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Fourth Tier Trash Pit Charleston School of Law is Targeting Young Minority Victims

Charleston Sewer of Law Holds its Annual Minority Law Day:

On February 15, 2013, the Post and Courier published a Diane Knich piece labeled “Charleston School of Law’s Minority Law Day inspires students to become lawyers.” Check out this opening:

“Military Magnet Academy counselor Dennis Muhammad wants students to know that they can have a career in law if that’s something that interests them.

Each year, the college access coordinator brings a group of students to Charleston School of Law’s Minority Law Day, hoping to get that message across to them. He’s certain the method is effective, because he was so inspired by the events that two years ago, he enrolled in law school. Muhammad, 42, works at the military school in North Charleston during the day and attends law school at night. 

Erica McDaniel, 29, who also is a second-year law student, said the event is for students 13 to 18 years old. Students who attend the daylong event will learn what it takes to prepare for and succeed in law school. They will participate in a mock trial, she said, “where they can practice their lawyering skills.” Space still is available for students, parents, and counselors who want to register, she said.

The event is meant to encourage more blacks and other minorities to pursue careers in law, a field in which they are underrepresented. According to published reports, about 10 percent of U.S. lawyers are minorities, and only about 4 percent are black.

Muhammad said that only 2 percent of lawyers in South Carolina are black. “We need more black lawyers so blacks and other minorities get justice,” he said.” [Emphasis mine]

This ABA-accredited trash heap is seeking to financially rape disadvantaged young people, under the guise of helping them.  How "honorable," huh?!?! Hell, you may start seeing law schools recruiting/manipulating fifth graders.

Minority Law Student Enrollment at South Carolina Law Schools:

132 residents (62%)
123 men (57%)
91 women (43%)
40 minority students (19%) 
age range 20-46, with an average age of 24” [Emphasis mine]

The trash heap does not post a racial breakdown of its most recent entering class. If the minority enrollment numbers at Charle$TTTTon are anywhere similar to those of the University of South Carolina School of Law, then there is a large discrepancy between in-state, black law students and licensed South Carolina black lawyers.

According to magnet school counselor Dennis Muhammad, supposedly only two percent of all South Carolina attorneys are black. That should tell applicants, the state bar, and the local law schools that black JDs have a tough road ahead. Law is a stratified “profession.” If you do not have strong family, business or political connections, then you should not even consider a “legal education.”

Ranking: As you can see, this “institution of higher learning” is listed as a pathetic, rotting fourth tier cesspool - by US “News” & World Report. Do you think that this rating might possibly have any impact on your job prospects, lemming?!?!?

Supposed Employment Placement Rate: I will allow the toilet to make its case:

“The fifth graduating class at the Charleston School of Law had a strong job placement rate. The Charleston School of Law was able to report the employment status of 177 of the 193 graduates in the Class of 2011. Of these students, over 90 percent of students who passed a bar exam and over 85 percent of all students were employed or pursued advanced degrees within nine months of graduation. Of the 177 reported students, 4.5 percent pursued advanced degrees.” [Emphasis in original] 

How many of those grads ended up working at PetSmart, or waiting tables at Hunley's Tavern?!?!  What percentage of the TTTT class returned to their old line of work, or went into insurance sales for Allstate?

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Charle$TTTTon Sewer of Law Class of 2011 who incurred debt for law school - as $129,125. In fact, 86 percent of this commode’s unfortunate 2011 class took on such toxic debt. Keep in mind that this figure does not include undergraduate debt. It also does not take accrued interest into account.

Conclusion: Charleston Sewer of Law is on the prowl for young minorities to financially rape. Avoid these economic child molesters the same way that you would dodge a creepy bastard in a car, who is offering you a ride home and some free candy. The school has only been established since 2003. Furthermore, the toilet is ranked in the fourth tier. Potential employers care about the relative strength, or name brand, of your law school. Also, you will be financially smothered if you incur an additional $140K-$165K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Lastly, if you are black man or woman of average-to-below-average means, then you will face additional hurdles breaking into this shrinking “profession” - especially if you want to practice in an old boys’ network such as South Carolina.


  1. I don't blame them. Higher ed loves all that "diversity" bullshit. How is this any different from any of 100 or so banks trumpeting all the low-interest home loans they were making to minorities back in 2007? It was a perfect crime - perfect, that is, until a major correction in housing prices put those (almost) interest-free homes under water.

    If the law schools didn't pursue "diversity" and implement affirmative action, the minorities would scream bloody murder. Anyone even want to dispute that point? Imagine the ramp at a slaughterhouse. The black guy is loudly complaining because he thinks some whites may have cut him in line - when in truth they already moved him to the front so he WOULDN'T complain. Which he does anyway. With some people, you just can't win.

  2. Anon--Higher ed doesn't really pursue "diversity." It looks for people who have the same mindset but are of different races, nationalities and such. It's a smokescreen. And "minority leaders" exploit it for their own ends. The only ones who win are said "leaders" and those who finance the whole scheme.

    Now I think of something Malcolm X (if I'm not mistaken) said: "Why do you want to be integrated into a burning house?" Now you know why he had no truck with most of the so-called "Negro Leaders" of his time.

    1. @1034,

      They discriminate against whites because doing so makes them "good corporate citizens." Now this discrimination has blown up in the faces of its supposed "beneficiaries." Just like those cross-subsidized home "loans" from the Clinton era.

      It's not complicated. When MLK was complaining about blacks being drafted in disproportionate numbers, I'm surprised they didn't just tell him that the Army had a supercharged affirmative action program.

  3. Re: Cryn Johannsen:

    What great loss did she have recently?

    Did she post about it or does anybody know what happened?

    1. @1119,

      She probably got trapped in an elevator and ate herself.

    2. maybe the self important student debtor advocate and shameless self promoter (the girl never saw a camera or radio she didn't want to get in front of) lost a writing gig with

    3. It appears Cryn has also ditched the Painter:

      It is quite typical for a narcissist to dispose people that have no further use for his/her.

      Nando, I think it's time you do a special on Cryn.

    4. I would not eat Cryn even if she paid me. Painter, however, would.

    5. Painter does need the money.

  4. Charleston = another piece of shit law school pushing "social justice" and "public service" down the throats of its students while charging them an arm, a leg and an asshole in tuition.

  5. They bring 13 year old to the law school before these children know anything about student loans or tuition. It would be like military recruiters during the Vietnam war targeting children in high school to sign up after graduation and praise all the benefits of being in the military without disclosing the casualties.

  6. I don't even want to know what the price of law school will be when those 13 year olds get there (if they still choose to go).....

  7. There's always room in the Colnol's kitchen. He be be servin' up some mean eats, go git yo fry on in dat kitchen.

  8. I just received another silly donation request from my law school. The law school is doing quite well. It would be like donating money to Goldman Sachs.

    One of their suggestions is to remember the law school in my will and estate plans. Law schools are evil doers, as George Bush would say. The greatest contribution that a law school could do for the profession is to close, that is the truth, and that is just sad.

  9. Is the school really trying to fuck over young black students? Or is it more likely the administrators at Charleston believe they are helping open the doors to people who otherwise wouldn't practice? You can't always let your perception lead to judgments on these schools.

  10. I have been worrying about this too. In 1970, 1980, hell maybe even 2000, attacting minority applicants to law school in order to ultimately diversify the legal profession was an honorable activity, a likely boon for the minority kid so recruited and a social good overall.

    However, in 2013, it is disgraceful, it is scamming. Law school debts are at the level of houses in gated communities and the market for entry-level lawyers is super-satured and contracting. Promoting diversity in law school admissions (except for the T13) is the approximate equivalent of promoting diversity within the ranks of Madoff investors.

    These programs are far more widespread than just Charlotte. They call them "pipeline programs" and they are all over the place. See Michelle J. Anderson, Legal Education Reform, Diversity, and Access to Justice, 61 Rutgers L. Rev. 1011, 1029 (2009) ("Law school pipeline programs across the country attempt to make interventions early along this stream on the theory that these interventions will widen the flow of students later in the application stage”).

    Pipeline programs can be based on mentoring arrangements, consisting of matching a law student with a high school kid. See Anderson, at 1030. Or they can be based on persuading undergraduate advisors ("gatekeepers" in scammer parlance) to "assist in preparing and recruiting applicants from diverse backgrounds."

    And for the law school scammers, there is no target too young. See Anderson, at 1030 (“St. John’s University School of Law engages in a service day in which law students go into area elementary schools to teach fourth graders about the practice of law by staging a trial of The Boy Who Cried Wolf").

    A quick google search yielded the following pipeline programs and conferences. There are many, many others.

    Here is my counter-proposal. If non T13 law school deans and professors are really interested in diversity as a social and professional good-- let them give selected minority students full-tuition rides.

    Now, even kids who pay zero in tuition, may end up regretting their decision to go to law school. However, if the law school administrators and faculty are not profiting from the recruitment of minorities then, fine, they can posture to their hearts' content as advocates of racial justice. See e.g. Anderson, at 1036 n. a1 ("The privilege associated with being a white person (who is also the dean of a law school) provides a platform from which to speak on racial diversity and access to justice"). However, if they are making money off the misplaced trust and future misery of minority law students, then they are scammers and probably more destructive than most outright racists.

  11. I don't know about you, but I can see this coming a mile away. This isn't the state offering minority scholarships in established institutuions. Minorities don't need us creating special schools for them. They can funct/ compete in a regular class in a regular school. They need $.

    What is going to happen to these kids going to go to this TTTT? They may pass the bar thnx to Micromash or Barbri on the 3 or 4th attempt. They probably will not find mentored jobs in good established firms. So, they will have to risk malpractice going solo with little work experience viz probably won't find enough work in SC. They will lose hope. The collection calls and the debts will increase. They will abandon the law and move out of state.

  12. I wonder what these equal opportunity scammers tell the impressionable minds about the practice of law, if they promise a prestigious and lucrative job for each and everyone of them if they enroll if this soul crusher. I wish we could see some of the propaganda being circulated at these events, the lies that are literally being told to children about practicing law. These events have an aura of child-abuse about them, the TTTT is like a pedo luring kids into his car by offering them candy.

  13. 7:46 AM--they are not "helping open the doors to people who otherwise wouldn't practice." If someone is capable of practicing law they don't need to go to a special school based on the color of their skin. These are law school administrators--they know perfectly well how sorry the post-grad outcomes are for most of their graduates. Their placement/salary information is full of holes and weasel words. How many JDs from this school make enough money to pay of the average debt (129K so one would have to get a six-figure job to make this worthwhile)?

  14. @ 8:45 pm,

    Thank you for providing those links to pipeline programs. The example of St. John’s University Sewer of Law sending students to conduct a trial of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” is beyond disturbing. Apparently, the economic child molesters feel that it is okay to infiltrate fourth grade classrooms. When will these pieces of trash start doing the same in pre-K programs?!?!

    Anonymous at 5:09 am,

    These events are designed to manipulate very young minds, with regards to a "legal education." At 13 years old, these kids do not have any meaningful life experience. They are financially illiterate - even if they attend solid schools or have high IQs. Most children at this age still believe that they can be whatever they want.

    The ABA-accredited diploma mills seek to exploit this vulnerability and inexperience. In MANY ways, these schools are engaging in child abuse. The kids do not understand that law school tuition will be ridiculously high, or that they will essentially be required to incur at least $100K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for *a chance* to practice law. In fact, even if they had some idea, they don't recognize the following concepts: APR, compounding interest, forbearance, penalties, late fees, deferment, default, accrued interest. Hell, at that age, they don't yet fully appreciate the concept of debt.

    This filth simply confirms that “law professors,” deans and career services personnel are sociopaths. I’m sure that a fair amount of these ass-clowns truly believe that they are helping disadvantaged youth, with such programs. In some ways, that makes these “educators” more dangerous than their greedy colleagues who KNOW that they are simply trying to keep the gravy train rolling along.

    Take a look at the following pipeline programs at $TT. John’$ Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law:

    “Pipeline Programs Aimed at Increasing Student Diversity:

    College Students:
    Ronald H. Brown Summer Prep Program for College Students:
    8-week program directed at college sophomores and juniors attending Medgar Evers
    College/CUNY, John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY, York College/CUNY,
    St. John’s University and United Negro College Fund member schools

    High School Students:
    Catholic High School Law Day for the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens
    Bronx High School of Law, Government and Justice
    Legal Outreach for ninth graders in Queens

    Elementary Schools:
    Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Elementary School Mock Trial Program
    Inter-Diocesan Middle School Mock Trial Program”

    When you consider the extensive child molestation scandal involving Catholic priests - and the cover-up from the “non-profit” corporation known at the Roman Catholic Church - your skin should crawl knowing that this “institution of legal education” is sending representatives to engage in mock trial programs at Catholic elementary schools.” This shows the same mindset, i.e. exploiting young children’s vulnerability and lack of experience.

  15. A few years ago, I was asked to "volunteer" on Law Day to go to a Elementary School and talk to kids about law/being a lawyer. The kids asked questions such as: "What kind of car do you drive?, "How big is your mansion?", "Do you have a yacht?," "Do you date models?" These kids had already been conditioned to believe that lawyers are rich people who live wealthy lifestyles. At that moment, I broke down the truth for these kids. I told them I drove a 1994 Honda Civic with over 200K miles, I lived with 4 roommates, and I could not afford to date since I have no money to take women out. The teachers at the event were stunned and I even noticed a couple of them with their jaws dropping. I told the kids that being a plumber was more respectable than being a lawyer. Long story short, the school never asked me to come back to speak to the kids. I guess they wanted me to sell the "sunshine and lollipops" storyline of being a lawyer.

    As far as minorities go, sure a few token hires in Biglaw are made but these same associates get thrown out after a couple of years and get replaced by newer token minority hires for the sake of appearing "diverse." I forget the report that was released a few years ago that showed that there is less than 1% of Black partners in Biglaw. I am afraid today the best option a minority has is to hang a shingle, commit malpractice and be vanquished under "Beyond Thunderdome" conditions. This "profession" is going through rigor mortis stage.

  16. Shitlaw Beyond Thunderdome

  17. I had the same experience, only I never made the cut. I was asked by a youth program for disadvantaged kids to go speak to tell them how great it was to be a lawyer. After providing a preview to the VIC Volunteer in charge, that there were too many lawyers out there already, they decided never to call on me. I'm not upset, but I don't understand why these people want to sell the idea of law school to the young, maybe it would make then feel better about themselves if one of their charges became an underemployed lawyer.

  18. 9:44 am, do unemployed lawyers date unemployed models? I'm just theorizing.

  19. For the record, I never commented anything crude or of a sexual nature about Cryn.

    I have my limitations.

    All I implied was that like the Chatty Cathy Doll, you never know what she will say next when the string is pulled.

    And everyone else should keep in mind that if they ever do a media stint, the journalists etc. don't wanna know ya after the gig is in the can.

    1. Jesus John, are you taking down your blog again?

    2. How many times has he taken down the blog? 80?

  20. John is an Apostle, and Jesus is the Christ and Messiah.

    Whatever is left of my blog is just some 10 or so posts about how Sl debt affects the credit and other miscellania.

    No one cares about anything else.

    No one cares.

    No one cares.

    No one cares.

    So why should I care anymore?

    Are you having problems accessing my shitty blog?

    1. @Paint-Roachie-Roach,

      It is a shitty blog. All these "in conclusion" and "one final thing" posts.

      "There must be SOME way! SOME way to make this debt go away!!"

      Get a government job.

      "NO!!! There must be SOME WAY!"

    2. P.S. for the Roach-man,

      I'm re-reading "The Richest Man in Babylon" right now. There's a chapter that concerns you: the one about the camel trader of Babylon.

      p. 49, roach-dude. Save yourself.

  21. Good lord this is disgraceful. They're now attempting to veil their confidence scheme under the guise of diversity. Marrying law school with notions of diversity is the last desperate attempt for a scared industry in danger of collapsing. It gives them the political correctness cover they need to keep the media at bay for perhaps another few years until the whole thing goes belly up. But most importantly (and the whole goal), it gets asses in the seats and loan money in the bank.

    They're bringing in young minority kids pointing to portraits of Thurgood Marshall and Sonia Sotomayor in the hopes of brainwashing the kids into believing that could be them one day. These already-disadvantaged minority communities will be TEN TIMES worse once they get saddled with these student loans. But the effects of this newly-minted con won't be felt for a few years. Just enough time for the current crop of law school pigs to bleed the system for a little while longer before jumping the sinking ship.

    Do these thieving, lying bastards know no limits? Have they no decency?

  22. This is almost cult-like in its recruiting techniques; scary stuff. The federal loan pipeline has to be cutoff, before these parasites enrich themselves on government money-and ruin the lives of another naive generation.

  23. These programs where lawyers are supposed to tell little kids that all lawyers are rich are despicable.

    Interestingly enough though, you probably could *teach* law to high school students if you wanted to. My (late 90's early 2000's era) high school had a business law class that a person could take as an elective. I enrolled. Amongst other things the teacher had a cop demonstrate a lie detector and we took a field trip to a traffic court (Some of the students were thrown out by the judge for not shutting up, other than that it wasn't special).
    You could probably even have high school students do Moot Court. They do Model United Nations.

    Instead of being fed propaganda about the glamorous world of lawyers they could be taught the difference between a crime and a civil infraction, what a contract is, how intellectual property works, why to not talk to the police, different types of business organizations, burdens of proof and other things. Anyone who wants to be a lawyer would be slightly ahead of the game and anyone who does not will still have a bunch of useful information.

  24. There really are so many parellels between the law school scam and the subprime mortgage scam that it would take a book to detail them, and someone is missing out by not writing such a book (if it hasn't already been done). In both cases, minorities were conned into signing onto loans that never should have been made, with little chance of them being actually paid back, all in the name of diversity and opening up access to the American Dream. In both cases the scammers making the loans profited enormously, as happens with crony capitalism. Of course in both cases the assets being sold were grossly overpriced and when this became obvious the whole house of cards began to fall apart.

  25. Anon--Great idea! But anything that will make an 18-year-old self-sufficient (in one aspect of life, anyway) will never fly in the Educational-Financial Complex.

  26. "...the event is for students 13 to 18 years old. Students who attend the daylong event will learn what it takes to prepare for and succeed in law school. They will participate in a mock trial, she said, “where they can practice their lawyering skills."

    How is this not contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

  27. He wouldn't dare make his roach comments on my blog because then I could pinpoint the IP address.

    As it is I have a nice collection of the IP addresses of the visitors, and I must say that New Jersey is bristling :)

    I would have more respect for this hater if he would just come clean and say who he is.

    But he is a very persistent hater and you gotta hand it to him.

    In fact, if it will gratify him, I will make my blog eponymous.

    I'll do it now :)

    1. Law school financially fucked this guy up for life. Wanna follow in his footsteps, kiddies?

    2. It would REALLY gratify me if you got a government job and had your loans discharged in 10 years.

    3. @Paintroach,

      Naturally, you cry about being a "roach" and then ignore the substance of the advice I gave you. Did you read that chapter yet? Nope. Did you explain why you are "ineligible" for PSLF? Nope.

      You could be a roach of solid steel if you wanted to - or maybe even 24K gold. You'll never get there by crying while you watch TCM all day long.

  28. BamBam, the parallels are frightening. It makes me sick to see the same predations on miniorities.

    'Merica: Once you get all the "low-hanging fruit" by scamming the white people outside the country club fortifications, move on to minorities. F*** yeah!

  29. The governing ethic of 'merica:

    fuck over others before they can pull a fast one on you.


    Tucker Max is now on the law school scam bandwagon. He even called it the law school racket.

  31. ^Brilliant work by Mr. Max!

  32. Check out this May 22, 2012 entry by fitsnews, entitled "Our Law School Sucks." I have provided most of the article below:

    "Our Law School Sucks …


    Last month, FITS exclusively reported that only 40.3 percent of Charleston School of Law (CSOL) graduates passed the South Carolina bar exam. This abysmal passage rate has further eroded confidence in this institution – which was at the heart of a major scandal five years ago when the S.C. Supreme Court tossed a section of the test in an effort to artificially inflate passage rates.

    So … how has the leadership of the law school responded to its ongoing lack of competitiveness? By raising tuition on students, naturally …

    Take a look at this email from the dean of the school to its students …

    ——Original Message——
    From: Andy Abrams
    To: Class2012evening
    To: Class2013day
    To: Class2013evening
    To: class2014day
    To: Class2014evening
    To: class2015evening
    Subject: Tuition for 2012-13
    Sent: May 22, 2012 11:23 AM

    Dear Students:

    After an exhaustive (if not exhausting) budget hearing process, the Board and I have finalized the law school budget for the upcoming academic year.

    I am pleased to report to you that, despite the increase in general operating costs (particularly in energy and insurance); through conservative fiscal planning we have once again been able to keep the tuition increase at a figure below the national average. Accordingly, for the coming year the tuition increase for the Charleston School of Law will be 3%.

    Below are the tuition figures for the 2012-13 academic year:

    Full time $37,774 + SBA fee $100 (per semester $18,887 + $50 SBA)

    Part time $30,350 + SBA fee $100 (per semester $15,175 + $50 SBA)

    Per Credit Hour $1,242

    We will continue to make a concerted effort to keep the increases as low as possible and to ensure that you receive value for the significant time and money you are investing in your legal education.

    All the best.

    Andy Abrams

    Wow …"

  33. For $ome rea$on, fourth tier trash pits have no qualms about raising tuition - even when large segments of their recent graduating classes cannot pass the bar exam. In fact, the pigs often act as though they are doing you, the student, a favor, i.e. "Through our amazing efforts, we have kept tuition increases below the national average."

    Congratulations, Beady-Eyed Rat Andrew Abrams. Your mother must be extremely proud of your accompli$hmenTTTT.

    "Andrew Abrams

    Andy Abrams, whose focus is in sports and education law, was named dean of the Charleston School of Law in June 2008."

    Make sure to contact the bastard, and thank him for keeping the tuition raise at a reasonable level. Here is the weasel's contact info:

    Office: 385 Meeting St., 3rd floor
    Phone: 843.377.2145

    On August 9, 2011, test prep leech Anne Chaconas posted an article labeled “Charleston School of Law gets full ABA accreditation” – for

    “Charleston School of Law, located in Charleston (SC), has received full accreditation from the American Bar Association (ABA). The ABA's Council of the Section of the Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar met in Toronto, Canada, this past week, and announced the school's full accreditation during its last day of meetings. The news was made public via a Charleston School of Law press release on Friday, August 5.

    Said Charleston School of Law Dean Andy Abrams of the news: "In 2003, we began with a dream to create a second law school in South Carolina, a student-centered law school focused on service to the citizens of the state and region. With today's decision by the ABA to grant full accreditation to the Charleston School of Law, this is no longer a dream, but a reality....The Charleston School of Law is an institution with a brief but remarkable past, a compelling present, and now, with this grant of full accreditation, an exciting future."

    In the end, Andrew Abrams is a money-grubbing, academic charlatan. This “educator” DOES NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about you, the student, prospective mark or recent law grad. He simply wants your ass to enroll in his TTTT, so that he can get his little claws and rat teeth on the federal student loan teat. Do you want to go into massive NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, so that you can help pay for his expensive toys?!?!

  34. For everybody's information my IP address is strangely located at a Hebrew Academy on Long Island.

    Why? I don't know. It could be just coincidental and the location of a Cablevision broadcasting apparatus of some sort.

    But everybody knows that I went to a religious law school

    But it has all been that way for quite some time. Over a year at least.

    And fuck all I would never read a book that some anon piece of shit recommends.

    If he had the guts to face me then I might listen to whatever rags he wants to shove in my face to read.

    1. If you were on fire, would you let someone who was Anon put the fire out?

      Just read it, Paintroach. It's like 5 pages. Just how lazy ARE you, anyway?

    2. "And fuck all I would never read a book that some anon piece of shit recommends."

      Because it would involve doing something and gaining knowledge?

    3. "If you were on fire, would you let someone who was Anon put the fire out?"

      He most certainly would not.

    4. Haha, I imagine a blazing flame-man patiently standing there, tapping his foot with impatience, while he waits for his would-be rescuer to dig through his wallet and find 2 different forms of ID.

  35. Hell I even get IP address lookup results that show my IP address is in India, and I know that Touro Law School has a law program that teaches in India.

    Kids, nothing is anon on the internet.

    Time and secrecy are inversely proportional.

    So if you have something to talk about, just be yourself.

    Rush Limbaugh gave the same good advice: Just be yourself.

    Which doesn't mean I agree with everything Limbaugh says :)

    1. "Kids, nothing is anon on the internet."

      But Sir, in project mayhem we have no names.

    2. @Paintroach,

      I have to admit, The Roach Blog may well be the coolest thing you have ever done! Not that that's saying much.

      Are you finally going to get a government job?? It'll make my day if you are.

  36. Why You Should Not Go to Law School
    by Tucker Max

    Honestly, a lot more informative than Painter's blog.

  37. Good piece. But do you think any lemming is going to listen to this great advice? They still think they're special.

    With all the data out there (showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that law school is a shitty decision) anyone still enrolling is short bus special.

  38. Special snowflakes always manage to trick themselves into going to law school. Joke's on those fuckers.

  39. It's affinity fraud. Plain and simple. Admins and profs with black faces are attracting black victims. Because they know the kids will probably trust them a little better than other scammers.


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