Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hoof in Mouth Syndrome: Don LeDuc, Dean and “President” of Fourth Tier Trash Heap Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Pig LeDuc Spews Forth More Excrement:

On December 3, 2012, a liar named Don LeDuc published a commentary on the TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer website, under the header “Law School Is Indeed Worth the Money.” Take a look at the following portions of the overall fecal matter that he posted:

“A number of law school deans and I have been defending the value of a legal education against the cynics, the uninformed media, and the mean-spirited bloggers who cry out the supposed horrid future for legal education. Though the naysayers offer no supporting data, no comparison to other professions, and no reasoning, they assert that law school is a bad investment. Nearly all they say is wrong, much of it is intentionally misleading if not purposely false, and all of it is missing in context and perspective. There is no crisis in legal education any more than in other aspects of education.”

Hello, Lying Cockroach Donald LeDuc. How are you doing today, academic hustler?! The scamblogs, social commentators, mainstream journalists such as David Segal of the New York Times, and other critics of “legal education” have provided a mountain range of evidence to support their claim that law school is a bad investment for MOST students. Examples include the following: BLS charts, NALP employment summary reports, ABA graphs, industry statements, state bar data, etc. In stark contrast, the $elf-intere$ted deans and “professors” have not furnished any hard data for their baseless assertions.

Later on, LeDuc continues his deception:

“Shawn O'Connor of Forbes Magazine concurs, saying that "[t]he investment a student makes in [business school or law school] degrees today is likely to produce at least a 10x return over his or her career."

We know that the law of supply and demand has already adjusted the legal market. We also know that the students who enroll in law school this fall and next year will graduate into a market that combines increased demand for legal services at most all levels, an aging attorney base, and graduating law school classes that are much smaller than in years past. In short, there is no better time to enroll in law school than now.” [Emphasis mine]

LeDuc also cites to an idiotic op-ed from Lawrence Mitchell, dean of the Ca$e We$TTern Re$erve Univer$iTTy Sewer of Law, as supporting “evidence” of his position. As is the case with LeDuc, Mitchell has a DIRECT, FINANCIAL INTEREST in persuading young people that law school is still a wise decision. 

Also, Shawn O’Connor is a contributor at Forbes; he is not a reporter, as LeDuc implies in his propaganda piece. He also writes articles for US “News” & World Report, where he strongly encourages others to take the LSAT and head to law school. For $ome rea$on, LeDuc "forgot" to mention that O’Connor’s main role is as founder and CEO of Stratus Prep, “a New York City-based test preparation and admissions counseling firm.” The rat CLEARLY has a financial interest in LSAT and law school application process.

Here is Some Hard Data, Sewer Rat LeDuc:

On June 27, 2011, the New York Times Economix blog featured a Catherine Rampell post entitled “The Lawyer Surplus State by State.” The figures were compiled by Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. Look at the following passage:

"According to this model, every state but Wisconsin and Nebraska (plus Washington, D.C.) is producing many more lawyers than it needs. (See table after the jump for full data, and additional caveats.)

In fact, across the country, there were twice as many people who passed the bar in 2009 (53,508) as there were openings (26,239). A separate estimate for the number of lawyers produced in 2009 — the number of new law-school graduates, according to the National Center for Education Statistics — also showed a surplus, although it was not quite as large (44,159 new law grads compared with 26,239 openings). [Emphasis mine]

By the way, EMSI estimates that the state of Michigan will have 862 annual attorney openings from 2010-2015. However, a total of 1,024 people passed the state bar exam in 2009. That represents a SURPLUS of 162 new lawyers. How can you spin that data, Bitch?!?!

Check out this opening paragraph from the NALP report “Employment for the Class of 2011 - Selected Findings”:

“The overall employment rate for new law school graduates is, at 85.6% for the Class of 2011, the lowest it has been since 1994, when the rate stood at 84.7%. In addition to an overall employment rate that fell two percentage points from that for the previous class, and that has dropped each year since 2008, the Class of 2011 employment figures reveal a job market with many underlying structural weaknesses. The employment profile for this class also marks a continued interruption of employment patterns for new law school graduates that had, prior to 2010, been undisturbed for decades.” [Emphasis mine]

Courtesy of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, via the Occupational Outlook Handbook entry for Lawyers:

“Job Outlook Employment of lawyers is expected to grow by 10 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Competition for jobs should continue to be strong because more students are graduating from law school each year than there are jobs available.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone else notice a trend, where neutral observers show that law school is a risky proposition for students?  Of course, Don LeDuc can only rely on weak-ass, op-eds from his fellow "educators."

Conclusion: Donald LeDuc is a fundamentally dishonest man, at least as it pertains to his racket. He has not provided any proof – not one scintilla of hard evidence – to support his assertion that law school is worth the money. The pig merely relies on suppositions, i.e. “The aging lawyer population will lead to job opportunities for today’s students and recent grads.” LeDuc KNOWS that the legal job market is oversaturated. Yet, he is trying to sell people on the idea that it is a good time to enroll in law school. Citing to your cartel friends and other $elf-intere$ted swine does not equate to evidence.

According to the 2011 Form 990 for Thomas M. Cooley Law School, i.e Employer ID No. 38-1988915, Cockroach Don LeDuc raked in $605,507 in TOTAL COMPENSATION for the tax year ending August 31, 2011. At that rate, he will do and say anything to keep the gravy train of federally-backed student loans rolling along. Keep in mind that the trash pit recently opened a fifth campus, located in Tampa, Florida.


  1. Excellent work as always Nando. When are you planing to put a Twitter button on your site? :)

  2. These law deans are worse than used car salespeople. They don't care about the profession or if their graduates get jobs, they care, only to the extent it impacts their future revenue streams. These guys are evil. They don't care if someone graduates with huge debt and no job.

    It is like a donut shop advising obese people that donuts are healthy and there is no such thing as diabetes. The legal profession is supposed to operate on ethical standards that trump a profit motive if there is a conflict. These deans are all biased and conflicted, their opinions mean nothing.

    These deans are disgusting, where are their ethics?

  3. LeDuc's operating a true diploma mill. Thomas Cooley is widely considered to be the shittiest law school in the country.

  4. Boomer Dean lying,
    Pump-and-Dump is the mantra,
    Money addiction.

  5. For some strange reason I can't help thinking that he resembles an old time sea captain, and that if his image were carved as an 8 inch tall figurine in basswood and in victorian era, nautical attire as befitting an old salt, it would be a big seller in the 5 and dime souvenir shops amongst the wharves.


  6. ^^The glasses would be round, with gold frames, and more 19th century looking of course.

  7. He's wearing a shitty, crumpled suit for someone making $600 Gs a year.

  8. Now they want to ban the Colonel on ILSS.

    With all due respect, a lot of the commenters on ILSS talk AT a problem an not TO it.

    It is a great place for hiding people to hide and slum. Kind of like going to Gatsby's house and letting it all hang out and not caring because Gatsby is new money and not from the other egg anyway and after all.

    They sit like wily vultures from a high and comfortable distance and shoot down anyone that is really suffering and wants to share a story.

    They want to pretend they are in favor of change, but hedge their bets in case change never comes, by kicking out the ugliest of commenters that they themselves have created like so many Dr. Frankensteins.

    So lets try, for shits and giggles, an appropriately highbrow Greek Mythological approach:

    We live in a true era of Hypocrisy, and every time the hydra of immediate suffering shows its head, the de facto administrators of ILSS will beg and plead with Lawprof to (perhaps in secret emails) to cut its head off.

    Grreat way to promote "open" discussion without any controls or game plan.

    Silly blogging in other words. An effective, but new medium that no one really knows how to deal with.


    DJM: Can you lend me a few bucks?

    1. Ahoy, Señor Cucaracha de la Pintura!

      Sorry I couldn't post on your little blahg; the proxy I use won't give me a comment field. So, how retarded are you, anyway? Your interest rate is 8.25 percent? Maybe you should refinance at the lower (current) rates?

      You do nothing but BAAAW about debt. So naturally, you are out TRYING TO GET ANOTHER CREDIT CARD INSTEAD OF A FUCKING JOB! That fact alone says more about your character than I ever could.

    2. 3:17/Painter, try not to take it personally that no one wants to read your incoherent, duplicative, navel gazing posts. Believe it or not, the entire scam is not about you.

  9. I haven't seen Colonel post here in a while. Maybe Nando banned the guy and he went over to ITLSS. Did you ever think of that?

  10. The Great Gatsby never turns anyone away, and even buys new dresses for women that can't fill them out.

  11. Thank you Judge Quist. By granting the motion to dismiss, DeLuc can get away with writing bullshit like this.

  12. As a resident of Tampa, Florida, I became so sick and angry that I almost simultaneously vomitted and shit all over the place when I learned Cooley Law School was bringing its shamless scam factory right into my back yard. And I hardly ever do such things simultaneously.

    Cooley Law School is a glowing example that souless, greedy con-artists like Dean LeDickface can lie to and financially rape naive students without any consequences. Dean LeDickface, as the leader of the biggest scam in legal education, should do us all a favor and jump off a cliff.

    1. Aside from yet another campus raking in student loan gravy and raping young students and shackling them into debt serfdom, having a Florida campus is perfect. All the Boomer faculty and administrators can spend a year or more teaching down there. I predeict Cooley will set up some sort of rotation for faculty, staff, and administration so that these Snow Birds can fly south when they want and enjoy the best Fla. has to offer while they sell their students/victims into financial slavery for life.

  13. If all the other law schools are toxic sewer waste plants then Cooley is Fukushima or Chernobyl. And as for Dean LeDouche's suit being crumpled up. Maybe it is because an unemployed Cooley Grad just grabbed him demanding his money back.

  14. NANDO, did you read LeDouche's statement that insinuated you? He called you a "mean spirited blogger" even though he did not specifically say Nando. You should Sue his ass for defamation. Tell the court you never were mean spirited and trying to help naive college grads from becoming indentured servants and now your reputation is harmed being called a meanie.

  15. 'there is no better time to enroll in law school than now.'

    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    Fuck yourself, LeDuckshit.

    1. What did you expect him to say?

      "The law is a flaming tire fire that no man comes out alive....I sold my soul to the Devil, and he gave me a clapped-out VW Beetle instead of the Porsche 911 Turbo I wanted....all law graduates will be either near-suicidal wrecks like JD Painterguy, or expatriates working with the Wong-Sun's pirate band off the coast of Thailand."

      IT NEVER works like that; they ALWAYS pull a Joe Goebbles or Baghdad Bob and say "everything's WONDERFUL!!" while they are raiding the petty cash drawers and their wives are throwing mink coats into suitcases. A chucklefuck like Don LeDuc will BS even as the indictment rolls in.

  16. I have never been to Michigan. But it seems like whenever I listen to NPR radio talk shows, most of, or at least a lot of the callers are from Michigan, and I have often wondered why.

    Is it because Michigan is "Middle America?"

    Or a representative political cross section or a hub of some sort?

    It is a large state, and some say that parts of it are very beautiful, and so I suppose calling it flyover country wouldn't be a very nice thing to say, or accurate.

    And if you live in Michigan, and as you walk down the street, are people glad to see you, or surprised to see you, or even interested in seeing you, or indifferent?

    1. @Paintroachie,

      I've been there. Mostly they are a bunch of impoverished assholes who think they know it all. In other words, a typical NPR audience. I think you would fit in there nicely.

      Michigan has exactly one SEMI-decent school, and most of its best students are from out-of-state.

  17. Isn't that just awful: A conservative person that hates the entire state of Michigan.

    Hey, Ann Coulter went to Law School in Michigan, and she wrote your Bible.

    How about Iowa, or Des Moines?

    And NPR is only a 2 hr or so show daily in the morning and the rest of the day it is all repeats.

    Conservative talk radio is 9 plus hours a day without reruns.

    1. Ann Coulter is about as "conservative" as Mitt Romney and Michael Bloomberg.

      LOL, too bad SHE didn't go to Touro. She deserved to.


    On July 23, 2012, Ingham County Legal News published a Tom Gantert piece labeled "Don LeDuc, Cooley President: Aging attorney population to create many jobs." Here is the opening, from that article:

    "The President of Cooley Law School believes the state has reached a ''tipping point'' where the number of older attorneys leaving practice will exceed the number of law students entering the market.

    Don LeDuc said he believes the state will be in ''deficit mode'' where there are more jobs than lawyers for about 20 years.

    ''There's such talk about too many lawyers and no jobs,'' LeDuc said. ''In two or three years, we will be producing fewer new admissions to membership than the numbers leaving membership in the same year.''

    Cooley Law School graduated 996 lawyers in 2011 and 918 in 2010, according to James Robb, associate dean for development and alumni relations at Cooley."

    Later on, the pig makes the following claim:

    "On average, the state will need 992 lawyers each year in the next decade to replace these older lawyers, LeDuc contends. With a shortage of lawyers, LeDuc fears the people hurt the most will be the ones relying on court-appointed attorneys. LeDuc said with a shortage, there would be fewer going after the court-appointed cases."

    Looking at the data from EMSI - which was included in the main entry above - Michigan will only need an estimated 862 new lawyers each year, from 2010-2015. By the way, the Rampell piece for the NYT Economix blog was posted before LeDuc made his assertion. For $ome rea$on, the swine did not provide any actual proof for his number.

    Apparently, Cockroach LeDuc BELIEVES that many Michigan practicing lawyers will start retiring in their 50s and 60s. Then again, the bastard may be merely stating this, in order to trick more idiots into enrolling in his fourth tier waste facility. Anyone with an IQ above 80 realizes that older attorneys do not voluntarily head to pasture, at those ages. Hell, you have PLENTY of lawyers who remain active well past their 70th birthday. In sum, Donald LeDuc is worse than a used car salesman.

  19. NANDO - you are an icon of icons and the VOICE of the VOICELESS. But I will ask you this, if you had to choose...Free scholly - to keep American citizenship you would need to go 3 full years at one of these schools. Your choices - Cooley, The People's School of Law in CA or Widener. What would you pick? You are promised a lofty job as a miner after it's completed. Anyone can participate.
    -QB Eagles

  20. To respond to Don LeDuc's contention that scambloggers do not compare outcomes of law students to outcomes of other types of students I would ask people to consider.

    The average law school graduate seems to be making $60k per year, which is inline with what the average college graduate in several mathematically orientated disciplines makes without the dubious distinction of an extra $100,000 in debt.

    If a student wants to go down the humanities road they can go to grad school, which is like law school; except more rigorous, journals edited by actual scholars, and students get more work experience via teaching assistanceships.
    Another thing worth considering in a comparison is that a humanities Ph.D student at a good program will not be paying for school but will in fact be getting paid.
    There are 100 reasons *not* to go to grad school in the humanities, chief amongst them is the utter lack of jobs. This is similar to law school. What is dissimilar is the utter indebtedness of the law school student compared to the humanities student.

    A science major can go to graduate school also, and have their employer pay in full or in part for their masters degree and or their Ph.D. Note that employers typically won't pay for degrees in law. My own place of work bans payment for law degrees explicitly.

    While some people coming out of law school might make $145 or more, there are several caveats; law firms are 'up or out' meaning that if you don't get promoted fast enough you get fired, none of these high earning law school graduates are graduating from Thomas Cooley anyway, most of the class from Cooley will be earning on a subsistence level from document review or similar work, and lawyers who don't make north of $145k make south of $45k.

    Our esteemed host actually talks about Thomas Cooley in one of these entries. Anyone thinking about believing Don LeDuc's spin would be well served in looking up the entry. It is from 2010 and so slightly obsolete (The cost of attendance will be higher now, and the job prospects worse).

  21. That photo of LeDuc says it all, doesn't it? The pig has a shit eating grin on his fat face. And why not? He's making $600K a year by running one of the very shittiest law programs in the entire country.

  22. Keep up the good work, Nando. You should e-mail this to Senator Boxer and anyone else who will listen.

    Time to make student loans dischargeable. We can then seen how good an investment lenders think law school is.


    The Ingham County Legal News piece above also included some insight from those who actually know what the hell they are talking about, with regards to the legal job market. Look at the following quotes, from practicing Michigan attorneys, in response to LeDuc’s nonsense:

    "But some Ingham and Jackson County attorneys are skeptical about the near future producing a lot of job openings.

    Stacia Buchanan, Buchanan Law Office, President of the Ingham County Bar Association, said,

    "I am not buying it. Attorneys don't retire. They just hang on for dear life. This phenomenon exists because being an attorney becomes your identity, and if you aren't an attorney, what are you? So long as the law schools keep pumping out new lawyers, and the public doesn't have any money to retain a lawyer, there will be a plethora of unemployed lawyers.

    Brendon Beer, a Jackson attorney with Abbott, Thomson & Beer, agrees with Buchanan, stating that older attorneys tend to stick around.

    ''Lawyers don't retire,'' Beer said. ''Some have not prepared financially for retirement, some identify themselves as lawyers and retirement would mean a loss of that identity, others simply love what they do. The reality is that if you want/need to work, being a lawyer is a job you can do for a very long time. It is warm in winter, cool in the summer and there is no heavy lifting.''

    ''I understand that law schools like Cooley want to create the image that there is job availability in the legal market because their graduates are struggling to get jobs and law school graduates struggling to find employment is bad for business. However, I would not tell potential students that the aging legal population will translate into jobs. I have seen that theory proven false. When I started as a lawyer 10 years ago, after graduating from Cooley, I made the foolish assumption that these lawyers I saw in their fifties, sixties and seventies, would be retiring. Ten years later, they are in their sixties, seventies and eighties, and I work with them every day.''

    Don LeDuc has a significant, DIRECT FINANCIAL STAKE in "legal education." The attorneys who have rebutted the cockroach also have an interest in this matter. However, they are not operating a FOURTH TIER GARBAGE PIT that charges $39,750 in full-time tuition, for the 2012-2013 academic year.

    I know that the sewer rat administrators and “professors” at this dump will claim that they offer generous scholarships. The school does so, in order to get more asses in seats.

    Even though the school seemingly provides scholarships to applicants who can successfully tie their shoelaces, the average law student indebtedness for those members of the Cooley Law Class of 2011 who incurred additional debt, stood at $115,364 - according to USN&WR. In fact, 88% of this unfortunate class took on such debt for law school. Plus, the job market is GLUTTED. You know that Donald LeDuc doesn’t lose a minute of sleep over this reality.


    I guarantee that only 50-55% of law grads were employed as lawyers during all recent years. And most of those employed make only hourly wages of $15/hr or less.

    THE STATS ARE STILL FAKE!! What a putrid scam.

  25. ^^Cryptic indeed. Ann Coulter is a Liberal? You are a wizard.

    She went to the University of Michigan Law School, and most likely the toast of the Wolverine State.

    She only likes fascinating men. Men with one eye on the mirror and apricot scarves that walk into the party like they are walking onto a yacht.

    Naval gazers, in other words, that had dreams that were clouds in the coffee.

    Clouds in the coffee.

    BTW, the name Michigan is the French form of the Ojibwa word mishigamaa, meaning "large water" or "large lake".

    To refer to it as "Mittchigan" due to the state's physical resemblance to a soft, liberal mitten is erroneous.

  26. By looking at that picture, you can tell this fucking thief is living large off the backs of the students. And taxpayers. Fuck him.

  27. Guys -

    Come on, you have to pick one:

    -The People's College of Law

    Where would you spend your precious years if you have to? Still shocks me that there are people that actually get duped into going to "The Big 3." I hope so much The People's College of Law one day gets coverage. For the People of course.

    QB Eagles

    1. @1228,

      What, did you really think some kind of huge debate would be raging over your asinine poser? How about we just ignore you?

    2. Choose the Peoples Law for the very fact you will have much lower tuition and have to pay the tuition upfront. Plus you are living in Los Angeles and might end up becoming a celebrity if you make the right connections. You have a better.shot at that than being an employed lawyer.

  28. The only old fart lawyer anybody knows about who retired is the founder of the Cooley Cesspool and he retired in Florida receiving I believe to be $500, 000 annually in Florida as President Emeritus.

  29. And the name Paintroach is the proper form of "John Koch" (which it keeps calling itself for some strange reason).

    Who said that the Coultertard is a liberal? I simply noted (correctly) that she is just as fiercely "conservative" as Bloomberg/Romney. If you think SHE is "conservative," then LOL, you probably believe the same thing about Obama, too.

    Paintroach, didn't you also promise to quit posting on THIS blog?

  30. I suspect LeDuc gets his information from where most law "professors" and academic hustlers get theirs: out of their own asses.

    I have been practicing law for over 20 years. Here is what I can tell you as someone who is still in the trenches and not ensconced behind the ivory towers of "academia." Lawyers are not retiring when they reach 60 or 65. In fact, there was a federal judge who died at the age of 104. He was on senior status but not retired. I just did a closing last week and the attorney on the other side of the table was in his 90s, and had obtained an LLB from Harvard Law in the '50s. What does it tell you that an HLS grad, who has been a lawyer for 60 years still has to work in this day? LeDuc is lying about an impending shortage of lawyers due to dinosaurs retiring. The dinosaurs are NOT retiring in droves to the Kokomo Islands. Rather, they CANNOT afford to retire because it is harder to earn a living as a lawyer today than it was 30 years ago. Not every lawyer can retire to Florida and collect half million dollars like the founder of this deplorable law school.

  31. Business Insider ran an article about members of Congress that still have student loans.

    These Members Of Congress Are Still Up To Their Ears In Student Loan Debt

  32. Business Insider ran an article about members of Congress that still have student loans.

    These Members Of Congress Are Still Up To Their Ears In Student Loan Debt

  33. "QB Eagles"? Big fan of Super TECMO Bowl? Lol To 1:05, quit stalking John. Jesus ...

    1. LOL, all that money wasted on law school, and you still don't understand the legal definition of "stalking."

      Where is YOUR distinct identity kit, you fucking coward? Post it immediately!!

  34. Another law school applicant. This one is attending Cardozo.

    Former Child Actor Isn't Scared Of The Law School Bubble


  36. Business Insider ran an article about members of Congress that still have student loans.

    These Members Of Congress Are Still Up To Their Ears In Student Loan Debt

    Also another law school applicant. This one is attending Cardozo.

    Former Child Actor Isn't Scared Of The Law School Bubble

  37. Hey Nando
    I just registered to the site. My anonymous posts lagged. I have to say I love this site and coming back all day to see what is said next. However, and I love you bro, my sources tell me you have enrolled at The People's College of Law in L.A. to pursue the elusive double JD. I hear you knew that by aligning with "The People" you could leverage their massive legal network of contacts. It explains why you have yet to feature "The People" in any of your entries. I must say viewing the pictures of their campus and many "building" yes, building, it is breathtaking.

    1. QB Eagles, welcome!

  38. Well what do you expect this pig to say. The "school" he is running has seen an enourmous drop in applicants and less money is coming in. Fuck him.

    They can't keep the seats filled so the money isn't coming in and they're little ponzi scheme is coming to a close. Out of sheer panic and desperation they are writing columns hoping enough morons will read them and drink the kool-aid.

    Keep writing your idiotic Op-Eds with opinions backed up by no empirical evidence and only vague generalizations about lawyer retirements that have no bearing on the national economy. We, on the other hand, have data to support our claims.

    The FBI should get indictments and bust up this "school" under the RICO Act.

  39. If LeDuc had tusks, he could pass for a walrus.

  40. Hey Nando, maybe this is why the pig is out there now cheerleading his shit heap law school:

    "Last year’s entering class at Thomas M. Cooley Law School was down by more than 400 students from the class before, a drop of almost 27 percent.

    The school’s president, Don LeDuc, said he expects this year’s class to be smaller yet, down by another 15 percent or so."

    Obvioulsy Pig Don is going to be out there extolling the virtues of a legal "education" from Cooley when he's seeing an enormous drop in applicants and the trough is drying up.

    Keep the heat on these bastards. It's working.

  41. LeDuc handed me my Law School Diploma quite a few years ago at a graduation ceremony. Since then it has been in my basement collecting dust and completely useless. My pay after law school was the same before going to law school which is minimum wage. The hardest part is trying to explain to family and friends why you work at a gas station or restaurant. They don't understand how the legal industry works and get their ideas from the movies. Its a losing proposition because when you graduate you are never hired based on going to a third tier school, afterwards you are not hired based on a gap in your employment.

  42. Another bit of coverage in the NYT re: the scam.

    It's all about the lack of jobs ... not making every law grad "practice ready."

    A Call for Drastic Changes in Educating New Lawyers

    DALLAS — Faced with profound and seemingly irreversible shifts, the legal profession is contemplating radical changes to its educational system, including cutting the curriculum, requiring far more on-the-ground training and licensing technicians who are not full lawyers.

    Rex C. Curry for The New York Times
    Randall T. Shepard, a former Indiana Supreme Court chief justice, leads a task force on overhauling legal education.
    The proposals are a result of numerous factors, including a sharp drop in law school applications, the outsourcing of research over the Internet, a glut of underemployed and indebted law school graduates and a high percentage of the legal needs of Americans going unmet.

    “There is almost universal agreement that the current system is broken,” said Thomas W. Lyons III, a Rhode Island lawyer and a member of the American Bar Association’s Task Force on the Future of Legal Education, which gathered here over the weekend for a public hearing at the association’s midyear meeting.


  43. It is simple. Why doesn't LeDuc and some other law school deans close down their diploma mill shops for good. That will have more immediate good for the profession, than any other make believe sales pitch/propaganda by these guys on how things will improve.

    The law deans and faculty like LeDuc are horribly biased, their arguments should be viewed with extreme skepticism. They are like used car salesmen, pushing a product. It has been stunning to see the lack of ethics in selling law school by these guys, anything to keep their gravy train rolling along.

    LeDuc aka Casey Jones, the wheels are running of the track. People aren't buying your bullshit anymore.

  44. @ QB Eagles, in response to your comment from February 8, 2013 at 5:37 pm:

    I attended Third Tier Drake on a full scholarship, for all three years. Why in the hell would I go to any of the commodes you listed?!

    TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer is a natinal laughingstock. On November 11, 2012 Jake Seliger posted a book review entitled "Don’t Go to Law School (Unless) — Paul Campos." He slammed this fourth tier trash heap, in his concluding paragraph:

    "As far as I know, a couple of schools try the “admit everybody and charge them a lot” model, but few try the “admit many, but charge them a little model.” The notorious Thomas M. Cooley Law School does the former, and no one who knows anything about law school will go there, but they charge $54,000 per year right now. There might be institutional or ABA-imposed barriers that I’m unaware of. Still, if that kind of model is successful, it could at least challenge the hegemony of the Harvard-Yale-Stanford model of law school, which is untenable and getting worse."

    What a great "investment," right?!?!

    Below is further proof of Cockroach Don LeDuc’s willful ignorance and blatant deception:

    Back on November 15, 2012, Staci Zaretsky published an entry labeled “Quote of the Day: Sorry, Dean, Those Bar Results Are ‘For Real.’” Take a look at this silly nonsense:

    “I cannot speak for the other Michigan law school deans, but for myself I cannot accept that the 2012 results validly assessed our graduates. In short, these results are not for real.”

    – Don LeDuc, president and dean of Thomas M. Cooley Law School, commenting on his school’s abysmal results on the July 2012 administration of the Michigan bar examination.”

    According to the accompanying graph, 223 Cooley grads took the Michigan bar exam in July 2012. Of that figure, only 113 passed the test! This equates to a 50.67 percent passage rate. For $ome rea$on, LeDuc does not mention these results in any of his TTTT Cooley commenTTTTaries.

  45. Nando:

    I attend a 2nd tier law school and today I recieved an e mail from the school asking us to thank the donors, and telling us that only a portion of our tuition pays for our education. Our tuition is 36 K a year. I was outraged by this, and responded to this hack. I will copy and paste the email on here. The audacity that these greedy fucks have is outrageous. Please profile Pitt Law again and rip them to shreds.
    Here are my email exchanges:

    There initial message:
    Gratitude -gratitude>
    > Did you know?
    > Your tuition only covers a portion of your Pitt Law education.
    > Donations from alumni and friends helps bridge the gap to make your
    > education possible.
    > Thank a donor: February 21, 2013
    > Hail To...An Attitude of Gratitude Day gives you a chance to thank
    > those who help make your Pitt Law education possible.
    > Join in by writing a thank you message to a donor. Express your
    > gratitude and grab a donut.
    > We'll see you in the student lounge on Thursday, February 21st. Let's
    > show our alumni and friends that Pitt Law proudly hails an attitude of
    > gratitude!
    > Donors make the difference

    My first response:
    Subject: Re: Hail To...An Attitude of Gratitude!

    So $36,000.00 a year does not cover my tuition? Is that a joke? I find that
    extremely hard to believe; especially since this is a state school which receives
    funding from PA.

  46. The dick head's response to me:
    Thank you for your message. It is true that student tuition only covers a portion of
    a Pitt Law education. We define a Pitt Law education as all aspects of your
    experience, from the classroom, to students activities (organizations and moot court
    for example), the library, and all basic operations for the school. Support from
    donors accounts for 14% of the law school's annual operating budget.

    Many students do not know that their tuition only covers a portion of what it takes
    to keep the law school operating. It is for this reason we are starting a "Hail To
    ...An Attitude of Gratitude" day so we can inform students, faculty, and staff about
    the importance of donors.

    I hope you will stop by our table in the student lounge on February 21 to write a
    brief thank you message to a donor. We will also have signs throughout the law
    school sharing information specifically on how donor support impacts Pitt Law.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Here is my last response to this ignoramus:

    Dear Drew,

    With all due respect, tuition at all law schools has been greatly rising
    higher than the inflation rate each year. It's no secret that the pockets
    of certain professors and deans are being padded more and more by the
    year. The school provides large classes, thus allowing for fewer teachers.
    Law schools are actually pretty cheap to run. So what, you have a
    Library and give us West Law. My undergrad had a great library, and the
    school cost 7,000 a year. There are several articles on this topic of law
    school prices being ridiculously high. I went to a private high school
    which was larger than Pitt law, had a lot more teachers, and had plenty of
    extra curriculers which included all the main sports teams, which were
    included with tuition. The tuition there was 7,500 a year. There are
    twice as many lawyers as there are law jobs, and the cost of law school is
    outrageous. Don't believe me? Look up the stats. Anyone outside the law
    school business knows this. You do not have to pay for lab equipment like
    dental or med schools. Pitt Law is basically run like a high school, and
    certain people are getting very rich off our tuition dollars. So please,
    I pay you guys over $36,000 a year, so unless you want to email me the
    school's budget, please don't act like you're doing me a favor. I'm not
    an idiot. I'm well aware that you could easily run the school for half
    the price. The upper level education bubble is on the verge of bursting,
    and this is evidenced by the fact that law school applications are down 25
    percent over the past 2 years. People have realized that there are too
    many lawyers in this country, and that a law degree (unless it's from a
    top ten school) is nothing special. The average law school cost was
    around 10 grand a year 20 years ago. The raise in tuition has vastly
    outpaced inflation. Students are going into 150 grand in debt to attend
    your school. While a solid school, it isn't exactly Harvard, and the job
    prospects for those of us outside the top 20 percent are dim. So please,
    with all due respect sir, don't act like a charity.

    Warmest regards,
    my name

    So Nando, please rip Pitt to shreds for having the audacity to tell us they are a charity.

  47. Hey Nando -

    I was just kidding. I know you're not re-enrolling. I just wanted to get you going on "The People's College of Law" as they do not have an entry yet. I love what you're doing and am a loyal fan!


  48. Read the Peoples Law School website. Anybody who enters is first reviewed by a panel to see if they have a progressive attitude towards social causes and also the spirit of volunteering. Many professors volunteer to teach without compensation if I remember correctly. You will not hear about $600, 000 Dean's pay. And they have a disclaimer they do not want students to enter their school who want to be a lawyer for getting rich. So there is no salary stats at all posted. No one is misled and the tuition is low. Even though hardly anybody passed the bar at Peoples Law, there disclaimer is quite clear and even advocated as their principle. None of their graduates will be drowning in debt b/c tuition is very low and I believe paid in advance without student loans. You are paying for a used Yugo AS-IS clearly on the window for a relatively cheap price. The ABA Toilets are selling you a dangerous Pinto telling you it is. Bentley.

  49. If anyone wants to see an unaccredited law school in CA subjected to a session in Nando's iron maiden, I'd recommend the San Joaquin College of Law which states on their website that 93% of their graduates who have passed the bar are employed as lawyers. I guess considering the nature of the geographical area, it's possible lawyers from other parts of the country would rather starve then move there, but the employment statistic seems a bit optimistic. Not even Cooley makes claims like that.


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