Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sixty-Seven Legal “Educators” Admit That the Current Law School Model is Unsustainable

Slate Covers the Attorney Glut, Once Again:

On April 2, 2013, Slate published an Eric Posner piece, entitled “The Real Problem With Law Schools.” The sub-heading reads “They train too many lawyers.” Take a look at the following excerpt:

“A crisis is looming in legal education. Last month, a notable group of legal educators who call themselves the Coalition of Concerned Colleagues released a letter declaring that law schools have spewed forth more graduates than the legal market can absorb, resulting in rising unemployment among young lawyers, who cannot pay off colossal student loans. As the New York Times recently reported, applications are plummeting, and a movement is on to reduce law school educations from three to two years—advocated in the New York Times by law professor Samuel Estreicher and law dean Daniel Rodriguez. The CCC letter similarly argues that legal education should be less expensive and less uniform, which sounds fine in the abstract. But in the details, the proposed fixes will make the crisis worse than ever.” [Emphasis mine]

Later on, Posner correctly points out that reducing JD programs to two years will lead to an even larger flood of graduates. However, check out his faulty conclusion:

“The only realistic way to help lawyers today is to increase the demand for legal services—somehow convincing governments, for example, to pay for adequate representation of indigent defendants[.]”

Apparently, the author is unaware that local, state and federal agencies are resorting to furloughs, while employing other cost-cutting measures. Also, taxpayers are not too keen on providing additional legal help to indigents. Posner’s best contribution was including a hyperlink to the document below.

The Letter from the “Coalition of Concerned Colleagues” to the ABA Swine:

In a joint letter to the ABA Task Force on “Legal Education” labeled “The Economics of Legal Education: A Concern of Colleagues,” a total of 67 “law professors” and deans admitted the following:

“The price of legal education has risen as the job market for lawyers has declined. More than two out of every five 2011 graduates did not obtain a full-time long-term job requiring a law degree; the median starting salary of the class, among the less than half of graduates for whom a salary was reported, was $60,000. The problematic economics are captured by this fundamental mismatch: a graduate who earns the median salary cannot afford to make the monthly loan payments on the average debt.” [Emphasis mine]

Even these academics understand that the actual median starting salary - for the JD Class of 2011 - was much lower than the $60K figure. For $ome rea$on, these “educators” do not voluntarily reduce their bloated incomes. Apparently, they are not THAT concerned about the situation facing students and recent graduates.  The "plea" includes the following admission:

“Legal education cannot continue on the current trajectory. As members of a profession committed to serving the public good, we must find ways to alter the economics of legal education…As legal educators, it is our responsibility to grapple with these issues before our institutions are reshaped in ways beyond our control.” [Emphasis mine]

Of course, these guys provided several Band-aid “solutions” to this big-ass problem. For instance, reducing the undergrad education requirement for law school admission to three would lead to larger \enrollments at ABA toilets. Also, handing out a “professional” degree after two years of law school will cause a bigger glut of recent attorneys. 

Salary Data for Some Members of the "Notable" Group:

Let’s check out the 2011 Form 990, for the pile of rubbish doing business as New York Law School. Head to Part II - Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees. Richard MaTTTTa$ar raked in $734,173 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. Yes, that is correct. The Fat Pig made $538,374 in base compensation; $34,410 in bonus and incentive compensation; $28,653 in retirement and other deferred compensation; and $132,736 in nontaxable benefits. Keep in mind that New York Law Sewer is currently ranked as a fourth tier trash pit, by US "News" & World Report.

According to the salary database at Collegiate Times, Charles Daye received $205,228 in 2010 - as Henry Brandis “professor of law” at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  He is a minor academic thief, in comparison to Matasar.  However, he is still "earning" a tremendous income at the expense of taxpayers and student debt slaves.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, this is a mere ploy for the “professors” and deans to maintain some level of control over the upcoming change facing the law schools. This letter also allows these “professors” to come across as “reformers.” Notice that they $omehow did not propose a reduction in law faculty compensation. This is akin to reducing federal spending, without touching the "Defense" budget.  Lastly, does anyone with an IQ above room temperature believe that Pig Richard Matasar gives one damn about his NYL$ victims?!?!


  1. "Coalition of Concerned Colleagues".

    More like the "Coalition of Concern Trolls for LawProf Tenure."

  2. LOL! If Posner was the CEO of an umbrella company that only sold half the umbrellas it manufactured, his genius solution would be to increase the number of rainy days.

  3. Is Eric Posner related to Richard Posner the Chicago law professor? He's listed as a member of the coalition. It's not a common name.

  4. That's ridiculous to reduce the number of years to attend law school but not actually the population, wouldn't that just increase the glut EVEN FASTER. So irrational, but that's what $$ does, it blinds people. Almighty dollar.

  5. I agree, most of these suggested "reforms" would make the problem even worse by increasing the number of graduates.

    Nothing said about the broken federal student loan system shoveling money to the law schools (using the students as a conduit) that for the most part will never be paid back. The only real solutions are to allow the loans to be bankrupted (after say 7-10 years if it is obvious they will not be repaid), and to start doing some basic underwriting (e.g. don't make loans that are unlikely to be repaid).

  6. The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is a problem at all.

  7. Campos and Tamanaha are part of this group. Without those two, who knows what this shitty letter would look like?

  8. Professor Campos was one of the signatories to the letter. I suspect he makes more than Profesor Day's salary, perhaps you should have highlighted Campos' salary instead and singled him out as one of the swine.

  9. This is a farce. The only thing these losers are concerned about is their bloated paychecks. Here are a few solutions to the law scam:

    1.) Make law school an undergraduate degree, applicants can sit for the bar upon graduation.

    2.) Professors must have a minimum of 5 years legal experience. Whether it's biglaw, ADA, or solo, they must be practicing lawyers. No six figure paychecks for a specialist on Plato and cisgender norms with emphasis on rap music.

    3.) Investigate the law school thugs for fraud. If these fuckers pulled their stunts in a F500 company they'd have gone to jail ages ago. Justice must be done.

    These are a start. I have no idea how to fix the massive oversupply of new grads.

  10. This letter from the league of extraordinary greedy fucking professors is no big shakes. Capt. Obvious could've drafted that letter.

  11. Posner wrote this:

    "Government guarantees lower the cost for lawyers to obtain training. If the subsidies create a larger supply of lawyers, it should also create a greater demand for their services, by reducing the costs that they pass on to clients. Depriving students of government-guaranteed loans is hardly a solution to the problem that legal education is too expensive."

    The "government subsidies" to law students don't make legal training cheaper.

    A larger supply of lawyers doesn't mean that there will be a greater demand for legal services.

    As to the letter, I don't see why we have to beat up on those who signed it. After all quite a few of the names have been very supportive of fixing the legal system. One has even written a book called "Failing Law Schools" and praised Nando by his name, and another ran a blog for two years which called law school a "scam."

  12. in short

    i) The law schools published fake employment stats (to lure in the lemmings);
    ii) They did it for years;
    iii) When people raised Cain over this fucking bullshit, the schools started publishing better stats;
    iv) When people figured out law school was a losing proposition, the smart kids avoided law school in droves;
    v) The dummies still apply;
    vi) Some of the dummies are clinically retarded;
    vii) and some of the dummies get butt hurt about critiques about law school;
    viii) and so those dumbshits will enroll anyway, just to show you all up.

    Because of the clinically retarded, butt hurt dumbshits who think they’re special (and this country produces a ton of them) who enroll law schools will continue to enjoy decent enrollments. Got that?

  13. If creating a larger supply of lawyers will create a greater demand for services. then training more farriers will get people out of their gas-guzzlers and into buggies.

    If the person making such an argument wasn't making a salary in the high six figures, he would be committed. Or, at least, someone would check his medication.

    I agree that law should be an undergraduate program. But it should also be more difficult to get into than it is now--sort of like the nursing program in one of the colleges in which I teach. (It's a state school.) The barriers to law--or any profession--should be based on talent and willingness to work, not finances.

  14. I bet all these pig professors who are so "concerned" are tenured so even if the schools and programs are revamped their bloated salaries won't take a hit and they won't be on the chopping block. Do they think they look like reformers because they are choosing to recognize the reality and write some mealy-mouthed letter to the ABA that no one will act on?

    3:02 is spot on.

    And fuck fucking Richard Matasar. Worthless NYLS just plummeted in the USNWR rankings into the FOURTH TIER.

    Nando, a simple request. Could you please work into the mix some pictures of pigs at a trough when you write articles relating to these thieving, lying bastards?

  15. Heeeeeelp! some disgusting animal just took a huuuuuuuuge rotten "Seton Hall Law" in the office toilet! the janitor is feverishly trying to plunge it but there is no hope.

  16. We don't need panels, or investigations, or courts, or any of that shit. All that is required is for the Federal Government to get out of the student loan business. Without all that unlimited credit, the bubble deflates in one cycle.

  17. Nando, can you PLEASE remove All Education Matters from your blog roll? Cryn and all her shit is annoying and irrelevant.

  18. Cryn's new profile pic is maybe confusing people.

    1. Nothing confusing about her profile pic. It looks like she's waiting for someone to mount her.

  19. To the commenters from 12:17 pm and 12:18 pm,

    I realized that Campos and Tamanaha were members of this group, when I decided to post this entry. Collegiate Times does not provide a listing of faculty salaries at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since this is a public school, this information is not available on Guidestar – since that site only lists data for private, “non-profit” institutions.

    Those two men have certainly helped augment the message that law school is a terrible gamble for many or most students. William Henderson from Indiana University Bloomington also signed onto the list. He has been considered a “legal rebel” by a few publications. His biggest contribution to the scam-blog movement was the bi-modal distribution chart of lawyer starting salaries. However, in the last analysis, Henderson the Pig is a tool of the ABA.

    This “educator” told me and Cryn Johannsen – over the phone – that NYL$ is not a big offender. He also praised Richard Matasar, the grossly overpaid dean and “president” of New York Law Sewer. When I pointed out that tuition and fees, at the time, reached $46,460 at NYL$, the bastard responded with this PATENTLY FALSE NONSENSE: “What you don’t understand is that most of those students come from wealthy families, so they aren’t taking on a bunch of debt for the degree.”

    I documented this rat’s position on my April 11, 2011 entry:

    Here is my favorite portion of the main piece:

    “I suppose this info would come as a surprise to Henderson. US News lists the average indebtedness of NYL$ 2010 graduates who incurred law school debt at $119,437. Fully 93% of this toilet’s particular graduating class took on such debt. William, if you are going to pose as an “expert,” AT LEAST MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE FACTS TO SUPPORT YOUR CASE. Otherwise, you lose credibility.”

    Again, if these supposed “legal educators” gave one damn about their students, they would be willing to reduce the costs of admission. Obviously, the commodes cannot control living expenses. However, the cockroaches can lower tuition and fees – or at a minimum, they could push for their univer$ity trustees or regents to decrease the price tag. Of course, “law professors” and deans would rather eat excrement off of a cracker than absorb even a slight cut to their bloated, artificially high salaries.

    Writing a letter to the ABA is about as effective as a battered woman filing a police report against her loser douche-bag. You can basically fold that document, and slide it in your ass crack. It will not accomplish anything, other than making you initially feel better.

  20. I gotta ask you this.

    Did you hear him tell you that about NYLS when you and Cryn were having sex? In my experience it's hard to hear things right when your face is buried in someone's tits. You might've misheard him.

  21. BTW, who is it that wants to have Cryn removed from the TTR Blog Roll?

    Mr. Infinity?

    1. Fucktards from Hell, Mr. Painterdude.

      WTLS = Antionio de Necochea, so call him "Neco Wafers."

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    3. We know you live in San Fransisco.

      We know which law firm you work for.

      So enough with the coprophagia talk, yes?

      Or it could get real nasty.

    4. Who and when figured out that the WTLS is Antionio de Necochea?

    5. Got you where you live, it seems.

      You play with the stuff. I never said anything about you EATING it. How oh how did that little thought get planted in your tiny mind?

      LOL, so the truth finally comes out. The great sculptor is also the great eater - he gobbles up his masterpieces after he gets done playing with them!

    6. You have sealed your fate, cocksucker.

    7. On the plus side, your mommy doesn't have to pick up after you when you get done playing with your toys - they're already neatly stowed in your enormous belly!

  22. hey Nando

    Does Cryn spit or swallow?

    1. You mean after she is done chewing on it?

  23. What is Cryn's favorite position? For fuck's sake. give us that at least.

  24. The AMA controls the market by buying laws that use the police to prevent non-physicians from offering medical advice and giving prescriptions. The ABA's mistake is not buying laws that use the police to prevent non-attorneys from offering legal advice and preparing legal documents. If the ABA would shut down accountants, financial planners, paralegals, (oops, that's ""), and document drones, and if the ABA would impose stiff confidentiality fines and jail time on any companies that let non-lawyers of any stripe (including interns, students, or foreign attorneys) do independent document review, that would immediately redirect overblown corporate profits into employing all the unemployed lawyers out there.

    The ABA doesn't do this on purpose. Unlike the AMA, which is trying to maintain a small domestic body of highly-paid physicians, the ABA's purpose is to run cover for the externalization of all non-managerial legal work onto impoverished paralegals from the Indian subcontinent.

    (It won't be long before the AMA starts doing the same thing, and "medical advice from a doctor" becomes equivalent to internet-chatting with some guy in New Delhi who gets paid $2.85 an hour, plus a $5.00 bonus for every Prozac prescription he writes.)

  25. @ 7:09, you're a fucking idiot. medicine and law aren't even remotely the same and their futures can't be analogized. pull your head out of your ass.

  26. Not so very long ago (in generational terms), the idea of deriding the graduate of an accredited four-year college was not so popular or widespread. It was obvious that bricklayers and clerks were of a different sort--"blue collar" and "white collar," as it were.

    That faded, as the idea of a baccalaureate degree became laughable--but then, a Master of Sciences or Master of Arts, or a Doctor of Philosophy, still held respect. Who would deride someone with such lofty education and obvious skills that they could teach at the college or university level?

    The years passed, and Masters degrees became a laughingstock, and PhDs--those silly Barnes and Nobles employees, who actually thought reading and writing was worth anything!

    Everyone knew, then, that all the smart kids, if they wanted to get jobs, would completely abandon thoughts of the humanities, or teaching, and get a professional degree--an MBA, JD, or MD. Serious corporate managers and managing directors of finance pulled in $200K salaries and $700K bonuses; doctors consistently brought in $100K in small private practice, or much more if they led surgery teams, and lawyers could draw reliable large returns, or go for the gold with gigantic returns.

    Everyone knew how respected all these professions were.

    Then, time passed. Recessions came and went, the "middle class" lost more and more money, and the MBA became so cheap and worthless it didn't matter anymore. MBAs began mopping floors and delivering pizzas, becoming the butt of jokes alongside unemployed PhDs. More time passed, and lawyers started becoming worthless, too. Steady careers and social respect vanished.

    Thank God, though, that trend could never hold true for doctors. They are in an entirely different world than all other white collar jobs to fall before them, and economic factors simply will never destroy THAT profession's income or prestige in a couple generations.

    1. Sounds to me like EVERY field of endeavor is being "Obamaized."

      P.S. Aren't you the guy who claims that 9/11 was an inside job? LOL, who the heck gave YOU a degree?

    2. It's perfectly reasonable to draw an association between that particular rich, job-destroying force of evil, and the reduction of opportunity and quality in human lives. However, the bachelor's degree was being undercut decades ago. Obama is just the latest figurehead presiding over the destruction of what you might call a "middle class." You'll need to develop new verb synonyms using the surnames of the past several nominal American executives, if you're going to be fair about it.

      What makes you the angriest about all this stuff, anyway?

  27. Doctors are not immune to changes in technology. Just wait a few more years, and I can assure you that MDs will also start being replaced by computers.

    The problems with JDs and employment is not just about too many law school graduates, but also about a decrease in their relative demand caused by their replacement by software.

    1. Dear 9:44, the response to you became long enough that I put it here, at Job-stuffs from TTR.

  28. Switching to two years is a horrible idea. It just further debases the already debased JD degree. If the JD was currency it would be a Zimbabwe dollar. Anything that is done to make getting a JD degree easier will only make matters worse.

    I think the profession should draw a line in the sand and try to have some kind of quality standard for law school admissions. Currently, people with undergraduate GPA's of 2.5 and LSAT's in the 150's can get accepted at a law school. Compared to admission standards for medical school it is a joke. Not to mention the bums that go to unaccredited law schools. No LSAT required, don't really care about undergrad GPA's. What the fuck is up with that?

    Or the profession could go the other route, which it has been doing for some time. The legal profession gets successively worse every year. Each year is marginally worse than the the prior year. Law schools keep lowering admission standards, don't really teach the law, and keep puking out jobless indebted law grads to keep their gravy train rolling.

    1. This. If everybody is so convinced that a law degree is elite, then why don't they fucking up the requirements? If these men were honest, they would put forward the only true solution: bar anyone from law school who didn't make either a certain GPA or a certain LSAT score. 3.5/155 seem like good starting points, but they might be too low. At least these numbers would kill about 60 - 70 bottom-feeder schools who sweep up the dregs of applicants who made 140s and low 150s.

      The ABA knows very well the solution to their problem, but they won't admit it. They've made their money in law, so fuck all the new and future JDs!


    This March 2013 letter, to the ABA cockroaches, also contains the following nugget:

    "The price of legal education substantially affects access to the profession. The out-of-pocket cost of obtaining a law degree ranges from $150,000 to $200,000 or more for many law students. This erects a formidable economic barrier to becoming a lawyer and restricts the career choices of those who do enter the bar. Although the federal government and most law schools offer some loan repayment assistance to graduates who take public interest jobs, law school programs are often insufficiently funded and the federal programs do not provide full discharge until after 10 years of public interest employment.

    NOR DO THESE PROGRAMS ADDRESS THE FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM OF HOW A LACK OF JOBS, PUBLIC INTEREST OR OTHERWISWE, HAS NOW MADE LAW SCHOOL A QUESTIONABLE INVESTMENT. The federal government estimates that, at current graduation rates, the economy will create about one new legal job for every two law school graduates over the next decade. Most knowledgeable observers believe that the situation is unlikely to improve even if the economy fully rebounds. More employers are relying on paralegals, technology and contract attorneys to do work previously performed by recent graduates, and cash-strapped public sector agencies are facing pressure to curtail legal expenditures." [Emphasis mine]

    Regarding the first paragraph above, it seems that this “coalition” would support full discharge of student loans – at least after a law grad has spent ten years at a public service job. Where is Mr. Insanity/WTLS to bitch about placing the taxpayers on the hook for this “bailout”?! Then again, the piece of trash NEVER complains about citizens paying for exorbitant “professor” salaries each year.

    The first sentence in the next paragraph should change “questionable investment” to “financial gamble.” After all, we are talking about “professors” who prefer to use euphemisms instead of clear, concise, direct language. We can’t expect these fools to use the following terms, when describing law school: terrible risk, financial suicide, foolish venture, etc. Notice that these “educators” admitted that most knowledgeable observers recognize that the U.S. lawyer job market is unlikely to improve, due to automation and outsourcing. They did not cite to deranged waterheads – such as Mr. Insanity - who irrationally believe that anyone can make it in this supposed “profession.”

    The academics are referring to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics chart “Occupational Outlook Handbook” for Lawyers. Under the Summary sub-heading, the Department of Labor provided the following figures:

    Number of Jobs, 2010: 728,200
    Job Outlook, 2010-2020: 10% (About as fast as average)
    Employment change, 2010-2020: 73,600

    How do you like those odds, brainless lemming?!?! Since ABA-accredited toilets have consistently pumped out roughly 44,000 grads annually - for years - do you like your chances?

  30. NEWSFLASH from the debtor's graveyard:

    Have you seen the ghost of John?

    All white bones with the skin all gone
    Oooh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
    Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on, no
    skin on?

    1. From what I've heard, that ghost is still haunting the home of its bereaved parents.

    2. The only place on earth that is unquestionably safe from its terrifying presence is the workplace!

  31. University of Arizona Law school is dropping the price of tuition by a few thousand dollars. I guess they think each JD is like a 30-pack of Milwaukee's Beast and they want to unload as much of them as they can over a 4th of July weekend, so they put them on sale. The only difference is that you'll get more utility and enjoyment from a 30-pack of Milwaukee's Best than you will from an Ariz. law degree (and the 30-pack of beer also is about $27,000 cheaper, in-state, than the law school).

    Nando, it seems Arizona is just begging to be pooped on.

  32. For the record, I am horrified by the above sexually harassing anon comments directed at Johannsen.

    Let the commenter be aware that when the source is finally discovered, (and it will be) there may well be liability in civil if not also criminal court for the terrible and highly offensive remarks.

    As for Strelnikov: Play it cool and don't do anything. The Troll will do and say what he wants, but don't take it personally.

    In the end, all Nando has to do is delete his comments :)

    So play it cool and stay loose boy:

    Besides, his material is getting redundant and old now.

    1. Don't worry, Roachie: your boo is all talk. Case in point: no serious employer would take an *anonymous* complaint seriously - or one that is only attributed to some made-up name.

      So it just ain't happening - that guy's cooter is probably big enough to accomodate a battleship.

      Or a Roachiemobile.

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    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. The only redundant and old thing here is you, Painter. Weren't you gonna quit blogging to go crying to your mommy's lap? What happened to that?

  34. All Nando has to do is delete the comments of the anon troll.

    If so, end of troll.

  35. The truth is that they have ruined a whole generation of young people. They've destroyed the financial viability of this next generation. They sacraficed the future of the American economy for their immediate financial gain.

    This is exatcly the problem. Another politically connected pig is using the revolving door and stopping at a law school to fill his coffers:

    Sadly, as the immediately preceding commentary shows related to "Johnny Debtor", our generation is riddled with lazy, stupid, immature people who can't act their age. So we'll never get organized and begin nominating and electing people to Congress that truly represent our views.

    The only beam of light is that less LSATs are being given and enrollments are down. That's partially because of blogs like this one that are catching potential students early and showing them the truth instead of them just listening to fudged statistics from the propagandists at law schools.

    Keep up the good work nando.

  36. No better way to end than with the Glenn Miller Band with Jackie Gleason on the upright bass and the Nicholas Brothers.

    May God Bless and help America in these very troubled times.

    BTW the troll is very, very and simply and easily dealt with in the end if his comments are simply deleted.

    My new blog is forward looking and a product of the realization that there is no answer for the American student loan debt human travesty.

    Hence the graveyard of ruined lives.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. Link to a good article:

  38. Please review the following emails - sent to me by a reader - to Pig Richard Matasar, with the student's name removed:

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    Date: Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 4:17 AM
    Subject: Fwd: NYLS

    "Dean Matasar:

    Perhaps I was not clear in the email I sent to you last week (see below). I did not send it merely to vent, but I am asking for a refund of my tuition.

    Were it not for the misleading information put out by the school and the insistence of your staff after first year that I would get a job if I stuck it out, and then by your staff to make myself "more marketable" by spending more money on an additional degree, I would not have stayed.

    I have not had even one interview since I graduated in February 2009 despite sending out hundreds of resumes in different cities."

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------

    Date: Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 1:30 PM
    Subject: NYLS

    "Dean Matasar:

    You probably don't remember me, but I graduated from NYLS in 2009. I have been unable to get even one interview in the legal industry since that time. When I went to the school after 6 months of unemployment, their response was that I should spend even more money to get an LL.M to make myself "marketable." I stopped when told by headhunters that continuing would be a waste of money, because another degree from a school with a bad reputation wasn't worth the paper it is printed on.

    Because of your employees lies and continued deceit about job prospects, I stayed at your school long after I should have dropped out. At the end of first year, when I didn't do well, I talked to several of your staff about dropping out. All assured me I would be able to find work if I stuck it out.

    I now find myself with over $200,000 in debt, and no job prospects. The recent NY Times article really didn't go in depth enough to show just how NYLS greed destroys your students lives.

    I don't know how you sleep at night, but let me tell you how I get through the night. I never sleep. I stay up with my heart pounding, wondering what to do, how to survive and what made me make such a stupid decision to believe the information NYLS puts out and attend your overpriced diploma mill. My life now is nothing but non-stop stress, bill collectors and unemployment.

    That's what happens to the people you took money from knowing that they would never find employment as an attorney. I hope your new building and your bond rating was worth destroying my life for."

  39. Here was the bastard's response:

    Matasar, Richard A.

    to me

    "Sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner, but I have been on the road a great deal this summer and am only now just catching up on my correspondence. I regret that you, like other recent law school graduates, have found the job market particularly difficult during this unprecedented economic downturn. However, I disagree with your sense that NYLS is somehow responsible for your predicament. You received a first-rate education. Hence the frustration you currently feel must be measured against the life-long skills and professional education you have received. I see no justification for your demand.

    I wish you the best.


    Does anyone else find it disgusting that an academic ass-hat who made $734,173 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for 2011, would basically tell a broke graduate of his law school to get lost?! Also, how in the hell is a school - which is now in the fourth tier - able to offer or provide a "first-rate education"?!?! We all know that name brand matters to legal employers.

    By the way, notice that the cockroach replied to those emails on August 2, 2011. Now, compare that letter to MaTTTTa$ar’s soaring rhetoric from this ABA Journal article, which was published on January 20, 2009. The Debra Cassens Wiess piece was entitled, “Law Dean Says Schools ‘Exploiting’ Students Who Don’t Succeed.” Look at this portion:

    “WE OWN OUR STUDENTS’ OUTCOMES," Matasar said at the AALS program. "We took them. We took their money. We live on their money. … And if they don't have a good outcome in life, we're exploiting them. It's our responsibility to own the outcomes of our institutions. If they're not doing well ... it's gotta be fixed. Or we should shut the damn place down. And that's a moral responsibility that we bear in the academy.” [Emphasis mine]

    Apparently, Richard the Pig does not truly feel that way. In fact, it is CLEAR that he does not give one damn about his current students or recent graduates. To him, as well as the other academic charlatans, the students are a mere means to an end. What a great $y$tem, huh?!?!

    1. I have a recommendation to every law graduate out there who is jobless and feels they have been defrauded by these Deans and well paid professors.. Don’t just email them. SUE THEM individually, not just their schools. Allege that they knew or should have known their school was defrauding the student body and the student individually. Allege the personal fraudulent statements to convince you to attend the school and to continue attending.. A corporate shield does not protect an individual from his own wrongdoing. Imagine if these deans started being individually sued by hundreds or thousands of students. Each individual suit would have to be individually addressed. Allege intentional, fraudulent conduct, and many or most insurance companies will refuse to defend these Deans because insurance policies typically exclude intentional conduct, such as fraud, as a covered claim. Will this help you get a job? No. Will it help you get some emotional satisfaction from the payback? Yes. You were caused great mental distress by these people. Time to repay them in kind. Somebody here I am sure can post a valid, generic complaint that can be modified as necessary for all fifty states.

  40. Translation:

    We scammed you.

    We have the Federal student loan money.

    You have the debt.

    Piss off.


    Notice he says the student was paying for "a first-rate education". Beyond that, the entire point of that so-called first-rate education was to get a DECENT-PAYING JOB.

    That, however, is where the law schools, faculty, and staff, draw the line.

    The purpose of the time and debt is NOT the education. It's the job after it. And that is precisely where none of these "Federal Student Loan Conduits" (the scam law schools..) are NOT being held accountable, backed up now by other scoundrels in black robes who make legal decisions and who benefitted from that very same system and are loathe to see it harmed in any way, the students and their outcomes be damned.

  41. Matasar, as I pointed out in my old blog, The Jobless Juris Doctor, has no shame. He is, after all, the man who admitted an additional 250 students in 2009 to help pay for the 500 million dollar building he had. He should be in prison. JJD

    PS Miss you Nando!

  42. Dear all,
    There are hundreds of thousands of people in the US who would die for an affordable lawyer.

    Can you please stop complaining and start working for $30 per hour?

    If some of you set up affordable legal companies to share resources, you would do just as well as trying to overbill at $250 per hr.


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