Sunday, September 30, 2012

Profiles in Foul Porky Pies: Steven Davidoff, “Associate Professor” of Law and Finance at Ohio State University

The Liar Tosses a Bunch of Excrement on the Wall, in the Hopes That Some of it Will Stick:

On September 24, 2012, the New York Times DealBook published an article from Ohio State “law professor” Steven Davidoff, in which the pig defended the costs of “legal education.” The piece was entitled “The Economics of Law School.” The brief entry contains so many logical fallacies, false comparisons and straw men that it cannot be taken seriously. Take a look at the following DELIBERATELY DECEPTIVE excerpts from Davidoff:

“Law schools have come under fire during these tough economic times, with critics saying that they leave too many graduates in debt, chasing too few employment opportunities. But it could be worse. Consider the plight of veterinarians.

The average tuition and expenses for a veterinary degree at a private school has doubled in the last 10 years to over $200,000, well above the typical cost of law school. Yet their pay remains moribund at an average of $66,469 — much less than lawyers.

But unlike law schools, veterinary school is not regularly being called a scam or bubble. In fact, applications to veterinary schools were up about 2 percent last year.

Meanwhile, the number of applicants to law school is down 13.7 percent for this year’s class after a 10 percent drop from 2011, according to the Law Students Admissions Council.” [Emphasis mine]

What in the hell are you smoking, Steven?!?! Do you see veterinary schools pumping out twice as many graduates than the field can absorb?! Later on, Liar Steven Davidoff continued by comparing “law professor” salaries to those of Biglaw partners:

“A second alternative is to pay professors less, or replace them with practitioners who would also be paid less. The average senior law professor who is not at a top-ranked school makes $130,000 to $150,000 according to a survey by the Society of American Law Teachers. It’s a nice salary, but certainly not comparable to what a law firm partner earns.”

Memo to Ass-Goblin Steven Davidoff: Biglaw firm partners can demand large salaries because their firms and associates are handling complex legal matters for big dollar clients. Furthermore, if you want to work in such a firm, YOU would be expected to work FAR MORE than a mere 4-6 hours per week - without regurgitating the same academic drivel for the last ten years. Do you believe that any law firm would pay you big dollars for you to produce lame-ass law review articles?!?!

Other Coverage of Davidoff’s Idiotic Statement:

On Thursday, September 27, 2012, Paul Campos ripped into this pig in his entry entitled “Bad Deal Book.” Look at this stinging indictment:

“Ohio State law school professor Steven Davidoff has written an analysis of the economics of law school for a New York Times' Deal Book "special section" on "the future of Big Law."

Davidoff begins by noting that veterinary schools aren't being called a scam or a bubble even though veterinarians make less than lawyers and pay even more to go to school. I suspect there's a simple explanation for this: people who graduate from veterinary school get to be veterinarians.” [Emphasis mine]

Bam! A nice overhand right to the swine’s snout.

Matt Leichter castrated Pig Davidoff, with his September 25, 2012 LSTB entry “Veterinary School is Safer Than Law School.” Take a look:

“A quick comparison of the OOH entries should tell us why there aren’t any veterinarian school scamblogs. 

“Employment of veterinarians is expected to grow 36 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. Job opportunities should be particularly good in government and in farm animal care.” 


“Employment of lawyers is expected to grow by 10 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Competition for jobs should continue to be strong because more students are graduating from law school each year than there are jobs available.” [Emphasis mine]

The Bastard’s Background:

From his faculty bio:

“Professor Davidoff graduated from the Columbia University School of Law where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, cum laude. He has a master’s degree in finance from the London Business School.” 

Based on his sterling academic credentials, one can determine that this man does not suffer from mental retardation - even if his September 24th DealBook piece indicates otherwise. Then why would he post such foolish nonsense, with regard to the economics of law school?  Also, how can a finance dweeb overlook the numbers and projected job growth in each field?!

Conclusion: Steven Davidoff is merely another academic hustler, trying to keep the wool over the applicants’ eyes. Davidoff seeks to use his background from the London Business School as solidify his excrementitious argument. He employs double-speak and false dilemmas to make his “case” that law school graduates are better off than their counterparts in veterinary school. NOTHING could be further from the truth. 

Those who earn their DVM will become animal doctors. Veterinary schools do the humane thing and limit the number of seats to match the future need of animal doctors AT THE APPLICATION STAGE. In stark contrast, law school pigs accept and graduate FAR TOO MANY students - meaning that they unnecessarily strap down legions of their graduates with tons of non-dischargeable debt. (Of course, the cockroaches cynically assert that they are opening the doors of the “profession” to historically under-represented groups.) Veterinarians can reasonably expect to practice animal medicine for SEVERAL decades. U.S. “law professors” often attempt to justify the exaggerated costs of “legal education” by claiming that grads can practice law for 40 years. However, they fail to point out that, every year, ABA-accredited law schools produce TENS OF THOUSANDS of grads who never practice law. The dogs also conveniently “forget” to mention that tons of lawyers are out of the “profession” within 5-10 years.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Second Tier Crustiness: University of Connecticut School of Law

Tuition: Connecticut residents attending this trash pit on a full-time basis will be charged $23,324 in tuition and fees – for the 2012-2013 school year. Those full-time students designated as Compact/NE Region are going to face tuition and fee costs of $40,100, for the upcoming academic year. Out of state, full-time law students at Uconn will be slapped with a big-ass bill of $48,092 – for 2012-2013. At such prices, who wouldn’t want to attend this public, “non-profit” in$TTiTTuTTion?!?! By the way, costs for those in the Evening Division are not much better.

Total Cost of Attendance: If you have a weak heart, I advise you to skip over this section. The toilet admits that the following full-time student estimates are nine month figures: in state, $40,140; in-state but living with parents, $30,606; regional, $56,916; and out-of-state, $64,908.

Seeing that actual law students will require 12 month living expenses, I will prorate the figures for the following areas: room, board, miscellaneous, and transportation costs. Doing so, we reach the following, more accurate estimated COAs: Connecticut residents, $45,309; in-state but living at home, $32,597; regional, $62,085; and out-of-state, $70,077. Now, imagine how much annual income you would need to earn, in order to make a positive return on your investment.

Ranking: Based on the above-listed prohibitive cost of attendance, this must be an excellent school, right?!?! According to US “News” & World Report, the University of Connecticut Sewer of Law is the 62nd greatest, most magnificent and amazing law school in the United States. It shares this distinct honor with Chicago-Kent and the University of Kentucky. That is one hell of an achievement!

Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: Let’s take a look at this PDF, entitled “University of Connecticut School of Law Graduate Report - Class of 2011.” The commode notes that 166 out of 179 graduates responded to this survey. Basically, only 92.73% of this class bothered to report their employment status.

With this background, the second tier turd claims that its employment “placement” rate - for the Class of 2011 - was 83.1 percent. Furthermore, 2.4% of these graduates pursued to earn another academic degree - due to not being able to find a decent position. In the past, most ABA sewers would include these JDs under the category “Employed or enrolled in an advanced degree program.” Lastly, the toilet states that 6 percent of 2011 grads not seeking employment. This represents roughly 32.25 percent of unemployed members of this TT cohort.

On page 2 of this file, you will find the Salary Report for the Class of 2011. Based on those who bothered to report their income to the ABA trash heap, the overall median starting salary stood at $65,000. The published average starting salary was $78,578. By the way, only 92 out of 138 furnished this salary data to the school. This is two-thirds of employed grads. Perhaps the other 46 JDs were too embarrassed to provide their huge salary to their pre$TTigiou$ alma mater, right?!?! Hell, the overall class size consisted of 179 graduates.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: The bitches and hags at USN&WR list the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTy of ConnecTTicuTT JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $65,639. Fully 85% of this cesspool’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled. Plus, seeing that the school charges exorbitant levels of tuition, this average debt figure seems artificially low.

Pathetic Law Journals: As a student at this second tier law school, you will the unique opportunity to write onto the world-famous Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal! If you become a student editor, keep that info to yourself - unless you want beautiful, strange women to climb on top of you. Take a look at this descripTTion:

“The Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal is a student-run scholarly journal that publishes works by professors, judges, practitioners, and students. The Journal's publications are subjected to a rigorous editorial board process designed to strengthen their substance, tone and accuracy.

The Journal's primary purpose is to further the discussion of legal aspects of public interest issues and especially those confronting underrepresented individuals. The Journal is a forum for such intellectual discussion and is a force for change and progress.”

“The Connecticut Insurance Law Journal is the world’s only academic law review dedicated exclusively to the publication of original research on the law relating to insurance, risk and responsibility. Since its founding in 1994, the Journal has succeeded in attracting articles that are theoretically sophisticated and of practical importance.”

At least, you can point out that you are on the top insurance law journal in the nation - if you are allowed in the journal. What employer wouldn’t be extremely impressed by this “experience”?!?!

Conclusion: Don't be a moron. Avoid this sewage pit - unless you are receiving a full-tuition scholarship. Ask yourself how well you will be served by incurring an additional $70K-$110K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a law degree, from this dung pit. Do you think that any bank will extend a mortgage or small business loan to your heavily-indebted ass?!?! If you are not in the top ten percent of your class, after first semester, then drop out immediately. In the end, law school is a financial decision. This will impact your future, for decades.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Profiles in Judicial Excrement: Jonathan Lippman, Ass-Clown and “Chief Judge” of New York

Thanks to This Sewer Rat, New York Will Now Require Future Attorneys to Perform 50 Hours of Free Work:

On September 19, 2012, Reuters published a piece from reporters Daniel Wiessner and Joseph Ax, with the headline “New York says lawyers-to-be must work 50 hours for free.” Take a look at this excerpt:

“Aspiring lawyers in New York State must perform 50 hours of free legal work to gain entry to the state bar under a first-of-its-kind requirement handed down on Wednesday aimed at expanding access to the legal system for the poor.

The rule, written by New York's top-ranking judge, takes effect in 2015 and applies to all future law school students and those currently in their first or second years. Existing third-year students are exempt.

Chief [Cockroach] Jonathan Lippman estimated the requirement will add as much as 500,000 hours of pro bono service each year. Only 20 percent of the need for legal services is being met in New York, he said, even though state officials this year agreed to double funding for legal service programs to $25 million.” [Emphasis mine]

Who doesn’t look forward to participating in forced “volunteerism”?!?! Notice that this requirement DOES NOT APPLY to currently-licensed New York attorneys. Of course, advocates for legal aid to the poor are thrilled. By the way, isn’t it nice that Boomers and old fossils do not need to engage in this program – even though this group is in the best position, personally and financially – to perform pro bono work?!?!

Near the end of the article, the authors were kind enough to mention the attorney glut in passing:

"We didn't want to force people to leap tall buildings in a single bound to perform this service," Lippman said. "(But) pro bono is a part of the core values of our profession. Lawyers, or those aspiring to be lawyers, have to embrace those core values."

Last year, there were 15,000 applicants to the New York bar.

The requirement comes as law students, many of whom graduate with heavy debt, face an uncertain job market.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone think that this reality even entered Jonathan Lippman’s decaying mind, before he issued this opinion?!?!

Additional Coverage of This Filthy, Vile Edict:

Take a look at Mosi Secret’s September 19, 2012 piece for the New York Times. The piece was entitled “Judge Details a Rule Requiring Pro Bono Work by Aspiring Lawyers.” Read the following portion:

“When the judge, Jonathan Lippman, proposed the rule in May, some in the legal community said it might be burdensome for new lawyers in a tough economy. Others voiced concerns about using those new to the profession to fill what Judge Lippman calls the justice gap: the growing number of people who cannot afford legal services.

But an advisory committee that formulated the final version of the rule answered some of those criticisms: students have a full three years to complete the work and they must be under the counsel of more experienced lawyers.

“I see absolutely no reason why aspiring lawyers can’t do this without greatly burdening themselves,” Judge Lippman said in an interview. He added, “This idea that you have to be a lawyer with 25 years experience to provide a service doesn’t make any sense to me.” [Emphasis mine]

If you had any doubts as to whether Lippman considered the impact on new lawyer hopefuls, the piece of trash just dispelled them with that statement. Of course, this career leech/bureaucrat relied on an advisory committee to make the final touches on his judicial decree. Because these idiots have all the answers to the world’s problems, right?!?!

The Pig’s Background:

From the bastard’s bio:

“Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the State of New York and Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, was appointed by Governor Paterson in January 2009 and confirmed by the New York State Senate in February 2009.”

What would you expect from someone appointed by a corrupt, blind man?!?!  Later, the description contained this nugget:

“Chief Judge Lippman received his B.A. in 1965 from New York University, from which he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and cum laude. He received his J.D. from New York University School of Law in 1968.”

Yes, I’m sure that this old fart can relate to debt-strapped, broke-ass JDs!

According to this Wikipedia entry, Cockroach Jonathan Lippman was born on May 19, 1945. Perhaps it is a mere coincidence that this new requirement does not extend to those who already have a license – especially the old fossils who can presumably afford to donate their time and effort.

Conclusion: The courts and state bar associations DO NOT give one damn about you, the recent law graduate or the current law student. These political groups merely want to ensure that the scam continues. Before any of you lemmings dismiss this as applying to only one state, keep in mind that New York and California often chart the course for other states and regions.  Do you want to be strapped down with $150K in additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt and be forced to perform 50 hours of free work for indigent clients - before you can even be allowed to sit for the New York bar exam?!  As if these demons have not ass-raped you enough!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Academic Waste Product: Concordia University Opens a Law School to “Serve” Boise, Idaho

Dung Pit Opens With an Inaugural Class of 74 Desperate Idiots:

On September 16, 2012, the National Law Journal published Karen Sloan’s piece, which was entitled “Yes, they’re still opening law schools.” The three turds are: Concordia University Sewer of Law, Savannah Law School; and California Desert Trial Academy. Here is a juicy excerpt:

“Seventy-four students comprise the inaugural class of the Concordia University School of Law in Boise, the first law school in Idaho's capital. The school is part of Concordia University in Portland, Ore. — a private, Christian, liberal-arts university.

"We're very excited, and the students are excited as well," said dean Cathy Silak, a former justice of the Idaho Supreme Court. "On the first night of orientation, they wanted to start classes."

University officials began contemplating opening a law school in Boise, which is about a seven-hour drive from Portland, in 2007. They pointed to an unmet demand for legal education in the city — the closest full-service law school was the University of Idaho College of Law in Moscow, 300 miles away. Moreover, the Portland market was already served by Lewis & Clark Law School, with both the University of Oregon School of Law and Willamette University College of Law within 100 miles. 

Moreover, there was no part-time law program in the state, Silak said. Some 30 percent of Concordia's inaugural class is attending part time.” [Emphasis mine]

I love how these cockroaches chirp about meeting supposed “unmet needs” for more “legal education” - in a weak attempt to justify their deci$ion to open a new diploma mill. When will we see a new law school, exclusively for left-handed, gay women?!?! Perhaps the ABA can issue a study to see if this group is under-represented in the “profession.”

Boise’s “Massive” Population:,_Idaho

“As of the 2010 Census, Boise's city population was 205,671. The Boise metropolitan area is home to about 616,500 people and is the most populous metropolitan area in Idaho, and the third most populous metropolitan area in the U.S. Pacific Northwest region (behind only the Seattle, WA and Portland, OR metropolitan areas). It is also the 104th largest U.S. city by population.” [Internal citations removed]

As the 104th largest city in the nation, in terms of population, Boise, Idaho MUST be in dire need of its very own law school! Can someone please tell me why this thriving metropolis does not have two ABA law schools?!?!

Actually, Sloan’s article continued with the following info:

“Annual tuition is $28,500 — well below the average $39,184 for private law schools, according to the ABA.

The school apparently has received significant support from Boise's legal community. Each student has been paired with a mentor attorney or judge — and the school has plenty of volunteer mentors, Silak said. They will teach professionalism and ethics plus nuts-and-bolts skills including records-keeping and interacting with clients.

"The law school is located right in the heart of downtown Boise. We are steps away from the largest courthouses in the state," she said. "The students have unique access to the legal community."

Concordia won't be the only game in town for long — the University of Idaho is slowly establishing a satellite campus in Boise. It already offers third-year courses and recently received preliminary state approval to add second-year courses. Eventually, that school plans to offer a full three-year curriculum, giving students the option to attend in either Moscow or Boise, said dean Donald Burnett.” [Emphasis mine]

It appears that $28,500 is the default tuition rate for new ABA-approved trash pits. Keep in mind that the Indiana In$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTe of TTTTechnology will open a law school in 2013 - and is also set to charge this ridiculous amount in annual tuition. If someone purchased several doublewides - and provided bookshelves, a few couches, running water, a printer, fax machine and an internet connection - I’m sure that the ABA pigs would have no problem if tuition was around $28,500.

The Chri$tian Commode’s Mi$$ion $tatement:

“Concordia University is a private, nonprofit, liberal arts school that enrolls students committed to making a positive impact on their communities. The establishment of a law school is a natural extension of Concordia's mission as a Christian university to prepare leaders for the transformation of society.”

Yes, adding to the legions of debt-strapped, broke-ass college and law grads is going to help revolutionize the world, right?!?!

“Mission and Values Preparing Leaders for the Transformation of Society Concordia University and the School of Law are committed to preparing students for lives of meaningful vocation and service. The law school will provide a challenging, supportive, learning environment that integrates faith, learning, and civic engagement in the search for truth, social justice, and an informed voice of reason.”

As with most corporations masquerading as religious institutions - for the tax-exempt status and other benefits - this university only cares about one value: making lots of money! Case in point: according to this page, Concordia is part of a network of 10 colleges and universities affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod.

Conclusion: Boise does not need one law school - let alone two ABA trash pits. Then again, the bastards who run these commodes DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN what happens to their students upon graduation. After all, the administrators and faculty members are paid up front, in full - while the students and graduates will be left paying the bill for the next 20-30 years, with interest. The pigs’ salaries are not tied to employment “placement.” The schools reap ALL of the benefits of the federally-backed student loan $y$tem, while bearing NONE of the risk!! Isn’t this a great and wondrous industry?!?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crusty Fourth Tier Turd: University of Northern Kentucky Salmon P. Chase College of Law

Tuition: Kentucky residents attending this foul pile of trash on a full-time basis, for the 2012-2013 school year, will be charged $16,562 in tuition. The bitches try to downplay this amount, by providing semester figures. Out-of-state full-time law students are facing a gigantic tuition bill of $35,204 - for the 2012-2013 academic year. I almost forgot to mention the special Metro Rate for those who permanently reside in “select” counties in Indiana and Ohio: those idiots will only pay $26,780 in tuition, for 2012-2013.

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, other costs amount to an additional $16,618, including student fees of $192. As if the pigs did not anally rape these poor lemmings thoroughly enough, with tuition costs.

By the way, ABA-accredited trash pits furnish living costs for nine months. Seeing that actual law students will need to pay rent and purchase food, gas and other necessities year-round, we will calculate a more accurate figure. With twelve month room and board, transportation, and miscellaneous costs, additional expenses round out to $21,150. As such, look at the following total estimated 2012-2013 COA for full time students: Kentucky residents, $37,712; non-residents, $56,534; and Metro victims, $47,930.

Ranking: At such prohibitive costs, surely this must be one hell of a law school, right?!?! If you believe that, then skip over the next sentence - and make yourself a sandwich. US “News” & World Report rates the Univer$iTTTTy of NorTTTThern KenTTTTucky $almon P. Cha$e Commode of Law as a rotting fourth tier outhouse! Who wouldn’t want to take out such monstrous debt, for a chance to attend this prestigious, elite “institution of higher learning”?!?!

Employment Placement: Check out this telling admission:

“Employment information was available for 168 of the 179 total graduates in the Class of 2011. At nine months after graduation, 149 graduates (89%) were employed, 17 graduates (10%) were seeking employment and 2 graduates (1%) were not seeking employment.”

If the pigs had based this number out of the total of 179 total members of this cohort, that “placement” rate would be a mere 83.24 percent. Perhaps, the 11 JDs who did not provide their status to the commode were simply too embarrassed to report their big-ass salaries. Also, the toilet notes that only 50.3% of employed 2011 graduates reported working in positions requiring bar passage!  This school charges massive tuition, and yet produces miserable results for its students and grads.  Then again, the pigs' salaries are not tied to the outcomes of their graduates.

Take a look at this pathetic page for the dung heap’s supposed Career Development Center. The bastards provide the consumer and student with PDF files on how to dress for interviews!

“Dress For Success At Your New Job Interview

Briefcases Direct LLC has made 2 free downloads available for their popular handbooks discussing proper attire for professional job interviews. These books are basic guides to help you put together an outfit for a job interview and present your best self. Appropriate business casual attire is also discussed. Downloads are available at: 
- (Guide For Men) 
- (Guide for Women)”

Yes, this is the true hallmark of an academic powerhouse. Do these files include gems such as “Making sure to wear pants to the interview” and “Wiping away drool on your chin before entering the reception area”?

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTTTy of NorTTTThern KenTTTTucky JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $79,238. Furthermore, 71% of this trash can’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled.

Keep in mind that Salmon P. Chase appeared on the $10,000 bill/ Federal Reserve Note. He was Secretary of the Treasury under Lincoln, and the bastard later served as chief of The Supremes. There could not be a more apt name for a grossly overpriced fourth tier trash can.

Conclusion: Avoid this festering pile of excrement at all costs. If this school provides you with a no strings attached, full-tuition scholarship - and a date with Miss Kentucky - run in the opposite direction. Take a step back from cliff, and ask yourself the following question: If you were an employer, would you hire someone who earned a JD from something called the University of Northern Kentucky Salmon P. Chase Commode of Law?!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Institutional Idiocy: Indiana Institute of Technology to Open a Law School in the Midst of a Fundamental Restructuring of the U.S. Economy

In chess, the term “brilliancy” is sometimes applied to a spectacular game which often features creativity, unexpected moves, sacrifices and sharp attacks. We are not dealing with anything of this nature with the subject of this entry. In fact, this may be one of the biggest blunders recently committed by a supposed “institution of higher learning,” in this nation.

“I Have a Bright Idea. Let’s Open a Law School in the Midst of the New Economy!”:

Elie Mystal reported that this garbage heap was planning to open a new law school, on May 18, 2011. The entry was labeled “Indiana Tech Moves Forward With New Law School Plans. Can Nobody Stop Them?” Read this biting excerpt:

“Does somebody have to die? Does somebody have to commit suicide? Does somebody have to leave a suicide note that reads, “I just couldn’t go on paying off the debts I incurred from going to law school”? What is it going to take before somebody, some organization, some kind of regulatory authority steps in and prevents universities from opening up debt-generation shops under the guise of providing legal education?

There have been some recent successes in the fight to get people to think before they open a new law school. Plans to further saturate the legal market with expensive J.D.s have been tabled in North Texas and Delaware.

But this is a game of whack-a-mole that can’t be won without regulatory control. The Indiana Institute of Technology is going forward with its law school plan, because no one will stop them… 

I’ll start where we have to start when discussing a possible new law school. TaxProf Blog reports that tuition will be $28,500 at Indiana Tech Law. That’s $85,500 over three years. You could go to the well-established law school at Indiana University – Bloomington, a top 25 law school, for less money (assuming you’re in state). [Emphasis mine]

Hell, if a law student shot and killed a dean, a “law professor” and another student, the school would likely receive full ABA approval. This exact scenario took place at the then-provisionally-accredited Appalachian Law School on January 16, 2002. Keep in mind that the pigs only care about money! Human lives mean nothing to these thieving bastards.

The Toilet is Offering Early Admi$$ion$:

On August 28, 2012, the NaTTTional Juri$TTT published a piece entitled “Indiana Tech to offer unique early admissions process.” Read the following portion:

“Indiana Tech will accept early applications from Sept. 15 to October 31, 2012 for Fall 2013, the year the Fort Wayne, Ind. school will open.

“For those who have said that they really want to attend Indiana Tech and do not plan to apply to any other law schools, we can speed up the process and reduce their application costs,” said Assistant Dean for Admissions Jessica Anderson. 

The law schools plans to identify and admit applicants as quickly as possible. A reduced application fee of $25, down from $50, will be required at the time of application.” 

The school is hoping to lure in more mental midgets who have limited options, pertaining to obtaining a “legal education.” Plus, the rats know that law school applications are down significantly. They need to attract students from a smaller pool of lemmings.

But the Commode is Hiring a Bunch of Minority Faculty Members!:

On August 8, 2012, Jack CriTTenden posted an article on National Jurist, under the headline “Indiana Tech hires minority dominated faculty.” Take a look at this comical paragraph:

“Indiana Tech Law School, which expects to open in Fall 2013, hired its first faculty members — AndrĂ© Douglas Pond Cummings, Victoria Duke, Guadalupe Luna, and Phebe Poydras. The new hires are all minority women, except for Cummings who received his J.D. from Howard University. Peter Alexander, who was previously at Northeastern School of Law is African-American.” 

The sewage pit will charge an estimated $28,500 in annual tuition.  But the university is hiring a bunch of women and minorities to teach at the commode. So that makes everything okay, right?!?!

Accreditation Qualifier:

“The Dean is fully informed as to the Standards and Rules of Procedure for the Approval of Law Schools by the American Bar Association. The Administration and the Dean are determined to devote all necessary resources and in other respects to take all necessary steps to present a program of legal education that will qualify for approval by the American Bar Association. The Law School makes no representation to any applicant that it will be approved by the American Bar Association prior to the graduation of any matriculating student.” 

At least, this vile mass of vomit does not make any such claims to its applicants. Of course, this is pretty much the one area where the school could guarantee a positive outcome - since the ABA basically accredits any building with running water, bookshelves and an internet connection.  We’ll see how they ethical they are in a few years, when employment placement figures are published.

Conclusion: The Indiana Institute of Technology does not give one damn about its future students. The administrators realize that law schools are cash cows to the universities. Why should a brand new law school – at a trash pit of a university – be allowed to charge $28,500 in annual tuition?!?! The state of Indiana, with an estimated population of 6.5 million residents, already has four law schools – including those at Indiana-Bloomington and Notre Dame. Good luck competing for jobs with those name brands and alumni networks. Hell, that is akin to fighting a professional boxer, with one arm tied behind your back - while hopping on one leg.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Humid, Second Tier Waste Pile: Georgia State University College of Law

Tuition: In-state residents attending this public toilet - on a full-time basis - will be charged $12,912 in tuition - for the upcoming school year. Non-resident, full-time law students will face tuition costs of $32,592.

Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, Georgia State University Commode of Law is the 58th greatest, most magnificent law school in the entire nation. In fact, the puddle of rat piss shares this rating with the following schools: Lewis & Clark; Temple; and the University of Richmond.  Yes, that is one hell of an accomplishment!

Pathetic Employment Placement Data: The commode furnished the following intentionally ambiguous statement:

“Of the 186 graduates in the Class of 2011, Georgia State College of Law has detailed employment status information for 166 at nine months after graduation. The College has detailed self-reported salary information for 126 of 166 employed graduates.”

Notice how the bitches and hags do not even bother to furnish an actual employment percentage. Apparently, the school is relying on law students being mathematical dunces. If the thieves mean that 166 grads were employed within nine months of graduation, then this “placement” rate is 89.25 percent. However, the school merely may have collected employment status for those former students. In that case, this a meaningless stat.

Also take a look at the pie chart that the commode provided. Based on that graph, 25.9% of the employed members of this cohort ended up working in Business or Industry. If you earned a JD from this trash pit in 2011 - and ended up working at PetSmart or selling insurance policies for State Farm - then you were included in this category. These “in$titution$ of higher learning” are such beacons of integrity and ethics, huh?!?!

Georgia State Law Grad/Barista:

On August 31, 2010, KEYTLaw reported on CNN’s coverage of Georgia State University Commode of Law grad Shannon Hodder’s outcome. The piece was entitled “So Sad: 09 Law Grad in Top Half of Class Works as a Coffee Barista for $7.50/hour.”

Shannon Hodder graduated from Georgia State University – in the top half of her class. At the time this video first aired, she owed $60K in student loans, and earned $7.50 an hour as a barista!! According to this clip, Hodder worked in the DA’s office during law school, and sent out more than one hundred resumes – resulting in one interview and no callbacks. As a licensed attorney, she also accepted part-time jobs and unpaid internships. When this video went live, she lived with her fiancĂ© at her grandmother’s house. She was also raking in $12 an hour as a law clerk at 15 hours a week, at the time. Such outcomes are the hallmarks of a prestigious law school, right?!?!

Purported Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Georgia State JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $19,971. Sure, this amount is correct - and the Giants just added me to their 25 man playoff roster. According to this same document, 78% of this trash can’s 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled.

On August 11, 2012, Paul Campos reported on the ABA’s announcement that more than one dozen law schools provided incorrect average law school indebtedness figures. The entry was labeled “Character and fitness.” Check out the following portion: 

“Other schools whose average graduate law school loan totals almost certainly are going to end up being multiplied by roughly three: Georgia State, Southern, Texas Southern, and one I haven't mentioned before, Drexel.”

Faculty and Administrator Salaries: Thanks to Open Georgia, we can see how well the pigs are doing, in contrast to their students and recent graduates. Steven Kaminshine rolled around in $225,000 in salary, as dean of this ABA garbage heap - for 2011. He also received $6,598.76 in travel expenses. Roy Sobelson “earned” $178,919.04 as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and “professor of law.” The Freud doppelganger took in $1,257.32 in travel costs. Their colleague Anne Emanuel raked in $146,635 in salary - with no travel budget - for teaching wills and trusts, as well as criminal law and procedure.

Conclusion: This school is a pile of rancid excrement. You will not be served well by incurring additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, and pissing away three years of your life absorbing archaic legal theory. Hell, this school does not even have the balls or decency to publish its employment placement rate!! If a law school cannot provide such basic consumer information to the public - and to potential students - then it is CLEARLY not worth a damn.
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