Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Provisionally-Accredited, Fourth Tier Pile of Excrement: University of La Verne College of Law


Tuition: Full-time students will be charged $39,900 in tuition, for the 2012-2013 school year. For $ome rea$on, the bitches and hags listed this figure on a per semester basis. Those attending this pile of moist waste as part-time students will only be hit with $25,910 in tuition – for 2012-2013.


Ranking: At such prices, this must be one hell of a law school, right?!?! According to US “News & World Report, the Univer$iTTTTy of La Verne Commode of Law is rated in the fourth tier of American law schools. The students’ parents haven’t been this proud of their children, since they stopped using diapers.


Employment Placement and Starting Salary Data: Let’s take a look at the private toilet’s Employment Statistics for its Class of 2011. According to this PDF, there were 116 total graduates. Yet, only 70 reported that they were employed. This equates to a placement rate 60.3 percent. The school notes that 39 of its graduates - from 2011- were unemployed but seeking work, while two unemployed JDs were not looking for a job. What a magnificent “investment,” huh?!?!

Under Employment Type, the trash heap states that 44 members of its 2011 cohort were employed in law firms. Of this amount, one desperate soul started a solo practice, while 32 law grads ended up working in firms of 2-10 attorneys. An additional eight graduates found work in firms of 11-25 lawyers. These positions comprise 93.2% of those who were employed in law offices.


Check out the dung pile’s chart labeled “Class of 2011 Employment - Salary by Type.” Based on this graph, the average starting salary for those in private practice was $60,014. You will notice that only 32 of the 44 grads working in law firms bothered to furnish their income to the school. Furthermore, take a moment to ponder the commode’s disclaimer: 

“Note: Employment statistics include full-time and part-time jobs. However, salary statistics include only full-time jobs and are based on the number of graduates who reported their salary information. Second jobs are not included in these statistics.” [Emphasis mine]

ABA diploma mills benefit in both ways. The pigs are allowed to include full-time, part-time, legal and non-law jobs as “employment” - even when those JDs hustled their asses off to find work. Yet, the bastards are able to bump up their median and starting salary data - by excluding unemployed grads and those working part-time. This information is used by the “institutions of higher learning” to attract more applicants to law school.


Administrator and Faculty Salary Info: Let’s see how well the academic thieves make out, in contrast to their broke-ass students. Scroll down to page 18 of the university’s 2011 Form 990. The portion is labeled Part VII – Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors.

Allen Easley raked in $277,665 in TOTAL COMPENSATION as dean of this fourth tier trash heap, for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. Yes, he made $250,355 in reportable compensation, plus $27,310 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.”  H. Randall Rubin raked in $186,062 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for “teaching” the following courses: Community Property; Sales; and Legal Analysis & Writing.  Plus, Robert Barrett “earned” $184,267 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the tax year ending June 30, 2011.


Accreditation Status: Take a look at the school crowing about it’s ABA approval:

“The University of La Verne College of Law has been provisionally approved by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association effective March 16, 2012.”

Currently, the commode has been provisionally accredited for less than one year. However, the school has existed for more than four decades.

“Established in 1970, La Verne Law has produced generations of law professionals educated on standards of ethics and service to the community.”

What an amazing accomplishment! This school is truly pre$TTTTigious.  Apparently, the trash pit has a history with the ABA.  This explains why a 42 year old in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion barely has provisional accreditation.


Check out this June 13, 2011 press release, from user "jgarcia," which was entitled “University of La Verne College of Law Dealt Setback.” Take a look at this excerpt:

“The American Bar Association has denied the University of La Verne College of Law’s application for full approval and withdrawn its provisional status, officials announced on Monday. 

The announcement came shortly after law school officials received the news in a telephone call from the ABA. While detailed findings are not yet available, the ABA Council’s overall opinion was that the law school’s first-time bar pass rate, which jumped from 34 percent in 2009 to 53 percent in 2010, had not sufficiently improved.” [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: The University of La Verne Commode of Law is a pathetic, putrid laughingstock. Do you want employers to ask you, in the middle of a job interview, if you earned a JD from an online law school?!?! With this toilet’s history, you may want to field such a question. Laverne & Shirley have more prestige than this festering, fourth tier cesspool. The theme song to that TTTT show mentions “making of all of our dreams come true.” If you enroll in this barely-accredited sewage pit, then your nightmares of financial hell will likely become reality.


  1. Props to the Laverne & Shirley reference!

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  3. Nando the two of us could run a better, leaner, more practical law school.

    If only we had a scansnap and a fax machine. Maybe our alma maters can provide. After all, can't they just accept one more student to make up for the cost ???

    1. Then why are you doing it? Do you think perhaps your self run law school could produce most of the judges in the San Bernardino County Courts such as the University of LaVerne College of Law has done? I bet you think it could....

  4. I jus’ done did come up wit’ some words to a good ol’ classic. I calls it Biglaw Blews. Wanna hear it, here it go? (Not like ennyone at dis shithole college o' law's gonna have t' worry 'bout bein' in biglaw.)

    Yer momma don’t dance (‘xcept in other men’s beds)
    ‘N yer daddy don’t rock ‘n roll (‘cause the stupid mo’fucka works 90 hours a week fo’ a greedy asshole law firm)
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    It’s time t’ go.

  5. They could put this school inside the back of a bunch of 18 wheelers. Call it a mobile law school. And get approved from the ABA.

  6. Ay Don Nando, que inordoro tan inmundo. Usted casi me hizo vomitar el tamal que me comi esta tarde para curar el guayabo que tengo del año nuevo.

    It look like person take shit on the wall in that picture. My lord, my stomach is turning when I see that picture. But I get message Don Nando. The shit or mierda as we call it, can be cleaned from wall, and the toilet can be replaced in less than half a day. When you attend these type of law school, you cannot repair your life in one day. It will take years, decades or entire life to wipe away the money borrow to attend these filthy schools.

    I spoke to my nephew last night, the one who works for a paralegal for a puto Chicano solo in Van Nuys. He is licensed to practice law in California but since graduating, he waits tables and works as a paralegal. It looks like his boss will have license suspended so he ask my nephew to continue doing immigration cases with his license while giving all money to boss while my nephew continues to earn $35,000. I told my nephew to leave but he feel this is his chance to prove he can be a lawyer. I know his hijodeputa boss is endangering my nephews license. In the end, my nephew will lose everything to make a peasants wages.

    It is sad what these schools do to kids. The damage to peoples psychology is more than the damage put on that toilet bowl in the picture.

    Vaya con Dios amigo.

    Attn. Vicente Rojas

  7. The ABA taketh away and the ABA giveth back.

    Happy New Year, Nando.

  8. The school is 40 years old and it's only provisionally accredited? Go find a more disgusting shit picture for this shithole of a law school.

  9. Ay caramba, Nando! There must have been a heck of a lot of liquor flowing for a bathroom to end up looking like that.

    I take that back. The folks who used that bathroom must have been drinking the same Kool-Aid that would cause them to enroll in a school that has only provisional accreditation forty years after it opened.

    Happy New Year!

  10. "The University of La Verne College of Law is provisionally approved by the American Bar Association, making it the only ABA-approved law school in inland Southern California."

    My god, what an accomplishment. It's like Flight of the Conchords when they call themselves "the almost award-winning fourth-most-popular folk duo in New Zealand." Except we're laughing with them, and...

  11. I did not include the following data in the main entry, because I felt that the piece should focus on the school’s pathetic history with low bar passage rates and ABA accreditation. However, I will likely add the following salary info to the article, later today.


    Administrator and Faculty Salary Info: Let’s see how well the pigs did, in contrast to their broke-ass students. Scroll down to page 18 of the university’s 2011 Form 990. The page is labeled Part VII – Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors.


    Allen Easley raked in $277,665 in TOTAL COMPENSATION as dean of this fourth tier trash heap, for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. Yes, he made $250,355 in reportable compensation, plus $27,310 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.”


    H. Randall Rubin raked in $186,062 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for “teaching” the following courses: Community Property; Sales; and Legal Analysis & Writing.


    Robert Barrett “earned” $184,267 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. Check out his school profile:


    Professor Barrett teaches courses in Cyberlaw, Administrative Law, Legal Environment of Business, Business Ethics, Torts, and Bankruptcy, among others, and formerly taught a number of courses in the Law School. He has been a member of the State Bar of California's Business Law Section Education Committee, a frequent Mandatory Continuing Legal Education lecturer for lawyers, and a former Chair of the California State Bar's Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct. He has practiced law in Los Angeles at Latham & Watkins, Skadden Arps, Donovan Leisure, Morgan Lewis, and in his own firm.”

    The school produces garbage job prospects for its students, but the swine do not have the slightest reservations about continuing their participation in the scam. After all, U.S. “law professors” tend to fall into the following categories: (a) willfully ignorant of the job market; (b) somewhat knowledgeable but dishonest; and (c) sociopaths who don’t care how many students’ lives they must financially destroy, as long as they keep getting paid top dollar for minimal “work.”

  12. On May 14, 2008, the trash pit furnished a press release labeled “Allen K. Easley is Named Dean of the University of La Verne College of Law.”


    “Ontario, Calif., May 14, 2008 – The search is over. In the midst of its quest to obtain full American Bar Association (ABA) approval, the University of La Verne College of Law announced today that it has named a permanent dean effective July 1, 2008: Minnesota-based Allen K. Easley.

    With nearly 30 years of successful experience in academia and intimate knowledge of the ABA approval process, Dean Easley will replace Dean Donald J. Dunn, who passed away in January of this year, and Interim Dean H. Randall Rubin, who has served in the law school’s chief post since August 2007 when Dean Dunn began medical leave. A well-respected educator who has served in numerous administrative capacities during his 20 years with the College of Law, Dean Rubin will resume his duties as a full-time faculty member when Dean Easley takes his new post.

    “Finding the right dean for ULV College of Law was no easy task. We are in the midst of applying for full ABA approval, and we have a lot at stake. It was crucial for the search committee to find the right person to guide the law school through the remaining steps in the ABA process. We believe Dean Easley is that person,” said Dean Rubin.”

    Dan Filler wrote a Faculty Lounge entry entitled “More LaVerne Turbulence: Dean Allen Easley Resigns,” back on January 13, 2012.


    “The University of LaVerne School of Law has been going through a series of tough shocks of late. Last year, the ABA decided to deny the LaVerne full accreditation and instead strip it of provisional accreditation entirely. Recently, one of the school's faculty stars - John Linarelli - accepted a position heading the Swansea School of Law in Wales.

    New California bar results show LaVerne's first-time pass rate at 56.3% - not helpful from an ABA point of view. (Remarkably, two other California ABA accredited schools posted even lower California bar pass rates. But even those two schools don't have to suffer the vexation of this accredited school's 5% California pass rate.)

    Now, Dean Allen Easley has announced his resignation effective immediately. I don't envy Philip Hawkey, the interim dean who has to guide LaVerne for the next while.”

    Apparently, Allen Easley did not believe in this pile of corroded waste. Although, I am certain that he was happy to cash those paychecks – courtesy of the federally-backed student loan scheme. What a remarkable institution of “higher learning,” huh?!?!

    1. The reason Easley left Minnesota (William Mitchell) to head to LaVerne was that he was relieved of duties for diddlin' his admin assistant.

      100% true story

  13. I respectfully disagree about the "garbage" job prospects produced by LaVerne. Implicit in this is either a prospect for a job in garbage or, in the alternative, ANY job prospect (even the garbage ones)

    I have seen no such evidence yet. Perhaps we should take a roadtrip to LaVerne and flush out the situation?

    1. Imagree garbage related positions pay more than the graduates from thismschool receive. Lol

  14. dude, I have been reading this blog for a few days and I must say you are a beacon of light protecting unsuspecting ships from entering a sea made up of shit and quicksand. hey, you know about 6 or 7 years ago, I came across a guy who had a JD from Northwestern as he was trying get a job as an after school tutor. I was shocked to see that a Northwestern law graduate was not able to find stable employment whether it be legal or not. I can only imagine what chance these TTTT grads have..

    another funny story, spoke to someone who just started at a dump and wants to transfer to another dump after the first year.. You know what guys, a lot of these people do not realize that their debt is non-dischargable and think that their chances of landing that 6 figure job is pretty high. I have heard this argument that the school it does not matter, its all about the hustle. I take it that the argument is valid but chances of this happening are very very slim.

    I hope one day the situations regarding the student loan changes, whether it be you only start paying off your loan if you make over a certain amount or your loan gets discharged over 10 or 12 years.. I doubt this would happen but we can hope for it just like the thousands of unemployed lawyers hoping to find work. I have a lot of respect for what you do and keep exposing these low lives. I think you should move to schools offering MBA programs as well. its another scam.

  15. Thanks for exposing these fucks. But I must say that toilet is soooo gross. I wasn't that hungry for lunch anyway I suppose.

  16. Best photo yet! Only improvement would be some red specs from bleeding roids but this 9.5 material here.

  17. $40,000 a year for this bottom tier law school in Southern California? The Tijuana cartels should open up a law school. A law school is sleazy like the drug business, the ABA is similar to corrupt Mexican officials, and a law school is just as profitable. Like drugs, law schools can also ruin lives and leave people in debt.

    Why anyone would go to law school today is a mystery, with very few exceptions and especially not to expensive bottom tier law schools. I went to a top twenty law school and it was a mistake. I went when it was not widely know how shitty the legal job market was, tuition was less than half what it is now, and the job market was much better.

    Law school is a garbage education teaching theory, then taking the Bar exam, and later being thrown into a tremendously glutted job market with no skills--add a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of student loan debt and you are talking real misery.

    Law schools have been on a downward trajectory for a long time, where each subsequent year is worse for the next graduating class in terms of debt and opportunity. Oddly, each year has gotten better for faculty and administrators in terms of pay for teaching a few hours a week.

  18. Who is the Dean at this school? The Fonz? Carmine Raguso?

  19. Lenny and Squiggy are runnin' da joint.

  20. This school is a toilet. Know what I mean Verne?

  21. Pulled accreditation? From the fucking ABA? That's like gettign turned down by an AIDS infected whore.

  22. Schlemele, shlemazel Shitlaw Incorporated

    Fuck it, I tried to come up with something better. But then I realized the only thing on this planet shittier than LaVerne and Shirley is the shithouse law skool.

  23. Only in America. If I had invested in Twinkies I could have paid off my Student Loans. They are now selling for a million dollars a box:


  24. That picture is worth a thousand nightmares.

  25. Here's a simple reform:

    If you don't have full accreditation you don't get to charge 30K or more a year in tuition.

  26. Check out this garbage by Prof. Steve Diamond:


  27. The cockroaches at Univer$iTTTTy of La Verne Commode of Law did not furnish Average Student Indebtedness figures, for its Class of 2011. Apparently, the pigs did not provide this information to NALP, either.

    Take a look at the LST chart labeled "Law School Financing." Read the text below:


    “Schools with insufficient data to be included on the below table: Appalachian School of Law, Indiana University - Indianapolis, Inter American University, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, University of California - Irvine, University of La Verne, University of Puerto Rico, University of The District of Columbia.”

    What a beacon of transparency and integrity, huh?!?!


    On March 13, 2012, Paul Caron posted an entry entitled “2013 U.S. News Peer Reputation Rankings (v. Overall Rankings).”

    “Continuing a TaxProf Blog tradition, here is the full list of the 194 law schools ranked by academic peer reputation, as well as their overall rank, in the new 2013 U.S. News Law School Rankings[.]”

    Scroll all the way down to see where this particular trash pit is ranked by deans and "law professors." Yes, the University of La Verne Commode of Law is rated 194th - out of 194 law schools - by academics. Hell, Cooley and Whittier have a better reputation among these ass-hats. Do you still believe that attending this steaming excrement pile is going to improve your economic situation, lemmings?!?!

    In the end, the decision to enroll in professional programs is to increase your earning potential. I remember when waterheads/shills would cry, “You guys focus too much on money! You’re getting an education.”

    For $ome rea$on, these ball-less, brainless turds believe that it is okay for “professors” and administrators to become wealthy - on the backs of the students and taxpayers. Yet, they feign disappointment that ambitious, bright, young people enroll in academic programs, in order to increase their status. By the way, only rich people and morons attend college of graduate programs for “the benefit of expanding their worldview.”

    1. By the way, only rich people and morons attend college of graduate programs for “the benefit of expanding their worldview.”


      What about the people who do it on scholarship, all three of them?

  28. Why doesn't anyone create a real cheap accredited alternative and drive the schools out of business? Use volume pricing: Chicklets chewing gum and a law degree.

    1. ABA accreditation requirements keep cheaper alternative law schools from operating.

    2. LaVerne is about to do just that. Their first time bar passage rate was the third highest in CA earlier this year and they dropped their price by almost 40%. Look out!!

  29. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2257893/Jason-Madsen-Failed-law-student-puts-legal-rights-NAME-eBay-desperate-bid-pay-100-000.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

  30. La Verne is a true shit heap. Easily one of the absolute worst law schools in the whole country. Only a retard would defend this place.

  31. Clearly you have no idea of how law school or the legal industry works in real life. This is classic jdunderground, toplawschools, etc. trash talking by someone who wishes he/she was a lawyer.

    The Feb 2014 bar passage rate was about 85% for my shithole and the July 2014 bar passage rate was 68%.

    I, like my entire study group, passed the July 2014 bar exam easily, whereas the state avg. was 48%.

    I mean, I have a job right now sucking old men's dicks at the pier. But I'm movin' up in the world. And it's all because of my La Verne law degree.

    good luck

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Do not attend law school unless you get into the top eight with a full scholarship? Really? That would account for less than one percent of all law students in the U.S. That wouldn't even support the legal system of a singe state....lol Nando?

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. To the piece of trash calling itself "libertarianation1":


    On June 2, 2015 at 2:51 pm, JD Junkyard poster “JohnDoeee” posted this gem, entitled “Dropping a note…” Look at the following information, Stupid Bitch:

    "... to a would be lawyer. As I was driving home yesterday



    cacrimdefense (Jun 2, 2015 - 6:49 am)

    ... to a would be lawyer.

    “As I was driving home yesterday evening, I stopped in to have dinner at a small restaurant that opened near my office recently. The place was largely empty, so when I entered I took notice of a book located on one of the tables near a rear exit/entrance. It was a phone book-like text for LSAT logic game tutelage/practice/strategy. I opened it up and looked for some manner of identifying information. As I saw none (just some scribbling and notes), I took it to the front counter. When I did, I was advised by the restaurant's owner that it belongs to his son. He quickly told me that his son just graduated from (name of good but not great private university in SoCal) and wants to attend law school. This gentleman, of middle eastern background (an obvious immigrant), seemed relatively jazzed about the idea of his son becoming an attorney. I listened politely and then noted that law school has gotten awfully expensive. His reply was that just about everything is expensive. I simply smiled and placed my order.

    After I finished my meal, the same manual was sitting on the table where I had found it, so when I went to my car, I pulled a business card out of the glove compartment, returned inside the restaurant, sat down at the aforementioned table, and jotted a note on the back: "If you haven't already, check out this website. Regardless of what you ultimately choose to do, good luck! jdunderground.com"


  35. The rest of the original post, from JohnDoeee:

    “If the kid for whom I left the note winds up reading this, here's my two cents:

    I'm about 30 years your senior. People my age are the tag end of the baby boom generation, and the law profession has changed a lot since I went to law school. In the mid-80's, a good law school was pretty much an automatic stepping stone to an upper-middle class life. I attended what is now referred to a Tier 1 institution (although not close to Top 14). I passed up a partial scholarship at Pepperdine to go to this university. My grandmothers paid for a third and I borrowed the rest. Calculating for inflation, when I got out, I owed roughly the equivalent of $65,000 in 2015 money. Hardly chump change, but a manageable debt. I paid it off in total w/in 12 years.

    People w/ whom I work now, however, owe far more than I did. I know plenty of colleagues in their early 30's who are in 150 to 250 K (including undergrad and LS debt), and there is a crapload more attorneys in Cali than there was/were when I entered the profession during our last president's father's administration.

    A lot of people younger than myself will tell you it's a complete scam. I just felt obligated to leave you a note b/c, were I heading into the financial obligation/situation you're about to undertake, w/ today's job market, I would've wanted someone to bring it to my attention as well. If you are already well aware of this situation, I wasn't trying to be condescending. Just a friendly FYI.

    For your edification, I do not regret becoming an attorney, however, that was not always true. I found an area I enjoyed, and have stuck w/ it. I'm not getting rich, but I'm not hating my life inside the office anymore, either. And for whatever it's worth, I have met multiple attorneys from some notoriously weak law schools who are both working and quite sharp: Thomas Jefferson, Whittier, Western State and Cooley (I am purposely not adding La Verne to this list b/c I met a former professor from that school who related that, based upon how they wrote, he found it difficult to believe that many of his students had gone to college). And the folks I'm mentioning are far closer to your age than mine. Check out the threads on this website, however, b/c I know you'll hear different."

    Yes, that unnamed “law professor” at La Verne stated that he found it difficult to believe that many of his students, i.e. mental midgets such as you, libertarianation1, went to college. It must be one hell of an “institution,” huh?!?!

  36. I don't actually disagree with everything you are saying. BTW, I am not as young as you think I am. I realize the prospects for LaVerne Law grads are not going to be near that of the top 14 (Vanderbuilt and higher) however, you have to realize that most of the judges in San Bernardino County graduated from LaVerne Law. I also know many LaVerne grads who are doing well within different areas of law. I don't think you have followed LaVerne lately. The school's bar passage rate is now above average for all ABA schools in CA. They used to accept applicants who did not even have a bachelor's degree. I don't know, but my guess is that today's typical student at LaVerne is a better writer than days of old. An current professor at LaVerne told me that his students at LaVerne have a better understanding of the material than his students did at tier one schools he had taught at in the past. Finally just to update you some more, LaVerne made it to the semi finals in the annual national moot court competition by soundly beating Harvard Law. Earlier in the day before the two Universities faced off, the Harvard students were making comments about how LaVerne could have even got that far. When the judges announced that LaVerne was the winner, the LaVerne students told the Harvard students, "We are LaVerne baby, get used to it."


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