Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TTT Smells of Desperation: ABA-Accredited Law Schools Are Now Resorting to Cold Calling Potential Students

Cold Calls Reported on Top Law Schools:


On Monday, January 7, 2013, TLS user “Cicero76” started a thread labeled “Recruiting call.” Here is the extent of his original post:

“So a certain TTT that I've never even considered applying to or shown any interest in CALLED me today. On my phone. Just to ask if I'd be interested in applying to their law school. Fee wavers over email and whatnot are nice, but I can't imagine if all 203 ABA accredited law schools actually called me and awkwardly tried to talk me into considering them for five minutes. On the other hand, I certainly wasn't considering them before and am now mildly intrigued, if only because of annoyance. 

Did this happen to anyone else today?” [Emphasis mine]

One account-holder, using handle “Cellar-door,” mentioned receiving a call from Mercer’s law school - while several claimed to have been contacted by Indiana and Michigan State. Apparently, the law school pigs are relying on current law students to make the sales pitches. Take a look at this January 10, 2013, 8:43 pm comment, from “Regulus”:

“I've stated this on another thread too, but I also got a call from a poor 3L from MSU who offered to talk with me any time about her law school and said I could call her whenever I wanted with questions.”

Perhaps the commodes are trying to help their customers in their future careers, as insurance adjusters, timeshare sales reps, and broke-ass ambulance chasers. After all, the law school scammers are always claiming to help out their students. By the way, if these are work study wage slaves, then what is to stop the ABA cesspools from counting these desperate souls as “employed”?!?! 

Coverage of This Pathetic Tactic:


Paul Campos covered this development, in his January 12, 2013 entry “She’s just not that into you.”  Look at this portion:

“OK I know what you're thinking . . . it's probably Cooley. Or maybe New England Law. Yes, they're getting desperate down in Hamsterdam . . . but out here in the suburbs, things are still OK, sort of. Well . . .

I got one from Michigan State in Nov.

Uh oh.

Then we hear from Hawkeye Girl:

I got a call, voicemail and follow-up email from some girl at Indiana today... I was realllly glad I missed that call. Talk about awk.

Edit: Other weird part was that she emailed me from her gmail not from her school email.... 

Indiana is the 26th-ranked law school in the USN hierarchy. 

Another poster reports that a random school left a 75% off tuition "scholarship" offer on his voice mail (Remember, none of these people have even applied to any of these places. Does LSAC ask for your cellphone number these days? And why would you give it to them? So you don't miss Bob Post's call, personally offering you admission?)” [Emphasis mine]

When will these commodes start offering a free set of Chicago Cutlery steak knives and weekly ball massages to entice lemmings to take the law school plunge?!?! At what point will these desperate rats start recruiting homeless people to their “legal education” programs?!


On January 19, 2013, Scott H. Greenfield posted a blog piece labeled “The Law Professors’ New Clothes.” Check out this opening:

“While we're sitting on hard benches waiting for cases to be called, the legal academy is hard at work reinventing our profession without us. Massive drops in applications has made their attention imperative, even though there are still enough to fill the seats needed to pay the cost of scholarship. So what if law schools are cold-calling qualified applicants to entice them with Ginsu knives and financing packages? If you spell your name right on the LSAT, there's a law school for you.

This is pretty embarrassing for law schools, forced to reduce the quality of new admits because the smart kids no longer want to lose three years and a bundle of debt to an education that will enable them to get a part-time barrista position. The more upstanding schools are cutting their class sizes, while the less upstanding ones are happily taking their rejects so they can afford the dean's salary.” [Emphasis mine]

The rest of the article focuses on idiotic, pointless reforms peddled by “law professors.” It is nice to see practicing lawyers point out that the law school swine are lowering their pathetic “standards” - in order to continue sucking on the federal loan teat.

Conclusion: Law schools are desperate for asses in seats. The cockroaches realize that fewer people are taking the LSAT and applying to law school. The trash pits are now relying more heavily on LLM students, in order to make up for lost revenues. Tenured “law professors” do not want to return to the practice of law. Hell, they would rather sell crack to school children than work in “the learned profession.” If you are a prospective law student and you receive such a solicitation, make the pigs give you a 90 percent scholarship - guaranteed to be renewed for all three years - and make the sewer rats put it in writing.  Then, tell them that you will get back to them, after you finish looking at new window blinds.   


  1. These clowns are so desperate it's not even funny. Maybe the schools will start sending current students to scour domestic violence shelters for battered women. The schools can then increase their % of female students. And the best part? The greedy fucks can do interviews about how they're helping women and public interest law.

  2. I did shit work in law school. Could not get a job.

    So, I rented a cheap downtown office and...lo and behold... stumbled on to a death case where a guys daughter got hit by a truck.

    Four Million Dollar Settlement.

    Now I get referrals.

  3. When I applied to law school some 25 years ago, only 25-30% of applicants got into law school. Today that number is now at 80%. Are students today much smarter? Not really. Although law school applications have dropped 25% over the past 2 years, I suspect they will continue to graduate the same 44,000 lost souls every May for years to come.

  4. 1106

    You won the lottery.

    On second thought, give me the case name and year. Or it didn't happen.

  5. Keep up the great work Nando.

  6. Exactly. If it is true then it should be no problem providing the case name and year.

    But calling it a "death case where a guys daughter got hit by a truck" sounds a little odd. Like someone unfamiliar with legal jargon making it all up.

  7. 11:06 is a lying shitbag that can't even write at a high school level. My aunt was killed by a commercial truck. Her family didn't get shit. Same thing happened to one of my in-laws.

  8. The thing is many of the people making these calls are graduates of the most recent class. The law schools do count them as employed. Even worse, the schools count them as in either bar passage required or JD advantage positions. You can find out which by comparing the number of grads in law school funded positions with the number of grads working short-term bar passage required or JD advantage positions.

  9. Eventually, the law schools will turn on each other by using negative advertising. Santa Clara's recruiters will say that Davis's and Hastings's employment are false and vice versa. And everyone will slam on Cooley.

    1. ....And Cooley will start suing everybody else, thus bankrupting the skoolz FASTER.


  10. But Cooley has to make sure to sue in MI courts so they can get an old Cooley grad judge.

  11. If anyone would like to continue the debate with Mr. Diamond, you may want to try his e-mail account on the SC Law website:



  12. Vermont Law School just offered buyouts to 10 employees due to declining admissions and will begin buyouts for professors next. Looks like the scam is unraveling as we speak: http://www.vnews.com/news/3896880-95/buyouts-laid-law-members

  13. Thank you for the link, 1:58 pm. This made my day! The only thing that tops this feeling is seeing my infant son’s face the moment I get home from work each evening.


    On January 18, 2013, Valley News published a piece from Jon Wolper, with the wonderful headline "Vermont Law School Gives Buyouts To 10 Workers." Check out this portion of that piece:

    "According to President Marc Mihaly, those who took the buyout offers received severance packages based on the length of time they had worked at the school.

    For the two who were laid off, Mihaly said, “we’ve sort of sweetened the sweet a pot a little” regarding payouts.

    The downsizing comes as a result of fewer applications over the past three years, VLS officials said, a problem that exists for law schools nationwide as potential students, dissuaded by a lack of open law jobs, don’t bother to apply.

    Westberg said that about 200 students are set to graduate with juris doctor degrees this spring. She said the school is predicting between 150 and 170 students to enroll this coming fall.

    “Essentially, law schools across the country have to figure out how legal education is changing, and how to deal with fewer applicants,” Westberg said.

    Although the school’s faculty members haven’t been affected yet, Mihaly said that a similar buyout program is in the planning stages for professors.

    That plan would have professors retain their titles, but no longer be salaried, instead working on a part-time or class-to-class basis.

    “It’s really not a separation, as much as a change in status,” Mihaly said.

    Those offers will be sent to faculty members in early February, he said. He was unsure of the amount of full-time positions that would need to be excised, saying that depended on next year’s total enrollment.

    “We just don’t know where we’re at yet,” he said. “We’ll know more mid-year."

    Of cour$e, the law school cockroaches made sure to terminate non-faculty staff members first. However, the cutbacks will soon affect "law professors." By the way, don't you love how univer$ity admini$trator$ are always spinning stories?!?! Apparently, these academic parasites are only able speak the following dialects: corporatese; legalese; PR/propaganda; technocrat jargon; and meaningless platitudes.

    Lastly, you are welcome for the drop in applications, ass-hats. Prospective law students and the general public are better informed about the nature of the law school cartel. Perhaps your underworked, overpaid “professors” should put down the NYT crossword puzzle, and hit the phones so they can recruit college grads. Then again, these lazy bitches and hags would rather write garbage op-eds in a futile effort to convince the masses that law school is still a wise “investment.”

  14. This has to be one of the most outrageous, stupid, ridiculous statements, any law school dean has made to justify his existence. The main "tax" in law is the bloated salaries paid to law school administrators. Following his logic, since law school faculty probably are pretty well off financially, all law schools should charge much less.


    You have to just hate these fucks! Does anyone buy their bullshit, anymore?

  15. I love watching these fuckers squirm. The noble, high-brow elite. Now the schools are phoning random 0L's in desperation. They will do anything to keep the $$$ flowing. The money is all that counts to these pseudo-academic lowlifes.

  16. Most of the people laid off from Vermont were groundskeepers and low-level staffers. Why didn't the virtuous law profs save them? If they agreed to slight cuts in their massive salaries they could have saved a few positions.

    These fuckheads lecture their students to "give back" to the community, but when their own paychecks are on the line the greedy shits couldn't spare a dime. Those that can't do, teach.

  17. Yeah it makes great financial sense to lay off the low wage saps first, doesn't it? This just goes to show you how greedy these cocksuckers are. If the school lowered tuition or the profs took a pay cut, they probably could've saved those jobs. Greedy cunts.

  18. Nando, check out this lowbrow PR campaign by several law skools (although it gets funny at the end):


  19. Correction to this blog: the entire legal profession is a shit heap. Not just the law schools.

  20. http://jdjunkyard.lawlemmings.com/post/Law-Skools-Now-ColdCalling-Prospective-Applicants-.....-6159738

    On January 12, 2013, JD Junkyard user "GoHerd1" started a thread labeled "Law Skools Now Cold-Calling Prospective Applicants....." Take a look at the comments on this topic. Here is a remark from that site's admin, posted at 1:12 pm on the same day:

    "Michigan State called and left a message and then I emailed and politely asked them to stop calling."

    Totally priceless! Legions of prospective students are going to ask these TTT dumps to put them on the no call list.

    We need to recruit Richard Roma and Shelley "The Machine" Levine to crank up the sales. Nobody can refuse Roma on a sit.

    I can just imagine the sales training....."

    It is great to see these toilets in desperation mode. Lately, we have seen the following developments:

    1. Fewer people taking the LSAT;
    2. A serious drop in applicants – especially among the high scorers - to ABA sewers of law;
    3. Smaller entering class sizes – even though the pigs have become less selective;
    4. Numerous op-ed garbage pieces from $elf-intere$ted “law professors” and deans;
    5. ABA-accredited trash pits offering freebies to attract more applicants; and
    6. Some schools cutting back on staff, or preparing to do so.

    I remember when ball-less, brainless shills – many of whom had their little hearts and minds set on going to law school – were calling the scam-blogs futile or pointless. Where are those bitches and hags now?!?!

    Those with an IQ above 70 understood the reason for employing such a strong tone and disgusting images with each law school profile. We had to grab the attention of the mainstream media. Solid facts alone would not be enough, to accomplish this task. The scam-bloggers relied heavily on the available information, i.e. charts, graphs, ABA statistics on recent graduating classes, NALP employment summary charts and press releases, statements from industry insiders, BLS data, etc. Frankly, we bet the hell out of the pigs with their own info.


    David Segal deserved a Pulitzer Prize, for his coverage of the law school scam in 2011. His first piece was published by the New York Times on January 8, 2011. The article was entitled “Is Law School a Losing Game?” This report was a game changer; it informed the general public about the nature and purpose of “legal education.” After this, a few brave, true educators, such as Brian Tamanaha and Paul Campos, became openly critical of the law school cartel. In fact, Tamanaha had already written about this mess earlier on the Balkinization blog.

    This attracted more mainstream coverage. Once this occurred, the law school pigs were on the defensive. Apparently, it is difficult to operate a scam when tons of potential marks are suddenly better-educated about your fraudulent scheme. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible. To the law school swine, you’re very welcome!

  21. It is harder to keep scamming people when they get informed. Except for when the government gets involved and legitimizes your model.

  22. Now if only we could get loan forgiveness for previous victims of the scam, and force the law profs to pay back those loans.

  23. Hey Nando, I posted the Vermont Law School article originally, glad you liked it. Being exposed to the law school pigs routinely I can tell you that they're all sweating. They don't know what to do to get people through the doors. A family friend of mine is a judge who is an adjunct and he said word around the camp fire at the shit hole he sucks money out of is that they don't know what to do. They are literally freaking out about declining admissions. Hence the cold calling.

    The next bubble in America is the higher education bubble. Get ready for that crisis.

  24. And to the lying hack at 11:06, I worked as a legal assistant for years before taking the law school plunge. The office I worked in did personal injury and we had a case where this poor african immigrant gas attendant was hit by a drunk driver while walking home and he was seriously injured. He got a few thousand dollars (still haggling with the insurance company). And the office I worked in was 10 attorneys, the one partner I worked for a skilled litigator for more than 15 years. Wrongful death suits do not get you millions of dollars like you're describing. If you studied insurance law or knew how insurance companies worked you'd realize this.

    Also, lying asshole, was this a settlement? A jury award? Was there a remittitur/additur by the judge? Which state/jurisdiction? A commercial truck killed the guy? What's the case name? I'll look it up on PACER.

    Fuck off.

    1. We all know the guy is a lying piece of shit. No need to spend any more time on the fake nonexistent death case he described.

      Fuck, if you killed one of the top heart surgeons in the country with you car you wouldn't see a $4 million dollar settlement.

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