Sunday, May 12, 2013

Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Fourth Tier Widener University School of Law to Move Forward

Another Suit Survives a Motion to Dismiss:

On April 27, 2013, the News-Journal published a Nichole Dobo story entitled “Widener law school grads cry fraud.” Check out the excerpts below:

“Dozens of law programs across the country have dealt with similar suits filed by graduates who say they were misled by the schools’ inflated job placement statistics. Many of the suits have been rejected.

Cases against several of the law schools, including DePaul University in Illinois and Brooklyn School of Law in New York, have been dismissed in early stages by judges. A few cases in California courts are still working their way through the judicial system.

The Widener suit is one of the few that have survived challenges. In late March, U.S. District Judge William H. Walls denied a request to dismiss the case against Widener, signaling he believes the claims are plausible enough to let a jury or fact-finder hear its merits. [Emphasis mine]

By the way, make sure that you are not eating or drinking anything right now. If you are, and you read the next two paragraphs, you may end up choking. The law school pigs would not be at fault, of course.

“In a statement, Widener defends its ability to place graduates in jobs, and stands behind the employment statistics it publishes.

“Our students have consistently proven to be competitive in the marketplace in finding jobs, despite the nation’s continuing economic struggles,” the university said in a statement.” [Emphasis mine]

Fourth Tier Widener’s Most Recent Job Placement Stats:

I recognize that the former students did not rely on these placement figures. However, the commode allegedly stands behinds it employment stats. Keep in mind that this trash pit has two campuses.

The Harrisburg location had 122 total grads, for the Class of 2012. Employment status was unknown for 14 of these JDs. A total of 91 students landed jobs within nine months of graduation, for a placement rate of 84.3%, i.e. 91/108.

After you click on the Delaware tab, you will see that 269 desperate souls graduated from this campus in 2012. Of this amount, 16 did not provide employment status. According to this employment report, 216 grads found work within nine months of receiving their TTTT law degrees. This equates to 85.4 percent, i.e. 216/253.

Now enter the Combined tab. Note the following:

“Based on survey respondents, graduates of the Class of 2012 had a 92% employment/advanced degree program participation rate. This rate includes full and part time legal, law-related and non-legal positions as well as advanced degree program participation within nine months of graduation.

Calculation method: (employed + advanced degree) / (Total graduates) - (unknown + not seeking work)” [Emphasis in original]

If the ABA-accredited dung heap based the number on the following formula: (employed) / (total graduates) – (unknown), then the combined “placement” rate would have been 85.04 percent, i.e. 307/361. After all, the four grads seeking an advanced degree are not employed. In fact, they are incurring additional student debt – and are most likely not working. Furthermore, those who have not found gainful employment - but are not currently looking – are still unemployed! It’s nice to see that the law school cockroaches are standing behind their employment stats, even if they are hunched over in the corner – while trying to avoid the light.

Widener’s Pathetic Employed at Graduation Rate:

When you click on the hyperlink to Fourth Tier Trash Pit Widener Univer$iTTTTy Sewer of Law, US “News” & World Report provides the following info:


Employed at graduation: 18.1% [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, the toilet does not tout this amazing number on its website.

Average Law Student Indebtedness:

USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Widener JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $123,071. Hell, 91 percent of this dung pit’s unfortunate 2012 class took on such toxic debt. Remember, this figure does not include undergraduate debt. It also does not take accrued interest into account.

Conclusion: Widener “University” Sewer of Law is a foul, malodorous pile of toxic waste. Apparently, law grads are “placed” in jobs, even if the JD returns to his prior line of work – or is selling insurance. However, he is only considered unemployed if he is looking for a job and is not pursuing an advanced degree. What a great $y$tem, huh?!?!  The pigs were able to add a full six percentage points to the actual, nine-month employment rate for the Class of 2012 – with their trickery. Plus, we all know that plenty of those who did not furnish their job status to the commode were unemployed.


  1. (employed + advanced degree) / (Total graduates) - (unknown + not seeking work)

    We are not dealing with math majors here for apparently they do not know that division takes precedence over subtraction. They do seem to have partially figured out parenthesis. If they followed there own equation, their placement wouldn't be 92%, it would be -7920.460358%

    ((307+4)/391 - 80) * 100

  2. As plaintiff's counsel, my opening statement would be fun:

    Members of the jury, this case is about creating representations to form certain beliefs on the part of listeners.

    Then, I'd walk over to my client and look him in the eye. I'd then say,

    "Mr. Doe. If you attend, Widener, you will be making a very smart choice and career move. While the cost is a lot at $130,000, just look at your future. 92% of our graduates are employed within just 9 months after graduation. 9 months is nothing. During that period, you'll take the bar exam and be waiting for your results. Once they come in, 92% are on their ways to a great life. When you look at it that way, it's such a small price to pay.

    Then, I'd return to face the jury, walk toward them and say,

    This is the crux of this case. The evidence will show you that this is what the school had been saying to prospective students. They want you to hear that big figure - 92%. The real data shows a mere 51%. The 92% includes graduates who have "jobs," but not law-related jobs.

    Widener will say, "Everything we said is true. 92% did have jobs." Yeah, just not law jobs. This creates a false impression. They use that 92% figure to create a false impression. This leads unsuspecting students to spend upwards of $200,000 to get a law school education in reliance on that figure, only to find out upon graduation that almost half of the 92% will not get jobs as lawyers.

    As they say, "Giveth in the big print, and taketh away in the small print." It's how false impressions are created.

    During this trial, I will ask Widener's dean one important question. I want you to see his answer and how he tried to explain Widener's policy. I will ask him, "Why didn't you just come out and state 51% of graduates obtained employment as lawyers within 9 months of graduation?"

  3. Derailed At My Law School: Part 2

    The janitor, a tall, gaunt-shanked, malarial, leather faced side of jerked venison then looked at the ad that I was hanging up in the law school bathroom stall.

    Old leather face looked at me again, and asked me, in his classic, southern Californian drawl, to "Tell him the truth."

    It was here that the trouble really began, for I changed course, and started to rant and rave and scream at old leather face who was the janitor and who was, as I have already inferred: six feet two of beautifully articulated bone and gristle with deep set and well spaced limpid, * ice-blue peepers that made me exclaim to myself: 'Jeepers Creepers'

    What I screamed, and with wanton indiscretion was this:

    "I was hanging up some information. It is information about a protean blog that is owned by a VERY CONFUSED LITTLE VEGAN FELLOW WHO TAKES ON MANY IDENTITIES AND PERSONALITIES FOR KICKS AND IS VERY FOND OF SNAKES AND EVIL!"

    Story to be continued.

    * An example of bathos :)

  4. Well said, sir. Keep doing what you're doing kicking these junk law schools in the berries. I would still want to see a post about The University of Georgia or any more of those overrated Public Ivy schools.

  5. Good job Nando. We can only hope that one day American society looks back on the law school era as a stain on our history.

    The law school system is an example of how our government doesn't care for its people or the nation's long term economic health. The government is backing all these student loans, indebting the next generation forever, and these grads will most likely never buy homes and will live on the tightest of budgets, centering their spending habits around making their monthly loan payment.

    The effects of the student loan debt crisis will not be immediately felt. It will be felt when we our in our 30s and 40s and we are not (1) viable consumers (2) taking out mortgages, (3) buying homes/cars, etc. These shifts will seriously damage our nation's economy for a generation.

    Make no mistake about it, there will be a day of reckoning. Right now things seem okay because we're younger and the pigs are still living off the fat of the land. But a storm is coming.

    1. ^ You are an idiot. And an economic illiterate.

      Spending is spending. If your cash-strapped law grad sends $1000 to Sallie Mae each month, the money doesn't magically disappear. It gets paid out to someone (an employee at Sallie Mae, for example), and THAT guy spends it. Or maybe it goes out to a present-day student borrower. He gives the money to the law school, which then (1) pays the money to one of its employees (who then puts it toward his mortgage), or perhaps (2) builds a new student center with rock-climbing walls (oh SNAP, jobz!!).

      It's only been in the last month or so that the deadbeats have started making the, ahem, novel claim that money disappears from the economy the moment it is repaid to the lenders. If that specious (and transparently self-serving) argument is the best one you've got, I'd sure hate to listen to the second-string ones that are sitting on the bench..

    2. The money does "disappear" once it trickles up the food chain to people who offshore it in foreign investments. This is the reason trade deficits are important to track.

    3. ^ Ah so. Of course, that would never, ever happen to the money that you send in to pay YOUR mortgage, right?

    4. 10:34, the employees of the law schools are mostly people in there 50s and 60s with no debt. I'm talking about people in their 20s who will have debt forever given interest rates.

      Read a fucking newspaper, moron.

    5. I doubt it will just be one generation. Once you start down this path it just feeds on itself. Just look at Japan, they should have been the perfect warning for our worthless leaders to get their heads out of their asses.

      But you know what? They don't care, and it's intentional. Nobody wants to hear it, but banks have been doing this same crap for thousands of years. The bankers simply suck one nation dry, are exiled, and then start the process in another nation. They seriously did this for thousands of years. Of course, back then all the bankers were of one religion, so you could research what happened to that religion to see how the scam works.

      It's going to happen again because history always just repeats. I can't believe how much it repeats. It's uncanny.

  6. 10:34, you may want to try some basic economic courses before calling somebody an economic illiterate. You have to be really stupid to not understand how massive student debt will cause so much harm to our economy, likely already is.

  7. 10:34 am sounds like Mr. Infinity. He has no grasp of economics. Or bankruptcy law for that matter.

    There's one positive about idiots like him. It shows that even retards can get into law school.

    1. A grasp of economics: the belief that when a sweet, sweet magical JD debtor spends a penny, that red cent supercharges itself and turns into solid gold. And grows to the size of a manhole cover.

      Earth to moron: money doesn't fucking care WHO spends it.

    2. Money has to recirculate to create jobs, dumbshit. Not much chance of that happening when its sent to offshore bank accounts.

    3. Derr! Which will never, ever happen if you use the money to pay for YOUR mortgage. Derr!

      The mortgage of someone who works at Sallie Mae, on the other hand ...

      Completely different story. Obviously.

  8. Agree with Roberto, Nando.

    You need to start working on the Top Law Schools, mostly because the bottom feeders try to imitate them, with atrocious results.

    Where are the academic leaders of Yale et al during this student loan debacle? Why do they not try to influence the ABA?

    Jut because their graduating students have better success at finding jobs should be no excuse to give them a free pass.

    1. They don't say anything because their grads are all the ones now being hired as "professors" at garbage pales like widener. The law school racket is a huge source of jobs for ivy league vermin after they do their stints in big law and/or with a federal judge.

      The I've league pigs do a lap through the iron triangle and revolving door and usually end up at one of these dumps getting fat off the government backed loan money (part of a loan policy people from their schools perpetuate in DC through lobby and influence).

  9. Nando:

    I am the real Mr. Infinity and someone out there is trying to sell my ebook on Amazon.

    My blog is here and comments are welcome so long as they are not racist or overly crude.

    I also just want to let everyone know and FYI that I like to do naked yoga.

    I do yoga naked as a jay bird and free as a bee and in front of a big picture window.

    And I lift weights too, and all the guys as well as the female bodybuilders at the gym who are pumped up on roids and HGH are speechless when I walk in and start lifting 5 lb. weights and do naked yoga right in front of them there as well.

    1. Mr. Infinity is also a virgin.
      With women if you know what I mean.

  10. No one cares about your shitty book. After reading two paragraphs of that shit, it's obvious 6th graders write better than you.

    1. ^ Paintroach is actually the author of the fake blog.

      Roachie is a sniveling bitch, so it's only natural for his "narrators" to take on that same quality.

      If Paintroach really wants to get my character down, he should observe the Ray Milland character in "Dial M for Murder."

    2. Mr. Infinity knows a lot about fake blogs and sniveling. And living in his mother's basement.

  11. @4:09PM

    Mr. Infinity asked the Legally Vegan blogger if she went to St. John's Law School because she looked familiar.

    If anyone reading this goes to St. John's Law School and might know who Mr. Infinity is, please let us know.

  12. Also, if any Property Professors out there have recently given a final exam with a lot of short essays to answer, one of your students might be the very hurtful Mr. Infinity.

    1. Is he the weirdo who sits in the back of class and watches child porn on his laptop?

    2. I think Mr. Infinity got on a plane to Thailand for a week of sex tourism following his last final before he start his unpaid summer internship with the neighborhood ambulance chaser.

  13. Mr. Infinity:

    Why don't you just hang it all up by now and all will be forgotten and forgiven.

    Based on what you write on your blog, it seems like you want to pass the bar exam and I would think you would want to pass a character and fitness screening as well.

    And I would also think that any Bar Association would be concerned about some of your remarks and would also be interested in knowing your identity.

    I enjoyed College, but my experiences in law school were academically very poor, and very unhappy and stressful, and law school was time of life that I am glad is over.

    But I can understand your anger in a sense, because there were no scamblogs back when I was in law school and so I did not have to mentally wrangle with the scamblog messages as you have done, and it could not have been easy.

    Also, if you have a substance abuse problem there are treatments and support groups.

    But once more, why don't you just quit your self imposed moral mission against the scamblogs by now?

    Many of the commenters speak from life experience after law school, and you have nothing but your own opinions and moral judgements it seems.

    1. ^ Why do you think the taxpayers should bail you out? Isn't that just a (self-serving) "moral judgment" on your part? If anyone with an I.Q. that is above room temperature actually believed your claim that roach spending would somehow jolt the economy, they would've already purchased that fool's gold from you.

      You aren't actually paying anything each month - or, to put it another way, your monthly "payment" is $0.00. So why do you care? Would your life actually get any better if taxpayers like me paid your super-sized bill for you? How?You'd still be a jobless impoverished asshole with a violent aversion to work.

      How would it even help you?

  14. 6:35am, he didn't say anything about a student loan bailout. Although a student loan bailout would lift this next generation out of the life-long debtors prison that awaits them. Plus, if the government ate that money, they'd be more prudent in giving out student loan money in the future, and then the law school scam would die naturally because the government wouldn't make loans to students who will never pay it back and no one has the money for tuition upfront. Does your feeble mind grasp that concept? Or do you just live in the United States of Me?

    It's not about "helping" a single person. It's about solving the biggest problem of this generation and saving our nation's economic future. I'm not sure if your pea brain can think beyond your next masturbation session though.

    The banks got bailed out because they were "too big too fail." This generation is "too big too fail" and the weight of student loan debt on this generation's collective chest will ruin this nation. They won't buy homes or cars, which have been the drivers of this economy for 50 years (which support manufacturing, construction, insurance, sales, and realty jobs). Demand will go down in those fields and production will follow. They will be poor for life and never be the super-sized consumers this country's economy requires to survive. Private banks aren't going to front loans to broke-ass grads $100k in the hole. Only the federal government makes those loans, because it's lobbied and influenced by the ABA, Association of American Law Schools, and the countless pigs that go through the revolving door (who invariably stop in academia to line their pockets at some point in their careers). You can't pick up the Wall Street Journal of NY Times business section or read Forbes online and not see a daily story about student loan debt holding back the country's economic recovery. Do you know what a newspaper is though?

    And I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm fortunate that my family has helped me and I have gainful employment. I just care about my country's future citizenry.

    Your homework for tonight:
    1.) spead ass cheeks
    2.) remove head

    1. ^ Good for you! Paintroach's family "helps" him, too: he still lives at home with them.

      Speaking of newspapers, do you know what the national debt is? If we're all in a "debtor's prison," it sounds like you want to knock a few dozen years off of your term and balance it out by adding that time to everyone else's sentence.

      Funny how your view of "patriotism" requires that I give up money, and that people like you spend it. Oh wait, I'm sorry, I forgot that you were a rich, exclusive millionaire roach with no dog in the fight, LOL.

      It's also funny that you simultaneously believe debt will simultaneously save (mortgages) AND destroy (student loans) America. If you really want to make America stronger, you should stop your fucking borrowing altogether. Old-timers used to have some bizarre term for this. I think they called it "savings," or some weird word like that.

    2. The national debt is not the same as personal debt. America keeps selling treasury bonds and the world buys them because were a safe investment, unlike, say Greece, or a law student. Were the least run down house in a ghetto.

      And where do you think the interest on your savings comes from in a bank account? The bank gives out loans, be them home mortgages or business lines of credit. The difference is banks give out loans they are almost certain people can pay off. Unlike before the national economy tanked because they were writing mortgages with their eyes closed, much like the govt does with student loans today.

      Keep in mind the banks said it would be unpatriotic if we didn't bail them out. Did you agree with TARP?

      If you think no institutional reforms are necessary then you are prob some law student living in a fantasy land or a law prof.

    3. ^ Nope. The banks didn't deserve a bailout any more than you do.

      Sounds to me like you want to add your personal debts TO the national debt.

      You claim that law school debtors are "too big to fail." Actually, they are too small to succeed.

      And yeah, I realize the banks lend out the money in savings accounts. Um, does that contradict anything I said? (No.)

      FWIW, I personally "save money" by buying gold each month and putting it in a safe deposit box. They can't lend THAT out, now can they? Still trying to find the exclusive "Liberty Roach" coin.

    4. ^The real problem is you're dick is too small to succeed.

    5. I made my peace offer, and there he goes again with the buying gold bit.

      He buys gold with what money? His student loan money?

      It makes no sense at all. He claims to be over 200K in SL debt, and yet he can afford to invest in gold coins?

      And in case anyone has not noticed, he is still trolling OLSS and getting past moderation.

      I would like to add that personally I have mixed feelings about Campos and Tamanaha.

      On the one hand they bring welcome attention to the issues. On the other hand they dive and hide out for a while until the depth charges stop, and then it is "up periscope :)

      It must be nice to be a tenured chap these days, able to pick and choose which convenient, off Broadway production of a political or social nature they might want to crash, and to then be able to peep from the wings and wink at their huge audience while the debtors and sufferers stalk the creaky boards of the blogging stage in an antic, ghastly, and powerless course of protest and dismal persuasion.

      But no matter. The tenured professors can thereafter revisit the dismal show, and at their leisure, and on a lazy, time-to-time basis.


      "Garlic knots to the right of them.
      Calzones to the left!

      Ours is not to reason why.
      Ours is to have some pizza pie."

      A starving,
      Lord Byron

      (I haven't eaten a thing all day.)


    6. ^ If you get a job, they will pay you money - money that you can exchange for food.

      Has it ever occurred to you that multiple people want you to quit your roachy ways?

      Somehow I am sure that your parents are keeping you fed. Which is unfortunate; if they kicked you to the curb and made you fend for yourself, they'd probably be doing you the biggest favor of your life.

    7. Painting houses is a job, you shit eating ape.

    8. ^ So paint one and use the money to buy some food, then.


    9. I didn't say I couldn't afford food. I just didn't eat.

      And that was because I was so busy working there was no time yesterday.

      As for multiple people, that is Mr. Infinity's MO. He posts as different people, but isn't fooling anyone by now.

      He used to say he was a successful attorney in California or PA.

    10. ^ You aren't busy working. And you say that *I'm* not fooling anyone?

      I don't know about this "200K debt" that I supposedly have. Would it make your roach-mind explode if I told you that I have no debts of any kind? Or that I buy everything up-front?

      Nah, you'd just refuse to believe it.

      I actually got this month's gold in the mail yesterday, Roachie. It sure looked real to me. I checked them out under a magnifying glass - they scratch pretty easily.

      You say you have money for food. And you've got a roof over your head. So why DO you care if you have a paper debt with a $0.00 monthly payment, anyway? What difference does it make? I really want to know.

      No wonder you don't want a government job. You've got it made.

    11. Where does one store the gold coins? In a bank safety deposit box?

      In a safe in the residence?

      I would think that if the gold was kept in a safety deposit box in a bank vault, and if the economy crashed, the banks would lock their doors and let no one in.

      So many of the gold investors must be keeping their gold elsewhere?


    On March 25, 2013, the ABA Journal published a Debra Cassens Weiss piece labeled “Judge allows suit against Widener law school over job stats, cites ‘thread of plausibility.’” Take a look at the following portion:

    “The school had posted online employment rates of 90 percent or more, nine months after graduation, for students in the classes of 2004 through 2010, the complaint says. The plaintiffs say the statistics didn’t take into account whether employment included part-time work and nonlegal positions. The suit also claims the school did not disclose that a sizable percentage of Widener graduates did not respond to the school’s employment surveys.

    “Here, an employment rate upwards of 90 percent plausibly gave false assurance to prospective students regarding their legal employment opportunities upon investment in and attainment of a Widener degree,” Walls said. “While the thread of plausibility may be slight, it is still a thread.”

    According to the complaint, the average Widener law student graduates with more than $100,000 in student debt.”

    Hell, the average Widener Univer$iTTTTy law grad – from the Class of 2012 - incurred an additional $123,071 in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, while earning their TTTT law degree. Again, this figure does not include undergrad debt or accruing interest, while the student is enrolled in law school.

    As you can see, Widener is listed as a fourth tier trash heap, by US “News” & World Report. Hence, the jobs prospects for students are pathetic. I mentioned in the main entry that full-time tuition and fees amounted to $39,465, for the 2012-2013 academic year. What a great bargain for the students, right?!?!

    In the final analysis, the administrators and “professors” don’t give a damn about the students or recent grads. The pigs simply want to extend the scam for as long as they can. If you are a current law student, do the following: the next time one of these “educators” goes off on the need to pursue justice for the disenfranchised, ask him directly why he feels that it is okay to financially ruin law students.

  16. Why is the govt still issuing student loans to people going to shitholes like this?

    1. Because it allows politicians and bureaucrats to make noise about how they are "serving the public" and "investing in the future" by "expanding access to higher education," especially to minorities and "underserved communities." They make political hay out of it, and it doesn't cost them anything because they aren't stuck with the non dischargeable loans and worthless degrees.

  17. Law schools are corrupt. They are the scum of the earth. The ABA is a complicit piece of shit organization. Law schools are misery factories.

  18. 'Now, let me back up a little bit at this point and introduce myself. My name, for all intents and purposes in this story, is Howard Roark. I would describe myself as tall, with short and thick brown hair, clean shaven, and wearing glasses. I like to dress casual. Generally I am clad in blue jeans and wear a t-shirt. Oftentimes at home, however, I wear nothing, as there is something about feeling the air against my body. I am light skinned and like to keep my body in shape. As a vegan I try to watch my fat intake. My weakness is the avocado. I also enjoy milk made from nuts. All of that adds a healthy dose of fat into my life. In the evening I sometimes will either do yoga (in the nude) or exercise by lifting weights. I exercise in front of a mirror that is above a fireplace. I like to see all of my muscles working as I lift. I feel that it is important to keep a good body. Sometimes, after a work out, I find myself making passionate love to my wife.'

    So he's not a minority but he's light-skinned?

    I've never (never) seen a white guy refer to himself as light-skinned. You might hear one describe oneself as pale or tanned, but not light skinned. This kid is a nut.

    1. He likes to walk around naked in front of a mirror so he can watch his boyfriend pound him in the fucking ass. Vegan pussy.

    2. "I find myself making passionate love to my wife"

      Your "wife" has only one "breast" with a big mushroom-like looking nipple.

      Clinical idiots and/or fags like you are pandemic in law skool environment.

  19. Now, let's take a look at the commode's employment "placement" rate for the Class of 2011.

    The Harrisburg location had 124 total grads, for the Class of 2011. Employment status was unknown for seven of these JDs. A total of 95 students landed jobs within nine months of graduation, for a placement rate of 81.2%, i.e. 95/117.

    Select the Delaware tab, and you will notice that 252 desperate souls graduated from this campus in 2011. Of this amount, 22 did not provide employment status. According to this employment report, 196 grads found work within nine months of receiving their TTTT law degrees. This equates to 85.2 percent, i.e. 196/230.

    Go to the Combined tab. The trash pit is using the same garbage formula:

    “Based on survey respondents, graduates of the Class of 2011 had a 92% employment/advanced degree program participation rate. This rate includes full and part time legal, law-related and non-legal positions as well as advanced degree program participation within nine months of graduation.

    Calculation method: (employed + advanced degree) / (Total graduates) - (unknown + not seeking work)” [Emphasis in original]

    Had the ABA-accredited dung heap based the number on the following formula: (employed) / (total graduates) – (unknown), then the combined “placement” rate would have been 83.86 percent, i.e. 291/347. Again, the eight grads seeking an advanced degree are unemployed. Hell, they are taking on additional student debt – and are most likely not working. Furthermore, those who have not found gainful employment - but are not currently looking – are still out of work!

    The school is using the method above, to ensure that its published placement rate is higher than the actual employment figure. For the Class of 2011, the ABA-accredited dung heap has added 8.14 percent to its total. What beacons of integrity, huh?!?!

  20. I wasted 15 minutes of my life reading the 15 page piece of shit from cocksucker Infinity.
    Here's what's to be had from that (so no one else wastes their time reading that dog shit):

    1. He's a pathological liar
    2. He's a pussy
    3. He hates working class people
    4. He sucks up to the professional classes
    5. He's a light-skinned white guy that likes to do yoga in the nude in front of the mirror

  21. Portrait of a Federally Guaranteed Student Loan:

    I think the paper speaks for itself, and the adjunct law professor anon coward can go to hell if he thinks his half ass efforts on the internet are going to "help" me.

    1. How can the guy be a frugal law student and go to law school in New York City? Is he living in his car?

    2. ^ I guess he needs to just go whole ass and give you 400 fucking thousand dollars, right? I repeat my question: how is your debt negatively impacting your life? Your monthly "payment" is zero.

      Should the taxpayers really pay half a million dollars, just so that you can qualify for a piddling little $500 Roach-Visa?

    3. How is life in New Jersey?

    4. ^ You gonna answer the question, or what? If your payments are zero, why do you care if you are in debt?

    5. Attn: Strelnikov,

      Michael Lavrik is the gold buying guy and is in the porn business and hence the lack of formal education and the facility with barbaric language.

      His office is at:

      110 Meadowlands Parkway, 1st floor.
      Secaucus New Jersey 07094

      Lavrick runs an adult website called adultloop or something like that and is kind of a societal fringe, nutty individual in that he buys gold and also calls himself a conservative.

      The phone number for Lavrik is 1-877-566-8398

      Why Michael Lavrik follows the scamblogs is a real mystery as I cannot see any nexus between Lavrik and a legal career, or ambitions for one, so far.

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    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. The case is just going to make the dumb Plaintiffs lawyer look foolish and create case law or atleast a jury verdict where the law schools will fear even more emboldened.

    As the defense attorney for the school,all Im going to do is get every member of the same class as the idiots to file the suit to appear on the stand and ask them to a couple of questions...

    Did you go to Widener because of the employment statistics?

    Was Widener your first choice of law schools?

    Did you get accepted to any other law school besides Widener?

    You really wanted to be a lawyer right? yes

    In fact you would have gone to Widener no matter what the employment statistics were because you had no other options to attend and went here as a last resort?

    Make Widener out to the TTTT crapper it is by showing the bottom of the barrel people they accept and throw in some internet research questions and no way a jury gives the Plaintiffs any money because they are morons like JD Painter.

    You need to import the OJ jury to win this case so better change the venue to Camden NJ or forget it.

  23. If I was someone who bought a lot of gold coins, I wouldn't go bragging around about it.

    I recall an old story about a guy who installed a sliding bookcase in his house, behind which he kept bags of gold coins.

    To make a long story short, a worker in the house discovered the secret button for the sliding bookcase and took all the gold that was behind it and was never heard from again.

    he probably skipped the country.


    From page two of this article:

    “A Nightmare

    Karl Schluth, of Glassboro, N.J., said his oldest son, Justin, was the first in their family to graduate from college, and he’s extremely proud of him.

    They aren’t a wealthy family – dad is a mailman and mom delivers newspapers – and were faced with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans if they were going to put Justin through law school, Karl Schluth said.

    It was not an easy decision, but Karl Schluth said the family looked at the job statistics from Widener and agreed that taking on the loans to send Justin there would be worth it.
    After graduation, Justin Schluth passed the bar exam, but he could not find find work, according to court documents.

    His father said Justin, saddled with debt, lives at home with his parents. Justin has a job now, his father said, but it is still a struggle because they never expected this kind of a situation.
    “It’s been a nightmare, that’s what it’s been,” Karl Schluth said.

    Justin Schluth, 28, is among those suing Widener. John Harnish, the lead plaintiff, works as a bartender at Monk’s Cafe, a popular bar and restaurant in Philadelphia. Marinakis, the top graduate who found herself working in the hospitality industry, eventually found a job in California working as a non-legal consultant, according to court documents. Others who are suing have found work as lawyers by starting their own firms, and some found professional jobs outside the legal field.”

    Who the hell wouldn’t want to take out an additional $123K+, so that they can tend bar at a trendy spot – or move across the country to become a non-legal consultant?!?! Anyone who defends this sick $y$tem is a depraved pig. Those who do so – and are students or recent graduates – are BEYOND pathetic!

  25. We Widener grads have been working at Bars in Philly and Wilmington for the past 20 years.

    If you didnt go to the Cactus after orientation and speak to the 3Ls who told you to drop out while you could still get a refund because only 5% of grads who didnt start their own firm got jobs, then it is your own fault for how things turned out for you. I think their max recovery is first semester tuition and that is being generous because they all think they are the exception to the failures they knew about who hopped in this sinking ship.

    Its like signing up to go to Vietnam despite all the death and maiming on the news and then having your relatives sue because you got killed by the Vietcong.

    What a bullshit lawsuit.

  26. Here's another attack on law schools from an insider. The Future of Legal Education Reform
    James E. Moliterno

    The history of the legal profession’s self-regulation during self-identified crisis times (such as the present) is not a happy one. The profession has resisted change. When it has instituted change, such change has been directed not at the existing members of the profession, but at new entrants. Mostly, the change that has come has been forced by the influence of society, culture, economics, and globalization — not by the profession itself. These change agents include Watergate, communist infiltration, the arrival of waves of immigrants, the litigation explosion, the civility crisis, and the current economic crisis that blends with dramatic changes in technology, communications, and globalization. In every instance the profession has held fast to its history and its ways long after those ways have become anachronistic. The profession seems to repeat the same question in response to every crisis: How can we stay even more the same than we already are? Legal education has fared little better in this mode.

  27. The whole 'taxpayer' schtick is tired and worn out by now.

    The banks, with all the advantages, rules, and regulations on their side, gambled and lost and received a bailout via the taxpayers who did not take the actions the banks did and had no part or say in the matter.

    Wall Street fucked Main Street, once again.

    With Higher Ed. loans the banks, yet again, have all the advantages, rules, and regulations on their side. Student loan debt is treated differently than any other consumer debt thanks to $$$$$ lobbyists from Wall Street.

    When the misled and lied to consumer gambles on Higher Ed. and loses, oh well.. We fucked you. Should have known better, etc. So long.

    The Taxpayer argument doesn't hold water. It's a non-starter. Any negative effects from any bailout would, as already said, serve to stimulate the economy far more than any jobs programs, etc. from bought-and-paid for Washington D.C. ever could or will.

  28. christina is really hot, fwiw.

  29. Michael Lavrik 1373 Broad St Fort Lee NJ
    Michael Lavrik 7401 Roxbury ave Manassas VA
    Michael Lavrik 22 GERTRUDE AVE River Edge NJ

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Nando, its the great lawland prophet, JB. How can I get in touch with you via e-mail or some message system now that the Junkyard is closed?

  31. Here is the IP address of the stupid troll that brags about all the gold he has:

  32. Anyway, the IP from the troll that buys gold coins is:

    And if you google that number you will see that the IP is a fake one and is linked to a lot of porn sites as well.

    Interserver in Secaucus New Jersey is the company that seems to be responsible for the IP

    And there is a Phoenix, AZ nexus somehow

  33. Bungso,

    My email address is Go ahead and send me a message. It's a shame that admin took that site down.


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