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Truly Reprehensible Stench Piles: the Most Pathetic Cesspools for Job-Seekers from the JD Class of 2012

Measuring Weakness: Recently, the National Law Journal published a chart labeled “Law Schools With the Highest Rate of Unemployed 2012 Graduates.” As the entry mentions, the following figures represent those seeking jobs but unable to secure work within nine months of graduation:

Thomas Jefferson Law School; 31.5% 
University of San Francisco School of Law; 30.3% 
University of La Verne College of Law; 29.8% 
Western State University School of Law; 27.7% 
Loyola University New Orleans School of Law; 27% 
Chapman University School of Law; 24.2% 
Whittier Law School; 23.5% 
Villanova University School of Law; 22.7%
Ave Maria School of Law; 22.3% 
University of Oregon School of Law; 21.7% 
Valparaiso University School of Law; 21.5%
UDC David A. Clarke School of Law; 21.5% 
Brooklyn Law School; 21.5% 
UC Hastings College of the Law; 21.4% 
Elon University School of Law; 21.3% 
Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center; 21.3% 
St. Thomas University School of Law; 21.3% 
Golden Gate University School of Law; 20.4% 
California Western School of Law; 20.1% 
Florida A&M University College of Law; 20%

Remember, for the purpose of NALP's data, "employment" includes non-law jobs, legal work, part-time positions, full-time jobs, seasonal work, and long-term posts.  Of course, ABA-accredited diploma mills love to hire some of their unemployed JDs, in order to artificially inflate their nine-month placement rates.  Not counted are those who are somehow unemployed and not looking for a job.  Who says that "in$titution$ of legal education" aren't ethical?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness, for the Class of 2012: Now, we will take a look to see where some of these putrid piles of excrement land, in terms of average indebtedness of 2012 graduates who incurred law school debt.  These figures were compliled by US "News" & World Report, along with the overall 2014 law school rankings scheme.  The percent of grads with debt for each commode, is listed next to the debt figure:

Thomas Jefferson Sewer of Law: $168,800; 98 percent
California We$tern $chool of Law: $167,867; 89 percent
WhiTTTTier College: $143,536; 92 percent
TTTTouro College: $137,781; 85 percent
Golden Gate "University":$137,484; 85 percent 

Keep in mind that the numbers above do not include accruing interest, while you are enrolled in law school for three years.  Furthermore, the debt amounts do not take undergraduate student loans into account.

As you can see from the link, Fourth Tier Thomas Jefferson Sewer of Law produces the grads with the most average law school debt - in addition to having the highest amount of unemployed job-seekers, nine months after graduation.  What a great combination for law students, right?!?!

Overall USN&WR Ranking:  Of the twenty rancid toilets with the worst job prospects for their students, the highest rated school is University of California Hastings Commode of the Law.  It is listed as the 48th greatest, most fantastic and sensational law school in the land, according to Bob Morse and US “News.

The next five highest-rated schools, from this excrementitious group, are Crooklyn, 80th; University of Oregon, at 94th; Vanillanova, listed as 98th; and Chapman and Loyola New Orleans, tied at 126th “best” in the nation.  Who wouldn’t want to shell out an eternal mortgage, for such “quality”?!?!

In fact, the following 12 schools from the first list, are listed in the FOURTH TIER of U.S. law schools, by the magazine: Thomas Jefferson Sewer of Law; Western State; Whittier; Ave Maria; Valparaiso; University of the District of Columbia; Elon; TTTTouro; St. Thomas University; Golden Gate; California Western; and Florida A&M.  Plus, the University of La Verne is listed as “Unranked,” which is one level below the fourth tier.  What a great accomplishment.

Conclusion: Many law students are incurring the most amount of additional, NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in order to compete for scarce jobs.  Would you pay $60K for a 1989 Toyota Tercel - with 260,000 miles on the odometer – if third gear always got stuck?!?!  Hell, in comparison to the piles of feces mentioned in the lists above, the broke-ass Tercel appears to be a better deal.  At least, the car runs and the repairs will only be a fraction of the cost.  In the last analysis, these exorbitant prices charged by true sewage pits – with anemic job outlooks for their customers and recent grads – further show that the law school pigs DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about their students.  Of course, some academic ass-clowns will continue to maintain that they are “performing a public service by teaching law.”  Maybe in their sick minds, financially raping young people for life is a “public good.” 

Can anyone make a cogent argument - with a straight face - as to why these specific trash heaps should remain open?! Why in the hell should the federally-backed student loan scheme continue to pour money into these commodes' coffers?  Does the U.S. need a larger volume of marginally-employed and out of work attorneys who are strapped down with $150K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt?!?! If the law schools want to be seen as businesses, then they need to provide a much better product.


  1. Clearly, if these kids would just "network" more and/or move to Nebraska, then all their problems would be solved. If Deans, Profs, and Joan King could all figure it out, so can you.

    While we're engaging in wishful thinking, I want a pony.

  2. How can Washington & Lee be 26 in US News but 134 in the employment rankings? Something doesn't make sense here.

    1. Partially because of its phony-baloney third year practicum thing that has received so much favorable publicity. I will post about this next week at Outside the Law School Scam.

  3. So Touro made the list?

    Read here about how Touro is very worried about the fate of Non Whites:

    Some of the white students allegedly used to grumble about how the LEAP students had their own private orientation in the summer and had access to shared course outlines.

    And back in the 1990's, Touro Law School had a take your first year over option, which I remember one guy did do.

    What was sad to me was that it somehow seemed that the LEAP students were told at orientation to sit in the front rows in class and participate as much as possible.

    After the 1L year, there were few of the same group sitting in the front rows, and a number of the students were simply gone.

    It made me sad, and I later wondered if Touro was selling student loan funded pipe dreams either intentionally or unwittingly.

    1. An extra "boost" for the minority students at Touro. Wow, it's like a scam within a scam.

      The funny thing is that the racist policies of that fine university probably helped ensure that you graduated lower in your class than you should have. And you are still "sad" for them!

      Roachie, you've got a sociological thirst - and the only way you will ever quench it (for a little while, at least) is if you force your wife to have sex with several black man while you watch. You are an inexhaustible font of white guilt and sugar-treats for your black neighbors. And they will never, EVER stop hating you - no matter how much you give them.

      Now go back to your shrine and kneel down before the High Holy Black Booty.

    2. several black *men*

    3. Touro is "worried about the fate of non-whites" in much the same way tobacco companies were when rich and middle-class white people stopped smoking.

  4. Even these numbers rely on BS self-reported statistics. For example,I notice that Cooley appears nowhere on the list. I seriously doubt their graduates are doing better than the people who graduated from a state flagship like Oregon. Oregon isn't great, but come ON!

  5. This would've made a great post just on TJSL.

    Thomas Jefferson Law Skool is tops in both categories. Their kids have the highest student debt. They have the shittiest job prospects. And the school is a fourth tier piece of shit located in CA. Which is flooded with lawyers.

  6. @11:24 AM - Your remarks are very inhumane and racist and inappropriately sexually harassing and horrible.

    In my 1L study group of friends when I was at Touro there were two men from Trinidad. Also two Jewish students, one of whom was Orthodox and from Brooklyn, and me-a white Catholic student- and also two other white Catholic students.

    We all became friends because we liked each other.

    We would go over the class notes and whatever outlines that were being passed around or handed down from upperclassmen and also the flash cards by PMBR and try to remember the Mnemonics.

    For instance there was one Mnemonic: PONDSCORE
    I think it was for the Torts class.

    Anyway, we were all great friends and bonded and one of the men from Trinidad shared an outline for a course that was rumored to be a LEAP program outline, and I seem to recall that it was a very good outline.

    The two Jewish students either flunked out or dropped after 1L as far as I know.

    One student from Trinidad eventually flunked out or dropped out as well, and the other student from Trinidad graduated and later passed the BAR.

    Re: Me and the other two white guys:

    I couldn't pass the Bar exam and the other two white guys did.

    1. YOU'RE the racist, Paintroach: you say you are "Catholic," but you worship a giant black booty instead.

      LOL, I guess you have TWO debts that you will never repay...

  7. BTW: I have a feeling that the racist commenter is the law school truth center one and the same.

  8. ^So is Antonio de Necochea (the world traveling law student) the guy behind the law school truth center?

  9. Rudy "The Pig" Hasl's law school is number one in unemployment. How do these places even stay open?


    Please take a look at the General Statistics Report, for the July 2012 California State Bar Exam. It was published on December 12, 2012. Scroll down to page 4 of this PDF, to see bar passage rates by ABA-accredited school.

    The numbers below are from TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Law Sewer:

    First time bar takers: 128
    Passers: 67
    Percentage passed: 52%

    Of the 21 ABA-approved law schools on this list, Fourth Tier Trash Pit Thomas Jefferson Law School has the lowest bar passage rate. Only provisionally-accredited University of La Verne came close to TJSL, with a 53% first-time passage rate on the July 2012 bar exam.

    According to this document, graduates of ABA law schools in California – who sat for the first time - collectively passed the state bar at a 77 percent rate. These “institutions of higher learning” accounted for 4,107 grads taking the California exam for the first time, with 3,157 passing the test.

    Check out the “non-profit” corporation’s 2011 Form 990. This is for the tax year beginning July 1, 2010 and ending June 30, 2011. On page one, line 22, you will notice that this independent, free-standing commode merely had $17,712,110 in total, end-of-year, net assets. Compared to traditional law schools, which are tied to larger univer$itie$, this is nothing.

    Hell, the bastards had $162,118,911 in total assets – which were nearly wiped out with $144,406,481 in total liabilities. This information is on the same page, lines 20 and 21. As you can see, this independent, overpriced trash pit does not have much room for error. If this toilet experiences a large drop in applicants and enrolled students, then things could get interesting.

    On page eight, Part VII – Highest Compensated Employees, you will see that Rudolph Hasl raked in $417,846 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for this tax year. He is listed as dean and CEO of this garbage heap. Yes, the fat pig made $395,614 in reportable compensation from the organization, plus $22,232 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.”

    With those ridiculous numbers cited in the main entry, there is NO VALID REASON for this cockroach to be making $417,846 off of the taxpayers, in one year. His profile pic shows the image of a well-fed, insincere, used car dealer.

    1. The OUT-OF-STATE ABA SCHOOLS WITH 10 OR MORE TAKERS on pgs. 8-10 is pretty spooky too. Big swing in passage rate between those schools.

  11. Re: The Law School Truth Center:

    If anyone cared to read his badly executed satire and other obscure stuff, a certain writing style becomes obvious. Also he writes about and follows college basketball.

    Now, someone posted a racist comment about a college basketball team a while back on TTR, and even followed up with similar comments to the ones posted above @April 12 11:24AM and 1:39PM.

    I won't go too much into the writing style analysis, but he tends to habitually capitalize pronouns, just as Mr. Infinity does.

    Coincidence? Maybe.

    1. You couldn't "analyze" a COLORING book, Paintroachie.

      And everyone knows that YOU wrote that racist comment about the basketball game.

      Now go back to your booty-altar and smoke the ceremonial onyx pipe that you love so much.

    2. Well there is always this avatar picture.

    3. Just stick with the roach avatar from earlier.

      Even as I write this, the local tv station here is showing this movie called "Joe's Apartment." Is it based on your life or something?

  12. I do not think comparing the law school deans to used car salesmen or comparing a law degree investment to buying a used car does justice to the depth of the law school crisis. You can always return the car under Lemon Laws and you can stop making payments on a car so the repo man can haul it away. Even file for bankruptcy and discharge the car loan. No such protection for law students. The ABA should mandate all law schools conspicuously display on the front steps a banner that reads LAW DEGREES ARE PURCHASED "AS IS". A teenager buying a used $500 car has more protection than a lemming purchasing a law degree for $150,000. Buyer beware.

  13. On average, Thomas Jefferson Law School grads have over $168,000 of debt. Their tuition pays for things like:

    "TJSL Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp has been highly active and productive during her sabbatical from the law school. An internationally recognized scholar on comparative workplace law, she recently spent time in both Italy and England, lecturing and adding to her impressive body of scholarship in this field.

    Professor Bisom-Rapp began her latest journey in Modena, Italy, where every year since 2003, the Marco Biagi Foundation has hosted an international conference devoted to international and comparative employment and labor relations. Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp has attended the event annually since 2007.

    This year’s conference, “The Transnational Dimension of Labor Relations: A New Order in the Making?”

    I am sure all of the above is very helpful to the indebted, unemployed, non-bar passing TJLS grads.

    Close TJLS down already.

  14. My video reply to Mr. Infinity:

    1. Don't let Antonio de NeCochea get to you. He's just mad 'cause his white wife likes to suck big black dicks while he's clerking for Cotchett Pitre and McCarthy.

  15. The tuition costs are just offensive today. All so some con man like Rudy Hasl can rake in close to $500k/year for doing close to nothing and a pig professor can go on sabbitcal to Italy. Take your "scholarship" and shove it up your ass Professor. None of it matters in the real world where clients are demanding flat fees and fixed rates for legal services. Crawl out of your pathetic ivory tower and look at the world around you.

    These bastards should be in jail for fraud.

  16. On February 8, 2013, the commode posted an entry entitled “Thomas Jefferson School of Law Dedicated in a Moving and Joyous Ceremony,” on its website. Take a look at this nonsense:

    "It could well have been the most glorious evening in the history of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, the first event in a joyous three-day celebration of the law school.

    "We are here to both formally dedicate the new, extraordinary building, but also to mark a ritual in the development of this law school," said Master of Ceremonies, Beth Kransberger, TJSL's Associate Dean for Student Affairs. "Were are thrilled that you all have honored us with your presence."

    The pride in everyone’s eyes was evident, as TJSL held the formal dedication ceremony for its new downtown campus at the Historic Balboa Theater. There was a stage full of luminaries led by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and an audience of proud, cheering students, faculty, alumni, trustees, the legal community and friends of TJSL. Special guests also included the retired Chief Justice of Brazil, Carlos Ayres Britto, and former French Supreme Court Justice Noëlle Lenoir.

    “I am glad to be with you this evening to celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s brand-new facility,” said Justice Ginsburg. “To make a fine law school, of course, it takes something beyond LEED Gold state of the art housing and equipment. It takes a dedicated creative faculty – determined to educate students to regard law not simply as a trade but as a public calling.”

    Yes, I’m sure that this new building will launch this “prestigious” toilet into the third tier of U.S. law schools.

    The National Law Journal published Karen Sloan’s story “Thomas Jefferson Law unveils new home — on site of 300,000-year-old fossils,” on January 18, 2011. Check out the cost of the new facility:

    “Students at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law arrived Tuesday for the first day of spring semester classes at a new, $90 million building in downtown San Diego — a facility that revealed a surprise of mammoth proportions during construction. Construction crews in 2009 discovered the 300,000-year-old remains of a mammoth on the site.”

    Isn’t it great to see that the independent trash pit spent $90 million on this project?!?! If overall law school enrollments - and LSAT applications - continue to drop, it will be interesting to see how this fourth tier piece of garbage responds. Will the pigs simply admit 90 percent of all applicants?

    1. The TJ site describes its unsightly new law school building as "ultramodern" and "iconic" and as having "touches of whimsy." Here is a slide show of the new digs:

      I hope memories of that big twisty staircase (Photos 3,4,10 and 20) provide TJ grads with consolation as they contemplate 25 years of post-law school debt servitude and a job placement rate of under 30%.

      Oh, and one other thing: A good metric for job prospects at the top of the law school class is the number of grads who obtain federal judicial clerkships.

      For the TJ class of 2011, zero out of 236 grads obtained a federal judicial clerkship. For the TJ class of 2012, zero out of 260 grads obtained such a clerkship.

      However, recently ONE 3L got a clerkship with a federal magistrate to begin in August, 2013. TJ issued a 10 paragraph press release trumpeting the news and praising no less than seven law professors as having contributed to the outcome, even though the 3L's background as a US Navy pilot and legal officer may had more to do with her rare achievement of getting a good job in spite of having a resume stained with the name of Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

  17. "It could well have been the most glorious evening in the history of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, the first event in a joyous three-day celebration of the law school."

    LOL! No matter how much money they spent, it's a building. A building with classrooms, chairs, and basic utilities. These guys are acting like it's the Louvre.

  18. Rady Hasl is an academic hustler parasite scumfuck.

  19. Look at those schools' employment rates. Then check out the figures for this one:

    Granted, their numbers are probably manipulated as much as those of Thomas Jefferson Law et al. Even so, do you think their graduates have less of a chance of getting a job in the field for which they studied than most JDs have?

    At least TCI's tuition is $11.520. Graduates don't have to incur the kind of debt that plagues grads of the law schools mentioned.

    TCI is one of those "career institutes"/"colleges of technology" that advertises in the NYC subways.

  20. Plus, the University of La Verne is listed as “Unranked,” which is one level below the fourth tier. What a great accomplishment.

    Oh my God, is this the start of a fifttttth tier? That's going to cause shortages of T's, our second most important letter.

  21. $90m on a building? No wonder their grads are suffocating under a mountain of debt. I wonder which politically-connected developer got that building contract. Probably Rudy The Pig's brother-in-law.

  22. Hey - don't knock the Toyota Tercel! Those were great little cars back in the day :)

  23. Those "deans" need a fucking raping.

  24. This school, like the person it is named after, seems to take joy in raping blacks.

  25. They will do exactly what Matasar did when he built his 100 million dollar building and ran out of money to finance it (because in part, he had invested some of the schools money with Bernie Madoff) he admitted an additional 250 students in 2009, 2010, 2011 adn 2012 to pay for it.

  26. Schools like this stay open because dumbshits like Antonio de Necochea really want to go to law school. And the govt will keep the loans coming.

  27. A law school gets swindled by a con man. I guess you call that poetic justice.

    1. It's easy to con a crooked man.

  28. On September 27, 2012, the San Diego Daily Transcript published an article from Doug Sherwin, with the headline “Hasl resigns as TJSL dean.” Look at this opening:

    “Rudy Hasl, who has served as a law school dean longer than any current legal educator in America, announced Thursday his plans to resign next summer as dean and president of Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

    Hasl will step down on June 30, 2013, capping 32 years of service at four different American Bar Association-accredited law schools: TJSL, St. Louis University, St. John's University and Seattle University.

    “I have been blessed with challenging opportunities at each of the schools where I have served as dean,” Hasl said in a message to fellow deans across the country. “Some of you have heard me talk about the great opportunity that a dean has to create magical moments in the lives of others. My life has been filled with so many such moments, and I will continue to relish them. Those are the moments that really sustain us."

    The TJSL Board of Trustees has appointed a search committee to start the process of identifying candidates who would be interested in becoming dean and president of the law school.

    “We’ve been so incredibly lucky to have had the most experienced dean in all of U.S. legal education as our dean for the last seven years," said Beth Kransberger, TJSL's associate dean for student affairs. "He is the embodiment of what it means to be an educator, and in particular, a student-centered educator.”

    Yes, strapping down 98 percent of his 2012 graduating class with an average law school debt of $168,800 is the essence of being a student-centered “educator,” right?!?! In the final analysis, Rudolph Hasl is a piece of trash and an academic hustler.

    Here is the link to the commode’s TTTT press release, “Dean Rudy Hasl to Step Down in June 2013,” which was published on September 27, 2012. Take a moment to reflect on this portion:

    “With a new facility in the East Village of San Diego’s downtown area and recent membership in the Association of American Law Schools, the School is particularly well positioned for a creative leadership opportunity,” said Dean Hasl. “The faculty members are actively engaged in scholarly activities and have placed a genuine value on the quality of the teaching they provide.”

    During his tenure as TJSL’s dean since July 1, 2005, he has significantly increased the diversity of the faculty and staff as well as the student population so that TJSL is consistently ranked as one of the most diverse law schools in the nation.”

    TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law is still ranked as a fourth tier piece of garbage, by US “News” & World Report. Plus, according to the National Law Journal, 31.5% of TJ$L's Class of 2012 was unemployed nine months after graduation. Who gives a rat’s ass, if the student body is diverse?!

  29. What exactly is a "creative leadership opportunity" Pig Rudy? It doesn't even make sense you scumbag. Typical double-talk from the master himself.

    What a tough accomplishment it is improving diversity. You don't have to do a whole lot besides look at the ethnicity section of an application when deciding who you will admit as a student or hire as an employee.

    You did a lot Rudy. Your school soared in the rankings and is a very respectable institution of higher learning. Good job you cockroach. You have a lot to be proud of you ponzi schemer.

  30. Law skool is for rich people. There are maybe 10 affordable law schools in all. Those schools are for working adults who can take out minimal debt and maybe go into practice for themselves. Other than that law school is for rich kids.

  31. A friend of mine recently said how one law school changed its required courses to include a tax course because people at the school weren't signing up for it and the pig professor went to complain. They manipulated the requirements to appease the pig so he would have lemmings to grand stand in front of. When he asked the dean how a tax course could be considered at all as a required course given its narrow scope and interest, the bum started stuttering like an idiot and couldn't answer apparently. How's that for academic integrity.

  32. What a joke. Students with $160,000+ in loans and no job prospects, while their "professors" are flying high on the public student loan dime, with mountains of cocaine and underage prostitutes. What a scam!


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