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A Crack in the TTT Foundation: Vermont Law School is Cutting Back on Staff – and Making Faculty Non-Salaried

The Splendid News:

On January 18, 2013, Valley News published an article from Jon Wolpers, under the headline “Vermont Law School Gives Buyouts to 10 Workers.” Check out this excerpt, from this glorious piece:

“The downsizing comes as a result of fewer applications over the past three years, VLS officials said, a problem that exists for law schools nationwide as potential students, dissuaded by a lack of open law jobs, don’t bother to apply.

[VL$ spokeswoman Carol] Westberg said that about 200 students are set to graduate with juris doctor degrees this spring. She said the school is predicting between 150 and 170 students to enroll this coming fall. 

“Essentially, law schools across the country have to figure out how legal education is changing, and how to deal with fewer applicants,” Westberg said.

Although the school’s faculty members haven’t been affected yet, [pre$idenTTT Marc] Mihaly said that a similar buyout program is in the planning stages for professors.

That plan would have professors retain their titles, but no longer be salaried, instead working on a part-time or class-to-class basis. 

“It’s really not a separation, as much as a change in status,” Mihaly said. 

Those offers will be sent to faculty members in early February, he said. He was unsure of the amount of full-time positions that would need to be excised, saying that depended on next year’s total enrollment.

“We just don’t know where we’re at yet,” he said. “We’ll know more mid-year.” [Emphasis mine]

I cannot wait to see these overpaid, under-worked law school pigs bring home less loot, each pay period! When you consider how many students these trash heaps have financially ruined every single year, you should not have any sympathy for the thieving bastards. For $ome rea$on, the parasites chose to release low-wage workers before getting to the foul “educators.”  Evidently, this makes great economic sense to these blowhards.

The Commode’s Financial Health:

Let’s take a look at the 2011 Form 990 for Employer ID No. 23-7251952, i.e. VermonTTT Law $chool. On the bottom of page 1, line 22, you will note that the “no-profit” corporation reported having only $26,523,138 in total net assets, as of June 30, 2011. That is a very small endowment, for a supposed “institution of higher learning.”

Under line 12, you will see that the private, independent garbage heap had $36,613,766 in total revenues, for that particular tax year. Line 18 shows that the school’s expenses exceeded total income. Specifically, the toilet spent a total of $36,707,377 for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. This equates to an outflow of $93,611. By the way, this was before the commode announced that it was expecting much smaller class sizes.

Scroll down to pages 17 and 18 of this tax document, i.e. Part VII – Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees. There you will see how the toilet could cut some of its overhead expenses. For instance, Geoffrey B. Shields, then-dean and “president” of the trash heap, raked in $322,005 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for this specific year. Yes, the bow-tied clown – who holds a BA in Economics from Harvard College – made $306,445 in reportable compensation, plus $15,560 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.”

The following figures represent TOTAL COMPENSATION: David Firestone “earned” $174,924 as a “law professor” and supposed expert in Environmental Law. Oliver Goodenough received $172,954; and Marc Mihaly took in $194,336, before becoming dean and “president” of the cesspool.

Tuition: Full-time law students will be slammed with a big-ass tuition bill of $45,207 – for the 2012-2013 school year. Apparently, the pigs have not considered lowering these prohibitive costs - as a way to attract more applicants and students.

Ranking: At such extravagant costs, this must be one hell of an academic institution, right?!?! Well…according to US “News” & World Report, VermonTTT Law $chool is rated as the 119th greatest, most magnificent and prestigious law school in the entire land. What a truly impressive accomplishment, huh?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Vermont Law Sewer Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $136,089. Hell, 86 percent of this class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled in school.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, VermonTTT Law Sewer is a grossly overpriced dung pile, which provides its students and graduates with abysmal job prospects. You simply DO NOT NEED to incur an additional $150K-$185K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in order to perform a “public service” or supposedly save the environment. Everything boils down to economics. Unless you come from a wealthy family, you acquire more “education” so that you can improve your employment outlook and increase your earning potential. Try purchasing a home or starting a family, while owing such immense sums of “educational” debt. All of you who helped make this movement possible should rejoice over this news. Let’s make sure to keep these pigs’ feet, faces and asses to the fire!


  1. The profs are going to be working on a part time basis?

    I thought that's what they were fucking doing right now. Only they're getting paid outrageous sums of money. Make sure to pay these worms for their part time work.

  2. As a former adjunct, I welcome these motherfuckers to my former personal hell.

  3. Nando, I'm glad you made a full article out of what I sent you! Hopefully declining admissions will force some of these degree mills to shutter for good.

    If these con artists gave a damn about the future of the legal profession or maintained a shred of professional ethics they'd cut tuition IN HALF, take across-the-board salary cuts, and scale back the length of time needed to graduate. But they don't, they're in and out for the buck and don't give a damn.

    But you reap what you sow. Declining admissions means less money coming in, and sooner or later these overpaid pigs will be on the unemployment line with the JDs they suckered out of three years of their lives and long-term financial health.

    Unfortunately it's not all good news though. Some people are still trying to get in on the sinking ship and suck some money off the bloated, diseased cow before it collapses in on itself. Behold, Florida Space Coast School of Law:

  4. “Essentially, law schools across the country have to figure out how legal education is changing, and how to deal with fewer applicants,” Westberg said.

    I love this rat's PR-driven mode of thinking. Legal education isn't "changing" you ponzi-schemer. It's SHRINKING being uncovered for what it is: a con by ivory tower vermin who never had the heart to go out into the world to stake their own claim. They're panicking because the fiction they built is crumbling in front of them.

    The Emperor has no clothes. And everyone is starting to figure it out.

  5. It's been a while since I done been on dis here internets thingamajiggy. I fell asleep behind da fuckin' fryers 'n nobody done did notice shit. 'xcept when they didn't get no paycheck. Then (and only then) did somebody wake meh up ‘n pick my carcass off the ground. Da floor was sticky too. Ain't dat somethin'?

    Ennyway, 'nuff 'bout mah ol' decrepit self. Lemme jus' say dis. These schools get'st'a pay they faculty whatever the fuck they feels like. 'Cause they be gettin' dat gummint money every year. I don'ts gets shit from them fuckas. I's a real biznessman. If we's don'ts be sellin' enough chickin er biscuits er fuckin' cole slaw guess what happens to dat franchise. The owner shuts dat mo'fucker down. Unless he be wantin' to bleed money outta his asshole fo' a little longer.

    Jus‘ t‘ shows ya what a southerly gentleman I is, here's an offer t' da displaced law professor folk who gonna be gettin' busted down t‘ part time status soon. Ya cans comes works fo' The Colonel. How does cleanin' out some gotdamn grease traps be soundin' to you rights 'bout now? If ya don't likes dat, we can train ya on how t' run da cash register. (knowin' how much you likes dat good ol' money in yer mitts ‘n such.) 'N I ain't gonna lie t' ya. Ya don'ts gets t' spend hours on bullshit skolarly research either. I 'xpects ya t' work fo' ya earnin's. Got dat, part-time law professa asshole?

  6. These bastards need to reduce tuition to $6-8K per year. Then they can yap about versatility, critical thinking skills, forthcoming baby boomer retirements, and the rest of their self-serving scammer nonsense. Law school will be a rip-off for a majority of students, but it won't be a life-destroyer.

    However, I don't want to see them fire the groundskeepers or the janitors. The way to reduce tuition is to either replace faculty with adjuncts, or vastly reduce the pay of full-time faculty.

    I look forward to the day when law school administrators approach their faculty and say: here are your choices--you can accept a "voluntary" reduction in salary from $174,924 to $80,000, or we will close down this school as financially nonviable, and you can try to make a living practicing environmental law.

  7. It's disgusting, but all I can say is FUCK THOSE CUNTS! The next story I read better be about a law professor suicide. And the one after that. And that. And that. And that...

  8. Ok,...this REALLY DOESN'T MAKE SENSE...why would they first of all be cutting back the groundskeepers/maintenance of the Vermont Law School when they are an essential part of it??? they are the ones that keep it neat. They should cut off the "non essential PROFESSORS" FIRST...

    I'm 110% sure that the supposed "non essential groundskeepers/janitors" actually really NEED those jobs for an income for their families, not like the highly overpaid professors who already more than likely work for someone, have their own law practice or something else during the day.

    This is hypocrisy at it's worst by that school not taking into account the staff who really NEED to go.

    I surely would not attend a law school where they have overgrown grass and filthy bathrooms and other services...for $46,000+ PER YEAR NO!

    That the first overall impression you get of any particular place wherever/whatever it is when you see how maintained the grounds and facilities are....

    Also....on the other hand....yeah...VLS will cut back, but that sure as hell won't stop the "Cooley Train" or other law schools opening up schools all over the place =(

  9. For a scam that worked so well for so long the faculty would be better served taking tiny reductions in pay so the lawn mowers can stay employed and they reduce the schools negative press.

    However when a scam is about to crash, the crooks try to instead squeeze every last drop out of it.

    I can't believe my application to the Space Ghost School of Law won't happen now. Vermont here I come.

  10. Put the profs at that shithole to use. Have them clean the toilets and mop the floors each morning.

  11. You realize just how unethical law school (and other academic) administrators are when they cut "non-essential" workers. Most of them are local people or immigrants who don't have a lot of other options for employment. And, in Vermont, there really aren't very many job opportunites, period, save for seasonal ones. Those profs come from elsewhere and, as a commenter pointed out of Prof. Campos' blog, the best and brightest, or most ambitious, leave the state to realize their dreams.

    Don't get me wrong. I love Vermont. But you go there to live after you've made enough money to get out of the rat race. An acquaintance of mine, who is a native of the Green Mountain State, says as much. She is a lawyer who graduated about a decade ago, before the collapse of the profession. She's doing some pretty lucrative work and says that after she saves enough, she's going back to Vermont to do wills and deeds and such. "You really can't make a living on that, much less pay off those loans students have now," she says.


    On January 25, 2013, Derek Tokaz/BL1Y wrote a Business Insider piece entitled "Anatomy of a Law School Collapse." Take a look at this opening:

    "What if you made a law school and no one showed up?

    That may well be the reality facing Vermont Law School this Fall.

    While many schools are facing a shortfall of applicants, Vermont has been forced to take the unique step of downsizing its staff. [vnews, sorry about the paywall] The school gave buyouts to ten of its staff, and laid off another two.

    Not a particularly large ax to fall on the administrative heads, but the school has announced that professors will be next. Professors would get to keep their titles, but would effectively become adjuncts."

    Later on, the article focuses on the financial situation facing VermonTTT Law Sewer:

    "But the problems for Vermont extend beyond just a decrease in new students. Vermont is also taking in less money per student. Yes, like every law school, Vermont has hiked its tuition, going from $38,800 to $43,500 over the last 3 years, but unlike many other schools, this hike in tuition has been more than offset by a significant increase in scholarships.

    Here are the scholarship stats from 3 years ago:
    Students receiving any award: 62.9%
    Awards of less than half tuition: 58.4%
    Awards of half to full tuition: 4.0%
    Full tuition: 0.5%
    Median award amount: $7,0000

    And here's the numbers for last year:
    Students receiving any award: 66.6%
    Awards of less than half tuition: 42.0%
    Awards of half to full tuition: 21.3%
    Full tuition: 3.3%
    Median award amount: $15,675

    Those full tuition awards are like losing another 2.8% of your revenues, and the increase in half-to-full awards are like losing another 10% (somewhat offset by fewer less-than-half awards).

    So rather than dropping from 190 new 1Ls to 154, it's more like a drop from 190 to 130. And Vermont requires only a 2.5 GPA to maintain scholarships; we don't know what their curve is, but we're guessing they don't have a particularly high scholarship attrition rate. To make up for that shortfall in tuition, Vermont would have to sack about 10-15 professors, roughly 15-20% of its full time faculty."

    As I noted in this main blog entry, the “non-profit” corporation already spent more money than it received, for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. The margin was slim. However, keep in mind that this private, independent trash pit has a very small endowment. Compared to established univer$itie$, the commode’s total end-of-year assets are a spit in the ocean, i.e. such a small school is vulnerable.

  13. Those fucking parasites should clean the bathrooms at KFC for a living.

  14. Just think: If Vermont Law closes, this country will lose its best Environmental Law program!

    I guess I'll have to look into Space Law. Or maybe Latte Law.

  15. Why does a state of 600,000 residents need more than 1 state-run law school anyway? Considering the closeness of New Hampshire and Massachusetts (which is busting at the seams with law sewers) an argument could be made Vermont doesn't need even a single law school. There aren't any major industries (insurance, government, pharma, healthcare, communications, etc.) headquartered up there that demand any sort of legal services. You couldn't even make a modest living as a solo criminal defense attorney since they're all aging hippies that sit around eating ben and jerry's ice cream. It's an economic desert. People in Vermont don't even respct this shithole school.

    First the groundskeepers go, then when the place looks like a dump with five foot high weeds and no one is attending all they have to do is board up the windows and padlock the damn gates. One day it'll be like one of those old mental asylums that kids go break into.

    Keep up the good work Nando! When people google half these shitty schools your website is the first thing that comes up! This blog plus negative word-of-mouth from us mopes who learned the hard way will be the downfall of these bastards.

  16. Krokus "Eat the Rich"

  17. That a good point about letting go of the groundskeepers, which might turn out ot be a big mistake.

    Nature reclaims all, and it doesn't take very long for that to happen.

    I remember when a once posh and very popular restaurant closed down and how, within two years, the place looked as if it had been abandoned for over twenty years.

    The weeds grew odd and tall and everywhere, and choked the parking lot and building. Vandals broke the windows and plywood was put in the place of the windows. Paint peeling etc.

    But that was just one property. I have seen many a derelict, abandoned business and property go that way.

    And one thing I always found kind of ironic is that the name of the derelict and abandoned restaurant or business will remain, typically on a big and fading sign either on or in front of the business on a pole or a stand.

    And I guess that is because it costs money to remove the sign or name of the business, and no one either has or wants or is motivated to spend the relatively nominal cost to take the sign down or cart it away.

    And so Dr. TJ Eckelberg silently remains and watches over the valley of the ashes.

    If you live long enough, you see all kinds of ironic stuff. Imagine if, in 20 years, some of the abandoned law schools ended up looking like this:

  18. The chickens are coming home to roost. I love it! I have a holiday in my heart after reading this! The day of reckoning is upon the law school pigs!

  19. You guys think these profs even understand those concepts? I mean they should.

    Colleges understand the importance of sellling themselves. ANd they are in the business of competing for students among thousands of other colleges. How much money is devoted to appearances? Landscaping, plant ops and capital improvement usually get big budgets.

    What's one of the first things you see on college brochures? The campus, the fall leaves.

    You always want to put your best foot forward. Whether as a person or institution. That's why you don;t see beautiful women advertising they have athlete's foot or their bipolar disorder. And why they still wear makeup and pretty clothes

    You could be the perfect job candidate and you wouldn't volunteer to the interviewer that you have a tendency for drinking on the job. Or wearing women's panties on your head while you watch Saturday morning cartoons. Or that you beat up your landlord when you were 18 but he didn't press charges. These landscaping cuts really could hurt the school.

  20. Finally, law schools are getting a taste of what law graduates have been dealing with for years. Law schools have killed the golden goose by overproducing graduates and increasing tuition. I would love to see many full time faculty, that have never practiced law, have to go into solo practice and have to talk to an actual client.
    This profession sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Unless the law professors are going to take out the trash, police the grounds for refuse and operate lawn mowing equipment, it is a terrible idea to let go of the groundskeepers and support staff first. I am sure there are law professors at Vermont that are either on sabbatical (which is in itself an unspoken part of the higher education scam) or have light teaching loads. Those professors should be targeted for the buy-outs, not the people who keep the school looking nice. This decision just goes to show how fucked up and narrow minded these sonsofbitches are. They are delaying the inevitable and perhaps even accelerating their own demise. It couldn't happen to a better group (excluding the groundskeepers who are getting a raw deal).

  22. For any 20 or 30 something kids that are thinking about taking out student loans, here is how six figure student loan debt affects the credit score:

  23. Our work is starting to pay off!

    "Avoiding Law School In Droves" by Karen Sloan of the National Law Journal January 28, 2013

  24. Nando,
    Congratulations! Yours was for a long time a single voice calling the schools to task for their greed.
    But you're only half-way there; until the Federal student loan spigot is turned off, there will still be schools to take advantage of the gullible and sadle them with $$$ in non-dischargeable debt. So next: stop the flow of Federally insured money to these educational pyramid schemes.

  25. The brochures will have pictures of the grounds from years past, when they had groundskeepers.

  26. These motherfucking law school deans and professors created a huge mess in the legal market. The legal profession is TOO SATURATED. We have reached Thunderdome conditions for practicing law with all the competition for the few paying clients left out there. The market will now correct itself by forcing most of these diploma mills to close. I cannot wait to see these deans and professors try their hand at private practice. Those assholes will finally know what it is like for a cop to be sent to prison to meet his "victims" or "collars."

  27. I cannot stress enough the importance of blogs like this. Prospective law students use the internet primarily when researching schools they are stupidly thinking about attending. This website is so important as it comes back as a top search result when googling many law schools.

    This is the internet generation and this site is supplying them with the truth and knowledge needed to wisely choose NOT to go to law school. This is why the amount of people taking the LSAT is at its lowest point since 1983. This is why Vermont Law is cutting groundskeeper (and soon professors). This is why they are cold calling. This is why the pigs are writing Op-Eds in a pathetic display of desperation trying to keep the fiction going.

    Thanks to people like Nando, we are at a point of critical mass. The momentum is in our favor. The wind is at our backs. We'll be standing on the summit watching the swine run for cover as their schools start to close. And we'll bask in the glory of knowing we always had truth and rightousness with us while they only had deceit and fudged statistics.

    The jig is up you bastards.

  28. Thank you for the kind words, 8:36 pm. I am proud of my work in documenting the law school cartel. I remember when ball-less shills would claim that these scamblogs were "pointless." How often does a small group of committed people - with the truth on their side - beat the hell out of a billion dollar industry?!?!

    I will continue to flush these turds down the commode. After all, they have FINANCIALLY RUINED legions of young people. The law school pigs lured people in with their false employment placement and starting salary figures. Once, the mainstream press - and educators such as Brian Tamanaha and Paul Campos - called the bastards out, then the commodes started publishing more accurate numbers.

    People who had their hearts set on law school then had to do a cost-benefit analysis. Notice that those with higher LSAT scores are now avoiding law school at a much higher rate than the lemmings who scored poorly on that TTT exam.

    On April 10, 2012, the Atlantic published Jordan Weissmann's piece entitled "The Wrong People Have Stopped Applying to Law School." Take a look at his biting remarks:

    "Among the many unfortunate developments in higher education over the past decade, one of the most talked about has been the law school bubble. In the heat of the recession, a record number of students decided that it would be a good idea to dive six-figures into debt for a shot at a legal career. Many were lured with utterly misleading job placement stats, as well as a stubborn misperception that law was still a safe career choice, that a J.D. even guaranteed a living wage. Once they graduated, many realized otherwise.

    Last month, the Law School Admissions Council (a.k.a., LSAC) published data indicating that the bubble finally seemed to have popped -- a merciful development, as I put it at the time. The number of LSAT tests administered has plummeted over the past two years, and fewer students are accepting admission. This is a happy turn of events. The fewer grads being funneled into an super-saturated industry, the better. (Full disclosure: I used to work for a law firm.)

    Yesterday, LSAC released a new bit of evidence* that law school has finally lost its luster. Applicants are down more than 15 percent for the year. But there's one problem: The wrong students have stopped applying.

    Take a look at the chart below, which shows the number of applications from prospective students in each LSAT range for 2012. Here's the take away: The number of students applying who probably have no business going to law school has dropped the least. The number of students applying who probably should be going to law school has dropped the most."
    Here is Weissmann’s conclusion:

    “So the smart kids got the memo. Law school is largely a losing game, and they're not going to play, even though they can probably count on a better hand than most. Meanwhile, the number of laggards applying has barely budged.

    Maybe that's just what makes the smart kids the smart kids.”

    Now, the overall number of applicants has declined sharply over the last two years. This is great news. However, keep in mind that the law school cockroaches will seek to delay their demise. We need to continue bringing the heat to these bastards.

  29. I think it is idiotic how the administrators of this school believe they will save some money by firing the low wage earning groundskeepers. The law school higher ups would buy more time by unloading dead weight faculty. I hope these same groundskeepers harass the town inspectors to fine the law school when they fail the sanitary and municipal codes for grass height, etc.

    1. You see this mentality everywhere; for example, the Mormon Church has abandoned having full-time janitorial staffs at their churches. Salt Lake City wants the churches everywhere to volunteer to clean themselves up, while at the same time they rake in anywhere from a quarter million to one million dollars from each church. Now COJCOLDS is not in the dire straits of the lawl skools, but forcing people to clean up their churches while the Salt Lake elect spend 8 billion on a shopping mall shows more than a little myopia, yes?

      (The LDS does have zone janitors who go from church to church, but they only hit those churches at most twice a year.)

  30. At least the groundskeepers and janitors work year round keeping the place looking nice. They aren't overpaid and they don't go on fucking sabbatical for pointless, bullshit research.

    Yeah, let's get rid of the low-paid, hard working guys first. Makes perfect sense...if you're a law professor that sucks dick at math.

  31. Well since the trough at Vermont Law is shrinking the pigs have to kick some out and keep sucking up as much as they can before it's over.

    With all their education and lofty rhetoric the law school "academics" turn into cut throat wild animals when they are slightly threatened.

  32. The following charts report ABA applicants and applications for each of the past three falls. Looks like the scam is starting to fall apart ...


    On November 26, 2012, Business Insider published a piece from Abby Rogers, under the title "Vermont Law School Prepares For The 'Revolution' With Staff Cuts." Check out this opening:

    "Vermont Law School is cutting staff in preparation for what its president and dean say are revolutions sweeping the legal profession and higher education, Dave Gram reports for The Associated Press.

    The law school is offering voluntary buyouts to its staff and might soon do the same for its faculty as it deals with increasingly small enrollment.

    The school expects to graduate a little more than 200 lawyers this spring, a number that drops to 150 for its class of 2014.

    "When our enrollment goes down, we have to downsize," law school President and Dean Marc Mihaly told the AP."

    Cockroach Marc Mihaly apparently believes that it is better - and more cost-effective - to release the low-paid workers first. Hell, dead skunks have a deeper understanding of economics than this supposed “educator.”

    Paul Campos posted a January 23, 2013 entry labeled "Vermont Law School to start buying out faculty next month." He copied and pasted the entire Valley News piece - and then added this hilarious parting shot:

    "P.S. Prospective students should be sure to check out VLS's #1-ranked environmental law program."

    I am truly enjoying this news. In the end, these lying pigs are not entitled to rake in ridiculous salaries, for their minimal amount of "work." Let's see how many of these "law professors" waltz into Biglaw firms. Remember, these swine love to state that they could make more money practicing law, but they teach instead as a "public service." Of course, law firms do not pay you to conduct meaningless academic research. Plus, they expect you to work more than 4-6 hours per week.


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