Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Profiles in Academic Parasitism: Claudio Grossman, Dean of American University Washington College of Law

Self Interested Letter to the Editor:


On November 9, 2012, the Washington Post published Cockroach Claudio Grossman’s letter to the editor. His drivel was labeled “The case for a law degree.”  Here is a portion of that garbage:

"The value of a legal education in this economic climate is a worthy topic. However, in its Nov. 4 Magazine article, “The Case Against Law School,” The Post focused on a single employment statistic that is grossly misleading and relied on a number taken from only one of 16 primary employment categories collected by the American Bar Association.

A legal education is important preparation for a wide array of career choices, including employment in highly competitive jobs and fellowships in legislative and political offices, in federal agencies, in the many public-interest, trade-association, corporate offices and international organizations in and around Washington." [Emphasis mine]

There is a GLUT of attorneys, in the United States. Gro$$man tacitly acknowledges this fact, in his letter. You don’t see medical or dental school faculty arguing “We provide our students and grads with a wide array of career choices.” Those professions limit the number of slots, in order to ensure that their respective grads will be able to practice in their chosen field.

Gross Pig conveniently “forgot” to mention that federal - as well as local and state - agencies are not hiring much, at this time. Plus, such entities will likely go with experience bureaucrats and connected applicants, not the typical law grad. The same situation applies for non-profits, corporate offices and international organizations. This academic pied piper should look up the term “austerity.” Private industry has been pushing for a leaner workforce - for decades. They are not about to invest in new U.S. employees now - even those armed with extensive educations.  After all, such workers may expect a decent wage.


Average Law Student Indebtedness for American University: US “News” & World Report lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the American Univer$ity WaShington Commode of Law Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $151,318. This represents the third highest debt total, among all ABA-accredited dung heaps. Fully 80 percent of this toilet’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled. $omehow, the academic sociopath does not feel the slightest embarrassment about asking YOU - the applicant and student - to take on such monstrous levels of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for HIS benefit.

The Swine’s Extravagant Salary:

Could there be a personal motive for Grossman to write such tripe, in a public forum? Is it possible that he his DIRECT, financial interest in the matter has affected his judgment?!?!


Gro$$man’s Income for 2010: Scroll down to page 18 of the 2010 Form 990, for Employer ID No. 53-019659, to check out the academic thief’s loot. Claudio Grossman made $455,496 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, as dean and “professor” – for the tax year ending April 30, 2011. That amount signals a mere compensation increase of $7,826 for the sewer rat. I suppose that his fellow financial criminals feel that we should be in awe of the confidence man, for exercising such restraint in the face of a contracting job market. In contrast, MANY recent JDs would gladly run across rush hour, freeway traffic for a chance to make an extra $7,000. Cockroach Grossman received $421,903 in base compensation, plus $33,593 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.”


The Bastard’s Compensation for 2009: Scroll down to page 19 of American University’s 2010 Form 990, to look at how well this “educator” made out, for the tax year ending April 30, 2010. Claudio Grossman made $447,670 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, as dean of the commode – for the tax year ending April 30, 2009. That figure represents an increase of $20,469 over the prior year, for this devil - even though the job market for recent JDs continued to shrink. Cockroach Grossman received $414,126 in base compensation, plus $33,544 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.” That is a tidy sum.


Gross Pig’s Compensation for 2008: Head over to page 33 of American University’s 2009 Form 990, and take a peek at how well this pig is doing, as an active participant in the “higher education“ scam. Dean Claudio Grossman made $427,201 in TOTAL COMPENSATION – for the tax year ending April 30, 2009. Yes, that is correct. Claudio the Pig received $381,441 in base compensation; $13,833 in other compensation; $22,999 in deferred compensation; and $8,928 in nontaxable benefits.

In sum, the rat receive $1,330,367 in TOTAL COMPENSATION - for these three years combined.  Do you honestly believe that this ass-wipe is a neutral bystander on this topic?!?! According to his school bio, Gro$$man has been dean of the law school since 1995. Furthermore, his area of supposed “expertise” is international law and human rights. You can’t make this stuff up, people. Apparently, in his mind, saddling people with an average of $151,318 in average law student indebtedness does not fall under exploitation.

Conclusion: The Washington Post should have included the bastard’s excessive salary, in its little disclaimer at the end of the article. If some corporate drone was paid a huge income, to spew forth the nonsense that his employer - which was polluting the rivers or manufacturing flame resistant children’s pajamas that instantly go up in flames - was “serving the community,” would you buy his lies?!?! Of course not. You would immediately recognize that the shill was being paid to utter such garbage. In the final analysis, the facts and figures keep slapping the law school pigs in the snout - and the swine have no real argument. They simply rely on rhetoric, vague anecdotes and meaningless platitudes. I wonder which side is more persuasive.  

In the final analysis, the law school fraudsters DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about the students or recent grads.  The swine earn excessive salaries for minimal "work," i.e. relying on old notes and the teacher's edition to rehash ancient cases.  Of course, they are paid up front, in full - while you are left to repay your NON-DISCHARGEABLE student loans, for the next 25-30 years.  The pigs bear none of the risk.  Their compensation levels are not tied to job outcomes of recent graduating classes.  What a great $y$tem, huh?!?!  This helps explain why cockroaches such as Claudio Grossman will do and say anything, in order to perpetrate the scam.


  1. Give it time... its just coming to the boil.

  2. thank you nando wcl is a true toilet

  3. LOL at the "International Lawyer" with degrees from Chile and Argentina (no ABA toilet on this resume!) telling everyone American is pumping out legions of people to staff Washington bureaus.

  4. If I got paid $455,000 in a year to tell people to drink battery acid, I probably would too. Greed is human nature.

  5. You're right, 9:26. I think what you bring up was aka "The Tobacco Industry." Once you think of law deans as PhillipMorris, it all starts to make sense.

  6. Nando, thank you for profiling this disgusting element who are masquerading as "respectable contributors of society." I believe it was Omar Little from the Wire who said something to the effect of: "The dangerous gangsters are not the ones carrying a shotgun but those dressed in two piece suits carrying a briefcase." Grossman, Mitchell et al. fit this bill. They are swindling our youth and the taxpayers in furtherance of what I believe is a criminal enterprise designed to defraud the consumer, government and taxpayer. These sonsofbitches should be in jail as they have destroyed more lives than your typical menacing purse snatcher.

  7. Omg Nando! This is defamation! You haven't been sued yet by these parasite pieces of garbages?

    The thieves? It's so funny isnt it...these bastards talk about "law and justice", yet they can't even use their "legal skills" to get you to take down your 100% truthful remarks about them.

    How is that for the usefulness of "law".

  8. PhillipMorris has more integrity than these academic frauds. I mean they at least make it known up front they're running a business and don't give a shit about your health.

    1. Altria (PM parent co) is publicly traded and subject to securities laws and a variety of other regulations, including third-party federal agencies.

      Law schools are not seriously regulated by anyone except organizations they control, and they don't have to publicly report honest information to shareholders.

      If they did, could you imagine what the 10-k would look like?

      We required security laws to protect people who invested in the markets and give the markets the look of integrity. But when someone "invests" 200k in a graduate education, it's "caveat emptor," up yours, dude.

  9. Why is the ABA still accrediting more schools?

  10. 9:34:

    Truth is a defense to defamation. Plus, these issues are in the public interest, so there must be a reckless disregard of the truth....there is too much evidence on here so I don't think any recklessness is happening. The schools and people portrayed on here know the site speaks the truth, they would not dare let their actions (and salaries) be questioned in a court of law.

    2:08 PM: Because they can.

  11. The schools would shit a brick if their actions were questioned in a court of law.

  12. American University Washington College of Law spends a lot of time on these pages.

    The Law school was profiled. It is First Tier Waste Product, The place also qualifies as a shitter.

    Also Chief Shill Stephan Zack was seen in AU garb, shilling and giving a commencement address in Bender Arena.

    If you're an American University administrator or law professor, I realize that integrity is hard, but come now! you're just embarrassing yourselves.

  13. ^Giving a commencement speech in Bender Arena?


    With this shitty job market (and astronomical student loan debt for a AU law degree) they ought to call that fucking place Bendover Arena.

  14. "Also Chief Shill Stephan Zack was seen in AU garb, shilling and giving a commencement address in Bender Arena."

    "Bender Arena.
    Our motto: Bite my shiny metal ass."

  15. Bender - n. Slang. a drinking spree.

    Use in a sentence: After graduating from AU with a law degree and having shit job prospects, Johnny went on a three day bender.

  16. Skeletor???

    Naw, I'm thinking Loki.


    1. I called him that because of his "grinning skull" smile, receding hair, and general wizened appearance.

  17. Not only is truth a defense to a defamation suit, if the plaitiff is a public figure, then the standard of proof is actual malice, not just negligence--it is a VERY high standard to meet and the plaintiff almost always loses in such cases.

    I would think that a law school dean who enters the fray of the law school debate and publishes an op-ed in a national publication is indeed a public figure.

  18. http://www.wcl.american.edu/dean/about.cfm

    "Biography: Dean Claudio M. Grossman

    Claudio Grossman is Professor of Law and Dean of American University Washington College of Law (WCL) and the Raymond Geraldson Scholar for International and Humanitarian Law. Since his appointment as dean in 1995, WCL has further developed its intellectual creativity, pursuing numerous and exciting initiatives. More than 50 full-time faculty members have been hired, dramatically improving the law school's student-faculty ratio and expanding and enhancing scholarship, teaching and service."

    If this academic truly believes the nonsense that he wrote to the Washington Post, cited in the main entry, then he is CLEARLY out of touch. I suppose that "serving" as law school dean for 17 years could contribute to that condition. By the way, adding more than 50 full-time "law professors" certainly has significantly increased tuition to students - and taxpayers. Then again, the pigs are not concerned about anyone but themselves. Remember, the swine want to maintain or improve the commode's ranking at all costs - to others.

    Later on, the hagiography continues:

    “Dean Grossman is the author of numerous publications regarding international law and human rights (see http://www.wcl.american.edu/dean/cv.cfm). He has also received numerous awards for his work with human rights and international law, including the RenĂ© Cassin Award from B'nai B'rith International in Chile and the Harry LeRoy Jones Award from the Washington Foreign Law Society.”

    Again, this supposed “humanitarian” does not recognize that strapping down HIS students with an ADDITIONAL $150K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt spells economical ruin for MANY of the toilet’s graduates. Keep in mind that this monstrous figure does not include accruing loan interest during law school enrollment.

    Take a look at the following excerpt from Marilyn Kennedy Melia‘s piece, “3 tips to limit student debt,” published by bankrate.com:


    "Total education debt at graduation SHOULD BE LESS THAN the expected (annual) starting salary," says Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of Fastweb.com and FinAid.org.

    He has pushed to link debt to salary, and while the idea may not have been widely conveyed to the public, it's become a rule of thumb among college aid experts, Kantrowitz says." [Emphasis mine]

    A person of modest means cannot afford to incur such debt. Plus, AT SUCH LEVELS, MOST OF YOUR LOANS WILL BE PRIVATE - or through Direct PLUS. That translates to higher interest rates. Imagine how much you would need to earn, in order to feasibly repay that amount. Now, picture yourself attempting to purchase a home or raise children. Lastly, how many recent JDs will make $200K per year upon graduation?!?!

  19. The fact that these Deans are going to the rags to support their criminal enterprise is a great sign for the Anti-Law School movement.

    But don't expect any victories through the courts - the Deans will tap their Cronies aka Judges to rule in favor of the Law Schools.

    The only strategy, it bears repeating, is to significantly reduce their supply of law students/marks, by countering their propaganda.

  20. What does it say about preeminent legal scholars when they can't even hold a candle to a man who posts pictures of poop on a blog?

  21. Fucksake, these assholes are grasping onto straws to keep this scam going.

    1. They'll take the money as long as people keep putting it before them. Also, many of them only know the law and law school; if that went away, they would not have any other means of providing for themselves.

  22. Law school. The scam that keeps on taking.

  23. I have advertised for meager attorney positions and I am always surprised to get thirty or more resumes. Seriously, going to law school is a waste. Go rob a bank, you will ruin your life as bad as going to to law school, even if you get caught.

    1. If you borrow $150,000 to go to law school, you will feel like it is the bank that is robbing you.

  24. Claudio Gro$$man is another academic confidence man. He wants unsuspecting college students and other desperate adults to BELIEVE that law school is a wise “investment” in their futures. Of course, you will notice that he merely relies on meaningless rhetoric, to make his “case.” Let’s take a look at some additional data, which will knock another large hole in Gross Pig's "logic."


    Keep in mind that there are SEVEN law schools, in Washington, D.C. There are several more in the surrounding area, i.e. American, Catholic, George Mason, George Washington, Georgetown, Howard, and the University of the District of Columbia.


    According to this link from Virginia's Judicial System, there are eight ABA-accredited diploma mills in "Old Dominion." Those commodes are listed in alphabetical order: Appalachian School of Law; College of William and Mary; George Mason University; Liberty University School of Law; Regent University; University of Richmond; University of Virginia; and Washington and Lee University.


    Maryland hosts only two law schools. In fact, both commodes are public. The University of Maryland Francis Key Carey Sewer of Law and the UniversiTTTy of BalTTTimore SOL provide their students with the state's only "legal education" programs.

    Since George Mason is included in the first two lists, we will only count it once. As such, there are a total of 16 ABA-approved schools in the area. Good luck competing in those glutted lawyer job markets.


    On July 27, 2011, New York Times Economix blog published Catherine Rampell‘s piece “The Lawyer Surplus, State by State.” This information was compiled by Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., not the $elf-intere$ted law school pigs. According to this source, Maryland has the ninth most glutted attorney job market in the nation, whereas Virginia features the 17th most over-saturated lawyer syndicate. Surprisingly, D.C. does not face a surplus. However, does Ass-Hat Grossman actually think that federal agencies are going to hire a ton of recent JDs and attorneys - in the midst of austerity measures? If so, what is the basis for his belief?

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  26. ^^^ Sounds like a plan.

  27. At that salary, you'd see guys say almost anything.

  28. TODAY USNEWS just dropped American Law down to the second tier. The school used to be in the mid-40s a few years back. Now it's not even a first-tier school anymore.


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