Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Washington Post Magazine Notes That There Are Not Enough Lawyer Jobs for the Legions of Recent Graduates

The Article:

On October 31, 2012, the Washington Post Magazine published an article from Elizabeth Lesly Stevens, under the headline “Will Law Students Have Jobs After They Graduate?” Take a look at the following excerpts:

“There are a few other recent statistics that [UC Irvine’s Cockroach Erwin] Chemerinsky and his colleagues at the nation’s law schools — a disproportionate number of which are in or near Washington — might want to bring into sharper focus.

In 2011, more than 44,000 students graduated from the 200-odd U.S. law schools accredited by the American Bar Association. Nine months after graduation, only a bit more than half had found full-time jobs as lawyers.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 73,600 new lawyer jobs from 2010 to 2020. But just three years into that decade, about 132,757 new lawyers have hit the job market.” [Emphasis mine]

On the third page, check out the following info: “Consider this: Of the 576 who graduated George Washington University this year, 20 percent — 112 — are employed as lawyers only because GWU pays them $15 an hour, up to $525 each week, to do volunteer work. The average indebtedness of GWU’s class of 2011 was $127,360. Trying to adjust, the school trimmed first-year enrollment this fall by 16 percent, to 400.”

Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to be technical, the commode only hired 19.44% of this class, for volunteer work. Keep in mind that “The” George Wa$hington Univer$ity Law $chool is ranked as the 20th best law school in the nation, by US “News” & World Report. If this school must resort to these desperate measures, what are your chances of landing solid legal employment - when you attend a third tier commode or fourth tier trash pit?!?!

Washington Post Also Lists the Most Expensive Law Schools for 2012-2013:

The link is labeled “2012-2013 law school tuition, fees and living expenses.” The magazine relies on figures furnished by the defunct rag known as US “News”. You will notice that UC Irvine is second on the list. The total estimated cost of annual attendance at the currently-unranked toilet will amount to $77,129 for out-of-state students; total COA is a mere $70,809 for California residents. In the main article, Ass-Clown Chemerinsky claims that these immense costs are required for academic “excellence.”

There Simply Are Not Enough Jobs:

On February 17, 2012, Paul Campos posted a blog entry entitled “The message.” This man gets right to the heart of the matter:

“There are a great number of things wrong with legal academia, but in the end the problem is this: There aren't enough jobs. Everything else - the failure to prepare people to practice law, the intellectually vacuous and socially reactionary atmosphere of the law school classroom, the ridiculous publication system, the pernicious rankings, the puerile obsessions with status, the profligate spending etc. etc. - is secondary to the fact that there aren't enough jobs.” [Emphasis mine]

The Job Outlook for Recent JDs Was Dismal Before the Current Recession:

In the article above, Campos cites to an October 3, 2011 Balkin piece from Brian Tamanaha, under the header “Poor Employment Market for Law Grads Predates the Recession.” After proving that the legal job placement rate has been weak for at least one decade, Tamanaha reaches this conclusion:

“Law schools wooing the next crop of incoming students will no doubt use the line that the employment situation is bad now because of the recession, but things will get better when the legal market turns around. And they will tell prospective students that three and a half years between now and their anticipated graduation is plenty of time for the job recovery to take place.

Don't buy it. There is no sign that the legal market will improve. And even if it does, at many law schools one-out-of three or one-out-of four graduates will not get jobs as lawyers.” [Emphasis mine]

These two men have consistently shown than they do not have a mere academic interest in the subject of student debt and the shrinking lawyer job market. A few other “law professors” have looked at this as if this is a hypothetical. However, we are talking about real people’s lives. I know several highly-educated men and women who have told me that they will never own a home or have children. Their staggering student debt loads and low pay are main reasons for this decision.

Conclusion: Vindication feels great. However, legions of current law students and recent JDs are being ruined financially, by the steaming dung piles known as ABA-accredited law schools. The sociopaths who run these highly profitable, “non-profit institutions of higher learning” DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about you or your future. They couldn’t care less that you may be unable to ever purchase a house or start a family. After all, these pigs get paid up front, in full - regardless of the job market. You, the recent graduate, will be stuck with the student loan payments - with interest - for the next 20-30 years. In the end, THE ADMINISTRATORS AND FACULTY HAVE A DIRECT FINANCIAL INTEREST IN MAKING PROSPECTIVE LAW STUDENTS BELIEVE THAT THE JOB MARKET WILL RECOVER SHORTLY. Of course, the bastards offer no proof of their assertions. Meanwhile, the financial criminals continue to collectively pump out more than 44,000 grads each year - and others plan to open new law schools.


  1. The growth rate in this profession is shit. Been that way for a while now. Meaning its about average. But the problem is the schools graduate too many lawyers. And being a lawyer means you have to spend 7 years in college. And tuition keeps rising to crazy levels. You can make more money as a fucking real estate agent. And you can do that with basic certification. All you need is people skills. That area is glutted too. But at least it doesn't cost anyone $100K to become a real estate agent. It doesn't cost them 10 grand.

    Right here in PA, the requirements are nothing.

    'The requirements for a real estate salesperson license in Pennsylvania include being at least 18 years of age and having successfully completed four credits, or 60 hours, of approved real estate education. Applicants who have a bachelor's degree with a major in real estate from an accredited college or university may have the 60 hour requirement waived, and those with a juris doctor degree from an accredited law school may also waive the education requirement. Applicants who have some real estate courses at an accredited school may receive some credit for these toward the salesperson requirement.

    Applicants having a real estate broker license in another jurisdiction may be allowed two education credits for each full year of active practice during the preceding ten year period. All real estate courses need to have been completed within the ten years preceding passing the real estate exams, and applicants must apply for their salesperson license within three years of passing the real estate exams. All real estate salesperson applicants need to be sponsored by a licensed Pennsylvania real estate broker who will be overseeing their activities.'

  2. The legal market will never improve enough to swallow up every graduate that these schools pump out. That bald guy you ripped up below states that the legal market has a 1% unemployment rate. I almost lost my lunch reading that. In fact, I almost punched the monitor. How can people be so daft?

  3. "...the law school at the University of California at Irvine.... opened in 2009, amid the financial crisis and a related — and perhaps permanent — sharp constriction in the job market for new lawyers."


    There was no need for this school in 2009. There was no need for another law school in 1999 or 1989. Or 1979, etc.

    It's all about the benefit for the faculty, administrators, and staff via Federal loan dollars at the expense of students, many of whom will be financially ruined for the rest of their lives as a result of attending a law school.


    Colonel Harlan Sanders, multimillionaire founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Elementary school dropout but later earned a law degree via correspondence course.

    Can I get a what what?

  5. Nando, the problem is that these criminal law school deans and professors will continue to pound the "a law degree is versatile in other fields" and lie that JD grads will go on to become CEOs of a Fortune 500 company or General Managers of professional sports teams. They will spin the stats by saying that 50% of the other grads not working in the legal field are working in other "productive and exciting" fields. And the lemmings will continue to take the plunge as long as Uncle Sam continues to give out the student loans like candy.

    Chemerinsky was provided with millions to sustain UC-Irvine by giving free rides for a few years. The money ran out. I wonder where the money went? Follow the trail to the bank accounts of the dean and professors.

  6. When do the next USNWR rankings come out? It'll be amusing to see the fallout if UCI *doesn't* make the top 20. Or better yet, if they don't even make the top 50 - but I'm probably asking for too much on that last part.

  7. Chemerinsky makes a big fucking deal out of 'fighting for justice'. Especially for poor people and others without a voice. Yet the parasite doesn't get that he and his school are fucking over taxpayers and students.

  8. Justice my butt..

    In NY, the Chief Judge mandated 50 hours pro bono for new law school graduates to close "the justice gap". You will then be able to be admitted to the Bar after satisfying the requirement.

    Note that older attorneys, who are most suited to this work, are of course not required to lift a finger while law students and graduates with no real-world experience are mandated to close the so-called justice gap.

  9. It sounds like it's "just us" law students who have to do all the work, then. Figures. And people wonder why I've been so cranky lately.

  10. Law schools are scum bags! The greatest service many law schools could do for the legal profession is to permanently close their doors (Appalachian Law, Thomas Jefferson Law School, New England Law, Cooley, just to name a few). The ABA is a corrupt organization that is whore to law schools, hiding under the guise of "we can't be anti-trust". The ABA has faculty from these law schools running committees at the ABA. How about quality standards? Minimum GPA and LSAT scores?

    This profession has gone down the tubes. I hate these people. How can you make people go into debt $100,000, $200,000 or more to such dire prospects. Every law grad should have several opportunities upon graduation to have a rewarding career. The legal profession is caveat emptor, with lies. Now, the crap law schools are going on recruiting seminars.

    Why should a p.o.s law school like New England Law be paying their dean $800,000+ a year? Most grads from there are lucky if they get a job paying $35K-50K a year when they get out...if they can find a full time job at all.

  11. Ok, we need to stop blaming all these learned law professors, deans, universities, publications, and financial institutions, to name a few. Let's just finally admit that it's all the student's fault. They should have done more "research" and should have realized that the law schools were publishing fraudulent data. Furthermore, young people today (20s,30s,40s) just don't want to "work hard" and "pay their dues." They all just want something for nothing.


    Protect the scammer, blame the scamee! 'Merica! Winning!

  12. If the shrinking legal market indeed causes some law schools to close, it will be interesting to see what the deans and profs of those schools do when they have to look for new jobs.

    They will find out just how "versatile" their credentials are!

  13. The law schools have been able to lie nonstop because the ABA doesn't give a shit about honesty or integrity. When schools get caught, the ABA just gives 'em a slap on the wrist. It's all so clear now.

  14. What a week! Tropical Storm Sandy knocked out our power for two days, and our internet and cable for 7 days, and some people are still out of power and the gas lines on Long Island are absolutely crazy.

    It kind of puts things in perspective. The last thing on my mind was the law school scam.

    I was inspired to reread the novel "Deliverance" by candlelight, wherein Lewis Medlock, the city boy makes a clean arrow "center shot" through the back of a hillbilly, and then Ed Gentry, (normally an Advertising VP) makes a harrowing 100 foot or so rock climb in the dark so as to wait in a tree to shoot and also kill the second hillbilly through the neck.

    As for the power outage, I really don't know what to say. When the power goes out, all of the supposedly smart people have generators, which use up huge amounts of fuel, and they all end up on the gas lines a few days later anyway.

    The alternative to avoiding the gas lines is to keep 50 or more gallons on the property beforehand.

    I heard that some people had carbon monoxide poisioning from the generators too. Not sure if there were any fatalities.

    May all of our problems be only money problems :)

  15. Dona Furiosa,

    The "law professors" and deans continue to spout the nonsense that "a law degree is highly versatile," because these pigs/academic thieves do not want to practice law. While some of these bitches claim that they could make much more in practice, they forget to mention that they would need to work well more than 4-6 hours per week. Plus, partners and Biglaw clients will not shell out serious money for meaningless law review articles - or for a lecture on the Rule Against Perpetuities.

    These cockroaches KNOW that MANY of their recent graduates will not find suitable employment as attorneys. Since newly-minted JDs and lawyers will eventually find jobs – in different fields – the academic swine decided to spin that as “proof” that a law degree is a sought-after credential among non-legal employers. This is sickening behavior from Ivory Tower sociopaths.

    Look at the ABA document labeled “Enrollment and Degrees Awarded, 1963-2010.” From 1980-1981 to 2009-2010 – a span of 30 years – ABA-approved law schools awarded 1,161,863 JDs. ABA-accredited trash pits have CLEARLY been pumping out FAR TOO MANY grads - for generations.

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor prognosticates that there will only be 73,600 more lawyers in 2020 than there were in 2010. Under Lawyer Summary, BLS notes that there were 728,200 employed U.S. attorneys, in 2010. Take note that ABA cesspools have collectively handed out nearly 1.2 million law degrees, in 30 years.

    Again, the criminals who run these supposed “in$titution$ of higher education” know the score. They cannot plead ignorance. Furthermore, when the bastards are publishing false and misleading data – in an attempt to boost their USN&WR ranking, so they can attract more applicants and students – the dogs are actively engaging in willful deceit.

    In the end, real professional schools, i.e. veterinary, dental and medical programs, limit entry at a very early stage. Those institutions do not unnecessarily burden their graduates with monstrous, non-dischargeable debt – for a mere chance to find employment in their respective field. My brother in law scored in the 60th percentile on the DAT, when he first applied to dental school. He was not accepted anywhere. The following year, his DAT exam score placed him in the 94th percentile. He was only accepted by two dental programs, and he applied to several more. In stark contrast, a law school applicant – with a 150 LSAT score – can get admitted to dozens of ABA-accredited commodes!!

  16. Nando, some law school shill is trashing you repeatedly over at campos' blog. Please flush this turd.

  17. Law schools are run for the professors. The students are an afterthought. I mean why else would the pigs charge $40,000 a year in tuition. The costs to the school are low. You even pay for your own books. The deans are laughing their way to the bank.

  18. This is just like the NFL. The league says it cares about player safety. Which is why is such a violent game I guess. But they only say that as a way to prevent lawsuits. They want to be seen as doing something to improve safety. While they profit from the violence.

  19. Many are aware of the law school scam. Take a look at some of the informed commenters, on this WP story:

    On November 5, 2012, at 12:52 pm, user "asupps" wrote the following:

    "Potential law students - do not go to law school unless

    (a) it is one of the top 5 schools in the country, or
    (b) you are going somewhere on full scholarship, or
    (c) you have a guaranteed job at Mommy or Daddy's firm, or
    (d) you don't mind living in a very small market city (Boise, Oklahoma City, Butte, etc).

    If you do not fit into one or more of these 4 categories, you must not go to law school. You will give up 3 years of wages, end up with 6 figures of debt at an exorbitant interest rate, and, on average, earn less than you would have before entering law school.

    Do not dismiss this advice. I am one of the lucky ones that graduated law school in 2008 and snuck in before the legal market imploded. There are no jobs for you here. They are gone, and replaced by computers and overseas contractors, and they are never coming back. Go to med school. Get an engineering degree. Answer phones at your friend's startup. Law school is now an option of last resort, not a wise life decision."

    Ignorant trolls have cried over the fact that my header makes allowance for only the top eight schools. Hell, I have seen many attorneys limit their lists to Harvard, Yale and Stanford - with a few making an exception only for Yale Law School.

    Accountholder "bobbyinatlanta" posted the comment below - also on November 5th, but at 9:04 am:

    "Patent law is doing reasonably well, but you have to have a science degree in order to sit for the patent bar to obtain your license. Most of the folks going to Law school (98%) cannot qualify to sit for the patent bar. When I graduated in 1998 from a third tier law school, I was one of only two people out of a class of 110 who could sit for the patent bar. And more importantly, what your science background is in also determines your employability as a patent attorney. If one wants to do patents in the biotech or chemistry areas, one must have a PhD. If one wants to practice in the electrical area, one should have at least a electrical engineering or computer engineering degree. When interviewing for a patent attorney position at a major computer company, I was informed that my law school or class rank was not important, but my class rank in computer science and computer engineering was very important. So, if any of these attorneys want to become patent attorneys, they're looking at almost 4 years of continued education just to qualify to sit for the patent bar. If they're going to do that, they might as well just [go] to the tech industry and work there."

  20. Forget about patent law. I have been doing it since mid 90s and I watched how it imploded in 2001 with the collapse of the Internet technology babble and then second time in 2009. Unless you are able to score a job with a big firm that has a steady stream of well paying clients, you are not going to make it on your own as a sole. You will be competing with shysters who are doing Personal Injury cases and practice Intellectual Property on a side when some unsophisticated client comes through the door. Like this one He has a degree in political since and law from Nigeria and now paddles himself as an IP lawyer who does not mind to do personal injury too.


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