Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fourth Tier Flush: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law


Tuition: Florida residents, attending this trash heap on a full-time basis, will face a tuition bill of $14,131.66 - for the 2012-2013 school year. Out-of-state, full-time law students will be ball-punched to the tune of $34,034.59, for 2012-2013. Part-time, in-state students will pay $10,028.92, whereas non-resident, part-time lemmings will only be ass-raped at the rate of $24,153.58.

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: The toilet provides nice, round numbers for living expenses and other costs associated with obtaining a “legal education” at this garbage pit. The bastards claim that these other essentials will add another $25,000 to the tab.

Keep in mind that ABA-accredited diploma mills base their figures on a nine-month academic year, as opposed to an actual calendar year. I have prorated the following items, in order to reflect this situation: room, board, personal and transportation. Doing so, associated expenses amount to $32,667. Do you think that makes a difference to a student’s budget - or outstanding debt load?!?! As such, we reach a more accurate, estimated COA of $46,798.66, for in-state, full-time law students - for 2012-2013. This sum will run up to $66,701.59, for non-residents attending the commode full-time, for the same year. 


Ranking: At these prices, you would expect this “institution of higher learning” to have a solid reputation, correct? According to Pussy Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law is rated in the illustrious fourth tier of American law schools! Their mothers must be very proud.


Pathetic Employment Placement Rate: The fourth tier waste heap furnishes “placement” data, for the Class of 2008. Apparently, the school is unable to provide more recent numbers. The school had 107 graduates, from this particular class. Of that amount, only 72 reported landing employment within nine months of earning their JDs. Yes, 67 percent “placement” rates spell excellence, right?!?! Furthermore, only 50 of the employed grads ended up in jobs where bar passage was required. Very impressive!!


Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the FAMU Commode of Law Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $96,934. By the way, 92 percent of this class took on such toxic debt. Remember that these figures do not include interest that accrues on the outstanding balance, while the student is enrolled in school.


Famous Alum, Alcee Lamar Hastings:

“Graduates of the Florida A&M University College of Law include: 

Alcee L. Hastings, U.S. Congressman - ‘63”

The other two grads listed on this page, earned their law degrees in 1965 and 1968. What an academic powerhouse, huh?!?! The school was re-established in 2000. Evidently, the sewage pit has not produced any distinguished or notable graduates since that time.


Read this David Johnston piece for the New York Times, from October 21, 1989. The article was entitled “Hastings Ousted As Senate Vote Convicts Judge.”  Here is the opening:

“In a solemn two-hour proceeding, the Senate today removed Federal District Judge Alcee L. Hastings from the bench by convicting him of eight impeachment articles, including one charging that he had conspired to obtain a $150,000 bribe.

Judge Hastings sat silently facing the senators as Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia called out on the first article, ''Senators, how say you, Is the respondent guilty or not guilty?''

The vote was 69 to 26, providing five votes more than the two-thirds of those present that were needed to convict. The first article accused the judge of conspiracy. Conviction on any single article was enough to remove the judge from office, and he left shortly after the vote.” [Emphasis mine]

Of course, Florida voters have been dumb enough to re-elect this impeached federal pig judge/ass-clown to Congre$$, every two years, after first sending him there in 1992. Somehow, Hastings "forgot" to include his judicial impeachment on his biography; he lists his law degree, and also mentions becoming the first black person to be appointed to the federal bench in Florida history.

Conclusion: Avoid this fourth tier pile of moist fecal matter - at all costs. What the hell do you expect from a school that is operated by a parent insTTTTiTTTTuTTTTion known as Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University?! You DO NOT NEED to incur an additional $110K-$150K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to practice law. The toilet does not even provide employment info, for its three most recent graduating classes, for which data is available.  Plus, the "placement" rate for the Class of 2008 was weak.  That speaks volumes about the quality of this cesspool.


  1. None of the law school scam matters anymore ....


  2. You know, Florida A&M was a black land grant university, which made it more of a combination trade school and college. Why the hell they would need a lawl skool is beyond me.

    Also, right now the home college is suffering from accreditation probation thanks to some sort of academic scandal last year.....I'd rather fight in the crumbling Wehrmacht of 1944-45 than teach at place like that.

  3. When does the Space Ghost Coast to Coast Law School open? I want to propose to my current girlfriend by dedicating a star in the Alpha Centuari system in her name but it turns out I bequeathed the naming rights to said star to my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me with me former best friend. I want a Space Lawyer to represent me in reclaiming said star so I could rename it in my current girlfriend/future fiancée's name. TYIA.

  4. If ya cants find a fuckin' job aftah graduatin' from this them here ol' shithole law college, The Colonel mights jus' be willin' t' hire ya on a trial basis. Can yas man da register or clean out da fuckin' grease traps ev'ry night? We done serve a shit ton a chickin in Florida. We done surely do, mo'fucka. Come be part o' da fuckin' team. Who da fuck can say no t' mah heav'nly biscuits? Er mah gravy? O' dat good ol' cole slaw? Shit you'd turn down some gotdayem prime pussy befo' ya done turned down The Colonel's offerin's. 'N dat's da fuckin' truth sumbitch.

  5. Well, sure this school might seem a bit scammy, but you can always bolster your credential with an LLM in Food Law from the University of Arkansas.

    1. The only LLM you need after graduating from this shitpile is LLM in Shitlaw. You are going to give free seven hour initial consultations to prospects (with blowjob thrown in by your girlfriend/wife) for the rest of your useless life. Being a lawyer in North America is synonymous to being a loser.

  6. If you go to KFC, your shit might look like the one in the picture. But they don't charge you an arm, a leg and an asshole for their product (unlike the shitty law schools.)

    1. Hey, being lawyer is a calling, it is not a business but a noble profession. As a lawyer you will have a privilege to serve...a very large debt.

  7. My fiancee graduated from FAMU 2 years ago. She made $25,000 last year. Before law school, she was making closer to $50K. And that's not counting benefits. Be forewarned. And don't listen to uninformed people telling you that you'll make good money after law school. I'm telling you those fools don't know anything about the legal profession.

    Just open up the yellow pages and count the number of pages that lawyers fill up.

    My woman is a little depressed too. Her sister is younger and has kids and a better job with security. With only a Bachelor's from a state school too.

    Thankfully I have health insurance. Or otherwise we couldn't afford the prescriptions and treatment.

  8. Maybe FAMU will offer an LLM in Marching Band Law next year!

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    Just pull the string and she will say: "I love you!"

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    2. Yes, she does.

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  10. Yet, another dump, setting admissions standards really low. LSAT scores below 145 and GPA below 2.7.

  11. "Friendship is more important than talent."

    Mario Puzo

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  13. Perfect University to have a law school. There is a lot of manure from the law school piling up to utilize for the university's agricultural school to teach organic farming.

  14. This post, and Strelnikov's comment, show that some institutions outlive their usefulness. Both this law school and its parent university might be such institutions.

    The reason why institutions outlive their usefulness is that there are a relative few people who continue to make money (in some cases, a lot) by keeping such institutions alive. In the case of law schools, those people are professors and administrators. As the institution has less and less reason to exist, those people will do more desperate and unethical things to keep it going. It always comes at the expense of the sort of people the institution might have served at one time, but no longer does because it can't or won't.

    1. Remember the Washington DC Madame scandal where a woman organized an escort ring and she even hired directly from the University of Maryland. Professionals and at least one known college professor joined the high class prostitution ring. That is their true nature at the law schools too, the professors are lying whores and will do anything for money

  15. If you really want to get this website to skyrocket even more. Try to contact 2 alternative news blogs that really love to muckrake and they have updated news links. Heavy on Conspiracy Theory sides but regardless, if one of them posted a TTR news link one time, you will add hundreds of thousands of viewers world wide in a day. Contact the Jeff Rense website and another blog called WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM

  16. It is true that FAMU is a traditionally black university. It is also true that FAMU had a LS in the past but lost it. What the key to FAMU and NOVA getting both brand new LS was: At that time some FLa state representatives felt that there weren't enough minorities practicing law in FLa. What was enough minorities? WHat was the effect? Did it need remedied? Do ask questions like that.
    What I know was there was two options before the legislature. 1) Provide minority scholarships to students to study at existing state institutions, the cheaper. or 2) Give two traditional minority schools NOVA and FAMU a ton of cash to start their own LS from scratch, the higher cost. Which do you think passed? This was knowing full well neither state school could reject any applicant based on race.

    What really got to me about the whole thing was something a LS recruiter told me. The FAMU was gtd ABA accreditation b/c it was a state school! No matter how much the ABA wanted to axe it; it had a deep pocket and state backing so it had to be accredited.

    1. Yeah, but you've got to consider the allure of having an excuse for MASSIVE golden **infrastructure** spending.

      Of course, it's a lie on its face; a new law school building is NOT "infrastructure." It's just a regular structure. But the term polls well to idiots who don't even know what it means, so everyone couches his project in those terms whenever it's time to tout it.

      Every time you hear someone start spraying out the word "infrastructure," you should get a death grip on your wallet - because the speaker is definitely trying to separate you from your money.

    2. A guy I couldn't stand wanted to interface with my infrastructure. I told him to go home and erect his own damn infrastructure!

  17. http://law.famu.edu/go.cfm/do/Page.View/pid/83/t/Clinics


    The State of Florida authorized FAMU to establish a state-supported law school in Central Florida with legislation specifically requiring the College of Law to “develop and institute a program… [s]tructured to serve the legal needs of traditionally underserved portions of the population by providing an opportunity for participation in a legal clinic program or pro bono legal service.” In compliance with this legislative mandate, in 2003 the College of Law instituted its clinical educational program, “The Legal Clinic Program,” when its inaugural class had matriculated to the third year of law school.

    Thoughtfully modeled after other successful clinical educational programs, the Clinical Program offers third-year law students an opportunity to serve traditionally underserved clients under the supervision of the faculty, the bench and the bar. This gives students the uniquely valuable learning experience of wedding legal theory with praxis by assisting real clients with real legal issues. Even though most cases are not resolved through a trial, it is critical for students to understand the pre-trial and trial processes to strategically facilitate the best resolution of a client’s case and to effectively counsel clients in what to expect in the litigation process.

    In harmony with the legislative charge of the College of Law, the Clinical Program’s primary objective is to serve the traditionally underserved population of Central Florida. Thus, the Clinical Program will educate students in the practical art of lawyering, while providing quality legal representation to underserved individuals and organizations. Clinic students have the unique opportunity to handle problems that arise from poverty, inequality and other social ills."

    Yes, that is such a creative name for a clinical program! Do you see how the commode is devoted to “underserved portions of the population”?! The ABA-accredited trash pit failed to mention that the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for their TTTT law degree - reached $96,934. Plus, this USN&WR figure does not include interest, which accrues for three years while the lemming is enrolled.


    According to this site, there are 10 ABA diploma mills, in the state of Florida. However, the list does not include the Tampa campus of TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer. With those numbers, we can see why is was crucial for the state to re-establish Florida A &M University Commode of Law.

  18. The entire system is broken. Back in the 19th and early 20th centuries if you wanted to be a lawyer you'd "read" for the bar exam while working in a law office or with a judge. You didn't even go to law school really. It was more like an apprenticeship. And if you did most law programs were 1-2 years and they cost you a few hundred dollars. When President Nixon went to Duke Law the tuition was roughly $300/semester. President Coolidge never went to law school and just read for the bar exam. Since the education and way of becoming a lawyer was quicker and the cost almost nonexistent you were able to practice law and collect modest fees for your work. You didn't have a $80k debt bill hanging over your head.

    If you study the history of legal education you'll see how the pigs hijacked it and monetized it for their own gain. Since most law school profs, deans, and admins are former govt. officials they utilize the revolving door to keep the schools flush with govt. loan money to pay their own fat salaries. And they rapidly expanded the amount of law schools so there were more jobs for them. They go back and forth from govt. post to academic post all the time collecting six figure salaries. A govt. official gets grant money to a law school and lo and behold after leaving his govt. position there's a cushy professorship for him at the law school where he can teach two classes a week and make $100k/yr. Then they all donate money to elected officials to make sure the money keeps getting steered towards them. Just google "the revolving door" and you'll get more infomation. While traditionally it was restricted to elected officials, lobbyists, and govt. agencies you can definitely add higher education and law schools as another method developed for them to extract money out of the govt.

    The only way it'll end is if there is a mass movement to get people to stop applying. If the applicant pool dries up, then they're screwed.

    1. Th applicant school is already starting to dry up thanks to Nando. Be patient and forward his website far and wide. Law schools are now running for cover. The day will come where the commodes are converted to casinos. At least the odds are better to make money.

  19. There is a core of local economies which are innumerable and which the scamblogging will probably never have any effect on.

    And such local establishments or economies are dotted all across the USA.

    Sure they also vote in local and National Elections.

    Just get off the exit ramp at any town and look at the dozen or more signs for the Rotary club etc that you will see.

    There are established Law Offices with very old books of business, in much the same way there are innumerable other established local service businesses that serve the construction and insurance and health and police and fire rescue and real estate and fast food franchises and churches and schools and Library, museums, tourist attractions and annual festivals, supermarkets, hardware stores, and highway dept and local newspapers etc that are allowed to set up shop based on the terms of the local town governments, and all serve the needs of each other. And they all have a local country club or two, and even a University or two in addition to the other fellow Kiwanis Club and Rotary Club.

    It is all a matter of scale. And that is it and that is life in the USA.

    Kind of like a Sinclair Lewis, or a James Jones novel.

    The smaller law schools serve the needs of the local economies, and by extension, the local city fathers exercise a measure of influence outwards, and even into DC.

    So how is Campos going to have any effect against all of that?

    On the other hand, ILSS might be able to dissuade the would be students in more urban economies with respect to the scam, where family and/or local connections are less frequent.

    But to deny that there is a good old boy network wherever you go, is not to know small town America.

    Put it this way: In the city the people might break your balls, but in the small town country the people will break your heart.

    1. Go to NYC and tell the Gambino family that family connections exist only in small towns
      And not large cities. Open up a cement company for local construction in NYC and. try to keep all the profits yourself thinking there is no GOOD OLD BOYS NETWORK.

  20. Please don't tell me that NYC is full of Mobsters.

    Everyone from outside the area thinks that it is, and that everyone from new york knows Joey Buttafuco and plays stickball in the streets.

    But really, I thought there was no more organized crime and that it is now just a fable, or that if it does exists, it is on a very small scale.

    I mean, what you see in the movies is just the movies.

    But, if that is true, then why not have a special law school just for the Syndicate?

  21. http://www.top-law-schools.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=157455

    On June 9, 2011, some idiot using internet handle "shono" started a TLS labeled "FAMU LAW SCHOOL??" Look at this advice, on June 20, 2011 at 4:11 pm, from Top Law Schools accountholder “PresMacAllen”:

    “I'd imagine that if FAMU doesn't offer you any merit scholarships, you'd have to finance law school through federal or private loans. I think for living/book expenses, you can find that info on FAMU's website.

    With the shrinking legal market and slow growth as of late, wouldn't it be a bit safer to attend a higher ranked school? Even if you're top 5%-10% at FAMU, I'd imagine it might be pretty hard competing with an already over-saturated Florida market with several FL law schools. I think Florida has three law schools that are in the top 100; University of Florida and Florida State University are both bottom tier 1 and University of Miami is tier 2.”

    Check out this response from poster "Wade LeBosh," which was published on June 20, 2011 at 9:18 pm:

    "PresMacAllen wrote:

    I'd imagine it might be pretty hard competing with an already over-saturated Florida market with several FL law schools

    ^^^Unless you already have a job lined up for after you graduate you might want to consider something else.

    If FAMU didn't give you scholarship aid it would be a very bad idea to take out loans to attend there. You would have a difficult time finding a job that pays well enough to repay the loans you took out. You might want to reconsider attending this Fall if FAMU at full price is your only option. What are your other options? LSAT score? GPA?"

    On June 20, 2011 at 9:53 pm, "Grizz" wrote:

    "Wade LeBosh wrote:

    ^^^Unless you already have a job lined up for after you graduate you might want to consider something else.

    This. Retake or don't go due to horrific job prospects."

    What a fantastic and amazing “institution of higher education,” huh?!?! Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that you should avoid Florida AgriculTTTTural and Mechanical Univer$iTTTTy Commode of Law. Of course, simpleton lemmings typically need to be personally ass-raped before they will learn this lesson.

  22. Hey 5:34, good old boy networks exist everywhere. They aren't unique to small town America. I live suburbia and they are alive and well here. Furthermore I have friends in NYC who got jobs in the nypd, fdny, and sanitation dept strictly because their fathers worked there or Mothers were admins in some govt agency in the city. The nepotism is worse in cities because the governmental units are so large they can make room for idiot sons anywhere and it'll be hard to uncover. In the suburbs it's the same deal. And all the lawyers have family members wired into the local governments who push business to them or they get "town attorney" positions(translation: going to a town council meeting once a week for 90k/year).

  23. Hey kids, here's your daily lesson. Say you enroll to a school featured on this blog, such as Georgetown Law CENTER, but you can't find a job after graduation. This is a reality for many GULC grads. Let's say you leave the JD off of your resume and apply to the District Attorney's office and get a job as a paralegal there even though they specifically state that JDs are not welcome to apply for paralegal positions. What happens to you if you are caught leaving off the JD on your resume? Well, you may go to jail much like the person featured on this article:


    Consider this reason no. 3,239,021 for NOT going to law school.

    1. He should have applied for a job at McDonalds instead and kept his JD off his resume.

  24. Heeeeelp! Some sick animal just took a huuuuuuuuuuge rotten "Seton Hall Law" in the office toilet! There is no way this thing is going to flush down! The janitors sre screaming and trying to light themselves on fire in protest!

  25. Cryn Johannsen History--


    1. Cryn is self-absorbed. If she got an adjunct position at a barely accredited school, she'd jump on their bandwagon and tell us all the school is great. Fuck her.

  26. Lemmings have their little hearts set on law school. In a way, I kind of hope the retards keep going to law school. It's not like the shitlings are going to do anything productive with their lives anyway.

    1. Yes, the law school scam is an ingenues one. All these lemmings that are ending up enrolling to skoolz would be otherwise bouncing from one Wall-Mart job to another making meager wages and paying little or no tax. Here comes a law skool enrollment and bingo - the cocksucker and his fucking ass are nailed right to the end of their useless natural lives. Brilliant. These idiots cannot even reproduce after graduation because who the fuck is going to date this kind of unless piece of shit with no future and humongous debt ? Which solves a host of other problems too. In my humble opinion, people like LeDuck at Skooley are national heroes and they have to get annually a merit badge or something during the Oscar awards or President's inauguration speech. Fuck the drug trafficking bullshit, law skool enrollment is the new drug trafficking. And it is completely legal.

  27. What are worthless shithole. See below:

    "FAMU Law School warned its not meeting standards": http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/15/3236527/famu-law-school-warned-it-is-not.html

    "ABA reviewing problems at FAMU law school": http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/breakingnews/os-famu-law-school-accreditation-20130215,0,1296791.story

  28. Thank you for the links above, 10:54 am!


    Look at this beautiful AP story, entitled "FAMU law school warned it is not meeting standards," which appeared on today’s edition of the Miami Herald:

    "Florida A&M University's law school is getting a warning that it is not meeting standards needed to maintain its accreditation.

    The American Bar Association this week sent a letter to FAMU officials detailing problems it found with the law school based in Orlando.

    The accreditation committee questioned whether FAMU was doing enough to prepare students for the exam needed to get a law license. The College of Law currently has more than 600 students.

    University officials have been asked to submit a report by May that shows the university is complying with accreditation standards.

    FAMU officials said Friday they're already taking steps to respond to the criticism. Interim President Larry Robinson stressed the law school remains fully accredited.

    FAMU in December was placed on probation by a regional accrediting organization."

    This school is truly setting some excellent standards, correct?!?! Of course, the rats and cockroaches at the American Bar Association are not that concerned. The worthless pigs merely sent a letter to commode officials. These are the same pieces of trash who signed off on allowing TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer to open a fifth branch, in Tampa, Florida. Could you imagine the accrediting bodies for U.S. dental, veterinary or medical schools operating in a similar fashion?!

    If you truly want to be a lawyer, then hopefully you have been dispelled of any notions that you are going to “fight for justice” – or represent the underprivileged or dirt poor. Keep in mind that the pay for such jobs is garbage. Plus, with this GLUTTED industry, you now have graduates from high-ranked law schools taking those positions. Do you still want to attend this fourth tier pile of moist excrement?!

  29. Going to go on a mild tangent here, since we are talking about Florida...

    The owner of the Florida Marlins is art dealer Jeffrey Loria, and he recently conned the city of Miami into a new ballpark, for which they are on the hook for $2.6 billion!!!!

    How does it relate to Law Schools?

    He sits on the board of Benjamin Cardozo School of Law


  30. From Student Loan Justice.org

    Student Loan Justice:

    A Call for Leaders

    I was dismayed yesterday to read a blog entry by Cryn Johansen, a self-appointed "student borrower advocate" who has been writing a blog for some time now. I use quotes around the title, because while Cryn claims to have the interests of the borrowers at heart, she works for a student loan company, Edulender . This company makes its money by comparing private student loans, and selling related financial aid services.



  31. If, as many seem to say on ILSS, the overall legal system is a disaster, from womb to tomb, and that as Chicken Little says, the sky is falling in, then by whom are clients all across the US currently being served?

    By an established and functioning good legal system? Or a bad one?

    I think it is time to make the issues clearer, and not make scamblogging a general hopper into which all general issues and complaints about the legal system are dumped.

    TTR has a focus, but when well meaning academics got involved, it opened the door to grievances of a much wider scope, and rarely is the well being of the US client that seeks legal services ever discussed over there.

    And what is more important? The needs of the client or patient? Or the needs of the Dr?

    Or does all of that talk about distinguished servers or servants or public service for the public good mean nothing?

    What about the wrongly accused criminal defendant that can't afford a lawyer?

    What do we do? Send him to ILSS and Mack K?

    Over there at ILSS. Over There. Over there:


  32. My ex went to this school. On the hook for 100k, put out numerous applications for law jobs and maybe got 2-3 interviews. She's not employed in law. It's difficult to imagine a future with someone when they owe that much. Whenever I miss her, I remind myself how much she's fucked because of this school. ;)

    1. 100k? She must not have been from Florida. One of the only good things about this school is that it's cheap. It's extremely dumb to go here if you aren't from Florida.

      I'm from Florida and I'm applying to FAMU as a safety. It's a bad school and it's in jeopardy of losing accreditation, but I'm applying to all of the state schools since they're cheap.

      Also, this is a sad reality, but if you go here, people assume you're a minority. It can help you get interviews.

  33. This school is such a pathetic fucking shithole. I mean would you hire someone who went to an alphabet soup school?

  34. Why should going to law school guarantee you a job anymore than a bachelors degree? It comes down to the person! The reality of the situation is if you are goodlooking, personable, or know someone; chances are you will be successful. If you are coming straight out of undergrad and you think "good grades" is what this world is about you have a reality check coming. Either you have IT or you don't. Successful people are successful. How many successful doctors out there went to school in the Bahamas or some bull shit.

  35. I suggest that most posters do some research before you bash FAMU. Politics closed the first law school. FAMU produces results without the wealth of resources that other Florida universities enjoy.

    College of Law Exceeds State Bar Pass Average for the Highest First Time Pass Rate Ever
    April 16, 2013

    ORLANDO, Fla. – For the first time in the history of the Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law, the first-time pass rate of the February 2013 Florida Bar Exam exceeded the state average. At 82.6 percent, the FAMU College of Law beat the state average of 80.2 percent, and also bested five of the eleven schools reported including Florida Coastal, Nova Southeastern and the University of Florida. The score also exceeded the combined passage rate of the non-Florida law schools.

    “We are extremely pleased with the efforts of the administration, faculty and students of the FAMU College of Law,” said Larry Robinson, interim president of FAMU. “This news could not have come at a better time. The examination results clearly demonstrate that the right steps are being taken to ensure that our law students are prepared to enter their profession. Congratulations to the FAMU College of Law."

    FAMU Interim Provost Rodner Wright, who also serves as vice president for academic affairs, was also pleased with the nearly 20-point increase in the passage rate. “It is clear that the university is committed to continuous improvement,” Wright said. “That commitment is evident in the hard work of the administration, faculty and staff of the College of Law.”

    In addition to exceeding the state average for the first time, this rate represents the first time in FAMU’s history that the College of Law scored above 80 percent for either the February or July Bar Exam. The 82.6 percent rate represents a 17.1 point increase from the prior highest rate for February Bar that was achieved a year ago at 65.5 percent.

    “We are very proud of our recent graduates and we commend them for the dedication they have shown to achieve this milestone,” said LeRoy Pernell, College of Law Dean. “These results are a testament to the excellent quality of our curriculum and academic support programs at the FAMU College of Law.”

    The history-making bar passers will return to the College of Law on Monday, April 22 to be sworn in during the college’s ninth Oath of Admission Ceremony in the Ceremonial Moot Courtroom. The Oath of Attorney will be administered by the Honorable Belvin Perry Jr., Chief Judge, Ninth Judicial Circuit. The public event will begin at 6:30 p.m.

    - 30 -

    The FAMU College of Law was founded in 1949 on the main campus in Tallahassee. After graduating 57 lawyers, the law school was closed by the state of Florida in 1968. The Florida Legislature voted to reopen the law school in 2000 and Orlando was selected as the location. The re-established FAMU College of Law opened its doors in 2002 and is now housed in a state-of-the-art facility in downtown Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood. The FAMU College of Law received full accreditation from the American Bar Association in July 2009, and has consistently been ranked in the top five for Diversity by U.S. News & World Report since 2007 -- achieving the top rank on three occasions.

    1. http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-law-schools/law-rankings/page+7

      Yet, Florida AgriculTTTTural and Mechanical Commode of Law is still rated as a FOURTH TIER TRASH PILE - by US "News" & World Report. By the way, bar passage does not equal legal employment, Bitch. Lastly, no employer gives a damn about the level of diversity at your ABA-accredited toilet. Law firms are concerned with the overall reputation of your school, moron.

      Take a look at the following portion of the Law School Numbers profile of your pathetic school:



      Deciding to attend law school requires a large financial investment with the goal of securing employment upon graduation. The Florida A&M University class of 2012 had an employment rate of 64% with 7% pursuing an additional degree."

      I research these toilets extensively, before posting these entries, you piece of garbage. Just because you get hurt feelings because the facts show that FAMU College of Law is filth does not take away from their validity. Grow a brain stem before commenting on this site, douche-bag.

  36. The school has made a turn around. A recent graduate was hired at $200k and went to China.


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