Sunday, December 9, 2012

Profiles in Pitiful “Logic”: Luke Bierman, “Law Professor” at Northeastern University

Another Rodent Posts an Opinion Piece - Without Bothering to Rely on Any Facts:

On December 5, 2012, Dumbass wrote a Huffington Post article labeled “Deconstructing the Law School Deconstructionists.” Take a look at the bastard’s condescending tone:

“Jobless graduates are a grave concern to legal educators, and their heightened numbers warrant serious attention. Unfortunately, the consideration being paid is more often superficial than serious. Especially when American law schools make such a ready stock villain - painted, as they often are, as greedy institutions thoughtless about their students' futures, wed to the Socratic Method of teaching devised in the late 19th century, and generally out of touch with the needs of the modern legal profession.

It makes for great copy. I pity those who buy into it, however, for at least two reasons. First, the journalistic zeal to tell a juicy story about the prospects of legal graduates has too often crossed the line into inaccurate fear mongering. Take a recent news article that quoted an estimate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics claiming that only 74,000 new lawyer jobs would open from 2010-20. The reporter did not let the fact that 75,000 new law graduates have already found work since 2010 lead her to the obvious conclusion that the BLS's numbers were wrong. Instead, the reporter suggested another interpretation: that not a single new legal job would be created for the next seven years. And that's simply preposterous.

The second shame behind popular coverage of this issue is that it entirely ignores an important part of the story: the response of forward-thinking law schools. Rarely if ever do the critiques acknowledge what many creative and thoughtful legal educators, students, lawyers, and clients know - transformative change in legal education is underway.”

Luke, have you heard of legal process outsourcing, ABA “Ethics” Opinion 08-451, automation, or predictive coding?!?! What makes you believe that U.S. law firms are going to return to hiring higher-wage, American lawyers when the economy improves?! The reality of the situation is this: it does not matter if some law schools are providing their students with more clinics and pro bono/public service internships, if the overall U.S. lawyer job market is contracting. Legions of these students will never practice law - due to the glut of attorneys in this nation. Plus, notice how this dishonest snake conflated legal jobs with overall employment. 

Further Deconstructing the Pig’s Weak Analysis:

Paul Campos posted an entry, on February 17, 2012, under the title “The message.” Read this excerpt:

“Contrary to the disturbing things you may have read in the New York Times, legal education is actually changing in all sorts of wonderful ways, which are making our students far more practice-ready upon graduation. 

There aren't enough jobs.

Contrary to the disturbing things etc., legal scholarship has entered a golden age, and is producing all sorts of wonderful insights regarding how to make The Best Legal System in the World even better. 

There aren't enough jobs. [Emphasis in original, but not in bold]

From the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, via the Occupational Outlook Handbook entry for Lawyers:

“Job Outlook Employment of lawyers is expected to grow by 10 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Competition for jobs should continue to be strong because more students are graduating from law school each year than there are jobs available. [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, Cockroach Luke Bierman “forgot” to mention this segment.

The Rat’s Background: 

The following excerpts are from Bierman’s school bio:

“Professor Bierman oversees the School of Law’s innovative curriculum, including the Cooperative Legal Education Program, clinics and Legal Skills in Social Context, ensuring students are comprehensively prepared for careers as attorneys meeting the challenges of 21st century legal practice.”

What in the hell constitutes “Legal Skills in Social Context”?!?! Does this program include training in the following areas: document review; collecting unemployment; applying for Food Stamps; customer service; insurance sales; etc.? Here is the final paragraph:

“Professor Bierman is a frequent lecturer and commentator about corporate governance reform, fiduciary responsibility and ethics, and justice reform. He was a member of the board of directors of the Council of Institutional Investors, where he co-chaired the policies committee. He is an elected member of the American Law Institute.” [Emphasis mine]

It is uncanny how many of these “legal educator” pigs are alleged experts in matters of corporate governance and ethics! $omehow, these academic criminals do not feel that these principles apply to their own filthy industry.

Conclusion: Luke Bierman is a liar. He did not cite to any hard data, to support his $elf-$erving opinion. Remember, these idiots pride themselves on “training people how to think like lawyers.” When someone does not bolster their argument with actual facts or evidence, it weakens their case. If this cretin fails to do so, with regards to his specific industry, how is he going to prepare others to practice law?

In the end, “law professors” and deans do not give one damn about their current students and recent graduates. The pigs are paid up front, in full - while YOU, the student, will be left paying for your decision, for the next 25-30 years. You will bear the full burden, while the academic hustlers incur NONE of the risk. What a great $y$tem, huh?! Luke Bierman has a DIRECT, FINANCIAL INTEREST in making sure that people continue to enroll in law school, even though the job market is glutted.  He will say anything to keep the gravy train rolling along.  Just don't expect the tool to back up his case with actual hard facts or data.


  1. Keep up the excellent work Nando!

  2. Oldest trick in the book. The (alleged) fact that 75,000 new grads have "found employment" says nothing about how many LEGAL jobs will be created by 2020.

  3. Lemme take a crack at dis.

    If ya eats one o' mah family buckets wit' sum mashed taters 'n gravy 'n shit once a week, yer gonna get in da best shape of yer life. Shit, u don't even gots'ta work out. At all. Got dat, mo'fucka?

  4. It is so easy. Get a public service job and all debt, no matter how large, will be wiped out after 10 years.

    A no brainer.

    1. ^ what a joker

      If you are serious, you have no brain.

    2. Well, it's true. Are you denying that the program exists?

      Of course, the trick is to hold onto said job for 10 years without getting shitcanned.

  5. ^^^ No

    Get a public service job and 10 years later all debt is gone.

    All gone. No income taxes later and all gone.

    No one will get fired, and end of story.

    1. LOL, you're right, I like your plan way better.

      When you're living with your parents in your 50s, you don't have to worry about income taxes. OR getting fired.

      Ever.You crafty devil you.

  6. Some questions.

    How many of those 75,000 jobs that law school graduates acquire are in firms with practice areas like pizza delivery, burger flipping, or the pouring of lattes, or the stocking of shelves?

    How many of these jobs are in less-than-desirable legal positions like document review in a windowless basement for near minimum wage, or temporary hire being used for his or her still valid for a few more months Lexis Nexus account?

    How many of these jobs were created because a law firm fired a junior associate they did not want to promote to senior associate?

    1. WHy's the professor relying on this shit statistic anyway? Aren't there like 44,000 JDs every year?

  7. [Looks at photo of guy.]


  8. Wow, 75,000 law grads found jobs since 2010. Great point in your favor, Lukie!

    But, tarry a moment. Don't law schools graduate 44,000 a year? Doesn't 44,000 grads for the class of 2010, 2011, and 2012 equal 132,000?

    So, Lukie, why not say that 57,000 law grads since 2010 have been unable to find law jobs?

    By the way, Lukie is conventiently quoted a mistake in a news article to suggest that the BLS got it wrong. BLS did not predict 74,000 new lawyer jobs this decade, it predicted 230,000. Now, 230,000 jobs seem like a lot, but not compared to the 440,000 new law grads produced by the law schools who will have to compete for them.

  9. Law professors and facts don't mix well together. Oh yeah and lawyers are retarded when it comes to math.

  10. Public service kids. Public service.

    Zip Zip and 10 years more student loan debt.

    Gosh it is so easy.

    1. You turd.

      Suppose that instead of ten years, you only had to work a government job for ONE HOUR to have your loans forgiven. All your other pretend "obstacles" remain in place. But it's only one hour.

      You'd take the job then, wouldn't you?

      Or maybe you wouldn't even be willing to work for a single hour.

      You just don't want to work. Nothing could be more obvious.

      I hope some economic calamity causes your parents to lose every last cent they have. Or better yet, I hope THEY end up owing just as much money as you do.

      You may well be the laziest POS that ever lived - if you want to call what you do "living."

      You turd.

  11. Here is what I get a feeling is very important to follow and is the future:

  12. Re: THe new Petri Student Loan Bill:

    "The bill would also eliminate income-based programs that forgive loans entirely after 20 or 25 years — and, after 10 years, for those who enter public-service careers, such as teaching or law enforcement. The new system would apply only to new loans."

    1. "Legislation that Wisconsin Republican Rep. Tom Petri plans to introduce as soon as this week would require employers to withhold payments from wages in the same way they do taxes. Payments would be capped at 15 percent of borrowers’ income after basic living expenses."


      So, if you need to skip a payment or more due to temporary hardship - fuggetaboudit.

      The money isn't even going into your hands first. Like taxes, its directly withdrawn from your check.

      "While Petri’s bill makes sense, the elimination of the low- income subsidies and forgiveness could face opposition from Democrats, said Sandy Baum, a senior fellow at the George Washington University School of Education. Republicans may be concerned that taxpayers won’t be repaid if more borrowers join the income-based program, she said."


      Yep, the bill makes sense. And now they worry about the "poor widdle taxpayer.."

      We (gasp!) wouldn't want to subsidize education like they do in Europe.


      Those loans are on your back forever if this passes, including any retirement income, etc.

      They worry about the taxpayers when its student loans but Citi, Goldman, and Chase can rob and plunder with impunity and are now, in fact, working hard on the next derivatives crisis, creating products that don't exist anywhere in the physical world to sell to the schlep masses.

      It's okay if you are Too Big to Fail. Lesson: Be a Bigger Thief. The Little Guy is doomed today.

  13. Jesus. Every five minutes there's a new article by some law dean about how great it is to go to lol skool, and how great the legal job market is. Don't these guys have anything to do, like run the school, solicit donations from weathly alumni, etc.? Who has time to pander to the media?

    Oh, looks like they do, after all. Sounds like its getting hot in the kitchen.

  14. Let’s take a look at the numbers for Cockroach Bierman’s employer:

    Tuition: Full-time law students will be slapped with a big-ass tuition bill of 42,940 - for the 2012-2013 school year. Luke Bierman is essentially demanding that you - the person who will incur ALL of the financial risk for this decision - take him at his word.

    Total Cost of Attendance, for 2012-2013: The commode estimates that the total expense budget for first year students will amount to $64,904. Upper level students will face estimated, total costs of $70,896 - for the current academic year. Remember, ABA-accredited toilets/diploma mills calculate living expenses on a nine-month basis, not on the full calendar year. The published figures are already immense, but they do not provide the full extent of the damage.

    Ranking: Based on that enormous tuition rate, this school must have a great reputation, correct?!?! Well, according to US “News” & World Report, NorTThea$TTern Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law is rated as the 76th greatest, most phenomenal and prestigious law school in the entire land! Their mothers must be very proud.

    Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Northeastern University JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $122,369. Furthermore, 84 percent of this toilet’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled. Yes, Luke Bierman wants YOU to make one hell of a crazy, financial commitment, based on his weak-ass argument.

    In sum, you are looking at incurring an ADDITIONAL $125K-$170K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt if you decide to attend this second tier sewage pit. Plus, you will be competing for legal jobs, with your counterparts from Harvard, Boston College and Boston University. It won’t be much of a contest, of course. At this point in the rigged game, only a waterhead would consider this garbage pit. Employers don’t care if you attended a law school that provided leftist clinics and “experiential courses.” Plus, when you are selling insurance years after earning a TT law degree, will those “credentials” mean anything?!?!

    In the end, everything boils down to economics. Playing lawyer for a semester - or several - does not equate to putting food in the fridge, providing for your family, or making ends meet. Remember that when you are making $35K-$45K in a dead-end job. Try purchasing a home or starting a family on that paltry salary. Lastly, if you live in Boston, or anywhere else in the northeast corridor, realize that such an income will not stretch very far.

  15. @10:05AM

    You seem to be losing your composure.

  16. Land negotion! That young feller sure has a crackerjack work ethic by gum.

    But aww gee, wishing my parents go broke? That sure ain't friendly like, and just don't sound like a nice thing to say.

    I hereby decree that every one should get a Jim Dandy public service job. Shucks, it's a cinch!

    And then all mother daughter houses shall be prohibited, and it shall henceforth be mandated by the Burger Meister that they be converted into single family homes.

    And then, all old parents shall be placed in "public" nursing homes.

    After that, youse can go back to runnin' moonshine in your cammies and praying for the next election when it is all going to go your way.

    One fine day.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. You could always find work on a fracking rig in North Dakota.

  17. Thank God my parents didn't pay for my LS tuition.

    Imagine the kind of parasite he would think I was if they did.

    1. LOL, well they're definitely paying for your room and board! Sounds like your plan is to make the taxpayers pay for your tuition. You're still a parasite, because you're not even attempting to bring down the final tab that they'll end up paying.

      I didn't have my loans discharged. I paid them all off a few years after I graduated.

    2. JDP could always try a job on a fracking rig in North Dakota.

  18. JDP made the mistake the mistake of not being born into a rich family. If he had, his parents could've paid his entire tuition. And he wouldn't be up to hock in debt. And the troll wouldn't say shit.

    1. No, you made the "mistake" of going on vacation for like 20 years after you graduated from law school.

      If some rich kid can AFFORD a 20-year vacation, then good on him. Take only the vacations you can afford.

    2. Well there is always the possibility of a job on a fracking rig in North Dakota.

  19. Just what does LOL stand for anyway?

    Is it like Lollipop for an anon white rich kid that can't understand the lower classes?

    But the good on term is a very big clue and I'm sure Nando has pinpointed the troll by now.

    All I was trying to do was to draw the troll into more comments so that the IP address could estabish a pattern and be clearly identified.

    And here is the Loveliest of all lovely quotes:

    "I didn't have my loans discharged. I paid them all off a few years after I graduated."

    What is this person afraind of and hiding from, and why, if he or she is so clean?

    Why not just say who he or she is and here is where I work and what law school I went to and etc.

    Why hide when so much outrageous effort has been made to insult and degrade me?

    I am not anon and even went on public radio and TV.

    Look, we can meet in open debate on TV or radio and if you win, you will win.

    Just stop being anon.

    is that fair enough?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. JDP's only hope at this point is a job on a fracking rig in North Dakota.

    3. "Just what does LOL stand for anyway?"


      We JDP, you have to spell everything out.

  20. Could you people pick some motherfucking NAMES?!

  21. Anyone still shilling for the law schools is a worthless shitbag.

  22. @8:00 PM That's not what LOL stands for you stupid idiot. Google it again and find out.

    Some kid. Yawn. So successful and paid off his loans blah blah. Yeah yeah sure.

    So why does this person want to hide? No guts. What a chicken. That's because the story is all a made up lie.

    And as for a fracking rig? Why? Lots of job openings?

    It looks like a rocket launch pad.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. If you think that LOL stands for something else other than Laugh Out Loud or Laughing Out Loud as explained to you in the Wikipedia Article, why don't you enlighten us. We are interested in what your paint fume damaged brain thinks LOL means.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. It is amazing how, when I make a few clean and corny geezer jokes, or, in my enthusiasm, want to share the plot of an old classic movie that I am very much enjoying during my insomnia, I get such vile and pornographic comments in reply, and directed at me personally.

    Which kind of shows the basic character of the people that defend the scam. Surprisingly, they are or want to be lawyers.

    But there is a great old movie on TCM right now, called: "The Leopard" staring Burt Lancaster (1963)

    "As Garibaldi's troops begin the unification of Italy in the 1860's, an aristocratic Sicilian family grudgingly adapts to the sweeping social changes undermining their way of life. Proud but pragmatic Prince Don Fabrizio Salina (Burt Lancaster) allows his war hero nephew, Tancredi (Alain Delon) to marry Angelica (Claudia Cardinale), the beautiful daughter of gauche Don Calogero) in order to maintain the family's accustomed level of comfort and political clout.

    It is in the letterbox format and with subtitles, but I don't think Burt is speaking Italian.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. I am curious JD Painterguy, how exactly did you expect your situation to turn out? You were a very poor student, both in undergrad and in law school, graduated last in your class from Touro in 1997, and failed the bar three times. It sounds like the person who is responsible for the situation that you find yourself in is you.


    Derek Tokaz posted a blog entry labeled "Srsly, Stop H8in on Lolschool So Much!" - on December 6, 2012. In that piece, he picks apart Luke Bierman's weak-ass analysis. Take a look at the following excerpts:

    "The decline of the profession actually started a few years before the recession, it was only BigLaw that didn't get hit until later. And the nation is not in a recession any more. Yes, the economy is still bad, but it's only a recession when it's getting worse. The economy is getting better. It's the legal industry itself that is still in a recession."

    As Brian Tamanaha and Deborah Jones Merritt have pointed out, the legal job market is not entirely due to the current state of the overall U.S. economy.

    Later on, Tokaz continued:

    "In 2010, 36,043 grads found jobs of any sort. In 2011, 35,653 did. That's 71,696 total jobs, shy of 75,000. Though, this is at the 9 month mark, so maybe some people found jobs later, though of course schools don't follow up with employed grads to see if any of the numbers went in the other direction. That's only an 83.5% employment rate. Worse than the economy at large.

    But wait, there's more. That's all grads employed anywhere, but we should be talking about the legal industry. Percentage of 2010 and 2011 grads who found work (even part time or temporary) in jobs requiring bar passage? 64.5%. Ouch. And we excluded grads who didn't respond to the NALP survey from the denominator, so the numbers may be even worse."

    Apparently, “law professors” are terrible at math - or they simply prefer to DELIBERATELY MISSTATE the numbers. Here is the author’s conclusion:

    "What about performance though? Maybe the lack of cost reduction is worth it if Northeastern is rocking the employment game. And Northeastern certainly thinks employment is important, because they advertise that 40% of grads get jobs through this co-op program. ...Which seems pretty low. Any firm with a 40% summer associate offer rate would be blasted by Above the Law.

    Some people will go on to clerkships or other positions that didn't hire quarterly workers, and some people will get a better job at a place where they hadn't been working, but those people aside, 40% strikes us as just terrible. ...And our instinct isn't wrong. Only 48.9% of Northeastern grads got jobs in full-time, permanent positions requiring bar passage. 8.2% were unemployed and seeking work. And another 31.4% were under-employed.

    Despite it's innovative program that it's had 50 years to fine tune, Northeastern performs significantly worse than BU and BC, with lower operating expenses but the same costs passed on to students.

    Is that what you wanted the press to devote more time to covering, Ass Dean Bierman?"

  25. Law skools are businesses. And they'll do or say whatever to keep people coming through those doors. They are safe in the knowledge that if they lie, piece of shit judges will blame the victim and let the skools off the hook. The judges will rehash old arguments like 'You should've known better' or 'caveat emptor.' You know, because you paid for (and received) an education. Not a job. If you relied on the skool's word (91% employment), that's on you.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Didn't Painter go on some godawful interview a while back and start playing his banjo and reading poetry? How much lower can a guy go?

    1. He apparently took the bar exam 3 times and failed and then gave up, and then went on 1 interview and gave up, and then talked to 3 bankruptcy attorneys and gave up.

  28. @4:14

    I know. Banjo players are all losers and that interview with painter was nuts!

    The only ever authentic American musical instrument is the banjo, and it was brought over by African slaves no less.

    The rest of the musical instruments that exist were created and refined over many centuries outside of the US.

    Americans try to write poetry once in a while, and here is a poem that one stupid American English Professor and writer wrote, with maybe or possibly a relevance to the horrors of death and dying and the slow death on the human soul of American style student loan debt:

    Buckdancer’s Choice

    By James L. Dickey 1923–1997

    So I would hear out those lungs,
    The air split into nine levels,
    Some gift of tongues of the whistler

    In the invalid’s bed: my mother,
    Warbling all day to herself
    The thousand variations of one song;

    It is called Buckdancer’s Choice.
    For years, they have all been dying
    Out, the classic buck-and-wing men

    Of traveling minstrel shows;
    With them also an old woman
    Was dying of breathless angina,

    Yet still found breath enough
    To whistle up in my head
    A sight like a one-man band,

    Freed black, with cymbals at heel,
    An ex-slave who thrivingly danced
    To the ring of his own clashing light

    Through the thousand variations of one song
    All day to my mother’s prone music,
    The invalid’s warbler’s note,

    While I crept close to the wall
    Sock-footed, to hear the sounds alter,
    Her tongue like a mockingbird’s break

    Through stratum after stratum of a tone
    Proclaiming what choices there are
    For the last dancers of their kind,

    For ill women and for all slaves
    Of death, and children enchanted at walls
    With a brass-beating glow underfoot,

    Not dancing but nearly risen
    Through barnlike, theatrelike houses
    On the wings of the buck and wing.

    May God help all of the sufferers of American criminal usury that exists today because they pursued a higher ed and had to borrow money for it.

    This is a true low point in Human history.

    1. Painter, you still haven't answered the question that 3:56 PM asked. How exactly did you expect your situation to turn out?

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. As I wrote before, if you're going to argue, CREATE NAMES FOR YOURSELVES!

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  30. Strelnikov:

    You know who I am. The other two people want to remain anon even though I have asked them numerous times to own up to their remarks and say who they are.

    When I had a blog they would stalk it.

    For instance, one guy advocates for debtor's prison and usury that is unprecedented in US history and claims he is a lawyer and paid off his loans in 3 years. He dusts his diploma off with a shaving brush, which is kind of dumb because the shaving cream will get in the crack between the glass and frame. But if he is so successful, why should he hide as anon?

    The other is probably Mr. Infinity who needs psychological help, has made some really sick and sexual comments to me, and has threatened to "destroy" the scamblogs (including ILSS and AEM) and he might be a little dangerous.

    All I do is share my story, and post some poems and silly movie clips, and moralize a little, and they come back with really mean and insane and vile attacks on me and my family.

    Whatever faults I may have, would you want Mr. Infinity or this other lunatic as a lawyer?

    Would you want Character and Fitness to give Mr. Infinity a pass after the threats he has made?

    Would you want the clients and/or the employer of the guy with the shaving brush to read his remarks?

    And so funny: 3 bankruptcy lawyers is not enough and I should get turned down by how many? A baker's dozen?

    In the end, apparently one trillion dollars of SL debt means nothing to them.

    Anyway, I knew the poem would piss them off. So funny. People that are hostile to literature usually have no souls.


    1. They pay me for my legal work. They wouldn't accept yours even if it was FREE.

      I'm still working on finding an ankle tracking bracelet for myself (obviously a minimum requirement to post on this blog - LOL) In the meantime, you should really man up and post your Social Security number.

      Your shameful mooching is the real "vile attack" on your family.

    2. Shut up you motherfucker, Anon. 7:26.

    3. Painter I have my doubts that either of those clowns are lawyers; they don't seem to have the mental fitness for the job.

      Good luck and please escape America; it's becoming this crab tank where people pull down anybody who wants to do different. Canada would be a good place to go.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. You need help, would be better off in an insane asylum.

      Thief? What did I fucking steal? I've written before that I have no ties to the law (just as you have no ties to sanity.)

    7. You steal from the taxpayers. Deny it if you like - but it absolutely shows.

    8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    9. Shitface, I've never met JDpainter....I stand up for him because I hate loudmouthed bullies and trolls.

      You stand for the fucking law schools; hell I think you work for them. So fuck off and die, shitheel.

    10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    11. I think the only sex you ever got was in juvenile hall from a vato named Carlos.

      He pounded your ass real good.

      And that is why you went into law, so you could pound people and institutions in the poop hole.

      Unless you are a lawl skool dropout or wannabe, then you are just making humping motions in your mother's basement.

    12. Yep - guilty conscience.

      Your whole body is nothing BUT a "poop hole." And it's life in general that gives you the pounding.

    13. It's usually the anal rapee that talks big afterwards, not the rapist.

      Just keep on "pimping away" as Kevin Smith says.

    14. LOL, that great intellectual.

      Um, no, it's usually the rapist who talks big. Kind of a moot point in your case, of course. You can't "rape" the willing, and every orifice on your body might as well have a big filthy sign on it that says "Come onnnn in!"

    15. You know so much about the subject, probably from personal experience.

      I can keep this bullshit up for as long as it takes you to get the hint and quit. Bullying turds like you need to be put in their place, off the Internet and back at the bus station giving reach-arounds for pennies.

    16. You probably can, seeing as how you sit on your ass and mooch off others all day. The only question is whether you're sucking on the butthole of the taxpayers or your parents. Probably both. Although I wouldn't be surprised to hear that you treat your dad to some "fringe benefits" every now and then.

      Sure is great that your boo isn't posting here anymore, isn't it?

    17. Man, you are a broken record; it's "you live in a basement" and "you fuck JDPainterguy in the ass." Come up with better insults.

      And no, it isn't "great" that JDPainterguy stopped posting here; as far as I can tell, worrying about his school debts is ruining his mental health, and posting was the only way to find out how depressed he was. But you wouldn't know about having a conscience or being a decent human being, because you aren't one. You're some shit somebody scraped off their shoe which came to life, developed a vaguely humanoid body, and bought a computer somehow. You really need to turn yourself in to science; biologists would be fascinated with a real example of inanimate matter gaining consciousness. Not me though; I'd just set you on fire after dousing you in gasoline because a talking shit is an affront to reality.

      Just stick you head in the oven with the gas on, and the misery will end, Mr. Gutless-talking-shit-who-can't-even-come-up-with-a-real-name.

      And Merry Christmas, you soulless, worthless, gibbering, subhuman, dickless, hopeless, shitstained, chid-diddling, cocksucking, useless, fuckheaded law school administrator, teacher, or wannabe. If there is a Hell, I hope you go to it, and that Christ pisses on you all the way from Heaven as you burn and writhe.

    18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. As for 3:56PM

    Part 1

    Well, I just wanted to share my story and warn of the pitfalls, and I always knew that the trolls would emerge.

    I feel that I have the advantage of the distance and perspective of time and can maybe see things that a younger person cannot.

    I am also not an insider, although the perspective of an insider certainly is important.

    I am not Nando and do not have his analytical mind, nor am I a financially minded person as I have a very hard time grasping economic and hard business concepts.

    I did OK in College with a 3.4GPA as an English major. I even made deans list and had a small scholarship. I scored a 155 on the LSAT and took it once.

    I shared my Touro Law School transcript and my 1L GPA was below 2.0 and I was on academic probation. Over the next two years I took a mix of very easy or fluff elective classes and harder classes. The easy A and several B or B+ grades pulled my GPA up above 2.0 for graduation, but not by much. I still struggled in the harder classes and got some D+ grades etc in that time.

    People would tell me that the GPA does not matter once you get out there. They said that many wealthy and successful lawyers were at the bottom of their classes.

    The Dean of Touro at the time, and in his office told me in a friendly and half joking manner that: "The A students end up teaching, and the B students end up working for the C students."

    He was Dean Rosenblum, and I was in his office to withdraw a complaint I had made about one Gary Shaw. It was a year end feedback form done by the students, and I said I resented having been forced to sit through a year of Shaw in Con Law. No choice of instructor in other words.

    The secretary from the Registrar's office, who often wore spiked heels etc, picked up my paper and stood there a prolonged while reading it.

    I got nervous and saw Dean Rosenblum and told him the story and said I wanted to withdraw the remarks, fearing a bad grade.

    Rosenblum was very nice and told me that line about the A,B and C students when I expressed my chagrin about my grades to him.

    And that is how it went. Dropping out would have been deemed "Quitting" and ironically some people today strongly label a person with bad grades who does not quit law school a fool.

    I have read comments by some law professors expressing the same. For instance there is LP that Nando had profiled in the past who made a remark aghainst quitting on ILSS. I can't recall his name, but Lawprof was on a panel or conference with him some time ago. (Someone said he resembled Ned Flanders?)

    1. Economic and hard business concept # 1: those who refuse to work must do without.

      Complicated, isn't it?

  32. ^^^
    More later on this. But isn't it funny how a person that does not quit is now called a fool by some people, and how a person that does not flee the USA and SL debt is called a coward again by some?

    Everyone has their own tale about law school. I have mine, and can even go into all that again later, but not because I want to gratify an anon person that seems to hate me.

    I was going to blog again but the blog did not seem to work.

    If I ever did I would do it in Wordpress.

    But not till the new year.


    1. Who is it that "does not quit?"

      Quitting is the only thing that you do. Why are you posting on a blog? I thought you said you were moving heaven and earth to find a job for that old lady.

      Oh, that's right - you QUIT.

      Maybe you should QUIT posting comments, too. You keep promising to.

    2. Fuck off you troll, Anon. 7:37.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. "People would tell me that the GPA does not matter once you get out there. They said that many wealthy and successful lawyers were at the bottom of their classes."

      Who were these people who told you this and were they credible? Who were these lawyers that did badly at law school but were successful? At any event they probably passed the bar.

      "The A students end up teaching, and the B students end up working for the C students."

      Once again, in order to be a lawyer, whether A, B, or C, you need to pass the bar.

      "And that is how it went. Dropping out would have been deemed 'Quitting' and ironically some people today strongly label a person with bad grades who does not quit law school a fool."

      Anyway you did quit. You quit trying to pass the bar after 3 times. One person in California passed the bar after 11 times.

      "For instance there is LP that Nando had profiled in the past who made a remark aghainst quitting on ILSS."

      Of course he doesn't want students to quit. Ask yourself the reason why. In undergraduate and law school did they teach you critical thinking?

      At 1:52 PM

      "JDP made the mistake the mistake of not being born into a rich family. If he had, his parents could've paid his entire tuition. And he wouldn't be up to hock in debt. And the troll wouldn't say shit."

      So basically you are blaming your parents for not being rich as the source of your problems and not taking responsibility for choosing to go to law school. Anyway I paid off my student loans and my parents were probably poorer than yours.

      At 5:08 AM

      "Anyway, I knew the poem would piss them off. So funny. People that are hostile to literature usually have no souls."

      Another sweeping generalization from you. They did teach you about logical fallacies in school didn't they?

      "In the end, apparently one trillion dollars of SL debt means nothing to them."

      We paid ours off.

      At 5:47 AM

      "More later on this. But isn't it funny how a person that does not quit is now called a fool by some people, and how a person that does not flee the USA and SL debt is called a coward again by some?"

      Exactly what difference does it make whether you stay or leave the US? Your loan, of which you are responsible for still isn't going to get paid.

    5. @624,


  33. Author should do a post on dean departures. I've always believed that when the deans start running for the hills, things are bad....really bad.


    That is the best description of what the Scam Blog movement is trying to do, and so far succeeding.

    Reducing the supply of lemmings for the LSAT and law school is essentially a boycott.

    The fact that the Law School Deans are engaging in such an organized propaganda directive, is sign of the effectiveness of Nando and the like.

    My advice would be to double down, take it up a notch and bombard the internet forums (where prospective law students read) with the "Law School is a scam" truth/message.

  35. ^Good advice. Make sure to hit forums where college and HS students look for career advice too.

  36. I agree with this.

    We need to start even earlier than collage, which itself is turning out to be another student loan debacle for today's young people.

  37. Nando I promise this is the last post on TTR and is in reply to these people.

    My law school transcript is on a blog of mine, and if you have any problems with me, or questions you can take it up with me there.

    But only if you are not anon.

    Wishing the rest of you well. As the years go on and I sink deeper into hopeless compounded lifetime debt I have changed and I often feel very down in the dumps.

    1. Is this anything like your "promise" to pay back that money you borrowed?

      If free room and board for life and no obligation to work are your idea of hell, then heaven must be AMAZING.

      I don't see what is so hopeless about your situation. We both know how this is going to end - the taxpayers will eat the cost of your "education" - maybe 10 or 25 years from now, or maybe not even during your natural lifetime.

      Your life is sweet; you are in effect being paid by your parents to watch movies and goof off all day. So why are you "in the dumps?" Could it be that you actually have a social conscience after all?

    2. Spout your abuse elsewhere, shitstain.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. I've communicated with Nando; he considers you a "committed nutjob." I agree; get to a mental institution now before you are up in a clocktower with a sniper rifle.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. And something tells me you have nothing better to do than waste your time trolling people. I mean, it's your 30 to 40 dollars a month paying for a proxy server so you can troll people you've never met on a website that dissects the failure of American could do a lot with your 360 or 480 bucks over a year, but instead you waste it giving people like me the business (and fail at it.)

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. And there's really NOT that much you can do with 400 bones these days. I can see how that amount would seem like a king's ransom to someone like you, however. It probably represents two whole months of the allowance your parents still pay you.

    9. So you make the $400 blowing guys in pay toilets?

      I wouldn't worry about your future here; Nando will probably ban you again or write one of his I.P.-listing posts where he insults you repeatedly.

      I was here before you, and I will be here after you drop out of the Internet and take up paint huffing.

    10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    11. Keep up the sniveling....I never believed there were inferior people until comment sections on blogs were allowed.

      So were you parents pieces of talking dog shit, or did you evolve from a rat? I'm guessing rat.

    12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    15. It is agreed in all human cultures that human waste is the lowest thing people produce. You are the lowest thing this society has produced, so I call you shit.

      I hate having to engage in slip fights, but you forced me. Nando is already taking your posts down; if he takes everything you wrote in the last day or so, I will remove all my responses to you, except for this one, which will remain as an explanation for all the holes in the threads.

      And again, Merry Christmas, you product of the worst that the Internet has to offer.

  38. The only thing that can save this law professor's students is hiring partners mistaking the word Northeastern on their resumes with the word Northwestern.

  39. 1019 shouldn't take down all of his posts. The subhuman piece of shit keeps trolling so he asked for it. Let's all hope and pray the cocksucker doesn't shoot up an elementary school.

    1. But YOU are the troll.

      You don't use a handle so we don't know if you are new or just an old poster who went troll;

      You attack others constantly for no real reason except to hurt them;

      When you get what you want you will vanish. That's a troll, in fact that's an anonymous troll, the perfect sort of troll for this environment.

    2. I was referring to the troll as a subhuman piece of shit. And I highly doubt he is a licensed lawyer. He wouldn't pass character and fitness. He

    3. Well, I am sorry I thought you were the can see problem, because everybody but me, Nando, and Colonel Sanders is Anonymous on this blog.

      "He wouldn't pass character and fitness."

      Don't I know it....I'm not a lawyer. Or an ex-law student. I got into this blog through the student loan issue and it's been fascinating to see these train-wreck schools and the almost "Hoop Dreams"-level of blind faith in the students that they will make it big in American "Law." But, yeah, that troll could be trolling anywhere, but he/she took up this blog because it's too easy thanks to the culture of anonymity we have in the scamblog community, which is why I think this is a starter troll, and not some hard-core mindfucker/scene-ruiner.

  40. Hey guys, i have a cousin who finished a degree at Vermont Law. He found a government job at a really small town.

    He says his loan will be paid off if he works there for 10 years. So now he is only making minimum interest paymennts. Is this too good to be true?

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