Thursday, December 13, 2012

Third Tier Dung Heap: University of Arkansas-Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law

Tuition: Arkansas residents attending this trash pit on a full-time basis will be charged $10,565 in tuition, for the 2012-2013 school year. Out-of-state, full-time law students will be hit with a tuition bill of $23,160 - for the current academic year. Fees add another $1,612 to the price tag.

Total, Estimated Cost of Attendance: On this same page, the commode also furnished a total budget, for various situations. Full-time, in-state students who are living off-campus will incur costs of $26,728 – according to the toilet. For non-resident, full-time, off-campus law students, total expenses will amount to $39,377, based on this document.

Keep in mind that ABA-accredited dung piles calculate living costs on a nine-month basis, and not the full calendar year. Using the full twelve months, we reach the following, more accurate figures: Arkansas residents who live off campus will face a total COA of $31,091 – for the current year – while out-of-state, full-time, off-campus students will be slapped with an estimated $43,686 in total costs.

Ranking: Do you have your little heart and mind set on being a lawyer at any cost, lemming?! US “News” & World Report lists the Univer$iTTTy of Arkan$a$ William H. Bowen Sewer of Law as the 119th greatest, most amazing and wondrous law school in the entire United States! In fact, it shares this particular ranking with the following seven schools: Drexel; Howard; Stetson, University of Akron; University of Maine; and Vermont Law School. What a prestigious institution, huh?!?!

Employment “Placement” Data: Since this public school did not provide employment placement info, we head to Law School Transparency for the figures. Check out this disclaimer from LST:

Caution: University of Arkansas - Little Rock has refused our repeated requests to make its Class of 2011 NALP Report available for public consumption. To show what this school chooses to hide, LST has created an imitation report when we have suitable data from other sources, including the ABA, U.S. News, and the school's website. (Sections that are shown in dark gray represent data the school possesses in its NALP report but has not shared.) Schools receive these reports in June for the graduating class from the prior year. We strongly encourage accepted students to ask the school to release its complete NALP report before making a decision to attend.” [Emphasis mine]

Relying on other sources, LST has determined that only 95 out of 150 grads – from the JD Class of 2011 – obtained full-time jobs, where bar passage was required. That represents 63.3% of the cohort. Furthermore, only 85.3 percent of the class was employed, within nine months of graduation. The listed median starting salary was $50,000, and the mean stood at $53,816.  Recognize that these figures do not include unemployed grads or those who did not furnish their income to the toilet.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the UALR Law Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $63,334. Plus, 85 percent of this toilet’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled in school.

Journal Opportunities:

“The Arkansas Journal of Social Change and Public Service is a vehicle for identifying and addressing the pressing needs of our society. It examines issues lying at the intersection of policy, public interest, academia, and the law, raising awareness of topics insufficiently examined in traditional scholarly publications.”

Yes, imagine how thoroughly impressed legal employers will be, when they see this journal experience on your resume! Hell, they might even kick down your front door, grab you by your shirt collar, and throw big-ass sacks of money at you – in order to land your services. [Note: nothing of the sort will happen, as your resume and cover letter will likely be tossed into the shredder the moment that it is received.]

The Public Toilet is Seeking a New Dean:

“Dean Search Announcement

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) invites applications and nominations for the position of Dean of the William H. Bowen School of Law.”

Hell, Third Tier Drake wouldn’t publish such a TTTT announcement on its website. Maybe, the commode ought to post this on Craig’s List. Take a look at this comical portion:

“Candidates should have a J.D. degree, a distinguished record of professional achievement, and a demonstrated capacity for effective administration, successful fundraising, intellectual leadership, and collaboration in a legal academic setting. Candidates should manifest strong and effective communication skills.”

Conclusion: The Univer$iTTTy of Arkan$a$ William H. Bowen Sewer of Law is a pathetic waste heap. You do not need to incur an additional $70K-$100K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to practice rural toilet law. Remember, this supposed “public, non-profit” does not publish employment data online. Yes, it is a real bastion of integrity and ethics, right?!?!  That alone ought to tell you that the school is not proud of its product or results. Plus, when a school openly posts for a new dean, you KNOW that the “institution of higher learning” is a piece of trash. Avoid this cesspool at all costs.


  1. That picture is something else. It's almost as bad as the school profiled.

  2. What in datgum tarnation? Wouldn'tcha know it. I was a practicin' lawyer in good ol' Arkansas. Little Rock, specifickly. Yep. I practiced in Little Rock courts. 'Til I gots inta a fight wit' a fuckin' client in da courtroom that is. Fuckin' ingrate.

    I mean, ya tries helpsin' a guy out wit' his legal problems. 'N next thing ya know da muthafucka's tryin' t' tell ya how t' run da case. 'N when ya turn 'round 'n clock da fucka in da nose, ya end up gettin' disbarred. Can ya believe dat shit? Oh well. I ended up makin' more runnin' a service station ennyweh. So piss on da law. Fuck 'em.

    'During his time with the railroad, Sanders began taking a correspondence course with Southern University in order to earn his law degree. With the help of local officials, Sanders was able to complete his studies and practice law from 1915 into the 1920s in Little Rock, Arkansas. His law career ended when he physically fought a client in the courtroom so Sanders decided to move to Corbin, Kentucky and open a service station.'

    1. The Coin'l had a more interesting life than most of the people who graduate from lawl skool now.

      Beat them clients, Coin'l, beat `em HARD.

    2. Clearly you are easily amused.

    3. I'm not going to start the insult war again, but I just want to say I treasure everything the Colonel posts because it comes from a grand tradition of comedic dialect writing ("eye dialect") that comes down from writers like Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, William Faulkner, and the world's weirdest mystery writer Harry Stephen Keeler.

      The Colonel never breaks character, always keeps it short, and never changes subjects from the law or the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain - he is the perfect poster for this blog.

    4. You're not? LOL, what about your white knight crusade to drive me off the Internet? I am disappoint.

      And aren't you deep. Perhaps you could get a job reviewing books - for a middle school newspaper, that is.

    5. "Perhaps you could get a job reviewing books - for a middle school newspaper, that is."

      So I can write at your reading level?

      Do you now see? Your petty cutdowns don't work.

    6. LOL! Of course, you probably need a PhD to appreciate all of the deep profundities of Kevin Smith's work - and to talk (and think) about kaka all the time.

    7. People who use "kaka" and "poo poo head" suffer from arrested social development and extreme prudery.

    8. Then why are you do obsessed with it? It's as if you smeared the stuff all over your face, atwhcongress want to know why everyone keeps staring at you.

    9. Now this is starting to sound like second grade: "I know you are, but what am I?" and the lower level Dozens, like "yo mama's so fat, her butt has it's own zip code!"

      It's not working, little man.

      Whatever you dish out, I can come up with a rational response which will make you look worse. Give up now.

    10. Both of the insults you mentioned tower over your Paintroach intellect.

      It's funny to hear you crow about your "masterful" insults - as you are BEGGING Nando to delete the hurty comments I wrote. What a crying little paintbitch. Of course, mercy and pity are your means of survival.

      I note that your post occurred at 3 pm on a Monday. How surprising. You're probably just too "rich" to have a job, LOL.

    11. No, mercy is Nando not wasting 30 minutes and deleting everything you've spewed for the last two days. I didn't ask him to delete them, he just did it; I wrote about JDPainter, who is still alive, no thanks to you.

      Not everybody works 9-5.

      You want an insult? I don't think you are a lawyer; I think you are a janitor at a joint where lawyers hang out. A real lawyer would not care about this fact they would be too busy doing the dreckwork of law to care. You would like to be a lawyer, but it will never happen.

  3. A public university that doesn't disclose its employment data. And of course the ABA doesn't give a shit. Par for the course.

  4. What a bunch of garbage this is:

    Law School Applicant “Capitulation” - By David Bernstein

  5. My ex is considering this shithole. We're from Michigan. Now what type of connections will this person have when she goes to Bumfuck, Arkansas? Hmmm, paying out of state tuition looks like a bitch too.

    1. If she's your ex, you should encourage her to go. Just don't co-sign on the loans.

  6. Just because she's my ex doesn't mean I want her to get royally screwed by the law school. (She's a close friend of one of my cousins) I cut my losses after college. I only make $45,000, but I have some security and bennies. WHat's frustrating is that she makes closer to $70K. And she's giving that up to try and be a lawyer. It's a little insane, isn't it?

  7. @3:47 PM

    She's young and invincible, right?

    The opportunity costs alone as well as the NPV in her case, since you have also said she's considering this (ahem!) "school", definitely do not work out.

    She's an idiot. Be glad she's your ex and you are rid of her.

    Her future does not look bright if she follows through with her current plans.

  8. Seriously, one of my old law professor makes over $2,000,000+ as the president of the University. When I look at the joke living budgets these law schools suggest for law students it is about $20,000 a year to live on or less if they suggest living with parents.

    Why don't they make law professors live on $20,000 a year? If you go to law school today you are fool, unless you go to Harvard, Yale, a free ride at a decent school or have have some serious family connections. Why go 100K or 200K in debt to maybe make 50K a year or be unemployed? The schools and the faculty are the winners in this scam called law school.

    By the way, Arkansas should have a dental school. What fucked up state does not even have one dental school?

  9. ^Southern evangelical rednecks don't consider dental care to be a priority.

    1. What's this har "den-TUL cur" you speak of..

      Just kidding! Funny bro!

      @12/15 12:55 PM

      You tell these Lemmings the simplest of facts like that: how there are currenly 130k or so students in law schools - more than the number of actual practicing attorneys - and they just.. dont.. get it.

      They don't make the connection to the weeding out, up-or-out process/syndrome in law.

      Special Snowflake Syndrome rules the day.

    2. I don't think they are Snowflakes; I think they suffer from Rocky's Disease, i.e. the belief that a million-to-one shot will pay off for themselves. You see it a lot in gambling addicts and game show contestants.


    On June 27, 2011, the New York Times Economix Blog published Catherine Rampell’s piece, “The Lawyer Surplus, State by State.” The information was complied by Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. - not from the $elf intere$ted law school pigs. Take a look at this opening:

    “We’ve written before about the tough job market for recent law-school graduates. The climate is hard partly because of the weak economy, but also partly because the nation’s law schools are churning out many more lawyers than the economy needs even in the long run.

    Now a few researchers have tried to quantify exactly how big that surplus is.

    The numbers were crunched by Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. (also known as EMSI), a consulting company that focuses on employment data and economic analysis. The company’s calculations were based on the number of people who passed the bar exam in each state in 2009, versus an estimate of annual job openings for lawyers in those states. They also looked at data from the Department of Education on law school graduates each year to get another measure of the quantity of new lawyers. Estimates for the number of openings is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau.

    According to this model, every state but Wisconsin and Nebraska (plus Washington, D.C.) is producing many more lawyers than it needs.”

    For those lemmings who have learning disabilities - or simply lack any reading comprehension skills - this means that the state of Arkansas has a glutted legal job market. Check out the following numbers:

    Estimated Annual Openings, 2010-2015: 152
    2009 Bar Exam Passers: 227
    Surplus: 75

    Based on those figures, the state produced nearly 50 percent more newly-minted lawyers than was necessary. Using a device called division, you will see that Arkansas produced 1.493 attorneys for each, estimated lawyer job opening. Do you see the problem with this, shills?!?! I realize that “law professors” love to claim that “Lawyers are notoriously bad at math.” However, you would need to be a certified dunce - or a willingly ignorant dog - in order to not see the extent of the glut.

    Keep in mind that there are only two law schools in this small state. At least, both ABA-accredited trash heaps are public schools. However, the state still features an oversaturated lawyer job market, in spite of hosting only two commodes. If you are looking at attending this school - especially as a non-resident - don’t be a dumbass. You will end up accruing significant, additional, NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a mere chance to practice small law. Plus, how many law firms or government agencies outside of the state are eager to hire applicants with a JD from this pile of excrement?

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. You know something. The numbers are ridiculous and they have been that way for some time. There are around 130,000 people enrolled in ABA schools right now. Isn't that just fucking insane? There aren't anywhere near that many jobs in law. This profession (and I use the term loosely) is a sinking ship. Only a retard would bother jumping on board now.

  13. Can we rename it the Honey Boo Boo School of Law?

  14. How about Runny Poo Poo School of Law?

    1. How about William Bowen's House of Doom?

  15. We could rename it the Bill Clinton School of law.

    1. If you give good Bill Clinton, you can succeed as a graduate of The University of Arkansas-Little Rock School of Law.

  16. One last li'l thang.

    As ya may o' may not know, Little Rock (or as I call it L-Rock) be da state capital. Ennyway I used t' fool 'round wit' other men's wives in the ol' Pulaski County courthouse. Good thing da state bar didn't find out 'bout that. They pro'lly woulda lynched mah ass. I even went down on Governor Brough's wife dat one time,. In a public park, no less. Here here for The Colonel!

    Now back in dem days, y'all was luckier than a bastard if da wimminfolk had less than 3 inches o' bush. But as luck would have it that them there foist lady trimmed. I mean I's done been dead for some 30 odd fuckin' years. 'N I still has lovely memorys of what she let me do to her. She even let me jam mah finger up her asshole while I was givin' her head like a muthafucka. Hoo-ah. Colonel be pimpin'

  17. This could be you after law school. From a recent Boston Craigslist Post:

    "Recently admitted attorney seeking work assisting criminal defense attorneys in any capacity. I have worked with indigent defendants in clinical settings and interned for several excellent defense attorneys and a federal judge, but am finding few opportunities for entry level work in the field. I am proficient (though not fluent) in Spanish, have strong research and writing skills, am passionate about indigent defense, and am an extremely quick learner. I will research, draft motions, conduct interviews, even answer phones, for a low fee of $10 an hour in exchange for the opportunity to observe, and perhaps participate in, actual litigation. References and writing samples available."

    Or From a recent Boston Globe Article:

    "Paul Semenza practiced law for 25 years, including work as a defense attorney in personal injury cases. So the Wakefield lawyer figured it would take only a few months to find work after losing his law firm job a year ago. But the economy steadily worsened, and no offers came. Now Semenza, 51, has been forced to find a different way to earn a paycheck - by selling sofas and mattresses at a local furniture chain."

    Or, From a recent Yahoo Post:

    "Small general practice law firm located near Columbus, OH. Started at $40K 1.5 years ago after first receiving law license. After 3 months pay was raised to $43K. Had annual review and was told although I had a stellar performance and deserved a raise the office couldn't afford to give me 1. When started was told I should be paid more than they were paying me but they couldn't afford to pay me more. Have several years of paralegal experience. Graduated in top 20% of class. Did internships and clinics during law school. Didn't need much training when started. Feel like starting pay was too low and current pay should be much higher. Can't find much info. on small firm salaries though."

    or from another Yahoo Post:

    "My bf just took the bar exam to become an attorney. He has posted resumes on yahoo, monster, craigs list, newspapers, etc. and just can't seem to find any work. Finally he decided to just apply for jobs like bank assistants etc. Interviewers would say he's too qualified for "rookie" positions, and he's "not qualified" enough for a lawyer position. Is there hope? Thanks."

    Or ways to save money after law school:

    "When she moved to Chicago from New York after graduating from law school last year, Lauri Apple, who is still looking for the job of her dreams, knew of at least one good way to save money.

    If she needs something to wear, she takes a look in the local trash. A practice she started as a starving college student a decade ago has now evolved into something of an avocation, reports the Chicago Tribune."

    This Profession BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. You can show the Lemmings any of the above, actual proof, and they will still not believe it..

    Fucking idiots.

    Anyone who decides to go to law school after the 2007 WSJ article and subsequent "Scam Blog Movement" is a complete tool and a fool.

  19. Is this school housed in a doublewide?

    1. No a doublewide is too professional; I heard they meet in the basement of an abandoned church.


    Here is the LSN link to the Univer$iTTTy of Arkan$a$ at LiTTTle Rock William H. Bowen Sewer of Law. Let’s review the numbers:

    Bar passage, Class of 2010: 64%

    According to this site, the overall state bar passage rate was 74 percent. What a great insTTTiTTTuTTTion, right?!?!

    2010-2011 Enrollment: 338 full time students and 152 enrolled part time

    Yes, part-time law students comprised 31 percent of the commode’s total enrollment. That MUST be a strong indicator of an academic powerhouse, huh?!

    Undergrad GPAs for the Class of 2010

    75th percentile: 3.59
    Median: 3.27
    25th percentile: 2.98

    Now, let’s take a look at the all-important, entrance test.

    LSAT Scores

    75th percentile: 157
    Median: 154
    25th percentile: 151

    Hell, high school chess clubs are more selective in who they accept. Think about that for a minute: people actually were admitted into this third tier stench pit with 2.98 UGPAs! Keep in mind that many U.S. law students majored in garbage such as Political “Science,” Philosophy, History, etc.

    OCI 2007-2008

    Total Law Firms: 0
    NY Law Firms: 0
    DC Law Firms: 0
    CA Law Firms: 0

    Perhaps, the trash heap failed to furnish this data to Law School Numbers. However, if the toilet featured a decent amount of On Campus Interviews, you can bet your ass that the pigs and cockroaches would publish the data. In the end, why would a New York, DC or California want to hire anyone from this Arkansas waste site?!

  21. Impressive numbers. I'm surprised tuition's not $45K a year to attend this shithole.

  22. "If it weren't for law school, I would have made a big contribution to society, would be rich, and women would want me!"

    Keep telling yourself that...

  23. To the piece of trash who posted at 2:43 am today:

    What the hell are you talking about, moron? I was mocking the lemmings' mindset, with regards to law school. The fact remains that the U.S. lawyer job market is shrinking. Automation, outsourcing of legal jobs, predictive coding, stingier corporate clients, and ABA "Ethics" Opinion 08-451 have taken a collective toll on this supposed "profession."

    By the way, bitch: I have been married for seven years, own a home, and my wife recently gave birth to our beautiful son. Also, I never expected to make a big-ass salary, douche-bag. When you finally get laid - and not with a sharp knife or loaded firearm pointed at your "partner" - then you can open your mouth. Until then, keep your ignorant opinions to yourself, mental midget.

  24. So as of 2013 the UALR Bowen School of law In the top 20% of law schools in America. They have lowered there acceptance rate to 25% and are now posting employment data.... And by the way Little rock has a top rated Medical school affiliated with the U of A ( just like the law school as well) that has a great MD, Pharm-d and Dental program. Little rock was rating as the #1 place to live, and the average wage in little rock is around $50,000 a year with most lawyers making around $80,000 to $100,000 a year. Its not the best school on earth but its not a pile of crap. The reason why people complain about law grads not finding jobs, is because the entitled little pricks graduating today don't do the work needed to find a job out of school. Oh and the ABA suggests that Law students major in philosophy, and Ualr has an early admittance program to law school for philosophy students.


  26. I read the entire text of the link above. Anissa Ford wrote that University of Arkansas Examiner piece back on April 26, 2010. It was entitled "University of Arkansas law school ranked among top 25 programs in nation." Here are the first two paragraphs of that dreck:

    "For the fourth time in six years US News and World Report has ranked UALR's William H. Bowen School of Law among the top 25 programs in the nation. Ranked 22 overall, Bowen is tied with top tier schools Duquesne, Marquette, and the University of Michigan for the 2009-2010 academic year.

    Bowen’s law dean, Chuck Goldner, honored UALR’s legal writing professors for attracting national recognition to the program.", Bitch?!?! Or do I need to draw you a diagram with Crayola so that it can penetrate your tiny brain?!

    No one gives a damn if US "News" rated the trash pit's Legal Writing Program as the 22nd best in the nation. Legal employers care about that publication's overall ranking for the school.

    Ford waits until the conclusion to make this clear:

    "In addition to Bowen’s standing as one of the top legal writing programs in the country, the school’s part-time law school program was ranked No. 38 among part-time programs.

    “These rankings reinforce our belief that UALR Bowen School students receive a first-rate legal education,” said UALR Dean John DiPippa. “We work day-in and day-out to share our values of professionalism, public service, and access to justice with students and the larger legal community.”

    Looking at her writing “skills,“ perhaps this idiot graduated from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock William H. Bowen Sewer of Law. Her sloppy headline and opening made you believe that this cesspool was ranked in the top 25 law schools.

    As you can see, USN&WR now rates this commode as the 113th most amazing law school in the country. What a “prestigious” in$TTTiTTTuTTTion, huh?!?!

  27. Ever try reading yellow font? Appropriate though as this seems more like yellow script journalism.


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