Monday, February 25, 2013

Fourth Tier Toxic Superfund Site: Southern University Law Center

Tuition: According to the trash pit, tuition for in-state, full-time students is “approximately $11,000 per year.” In addition, “Fees and tuition for out-of-state students are about $18,600 [annually].” Evidently, the rats are unable to provide exact figures.  In fact, the school does not even mention the specific school year, for these rates.

Ranking: Let’s take a look at the school’s reputation in the legal and academic communities. Pussy Bob Morse at US “News” & World Report rates SouTTTThern UniversiTTTTy Law CenTTTTer as a fourth tier trash heap. Of course, Morse now refers to this category as “Rank Not Published.“ What a prestigious and spectacular insTTTTiTTTTuTTTTion, huh?!?! By the way, of the SIX law schools located at historically black colleges and universities, only TTT Howard University managed to escape the fourth tier.

Employment Placement Rate: For $ome rea$on, the bitches and hags did not provide this data on the school’s web site. To find this information, we head to the Law School Numbers profile of this toilet. Under Employment, you will find the following:

“Deciding to attend law school requires a large financial investment with the goal of securing employment upon graduation. The Southern University class of 2011 had an employment rate of 76% with 3% pursuing an additional degree.” [Emphasis mine]

Who doesn’t want to spend seven years in post-secondary education, for such anemic job prospects?!?! Remember, ABA-accredited diploma mills are permitted to include grads working as insurance adjusters, temp hag agency stiffs, and JD barristas in their employment “placement” rate.

Supposed Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the SouTTTThern UniversiTTTTy JD Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $22,138. In fact, 100 percent of this commode’s unfortunate 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Keep in mind that this figure does not include undergraduate debt. It also does not take accrued interest into account.

As Paul Campos noted in his July 19, 2012 entry “More on schools reporting false debt numbers”:

“For the past three years, Rutgers-Camden and and Georgia State (at least)* have been reporting false information regarding total graduate debt to the ABA Section of Legal Education and US News & World Report. What these schools have done is to report the average debt incurred by their graduating students in the previous year, rather than the total average debt incurred over the course of law school by their graduates. This "mistake" understates the debt incurred by attending the school by a factor of roughly three.”

ABA-accredited diploma mills are beacons of honesty and integrity, right?!?! Take a look at the author’s concern about these debt figures:

“*The 2011 debt figures for Southern University, Texas Southern, and Barry also look extremely questionable, but I haven't looked specifically into the situation at these schools yet. Drexel has a very low number, but my understanding is that the school's entering class paid very little or no tuition, which may well explain their reported debt figure for the class of 2011.” [Emphasis mine]

TTTT Mission Statement: Check out this nonsense:

“The mission and tradition of the Law Center is to provide access and opportunity to a diverse group of students from underrepresented racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups to obtain a high quality legal education with special emphasis on the Louisiana civil law. Additionally, our mission is to train a cadre of lawyers equipped with the skills necessary for the practice of law and for positions of leadership in society.” [Emphasis mine]

Apparently, the administrators and “professors” are unaware of the realities facing graduates from fourth tier trash pits. Simply “opening the doors” to disadvantaged or underrepresented groups - by admitting them into law school - does not mean that we will see many more of these low-income men and women practicing law, for a living. Again, law is a highly stratified field, i.e. you manage to become one of the relative few to enter Biglaw - or you end up working in non-law positions; performing doc review or engaging in toilet law.

Conclusion: Southern University Law Cesspool is a pathetic dung heap.  You do not need to piss away three years of your life - and incur additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a mere chance to practice law. In the final analysis, “law professors” and deans do not give one damn about current and future students, or recent graduates. YOU are a mean$ to an end. The pigs and cockroaches need asses in seats, in order to grab gigantic bags of federally-backed student loan money! 


  1. When OH WHEN will you profile Harvard!!!! lol

    1. If he's willing to slam even SOUTHERN University, Harvard can't be far behind. Can't wait to see the write-up.

    2. Nando is going to need quite special pictures in order to do a write up of Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. I would recommend johns made of Bronze, Silver, an Gold.

    3. Yes, with a nice golden shit in the gold toilet, a bronze shit in the bronze toilet, but how to get a silver shit? Black and white photo?

    4. Spray paint, naturlich.

  2. Whatcha doin' to mah alma mater? Didn'cha know I's done did gots mah gotdamn law certificate from Southern? It was thru correspondense but I earned dat shit. I even hads'ta read a couple a books ' n shit. Don' be messin' wit' mah fuckin' school now ya hear? C'mon man. Fuck wit' dem other schools if ya want but leave dis them there here shithouse alone.

    It don' ev'n be chargin' much in da way a da tuition ennyway. I was fixin' t' cook up a fresh batch a muthafuckin' biscuits.

    'N then I ran across this. now I's so steamin' mad I can't bring mahself t' finish o' slap t'gether mah herbs ' n spices 'n shit.

    (I done surely did gots int' a fight wit' a fuckin' client in da courtroom 'n lost mah license t' practice da law. I don't be regrettin' dat ' cause practicin' law was da shits.)


      'While working as a railroad man for the Illinois Central Railroad, Sanders took a correspondence course that allowed him to earn a law degree from Southern University. A local judge permitted him to use his law library and local lawyers helped his studies by explaining law terminology. When he lost his job with the railroad, Sanders began practicing law. He had some success in the legal field from about 1915 to the early 1920s, working in the Justice of the Peace courts in Little Rock, Arkansas. Sanders ruined his legal career, however, by getting into a brawl with a client in the courtroom. Although found innocent of assault and battery, Sanders' legal practice was through.'

      Read more:

      Colonel was one crazy dude I guess.

    2. Didn't you go to Touro actually and not Southern U, Painter?

  3. The scum that run law schools like this one are no different than the kinds of slime Jack Newfield used to refer to as "poverty pimps." They sell whatever scheme they concoct or run as "opportunity" for "minorities" who are more than likely to be poor. About the only "opportunities" they create are ones to line their own pockets.

  4. Six HBCU law schools and only one of them is in the third tier? So that means the other five are in the fourth tier. These schools are not helping blacks get into the profession. (You need really good connections to do that.) They're selling them a bill of goods just like any other law scam, er, school. And the students are marks.

  5. Sadly a lot of URMs think a law degree is going to help them. This is just not the case any more. And the professors don't give a shit about them. I mean they sell them on a JD big time. But that's only to get them in the front door. Once they have them on the hook, they could care less.


    “Why Attend SULC

    To prepare students for the practice of law, the program of study is designed to ensure that students graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of civil law and common law. Though emphasis is given to the substantive and procedural law of Louisiana, with its French and Spanish origins, Anglo-American law is well integrated into the curriculum. The civil law system of Louisiana offers law students a unique educational opportunity. The program of instruction examines the historical background of the civil law system and its development in the United States. Fundamental differences in method and approach and the results reached in the two systems are analyzed.

    You will be trained in the art of advocacy, legal research, writing and analysis, legal theory and the social purposes of legal principles. Techniques to strengthen your abilities in legal reasoning are an integral part of the educational objectives of the Law Center. You will also be instructed in the ethics of the legal profession with emphasis on the professional responsibility of the lawyer to society. We develop leaders, and the program of study at the Southern University Law Center will prepare you for varied career opportunities as lawyers in government service, private enterprise, and non-traditional legal-related professions.”

    Yes, legal cut and paste work equates to art, right?!?! For $ome rea$on, the supposed “ethics” of the “legal profession” do not extend to the law school swine, or the ABA cockroaches. If you piss off a client, you can expect sleepless nights and additional stress. In stark contrast, “law professors” and deans can continue to OUTRIGHT LIE to prospective applicants - and tell them that the job field needs more lawyers. Furthermore, law schools can publish false or misleading employment “placement” stats and starting salary figures - for recent grads - and YOU, the one-time consumer of “legal education.” are expected to know better than to trust these in$titution$.

    What a great racket, huh?!?! Thanks to the scamblogs, David Segal and the New York Times, Campos and several others, people are starting to understand this fraudulent scheme.

    On December 31, 2012, Lawrence Velvel published a piece entitled “We Must Break the Law School Cartel.” Take a look at the following portion, from the opening:

    “Failing Law Schools, a recent book by Brian Z. Tamanaha, a law professor who has also been a law dean, savages American legal education--and rightly so. Tamanaha's criticisms go something like this: the ABA accreditors and their allies control and dictate to legal educators. The controllers are the deans, professors, librarians, etc. who use accreditation to force on all schools their desired model of legal education, a model which is beneficial to the faculty.

    Until stopped by the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice in the mid 1990s, they even fixed salaries - at high levels, of course. Teaching loads are low - often just four to six hours per semester. Fringe benefits and summer stipends are high (the latter can reach into the 60 thousands). The number of faculty members is required to be high, so there are plenty of people to share the work and to insure low teaching loads. Buildings are plush. Libraries - which are very costly - are huge, and many expensive administrators are required.”

  7. Why attend SULC

    So we the professors can have cushy jobs and make good money. We need you marks to make that happen.

  8. I find this ironic. If you Google "Community colleges lose accreditation " then you will see how regionally accreditation agencies have threatened the status of community colleges all over the nation recently and some of the reasons is low employment rates for grads. Now these are low cost institutions and students do not graduate with $200,000 in debt. It seems like college accreditation standards applied to community colleges are higher standards than the ABA applies to the dung heap law schools.

    1. ^The low cost option jucos and community colleges have higher standards than shitheap law schools that'll cost you $100K. That is so fucked up./

  9. Campos hangs it up.

    And then there was one ...


    On May 25, 2012, the Advocate – based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana – published a Capital News Bureau piece labeled “Southern University Law Center Graduates 175.” Check out this opening:

    “One hundred and seventy-five graduates are expected to participate in the Southern University Law Center 2012 Commencement to be held at 10 a.m. Saturday in the F.G. Clark Activity Center on the Southern University Baton Rouge campus.

    The group comprises Fall 2011 graduates and Spring and Summer 2012 graduates.

    U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, will give the commencement address.”

    There are four ABA-accredited trash cans, located in the state of Louisiana. I’m sure that the local legal job market can easily absorb all of those graduates, right?!?! Of course, the law school pigs do not give a damn about the anemic job prospects of their graduates. They are more concerned with recruiting the next batch of victims.

    On June 22, 2011, Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. produced a report entitled “Data Spotlight: New Lawyers Glutting the Market.” Take a look at this text:

    “For a while now, major media outlets — and a legion of bloggers — have reminded us that the job market for lawyers is lousy. Some law schools, in light of the dimming employment prospects for graduates, have resorted to grade inflation and other methods to, as The New York Times noted, “rescue their students from the tough economic climate — and perhaps more to the point, to protect their own reputations and rankings.”

    Just how bad is the job outlook for lawyers? According to our quick analysis, every state but Wisconsin, Washington, D.C., and Nebraska produced more — in some cases, far more — bar exam passers in 2009 than the estimated yearly openings for lawyers in those states. The same glut holds true when comparing law school grads, via IPEDS from the National Center for Education Statistics, to the same opening estimates. 1 And when you take into account nuances with the D.C. bar and how Wisconsin operates (see more below), there might not be any states with a shortage.”

    Later on, the authors note the following:

    “On the national level, there were nearly twice as many bar exam passers (53,508) in ’09 than openings (26,239). It should be noted that not all those who pass the bar exam in each state are new graduates. Some law school grads wait several years to take the test. Others take it multiple times before passing (the national pass rate in ’09 was 68%), and some have to take it again if they want to practice in another state. Still, the bar exam data appears to be the best measure of lawyer supply from year to year, with the exception of D.C. and Wisconsin. (We also compiled IPEDS completers by state to see how both datasets match up.)”

    For $ome rea$on, "law professors" and deans ignore this information. In contrast to the law school cockroaches and pigs, EMSI is a neutral observer of the indus$TTTry. These men and women are not paid to peddle BS about how a “legal education” is a great investment.

    1. While I absolutely do not argue with the dim job prospect statistics, I don't think the article is completely correct. The state of Nevada (where I happen to be employed as an attorney) only has one law school that churns out roughly 100 graduates per year. I'm pretty sure that Nevada can absorb the 100 graduates per's all the out of state candidates (such as myself) flooding the market that cause the overflow here.

  11. Here are the EMSI numbers for Louisiana:

    Estimated annual openings for 2010-2015: 357
    Bar exam passers, in 2009: 731
    Surplus: 374

    Yes, you read that correctly; the state received more than twice as many lawyers as needed, in 2009. To be exact, the state absorbed 2.0476 new attorney for every job available.

    According to EMSI, based on raw numbers alone, Louisiana has the 18th most GLUTTED attorney job market in the nation. If this were based off of percentages, then Louisiana would be ranked higher than the following states, which are listed ahead of the Pelican State: California; Texas; Florida; Ohio; Georgia; Colorado; and Virginia.

    @9:04 am,

    I want to make one brief remark about Paul Campos. This man had the balls, brains and backbone to highlight the cartel that employs him. How many people do that, in this life? I remember how Cockroach Brian Leiter initially lost his (fragile) mind, trying to reveal LawProf’s identity.

    In the final analysis, we needed a current, tenured legal academic to help document this scam indu$TTTry. Before Tamanaha and Campos, mental midget trolls and ass-clowns would simply rely on the following canard: "These guys are just a bunch of unemployed losers." Other cockroaches and ball-less rats used variations of the following tripe: "Get over it and move on with your life. Going to law school doesn't mean that you'll come out making $200K per year."

    Instead of being upset or disappointed, I am going to express my appreciation for Campos and his work. Loyola 2L, State of Beasley, Tom the Temp, L4L, unperson, BIDER, Jobless JD, and others grabbed the attention of David Segal and the New York Times, with their blogs. However, we needed an insider to provide a glimpse into the greedy hearts and minds of the bastards who operate the law school diploma mills. Thank you for your contributions, and for augmenting the message about “legal education” in America, Paul. Take care, and thanks again.

    1. What ever happened to Tom the Temp?

  12. Why the fuck is Mack K and others like him too good to lend his intelligence here anyway?

    Here is a copy of a new email I got this morning:

    Dear Borrower,

    This e-mail is to inform you that your Direct Loan, with the Direct Loan Servicing Center, has been transferred to Sallie Mae. As the number of Direct Loans continues to grow, Federal Student Aid has expanded their federal loan servicers to provide additional servicing capacity for the Title IV loans owned by the U.S. Department of Education. This will ensure an efficient and effective multi-servicer, borrower-centric approach to servicing. Please note that it may take up to 10 days before your new servicer has completely loaded your information to their system. Also, please be aware that if you are a borrower that was on the Direct Loan Servicing Center's Kwikpay auto debit program, that this information will be sent to your new servicer. You will shortly be receiving correspondence from your new servicer related to the transfer of your Direct Loan. This will confirm that the new servicer has completed the transfer of your loan at which time you may contact Sallie Mae by calling 1-800-722-1300 from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm ET Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET Friday. You can also visit their website at Please note that the Department of Education's servicers may use websites that do not have a .gov domain.

    Effective immediately, please submit any required payments to Sallie Mae. Make your check or money order payable to Sallie Mae and mail to:

    U.S. Department of Education

    P.O. Box 740351

    Atlanta, GA 30374-0351

    The Direct Loan Servicing Center will forward any unprocessed applications, such as deferments and forbearances, to Sallie Mae for processing along with any payments you may have submitted.


    Direct Loan Servicing Center

    So basically my loan went from Sallie Mae to Direct Loans after some 60 K was added on, and now my loan is after 3 years going back to Sallie Mae?

    True, true, fucking true story.


    All of this is something Obama, who I voted for, forgot to mention in his recent speech too.

    Maybe he was dancing with Cryn at the politicians ball. Who knows.

    1. What difference does it make? It's not like you were planning to actually pay them. The changeover to DL didn't "add $60K." Your default on the loan added it.

  13. A recently retired Bankruptcy Judge in Rochester, NY wrote a short letter to the editor about how for most people going to college and taking out student loans is a waste of time and money unless you go to somewhere prestigious and graduate towards the top of the class. Basically he said this scam is bankrupting America and mentioned in the 60s and 70s times were different and student loans always paid off in the end. I read the editorial in a newspapers called the Democrat and Chronicle while at a doctors office the other day and the retired Judges name is Judge Ninfo. Tried to find it online and not up yet. Short editorial but hit the bullseye. Someone should E-mail him Nandos webpage.

  14. Google this article by a bankruptycy judge called "Judge Ninfo: Fewer high school students should go to college" and this was published in a newspaper the other day and the judge mentioned he wrote about this issue previously in 2009. This is for only undergraduate debt and law school debt is 3 times worse. When the JD fails the lemmens, the scanners then try to lure them with the LLM Program. It is like a gambler in Vegas who keeps playing knowing he is losing all his money with the hopes next time he will hit the jackpot. Maybe Paul Campos can get the retired bankruptcy on board exposing the law school scam.

  15. Yes, cheers to Campos. The legal job market sucks. Legal education sucks. Law schools have lied. The ABA is incompetent. Unaccredited law schools should not exist. Law faculty are overpaid and pampered. Graduates are not trained how to practice law. Greedy pig administrators, such as the dean of New England Law are pulling down salaries of $800,000+, while many of his grads struggle to find meaningful employment. Law schools are just sinister entities that are like vampires sucking up resources.

    The greatest service that most law schools could do for the profession, would be to close their doors.

  16. Patriotism is the last refuge for a scoundrel and diversity is the last refuge for law school deans.
    When these low tiered law school cannot get the bar passage rates or decent job placements then they spout off all this diversity rhetoric as their "purpose and mission." The only diversity they will create is diversity at the unemployment line getting food stamps. The law firms will throw their resume in the garbage immediately and would not even know if the job seeker is either a minority, female, veteran, single or married, has children or not, physically handicapped, Muslim, Catholic, etch. The grads will not even be offered an initial interview so the law firm can deny any claims of discrimination by saying they never met the applicant I'm person besides the secretary who received a stack of resumes. A policy that excludes lower tier law schools grads from job offers can be defended as based solely on merit. So diversity is just another marketing ploy. A grad even in a wheel chair will not get any reply to submitting a resume with a bottom tier law school on it.

  17. Nando...Do you have an idea as to why Paul Campos suddenly put an end to his blog? Was he pressured into doing it from higher authorities??

    He definitely is a legend for exposing the scam, it is just sad that all of a sudden he is not going to post on his blog anymore..

    Those are definitely some big shoes to fill...

  18. Nando, you have got to cover Leiter's most recent entry on Campos. As we've come to expect from that childish "philosopher," his post is full of lies and hypocrisies (e.g. not only did Campos have little effect on the law school industry, but Leiter himself was talking about these issues long before Campos ever was!). That dishonest sack of shit needs to be exposed.

    1. If you do (and you really should - you could tear that asshole wide open) I would seriously suggest posting your response on This movement needs a new focal point, much like it still needs this blog, and you could play a huge part in making Outside the Law School Scam that centerpiece.

  19. 7:24, I courtesly disagree with you about unaccredited law schools should not exist. The problem is ABA accreditation and the ABA is just a criminal syndicate whose stamp of approval gives students a false sense of security. There are California unaccredited law schools as cheap as $3,000 annually and so basically you can sell your 2nd cara in the garage and pay the tuition cash. Nando said do not go to law school unless you have a job secured by a relative. If your parents owned a successful law office in California but were too busy to instruct you, I'd take the cheap non accredited route to just get licensed. Their cheap price represents they are bare boned service with absolutely no career office. Reflection of true market principals. Plus, the unacrcredited mills cannot get federal loans so taxpayers are never on the hook. It is the ABA accreditation that is the real scam. $100,000 in student loan debt and they try to justify it by so called perks like incompetent career services. Craig list is a much better shot at landing a job than utilizing law school career services.

  20. This chick from high school goes to this school. C/O 2014. More than enough time to be informed of the scam. I have no sympathy. Ah....Schadenfreude

  21. Re Campos:

    He did his very best, but he can't do it all alone.

    Hell, Leiter seems to be already declaring victory, which makes one wonder just how obsessed Leiter was with ILSS.

    Unbiased mainstream media help is needed. What is especially needed now is for someone like David Segal to write another prominent NY Times article discussing the highlights of what LawProf blogged about.

    That is the only way the word will get out to general public so as to warn a truly naive class of prospective lemmings, as Duped Non Trad posted, that: The only winning move may very well be to simply not get involved in a rigged game:

    And if the media will not help, then it really is all over for the scamblogs.

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