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The Law School Pigs Become Less Selective, as Applications Continue to Drop!

Number of Applicants Dropped by 13.7 Percent in 2012:

Check out the LSAC “Volume Summary” chart above. The number of applicants to ABA-accredited diploma mills continues to drop. According to this graph, in 2003 and 2004, these law schools were collectively more selective. In 2003, applications increased by 9.5%, from the prior year, while first year enrollment only increased by 0.9 percent. Then in 2004, applications rose by 1.1%, but first year enrollment actually decreased by 1.3 percent.

Starting in the Fall of 2005, ABA law schools became less selective in terms of their admission, i.e. the commodes admitted and enrolled a higher percentage of applicants. Here are some examples: In Fall 2007, there were 5.2% less applicants than the year before. Yet, $omehow, the cash cows increased first year enrollment by 1.3 percent. In 2011, law school applicants decreased by 10.7 percent. For $ome rea$on, first year enrollment only dropped by 7.2 percent.

Regarding this data, Paul Campos posted an epic entry labeled “Endgame” – on December 14, 2012. This portion came from his killer opening:

“[T]he percentage of applicants being admitted to at least one school has been rising for several years now:

2004: 55.6%
2005: 58.6%
2006: 63.1%
2007: 66.1%
2008: 66.5%
2009: 67.4%
2010: 68.7%
2011: 71.1%

In other words, law school applicants were 27.9% more likely to be admitted to at least one school in 2011 than they had been seven years earlier. We don’t have numbers yet for how many 2012 applicants were admitted to at least one school, but since the number of applicants fell by 13.7%, while the number of new 1Ls fell by only 8.6%, it seems certain that the upward trend in percentage of applicants admitted continued. [Emphasis mine]

Campos concludes by stating that he expects high-ranked law schools to rely more heavily on transfer students, since their ratings will not be affected by lower UGPA and LSAT scores. Plus, the schools still want to get their hooves and snouts on that federal student loan teat.

Yet, Overall First Year Enrollment Only Decreased by Nine Percent:

On November 28, 2012, the ABA Journal published a piece from Debra Cassens Weiss, under the header “1L Enrollment Dropped at Three-Fourths of Accredited Law Schools This Year, Preliminary Stats Show.”  Read the following segment:

“About three-fourths of 201 ABA-accredited law schools had declines in first-year enrollment this fall, according to preliminary statistics from the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

Ninety of the 149 schools with lower enrollment had declines of 10 percent or more, according to a press release. Forty-eight schools, on the other hand, had an increase in enrollment, and at eight of those schools the increase was up 10 percent or more.

The decrease in first-year enrollment represents a drop of 9 percent from the fall of 2011 and a drop of about 15 percent from historic highs in 2010. Overall, 44,481 full-time and part-time students began their legal studies this fall, compared to 52,488 in the fall of 2010.” [Emphasis mine]

You can see how these “educators” operate their scam. When there are fewer applicants, the pigs become less selective in their admi$$ion$ proce$$. This is quite telling, since many law schools – for years - have been admitting applicants with 2.9 UGPAs and 148 LSAT scores. Hell, middle school chess clubs and prostitutes are more selective in who they admit. 

Good News – the Number of Applicants Continues to Drop:

Check out the graph, and the following excerpt, from LSAC’s “Three-Year ABA Volume Comparison”:

“As of 12/07/12, there are 106,608 Fall 2013 applications submitted by 16,241 applicants. Applicants are down 22.4% and applications are down 24.6% from 2012.”

At this rate, we are going to start seeing some ABA-accredited commodes accept drooling idiots with 2.3 undergrad GPAs and 137 LSAT scores. To paraphrase the legendary George Carlin, maybe they will only need a goddamn pencil to get into law school.

Conclusion: The fact that the law school pigs are accepting a higher percentage of applicants – from a dwindling pool of lemmings – FURTHER PROVES that these bastards DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN ABOUT YOU, the student. Real professional schools limit entry to the field, early in the process, well before the student ends up incurring monstrous levels of additional, NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. In contrast, the law school swine are paid handsomely for minimal “work.” Their salaries are not tied to the outcomes of their graduating classes. The federally-backed student loan scheme does not take this into account. As a result, the cockroaches have all the incentive in the world to keep admitting sub-par and borderline applicants.


  1. Exactly like the subprime mortgage debacle. Looser and looser underwriting standards, from Verified-Income-Verified-Asset loans to Stated-Income-Stated-Asset loans to No-income-no-asset loans. Just when the available pool of mortgage purchasers had received a mortgage, the standards were lessened in order to create a new pool.

    Until the crash. There is no reason to admit this many students; no demand to fill. Except the demand of the appitite of the law schools, of course.

    At least most mortgagors were trying to buy a home for their families, not an over-inflated piece of paper. You can understand the need for shelter, but not a faulty credential.

    Oh well, screw 'em! Bundle those loans! Ship 'em down the line! (A)lways (B)e (C)losing!

  2. Nice picture. So...did Joey's already get ABA approval?

  3. The scum bag law schools argue that they are just being inclusive. The ABA claims if they set any standards it would be anti-trust. Law school is one big scam to get student loan money and keep high paying faculty positions. Law schools like New England Law, Appalachian Law School, Suffolk Law School, Cooley and so many others just should not exist.

    The legal profession should not have to deal with unaccredited law schools either. It is like a back door to entering the profession with even lower standards. To my knowledge medical and dental schools do not have some back door way of becoming a dentist or a doctor.

    The legal education system needs to be completely reformed. The ABA is corrupted by the interests of the law schools.

  4. A person came door to door soliciting construction services and we made an appointment for an estimate.

    Two salespeople came, and one of them was a graduate of a Law School from a few years ago.

    1. Another story. I needed a lawyer to do some work for me, and I went to a law firm. Both of the lawyers I spoke to were graduates of law schools.

    2. Works As a Lawyer implies Has a Law Degree but Has a Law Degree doesn't imply Works As A Lawyer.

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  6. 1246 is just another shit stain trying to make it seem like law skool's a good investment.

    You can bet this asshole has never been to law school. More likely scenario is he lives in his parents basement. Sad, little creature. But that's okay, right? 'Cause he's got plenty of sperm in his mouth. Just swimmin' around in there trying to find an egg.

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  7. Sounds like someone's jealous he didn't have the balls to call out the law schools. Go back to your coloring books and Legos, child.

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  8. To the piece of garbage troll,

    I am paying for my decision to attend Third Tier Drake. Yesterday, I made a payment of more than $4,000 on my student loans, dumbass. Before you ask, I did not fall behind on my payments. I am actively paying the debt off as quickly as possible. Also, I have the balls to take on the law school pigs. Morons such as you simply internalize their failures, without recognizing that there are larger factors at work.

    If you have the right name, you can make it big without any academic credentials. If you have strong family, political or business connections, you are basically set. Anyone with an IQ above 70 realizes this fact of life. Apparently, you don’t meet this minimal threshold. If you did attend law school, did you ever notice that the wealthier kids were able to party every night – while your pathetic ass was busy studying, i.e. reading parsed public record, reviewing commercial outlines, and fumbling through flash cards?

    YOU need to grow some balls, a brain and some backbone. Due to people such as me, Scott Bullock, unperson, Tom the Temp, and other scam-bloggers, the average person is starting to understand that law school is a foolish "investment."

    Ask law professor Brian Tamanaha who inspired him to speak out on this subject, with more force, mental midget. By the way, do you believe that Paul Campos or other academics would be this open about the industry, without the scam-bloggers first paving the way?! Even Law School Transparency has made some inroads into exposing the law school cartel.

    I have a low tolerance for willful ignorance and blatant stupidity. The same applies to ball-less shills and apologists. If you don’t like the tone of this blog, then go somewhere else! Is anyone forcing you to read this fact-based site?!?!

    I will soon be home holding my son – while you will be busy eating dinner with your mother. Make sure to do your chores, boy. She doesn’t need you leeching off of her. Now, get a life – or walk into traffic. Perhaps, you simply need to get back on your medication.

    Also, you post at all hours of the day, waterhead. How long have you been living in your mother’s basement, loser? You clearly do not have any friends. Instead of hanging out on this site – and posting inane garbage - you should hit the gym, upgrade your wardrobe, get a haircut, and find a job. Also, you should get your teeth cleaned. Women don’t like unemployed, pencil-neck, virgins with bad breath.

    Do…you…understand…that, moron?!?! Or do I need to spell that out for you with Crayola on poster-board? The next time you start an internet feud with posters, make sure that they don’t have 60 IQ points on you. Lastly, JD Painter has gainful employment, and does not leech off his elderly parents. The vile filth you wrote about him and his family should land you in a mental institution – at the least. Get back on your meds, and go seek counseling. You are an angry, little boy with no redeeming qualities and no genitals.

  9. @12:38:

    Well I would hope so. Wow you got it all figured out now don't you genius?


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    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: CA
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    Hello, you mentally challenged chimpanzee. How is life in your mother's Van Nuys basement?

    From analytics:

    Page Views: 24 (17 this visit)
    Entry Page Time: 19 Dec 2012 15:08:33
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    Location: Austin, Texas, United States
    IP Address:At&t Wi-fi Services ( Chino Hills, CA troll
    Referring URL:
    Entry Page:
    Exit Page:

    In the final analysis, you were HANDLED THOROUGHLY for the following reasons: (a) you never articulated a cogent argument as to why law school is a wise financial decision; (b) you personally attacked other posters, with no substantiation; (c) repeating libertarian and idiotic Social Darwinist talking points does not further the dialogue; and (d) you are a miserable, worthless piece of garbage.

    This is a SERIOUS topic requiring adult conversation. You don't qualify, Stupid. People have become clinically depressed over their monstrous student loan debt. Several have committed suicide over their situation. I personally know several people who have decided that they cannot afford to start a family, due to their NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt loads. Legions of highly-educated, younger Americans will not be able to purchase a home.

    After seeing my infant son each day, I have the following advice for those who feel that they cannot afford children, due to their student debt: Leave this plutocracy and moral cesspool behind, and don’t look back. Head to Canada, have kids, and enjoy the social safety net. The United States is outright owned by the banksters, corporate oligarchs and other financial thugs. Any nation that would allow LEGIONS of its highly-educated citizens to be financially ruined - because they followed the non-stop advice of parents, peers, teachers from K-12, and policymakers - is not worthy of respect or loyalty.

    In this country, the prevailing ethic is “Get yours at everyone else’s expense. Exploit others before they take advantage of you.” The political class continues to allow its corporate masters to crush you, simply because the pigs want every piece of the pie – including the crumbs. Flee this country, and make the banksters eat some of those loans. If the taxpayers end up picking up the tab, remember that they would be bailing out the foolish, greedy financial devils once more.


    This article shows how expensive college is for the poor....the guy in question quit college to join the Military.

    The system needs to be broken as it is only creating debt-serfs. The closings of law schools may help to start an avalanche of destruction.

  12. Nando you are doing God's work.

    You may not realize it yet, but if you break the law schools, you can potentially set off a chain reaction that leads to the destruction/reduction of the Universities themselves, who are both part of the Feudal Elite AND linked to other Feudals such as Wall Street (think of how Goldman etc owns certain law schools) who instinctively use debt as an instrument of power.

    The Academic Feudals also are influential in the political process through their financing of politicians, so this is another link you can penetrate by the channel of law schools.

    Keep up God's work, my friend.

  13. All I can say about the lawl skools is either they have been in a somnambulistic trance and now they have woken up and are desperately trying to keep the red ink out of the ledger, OR they knew they were screwing themselves in the long run and did it anyway because MONEY MONEY MONEY.

    The ABA, Sallie Mae's Albert Lord, and a number of other leeches deserve having a howling pitchfork-waving, torch-bearing mob attack their private homes.

  14. Joey's Deli & Law School looks like it might be the new name of that non-aba accredited dump I thought about attending in CA. Wonder if the students get a discount on liquor and corn dogs when class is out.

  15. I haven't see nando go off like that on a troll in a long time.

  16. One aspect of toxic Sloan Debt is that it ruins the credit score.

    About two weeks ago I received a letter from First Premier Bank saying that I was pre approved for a Master Card with an initial credit line of $700.00

    The letter even had a card attached and instructed me to go online and enter my "Confirmation number" which I did.

    But the website did not approve me and instead told me to wait for a letter, and a few weeks later the letter from First Premier Bank said:

    "Your application was denied primarily for the following reason(s): The amount of your outstanding debt is excessive compared to the amount of your income."

    This is the fourth such letter I now have with similar language re the debt to income ratio or excessive obligations in relation to income.

    And so it can't be stressed enough that Sloan debt will harm your chances of getting financing for a car, a mortgage, small business loan, a credit card (for emergencies perhaps), store credit and, most importantly, a job that requires a credit check before hiring.

    Some have told me that only recruiters for jobs involving the "handling of money" check the applicants credit report, But what jobs don't involve handling money?

    Poor credit is factored into how much one pays for car insurance as well, since the Auto Insurers seem to feel that people with bad credit are bad drivers and have more accidents.

  17. Re: The institutional resonsibility of a Law School or any University:

    Sure they had my name on them, but when I was in school the Sloan checks were in reality made out to the school, and not to me the student. I recall getting them in the mail and then taking them to the bursar's office.

    It was impossible for me to cash the check on my own.

    So in a sense does that not make the school the real borrower, (who can spend and invest the funds as they please) and responsible for what happens when their graduates default on their loans or when their graduates end up on government "relief" in the form of IBR or public service loan forgiveness?

    If so, can the taxdollar waste be recouped from the Universities who in effect be construed as having done the real borrowing or at the very least least co-borrowed?

    1. Yes the school is the real borrower, but you are on the hook because you signed for the loan.

      You could strip the money out of the schools, but it would probably ruin them financially.

  18. I don't know how much longer I'm going to have my job. Maybe I'll open a law school. I'll start from my living room. From there, I could expand--I hear a storefront is becoming available. One day I envision my school having franchises in Mumbai, Beijing and Singapore.

  19. You are loved on TTR Dona. Head High and God Bless!

  20. You already have schools taking in applicants with 2.7 GPAs. And many TTTTs will accept someone with a 140 LSAT. What standards are you speaking of?

  21. A law school scam article by Bloomberg is being covered by the Drudge Report under the headline "American Dream Fades for Generation Y Professionals..."


    On April 24, 2012, Jack Crittendon posted a NaTTTional Juri$TTT story, under the headline "Applications down 15.6%, but admits could be even lower." Take a look at this excerpt:

    "Law school applications have continued to drop — with the number of applicants down by 15.6 percent from last year. While the numbers are not final, it appears the total number of applicants will be down from 87,500 in 2010 to less than 67,000 this year.

    “A lot of time when there is an economic downturn, the numbers will go up and we saw that in 2009 and 2010,” said Wendy Margolis director of communication for LSAC, which administers the LSAT and tracks law school applicant data. “But as applicants learned about law school debt and the poor employment opportunities, the numbers have gone back down.”

    The overall economy is still in the toilet. Yet, people are not flocking to law schools, as they typically do during a weak-ass job market. You're welcome, law school pigs.

    Later on, the article continued:

    “I don’t think people are getting into law school that they would not have before,” said Anne Levine, an admissions consultant. “[But] there is so much more wait listing. We should see more people pulled off wait lists over the next month.”

    Levine said the real test will come when admittance deposits are due. She said she expects students at the very top — in terms of credentials — and at the very bottom to reconsider law school. The students at the very bottom will realize they will likely not get a job, and that it is not worth the investment. The students at the very top have other options.

    “I think some people will decide not to attend law school if they don’t get into a top 10 school,” Levine said."

    When the applicant pool is shrinking – many with the best academic credentials and higher LSAT scores have recently opted to forgo law school – who are the sewer rats going to target?!?!

    Check out this gem, near the conclusion:

    “Some law schools have announced they will admit fewer students this year. But Levine expects many to get very creative with scholarships to keep credentials and numbers up. Levine said some schools have increased their wait lists. She said seven of her ten clients who applied to Emory University in Atlanta are on the wait list — an unusually high number.”

    Of course, the cockroaches are increasing the size of their wait lists. They are hedging their bets. By the way, isn’t it nice to see that the ABA-accredited commodes never miss a chance to game the USN&WR rankings?!?!


    On April 11, 2012, the ABA Journal published a piece from Debra Cassens Weiss entitled, "Are Smartest People Avoiding Law School? Stats Show Bigger Drop in High LSAT Applicants." Here is the article, in its entirety:

    "Are the wrong people losing interest in law school?

    That’s the question posed by the Atlantic, which notes a 13.6 percent drop in applicants who scored highest on the Law School Admission Test, but only a 4.3 percent drop in applicants who scored the lowest. The Law School Admission Council released figures on the one-year drop in applicants at ABA-accredited schools based on numbers collected through the end of March.

    The breakdown at the high end: Applicants scoring 175 to 180 dropped 13.6 percent, applicants scoring 170 to 174 dropped 20.7 percent, and applicants scoring 165 to 169 dropped 18.5 percent.

    The breakdown at the low end: Applicants scoring less than 140 dropped 4.3 percent, applicants scoring 140 to 144 dropped 6.2 percent, and applicants scoring 145 to 149 dropped 13.8 percent.

    “The smart kids got the memo,” the Atlantic says. “Law school is largely a losing game, and they're not going to play, even though they can probably count on a better hand than most. Meanwhile, the number of laggards applying has barely budged.”

    Overall, the number of would-be law students who applied at ABA-accredited law schools by the end of March dropped by 15.6 percent from the prior year, according to the Law School Admission Council. Last year at this time, the LSAC had received 91 percent of the final applicant count."

    Summary: the biggest drop in applications came from the those who achieved the highest LSAT scores, i.e. the people most likely to gain admission to high-ranked law schools. After all, ABA-accredited dung heaps typically place a higher premium on this exam than they do on an applicant's four year academic record.

    Furthermore, those who attend high-ranked law schools have a MUCH better chance at landing lawyer jobs than those who graduated from second tier sewers, third tier commodes and fourth tier trash pits. In other words, the bet might pay off for them – whereas students at TTTs and TTTTs are largely playing the lottery.

    Smart applicants are turning down law school at a MUCH higher rate than the waterheads who scored less than 140 on the test. There are PLENTY of law schools that admit students with LSAT scores in the 140s. Since the federal government and the banksters only care that the borrower have a pulse, the commodes have every incentive to admit many of these subpar students. You will continue to see ABA-accredited schools lower their pathetic standards even further, as more people catch onto the law school scam.

  24. Why even have a wait list? Either you are in or you are out.

    DJM recently posted a detatched, and head in the clouds cerebral thing about comparing law to a historical guild system, but IMHO that doesn't address the immediate suffering of the harmed class of debtors suffering from, as Alan Collinge might say, the most toxic and oppressive debt in US history.

    And so if the law schools, and with scienter, (and at all levels) felt in any way responsible to the larger society, they would make a moral choice to scale back when necessary and to not put the applicants thru a smoke and mirror wait list.

    Viewed in the abstract (since the intellectual anchorites such as DJM insist on posting from such a position) the bugbear is the sweet and easy and enabling student lending sugar teat, and until an overall system of government stops handing out lavish and enabling money for the higher education system to turn substandard education and scholarship into the exploitation and ruination of lives of individual students and citizens, and with impunity and no risk, there will be no change.

    Removing the once in a lifetime second chance and right to declare bankruptcy, and removing individual protections against big financial interests was criminal and cunning and inhumane, and it had to be done in order to let things go on like this and for as long, and to the tune of one trillion dollars.

    And please ask yourself this: How much of that 1 trillion is due to criminal and usurious interest?

    There is a double standard as everyone knows when it comes to the educated and bankruptcy protections.

    So far the Universities and law schools are winning, but maybe things will turn around because what goes around eventually does come around.

  25. You're fighting the good fight, but to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the death of rip-off law schools is exaggerated. As long as the federal government continues to underwrite the loans, there will be the credulous who believe the law school hype and decide that attending is a good idea.
    So Third Tier Reality-you have made great strides, but you are not yet finished! Fight on!

    1. He hasn't finished ripping every lawl skool in America yet. When that happens, THEN they can all explode.

  26. Hola Don Nando! Como estas amigo? Habla su amigo en Colombia. Se acuerda de mi? Yo habia hablado sobre el tema de mi sobrino que se graduo de uno de esos potreros de colegios de derecho en los estados unidos. El fue victima de esa plaga que le dicen "öjos de serpiente." Segun veo, sigues con la lucha contra estos hijosdeputa parasitos de rectores y profesores de leyes. Esta gente no son mas que chupacabras que se alimentan de la juventud de hoy y los deja esclavos de deuda escolar.

    Felicitaciones por su hijo. Que Dios lo pretege a usted y a su familia.

    Al fin que paso con ese zangano de JDPintador de mierda? Digale que aqui lo estamos esperando en Colombia que le tengo una Caleña muy caliente para el. En vez de quejarse y llorar por su maldita vida, deberia de venir aqui que tenemos trabajos para conductor de tractomulas en los llanos petroleros.

    Feliz Navidad Nando y un fuerte abrazo y deseo para un prospero año nuevo.

  27. @10:42AM

    Call me what you like. I am not moving to Columbia to drive an oil truck.

    BTW, I have worked alongside of many Latinos and Columbians and they want to come here to New York to get away from Columbia.

    One was a even woman who sold Insurance.

    1. I think it's that asshole supertroll that scared you off the site.

      Don't listen to these chucklefucks.

  28. Hola JDPintador,

    Tuve que traducir su respuesta. Deje de ser un puto perezoso. La gente de Colombia que se escapa para los Estados Unidos son criminales que piden asilio politico porque los persigue la FARC. Eso es pura mierda porque la FARC ya casi no existe. Esos Colombianos que se van del todo para Estados Unidos son la mayoria unos delincuentes buscado por la policia.

    JDPintador, usted es un zangano malparido. Usted no quiere trabajar. Aqui lindamente usted puede vivir bien. La economia esta mejorando aqui y hay mucha chocha linda para culiar. Es que acaso usted es un marica que le gusta culiar a hombres morenos? Bueno aqui tambien hay gays huevon. Venga para aca y deje a sus padres en paz que cada dia que lo ven a usted, ellos se acuerdan de la falla de haberlo parido a usted.

    Att. Vicente Rojas

  29. Here is "Vicente Rojas" in English:

    Hello JDPintador,

    I had to translate his answer. Stop being a fucking lazy. People escaping from Colombia to the United States are calling asilio political criminals because the FARC pursued. That is bullshit because the FARC is almost gone. These Colombians to be entirely for most U.S. are some criminals wanted by police.

    JDPintador, you are a bastard drone. You do not want to work. Here you can live well nicely. The economy is improving and there is plenty here for culiar chocha linda. Is it that you're a fag who likes culiar to dark men? Well here there are also gay dude. Come over here and let your fathers in peace every day they see you, they remember the fault you have given birth.

    Att. Vicente Rojas

    (via Google translate)

  30. Nando, keep on doing the Lord's work.


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