Friday, December 28, 2012

ABA-Accredited Toilets Now Relying on Non-JD Students, to Make Up for Lost Revenue

Can You Smell the Desperation?:

On December 21, 2012, the National Law Journal published a Karen Sloan piece entitled “Non-J.D. candidates easing the strain on law schools.” Take a look at this opening:

“Interest in juris doctor degrees has waned during the past two years, but the news for law schools isn't all bad: The number of students in non-J.D. programs has increased by 39 percent since 2005, according to figures released on December 21 by the American Bar Association.

By contrast, the number of first-year students enrolled in J.D. programs fell by 8 percent during that same period. ABA-accredited law schools this year enrolled 11,067 non-J.D. students—representing approximately one-quarter of the 44,518 first-year J.D. students. [Emphasis mine]

But law schools are concerned about their students’ futures, right?!?! If you believe that, and you wish to remain willfully ignorant, then skip over Sloan’s conclusion:

“Schools have financial incentives to expand their LL.M. offerings, since those students often take empty seats in existing classes.

"Law schools see a demand for non-J.D. programs both for lawyers who want to develop expertise through an LL.M. and in business and professional communities where knowledge of the relevant law and process is valuable," said Barry Currier, the ABA's interim consultant on legal education. "As the demand for J.D. degrees slackens, schools are exploring other ways to broaden their revenue base."

The ABA does not accredit non-J.D. programs, but does require that they not impede a law school's ability to ensure that its J.D. program meets all the accreditation standards.” [Emphasis mine]

The dung beetles are FULLY AWARE of the glutted, U.S. lawyer job market. They also realize that LLM programs in Space Law and Agricultural Law are not going to help the typical grad find legal work. Yet, the ABA cockroaches continue to increase non-JD enrollment - due to the money that goes into the academic thieves’ pockets.

The ABA Proudly Reports This TTT Development:

Take a look at the following excerpt from pigs’ press release, which was labeled “ABA Legal Education Section Reports Preliminary Data on Non-J.D. Enrollment Growth, 2000-2012”:

“Enrollment in non-J.D. programs at American Bar Association-approved law schools has increased markedly since 2000, partly offsetting declines in J.D. enrollment during the same period, according to preliminary data released today by the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

ABA-approved law schools reported a 39 percent increase in enrollment in non-J.D. programs from 2005 to 2012 and a 52 percent increase from 2000 to 2012, according to data provided to the section.”

News flash: Law grads are enrolling into these LLM programs in larger numbers, because legions cannot find legal work with their JD. Of course, the ABA-accredited moral cesspools are happy to exploit these students further - by offering them more "education" at a big-ass price.  Isn't it nice to see that the criminal cartel has a Division for Media Relations & “Communication Services.” The bitches and hags like to spin the news.

NE$L Dean: “Law Schools Are Like Other Businesses”:

On August 4, 2012, Jeff Manning posted an Oregonian piece entitled "Law schools revenues soar as they take in millions from tuition and fees, as supply exceeds demand."  Focus on the following portion, which gives you real insight into the law school devils' mindset:

“John O'Brien, dean of the New England School of Law and chair of the ABA's legal accreditation committee, agreed the new schools are adding to a significant oversupply of lawyers. But the supply-demand imbalance is not a factor the ABA considers.

"It's not the ABA's job to police the number of law schools," O'Brien said. "Law schools are like other businesses. Ultimately, that's what they are. If there are people who feel there is a void that needs to be filled around the country, the process is to apply for ABA approval. If you meet those standards, you get approved." [Emphasis mine]

Yes, the pile of human waste known as John O’Brien told the Oregonian that law schools are businesses. We have known this for some time, but it is nice to see one of the perpetrators admit to this reality. For $ome rea$on, the law school pigs do not give a damn about their consumers.

Conclusion: The American Bar Association is a cartel of cockroaches and morally bankrupt pigs. These bastards do not give one damn about law students. Crackheads have a higher sense of ethics than these rats. The schools are happy to financially ruin legions of young, educated people each year.

In the final analysis, law schools are run for the benefit of “professors” - not the students. Law school administrators and tenured faculty are paid very handsomely for minimal “work.” Now that fewer people are applying to, and enrolling in, JD programs, the filthy pigs are using this as an opportunity to enroll thousands of students who will not affect their overall ranking. LSAT scores and undergrad GPAs are not a factor, with these willing victims. Furthermore, the toilets do not need to worry about furnishing employment placement data, for these graduates.  Keep plugging holes on a sinking ship, law school cockroaches. 


  1. The ABA apparently says it can't restrict the number of law schools due to anti-trust concerns, so why is it possible to restrict the number of medical schools? Why can't the ABA rip a page from the medical school accreditation book and tighten the requirements for accrediting law schools? For instance, the ABA could require high LSAT scores that would drive scams like Cooley out of business, but wouldn't put a hard cap on the number of law schools. Yeah I know, profits would fall, but I don't buy the ABA's nonsense about anti-trust issues.

  2. That cartoon is outdated. $30K for an LLM should be replaced with $40,000 each sign.

  3. Q. Where do ABA administrators and directors go to die?
    A. Law School tenured professorships.

  4. 9:37 AM--good point, and there are other things that could be done, e.g. flunking out a sizeable number of 1Ls (medical schools take this approach, which is at least better than having mediocre students graduate, get admitted to practice, and then fail to find a job), or raising bar exam standards higher.

    I would love to see accurate and complete employment and salary outcomes from these LLM programs. I understand they don't even bother to gather them, for obvious reasons.

  5. You removed my blog from your list. I would like to thank you for having it up there in the past. You brought a lot of traffic to my blog. For that I am grateful.

    Good luck with the kid. And being a father.

  6. Wonder how long it will take the "business and professional communities" to realize that the non-JD "training" they are shelling out for is taught by tenured law professors with little actual experience of the business and professional worlds.

  7. Wait, what?

    ' "Law schools see a demand for non-J.D. business and professional communities where knowledge of the relevant law and process is valuable," said Barry Currier, the ABA's interim consultant on legal education." '

    Riiiight. Yeah, that "versatile-JD" was SO valuable in my job search back in 2005. Businesses were lining up left and right because of my legal training. So much more so with an LLM, which 98% of the non-legal world doesn't even know exists in the first place. HR departments have a hard enough time understanding why a JD wants to work in the corporate world. An LLM makes even LESS sense, not more.

    Statistics, ABA shill! Where is your data, Mr. Currier?! Oh, there is none - just anecdotes.

    Hell, I shoulda just got my LLM, then! At $40k, it would have been a bargain over JD sticker-price AND jobs would have been falling out of the sky, to boot!

    Lairs. Goddamned liars. Because somebody's third cousin got a desk-jockey job with an LLM it's a resounding "success!" Never mind the person had the job already due to connections.

  8. I can tells ya right now dat we's thinkin' a maybe hirin' people wit' the Food Law LLM. I mean it's gotta be better than a food handlers permit, don't it? 'N don' be forgettin' them there folks is gonna have knowledge a USDA statutes 'n such dat most a our workers don't have. I's gettin' 'xcited jus' thinkin' 'bout it. Da only question is Are mofuckas wit' dat much edumuhcayshun gonna come work fo' The Colonel for shit I don' know $7 'n change. Can I gets a what what?

  9. It just goes to show that law schools are in existence for their own survival. Law schools are like the parasitic alien in John Carpenter's, "The Thing". Without any consideration to quality, admission standards or whether a law school is needed:

    "Buchanan County brought Appalachian School of Law to Grundy in order to revitalize a town that had been in a steady economic decline since the town's Flood of 1977."

    A Deluge of Law Schools

  10. I respect his honesty at least. There was a time when they'd never openly admit that it's just a money making venture--professional assertions and honorable aspirations be damned!


    More garbage from BriAnon:

    "In fact, I don't want to even acknowledge that such a "scam" exists or doesn't exist. The word scam and law school don't go together at all. And with that it's time to move on."

    "Why I don't want to be a part of this 'movement' any longer. Take from it what you will.

    1. The scamblog movement is a Godless movement.

    2. It is self-destructive.

    3. There is nothing to be gained from the movement.

    4. Law, as a profession, will not die as long as there are laws. Laws will exist far longer than any of us will.

    5. It's literally a wasted existence.

    6. It's depressing.

    7. Scambloggers are, in large, the laughing stock of society.

    8. I want to give my wife a good life.

    9. I know that with my outlook on life, I can never fall as hard as those who knew failure was imminent.

    10. I don't want to end up like the other bloggers.

    11. There are jobs out there. Even for those with JDs.

    12. Money is not the sole reason for my existence.

    13. I have options.

    14. I may die at any time.

    15. Life is what you make of it."

  12. Epic Fail turned out to be a real Judas.

    It is really hurtful the way he gains someone's confidence, and then betrays them, and kicks them when they are down.

  13. 1st A LLM gives you no more legal privledges beyond that of a simple JD. SO, unless you want to become a Lawschool Faculty member or want to challenge board certification exams; it's useless.

    2d I have been saying for years a quick and $0 cost way to cut Lawschool admissions in half is to have prerequist classes. Right now, a JD is the only professional degree that you can knee-jerk decide you want to pursue. Look at medical school prerequists:
    - 1 yr Biology,
    -1 yr general chem,
    -1 yr organic chem,
    -1 yr Physics,
    -1 year calc,
    -1 semester stats,
    -1 yr english,
    -1 semester of bio chem prefered,
    and 1 semester psych prefered.
    It's exhausting just to read the list, yet to do it! Right. There is at least two years of hard work there. Consider this, these are hard courses yet most medschools will not even entertain your application without a 3.0 GPA in science or a 3.3 overall GPA. Most people will pass this challenge right up and screen themselves out.

    Lawschools are like an airplane ponzi con. The captain and the first crew actually provide some money. After they leave, each subsequent captain and crew provides less and takes more, until the structure collapses.

    1. You forgot that they also require a hard-ass test called the MCAT and some "research" and patient contact.

  14. The LLM is pointless for Americans with the following exceptions only: tax law from NYU, Georgetown or Florida.

    If you get an LLM in anything that sounds like a bad joke (environmental law comes to mind), you won't be taken seriously by employers.

    It helps foreign trained lawyers become eligible for many state bar exams.

    But 99% of the benefit is to the law schools. The taxpayers don't gain anything from backing more loans to people that couldn't land a lawyer gig with a law degree (which is all you need to take the bar exam). Adding Nigerian lawyers to the glut helps who exactly?

  15. Hola Don Nando,

    I talk to my nephew after Chrismas and I told him about your website. He told me that he is thinking about returning to Colombia. He say that he lives in fear everytime his cellphone rings because the student lenders call him 40 times a day. He gets calls from collection companies and some of those people tell him that they will send swat team to aprehend him. My nephew is depress. He wants to pay his loan back but he says his law degree has not helped him find a job. He now works for some Chicano solo in Van Nuys who is under investigation. The solo is being investigated for filing false immigration documents for his clients. My nephew believe his boss will blame him and he is trying to leave but he does not want to go back to waiting tables.

    I find it that the american law schools are killing their own students chances of getting a job. They are admitting esos putos primitivos de Nigeria en esos programas de un año para competir con la gente get gastaron 3 años para conseguir la licencia. It is unfair. What the law schools are doing is no different than what the CIA did in Chile when they funded both socialist and antisocialist forces in the 1970. The schools are playing a game and the casualty are the students.

    If law schools in Colombia did what american law schools do, the students would cut off the professors balls and burn the university down. Americans have been dumb over TV, the GMO that Monsanto puts in your food. Nando, my nephew was telling me that in November, the state of california voted to not know what was in their food. Can you believe that people of california don't care that they are being posioned? These same people maybe don't care getting ripped off by law schools.

    Dios te bendiga a usted y su familia. Feliz año nuevo amigo.

    Att. Vicente Rojas

  16. Here is a cute op-ed from the good folks at USNews

    Don't make private preditory loans dischargable other wise it might hurt the the whambulance. Maybe if I go without food and shelter, that principal from Access Group will start decreasing.

  17. "My nephew believes his boss will blame him and he is trying to leave but he does not want to go back to waiting tables."

    Something similar happened to me during my first job out of law school. The company was deluged with consumer complaints, and It was my job to handle the consumer complaints, and the class action lawsuits were starting.

    I saw the trouble ahead and left well ahead of time and never had to deal with any kind of Govt administrative disciplinary action. And after I was gone the company settled the class action suits, and bought up all the stock and went private.

    They then sold the co not too long after, and today the Co. exists under different ownership but with the same name, and if one googles the Company one will find a deluge of consumer complaints just like it had many years ago.

    Go figure right? It just goes to show that a scam can always find a way to survive and such is the nature of business and Corporations, and they will always try to find a way to hang things on a patsy and make him or her a fall guy.

    Your nephew should resign if there is genuine trouble ahead and if it will affect him. Also, has your nephew signed up for IBR?

    I know you have called me a lot of names, but I am not your problem or your enemy and I wish your nephew well since I am sure that he is grateful just to have a job at the risk of being underemployed after will be a very hard choice.

    But underemployment is not so bad. The hardest week is the first, and then over time a certain amount of humility and appreciation of the simple things in life helps heal the wounded pride.

  18. More rants by Mr. Infinity ....

    It does not matter what people think of me. Especially negative nellies like the scambloggers. [...] I really don't want to have anything to do with these people anymore. They honestly sadden me. They are so wretched and they are very disturbed people that need to do something with their lives. I hate to say that I am glad they failed, but the truth is, these people do not deserve success. They are crybaby whiners and they are meeting a fitting end.


    I can't believe that I actually fell for the lies of these stupid scamblogs! It's one of the most shameful events of my life. I have realized, learned the hard way, if you will, that hanging out with people who are negative will only bring you down to their level and their way of thinking. I want to rise above that! I am so much better than that. So much better.


    I am a special little snowflake. And If I want a law job, I will find a law job! And you can too!

  19. Nando,

    This is an excellent blog you (and other TTR readers) should check out.

  20. Epic Fail (Little Judas) is going through an identity crisis and older folks should smile and be tolerant of his growing pains and tantrums and pouting and his petulant, childlike betrayals of his old frends, so long as Epic Fail stays reasonably rational.

    I doubt he is Mr. Infinity though.

    If Nando removed him from his bloglist he will likely drop off the map, unless attention is called to his posts.

  21. The guys at LST put together two charts, regarding non-JD enrollment, from 1963-2011. As you can see, ABA-accredited trash pits have been relying more heavily on this cohort in recent years. Since more people are eschewing law school, the pigs are trying to recover lost revenue. Unless, this timing happens to be one hell of a coincidence.

    "Non-J.D. enrollment has increased 72% over the last 15 years

    For most of the last four decades, enrollment in non-J.D. programs (especially LL.M.s) has been relatively flat, usually somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 students. But as the turn of the century approached, non-J.D. enrollment steadily increased before spiking 33% from 2006 to 2011. Increasingly, law schools will turn to these programs to generate much-needed revenue as J.D. programs flounder and J.D. graduates seek additional credentials to compete with peer J.D.s.

    Note that in the 1960's and early 1970's, non-J.D. enrollment looked much different as a percentage of total enrollment. We suspect much of this has to do with the transition from LL.B. to J.D. as the primary professional degree offered by U.S. law schools.

    The blue plotbands reflect U.S. recessions as defined by the National Bureau of Economic Research."

    The law schools are in this for the money. As such, they do not give one damn about you, the student or your future. If you have small children or a spouse, the pigs do not care about them, either. After all, t

    Regarding the failure douche-bag - and his numerous sock puppets on his site - check out his comment on this TTR entry at 12:04pm, yesterday:

    “A Hopeful Law Student December 28, 2012 12:04 PM

    You removed my blog from your list. I would like to thank you for having it up there in the past. You brought a lot of traffic to my blog. For that I am grateful.

    Good luck with the kid. And being a father.”

    In the end, we need strong willed people - not weak pussies - to take on the law school pigs. Furthermore, those who believe, and openly proclaim, that they are “special snowflakes” are not to be taken seriously by anyone.

    @ 10:34 am,

    Thank you for the link. I will add that site to my blogroll. I love the overall tone and appearance. This should help many considering “higher education.”

  22. Nando, I thought you should know that I was "world traveling law student -- top 18%" all along. I had you fooled big time. I used to laugh so hard, but kept the blog rolling. Hehehehe.

    Me 1, You 0


  23. Well, Tamanaha's hardcover book on Amazon is about 17 bucks plus shipping, and the Campos book is half that, and in paperback.

    Both books have a handful of comments each on the Amazon site.

    Hardly world or LS industry shaking, but a good effort all the same.

    But hardly worth influencing or rather staking any hopes of bankruptcy rights against the blatant usury of Sl debt.

    In a sense, Tamanaha and Campos are both naive and good and well intentioned and like older Mr. Pickwick (Pickwickian) sheltered characters of the world and simple and bumbling and wanting to do ever so good good amidst the wolves and Mr. Jingles of the world that surround them and from whom they draw their pay.

    It is not their fault. Just the way it is.

    Do I believe all of this? I don't know?

  24. @1:24PM

    Oh Boy! Now this is turning into a classic Milton Bradley board Game of "Clue"

    A regular whodunnit based on an Agatha Christie novel!

    Good fun!

    But nah, 1:24 can't be WTLS. It is just a bluff.

  25. Here's what's really funny. World Traveling Shit Stain commented on here way back telling Nando that he was right and that law school is a scam. Can you dig that one up for us when you get a minute?

    Law skool: 125,000
    WTLS: -125,000 (with interest)

  26. ^in parentheses, it should read Not counting interest.

  27. Epic Fail:

    Let's have your real name. It will be found out anyway, so you might as well give it now.

  28. His name is Shannon Hymen.

  29. Well, with words like this from Dec 6, 2011, who would have thought Epic Fail would have written what he has a year later?

    "But as I mentioned to someone the other day: I do not plan on taking the bar. I will probably tell employers I started law school but did not finish, or I will go teach English outside the US, or I will do something else completely. There's a ton of non-law options. However, I blew a couple years of my life so far on this, and that angers me. However, I guess the best thing I can do now is to see it as a learning experience. A very expensive learning experience, but one none the less.

    This blog is the blog of a law student going to a second tier rated university in the Northeast. He is a tired student, who has been in college way too long. He has almost no real world work experience. He has come from a poor family. He once had big dreams for his life, but as he gets older he sees those dreams die. Such is life. It's a hard lesson, but one that must be learned.

    One last dream for our writer: to escape law school."

  30. Don Nando, que quiere decir LLM? Sera que significa Los Ladrones Maricones? Si es asi, entonces describe muy bien a la facultad de esos potreros colegios de abogados.

    Hola JDPintador. Usted se ve que es una persona que necesita ayuda sicologica. Por que no se viene aqui y se trata con un doctor. Yo conozco uno que se llama Dr. Hugo Ulloa. El se especializa en lobotomias. Usted necesita uno pronto. Mire que aqui le espera trabajo manejando tractomulas en los llanos petroleros. Coño es que usted le gusta como se lo entieran en el culo in los EEUU? Aqui hay chicas calientes maricon. Venga aca y empieze su vida de nuevo. Usted puede vivir como un rey, como un hombre enderezado no como peon en rodillas como vives ahora.

  31. "Don Nando, meaning LLM? Sera that means Maricones Thieves? If so, then describes very well the power of those paddocks bar associations.

    Hello JDPintador. You can see that is a person who needs psychological help. Why do not you come here and treat with a doctor. I know one called Dr. Hugo Ulloa. He specializes in lobotomies. You need one soon. Watch that here awaits job driving tractor-trailers in the plains oil. Pussy is as you like it in the ass entieran in the U.S.? Here are hot girls pussy. Come here and start your life again. You can live like a king, as a man not as a pawn in straightening your knees as you live now."

  32. The United States is a piece of fucking shitDecember 29, 2012 at 8:53 PM

    Law schools will keep making money as long as the federal government keeps backing student loans. It's that simple really. Fucking shame, isn't it?

  33. Part 1.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    I'm off to get my frontal lobotomy, and also a bottle in front of me and a gold tooth, and hula girl tattoo on my left arm.

    Then I will trek my way down to Columbia to drive a truck in a tank top and with a sweaty grimace, and impress all the girls when I flex my bicep for the "ladies" to make the hula girl dance. (I do not use the word you do.)

    But seriously, it has been quite an active couple of years of blogging.

    True I have nothing to complain about as compared to soldiers returning home that have been wounded, but I never once compared myself to them.

    And it is also true that paying all of the sl debt off is the only way out for me.

    I came to a realization not too long ago that a situation that many call a "scam" can be a protean thing and can morph and persist and survive, and no better example than the topic of this post by Nando. (i.e. when enrollments are down at the mill, sell another type of sheepskin.)

    The best policy in the end is being informed beforehand, and avoidance, and the Judges, such as Schweitzer, Quist and Cohen, who tossed out the lawsuits this year expressed as much.

    When I did work as a Compliance manager at the motor vehicle extended warranty company a long time ago, I read many an angry and outraged, multipaged and single spaced typewritten letter from a consumer that felt that he or she had been "ripped off."

    Frankly, in some cases they were, but they had no legal footing for a remedy.

  34. Part 2

    Other times they got a lawyer, or went to the respective state: Insurance Dept. or to their Attorney General, or Dept. of Consumer Affairs, or the Better Business Bureau etc.

    And, after many weeks or even months of wrangling with letters back and forth between me and people or their representative consumer entities I speak of, and after consulting with management, I would either settle with the consumer, or give them all their money back, or maybe even pay all of the claim they had.

    And sometimes, when reading the stomach tightening, long, single- spaced, angry letters, I would lean back in my chair and pause and ask myself: "How could ALL of this crap have been avoided in the very first place?"

    And the answer was and is: When the money is in your pocket, you are the boss, and when you hand that money over, you are no longer the boss. So the best policy is to be informed and do your research and be aware of the risks and avoid the trap or the scam altogether if necessary, by not handing the money over in the first place.

    Back in the day, I would have never imagined someone like Alan Collinge would someday write a book called: "The Student Loan Scam." The very premise was unknown to me, and I had no idea that default would pile fifty thousand more dollars of debt onto my sl balance.

    Maybe that was my fault for not knowing.

    But could I have known if I had looked into the situation more diligently on my own, and/or with better mentoring and guidance?

    Look at it this way: If I told someone who is buying a used car from a used car dealer to not purchase a very expensive extended warranty in spite of the slaesman's high pressure tactics, would that person listen?

    Or will they have to end up with an expensive auto repair and have to make a claim under the extended warranty (Service Contract) and have it denied to finally realize that I was right?

    And so it is with law school. Before borrowing money for tuition, do your research and talk to as many people as you can.

    Simply google "Extended Warranty Consumer complaints" and you will see that nothing has changed in that business over the last 12 or so years, and that the scam goes on. And my feeling is that the song will remain the same with this here Law School situation.

    And so, yes, some people do "win" at law school, or when they purchase an extended warranty, and some do not. And some people never use the law degree or the warranty or realize that they have been or could be scammed, or the point is moot because they sell the car a year or so later, or end up finding that hard to get non legal job etc.

    And that is best advice I can give in my homespun, sitting around the pot bellied stove or crackerbarrel, style.

    Best of Luck to everyone, and thanks Nando for everything.


    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    This roving IP shows a “location” in Overland Park, KS. I remember that WTLS attended Western New England College Sewer of Law, and then transferred to a commode in the San Francisco area. If you are the same piece of garbage, as you claim, then you should be spending more time with your fiancée and quit crying and wailing online.

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    Keep living in a fantasy world, your poor, wretched fool. In the off chance that you are getting married to an actual member of the human race, here are some tips, pussy:

    Before your honeymoon night, you may want to inform your better half that you also have a vagina, in between your legs. That should prevent her some freaking out when she sees your scrawny ass naked, for the first time. People of the same gender are able to have sex with each other. In the end, you truly are “special,” bitch. By the way, the person posting as Sanders has a Chicago IP. Perhaps, that is one of your multiple personalities.

    1. Berwyn, Il?

      Where the second Svenghoolie came from?


    2. Does Ms. Infinity wear the strapon in their relationship, does she take it, or do they both wear one?

  36. LLMs don't remove the stench of a TT, TTT, or TTTT law degree. If you went to a shithole for law school, you're only throwing more money away on an LLM.

  37. If he entered, World Traveling Law Shill will take first place at the world's smallest penis contest.

  38. Nando,
    Keep up the good fight! But this travesty won't stop until the govt backed students loans do-so what can be done about that?

  39. Thomas Jeffferson has an ABA accredited LLM online tax course, that should tell you something about ABA standards. It is a lax business model now. They should then accredit all the online JD programs while they are at it

    1. Tom Jeff needs to collapse so I can set up my sleazy PI office, Magnum/Gunn.

  40. O'Brien is correct. Law school are ultimately businesses.

    Businesses tend to rely on branding. So it is up to you and others to ensure that some law schools get branded accordingly.

  41. Looks like Mr. Infinity's/WTLS's website is now down. LOL

  42. The Epic Fail guy seems to have shut down his blog, because I can't link to it.

    I hope he isn't going to hurt himself.

  43. ^more importantly, I hope he doesn't shoot up a bunch of people.

  44. Strelnikov: Yes, and my message to young Epic Fail:

    Just cool it, and no harm done. Only words after all. All forgotten and forgiven, and yes in the big picture we all went thru the same economic mill and emerged, and are part of the same "club"

    Tamanaha summed it all up with one line: "The casualties of the profession."

    I used to go to AA meetings and listen to long and well delivered speeches by successful business people and even successful Lawyers.

    They would talk about how they overcame drinking and substance abuse that they claimed was from all the stress and responsibility that they were under, or felt they were under etc.

    The audience appreciated it, and even cried sometimes, and the family members of the speakers were there to applaud a 5 year or 10 year sobriety celebration day.

    Stress affects everyone in different ways, particularly the financial stress of inescapable and surreal debt of whatever form.

    Unfortunately, people in the class of oversupplied law grads that were or will be tossed out after graduation and into the trash and forgotten are among the most likely to lash out in all directions and even upon themselves and abuse themselves with alcohol and etc. and, in the hope that your better head prevails most of the time.........

    Just the times we live in and maybe I and others have been too hard on you.

    To sum it all up and in short, if, and if, you posted drunk or high, I understand.

    But a good mind is a sober mind.

    My effort.

    And whatever future end this scam will have, we must all peacefully suck it up and personally suffer in the meanitme, and belive that the system does work in the end, and we will have to give the devil his due.



    On October 18, 2012, Paul Campos wrote an entry entitled "LLM programs." Take a look at the following excerpts:

    "Three years ago the CU law faculty authorized a pilot LLM program, offering the degree in three different areas. The program hasn't been marketed at all, and is at this point tiny (we have five LLM students this year). We're being asked to reauthorize it for a couple of more years, with the understanding that the school will start marketing it aggressively to both current law students and mid-career professionals.

    I spent some time yesterday researching the issue, and discovered the following, much of which will not be news to better-informed readers:

    (1) ABA law schools currently offer more than 300 different LLM degrees (Here's a partial list). Total enrollment in such programs grew from 3,069 to 5,058 between 1999 and 2009.

    (2) The typical tuition cost for these degrees is equivalent to a year's tuition in a school's JD program.

    (3) Obtaining an LLM qualifies a foreign lawyer to sit for the bar in California, New York, Alabama, New Hampshire, Virginia, and the independent republic of Palau.

    (4) Neither the ABA nor NALP ask schools to report any statistics regarding employment outcomes for LLM graduates, and as far as I've been able to determine no such statistics exist."

    In sum, these programs are cash cows to the law sewers. More people are enrolling, out of desperation. Of course, the ABA pigs and cockroaches are happy to fill this "need."

    Later on, the article continued:

    “Nevertheless, it appears that, in these days of sharply declining applicants to JD programs, LLM programs are coming to be considered something of a godsend by cash-strapped schools. Here's a bemusing quote from a two-year-old NLJ article:

    Administrators point out that per-student costs tend to be lower for advanced law degree programs because the curriculum largely consists of classes already offered to J.D. students - meaning there is little need to hire additional faculty. "Are these programs a cash cow? Yes and no," said Indiana University Maurer School of Law - Bloomington professor Carole Silver. "The school gets a year of tuition and the LL.M. students fill in the seats in classes that would otherwise be empty."

    Don’t be a waterhead, i.e. don't enroll in a non-JD program at an ABA-accredited stench pile. If you cannot find legal employment – due to the GLUT of attorneys, in this nation – then you have already been screwed over a coffee table by the law school swine. Do you want to go back to these bastards, so that you can be raped again?!?!


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