible glut of attorneys in the DC area. Why would firms and government agencies go out of their way to hire TTTT grads?!?!

    Lastly, check out LiberTTTTy’s “selectivity.” For the JD Class of 2010, the commode received 459 applications. The school accepted 240 of those desperate souls. This represents an acceptance rate of 52.29 percent. Hell, a cadaver could gain admission to this cesspool - as long as the seat deposit check clears.

  17. @809

    So you got some classmate to suck you off in the law library. And you're bragging about it here? Get a grip.

  18. Giving head to classmates should be a mandatory part of every female's law school curriculum. Also mandatory should be assessment of performance to achieve a slow but steady improvement. Based on my experience, many members of the female's body of my law school were lucking basic skills. Look, if you are not getting good head during the law school, what exactly then are getting for six figures of nondischargeable debt?

  19. Recommended question for the LSAT comprehension section:

    All fourth tier law schools are shitholes.

    Liberty is a fourth tier law school.

    Therefore, this school is a shithole.

  20. Law school professors and deans have become pariahs thanks to blogs like this. No one believes anything that comes out of their mouths any more. They'll say and do anything to keep idiots enrolling in their institutions.

  21. I wonder if there is a correlation between six figure student loan debt and high blood pressure.

    If I can't get mine down pretty soon I will have to go on medication for it. The chart says I'm stage 3 hypertensive. Lowest in the morning when I get up at 140 over 100

    If you are generally stressed and miserable during and after your law school experience, I would suggest you check your BP from time to time.

    But maybe it doesn't matter. Who wants to live to a ripe old age trapped with insane debt anyway.

    1. YOU DO - obviously. I already told you how to get your loans discharged after 10 years.

      But you're on strike - and you refuse to listen. Why should anyone feel sorry for you, again?

    2. Man that's a high BP. Might need to exercise and change your diet too.


    "Welcome to Liberty University School of Law.

    Your decision about which law school to attend is an all-important one. Law schools are not alike. As you become acquainted with Liberty University School of Law, you will see what sets it apart from the rest.

    Some of Liberty’s initiatives in legal education, particularly to prepare you for practice, are unrivaled anywhere. We are unapologetic in our Christian worldview. Our rigorous curriculum integrates this worldview with valuable practice skills and bar preparation.

    The law school admissions process is competitive and can be challenging. The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is here to see you through the process. See our links, below, and please let us know how we may assist you.


    The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

    -To schedule visits, and for admission and law school information:
    Admissions Counselor, 434-592-5300

    -For the status of your application:
    Assistant Director of Admissions, Joleen Thaxton, 434-592-5300

    -For financial-aid, scholarship, and debt-management matters:
    Coordinator of Financial Aid, Michelle Phelps 434-592-5300"

    This school is a foul stench pit. The bastards simply appeal to fundamentalist Chri$tian applicants and college graduates. I don't have one iota of respect for religious zealots - of any stripe. These fools want to force their dogma onto others. By the way, would Jesus charge students $35,403 in annual tuition and fees - for a fourth tier, fifth rate “legal education”?!?!

    Check out this Truthout article from Henry Giroux, which was posted on February 22, 2012. The piece was entitled “Why Independent Thinkers Are Repugnant to Religious Zealots and Rick Santorum.” Look at this astute excerpt:

    “There is nothing more feared by this group of fundamentalists than individuals who can actually think critically and reflectively and are willing to invest in reason and freedom rather than a crude moralism and a reductionistic appeal to faith as the ultimate basis of agency and politics. What Santorum and his appeal to theocracy longs for is a crowd of followers willing to lose themselves in causes and movements that trade in clichés and common sense.”

    This commode cannot attract any applicant with an IQ over room temperature. Instead, the pigs must rely on simpletons and Christian zealots, in order to fill their seats. They might land the occasional connected, spoiled kid - who realizes that he can improve his chances for a political career, by attending this dump.

  23. Nando:

    Someone at ILSS keeps telling me to go away and is Anon.

    This Anon person calls me Johnny no less.

    I want to extend my offer to go away completely from ILSS if the Anon person will talk to me on the telephone and say who he or she is and what the person's occupation/position is today.

    As we all know, Lawprof has stated that he was offered deanship jobs, and I am sure that the ILSS blog would disappear PDQ if LawProf were to accept such a job. Not thru his fault so much, but what law school would hire Campos for a dean's job with his ILSS blog still extant?


    1. LOL, is that offer to go away anything like the one you made like 100 years ago to pay back all that money you borrowed? You DEFAULT on your promises.

      And what would a phonecall prove? Do you really refuse to believe that a single person on earth has a good job in the legal field?

    2. Hey Mr. Anon. at 4:04,

      Go back to blowing guys in truckstop shitters and leave the regulars at TTR alone.

      People can be found, you know.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. 955 is busy servicing truck drivers right now. Expect a response in a day or two when he's done blowing the entire lot.

    5. Um, I already shut that commenter down. The lights have been turned off, and everyone left the building several hours ago.

      What exactly am I supposed to "respond" to, again?

    6. Hey IBR fan. So how many states are expanding their govt jobs for new lawyers again?

    7. @418,

      WTF?!? My law school didn't go to the interviews for me, or earn a living for me? OMG, is nothing sacred? And here I was, all ready to put my feet up while the magic happened.

      If you can't find a job as a lawyer, Nando, you should find one doing something else. Pretty obvious, right? Correct me if I'm mistaken, but isn't that PRECISELY what you did?

      Apparently a certain basement-dweller on your site thinks he's far too good to follow your example. You DO realize that public-sector jobs don't have to be in the legal field to qualify for 10-year forgiveness, right?

    8. I find it hilarious that I'm getting slammed by assholes who are too chickenshit to actually make up names.

      Scream on, you gutless queers!

    9. Correction: TWO basement-dwellers on your site.

      Too chickenshit to MAKE UP names, LOL.

  24. Fuck law school. There aren't enough jobs. The profs don't even know anything about practice. Tuition is crazy (and unjustified). If you go now, I got no sympathy for you.

  25. I'm getting so sick and tired of theses so-called "Christian" schools, be they these statues-to-a-televangelist-charlatain schools like Liberty or even more, dare I say, "legitimate" religious schools like Loyola.

    If they really believe in truth and justice, then they should be offering their services at a discount and asking the denomination to contribute more, so as to keep the costs down for students - so they can in turn act out their faith and good works. But, serving mammon is apparently more fun, rewarding and profitable, so I guess we know which side these schools are on as far as students are concerned. "Bringing in the sheaves", all right...

  26. @3:58PM

    OK. Let's go back to the drawing board and with a clean big sheet of new paper.

    Tell me your formula for getting SL debt discharged after 10 years thru "Government Service" jobs.

    Please elaborate, and remember that your reply will be prominently reviewed and critiqued on ILSS.

    I admire your confidence, but wonder if you know what you are talking about.

    Keep in mind the age and employability of the job applicant for these miraculous jobs that let a SL debtor off the hook after 10 short years.

    And keep in mind the job market for such jobs.

    And keep in mind the possibility of state, county, or federal budget cutbacks and the viability of such a "miracle" job existing 10 years later.

    1. Asked and answered, dude. Whenever you finally end your little strike, go back and reflect on the advice I gave you. All the facts are right there on the website. Need the link again?

      You seriously need to relax the death grip you have on all those excuses. Do excuses pay the bills for you?

      I would work as a JANITOR at some courthouse before I defaulted or sponged off of my parents. Is there a huge glut of applicants for such jobs in your town, or are you just "too good" to take it? Abandon your pride ... YOU LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS!


    “Welcome to the Liberty Center for Law & Policy”

    Under the subheading Model Legislation, you can click on the hyperlink to a “personhood” proposal.

    “SECTION 1. Purpose.
    To provide that human life begins at fertilization or its functional equivalent.”

    My wife is due in a few weeks. She experienced several miscarriages, before this term. If a zygote is a “person,” then answer the following questions, zealots:

    1. How often do people name their 5 week old embryo?
    2. When will the state provide a tax deduction for these beings?
    3. Why don’t families hold a funeral, after each miscarriage?
    4. Have you ever heard of a fetus being assigned a social security number?

    I’m surprised that these political clowns didn’t include corporate entities, in their definition. Then again, thanks to legal fictions, these institutions are recognized as “persons.” What a great country, huh?!?!

    "Liberty University School of Law
    Israel and Middle Eastern International Law and Policy

    Summer Intensive for 2012

    LAW 740 Israel and Middle Eastern International Law and Policy
    (A 3-Hour Pass/Fail course in Israel.)

    The course program will run from May 14-June 1. The first week of the course will be on campus and will be taught as an intensive. The course will be taught by Professor Alex Bligh from Israel, Dean Mathew Staver, Dean Joseph Wiegand, and Dean Shawn Akers. Professor Bligh will be the primary faculty instructor. After the Monday through Friday intensive from May 14 – 18, students will leave from New York on May 19 and arrive back in New York on June 1. During the two weeks in Israel, students will tour the biblical and historical sites and will receive instruction onsite and in the classroom. A final exam will be given on the last day in Israel.

    Students will see all the relevant biblical and historical sites in Israel and receive instruction from a highly qualified Israeli professor, Alex Bligh."

    Who the hell wants to hire an ideologue?! I suppose that those seeking a future in elective office might be tempted to enroll in this toilet. If you do so, then make sure to run in a rural area.

  28. @4:17PM

    Yes and I am there for them too. Sometimes we make emergency room visits inthe middle of the night. Where is the shame in that? Do you take care of your old parents?

    And I applied for custodian jobs. The JD makes one "overqualified"

    And you are sadly deluded about public service jobs being the answer. Do you really think a six figure student loan is going to be wiped away after 10 short years?

    1. @456,

      So in exchange for full eoom and board for life, you provide your parents with the same "services" that most of their neighbors would probably give them for FREE?

      You're a shining angel of the welfare rolls.

      God bless you. Do you ever feel like your 'rents are mooching off of you, though?

      As for my parents (since you appear to be very interested in the subject), I actually do set aside a sizable portion of my salary and send it to them every month. It's the highest amount that they are willing to accept, BTW.

      I support my parents financially. You do the opposite of that to yours.

      Do you think your parents are proud of the choices you have made in life? Are you sure?

  29. And trips into NY city for Dr. visits, Hospital visits that can take up most of the day.

    And when the power went out after Sandy, I was here with them and made sure they are OK. I waited on the gas lines. Got flashlights and candles etc.

    In fact, a lot of people move back home after a divorce, which can be financially ruinous as well.

    A lot of people never bother with their old parents and let their siblings do the caretaking, and then show up after the funeral looking for thier share of the estate.

    That is probably the type of person you are. Mean and selfish and inclined to give out advice that has no basis in reality.

    1. How could a divorce ruin YOU, exactly?

      It's kind of difficult to nuke the ashes.

  30. The trash heap does not post a racial breakdown of its most recent entering class. If the minority enrollment numbers at Charle$TTTTon are anywhere similar to those of the school and university of South Carolina School of Law, then there is a large discrepancy between in-state, black law students and licensed South Carolina black lawyers.

  31. How can anyone who has a picture on the cover of the website such as yours, be taken serious. Have any of you ever been to law school?

    1. How can someone, such as you, who uses poor grammar and punctuation be taken seriously? High school underclassmen have better writing skills than you, bitch. If your feelings are hurt - simply because people have correctly pointed out that this law school is trash - then you have issues.

  32. I've been meaning to take a trip to Liberty University campus and take a sh*t on his grave. I'm not kidding

  33. So now they are proud to keep the much awarded (by Liberty) law professor who, while state attorney general, lied and cheated to try to convict a doctor in Kansas and inspired the doctor's murder with his false charges and inflammatory rhetoric.
    Phillip Kline just lost his law license but not his job as professor at Liberty. That is a good indicator of the ethical climate at that university.

  34. Jerry Falwell is a piece of shit. And so is his school.

  35. almost every law school has similar statistics today. There is much positive missing from this profile, such as that the rates of passing the bar exam are higher than almost every other school in VA


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