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Deceptive Clerkship Placement Figures Published by US “News” & World Report

Morse Continues His Duplicity:

As you can see, Pussy Bob Morse is up to his old tricks. The ass-wipe published a USN&WR piece on April 11, 2013, with the headline “Which Law Schools’ Grads Get the Most Judicial Clerkships?” Check out the following excerpt:

“Judges at federal, state and local levels say that their clerks play a very important role in their chambers. Judicial clerkships are highly coveted by law school graduates since they have such important career implications. Federal clerkships are the hardest to get, but can be very rewarding for one's legal career.”

The cockroach even provided separate, “exclusive” ratings lists for federal and state/local judicial placements. He is really looking out for the students’ interests, right?!?! Now take a look at this concluding paragraph:

“At the state and local level clerkship rankings, the law school at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey—Camden came out on top, with 38.7 percent holding clerkships. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey—Newark came in a close second with 37.6 percent, and Seton Hall University, also in New Jersey, came in No. 3.”

This portion is very telling. It cements the fact that state and local clerkship positions are not prestigious. Unless, of course, you feel or believe that clerking in traffic court is going to lead to a prosperous career.

This list is deceptive, because it bases the clerkship placement figures on the employed segment of a school's 2011 graduating class. We will take an example to illustrate how the metric distorts the job outlook for recent grads.

Washington and Lee University Sewer of Law:

I will use this first tier sewage pit, to highlight Morse’s TTT methodology. I profiled this commode in my prior entry. Plus, some shill brought this list to my attention, in trying to deflect criticism about the toilet’s overall weak-ass employment placement rate for the Class of 2012.

For the figures below, I am relying on the document labeled “Washington and Lee University School of Law Employment Data 9 Months After Graduation.” This chart lists employment placement statistics for the following law classes: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

According to this page, the Washington and Lee JD Class of 2011 had 129 graduates. Of this figure, 116 were “employed or seeking advanced degree.” However, you will see that three members of this cohort were pursuing a graduate degree. Under Employment Types of Employed Graduates 9 Months After Graduation, you will note that 23 members of the Class of 2011 landed clerkship posts. Eleven grads were placed in federal spots, while 12 were placed in state or local courts.

Here are the numbers I ran, which correlate to Morse’s findings:

Percentage of employed grads in federal clerkships: 9.7 percent, i.e. 11/113
Percentage of employed grads in state or local posts: 10.6 percent, i.e. 12/113
Overall percentage of employed JDs in clerkships: 20.35 percent, i.e. 23/113

If the numbers were BASED ON THE ENTIRE GRADUATING CLASS, then these would be the figures for Wa$hington and Lee Univer$ity $chool of Law:

Percentage of grads in federal clerkships: 8.5 percent, i.e. 11/129
Percentage of grads in state or local posts: 9.3 percent, i.e. 12/129
Overall percentage of JDs in clerkships: 17.8 percent, i.e. 23/129 2012

Figures for Washington and Lee SOL, Using Morse’s Formula:

We will now look at the Washington and Lee University Sewer of Law Class of 2012. There were 130 graduates, from this cohort. Of that amount, only 89 were employed within nine months of receiving their JDs. Since Bob Morse based his 2011 figures off of "employed" graduates, here is how the Class of 2012 results would be calculated by the sewer rat:

Percentage of employed grads in federal clerkships: 6.7 percent, i.e. 6/89
Percentage of employed grads in state or local posts: 13.5 percent, i.e. 12/89
Overall percentage of employed JDs in clerkships: 20.2 percent, i.e. 18/89

Notice that the overall number would not differ much, from the 2011 figure of 20.35 percent – even though the OVERALL employment placement rate was MUCH LOWER for the Class of 2012. Here is how the numbers would look, for the Washington and Lee JD Class of 2012, if Morse based his results on the entire graduating class – and not merely those who were employed at the nine month mark: 

Percentage of class in federal clerkships: 4.6 percent, i.e. 6/130
Percentage of class in state or local posts: 9.2 percent, i.e. 12/130
Overall percentage of class in clerkships: 13.8 percent, i.e. 18/130

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can clearly see the difference in outcomes and clerkship prospects. 

Now, an Accurate 2012 Placement Rate for Washington and Lee SOL:

On April 10, 2013, Dan Filler posted a Faculty Lounge entry entitled “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs” This article is based off of each diploma mill’s Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report. An anonymous poster furnished this link on my last profile.  As the chart header makes clear, the figures pertain to JD Required positions that are full-time, long term - and exclude law school funded jobs. Under these measures, Washington and Lee University Sewer of Law is ranked 135th best in job placement. For $ome rea$on, Vagina Bob Morse has rated this commode as the 26th greatest law school in the nation.

Conclusion: In sum, if a school has a low overall nine-month "placement" rate, it could still appear on Morse's list - as long as the percentage of clerks is relatively high in comparison to the amount of employed graduates. Furthermore, schools with smaller graduating class sizes can benefit greatly under Morse’s dishonest metric. Remember, Washington and Lee University Sewer of Law had a total of 129 total JDs, in its Class of 2011. If the bitch was interested in providing accurate numbers, then he would base his results on the entire class size - and he also would not publish such misleading headlines.


  1. Keep continuing to call Morse out, Nando. Maybe one of these years they'll distinguish between Articles I and III, and between prestigious state clerkships and traffic court. I particularly liked this: "Judicial clerkships are highly coveted by law school graduates since they have such important career implications." Have always wondered what happens to NJ trial-level clerks after the clerkship ends. Likely, nothing good.

  2. L. Pendleton Harrison IVApril 22, 2013 at 8:22 AM

    You guys have law licenses and law degrees and you're complaining? You have more formal education than probably 97% of people in the country. If not the entire world.

    I have a niece who's getting ready to start law school in the fall. She's the one that sent me here.

    I only have a 4 year degree and I'm doing just fine. My brother in law dropped out of college at age 20 and now he owns a bookstore and two Great Harvest Bread Company franchises in Texas. My younger brother runs a construction company. Several of my cousins (and a nephew) don't even have college degrees and they're making very good money.

    You guys have a lot of education. All you have to do is put it to use. Go into business for yourself. Start your own legal aid society. Nothing's better than being your own boss. There's a lot of money out there. But you have to go out there and grab it. No one's just gonna hand it to you. But first you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

    Practicing law can't be that bad. All of the businesspeople in my family (me included) have lawyers on retainer. There's money out there. Quit complaining.


    1. 90% sure this is a flame.

      If not and you are for real, go fuck yourself.

    2. Total flame. No one's this stupid.

      "Start your own legal aid society." Dude, I make 20k a year and have to fend off former creditors with my JD diploma. I'm a walking, talking legal aid society with one terrible client.

    3. Wow! With a name like L. Pendleton Harrison IV he must be a King!

      See @1:25 here:

  3. 135th in FT legal jobs but ranked 26th best overall. How the fuck does work out?

    1. Because it's Washington & Lee. If the rankings showed it at, like, 80th or 100th, the rankings would obviously be wrong, because it's obviously a much better law school than, say, Wyoming.

  4. USNWR's clerkship rankings are yet another attempt to massage the law school employment numbers. Take the NJ law schools for example. There are about 500 state clerkship opportunities every year. These clerkships usually go to the Rutgers and Seton Hall grads. What the rankings won't tell you is that most of these clerks wind up on the unemployment line after the clerkship is over. Conveniently, clerkships last 1 year which eclipses the 9 month employment reporting mark for law schools. I really think the 9 month mark was carefully selected by the law schools and the ABA for that reason--it is a period that you can boast higher employment rates for grads. I would like to see what the figures are for 18 months post law school graduation. In NJ, I would say 50% of these clerks don't find post-clerkship employment. Don't count on the judge to pick up the phone and get you a job. Those days are long gone. Smoke and mirrors boys and girls. That is the trick Bob Morse is playing on you.

  5. More deception from Washington & Lee. From the Quick Facts page on the W & L Website:

    "Employment Rate:

    For the Class of 2011: 90%

    Click here for comprehensive employment data."

    1. Demleitner the Deceiver strikes again. Nora Demleitner is the queen of law school scam deans.

    2. Washington and Lee has now fixed this deception. When these crooks get caught they hide their deception as quickly as possible.

  6. LOL at state and county clerkships.

    If you're clerking for traffic or chancery courts in NJ, you're not making connections with the right people. You're just trying to get through the day without getting yelled at or attacked by a ghetto client. The courts in Essex County are a zoo.

    Don't expect some judge who's only interested in hitting retirement to make phone calls in your behalf. He just wants full pension. To him, you're just another cog. He'll get another cog when your year runs out.

  7. A buddy of mine has one of these political appointment jobs (NJ Superior Court judge). He told me recently that even NYU, Columbia, Cornell and UPenn law grads are now competing for these pathetic clerkships (which are derisively known as traffic court clerkships).

    Good luck to those Seton Hall law suckers who think their TTT resumes can size up with that of a Columbia law grad competing for these putrid clerkships.

  8. The Valvoline Dean places many lemmimgs into."AMG.clerkships" which build getting his car washed, oiled, and detailed clean.

  9. He looks like a Muppet. US News, Sucks. The current law school ranking system is highly detrimental to the profession. Legal education and the legal profession are so fundamentally fucked right now. All the law schools buy into the game of focusing on irrelevant ranking metrics, instead of doing anything meaningful. The legal profession should take a cue from the dental profession:

    "What are the dental school rankings? Which dental school is the best? What are the top 10 dental schools? Questions that comes up quite often with undergraduates who are thinking of applying to dental school.

    The truth is that dental schools are not ranked in the United States. There have been, in the past, two different rankings for dental schools. Those were listed by US News & World Report and by The Gourman Report.

    The last time these figures were reported was in 1993. It was at that time that dental schools decided to stop cooperating with publications that were attempting to rank dental schools. The reason behind this was that dental schools did not feel that the rankings were accurately depicting the quality of the individual institution. Factors that were not necessarily relevant to the institutions quality of teaching were used to make determinations about what is “best”."

    And, that is part of the reason why dentists have zero unemployment, work four days a week, and they all make six figures from the start.

    1. "He looks like a Muppet."

      Maybe a Muppet of Don Rickles in the 1970s, but they gave him too much hair. And the eyes aren't beady enough.

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    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Law school is a scam. This is now an accepted truth. Way to go.

  11. Mr. Infinity touches small children.

    1. Mr. Infinity has unnatural relations with farm animals.

    2. He likes to suck off billy goats.

  12. 135th in grads getting real legal jobs. What is the tuition at this place?

  13. @ 12:43 pm,

    Thank you for the link to article in The Record. John Petrick wrote a piece entitled "Law school grads on rough road," which was published on January 2, 2011. Look at this opening:

    "It isn't exactly how 25-year-old Eric Reiser expected to begin his career fresh out of law school, earning about $48,000 as a law clerk at the Passaic County Courthouse in Paterson while a friend is making more than twice as much at a big firm.

    Clerking for a judge is customarily a way for some young lawyers to spend a year getting their feet wet before joining a firm as an associate. These days, however, many recent law school grads who would normally bypass the law clerk route and go straight into practice are finding clerkships to be the only employment option they have.

    State Superior Court judges in New Jersey have seen a substantial jump in law clerk applicants — many from Ivy League schools all over the country — as big law firms cut back on hiring attorneys fresh out of law school."

    Again, this was written in January 2011. Do you believe that the job market has improved for recent law grads, brainless lemming?!?! Later on, the article continued:

    "Over the last two years, I would say I've had four times as many applicants. And of those applicants, they're all with superior grade averages of over 3.5 from law schools all over the country," said [Superior Court pig judge Margaret Mary] McVeigh. "I normally get excellent résumés. But the volume of excellent résumés — even the quality — far surpasses anything I've ever seen. These are the kinds of applicants that would normally have gone to Supreme Court, or one of the large-starting-salary firms."

    Superior Court Civil Assignment Judge Thomas F. Brogan agreed: "We're seeing people from Ivy League schools in greater numbers, or people who might have in the past gone with a big firm in New York but decided to forgo that and go this route instead."

    Thomas Brogan is an idiot, if he truly believes that Ivy grads are turning down Biglaw, in order to work as state civil court clerks. The fact remains that Biglaw swine are hiring fewer first year associates. As a result, JDs from elite schools are now resorting to state clerkship positions. The ABA-accredited trash pits located in New Jersey are having some “success” with state and local clerkship placements, according to Bob Morse and US “News.” However, most of those posts are not prestigious – and will not lead to long legal careers.

  14. Washington and Lee’s determination of its student-faculty ratio is also suspicious. They claim to have a student-faculty ratio of 9.52 to 1 on their web page. They also state that they have 464 students.

    Here are the ABA rules for determining faculty-student ratio.

    Interpretation 402-1
    In determining whether a law school complies with the Standards, the ratio of the number of full-time
    equivalent students to the number of full-time equivalent faculty members is considered.

    (1) In computing the student/faculty ratio, full-time equivalent teachers are those who are employed as
    full-time teachers on tenure track or its equivalent who shall be counted as one each plus those who
    constitute “additional teaching resources” as defined below. No limit is imposed on the total number
    of teachers that a school may employ as additional teaching resources, but these additional teaching
    resources shall be counted at a fraction of less than 1 and may constitute in the aggregate up to 20
    percent of the full-time faculty for purposes of calculating the student/faculty ratio.

    (A) Additional teaching resources and the proportional weight assigned to each category include:
    (i) teachers on tenure track or its equivalent who have administrative duties beyond those
    normally performed by full-time faculty members: 0.5;
    (ii) clinicians and legal writing instructors not on tenure track or its equivalent who teach a full
    load: 0.7; and
    (iii) adjuncts, emeriti faculty who teach, non-tenure track administrators who teach, librarians
    who teach, and teachers from other units of the university: 0.2.

    Washington and Lee claims to have 35 full-time faculty, although in their specific list of faculty they only have 32. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say they have 35 full-time faculty. However, the two main deans don’t count because they “have administrative duties beyond those
    normally performed by full-time faculty members.” So Washington and Lee has 33 full-time faculty members.

    You can count up to 20% extra for additional teaching resources. Let’s give them the full 20%. That would be 8. Add 8 and 33 and you get 41 faculty.

    That gives a student-faculty ratio of 464 students to 41 faculty or 11.3 to 1. This is giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    Does anyone see anything wrong with my math or my assumptions? If they are correct, then Washington and Lee is claiming a lower student-faculty ratio than actually exists.

    1. And the lies just keep on coming.

    2. Demleitner the Deceiver.

    3. You left out visitors. But thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts. You're the Best.

    4. Nope, I was right. Washington and Lee has now changed the figure to 10.2 to 1 on their website. When these crooks get caught they hide their deception as quickly as possible. I wonder if they notified US News of their "mistake"?

  15. It's a fucking shell game.

  16. A few small suggestions for the header<

    Don't go to law skool unless you get into Yale or Harvard. And maybe Stanford, and

    You come from a very wealthy family.

    That's all. No other exceptions.

  17. Mr. Infinity prefers little blond boys under the age of 6.

    1. Mr. Infinity was the only repeat person on Dateline's To Catch a Predator.

  18. Gotta love a profession where it is taught by people who have never practiced law or who last practiced it when JFK was President. Get some practicing lawyers to teach night classes and you can have more training in one year then you get hanging out at these ivory towers where professors loot your money.

    Is it me or do people go to law school hoping they dont have to practice law yet complain that there are no jobs.

    Just shows that the profession is a closed society for rich people who need to perpetuate their wealth through their too often lazy and priveleged children. The rest have no chance or realize that the career is going to be spent in court appointed work or with non paying clients.

  19. Nando, I have a suggestion for a future entry. You should talk about the ABA's emphasis for pro bono work for new lawyers. So after wasting 3 years, incurring 6 figure non-dischargeable debt (debt that will follow you to the grave like an incurable disease), you are still expected to work for free. What other "noble" profession requires this of their members? Last I checked, my dentist billed me for a cleaning. My doctor billed me for a physical. My mechanic billed me for an oil change. My plumber billed me for septic tank problems. Why the fuck should lawyers be expected to work for free? Lawyers should challenge the ABA on the mandatory pro bono as it violates the 13th Amendment's prohibition against indentured servitude. And don't give me shit about a law license being a privilege. A privilege is something you earn and after 3 years of wasting away at law school and incurring a lifetime of debt service, and passing the bar exam, how can you argue that you haven't earned the privilege? Fuck the ABA and fuck pro bono.

    1. I know of physicians and dentists who donate their time for free to health clinics that serve the poor. That said I agree it should not be a requirement in order to earn a living--slavery is slavery by any other name. Not to mention the inequities of "mandatory volunteerism", e.g. placing more of a burden on younger and poorer people.


    Let’s take a closer look at Dan Filler’s entry, “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs.”

    The following third tier commodes, as ranked by US “News” & World Report, have a higher employment “placement” rate – for full-time, long term positions requiring a law degree. I have listed the schools, next to their overall USN&WR rating:

    Mercer University, 105; South Texas Commode of Law, 144; North Dakota, 140; Campbell “University,” 126; St. Mary’s, 140; UMKC, 109; Washburn, 140; Florida Interntational, 105; TTTexa$ TTTTech Univer$iTTTy, 105; Montana, 113; St. Louis University, 102; New Hampshire, 119; Arkansas-Little Rock, 113; Samford, 113; $TTTeTTT$on, 109; University of Mississippi, 102; Creighton, 119, Idaho, 134; Memphis, 144; Third Tier Drake, 109; Wyoming, 113; Wayne $TTTaTTTe, 105; CUNY, 132; UniversiTTTy of BalTTTimore, 134; Duquesne, 140; Southern Illinois, 140; Albany Law Sewer, 132; William MiTTTchell Commode of Law, 134; Hof$TTTRa, 113; and Gonzaga Univer$ity, 113.

    Yes, you read that list correctly. A total of THIRTY law schools ranked in the THIRD TIER had HIGHER legal job placement rates, for their 2012 graduating classes, than the Class of 2012 from 26th “best” Washington and Lee University School of Law. What a stellar “institution of higher learning,” huh?!?!

    The following fourth tier trash pits had better placement rates for their 2012 graduates – using the criteria mentioned above – than the cockroaches at Wa$hington and Lee Univer$ity Sewer of Law:

    South Dakota; Mississippi College; Nova Southeastern University; Texas Southern; Charleston Sewer of Law; Oklahoma City “University”; Texas Wesleyan; Willamette University; UniversiTTTTy of TTTToledo; Roger Williams University; RegenTTTT; Liberty “University”; Elon; TTTTouro College; and Faulkner University.

    Yes, FIFTEEN members of the FOURTH TIER produced better full-time, long term legal employment outcomes for their 2012 graduating classes than the pigs at W&L were able to accomplish. As you can see, the students/victims at 26th ranked Washington and Lee University are not getting what they are paying for, i.e. strong school reputation leading to legal employment. Does anyone with an IQ above 70 still want to defend this rankings scheme – or Pussy Bob Morse’s recent article pertaining to clerkship placement figures?!?!

  21. Why the fuck isn't Washington & Lee ranked in the third or fourth tier. Those employment numbers are shit.

  22. Bob Morse is the embodiment of yellow journalism. He's a frontman for the higher education industry and ABA. He's juking the stats to keep the fiction going so when idiots pick up USNWR they think the shithole they are considering attending has decent employment numbers. The man is totally without any professional ethics.

    Unless you clerk for a federal judge the odds of you landing a job at a decent firm are very low. And the odds of you getting a federal clerkship are very low unless you go to a top 10 school. State trial court clerkships aren't very prestigious. Maybe appellate division ones, but not a whole lot more honestly. I know this from basically witnessing first-hand judges chew up recent grads thankful to have a job at all and then spit them out after a year. They have the next batch of idiots in there as unpaid summer interns (moronic law students).

  23. I agree with @8:48 AM. I am not a big fan of pro bono work or pro bono requirements. Law schools and the ABA encourage lawyers to do pro bono work, like we are all millionaires or some aristocratic class and can afford to work for free.

    Law schools do not set an example. Law schools rape and pillage for every penny they can get without shame. If the law school turns you into an indebted indigent do they lose sleep? Law schools have no morals, always asking for gifts and pledges. It is insulting for them to do this, when they have raised prices at a rate that any Fortune 500 company would envy.

    "Have I included you(law school) in my estate planning." Hell, No. I would rather burn any money I had before I would give anything to a law school. Why give a law school more money? So, law schools can increase the bloated salaries of the law professors that work six hours a week?

    The ABA should go fuck themselves and go throw another wine and cheese party to talk about diversity or pro bono work. The ABA sucks and is out of touch. Legal education is a joke.

  24. I know this has been mentioned before but I can't understand how W & L can be 26th in us news when it is below so many ttts and tttts in job placement. Something is rotten in Denmark. Where is the ABA? Maybe the feds should remove the aba as the law school accrediting agency.


    Again, I am relying on Filler's article. Here are some other first tier toilets that provide TTTT job prospects for their graduates:

    Indiana University Maurer Sewer of Law is ranked 25th greatest, most phenomenal law school in the country, by US "News" & World Report. Yet, it has the 101st best placement for 2012 graduates, in full-time, long term legal jobs.

    George Washington University has the 21st ranked law school, according to Pussy Bob Morse. However, for some reason, the school is listed 76 for placing 2012 grads in FT, long term legal positions.

    Georgetown is rated 12th by Morse, but it was 42nd in placements, using the job criteria listed in Filler's piece.

    Boston College was ranked 31st by USN&WR. Based on the chart in the Faculty Lounge entry cited above, the school was listed as 50th best in terms of legal job placements.

    Notre Dame Law School came in at 23rd, in Morse's rankings. Yet the school was 51st best in placing its 2012 graduates in legal jobs.

    The University of Minnesota supposedly has the 19th most amazing law school in the country. However, it was 53rd best in job placements - since the metric does not include law school-funded positions.

    Boston University had the 29th greatest law sewer in the U.S. In terms of results, i.e. placements in full-time, long term legal positions, this commode was listed 55th best.

    Arizona State University allegedly has the 29th most wondrous law school in the land. But the commode ranked 59th, with regards to legal job placements.

    Washington University in St. Louis is listed as 19th in the nation, but the placement figure is only 38th best.

    Hell, Yale is rated first overall, in the 2014 edition of the law school rankings. Yet, the school was 14th best at placing 2012 grads in long term, full-time legal posts. The school also features relatively small class sizes.

    What a prestigious "profession," huh?!?!

    1. Was stunned to see how much of its own class Yale hired. I once quoted before it went behind a paywall.

      "Several of the country's most prestigious law schools, including the University of Chicago Law School, New York University School of Law, the University of Virginia School of Law and Yale Law School, hired 10 percent or more of their class of 2011."

  26. While other 1st tier law schools have poor placement rates, none is as extreme as the discrepancy between W & L’s US News rank and its job placement in the Filler rankings. US News=26th; Job Placement=135th. There is no reasonable explanation for this discrepancy. I wonder how W & L’s poor job placement will affect its admissions and its reputation. We may see W & L falling significantly in the US News over the next few years.


    I know this piece of shit has already been shredded to pieces. However, I think he and his article have to be sodomized here again because we are in the middle of a new cycle and legions of new victims may consider attending his and other shitholes to become, at a very best case, sole practicing shit lawyers. Just look at the numbers this scam artist is using in his piece. The sole practitioners, with established practice and 40 years of experience, I know clear 40 to 60 K after they paid to support staff and paid other overhead expenses. These are reputable lawyers in small towns who have been practicing there for FOUR decades.

    Some terrorist group has to start hunt down pimps ... deans. Police would do nothing. They will just throw a party every time one is gone.

  28. What everyone is missing here is the fact that the US News rankings are based on the 2011 employment figures while we have mainly been talking about the 2012 employment figures here. Washington and Lee's 2011 figures are bad but their 2012 employment figures are much worse. Based on the differences between the 2011 and 2012 employment stats, I would expect Washington and Lee to fall at least 20 places next year in the US News rankings.

  29. Before departing Washington & Lee, let's look at the scholarly impact of its esteemed dean Nora Demleitner. As you know scholarship is the major factor in hiring and promotion at law schools. SSRN is considered an important indicator of scholarly impact. On the SSRN top law professors ranking, Demleitner has 544 alltime downloads and she is ranked 5051st. Pathetic!

  30. Really, Karen? SSRN downloads? That's only relevant for profs who put all their stuff on SSRN. Look up Alan Dershowitz on SSRN, and you will see he ranks in the 8000's.

  31. Also Nora Demleitner was not much of a dean. During her last year at Hofstra Hofstra fell from 89 to 113 in the US News law rankings. That would get you fired at most law schools.

  32. Washington and Lee has now altered this trickiness. The point when these hoodlums get got they conceal their misleading as fast as could be allowed.
    For Details Please visit:
    Political News US // US News Headlines


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