Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ABA-Accredited Toilets Experience Another Big-Ass Drop in the Number of Applicants

Commodes Facing a 38 Percent Plunge in Applications, From Two Years Ago So Far:

On January 28, 2013, the National Law Journal published Karen Sloan’s piece “Avoiding law school in droves.” Take a look at this excerpt:

“Nearly everyone in legal education expected the number of law school applicants to fall off this academic year. But they weren't prepared for this.

As of mid-January, 27,891 people had applied for seats in American Bar Association-accredited law schools. That represented a 20 percent decline since last year (and 2012 was hardly a banner year itself, as the number of applicants fell by nearly 14 percent.) If the trend holds through the final months of the admission cycle, law schools would see a 38 percent crash since their peak in 2010.

"I am surprised by the extent of the decline," said University of St. Thomas School of Law professor Jerome Organ, who has been tracking law school enrollment and economic trends. "I had anticipated a decline, but possibly a more moderate decline than the last two years."

It looks like one for the record books: Upon seeing the application figures from the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law professor Deborah Jones Merritt decided to research the last time U.S. law schools had attracted such a small applicant pool. She couldn't find records before 1983, but at no time during the past 30 years had the applicant totals slipped below 60,000. (There were 175 ABA-accredited law schools during the early 1980s; there now are 201.)” [Emphasis mine]

You are welcome, bitches. Here is Sloan’s conclusion:

“Law schools face an even more pressing problem than merely filling their classes, said Washington University in St. Louis Law School professor Brian Tamanaha. He is the author of Failing Law Schools, a scathing critique of legal education in this country.

"The class of 2010 was really the peak enrollment year, and that class graduates this spring," Tamanaha said. "Although we had smaller entering classes in 2011 and 2012, having that larger class helped fill out enrollment. When that large class is replaced by a much smaller new class this fall, the cumulative effect will be quite significant."

Schools will need to make up for those lost tuition payments. Several have already cut staff, and faculty could be next. "Now we're going to see some program cuts," Tamanaha said. "Our situation will change quite dramatically." [Emphasis mine]

Of course, the law school swine will make sure to release low-wage staff members and adjuncts first. Apparently, that makes the most economic sense to these academic thieves.

LSAC Data on Decreasing Amount of U.S. Law School Applicants:

Make sure to review the LSAC charts labeled “Three-Year ABA Volume Comparison.”

“The following charts report ABA applicants and applications for each of the past three falls.

As of 01/25/13, there are 217,432 Fall 2013 applications submitted by 30,098 applicants. Applicants are down 20.4% and applications are down 22.8% from 2012.

Last year at this time, we had 56% of the preliminary final applicant count.” [Emphasis mine]

When you scroll down to the bottom two graphs, you will note that, in contrast, there are 4.3% fewer applicants to Canadian law schools, resulting in an increase in applications of 0.7 percent. Perhaps, Canadian law schools don’t financially ass-rape their students as severely as their American counterpart “in$titution$ of higher learning” penetrate their victims' colons. 

Coverage of the Huge Decline:

Elie Mystal’s January 28, 2013 entry was labeled “Law School Applications Crater.”  Check out this opening:

“We’ve been following the decline in law school applications as prospective law students figure out that the pot of gold at the end of the law school rainbow isn’t available for everybody.

Today, we have a look at new numbers that show an even more precipitous drop in applications for the class of 2016 than many had expected. So far, applications are down 20 percent from where they were in 2012. Law school applications are down 38 percent from where they were in 2010. 

If you’ve been wondering why we’ve seen this proliferation of law school deans and professors making spurious arguments in favor of going to law school, this is why.”

Academic thieves love to engage in spin, especially if it means that they can try to extend their scam by a few more years - before they retire.  You know that these parasites do not want to return to practicing law or any other actual job.  Near the end of his piece, Mystal points out why this development is good:

“If you ask me, these kinds of drops in law school applications are not a bad thing. They show that prospective students are becoming educated about the realities of the legal job market. Law school tuition remains high and totally out of whack with the market realities for recent graduates. Law schools have benefited for years from misinformation they fed to prospective students. Now that students have a more transparent look at the truth, the market is reacting properly. 

Of course, I’m not a law school dean with my job on the line.” [Emphasis mine] 

Conclusion: ABA-accredited trash pits are going to become much less selective, in their admi$$ion$ process. You can be certain that the overall first year class will not be close to 20 percent smaller than last year’s cumulative first year enrollment. The commodes will not be content with less revenue. Expect the pigs to “reduce” their incoming class sizes by roughly 10 percent, from last year. At what point will these stench pits admit people who can correctly select the state capital of California - from a multiple choice format?!


  1. Now where are the trolls who said the scambloggers were wasting their time?

  2. Lowering the admission standards is a very bad idea.

    Remember the year of the Baseball strike? Even Cal Ripkin Jr. didn't play.

    The owners continued the season with minor league players.

    But it wasn't the same thing, and the fans were very glad when the strike ended and the big leaguers came back.

  3. God bless you and yours Nando for your contribution to the "scamblogging" movement. These law skool faculties have been lying to the public for decades about employment rates, salaries, etc. of its graduates .... and simply didn't give a damn about causing thousands of people to end up living in a debtors prison without walls, forgoing ever buying a car or a house, getting married, or otherwise starting a family. I know of quite a few classmates of mine from law skool who finished in the top half of my class who can't find legal work and otherwise working for poverty wages. Quite a few of them have turned to the bottle or harder stuff in an attempt to cast themselves into oblivion.

  4. 'At what point will these stench pits admit people who can correctly select the state capital of California - from a multiple choice format?!'

    That might leave too much to chance. Some people might pick a big city like San Fran or LA. Law schools would rather provide a large map of the US and have applicants point to the state of California. You'd get less people fucking that one up.

  5. If enny o' mah chickin res'raunts had a drop in customers like dat, I'd close dat gotdayem store down real quick like. O' I'd change up da menu o' get rid of da trouble employees o' manager. Dat's how real biznessfolk like mahself adapt t' da sumbitchin' sityooayshun. We don'ts be fixin' t' git ridda da fuckin' janitors.

    Shit, I's mights even be willin' t' offer mo' coupons o' some sweet mo'fuckin' promos t' try 'n git back some of dem customers we done did lost. 'N certainly some betta customer service. Dat goes without mentionin'. Fuck, some of these shit ass law schools oughts t' hire meh to teach a couple a bidness law class thingies. Betta yet. They ought'sta hire meh as a good ol' 'merican consultant t' da fuckin' deans. I's coulds tell them dumbshits how t' run a fuckin' bizness. Ya want'sta act like a fuckin' biznessman? Ya's gots'ta know how to fuckin' run a bizness.

    1. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!

  6. More bad craziness from the world of student loans. How many more negative indicators does there need to be to show our idiot politicians that this is a serious problem?,0,1361885.story?fb_source=feed_opengraph&ref=feed_open_graph&_ft_=src.19%3Asty.347%3Aactrs.654659947%3Apub_time.1359561137%3Afbid.10151456638569948%3As_obj.5%3As_edge.24%3As_prnt.28%3Aft_story_name.StreamStoryOpenGraphAction_og.recommends_one2one%3Amf_objid.10151456638569948%3Aobject_id.10151456638569948%3Aobject_timeline_token_map.Array%3Aapp_id.306836229411287%3Aaction_type_id.235170989930193%3Amedia_type.1%3Aobject_type_name.article

  7. Professors at some of the shittier law schools better be working on updating their resumes. Stat.

  8. I love reading about this. These numbers will only get worse. Law schools are hoping for an uptick in applicants between now and March but historically speaking, most applications have already been sent this cycle. Sure there may be a few more thousand applicants but even at a general 80% acceptance rate (which is high-when I applied to law school in the late '80s, 1 out of 3 applicants were accepted) this means that law schools will NOT enroll 44,000 people for the Fall Class of 2016. I suspect law schools will continue to kick the can down the road and admit every Tom, Dick and Harry who applies. Look for the acceptance rate to hit 90 plus percent. If this happens, the law schools are only signing their death warrants as these dumber students will have difficulty passing the bar exam and will fail to meet the already relaxed ABA standards. I cannot wait to see how these pseudo-academics fare in the legal profession. It will be like watching a housecat hunt for food in a jungle filled with hungry tigers and lions. It will be a bloodbath and I will be in the frontlines to witness lambs being brought to the slaughter. It could not have happened to nicer folks (i.e., law professors).

  9. Paul Campos posted a sobering entry simply labeled "Endgame," on December 14, 2012. Look at the following portion:

    “[T]he percentage of applicants being admitted to at least one school has been rising for several years now:

    2004: 55.6%
    2005: 58.6%
    2006: 63.1%
    2007: 66.1%
    2008: 66.5%
    2009: 67.4%
    2010: 68.7%
    2011: 71.1%

    In other words, law school applicants were 27.9% more likely to be admitted to at least one school in 2011 than they had been seven years earlier. We don’t have numbers yet for how many 2012 applicants were admitted to at least one school, but since the number of applicants fell by 13.7%, while the number of new 1Ls fell by only 8.6%, it seems certain that the upward trend in percentage of applicants admitted continued.”

    Let that sink in, for a moment. In the span of seven years, law school applicants were nearly 28 percent more likely to gain admittance to at least one ABA trash can. Recently, those earning stellar LSAT scores declined to apply to law school at a much higher rate than those who achieved weak results. Yes, that is a great combination for any industry, right?!?!

    On April 10, 2012, the Atlantic published Jordan Weissmann's piece, employing the headline "The Wrong People Have Stopped Applying to Law School." Check out this portion:

    “Yesterday, LSAC released a new bit of evidence* that law school has finally lost its luster. Applicants are down more than 15 percent for the year. But there's one problem: The wrong students have stopped applying.

    Take a look at the chart below, which shows the number of applications from prospective students in each LSAT range for 2012. Here's the take away: The number of students applying who probably have no business going to law school has dropped the least. The number of students applying who probably should be going to law school has dropped the most."

    The applicant pool will likely be weak again this year. Of course, the law school pigs want to get their snouts and hooves on that federally-backed, student loan money. Expect another increase in the percentage of applicants being admitted to at least one commode.

    Could you imagine if a similar proportion of medical, dental or veterinary school applicants were accepted to at least one school?!?! Real professional programs limit entry, at the early stages, i.e. well before legions of graduates walk away with $150K+ in additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt and pathetic job prospects.

  10. It's simple supply and demand economics: we have a larger supply of lawyers than what is currently demanded. The pigs must have learned that at some point in their miserable "academic" careers. But they intentionaly misrepresent themselves to lure idiots into their confidence scheme.

    Instead of keeping the standards high and the amount of law schools capped to ensure a pool of intelligent lawyers, we've bottomed-out the system by rapidly expanding the amount of law schools available so anyone with a pulse can get in. By monetizing education in America we've made this next generation life-long debt slaves and ensured the demise of the nation.

    This is happening on the college level too. I know kids who had no business attending college who went to some half-ass university and now they are just working at TGI Friday's with a huge loan to pay off. They should have gone into vocational training or some trade school but were too proud.

    And that's the last point of this mini-rant. We have a country of people who don't want to role up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Everyone wants to go to college and get the office job. The white collar economy is over-saturated. But 1/3 of all our skilled laborers are over the age of 50 and we aren't even replacing them. My brother-in-law in Texas said on some construction project he was involved in they had to bring in welders from Vietnam because they couldn't find any American welders.

    You can only turn around the American economy with shovel-ready projects if you have people willing to pick up a shovel.

  11. But also, this won't stop other law schools from wanting to open up, such as Cooley opening up other campuses. for the LSAT in regards to the wrong people are being admitted, true in a sense and no, because there are plenty of people who do well on the LSAT but don't pass the bar. As an educator myself having given classes at high-school and at university for many years, its not the best way to assess a student and thats it. Not everyone is good at taking the normal "standardized exam" like that within an amount of time allotted. In fact, if it was me, I'd actually give an entrance exam to law school more so based on what the actual bar exam would be like (Of course not the real McCoy but somewhat like it) because I have seen the LSAT and the bar exams, and they are nothing alike. This would give the students a good idea if they would be able to enter law school or not and knowing what the eventual bar exam will be like (because in the end, that's what they have to pass no?)

    This will probably be another item on the agenda in the next few years for Obama, is having an education reform just like the immigration one now is happening. Because it's not just law schools alone doing this. It is also everyday universities that keep upping their prices...

    I know this because I'm a university professor and unfortunately, I see the dirty side to the game everyday where if the university doesn't receive a particular amount of students enrolled before the semester starts, they will up the price or add on extra hidden charges of lets say $100 here, $50 there. It does not seem much at first, but when you multiply that by 5,000-10,000+ students, THEN you see the difference.

    Also, another unfortunate thing is where a law school/university etc,etc CREATE positions that don't even exist i.e.: giving a job to a deans wife as a secretary for a high amount. When they create positions that don't even exist, there's no budget for that position, so they either 1.-Increase tuition,2.-Take it out from the federal work/study program (which is illegal but they still do it, which in turn affects the students work hours on campus).

    Law schools have what I see as 2 options....slash tuition by 50% or give guaranteed scholarships of at least 50%

  12. Someone needs to fly a Blimp over the Superbowl that simply says THIRDTIERREALITY and get this message out to even more people.

  13. Just 3 days ago there was an article on the internet posted called ARIZONA BILL WOULD ALLOW ONLINE LAW GRADUATES TO PRACTICE and that would be a great idea to have cheaper online law schools rather than expensive brick and mortar schools. This way great presentations on video can be replicated as much as cloud computing allows and prices will come down. The rest of the professors will have to look for jobs at McDonalds and they will become as obsolete as music stores. The ABA fights the notion under their bullshit argument that students need interaction with their professors. The only schools I can think of where you need actual interaction are flight schools, bar tending schools, military boot camp, Barbara schools, and training to be a geisha girl at a whore house. Accredited MBA programs by major universities are common now and bringing the price down from competition, plus you save on opportunity cost by still working. If the Arizona Bill succeeds and more states will see more law schools close.

  14. Lawmaker: Allow online law school grads to take Az bar exam

    Posted Jan 26, 2013, 5:29 pm

    Lauren Saria
    Cronkite News Service
    Sharon Garshak of Gilbert always dreamed of going to law school, but her job with an aerospace company and having to support herself made that impossible until she found Kaplan University's online Concord Law School.

    "Despite working full-time at a demanding job, I was able to go to law school and learn the legal principles really well," she said.

    After graduating in 2011, she passed the California bar exam. But she can't practice in Arizona because the state only allows graduates of law schools accredited by the American Bar Association – a list that includes no online law schools – to sit for the bar exam.

    "I don't intend on moving to California," she said. "But without being able to take the Arizona bar, I won't be able to help people."

    A state lawmaker wants to change that.

    Rep. John Allen, R-Scottsdale, has introduced a bill that would allow graduates of online law schools to take the bar exam and become attorneys.

  15. Great NYT article:

    Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut


    "Some, including Professor Hadfield of the University of Southern California, have called for one- or two-year training programs to create nonlawyer specialists for many tasks currently done by lawyers. Whether or not such changes occur, for now the decline is creating what many see as a cultural shift.

    'In the ’80s and ’90s, a liberal arts graduate who didn’t know what to do went to law school,' Professor Henderson of Indiana said. 'Now you get $120,000 in debt and a default plan of last resort whose value is just too speculative. Students are voting with their feet. There are going to be massive layoffs in law schools this fall. We won’t have the bodies we need to meet the payroll.'"

  16. The John Bungsolaphagus says: The overlords, their minions, the law school..I mean law scam administrators ...have been perpetrating the fraud of the so-called legal 'profession' being called a 'profession' and being prestigous for decades and they have conned hundreds of thousands of lemmings who were left holding the bag....before the market crash!

    Now the market crash has pulled the wool off of the eyes of many as lawland implodes and the chickens are truly coming home to roost for the deans and profs. Those same chickens are coming home to roost for the prick lawfirm partners and many others. Good. Fuck all of them devils.

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  18. I wonder if the NY Times will run this story in the Sunday Edition.

  19. I know online schools are bullshit. But at least they get rid of the brick and mortar nonsense. (They still shouldn't be charging so much in tuition.)

    AZ would open up the floodgates if they allow online JDs to get licensed in the state. This seems like an unnecessary restriction placed by the ABA. I mean you don't learn much sitting in a classroom. Most law profs have only limited experience practicing law and most of that was decades ago. What's the harm other than to the ABA?

  20. Oh my god that ny times article just made me smile! I'm literally beaming with joy and co-workers are asking me what I'm so happy about. I can't wait for when the pigs start boxing up their offices and are thrown out on the street. The stand-alone sewers will go first (like vermont law). It will take a little longer for it to effect university-connected dumps to be closed because they have their university to lean on for cash. But you have to start somewhere.

    Major accomplishment Nando. Don't thin you didn't have anything to do with this.

  21. That Times article just made my day. I too am smiling in my little cube. It will be nice to see these liars and thieves compete for real jobs where real work has to be done.

  22. When lemmings think about law school the first thing that comes to mind is a shit-encrusted toilet. They avoid law school and are lemmings no more.

    Tuition increases astronomically because the Boomers know the game is almost up. They don't want to find new jobs, the parasites will wring every last penny from their scam before retiring somewhere nice, maybe overseas.

  23. "There are going to be massive layoffs in law schools this fall. We won’t have the bodies we need to meet the payroll.'"

    LOL! When were non-profits so interested in financials? Once again the thugs let slip their obsession with $$$. Law students are just warm bodies from which cash can be extracted.

  24. Anybody ever watch American Greed on CNBC about all these Ponzi Schemes? I am waiting for an episode where they cover the criminal racket known as law schools and the Deans who are behind it. If you think about it, these law schools stole far more money from Americans than the likes of all the Bernie Madoffs out there combined. The law school Ponzi Scheme is far more sophisticated than the Madoff scheme.

  25. It's good law school applications are down. It's bad that standards are being lowered. In the end we will all pay the price with more desparate lawsuit which reward "the most uneducated, unproductive, and sheisty members of society."

    Let's put the majority blame where it really belongs, the majority uneducated class and their blind allegiance to the Democtracts. (99% blacks voted for Democrats. If it was the same percentage whites for Romney, they'd cry bloody racism. So in a nutshell, we are not allowed to have standards or criticize the "behaviors" and "conduct" of certain "races" (this is itself a pathetic topic. For what about multi-racial people. Who determines what race you are? An interracial couple has two children, one with a lighter complexion, another with a darker, how does tha affect "affirmative action" based on the idiot arbirtary Democrat stadard. Democrats encourage "subscribing to labels" and "superficiality", ergo they are the most racist group of undeducated shysters THEMSELVES!).

    Which two special interest groups are the biggest supporters of the Democrats? Trial Lawyer Associate and Educators.

    In an essance, the Democrats and their supporters are saying that the US should remain an open ended receptacle for "third world people" who are self-entitled and ignorant. These, "same types of people" do not believe that "debt matters" and that there is any obligation to pay it back. This is the very attitude and message being pushed by the Democrats and the Educators.

    I say, while serving the poor and needy may be a noble cause, the Democrats are justifying their short term selfish agenda by saying all that matters is the welfare state, even if it bankrupts the US in the long run. Not exactly the "industrial backbone" of America.

    Obama "lowered" the requirements for receiving finacial aid, and is pushing for financial aid forgivness. In the end we'll pay the price with higher taxes, inflation, and lower standard of living. It makes to since to take from the "savers" who will invest and multiply their money, in order to "give the loser" a couple of more years of living the "american dream". Couriosly, a recent post election survey found that the Hispanics are "living the American Dream". Gee, I wonder why.

    These observations are FACTS. I could care less about what someoen "looks like", only about their disgusting behaviors to expadiate the US decline into a thirld world country in which the most important thing is "race politics". After PI lawyer, civil rights lawyer is the lowest form of vermin. Oh right, Obama is a civil rights lawyer.

  26. ^were you drunk when you wrote this? Here I thought both political parties were shit.

  27. They should close all law schools for a few years and start over from scratch. The current system is out-dated and toxic to the profession. Most full-time law faculty should be banned from legal education. They idly sat by while this whole profession went to shit.

    For far too long, law schools have served themselves at the expense of the profession.

  28. It was all over the news that a giant sinkhole in China recently swallowed 2 buildings. Would be great if a sinkhole swallows a law school the day before classes start. Then I would believe in Divine intervention that saved the poor law students souls.

  29. The online YouTube news video channel RussiaToday had a recent video called CCTV CHINESE SEWAGE EXPLODES ROAD or something similar. When I saw it at first I thought it was a law school until I read China in the title. Ironic this happens the same week of the NYTines article. Maybe these are omens.

    1. Correction to the RussiaToday video title. It is called MASSIVE SEWER EXPLOSION BLOWS UP ROAD IN CHINA.

  30. When you graduate from law school you do not even know how to plead down a speeding ticket to a non-moving violation so you have no points on your license. All you read is archaic cases. Law school would not even teach you how to draft a simple lease for a single family home to rent to a crack dealer. Law Deans now claim they want citizens with practical legal knowledge. You want practical legal knowledge then go to Nolo Legal Publishing and buy all their practical books at a fraction of the cost of even one law school course. Written by practicing attorneys rather than droning scholars talking archaic language. Milo's motto is don't feed the lawyers. Should be changed to don't feed the greedy law deans.



    It appears that a good deal of the rest of the higher education world is built on false promises also.

  32. Nando, I want to thank you again for soldiering on in this crusade against the plague known as the law school scam. I graduated law school in 1991 and despite having worked in Biglaw, in-house and Midlaw, I consider myself a failure in life. Sometimes I wish I had never gone to law school.

    Let me give you a State of the Union Address on the legal "profession." The market is GLUTTED. PAYING clients are harder to come by. No one wants to pay for legal services anymore. I never imagined 22 years out of law school I would be hitting the pavement hustling for clients who are nickel and diming my fees because the law schools graduate kids who don't know how to practice law and undercut on fees.

    It is harder to make a buck as a lawyer these days. Sometimes I feel like Mad Max and I am in Thunderdome struggling to preserve my life. Is this a way to live? Do the lemmings who read the NYTimes and think "wow, I can sneak into GULC this cycle" believe they have a shot of getting it all? I went to law school at a time when it was cheap. I had no student loan debt. I had excellent credit. I bought nice homes, bought a $90K car and been married three times. Yet the law did something to me. It made me a fucking douche, it made me a monster, it created a hunger for money. The difference between me and a greedy law school dean is that I actually bust my ass 70-80 hours a week to make 40% of what that cocksucking dean at New England Law School makes a year. He gets a raise because he gives Chief Justice Roberts a paid jaunt in Malta for the summer. Did I get a raise? NO, I got Obamacare costs. I got higher payroll costs. I may have to cut staff and their hours to avoid Obamacare liability. Meanwhile these son of a bitch deans and law professors host wine and cheese "lectures" and talk about the state of the legal economy and how it is poised to make a comeback. What do these fuckers know? They are not on the frontlines like I am. They are isolated on their ivory perches and so disconnected from reality.

    I stopped giving money to my law school. Two years ago, the new dean of my law school called me and asked me if I would put $10K on a banquet table to sponsor a fundraiser. I told the dean to go fuck himself and hung up. I never got a call from my alma mater again. I wish I could hit that motherfucker in the snout but telling him to go fuck himself felt good.

    I do not know why anyone would want to be a lawyer today. I would rather be a plumber or a cop than be a hack in a suit. Lawyers are disrespected nowadays by every segment of society. Cops hate lawyers. Judges hate lawyers. Joe Sixpack hates lawyers. So why are people willing to still in this day, become a debt slave so you can hustle everyday to land a non-paying client and get no respect from society? It just doesn't make any fucking sense to throw your future away by subsidizing these motherfucking law school deans, professors and administrators who are living high on hog. Stop the madness and starve the beast.


    The law skool scam story in today's NYT is front page, and the most e-mailed article in today's edition. Nando, you and other scambloggers past and present are making it happen. Keep up the pressure and keep working on preventing thousands of people from ruining their lives due to the scam.

  34. I hope 50% of law professors lose their jobs, or are forced to work part-time at adjunct wages. It appeals to my sense of symmetry since 50% of recent law grads either have no job in the profession, or have to work part-time at shit wages.

  35. Nando, you should profile La Reina, Sonia Sotomayor, who recently stated that being a lawyer is one of the best jobs in the whole wide world. This coming from someone who hasn't practiced law for over 20 years and only practiced law for 7 short years between her working for the DA's office and becoming an anointed Federal judge. She is a hypocrite given that she gave an interview in 1986 where she described being a lawyer as being numbing, mindless and full of drudgery. Oh but now that she is one of the nine unelected officials who gets to tell us how to live our lives (e.g., see Obamacare opinion), she can pontificate and revise her earlier statements without consequence. I suppose she has to say all these wonderful things about being a lawyer since it fits in with her embellished memoirs which were probably ghost written by someone else. She is another example of "Let them eat cake" and I am glad Paul Campos called her out. Nando, please profile this bitch.

  36. Sotomayor became a federal judge after practicing law for 7 years--a few years as an assistant DA and a few years at a private firm. How often does that happen? I would think such a feat would take some serious connections.

    1. No you just need to be a product of affirmative action, a program which will still be in place in 20 years when whites will be minorities in most states. Liberal whites giving unqualified minorities advantages and power will be what ultimately destroys this country. Sotomayor is a genius and a legal scholar compared to what's coming. Keep voting democrat you idiots

  37. Today ... a big ass article in the WSJ about the law skool scam:

    Crop of New Law Schools Opens Amid a Lawyer Glut


    Law-school applications are at their lowest in a decade, but that hasn't stopped a handful of colleges and universities across the nation from opening new law schools.

    Some of the new schools are intended for regions where law schools are scarce or are being built to round out a university's suite of professional schools. But many of them are likely to find themselves competing for a shrinking pool of would-be lawyers and sending hopeful graduates into one of the toughest markets in years for law jobs.

  38. You should see the pig judges in NJ. All they have to do is practice law for a few years, weasle their way into a muncipal prosecutor/judge position (over 300+ municipalities in NJ) and then just donate some money to sleazy state senators and a gubernatorial campaign. Then, bam, they're a state judge working 8am-4pm, Mon.-Fri., with clerks and secretaries to do everything for them.

    They also did the numbers and NJ judges get back all the money they paid into their pension in the first 6 months of pension payments after retirements. Then when the state senate sued for changes to the judge pension system, the pigs on the NJ Supreme Court tossed the lawsuit. And half the pig judges are adjuncts at Seton Hall/Rutgers. It's like a mafia racket.

  39. Off topic:

    Here is a good quote from today's New Yorker Magazine by Ian Crouch:

    "Legal writing, save for the prose of a precious few lawyers and judges, has rarely contributed to the literary enterprise."

    Although, on the other hand, I recall that James Dickey, when growing up, used to listen to his father read from important legal decisions and cases.

  40. Thank you for the link to the Ethan Bonner piece entitled "Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut," published on January 30, 2013, by the New York Times. I love this opening:

    "Law school applications are headed for a 30-year low, reflecting increased concern over soaring tuition, crushing student debt and diminishing prospects of lucrative employment upon graduation.

    As of this month, there were 30,000 applicants to law schools for the fall, a 20 percent decrease from the same time last year and a 38 percent decline from 2010, according to the Law School Admission Council. Of some 200 law schools nationwide, only 4 have seen increases in applications this year. In 2004 there were 100,000 applicants to law schools; this year there are likely to be 54,000.

    Such startling numbers have plunged law school administrations into soul-searching debate about the future of legal education and the profession over all.

    “We are going through a revolution in law with a time bomb on our admissions books,” said William D. Henderson, a professor of law at Indiana University, who has written extensively on the issue. “Thirty years ago if you were looking to get on the escalator to upward mobility, you went to business or law school. Today, the law school escalator is broken.”

    Responding to the new environment, schools are planning cutbacks and accepting students they would not have admitted before."

    When discussing ABA-accredited toilets - and their declining applications - it is correct to use the verb "plunge." Hopefully, some of these commodes are flushed permanently. They have collectively ruined legions of JDs and attorneys.

    Look at this closing paragraph:

    “In the ’80s and ’90s, a liberal arts graduate who didn’t know what to do went to law school,” Professor Henderson of Indiana said. “Now you get $120,000 in debt and a default plan of last resort whose value is just too speculative. Students are voting with their feet. There are going to be massive layoffs in law schools this fall. We won’t have the bodies we need to meet the payroll.”

    No one should shed a single tear for these overpaid, under-worked pigs and leeches. They have earned handsome salaries - at the expense of recent law grads. Again, these cockroaches do not give one damn about you, the student or graduate. After all, they are paid up front, in full - whereas you are stuck repaying those NON-DISCHARGEABLE loans with interest, while looking for a decent job in this GLUTTED field.

  41. In the old days, this whole student loan tragedy situation could have been maybe fixed with a superfund sweep, as in take money from here and put it there etc.

    But the country is so deep in overall debt now, the last thing "they" want to do is help out a relatively small group of overeducated and hapless ageing debtors that are mocked with student loan debt.

    So the student loan debtors will have to just get in line and wait until the disaster of 16 or so trillion of debt is dealt with. And God knows when that will be because as History has shown, these things come without warning and overnight.

    Hell, when I was a kid in high school in the 1980's my history teacher told us about how the US was 3 trillion in debt and the teacher scrawled that all across the blackboard and seemed really worried about it and about what a HUGE number 3 Trillion was :)

    But maybe it is all monopoly money?

    Maybe the debt is not real and we are all living in a dream?

  42. Nando, please consider doing an article on judges contributions to their pensions in NJ. After the legislature passed a law requiring higher contributions to their own pensions, this scumbag judge filed a lawsuit and ultimately the vermin on the State Supreme Court declared the original law "unconstitutional" talk about self-interest.

    Anyway, this past November 83% of NJ residents voted to make the pigs pay more to their pensions. It would probably be a good article for your "profiles in judicial excrement"

    Read about it here:

  43. Shit at this rate the law schools will need to accept 90% of the applicants. That'll add to the profession's luster, won't it?

  44. Nando,
    Your blog is beyond hilarious, not to mention a very important forum to change an awful part (the legal system/law school racket) of American society.
    Can you see about getting a ticker or creating some sort of testimonial part of this website for counting people who made the smart decision and decided they were not cut out for (low level) law school,thought better of entering this profession, didn't want to waste $125,000 + , etc.?

  45. @5:42PM

    I would hate to be practicing law in NJ. It is a well-known fact that 85-90% of appointed Superior Court judges in New Jersey never tried a case as a lawyer before becoming a judge. Some of those judges hardly practiced law at all. The appointments are all political favors, motivated by campaign contributions, donations, cash in envelopes, etc. The true victims are the NJ taxpayers who have to shoulder the burden of paying those obscene judicial salaries and pension plans. I believe judges work 7 or 10 years and get a 90 or 100% vested pension. What's worse is that most of these judges "retire" at 65 but get recalled which means they get to double dip by earning a regular salary on top of their normal pensions. It is truly sickening. Also, these judges are the bottom of the barrel in terms of being able to dispense judges. Most of these judges don't know shit about the rules or laws and often get overturned on appeal. The problem is many people cannot afford to go through the appellate process so the trial court judges get away with incompetence.

    Put it another way, the law school scam isn't the only scam in the legal profession.

  46. @8:51 am,

    Thank you for the link to the following story. It is great to see that the mainstream media is continuing to highlight the law school gamble.

    On January 31, 2013, the Wall Street Journal published Jennifer Smith's article "Crop of New Law Schools Opens Amid Lawyer Glut." Read the entire piece, but look at this excerpt:

    "The numbers don't favor these new schools. Last year the pool of law-school applicants shrank to about 68,000, down about 13% from 2011 and more than 30% from the past decade's peak of about 100,000 in 2004, according to the Law School Admission Council, a nonprofit group that administers the Law School Admission Test and compiles admissions data.

    The coming school year looks even grimmer. As of last Friday, only 30,000 people had applied for entrance. That's a 20% drop from a year earlier and the lowest number in the past decade to have submitted applications as of mid-January.

    Ellen S. Pryor, associate dean for academic affairs at UNT Dallas College of Law, said her school aims to serve local college students seeking an affordable, hands-on legal education, and will draw a different pool of applicants than other north Texas law schools.

    "I know applications are down," Ms. Pryor said, but "the fact that nationwide numbers are down doesn't dishearten us from thinking we'll get really good students and fulfill our mission."

    The expansion comes at a crossroads for legal education. Law schools are turning out more graduates than ever—and charging higher tuition—even as law jobs have become increasingly hard to come by. Many law firms laid off lawyers during the economic downturn, when demand for legal services cratered, and competition for what jobs are left remains fierce.

    Members of the law-school class of 2011 had little better than a 50-50 shot at landing a job as a lawyer within nine months of receiving their degree, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis last year. At the same time, some law graduates are saddled with as much as $150,000 in student-loan debt, in part because tuition is rising faster than the rate of inflation."

    As an added bonus, check out this conclusion:

    "The notion that we need to open more law schools is absolutely crazy," said Paul Campos, a law professor at the University of Colorado who contributes to a blog called "Inside the Law School Scam." The current law-school model is unsustainable, given that "there are at least two graduates for every available legal job," he said, adding that educators launching new schools are "blind to the economic realities."

    It feels great to put these pigs on the ropes. Now we need to keep pounding their portly asses into the ground.

  47. Well, I think most of you have valid points. I however, am at a tier 3, with almost a full ride. I have no debt from undergrad. I did well in undergrad with a 3.78, I just couldn't get my LSAT up. I thank god for places like this, without them I wouldn't be able to peruse a career in law. And no, I am not an idiot. I am in the to 15% out of about 240 students. Also, I am not in it for the money, I genuinely want to practice law. So for some of us, yes I agree a minority, these schools are more of an opportunity than anything.

    1. Peruse???

      It's too early to tell if you attending a TTT is "more of an opportunity than anything." After all, getting into a TTT with money is not the hard part; the hard part is getting a worthwhile, bar-passage required job.
      Please re-post two years AFTER you graduate. Only then will your experience be more telling.

    2. No, you are an idiot.

  48. NJ is such a cesspool of corruption. I remember reading this NYTimes article from 2006:

    Notice one lawyer who raked in $186,000 "serving" as a municipal court judge. That fucker was making more than the Chief Justice of the NJ Supreme Court that year. Having clerked in the NJ Courts system, I can tell you that 95% of state judges don't do jack shit. They delegate the work to their chambers staff and come in late, leave early and get on the bench whenever they feel like it. I remember one time, I had to be in court at 9AM and the judge strolled in around 11:30AM looking disoriented and hungover. He didn't apologize for being late or anything. Yet I once saw this same judge sanction a lawyer $250 for being 5 minutes late. There is no justice in our courts.

  49. 3:14:

    Agreed that your situation is different from most. However, you won't necessarily be thanking your T3 alma mater when you try to get a job or carve out a practice in the swamped legal job market--and you realize that it is swamped because of the existence of your and other T3 and T4s.

  50. One time I saw a judge in NJ come in with blood shot eyes and greasy hair. He was disgusting to even look at and stunk like shit with bad breath. He was a double dipper as well before getting his judgeship. He was a municipal court judge in THREE municipalities plus a municipal prosecutor job. He was such a piece of shit.

  51. Nando for President!
    Now that I've got your attention: you've gone from being the voice in the wilderness to being the Prophet.
    But now that the craven law school administrators and professors are on the run, will they give up? No way-the money's too good.The only way to stick a fork in this scam for good is to cut off the money. And that's the Federal loans-feeding the monster, saddling the naive with non-dischargeable debt.
    And it needs to be done soon. These clowns know they've got to scramble, and will be lowering admittance standards so low it will be virtually open admission, just to keep the money rolling in. They have no concern about the lives they ruin. And they've already shown their true nature-every excuse now is related to "serving the underserved" by enticing unknowing URMs into a no job/mountain of debt future.
    The house of cards is wobbling, but the only way to permanently knock it down is by cutting off the money.
    So Mr. Nando, for your next assignement...get teh money cut off. With the money flow stopped, fully half of these diploma mills will collapse.

  52. It was just on the news there is a Tsunami alert in the Pacific Ocean and an 8.0 Earthquake struck. Lets hope a Title Wave slams Thomas Jefferson School of Law and some other West Coast Toilets and washes them away. Mother nature might be able to do what the ABA does not have the integrity to do.

  53. The ABA is part of the scamming legal system. What needs to occur is for legal action to be taken against the ABA for giving any of these for profit schools "Accredation". There must be a back door payoff.

    LSAC, a 501 C3 non-profit (haha, they just make sure that all is paid well so the bottom line is close to zero balance annually) is secretly run by judges and attorneys who want to control who can become an attorney. They are likely part of the Free Masons, an extension or up one level from Masonic Masons, and these people 'believe' that what they are doing is for the good of our legal system. That is what all organizations want to believe but here, the Free Masons or the 33 degree and even higher such as mentioned in an article regarding Jack Kemp, are evil men who are not honorable. This is what is controling the legal system and there are many back door payoffs that likely include; for profit law schools such as Infilaw( Charlotte School of Law, Phoenix Law (riding on the back of the Phoenis School System), and Florida Coastal Law ), and the ExamSoft testing program used not only by MOST law schools but ironically by MOST State BAR EXAMS! ExamSoft has many problems that are well documented on the internet Yet State's continue to use this computer program for their BAR Exams as well as Law Schools! Why? Because I believe these same
    persons as mentioned above are part of ExamSoft, thus they make money. ExamSoft Maribel Olivera started as a janitor and now she is VP of Operations, is this hysterical. The so-called owner of the company cannot fix the program problems? Problems such as: Essay responses disappear, partially disappear or transfer to another question! Multiple Choice responses disappear or move to another answer! These are long standing problems and some ETHICAL LAW SCHOOLS do not require a student to use ExamSoft for their tests. Thus, any law school can manipulate the students tests results for failure (forget passing) and so goes the same for BAR PASSAGE!!! Charlotte Law's temporary Dean Craig-Taylor stated that she has never heard of such program problems! What, and you are a temporary Dean? This information is all over the internet and has been for years and ExamSoft has the same problems ocurring ! This is not by happenstance, this is by design. The method of controlling this illegal legal system we have in the USA. Want more info on Masonic Masons, Free Masons, and The Illuminatae then go to the History Channel for a good hour shocker, or look up Secret Societies on the internet. Back to Charlotte School of Law, part of the Infilaw Consortium, Dean Craig-Taylor is now at the University of North Central Carolina as their "Dean of Admissions". Charlotte School of Law cannot hire a permanent Dean of anything and cannot hire quality teachers, none qualify as professors under University guidelines. This blog site needs key words to bring in every person who searches a law school name. Third Tier my ass, these schools are Fourth Tier. This blog site name should have other links and so you don't loose new law students who register for these slimy schools. The ABA needs to be sued too.


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