Monday, December 24, 2012

Seton Hall University Sewer of Law: the Trash Pit That Keeps on Giving

SeTTon Haul to Provide Tuition for Certain Students:

Take a look at the commode’s press release labeled “SETON HALL UNIVERSITY TO EXTEND TUITION REDUCTION INITIATIVE TO LAW SCHOOL.”  Try not to laugh when you read this excerpt:

“Seton Hall University has announced that it will extend its widely acclaimed merit-based tuition reduction program to its School of Law, reducing tuition by over 50% for eligible students. The tuition cuts for undergraduate students at Seton Hall University went into effect in 2012 and were recently extended for the 2013-14 academic year. The University will now extend the program further, offering “a private legal education at a public school price” to eligible incoming students at Seton Hall Law School, the only private law school in New Jersey.

Dr. Gabriel Esteban, President of Seton Hall University, said “Similar to the program for undergraduate study, this initiative reflects Seton Hall’s commitment to serving our community. It provides access to a high-quality private education at a cost comparable to a public institution.”

For eligible incoming full-time first-year students, tuition at Seton Hall Law School will be reduced in the 2013-14 academic year to $22,330.

“The legal industry is undergoing substantial change,” said Patrick E. Hobbs, Law School Dean, “and for those who choose law, we have a duty to respond in a meaningful way – making legal education more practice oriented and employment focused as well as more affordable. Our Legal Practice Curriculum, numerous clinics, pro bono programs and comprehensive intern and externship programs address the first concerns; this tuition cut will help to answer the next, making Seton Hall Law School more affordable for those who wish to attend.” [Emphasis mine]

Patrick Hobbs/Ass-Clown: If the toilet is truly concerned with making tuition “affordable”, then why not provide this tuition rate to all Seton Hall law students?!?! This is a mere public relations.  Later on, the release contains the criteria:

“Program specifics include the following:

 To qualify for this tuition discount, students must have an LSAT score of 158 and higher and an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher;
 Students who apply to Seton Hall Law and meet the academic criteria will automatically receive this tuition rate reduction;
 Open to first-time, first-year full-time or part-time students entering Seton Hall Law in Fall 2013;
 This program is open to students from all states; and
 Students may also be eligible for additional merit and/or need-based financial aid.”

Requirements for Qualifying for the Commode’s “Tuition Reduction Program”:

Check out the following, partial criteria, for the commode’s Tuition Reduction Program:


 Open to first-time first-year full-time or part-time students entering Seton Hall Law in Fall 2013 (does not apply to transfer students). Students may not defer admission.
 The tuition credit is based on Rutgers Law-Newark 2012-2013 in-state tuition rate for full-time students ($22,746) and part-time students ($20,856 – up to 11 credits, flat fee).
Students who matriculate under this program as incoming full-time students, will remain eligible for this tuition rate reduction for up to 3 years (6 semesters), provided that the student maintains a 2.80 cumulative GPA or remains in the top 75% of the class (whichever is more favorable to the student), and maintains continuous full time enrollment. GPA standards will be reviewed once per year - at the end of the Spring semester, annually.” [Emphasis mine]

Other Coverage of This TTT Development:

Paul Campos blasted the pigs, with his December 19, 2012 entry entitled “Hurry, quantities are limited.” Look at his conclusion:

“A 158 LSAT and a 3.5 GPA are the current 1L class medians, so in other words current applicants who simply hit both of last year's medians automatically receive a 53% discount off sticker tuition ($47,330). Sticker cost of attendance is a startling $69,916 per year. (Fully debt financing a Seton Hall law degree will, assuming annual 3.5% increases in COA, produce a debt load at repayment of $259,299).

I think it's fair to say that at this point prospective law school applicants should treat sticker tuition prices as they might treat the advertised price of a collection of ABBA CDs at a yard sale.”

Full Tuition Rate for 2012-2013: Full-time law students at SHU will be slammed with a gigantic tuition bill of $47,330 – for 2012-2013. Notice the trash heap’s spin, i.e. “Tuition at Seton Hall School of Law is competitive with most of the major metropolitan law schools in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.”

Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, $eTTon Hall Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law is rated as the 69th greatest, most magnificent and amazing law school in the entire land. Yay! What an accomplishment, right?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Seton Haul JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $113,100. By the way, 83 percent of this toilet’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled in school.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, this is nothing more than a marketing campaign. The swine who operate Seton Hall University Sewer of Law realize that they need to attract more victims/students - in the midst of fewer overall law school applicants. Apparently, many potential students are starting to understand that paying $47,330 in annual tuition - to attend a second tier sewage pit - is a bad financial decision. The school is desperate to put asses in its seats.  Of course, the swine are putting a positive spin on this situation.  Hell, this PR stunt may persuade some with high LSAT scores to apply or enroll at the pile of rat droppings.  Perhaps, the toilet will soon furnish its first year students with a Wii and free movie tickets.


  1. Mr. Nando, I am sorry for my poor english. I had to use the google translator to help express myself. My name is Vicente Rojas. My brother, Jorge Rojas, wrote a post a few years ago about my nephew's school at Ohio Northern. My nephew was waiting tables at a Mexican restaurant in LaJolla. Now he works as a paralegal for a Chicano puto lawyer in Van Nuys. My brother, Jorge, is now in the United States trying to convince my nephew to leave his student loans behind.

    I wanted to write about the school you profile. When I live in the United States three year ago, I worked in car wash in New Jersey. I remember detailing a Mercedes Benz AMG for a maggot and cheap owner. He did not tip the wash crew. I remember the license plate holder had seton hall law school. I assume the owner of the Mercedes was a professor or administrator at this school. He was not a lawyer because he was not carrying any briefcase as most lawyers do. He also had a nice tan and did not look stress. All of our lawyer clients were always on cell phone looking worried and stressed. This particular Mercedes owner was a mean puto. He yelled at me because I could not get rid of semen stain in carpet. I work on his car with crew for 2 hours. No tip. He was a very cheap cabron. Anyway, I remember the owner of the car wash had a son in this school. The son was a very idiot kid. When son graduated he came to work for his father at the car wash. I wonder what kind of education can this school give to have its students work at car wash.

    O sea, amigo Nando, un diploma de este malogrado colegio de leyes, ni me limpiaria el culo con.

    Att. Vicente Rojas

  2. Ay creo que el tipo del Mercedes se llamaba Señor Hobbs. No se como describir a ese hijodeputa. I try shake the mans hand and he look at me like I was a worm. I would not trust this man with my money or future. This school has bad reputation, even outside United States.

    If I had chance to go to this school for free or work at car wash, I work at car wash. At least I get paid and I have real skill.

    Even lazy zanganos like JDPintador have more skills than people graduating from this potrero. Nando, por curiosidad, cuanto le pagan a esa plaga Hobbs?

  3. A Vicente,

    Este documento mostra el salario de Puerco Patrick Hobbs, decano de la escuela de ley a Seton Hall – por 2011. Por ese ano, este raton gana mas que 421 mil dolares, en todo. Pero tiene preocupacion por sus estudiantes, corecto?!?!

    Se recuerdo y la historia de su sobrino, senor. Detesto los “educadores,” porque ellos maranos destruyen vidas jovenes. Tenga un buen dia y un prospero ano. Bueno suerta con su sobrino. Finalmente, gracias por sus palabras amables sobre mi hijo, en su otro mensaje.

    Everyone should look at the 2011 Form 990 for $eton Hall Univer$ity, i.e. Employer ID No. 22-1500645. Scroll down to Schedule J, Part II – Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees and Highest Compensated Employees. You will notice that Pig Patrick Hobbs raked in $421,829 in TOTAL COMPENSATION – for the tax year ending June 30, 2011.

    Yes, the dean of the 69th best law school in the United States – as rated by a defunct magazine – has plenty of reasons to sell his in$TTiTTuTTion’s tuition reduction program as a deal for incoming students. As you can see, the swine made $391,744 in base compensation. He also received $5,876 in “other” compensation, plus $19,600 in deferred compensation. Furthermore, Hobbs took in $4,609 in non-taxable benefits. Apparently, he didn’t make enough money, with his big-ass base income, huh?!?!

    If you look at the criteria closely, you will not that at least 25 percent of the full-time law students entering SHU Sewer of Law in Fall 2013 will lose their reduced tuition. Presumably, those affected students will end up paying the regular rate.

    Under “Terms and Conditions”:

    “Students who matriculate under this program as incoming full-time students, will remain eligible for this tuition rate reduction for up to 3 years (6 semesters), provided that the student maintains a 2.80 cumulative GPA or remains in the top 75% of the class (whichever is more favorable to the student), and maintains continuous full time enrollment.”

    It is crystal clear that at least one quarter of this cohort will end up paying a higher tuition rate, after their first year. Of that group, how many will continue on to the bitter end – because they don’t want to be perceived as “quitters,” by people who, frankly, don’t matter?!

    Have a good holiday season, and be safe. To the ball-less troll, go have a bunch of drinks and then drive your car down an empty stretch of freeway – and smash into the side of a mountain at 90 miles per hour.

  4. Mr. Nando, thank you for the holiday good wishes. It hard to believe Hobbs earns all that money for tricking the students that a diploma from that school is a good investment. People here in South America will kill a whole village for what Hobbs makes. Here where I am from, we have a word for people who are dumb enough to attend this school. We call them Pendejos. There is also a saying in my country which is "you sleep with the prettiest dog, you still sleep with a dog." In this case, if you graduate as number 1 student at seton hall law school, you are still graduate of a sham school.

  5. Ay, Decano de la Valvolina!

    Feliz Navidad, Nando.

  6. @9:12AM

    Yep, and the guys from Honduras with Cataracts in their eyes from the southern sun, climbing 40 foot ladders to paint houses on Long Island have it much better than you did at the car wash.

    The guys that pile 18 or more to a man in a flop house and wake up at 3AM to get a turn at a 15 minutre shower before 6AM and time to go to work have it much, much better than you did at the car wash.

    And the dozens of Latino guys that lock their bicycles to a Public School chain link fence all day in Hampton Bays so that they can go to work on Long Island's East End as part of the trade parade's underground economy have it much, much better than you did at the car wash.

    Give me a break.

    You seem to extrapolate an awful lot of bad stuff from someone looking at you BTW, and sound like a nut that seems to feel that he can read minds.

  7. Ya better watch out
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    Better not grow out ya bush
    I'm telling’ ya’s why
    Sanders Claus is cumin’ t’ town
    He's grabbin’ his dick
    ‘N poundin’ it twice;
    Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice
    Sanders Claus is commin’ t’ town
    He eats ya when yer sleepin’
    He blows when yer awake
    He knows if you've been bad or good
    So be bad for goodness sake!
    O! Ya betters watch out!
    Ya better not lie
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    I'm telling’ ya why
    Sanders Claus is cummin’ t’ town
    Sanders Claus is cummin’ t’ town

  8. JDPintador, feliz navidad cabron.

    I want to help JDPintador but he reject my invitation. Here in los llanos petroleros, we need drivers of tractomulas or trucks. You can escape your prisoner of debt situation JDPintador. But I see you want to be martyr. You complain life is bad. Life can be good. THe problem with you is that you try to be a lawyer and you have low IQ. It is like shoeshiner try to be a medical doctor. You were way over head. The schools took your money, no your loans because you never pay your debt to give you a piece of paper that is not useful as toilet paper. You got rip off JDPintador. Your wife left you because you are not a man. Pues pinche hijodeputa. Ven a Colombia donde te podemos enderezar maricon.

    Nando, digame una cosa. Porque los estudiantes no atacan al decano Hobbs. Aqui en Colombia si la universidad sube el precio, hay violencia y los estudiantes queman los planteles. Me parece que los jovenes gringos no tienen huevos para hacer nada sino ponerse de culo para que personas como el decano Hobbs se lo clave sin lubricacion.

    Att. Vicente Rojas

    1. Calling him a homo will not get you what you want.

      Feliz Navidad, sheisskopf.

  9. I think of the vast numbers of first semester law students, that have finished with finals and are screwed but they don't even know it yet. The reality of large students loans, wasted time, and poor job prospects will draw around their necks like an inescapable slow noose in the future.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the ABA, your law school, and the legal profession. Many of you are doomed. The majority of law graduates, will graduate in debt, with no real skills, and you will be lucky to find a job. Almost half of graduates will not be able to find a job in the legal field. Many of you will work as waiters and at Starbucks. If you do find a legal job it will probably pay in the $35K-$50K range, not in the 160K range.

    Don't forget to make alumni donations to your law school when you graduate, even include them in your will as law school alumni offices encourage, even when you are in debt 100K, 200K, or more and you can't find a job, someone has to make sure law professors and college presidents are paid like investment bankers for teaching a few hours a week. Even the low ranked schools rake in the money and pay their faculty like rock stars.

    When is it enough? The current system is a joke.

  10. In reality, this 158 LSAT and 3.5 GPA sounds very unachievable for many students, and even the ones that do have those results, I can bet my bottom dollar that the "higher ups" in the law school will be directing most of the law professors to purposely flunk out a few that have this discount, or if not, make the grading curve almost impossible for the students to keep this discount.

    It's really sad and disappointing because many students enter with good intentions to simply succeed in life studying something that they enjoy to be able to work in that particular field later on, and unfortunately, law schools are not playing fair and will never abide by the rules because there is too much greed because every year they raise the prices for law school attendance, that has an instant domino effect with the law professors and deans and President earning more.

    It will come to the point (which it already has) where basically there will be literally 10-20 people attending law school because of the ridiculous prices that the schools are charging. No one can afford it. You would basically have to have a PhD in something to pay for law school out of pocket or something like that.

    What a sad story in regards to "Education in America"...who would have ever have thought that Americas priorities would get mixed up and unfortunately becoming all about business making $$$ instead of receiving a good education at an affordable price.

    Keep up the good work Nando, and as for JDPainter guy, I hope you will be able to sort out your situation, God bless.

  11. This is actually pretty funny. It is Dec. 24th 3:39PM when put through an online translator.

    I got three versions, and they all say something about the students having no "eggs" :)

    But this is Christmas, not Easter :)

    1. Nando, tell me one thing. Because students not attacking Dean Hobbs. Here in Colombia if the University the price rises, there is violence and students burn campuses. It seems to me that gringos youngsters do not have eggs to do anything but put ass so that people such as Dean Hobbs key without lubrication.

    2. Nando, tell me one thing. Because students do not attack dean Hobbs. Here in Colombia if the university raises the price, there is violence and the students burned the stocks. It seems to me that the young gringos do not have eggs to do anything but stand by article so that people like dean Hobbs is the key without lubrication.

    3. Nando, say a thing to me. Because the students do not attack the dean Hobbs. Here in Colombia if the university raises the price, there is violence and the students burn the cadres. It seems to me that the young yankees have no eggs to do anything but to put themselves of bottom so that you present yourself like the dean Hobbs fix it to him without lubrication.

    And BTW, no one is going to riot or burn anything here in the US. It is only money after all.

  12. Nando, thank you again for exposing the Settton Hall Law Toilet! Happy Holidays and best wishes dor 2013.

  13. What a dump. And look at all those rolls of toilet paper littered all over the freeway. Perfect image for this school.

  14. I was referring not to eggs but to balls. Americans do not have balls and that is proof by reason that people like Decano Hobbs can raise tuition and lie to his students and the students just take it. Meanwhile, he live in mansion and drive Mercedes Benz AMG. Here or in Europe, people like Hobbs would be strung up in the plaza by the students while his car and house is destroyed.

    Many Americans are pussy. I like Don Nando because he is not afraid to talk against these schools and the rats that command them. I detest people like JDPintador because he cries about his situation that he created. As a man, I do not pass up free pussy. The law schools could not pass up a pendejo like JDPintador. He is easy mark. JDPintador pull his pants down and let the school fuck him without lubrication. He has chance to reverse his fortune but he prefer to cry and write garbage poems and worsen cause for student debt slaves.

    I realize Americans are passive and lack balls. Ok so maybe you won't close down the schools and violent protest. What about peaceful assemble in the schools when the semester begins. No but you are to scared to look at Decano Hobbs in the eyes. If you want to fight evil, you must not be afraid to look into the demon's eyes. My advice to American students is to stop being maricones and grow a pair of balls.

  15. Seton Hall to bright undergrad achievers:

    Here is the deal:

    1. We fleece you of only one-half the money we fleece from the obtuse majority who we lure into enrollment into our stinkpit.

    2. You boost our avg. GPA/LSAT, allowing us to rise in the US News rankings from 110 to 90, or from 85 to 72, or some such (which nobody pays attention to except naive recent college grads and those of us who scam them).

    3. You accept a reduction in your chances of getting a decent job practicing law--because, after all, who wants to hire a Seton Hall grad?

    4. We pose as forward-looking responsible academics seeking to address the crisis in legal education and the cratering legal job market. (even though tuition has risen so fast that 1/2 off sticker in 2013 is probably a worse deal than you could have gotten ten or twelve years ago, at full price).


  16. What a bunch of tripe with this article "Stop complaining about the legal job market."

  17. And suppose Painter pays off all of his debt, including all of the interest?

    He is still young enough and can maybe do it.

    Once that decision is made, it is just a matter of achieving it, and there is no need to go to another country etc.

    Anything is possible and THAT is the ONLY way out for him.

    As Rhett Butler said: "My Dear Scarlett, there is more money to be made during the destruction of a civilization than there is during the building of one."

    And speaking of disaster etc. the demand for painters is very high right now after Hurricane Sandy and the larger contractors are are paying pretty good.

    In New York, one meets people from many different countries all the time, and doesn't have to go anywhere because NY is not just a city, but a world capital, like Paris, London, Rome etc.

    So they tell me.

    And if you can make it in NY you can make it anywhere.

    Look, I can use the argumentum ad hominem fallacy as well, and I have done so in the past. But after a certain point it just turns into a lot of name calling and is not effective.

    For Christ's sake, people call me all sorts of names and even say they wish I would kill myself.

    There has to be a limit to chicken and donuts, and applesauce and eggs.

    And so, Dec. 25, 1:48PM, I Love You Too!

  18. The commenter at 8:38 pm aptly summed up this PR stunt. Look at his fourth point, in particular. With this bait, the commode may end up increasing the overall LSAT and UGPA averages, for the class entering SHU Sewer of Law in Fall 2013. If that occurs, then the trash pit will likely see a rise in the USN&WR ratings scheme. As an added bonus, the pigs can come across as forward-thinking "educators" – to uninformed consumers.

    Remember when Ass-Clown Luke Bierman of Northeastern University School of Law was proclaiming many ABA-accredited law schools have become innovative in their approach to "teaching" students, in response to the job market?!?!

    On December 5, 2012, Dumbass wrote a Huffington Post article labeled “Deconstructing the Law School Deconstructionists.” Take a look at the bastard’s condescending tone:

    “There is growing recognition throughout the legal profession and academy of a need to rethink the way we prepare law students, the profession's greatest asset, for their careers in law. Almost 50 years ago, Northeastern University School of Law pioneered a cooperative model of legal education requiring students to spend a year immersed full-time in practice settings prior to graduation. NUSL is not alone - today, law schools from Harvard to Hamline to Hawaii are making new commitments to experiential learning in order to make their graduates more effective practitioners. Legal educators from more than 80 of these institutions now have formed an alliance committed to developing a new approach to legal education to address the complex legal challenges of the 21st century. We recently shared our thinking at an inaugural symposium in Boston, bringing together judges, lawyers, students, and legal educators to forge a new paradigm for legal education.

    It would have been nice to see more media coverage of that. I'm sure many aspiring attorneys would be interested.”

    Notice how the rodent slyly refers to law student’s as the industry’s greatest asset. Of course, these academics do not really give a damn about their customers. They simply want the gravy train to continue. In a sense, Pig Bierman is correct in his assessment: without an endless supply of lemmings – and a federally-backed student loan $y$tem that does not take a student’s field of study or the overall economy into account – this house of cards would crash to the floor.

    In the end, the bastards are simply rearranging chairs on the Titanic. With that "logic," these idiots would likely recommend a few band-aids, some gauze and a few aspirin - if you were mauled by a grizzly bear. Based on their lack of ethics or morals, the rats would likely send you a bill of several thousand dollars for such worthless advice.

  19. Perhaps, Luke Bierman should develop some basic reading comprehension skills, and then objectively look at Paul Campos’s epic February 17, 2012 entry “The message.” Specifically, he ought to read the following excerpt:

    “Contrary to the disturbing things you may have read in the New York Times, legal education is actually changing in all sorts of wonderful ways, which are making our students far more practice-ready upon graduation.

    There aren't enough jobs.

    Contrary to the disturbing things etc., legal scholarship has entered a golden age, and is producing all sorts of wonderful insights regarding how to make The Best Legal System in the World even better.

    There aren't enough jobs.”

    In the final analysis, offering a few more legal clinics and “experiential learning” coursework does not matter - when the overall U.S. lawyer job market is both: (a) grossly over-saturated; and (b) shrinking. Luke, rearranging furniture on a sinking ship does not make a difference, either. Hell, taking some aspirin and applying some gauze would probably be more effective “treatment” for someone who was ripped to shreds by a grizzly than the ABA formula for making students “practice ready.”

    Plenty of recent JDs have clinical experience, where they performed case research, drafted legal documents, argued motions, conducted client interviews, etc. However, due to the shrinking attorney job market, MANY of these grads are now employed in non-law positions. When you are selling insurance premiums or teaching fifth graders, such legal work does not matter.

    Lastly, $elf-intere$ted swine such as Luke Bierman can seek to blame the attorney job market on the “recession” at every opportunity. Brian Tamanaha wiped his ass with this “argument” back on October 3, 2011, via his Balkinization piece entitled “The Poor Employment Market for Law Grads Predates the Recession.” Check out this portion of the article:

    “On a fairly consistent basis, almost one third of law graduates in the past decade have not obtained jobs as lawyers, and the above chart suggests that this is disproportionately the case at the lower ranked law schools.

    There is every reason to believe that graduates of lower ranked law schools, if they had the chance, would gladly take lawyer jobs in the same 90 percent range as occurs at elite schools. The results show, obviously, that their degrees do not put them in a strong position to land jobs as lawyers. And this will not change even if the legal market undergoes a miraculous recovery.”

    1. Hey Nando, check out the Epic Fail Law School guy; he's starting to snap under the pressure of both going to lawl skool and running a scamblog at the same time. He needs to be talked to.


    Lots of interviews with lawyers in this article

  21. Check this out Nando ... :(

    "Plummeting? Law schools will fill their classes full for many years to come.

    Plus the scamblog movement is dying. The law school reform movement - aka Law School Transparency etc. - is thriving.

    Nando has had nothing to do with numbers plummeting. He is a clown. No rational person takes his advice, but they do listen to the quieter, smarter voices at LST and various other blogs promoting change rather than revenge and destruction.

    Scamblogging. What an embarrassment.

    Law school reform? I'm onboard with that. Pictures of poo? Yeah, not too interested in being associated with that."

    - See more at:

  22. FYI, being a dentist is the best job in the US according to US News, see link. Hint, the supply of dentists has a lot to do with it.

  23. Lawyers are a dime a dozen. No one thinks highly of you if you tell them you're a lawyer. Shit, sales managers get more respect.

  24. Settton Hall should be featured on this blog every 6 weeks, it's such a shithole.

    1. Don't worry, it will be the first to close when the shit finally hits the fan.


    On December 19, 2012, the NaTTTional Law Journal published a Karen Sloan piece entitled "Seton Hall hopes tuition discount will persuade fence-sitters." Take a look at the following excerpt:

    The competition for would-be law students is heating up in New Jersey. Seton Hall University School of Law has unveiled a tuition reduction program that will bring costs for qualifying students in line with that of its nearest competitor, Rutgers School of Law–Newark.

    Applicants accepted into Seton Hall who meet or exceed the national median academic standards—a Law School Admission Test score of 158 and a 3.5 or higher undergraduate grade-point average—will pay $22,330 a year in tuition, rather than the regular $47,330. That's better than half off.

    Administrators said the discount would allow them to offer "a private legal education at a public school price." Seton Hall's website says the discount was based on the full-time tuition rate at Rutgers-Newark, a public law school.

    Seton Hall University began offering a merit-based tuition discounts for undergraduate students one year ago; the law school is its first graduate program to follow suit.

    "The legal industry is going through substantial change, and for those who choose law, we have a duty to respond in a meaningful way—making legal education more practice-oriented and employment-focused as well as more affordable," dean Patrick Hobbs said."

    These pigs truly have no shame or any sense of ethics. Hell, these devils could spin a story about a plane crash that killed 230 people into a positive. In the end, these cockroaches are trying to drum up business to their particular toilets. Later on, the article continued:

    “Rutgers-Newark froze tuition this year, and administrators are contemplating a "significant" reduction in tuition next year, Farmer said.

    Seton Hall's tuition discount represents a new approach to merit-based scholarships. Typically, law schools offer such scholarships to admitted applicants on an individual basis. With fewer applicants overall, law schools have been offered scholarships more aggressively, to persuade prospective students to commit.”

    When will these trash pits start offering significant scholarships to applicants who can successfully write their names on their LSAC registration forms?!?! I love seeing these sewer rats sink to new lows - out of desperation.

  26. I was recently admitted to Seton Hall with a full tuiton scholarship. Do you think it is prudent to attend? Or should I defer a year and try for a better school?


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