Friday, April 26, 2013

TTTT Smells of Desperation: Fourth Tier Trash Pit Florida Coastal to Offer Partial Refunds to Students

The Article:

The Florida Times-Union published a Kristopher J. Brooks piece entitled “Florida Coastal may refund students money under new program.” Check out this opening:

“Leaders at Florida Coastal School of Law are confident they can train students to get legal jobs. So confident that now they’re willing to put money on it.

Under a new program starting this fall, the Jacksonville law school will refund students a portion of their tuition. If a student flunks out after year one or can’t pass the bar on their second try, the school will refund $10,000 of the $40,000 annual tuition. During the three years of school, if a student does not land an internship, Florida Coastal will refund $2,000.

There’s a catch.

Students must be full-time in order to enroll and they must adhere to a long list of stipulations.” [Emphasis mine]

The pigs are simply trying to attract more applicants and students. After all, fewer people are taking the LSAT and applying to ABA-accredited rat holes. Later on, the article notes:

“C. Peter Goplerud, the school’s dean, said the program is a good marketing tool in what has become a competitive push for a declining number of students interested in law school. Goplerud said hopes to never give back a dime. However, recent numbers from the school suggest Florida Coastal will be sending out refunds when the program premiers.

From 2008 and 2012, there were 330 Florida Coastal students who graduated, but didn’t pass the Florida bar exam. In that same time period, anywhere from 40 to 60 students dropped out in their first year. 

As a sample, in 2011-12, Florida Coastal had 84 students who flunked out after one year." [Emphasis mine]

Don’t be surprised if this steaming pile of excrement resorts to softening the forced curve. Remember, these “educators” and administrators have NO INTEGRITY. If the choice is between flunking out first year law students or paying each one $10K, then you can bet your ass the school will make every effort to ensure that the marks make it to the second year.


Full-time law students at Florida Coa$TTTTal will be charged $39,465 in tuition and fees, for the 2012-2013 academic year. For $ome rea$on, the bitches and hags listed these outrageous charges on a per semester basis. At least, students enrolled on a part-time basis will only be financially raped at the rate of $31,949 in tuition and fees, for 2012-2013.


Once again, Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report list Florida Coastal School of Law as a fourth tier trash pit. Yes, this rating certainly justifies the big-ass tuition charges, right?!?!

Pathetic Legal Placement Rate for the Class of 2012:

On April 10, 2013, Dan Filler posted a Faculty Lounge entry labeled “New Law School Rankings: Employment Data Cleaned Of School Funded Jobs.” Take a look at this preamble:

“I've taken the same data that Gary Rosin used in this post (which ranked schools by percentage employed in full-time, long-term jobs requiring a JD) and cleaned the excluding all such positions that were funded by the law school.”

The placement figures are based on each diploma mill’s Class of 2012 ABA Employment Report. As the chart header notes, the jobs only include JD Required, Full-Time, Long Term Minus Law School Funded positions. 

Out of the 201 schools listed - including the three trash heaps in Puerto Rico - Florida Coa$TTTTal Sewer of Law was ranked 185th in job placement! According to the graph, only 35.88 percent of the commode’s Class of 2012 landed full-time, long term positions requiring a JD, when law school-funded jobs are removed.

Average Law Student Indebtedness:

USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Florida Coa$TTTTal JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $143,111. Plus, 92 percent of this garbage heap’s unfortunate 2012 class took on such foul debt. Remember, this figure does not include undergraduate debt. It also does not take accrued interest into account.

Conclusion: This is a meaningless gesture by the pigs and cockroaches at Florida Coastal Sewer of Law. The school has an embarrassingly low legal placement rate. However, the commode will likely be able to set up most of its students with internships. Furthermore, a refund of $2,000 - to a student who incurred an additional $155K-$175K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - is chump change. Hell, that is a slap in the face. 

If a graduate is unable to pass the bar exam on the second attempt, the cesspool will offer a $10,000 refund. Again, the student has taken on mortgage sized amounts of additional student debt - for a TTTT law degree. If he has failed the bar exam twice, then he would likely have spent an extra $5K-$10K in bar prep courses and state bar application fees. Plus, if the JD has chosen to forgo non-legal work, in order to devote more time to studying for the test, then he has pissed away well more than $10,000 in “opportunity costs.”


  1. A lot of these shit-pits are entering the death spiral - thus the desperate gimmicks to lure a new crop of suckers. Florida Costal's 1L class went from 808 in 2010, to 580 in 2012 - a 30% drop. At the same time, the median LSAT for the entering 1L's went from a pathetic 149 to a downright disgraceful 146. Ask yourself, how long would a restaurant remain open if it lost 30% of its customers while the food quality went from really bad to shit sandwitch?

  2. This deal is analogous to Ford offering a free oil change for the defective Pinto model that was susceptible to bursting into flames.

    Kids, let me tell you what the deal of the Century is if Florida Coastal is your only option: simply DO NOT ATTEND.

    Isn't this the same dung heap of a school that is opening a Florida Space Coastal School of Law? This is the link to the Space Law School:

  3. That's the first time I've seen mention of a school refunding any money at all for bar exam failure.

    The old mindset was thathere was a payoff and a gold ring at the end of the road, and that getting licensed to practice law was worth years of sacrifice and struggle and leveraged expense in law school, and however many years it took afterwards to pass the exam, which is given only twice a year.

    I remember an old classmate from Touro that took the Bar exam 8 times before he finally passed.

    Is that really doing the public a service?

    1. When's the last time you took the bar exam?


    2. When's the last time you didn't suck a huge hairy dick for breakfast, Mr. Infinity?


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    4. @ 11:42 AM

      Charles Bovary had a second rate medical degree, much like your efforts in law.

      But Dr. Bovary knew when he was in over his head at least.

      God help your clients.

    5. My degree is pretty good, actually - most of the people I work with seem impressed, anyway.

      It may not say TOURO on it, but hey, what can you do? I've never visited Touro, but it's now one of my favorite TTTs - all because it did such a phenomenal job rolling you and taking away your undeserved money.

    6. Look at this nonsense from Mr. Shitbag Infinity's shitty blog.


      All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. The authors make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.

      All information that is based on individuals, institutions, groups, companies, etc. are the mere opinion of mine and do not in any way represent the truth nor should be taken as such. The author of this blog dabbles in satire from time to time and by reading you read at your own risk.
      2011-∞ Mr. ∞, a.k.a. The World Traveling Law Student, all rights reserved..

      In plain English, the kid is a lying piece of shit.

    7. Oh look tweedle dee (Mr. Infinity) and tweedle dum (Painter) are back.

    8. Oh look yeah. I wish all the insults were that mild.

      But they are not.

      And may all of youse people be blessed with three more years out of law school trying to pass the exam, and hopefully not starving in the process and watching your debt compound under IBR.

    9. ^ You aren't starving. But in any rational world, you would starve to death.

  4. If your choice is beauty salon school or Florida Coastal Law, go to beauty school. You won't need to take out a loan for $100K for beauty school. And guess what? Uh-huh-huh. You fucking learn how to cut hair while you are in school. Imagine that.

  5. Hi Nando! Eddie Caldwell, whose blog that I contribute to, introduced me to your blog and I've been loving what you're doing. I even emailed my political science majoring sister who is at UGA about your website even though she refuses to listen to an 18 year old about how corrupt, overpriced and expensive the law school scam has become. If she ever comes into contact with you, I hope you'll be able to talk some sense into her. She is graduating from the school next month. I also hope you can do a post about University of Georgia's law school. My sister got accepted to that trash heap law school called Mercer University and attempted to apply to Boston University and Yeshiva University. She even got rejected from Georgia State's law school.

  6. I saw that list a couple weeks ago. Honestly, any school that is in the bottom 30 law schools for legal employment ought to be shut down immediately. The government or private industry should buy the buildings for cheap. And turn the place into a petting zoo. No questions asked.

    On second thought, the bottom 130 schools for legal employment should be shut down permanently. Issue the kids law degrees printed on toilet paper. And when you sell off the assests, use that money to pay back the students.

  7. I once knew a man who believed it was his moral imperative to part suckers from their money.

    I haven't talked to him in years. Maybe I should get in touch with him, if only to find out whether he came up Florida Coastal Law's latest gimmick.

    Someone--I forget who--once said that you should never attend a school that has a geographic feature (e.g., coast, mountain, prairie) in its name.

  8. Mr. Infinity touches little children. Parents, be on the lookout for a recent vegan pussy JD who likes to travel...and touch small children.

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    3. I knew there was something seriously wrong with that guy. He thinks it's better to molest children than to have consensual sex with a fully grown woman.

    4. Mr. Infinity wants to move to Thailand so he can pursue his twisted pederasty to his heart's content.

    5. We all know what he wants to do in Thailand. 12 year old boys.

    6. 'I have been considering moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand and living a few years there after my wife graduates from college. However, I have decided that it may be best for her to finish her master's degree first. This is because now may be the best time for her to do it. It does seem that in today's world you have to act fast with things. I figure that if she has trouble finding work (which I doubt she will) and if I have not been able to make money here in the U.S. by that time we will be giving Thailand a try.

      Now, before you say that I am just another person who is going to Thailand based on the idea of a life full of beaches, women, and cheap alcohol, realize that first, I know what Thailand is like. I am familiar with the culture. Second, I am married and have no desire for the women that make the land of smiles the land of sleazy smirks for many expats. Third, I would not touch alcohol for all the gold in China.

      One reason I want to live in Thailand is because it's bone cheap. In the U.S., rents in the places that I consider desirable are incredibly high. Why spend close to $2000 a month on an apartment when you only make $3000 a month? That does not give one much to save.'

      And he's calling other people homosexuals?

  9. I think it's a great idea to "clean up" the employment figures by removing the school funded positions. Also the solo practitioners should be removed--virtually no one goes solo out of law school unless they simply have no other options.

    Employment = full time + non temp + bar passage required - solo - school funded jobs.

  10. I don't think people realize just how serious this is. A law school is essentially using a "money back guarantee" model here. They are using a marketing gimmick once solely reserved for infomercials.

    This marks the downfall of Florida coastal. I don't see how a school bounces back from this. I love seeing the pigs sweat like this.

    The system is crumbling. Hallelujah.

  11. The turd is the school and the cricket represents the student I take it?

  12. Here is another meaty portion from the Kristopher J. Brooks article cited above:

    “If all 84 of those students adhered to the Assured Outcomes Partnership, the school would be required to pay $840,000 and we would be accountable for that,” said Brooks Terry, the school’s spokesman. “That’s the level at which we are prepared to truly partner with our students.”

    Terry said that year, the school had 37 students who didn’t pass the bar exam on their second try. The school doesn’t know if the 37 are all new graduates, who would have had the opportunity to receive $10,000, or if some include past alumni retaking the bar.
    Florida Coastal decided on a $10,000 amount, Goplerud said, because college officials can keep a big percentage and still give back an amount.

    Florida Coastal’s program rolls out at a time when the country is seeing plummeting applications in law schools and higher tuition at public and private law schools. Data from the Law School Admission Council show that only 27,891 people have applied for law school in America, down from 100,000 in 2004.
    Experts in legal education believe the decline stems from students doing a cost-benefits analysis and finding that tuition costs too much and the likelihood of getting a great job after graduation is slim-to-none.

    The American Bar Association released a study last spring that found only 55 percent of students in 2011 who graduated and passed the bar exam found full-time jobs that require their recently acquired education.

    Nationally, law school tuition has risen anywhere from 5 to 9 percent since 1985, according to the American Bar Association. Tuition at Florida Coastal for 2006-07 was $28,500 and they’ve increased it about 5 percent every year since.”

    As I pointed out in the main entry, full-time tuition and fees now amount to $39,465 at Florida Coa$TTTTal Sewer of Law. That is 38.47 percent higher than it was six years prior, using the figure provided by the Times-Union piece. Of course, the school is still ranked as a fourth tier trash pit. Yes, the law school pigs are certainly looking out for their students, right?!?!

  13. A $10,000 refund for a legal education that did not allow you to pass the bar is an insult. They may as well throw pennies at their debt strapped graduates, while dressed in a Brooks Brother's suit, wearing a Rolex watch, and riding by in a Maserati.

    I think the reason for these tips, (and it's not really a refund, it's a tip) is to try to discourage their former students from scam blogging.

    I they wanted to offer a refund, it should be for like $118,847, which is the cost to attend for three years.

  14. We charge you $150K for a shitty law degree. If you can't pass the bar exam, we'll give you $10,000. Does anyone else see how the students are still getting fucked?

  15. It'd be nice to see this school give out $1 million in refunds.

  16. This school is using a money-back formula that infomercials, telemarketers, and door-to-door salesmen use to sell their shitty products. Then again, money-back guarantees only work on morons. So only morons will continue enrolling (buying) in this shitty law school (product).

    It's only a matter of time before we see tv advertisements for law schools. I can see it now with the price countdown and all: "this j.d. will cost you not $150k, not $125k, but only $100k if you act in the next ten minutes! Call now and we'll throw in an l.l.m. at no cost to you! just pay shipping and handling!"

  17. I am an attorney in Jacksonville, and I have had the opportunity to visit the Coastal campus on a few occasions. The law school is state-of-the-art, and the professors I have met seem to care about their students. The school produces some good attorneys - - bright, hard-working, ethical.

    However, for every 1 good attorney, the school produces 5 who should never represent, let alone take money from, a client. They set evidentiary hearings but do not bring witnesses, they plea out clients in criminal cases that should be fought and fought hard, they ignore (or just don’t know about) rules of procedure, and they cannot draft a document without an incomplete sentence or a typographical error, etc.

    But, it is more than that. They are rude, unprofessional, and unethical. I have had more than one conversation with other attorneys about the “Coastal problem,” and we just do not understand why the ABA or the Florida Bar has not stepped in to do something about the school. Yes, it is that bad.

    Coastal should not be focused on bar pass rates and refunds, as passing the bar does not mean that you should be practicing law. The school needs to focus on what they are producing. I think a good start would be to raise the admission standards.


    From this list, you can see that there are 10 ABA-accredited trash pits located in the state of Florida. I wonder if the state has an over-saturated legal job market.

    On June 22, 2011, Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. posted an article entitled "Data Spotlight: New Lawyers Glutting the Market." Check out this excerpt:

    "For a while now, major media outlets — and a legion of bloggers — have reminded us that the job market for lawyers is lousy. Some law schools, in light of the dimming employment prospects for graduates, have resorted to grade inflation and other methods to, as The New York Times noted, “rescue their students from the tough economic climate — and perhaps more to the point, to protect their own reputations and rankings.”

    Just how bad is the job outlook for lawyers? According to our quick analysis, every state but Wisconsin, Washington, D.C., and Nebraska produced more — in some cases, far more — bar exam passers in 2009 than the estimated yearly openings for lawyers in those states. The same glut holds true when comparing law school grads, via IPEDS from the National Center for Education Statistics, to the same opening estimates. 1 And when you take into account nuances with the D.C. bar and how Wisconsin operates (see more below), there might not be any states with a shortage."

    Keep in mind that EMSI is a neutral, research group. It is not affiliated with the law school pigs and cockroaches, i.e. this data is not driven by ideology or greed. According to this study, Florida has the 8th MOST GLUTTED lawyer job market in the entire nation. What a great "accomplishment," huh?!

    Here are the numbers for that state:

    2010-2015 Estimated Annual Openings: 2,027
    2009 Bar Exam Passers: 2,781
    Surplus: 755

    Do you see that as a problem for graduates of a fourth tier trash heap such as Florida Coa$TTTTal Sewer of Law?! Of course, bar passage does not necessarily equate to legal employment.

  19. Do you really want to know how bad the Florida lawyer market is? 10 years ago, I was engaged to my soulmate, who is a not a lawyer. She got her dream job in Miami and asked me to move there with her. After law school graduation, it took me 18 months to find my first legal job and I did not want to leave it to go to Florida where I heard the market is super glutted. Needless to say, the engagement was broken off, she met a guy in Miami who took her to the cleaners 5 years later when they got divorced. As for me? I bounced around from firm to firm, wasting my life away and looking to get the fuck out of this profession.

  20. Here is an article posted today on Business Insider about the law school cartel utilizes lemmings as profit centers:

    Somehow, I am sure the warnings and the writing on the wall will be ignored by lemmings suffering from "special snowflake" syndrome. At this point, anyone who enrolled in law school after 2009 doesn't deserve any compassion, sympathy or debt forgiveness. Taxpayers should not pay for the lemmings' stupidity.

  21. Close down the bottom 150 law schools. Keep enrollment the same at the remaining schools. This would be great progress.

  22. Here is a copy of a post I just made on OLSS, which will probably get deleted.


    I hope to God Mr. Infinity is never admitted to any state bar.

    Mr. Infinity is a liar with many faces. He wrote to me last summer and said that he wanted to drive me to suicide

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    And fuck you for needing personal info about anybody, your (sic) creepy fucking stalker. Facts speak louder than identities, and you and Nando fucked yourselves by thinking that your real identities added to your legitimacy. Campos made that mistake too. So don't try to draw anyone else into the shitmarsh of internet infamy and permanent unemployability you have created for yourself. It just goes to show us how FRUCKING DUMB you are. And you and Nando have given EVERYBODY sufficient facts about yourselves, directly and indirectly, for us all to make a damn good judgement about EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE AND WHY NOBODY WILL EVER EMPLOY YOU.

    Mr. infinity is sick and cruel individual and has attacked and attacked me anonymously and has caused me much distress and upset.

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    It is my belief that Mr. Infinity is not harmless and I worry greatly about him since he knows my name and address and I know nothing about who he is.

    John Koch (Painter)
    Long Island

    1. I went to outsidethelawschoolscam to see if your post was still posted. I had never been there before and I found these posts dedicated entirely to you. I suppose that congratulations are in order, for you have successfully gotten your self banned from yet another blog.

      A Paint-Free Future!

      Did you find the advice they gave you here helpful?

      Miss OTLSS - Advice Columnist

      The Adjunct Law Professor also posted this in the comments for you.

      "In that case, I will leave the comments up.

      Your last post demonstrates to me that your motiveslie somewhere far from your words. You have no interest in scamblogging and you have no interest in law school reform. You have no place here.

      Your last post also demonstrates that everyone else seems to be right about you. I now believe that you deserve what you're receiving here. You are a bitter, vengeful, miserable man who is more interested in staying that way than changing himself or helping others.

      I'm only sorry that I bothered wasting so much time on you."

  23. @6:01- Your solution to the problem (raising admissions standards) is premised on the assumption that the law school deans/admins care about the profession. They do not.

    Raising the admissions standards requires getting smarter people to attend. And smarter people will only attend this dump if you give them full rides, and full rides mean less money coming in, and less money coming in means the pigs will have to trade in their bmws for hondas, or worse, sell a summer home. Their greed alone has ruined the profession, nothing else.

    Further, smarter people are simply avoiding law school because they know the state of the profession and the patently offensive tuition rates don't correlate to income as an attorney.

    So in the end, only the jackasses will conitue to attend (except for the few in top 10 schools who are truly brilliant or those who have connections to land them a job). And so get comfortable with reading poorly written legal documents because the law school pigs have opened the flood gates to admissions at law schools only to line their own pockets.

  24. Law schools can see the writing on the wall. Dumbshits will keep enrolling, but the smart kids are avoiding law school in droves.

  25. We charge you $150k for a shitty law degree. Assuming that you can't do the law oriented test, we'll give you Does any other individual see how the understudies are still getting fucked?

  26. 1) As long as you have a valid working Westlaw and Lexis online legal research password, you can get a P/T job at most Sh*tlaw firms.

    2) Barbri, Pmbr, Piper, Micromash, Kaplan, and your law school can teach and drill you to pass the Bar. None of these folks can give or get you a paying job once you get you license.

  27. Actually, two ABA-accredited trash pits – both owned and operated by Infilaw Inc. – are offering this parTTTTial refund program:

    On March 11, 2013 JD Journal published a Jim Vassallo piece entitled “Two Law Schools Offer Refund Program for Students.” Look at the portion below:

    “Some law school graduates who do not pass the bar exam after two attempts could be in line for refunds, according to a report from The National Law Journal. They would only qualify for the refund if they took part in rigorous prep classes prior to the tests. There are two schools tinkering with this idea right now. They are Florida Coastal School of Law and The Charlotte School of Law.

    Florida Coastal School of Law is going to offer the same refund to students who are dismissed for academic reasons after their first year. On top of that, $2,000 will be refunded to students who fail to obtain an externship, clinical experiences, or a clerkship.

    A program launched by The Charlotte School of Law will refund $10,000 to law grads who have failed the exam at least two times. Both of these schools are operated by InfiLaw Inc., which also owns the Phoenix School of Law.

    The program is called the Assured Outcomes Partnership. According to the dean of Florida Coastal, Peter Goplerud, the idea is to make assure students and prospective applicants that their professors will do everything in their power to prepare them for the bar and their careers.

    “The key is that this is a partnership. It’s join accountability,” Goplerud said. “If students complete the requirements we’ve set out, we aren’t going to write any checks.”

    Ass-Hat Goplerud is a disingenuous pig. As an administrator and “legal educator,” the bastard knows nothing about accountability.


    The InfiLaw System is a consortium of independent ABA-approved law schools that are structured and staffed to provide students with a legal education that is responsive and relevant to their needs in a rapidly changing market environment.”

    As you can see, all three member law schools are ranked in the fourth tier cesspool, by US “News” & World Report. These private, for-profit toilets ought to be flushed permanently.

  28. Seriously, the legal job market is glutted and miserable. Do yourself a favor and don't go to law school. In the long run you will be glad you did not go. Don't take on debt to support the salaries of overpaid law professors, whose pay is so out of line with what value they provide.

    Law school is a sucker's bet, with real long term consequences for your life.

  29. "Our restaurant will refund you .25 for every cockroach you find in our food. And if you find a big, bloody, steaming turd on top of your mashed taters, we'll refund you a whole whopping dollar." How much does it cost to eat at this minus-three-star eatery? Just $36.00 per meal. So, if your $36.00 meal is ruined, you might get $2.00 back. Awesome. And no need to worry about the health department (ABA) shutting it down...

  30. Since the law school bastards expanded legal education so fast and furiously to get rich off of government loan money, we now have an over-abundance of lawyers. This has lead to a race-to-the-bottom financially for the legal profession. At my shitlaw firm clients constantly twist our arm to discount bills and do things on a flat fee. What are you suppose to do? Say no? They'll go across there street where there are 50 more lawyers who will underbid just to get the business. Time and time again we work for clients who end up not paying bills or requesting discounts, and we've already put in the time. Would you rather have 0% of $10,000 or 100% of $7,000? And the bastard clients know they have the upper hand and will just fire you if you don't do it.

    I don't know why a young person today would want to join this lousy, corrupt, immoral profession filled with some of the most nasty and conniving people i've ever met in my life. Take your heads out of the clouds and shelf your idealism; you aren't going to change a damn thing about this rotten profession. I have many lawyer friends who fight fiercly for judge appointments because they just want some form of guaranteed income.

    Looking back, I should have just gotten my teaching certificate. I'd have summers off, a salary (tenure and pension if i got a public school job), and wouldn't have a mountain of debt I'm paying off year in and year out. Instead, I'm a fucking loser lawyer slaving away in some office hoping that all my political glad-handing will get me some government post to supplement my income.

    Fuck the legal profession and fuck the law school pigs who led us all down the rose-lined path telling us we were going to be super-wealthy and have good lives. They lied to us for their own gain.

  31. The story here is a genuine head scratcher and on so many different levels, and maybe an archetypal carrot on a stick story:

    Ah Bartleby. Ah Humanity.


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