Thursday, November 22, 2012

Profiles in Putrid Waste: Federal Pig Judge William Joseph Martinez

Puto Martinez Seeks Free Labor For One Year:

On November 21, 2012, Salon published a piece from Paul Campos, which was entitled “A judge searches for free labor.” Check out the following portion:

“William Martinez, a federal judge in Denver, is currently using the site to solicit applications for a standard year-long clerkship in his chambers.

While the requirements for the job look quite ordinary – excellent academic credentials required, two or more years of legal practice experience preferred – the position’s salary is not. More precisely, this job features a salary of zero: “This position is a gratuitous service appointment,” the posting announces, while going on to make clear that the successful candidate will waive any claim to salary, benefits or any other compensation, and that he or she can be fired at any time, for any reason, or no reason, during the course of the year-long appointment.

It gets better: Although Judge Martinez isn’t going to pay the successful applicant, and reserves the right to fire this person arbitrarily at any time, the judge is asking whoever takes the job “to morally commit to the position for one year.” (In other words, don’t think for a moment it’s OK to quit this non-paying job just because a paying job comes along.) As an added extra bonus, the posting states unequivocally that “there is no possibility of the position turning into a paid position with Judge Martinez.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, after spending 20 years in formal “education” facilities, you then have the opportunity to work for a federal pig, but without any compensation! Isn’t that wonderful?!?! Of course, you also need to excel academically during law school - before you can be considered for this “prestigious“ position. 

Campos delivers one more right cross to this porker’s snout, in his conclusion:

“Beyond the legalities, there’s the moral question of whether this is acceptable behavior. For high government officials to prey on the desperation of the lost generation in this way is a sorry sight – especially when one considers the structural effects of this kind of thing. Obviously, creating a class of prestigious door-opening jobs that don’t feature actual salaries is just another way of ensuring that only the children of the rich have access to such jobs.

Which brings me to the mordant punch line: Before becoming a federal judge, William Martinez was a lawyer for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.” 

The Bastard’s Background:

Back on December 21, 2010, the Denver Business Journal’s Mark Harden posted a story labeled “Martinez confirmed as Colorado federal judge.” Towards the end of the article, we gain a little insight into Pig Martinez:

“Born in Mexico, Martinez emigrated with his parents as a small child. He holds undergraduate degrees in environmental engineering and political science from the University of Illinois and a law degree from the University of Chicago.”

Presumably, this rat comes from a well-off, connected Mexican family. How many poor immigrants attend top U.S. colleges and law schools?!

The following biographical summary was supplied by the Federal Judicial Center:

“Given name at birth: Jose Guillermo Martinez Escalante”

Apparently, this ass-clown decided that it would be best to Anglicize his Hispanic birth name at age 20. I guess he figured that the owners would rather hire a transparent sell-out.

The Pueblo Chieftain published Robert Boczkiewicz’s piece “One of Colorado's vacant federal judge posts filled,” back on February 26, 2010. Read the following brief passage:

“Martinez, 55, immigrated with his family as a young boy to this country and is the first member of his family to go to college.

He specializes in employment and civil rights law at a Denver law firm where he is a partner.” [Emphasis mine]

Now, that is comedy gold! This supposed employment and civil rights attorney now demands free, committed labor for one full year - as a federal judge/bag-man. What a beacon of integrity, huh?!?! 

Conclusion: William Joseph Martinez is a filthy swine. This sewer rat expects highly-educated, accomplished attorneys and JDs to bust their ass for him, for free! The bastard is exploiting desperate law grads. I recognize that judges provide the appearance of “fairness” and a “separate branch” of government. In the end, the political class serves the owners’ interests. However, even this development comes across as an atrocious bowel movement. Then again, the devils are starting to blatantly reveal their intentions.  Do any of you lemmings still have your heart set on going to law school?!?!


  1. Thanks, Nando. I missed the Salon piece.

    I hope people finally "get" what's going on in this country. The Walmart strike gets attention but a federal judge asking for a well-credentialed person to work free, knowing he'll receive scores of applications, doesn't. And, the clerk's school will cite him or her as a success story. Has anyone ever mentioned the ABA sucks?

    I await the day when the judge asks for a volunteer to screen applications for a volunteer position.

  2. Maybe some day we'll see a law clerk (who's getting paid fuck all) go postal. That's the only potential upside to all this.

  3. Can the public ever really take back the judiciary? It is painfully clear who they serve, and it is not us

  4. A corrupt, morally bankrupt judge. Big whoop. Tell us something we don't know.

  5. Maybe it because I'm not a lawyer, but I can't see how anyone can expect someone to be committed 'morally' or not to a 'job' that pays nothing.

    It feels like Specific Performance, which is generally not something that you can make someone do if the Specific Performance you have in mind is a Personal Service (Like a judicial clerkship) or if the other party gets no consideration (or pay). In Virginia anyway, you more or less have the right to quit any job at any time.
    Maybe I'm also misunderstanding labor law, but I was under the impression that technically unpaid internships could not be positions that provide economic value to the person hosting the internship. (The example I remember is that an unpaid intern at a rail yard can direct the movement of boxcars, for training purposes, but has to put them back when he or she is done.)

    I realize what he'll probably do if someone quits or he 'fires' someone he'll start a whisper campaign against that person amongst his judge, law-partner, and law-professor friends, to ruin their ability to get another job. I would recommend not applying for this person's clerkships, paid or not, if you value the rest of your career.

    1. Great analysis there, Justice Fucktard. How about you "realize" that the bullshit law you just spouted was utterly wrong because it was taught to you by a law professor who knows nothing about it.

      In the real world, you'll notice one overriding rule of law: "If no fucker is going to sue or arrest me for this, or if I'm not going to get caught, it's NOT ILLEGAL!"

      So toss out that bullshit theory law, and get with the program. Railyards, specific performance...fuck that. If the person your client has fucked over can't afford to sue you, then your client is golden!

  6. Only the kids of rich fucks can take that unpaid job. They can get that impressive line on the resume and then go to work for their daddy's friends' firm.

  7. @5:49 -- The "employee" (volunteer?) can't be legally forced to continue working, which is why this pig asked for a "moral" commitment.

    Sorry piggy, 'moral' commitments went out with prayer in it's in Mammon We Trust so show me the money bitch or GTFO.

  8. The way it usually works is that a wealthy backer asks an influential person, such as the judge martinez above, to employ the young person and give the person experience, and for pay, of which the EE has no clue and may never learn of until the funeral of the wealthy backer and much later in life.

    But no one ever gives anything away for free in this world.

    That will never change.

  9. ^^^ Part 2:

    And the entire salary came not from the employer, but from the wealthy backer, who only asked that the employer "teach" the profession to the clueless young person that thought they had gotten the job based on merit.

    I have heard of such things in life.

  10. this all makes some sense. The fucker comes from an impoverished nation where the poor are taken advantage of. He wants to bring that type of shit here.

  11. Another problem is that unpaid internships, with rare exceptions, only work for the scions of the rich anyway.

    If you are connected, the unpaid internship is the experience that justifies your later position as a junior executive at a firm of one of your parent's friends.
    In industries where the unpaid internship is common; like the media, or apparently law, unpaid internships serve to privilege those who can afford to not earn for a year. People who are rich, can get on the lower rung of the profession, and people who are poor, have to wait tables or pour lattes trying to get a break that may never come.

    If you are unconnected on the other hand, unpaid internships mark you are cheap and thus not valuable for hiring. I concede that you become connected, but only to employers who sponsor unpaid internships. People wonder why you couldn't get a remunerative position. People might think that you did nothing at your internship except get coffee for actual workers and the paid interns; (this might actually end up being your fate because if you are free it costs nothing to misallocate your labor in such a fashion.) In industries where the paid internship is common, like engineering, an unpaid internship looks especially weak.

  12. Off Topic.

    I'm not an economics person, but is this something to be worried about?

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    We need NATIONAL exposure to the corruption in and about our system of justice !!

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  14. A trillion dollars is a million million, or a thousand billion dollars.

    If all 360 million people that are in the US started paying down the 1 Trillion dollars in outstanding US Student Loan Debt at a rate of one thousand dollars a month, how long would it take to pay it off?

    How long if they all paid two thousand dollars a month?

    What I do know is that there are 7 billion people in the world, and if each paid about 142 bucks it would equal a trillion.

    A trillion one dollar bills, laid end to end, would reach the sun which is about 92 million miles away.

    1. @614,

      First off, Painterguy, why should everyone in America pay $2000 or $3000 to make your debt go away? Did THEY "trick" you into attending law school? All of them?

      And secondly, it's retarded to fantasize about hitting up the entire population for money. That 330 million figure includes many little kids and far-gone Alzheimer's patients. Are they gonna start a paper route to help you out?

      You should limit your selfish fantasies to working taxpayers. Not sure what the number of genuine, 100 percent REAL taxpayers is (as opposed to the many millions of people who get ALL of their taxes "refunded" to them every year on April 15). But the way things are going in this country, the number of real federal taxpayers might soon be fewer than 1 million people.

      As for the world, LOL, that $142 is more likely to get taken out of YOU and sent to THEM. For at least a quarter of the world, $142 is more money than they see in a YEAR. Good luck with that one. LOL, they could start running crying Sally Struthers ads in Africa: "For just 40 cents a day, you can help this spoiled, lazy 40-something American (who STILL lives with his parents, incidentally) get out of debt." Who could resist?

  15. I'm terrible at math, but I think it comes out to 426 thousand dollars for every person in the US to pay off.

    So at the rate of a thouasand dollars a month, it would take 35 years for 360 million people to pay off the one trillion dollars of student loan debt. (Assuming no interest is added)

    Only 17 years or so if they paid 2K a month.

    Is my math wrong? It must be.

  16. ^^OK Sorry, I got it now with the help of an online calculator.

    The grand total is about 3 thousand dollars for every US cititizen to pay would equal a trillion dollars. (There are 312 million people in the US and not 360 million)

    I have heard a figure of around 25K being the average student indebtedness for new college grads, but does anyone have an idea of how many borrowers with outstanding SL debt there are in total?

    I am curious as to how much each would owe if the total number of outstanding borrowers were divided into a trillion.

    Math fun.


    Slate published Katy Waldman's piece "Get Your Own Damn Coffee" on February 13, 2012. Take a look at this opening:

    "On Feb. 1, a funny thing happened in a U.S. district court in Manhattan: An intern complained in public.

    Xuedan Wang, a 28-year-old former intern at Harper’s Bazaar, filed a lawsuit against the Hearst Corp., Harper’s parent company, for failing to pay minimum and overtime wages during her unpaid internship. Wang, who goes by Diana, spent August through December 2011 at the magazine, coordinating fashion sample deliveries, filing expense reports, helping with photo shoots, and supervising other interns. Her typical 40-hour workweek sometimes ran to 55 hours.

    According to the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act, employers offering unpaid internships must meet six requirements that ensure the educational value of the experience for the interns, as well as guard against the displacement of regular workers. Unpaid internships are legal only if “the employer derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern; and on occasion its operation may actually be impeded,” the guidelines say. The internship must also be “for the benefit of the intern” and should not involve tasks that would otherwise be assigned to paid employees."

    Of course, the filthy swine derive immediate advantage from this arrangement, i.e. they are gaining free labor. Why else would these cockroaches offer such “opportunities”?!?! These internships are run for the benefit of the greedy pig employer and industry, NOT the student or recent graduate. Later in this article, Waldman posted the following:

    "Internships save firms roughly $600 million every year, reports Ross Perlin in Intern Nation: How To Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy. In a recession-stricken market, employers have little trouble finding bright young things willing to exchange free labor for a foot in the door. Think of it as a version of the prisoner’s dilemma. If the intern-age population collectively refused to work without pay, subsequent conditions would favor all workers. But it takes only a few defectors to make unpaid internships intensely profitable for the people involved—for the companies that get free labor and the interns who get a leg up in the job market.

    Also, there are surprisingly few complaints by interns, because most don’t wish to bite the hand that may feed them someday. “Unpaid interns are usually too scared to speak out … because they are frightened it will hurt their chances of finding future jobs in their industry,” said Adam Klein, another one of Wang’s lawyers. Wang allegedly wrote on her blog that she aspired to be creative director of Harper’s. Dragging the employer of her dreams to court is perhaps poor strategy, but her lawyers said she is more committed to “having an impact” than furthering her career."

    The indentured servants known as unpaid interns are scared to speak out against the pigs. However, if these dolts had any brains, then they would realize that MANY legal employers look down on typical, unconnected applicants who have a bunch of unpaid “volunteer” experience. You have only your chains to lose, lemmings. As 6:11 pm noted, companies get away with this sort of exploitation all the damn time. In the United $tate$, the owners gladly take advantage of their employees. The prevailing ethic in the business world is to "Get yours at everyone else's expense. The weaker the opposition, the better."

  18. @8:20AM

    Uh, that wasn't Painterguy that wrote that.

    And your math is stupid. If there were one million "real" taxpayers only, then each would have to pay a million dollars each in order to pay off one trillion dollars. What government would proclaim its federal student debt to be guaranteed if that were the case.

    Go back to bonerland. Better yet, the island if misfit penises.

    As for living with the parents, it is better to give them the rent money and to help them out than to give it to some stranger.

    What do you have against Painterguy anyway? He used to take care of his grandfather when he was old and ill as well.

    What is wrong with that?

    As Don Corleone said: a man that does not spend time with his family can never be a real man.

    What kind of a man are you?

    1. Haha, you aren't fooling anyone, Painterguy. As I said already, the number of real taxpayers is HEADING towards one million. Which - yes - does mean that they would have to pay FAR more than $3000 each. Which was kind of my point to begin with. Sorry for confusing you.

      And LOL at the supposed immorality of giving money to strangers. You pretty much just demanded that every "stranger" on the PLANET give you some.

      I must have missed the movie where Don Corleone LIVED WITH HIS PARENTS INTO HIS 40s - all to "help them out," I suppose.


    2. And something tells me that your "rent" doesn't take the form of cash, but instead consists entirely of the worthless "help" you already mentioned.

      I'm right, aren't I?

      If you really want to "help" your parents, move out and stop mooching off of them.

  19. This is edited by me. I found it on the NY Craigslist. I guess it is kind of like what the old blog called: "Shit Law Jobs" would have posted about.


    Experienced litigation attorney with over 10 years experience. I can provide per diem coverage for your firm in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, New York and Nassau Counties.

    General court appearances - $125; Adjournments; Motions; Conferences; Stipulations (landlord /Tenant); Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement conferences.
    Small Claims Night Court in Queens, Bronx and Nassau Counties -$150.
    Debt Collection Trials - $250
    Inquests - $200
    Bankruptcy Chapter 7 (341 meeting) - $175
    50h Hearing, EUO and EBT - $250.00 for the first witness, $100.00 each additional witness.
    Please send any documents you have concerning the matter.

    Coverage will be confirmed by telephone by the firm.

  20. People in Africa should not give JDPainterguy money.

    Saying that, it is possible that he is in fact poorer than someone making a dollar a day.
    Consider, Someone with nothing has $0.00, but JDPainterguy owes, last I heard, $300,000 and has no assets, so JDPainterguy is poorer by $300,000.
    Also If someone is making a dollar a day, they are making $1.00, JDPainterguy, in being in debt up to his eyeballs, is actually "making*" -$50.79
    every day, plus income from painting.

    (Assuming he's $300k in hock, interest compounds 356 times in a year, and an interest rate of 6%)

    1. People in AMERICA shouldn't give that loser money - especially not his parents!

      IDK, if you count the free room and board he gets as assets (like some kind of white trash trust fund, LOL), I'd say he's lording it over most of the peeps in sub-Saharan Africa. You think any of them would be willing to trade places with him? Let's not kid ourselves.

  21. Waiting for this fucking judge to become an adjunct law prof somewhere.

  22. @Epic Fail: Law School Disaster

    Spend your 30 pieces of silver well. You have turned on your old blogging friends, kicked them when they are very down and have mede some horrible accusations and hurt them very badly.

  23. Someone probably figured out Epic Fail's identity. The guy is now trying to save face. Gutless little shit.

  24. Nando- Saw this on CNN today. Apparently there aren't enough lawyers. We need to open the doors of the profession to "non-lawyers" to keep legal costs down. Sigh...

  25. There's been more than 1 million JDs minted in the last 30 years or so. At least half of those people aren't practicing. And we need more lawyers? Get the fuck outta here.

  26. @ Nov. 25th, 5:10AM

    In reply to that, read this:

    And as far as Epic Fail goes, I strongly suspect he is the one slamming me on this post. I can start a new blog (very easy to do) and reply, but I have done all of that already.

    Epic Fail seems young, used to be a friend of sorts, and I can't believe how hostile he is now.

    For that matter, I was always friendly to Mr. Infinity, and Mr. Infinity replied that he wanted to drive me to suicide and that he was going to defame my family on the internet.

    Mr. Infinity also wrote other really vile stuff and I printed it out and saved it.

    For instance, and in reference to my grandfather, Mr. Infinity wrote:

    "Post again, ANYWHERE, Painter, and I'll repost another 'Painter's Family' story for us all to share. Next time, his name gets attached to the story, so it's archived by Google for all to see when they search for his achievements."

    So you see what I mean? If I blog now I have a regular set of pro law school people (From New Jersey mostly) that hate me and that make threats and remarks like the one above no less.

    And FYI, I never went to Occupy Wall Street and am not affiliated with that movement. And I am not a tea party person.

    And I love my parents and family and feel no shame in living with my old parents. Nor do they feel shame for having me.

    I was once married and my ex wife and I had a home. I also lived in apartments for a number of years before I was married.

    Ideally yes I would live on my own, but cannot afford it.

    Then there is my Federal student loan, which is now at:


    Plus a Private Student Loan of about $5,700.00

    Grand total for student loan debt:


    The scamblogs are dormant now, but that does not stop my debt from being compounded.



    1. Um, maybe they just think you should get a government job instead of whining and going on "strike" all the time. All that debt could be gone in 10 years. I guess it's less work to just be a bum for 25 years, though, amirite? THAT'll teach 'em.

      Keep wallowing in self-pity, dude. You'll never get out of debt because you are lazy. Only way it'd ever happen would be if someone stole your identity and worked the federal job FOR you for ten years. Hm, is that what you are "holding out" for, possibly? Fat chance!

      We've already established that YOU have no shame - but if those parents of yours really aren't ashamed of you (doubtful), then I say shame on THEM!

  27. P.S. Hey Painterguy, have you scored yourself an OBAMAAAPHONE yet? Or did your 'rents get you an iPhone?

    What a worthless program. If those bums MUST have free cellphones for "emergencies," then those phones should only have ONE huge button on them: 911.


    Earlier today, Business Insider published a piece from Abby Rogers, under the header "Even Judges Are Jumping On The No-Pay Internship Train." Check out this lengthy excerpt:

    "As if things weren't bleak enough, now a federal judge in Colorado is asking clerks to work for free.

    Federal judge William Martinez is advertising a standard year-long clerkship but with a catch, law professor Paul Campos blogs for Salon.

    “This position is a gratuitous service appointment,” according to the job posting, which asks applicants to “to morally commit to the position for one year," even though “there is no possibility of the position turning into a paid position with Judge Martinez.”

    Clerks are normally stellar recent law school grads who are burdened with obscene debts.
    Asking the people Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan has lauded as [indispensable] to work for no money seems rather cruel."

    In sum, this unpaid position is for members of the following groups only: (a) desperate chumps; and (b) wealthy kids. Anyone without STRONG business, family or political connections should not even consider this garbage internship. Since a student debtor will accrue additional interest on their loans, while they are working for free for one year, then these people will end up paying for the "privilege" of working for this bastard.

    That makes perfect sense, right?!?! Hell, you would be better off financially working at a call center or selling insurance. At least, the school will benefit if the fool who takes this job is a recent grad. You know that the school will proudly announce that one of its grads landed an article III clerkship.

    1. Actually, a federal clerkship at least doubles your chances of landing Biglaw. At least.

      But yeah, they should pay them SOMETHING.

    2. From what, 0.001% to 0.002%?

  29. @10:16AM

    You are really horrible. Don't talk about my parents. They are old and have illnesses. What kind of a bastard are you anyway?

    You proclaim so loudly about how Public service Loan forgiveness is the answer for student loan debt.

    I am going to start a new blog, and chronicle a job search for a public service job.

    I am also going to find out for sure if $342K of Federally loans will in fact be wiped away after 10 years and with or without an IRS tax bill at the end.

    If I am able to land such a job and with all guarantees that I can have my loan discharged after 10 years, I will proclaim you to be correct and owe you an apology.

    As it stands now you owe me an apology for insulting my parents. And calling me white trash kind of indicates something about you.

    In fact, why don't you just tell me who you are?

    If you feel so right about everything you say, you wouldn't be anon.

    I went on television and also on NPR radio, and no one- not the interviewers, not the producers, etc. told me about public service loan forgiveness after 10 years for a debt of my magnitude.


    cc. Cryn Johannsen
    All Education Matters

    1. Their main "illness" is YOU. You're a big boil on their butts, gobbling up their retirement money. Kind of like a tapeworm, only harder to get rid of. How funny would it be if it WAS one of your parents writing my posts?

      The fact that (as you admit) you haven't even investigated public service loan forgiveness yet - AFTER ALL THESE YEARS - "kind of indicates" something about YOU.

      Good luck with your blog. I doubt you'll stick with it, though - if you even start it, that is. If you are looking for an excuse to fail, I'm sure you will eventually find it. That's pretty much your whole life story in a sentence there, isn't it?

  30. @2:36PM

    Can we meet face to face? In a diner for coffee?

    I will bring my father as well and he can talk to you about how he feels about me.

    I will invite media as well.

    Can you tell me who you are? And your MO?

    You know who I am. I am not anon.

    Do you want to talk on the telephone?

    I went on National Radio and on Long Island Television. Can't you just come clean and show yourself?

    I suspect you are the Epic Fail blogger, but I could be wrong.


    1. Haha, you ARE wrong - no surprise there.

      Are you asking me out on a date? LOL - I'm not buying you a plane ticket.

      I seriously doubt the media would be interested in your proposed meeting.

      Give up on your blog yet? It's already been all of an hour, and your debt is still there.

      Maybe they should call you JD QUITTER Guy!

  31. @3:23PM

    Just get in touch with me and not as Anon.

    Just tell me who you are and I will tell you about myself as well.

    You are very insulting, and I will forget the past insults of me and my family, whom you do not know personally, and deal with you with all respect.

    Why are you afraid to do that?

    I can scrape up the money for a plane ticket, and it won't cost you anything.

    We can conduct the interview in your town, or your home if you like.

    You know, as well as I do, that TTR is heavily scrutinized by government sources and entity's, and that you and I are not anon in their eyes.

    It is a simple step to meet me and the possible media if you care to go that way. And prepare your confident speech about guaranteed loan forgiveness after 10 years while doing public service, and also about the IRS tax implications after such forgiveness.

    Unless we can all meet up in person and with all frankness, I cannot reply to your Anon comments anymore.

    I am not Anon and neither is Nando, and neither is Cryn or LawProf or DJM.

    Please by now come clean and if you defeat me in the non-Anon public arena of debate you will win and I will lose.

    What else can I offer to you? What more is left but for you to continue to take Anon pot shots at me?



    John David Koch
    Touro Law School Graduate, 1996

    1. 1996. Just wow.

      You already lost, dude. Just look at yourself.

      In a way, it IS your parents' fault. They obviously failed to instill a work ethic or anything of value in you. Now you live with them in your 40s. Their chickens have come home to roost - literally. You ARE their punishment.

      If you won't listen to reason in this forum, why would you listen to it over a candlelit dinner? Hmm?

      It isn't MY debt. I'm not going to move heaven and earth to get you to pay it off. Why should I?

      Would you be willing to torch your Touro diploma on YouTube if I sent you $1.98? I hear they just ranked #3 for job placement in NYC. Isn't that great?

      And is your "futility of public service" blog up yet? No? How surprising.

  32. @4:49PM

    Just don't be Anon. You can't do that after having taken it all this far.

    What are you hiding from?

    As for my Touro Diploma, I tore it up a long time ago and threw it out when the debt had doubled, and that was a long time ago.

    Bernard Lander spoke at my Touro Graduation ceremony, and you can read about Bernard Lander here:

    1. I hope you enjoyed tearing it up. Now you lose what would've been an easy $1.98.

      Mine's hanging on the wall in my office. I use a barber brush to dust the lint off the frame every now and then.

      LOL, when's your blog going up?

    2. If I paid you $1.98 would you shave your pussy on youtube, anonymous asshole?

    3. Haha, I'll shave your Mom's, but you'll have to pay me a lot more than $1.98. A LOT more.

  33. Epic Fail said:

    "Further, I am quite frugal and could easily live off $30,000 a year, putting the remainder towards the debt)"

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that incredibly naive statement.

  34. Nando, please delete the irrelevant comments by Anon and Painter. This "discussion" should be taken somewhere else.

    It is not related to the thread and this anon POS has, yet again, done an excellent job of derailing the thread entry which was obviously his intention.

    1. LOL, Painterguy I mean "Anonymous," I initially responded to a stupid post about making starving people in Africa pony up $142 each to pay off YOUR debts. How did that whimsy of yours relate to the judge being profiled, again?

      Still waiting for you to start your blog, LOL.

  35. @Nov. 25th, 8:11PM

    I apologize for going off topic with this person that continues to put my parents down.

    Best to do it on a blog of my own at some point.

    Even now this person seems to think that other Anon commenters are me.

    But here is an interesting article for those that insist that Public Service/Military service is a sure way to have one's SL debt forgiven:


    1. Does your news story have ANYTHING to do with loan forgiveness? I doubt it.

      As for the poster below, the fool above NEEDS to be "upset." He should NOT be allowed to pass his debt off to people who haven't even been born yet. 25 years from now (the course of action that this loafer prefers - imagine that), he will hand the taxpayer a bill for $2 million. If he would get off his duff and get some job right now - ANY job, even one sweeping floors in a high school - it'd be like one third of that amount. He's gaming the system - pure and simple.

      What if everyone in America did that? The national debt would soar to several hundred TRILLION dollars. I wish we could send this guy to live with our enemies in Cuba or North Korea - he's a weapon of mass economic destruction. Of course, those countries wouldn't brook his bullcrap for a second.

      Abusers like that present a strong living argument for the revival of debtor's prisons.

  36. Hello,

    I am sorry for any confusion here, but I have not been posting on this thread until now. If someone is trying to me, they should stop. Nando knows that I am not the person posting above. As for you Jdpainter, I am sorry for any confusion. I did not mean to upset you. If you want to talk to me in private, we can.

    Thank you

  37. @Terrified Law Student

    Then I sincerely apologize.

    I assumed it might have been you since you no longer take comments, and your message has changed on your blog.


  38. Nando, did someone vandalize your website? Everytime I log into it, I get redirected to

  39. @ 6:51 am,

    Tell me how you are getting around that re-direct. Which proxy server are you using? Some persistent troll was redirected the other day. The cockroach was still able to post comments here. At that point, I decided to ban an entire IP prefix. Thanks!

  40. I know that there are shills and trolls, but this is a first.

    Someone actually advocates for usury, followed by debtor's prison. What a sick individual.

    BTW, I voted for Obama.

    1. Can't say I find your vote surprising. You just asked everyone on the planet to give you money for free.

      Debtor's prison should only be for idiots who go on "strike" and refuse to get a job or pay their debts. You, for instance.

  41. Where is Colonel Sanders????

  42. @4:13PM

    Your are some kind of an Anonymous crazy stalker, and will not quit, and for the record I feel very threatened for my safety by now due to your comments, especially the ones about sending me to be punished overseas, and also placed in a debtor's prison.

    Being in debt is not a crime.

    I have asked you to tell me your real identity several times by now.

    I have also asked you politely and also about three times now to stop insulting my parents.

    But let me make this very clear:

    Please do not mention my parents again as I am highly and outrageoulsy offended and emotionally upset and insulted by your defamatory statements against my parents who are not Anon as you are, and have nothing to do with this blog or the comment string.


    John Koch

    AKA Painterguy

    1. How strange that THEY would be your sore spot. I wonder why. Guilty conscience, maybe?

      You needn't be frightened, little dingleberry. I'm about as far away from your sorry ass as it's possible to get - without leaving the country, that is.


  43. @7:56PM Aloha to you too coward.

    No guts to face me or tell me who you are. It figures.

    P.S. Obama Won :)

    1. Haha, but Obama actually PAID his debts. You on the other hand just lose and lose and lose.

      Yep, guilty conscience. I hope IBR gets tossed out at the last possible moment for you.

      And pout, much? You must have really wanted that candlelit dinner!

  44. @11:27PM

    No, you don't get the last word.

    I get the last word.

    Glad you approve of Obama :) I was starting to think you didn't.

    1. Haha, deadbeat says what?

      How many times did Obama fail the bar exam? I keep forgetting. And when did he stop living in his parents' house?

  45. Oh,of COURSE! Why don't we make all attorneys work for free? And what is he going to do with the money that would had paid said employee? It doesn't come out of his pocket after all. I'll bet his first order of business upon assuming his position was to help the taxpayers by eliminating pay for law clerks. After all, they are nothing but a bunch of parasites that don't need to eat or pay their bills.

    I "practice law" (if you want to call it that) and every goddamn day, Morpheus gives me a new pill and I wake up in a new reality. Neo only needed one pill to find out that he's plugged into the Matrix.

    We have a person who is willing to show up to work, but the mentality is that they don't need to be paid for their services. Aren't the Republi-cons all about rewarding the people who get up in the morning and put in a full 8-5 day, or is that a load of horse manure as well?

    "Oh well, we only want to give insurance and money for those who work! Those people living off of benefits who don't lift a finger need to get lost!"

    Well, whoever is applying for a clerkship is willing to get up and go to work. Yet, you are also asking them to live off of the government should they need medical care or food for that matter. The money I give to the food pantry should not be used to provide the basic necessities to an individual who should be receiving a salary. The money I pay in taxes should not be used for indigent medical care when there are already many who are being turned away. The federal government has already seen fit to set aside a salary in its budget for your office, which you apparently have decided to spend on God knows what. Now, you have unnecessarily created a burden for county services when resources were already scarce.

    Please do that person you hire the honor of living up to your supposed Republican ideals by giving them a salary and benefits.


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