Monday, May 20, 2013

Second Tier Bloody Stool: State University of New York at Buffalo Law School

Tuition: In-state, full-time law students will be charged $20,730 in tuition, for the 2013-2014 academic year. Non-residents attending this garbage pit on a full-time basis will be ass-raped to the tune of $35,220 - for 2013-2014. Of course, fees add another $1,893 to the big-ass tab.

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, New York residents - who live off campus - will face a 2013-2014 budget of $43,315. Their out-of-state counterparts will need to come up with $57,805, for all costs, for the upcoming school year.

At least, this trash heap admits that the expenses only cover 9.5 months. As such, we need to prorate living costs, in order to reach a better estimate. I will provide twelve months expenses for housing, board, personal and transportation. Doing so, we reach a more accurate figure of $48,404 for New York residents, living off campus for the full year, whereas out of state, full-time, off campus SUNY law students will have an estimated, total COA of $62,894 - for the full year. It’s nice to see that the law school pigs are looking out for their students, huh?!?!

Ranking: Based on these prices, you would expect this public school to have a decent reputation, right? Well, according to US “News” & World Report, SUNY Buffalo Law Sewer is rated as the 86th greatest, most remarkable and prestigious law school in the United States. In fact, it shares this “honor” with the following four toilets: Northeastern; RuTTger$-Newark; the University of Kansas; and the University of Tulsa. Their mothers must be very proud.

Employment “Placement” Rate: Let’s take a look at the Employment Summary from the Class of 2012, sent by SUNY Buffalo. There were 209 members of this cohort. Of this figure, 173 attained employment. Of course, this figure also includes non-law positions, part-time jobs, and short-term posts. Since seven grads did not furnish their employment status, the commode’s “placement” rate is 85.6 percent, i.e. 173/202.

By the way, what does it say about a law school - which should be training lawyers - that only 109 grads, out of a class of 209 students, landed full-time, long term jobs “requiring bar passage“?!?! Hell, a total of 88 members of this group ended up working in law firms. A mere 13 of these grads found employment in firms of 101 or more attorneys.

Pathetic Employed at Graduation Rate: When you click on the hyperlink for this fourth tier trash can, you will find the following information:


Employed at graduation: 36.3% 
Median private sector starting salary: $53,000 
Median public service starting salary: $50,000” [Emphasis mine]

What a truly impressive figure! One wonders why this school isn’t ranked higher. This metric illustrates that this public waste site is a terrible financial decision.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the SUNY Buffalo JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $72,860. Plus, 89 percent of this dung pit’s unfortunate 2012 class took on such toxic debt. Remember, this figure does not include undergraduate debt. It also does not take accrued interest into account.

The Glutted New York Lawyer Job Market: On June 27, 2011, Catherine Rampell’s piece entitled “The Lawyer Surplus, State by State” appeared in the New York Times Economix blog. Her article was based on this report from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. Check out this excerpt:

“In raw numbers, New York has the greatest legal surplus by far. 

In 2009, 9,787 people passed the bar exam in the Empire State. The analysts estimated, though, that New York would need only 2,100 new lawyers each year through 2015. That means that if New York keeps minting new lawyers apace, it will continue having an annual surplus of 7,687 lawyers.” [Emphasis mine]

What does that data mean to you, Lemming?! Do you still want to gamble with your future?!?! If your feeble brain cannot comprehend this information, then you truly are a lost cause.

Conclusion: If this is the best law school that you can get into - and you are not from a wealthy family that will pay all of your bills while you are enrolled - then you need to look toward another career path. Do not even consider this filthy, GLUTTED “profession.” You will not be served well by incurring an additional $80K-$120K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to practice law. You need to view law school PRIMARILY, if not strictly, AS AN ECONOMIC DECISION. This choice WILL impact your life for decades. The “professors” and administrators will continue to drive luxury cars, own large suburban homes, and take fancy vacations without YOU committing assisted financial suicide. The pigs and cockroaches are paid up front, in full - while you will be paying for your mistake, with interest, for the next 20-30 years.


  1. Buffalo Dung Law School should be closed down. We have enough law schools in this state.

  2. I thought I would share this story. I have two nephews, ages 21 and 26. The 26 year old nephew was a bookworm who studied hard all his life and was admitted to a T50 school and graduated near the top of his class. His reward? He landed a job working with a solo for $30K a year, no benefits. The 21 year old nephew, who was thought of as a slacker for playing too much video games, just graduated last week from a state university and will join a Silicon Valley firm making video games as a software engineer. His starting salary? $110K to start with benefits (medical, stock options, etc.). The 26 year old may have "Esq." at the end of his name but it is no secret my younger nephew is the smarter of the two. Career outcomes don't lie.

  3. Student loans are modern day slavery. I was just reading an article that said this year is the highest debt level for college students. It is disgusting to have college presidents make over a million dollars a year, many do.

    I don't know how much costs could be brought down but I would imagine a lot. In law schools, it is wasteful to have a large group of highly paid full-time professors only working 2-3 hours a week teaching classes. These law professor clowns get tenure, high salaries, sabbaticals(Like they need a paid vacation from their minimal work).

    I would imagine law professors spend no more than 20% of their time in activities that benefit law grads(In any other job you would be fired working 20% of the time). I went to a very highly ranked law school. I can say that law professors articles and books, added no value to the education.

    Sadly, even with law professors high pay, the education is seriously lacking. I would imagine most people go to law school to practice law. Unfortunately, the highest paid law school professors usually have the least amount of experience, and they could care less about practicing law. So, you end up graduating with little practical skills, without much practical knowledge.

    I love how an ABA requirement for accrediting law schools is that there has to be a certain number of full time tenured professors. Who does this benefit? Who do you think lobbied to put this in the accrediting standards?

    Also, as a requirement to waive into most state bars, you have to been in continuous practice for five years. They have a clause in there that says that teaching law school is considered practicing law. I cannot think of anything less like practicing law but some law professor group lobbied to have that put in there. The ABA and state bars will sell out to any special interest group, whether it makes sense or not.

    Law schools and the ABA are greedy, unethical institutions. It is such a scam.

    1. >>Also, as a requirement to waive into most state bars, you have to been in continuous practice for five years. They have a clause in there that says that teaching law school is considered practicing law. I cannot think of anything less like practicing law but some law professor group lobbied to have that put in there. The ABA and state bars will sell out to any special interest group, whether it makes sense or not.

      Wait a minute? Do you even have to be admitted to a bar in order to practice law? I'm recalling several professors who's license has lapsed, like Brian Leiter.

    2. Above I ment teach, of course to actually practice law you have to be admitted to a bar.

  4. My nephew graduated from St. John's Law School last year. Top quarter of the class. He just got a (non lawyer) job last week. He was making more money before he went to law school. But he's just so glad to finally have a job I don't want to burst his bubble.

    Going to law school is a sucker's bet today.

  5. Where's Crynge Johannsen?

  6. If you want to commit financial suicide, or any other kind of suicide, you should go to some place that's interesting, eclectic, edgy or beautiful. Buffalo is none of those things. Yes, Niagara Falls are nearby but, really, is that a reason to attend a mid-ranked law school? (By the way, the city of Niagara Falls, NY is a dump.)

    The sad thing is that Buffalo is not the only economically depressed part of New York State. In fact, once you get away from the New York City Metro area and Albany, the state is full of abandoned factories and farms. It's not much of a market for lawyers.

  7. Some basic rules of thumb:

    i. Don't buy a pitbull from a one armed man
    ii. Don't date or marry someone with more problems than you
    iii. Don't even fucking think about going to law school

  8. fuck the united fucking states of piece of shit americaMay 20, 2013 at 6:57 PM

    This shitty ass country was built on lies, rape and mass murder of the original inhabitants. Fuck this place. The cocksuckers that wrote the federalist papers and the declaration of independence were fucking frauds. The fuckers made slavery of black people a legal institution. Even after slavery was abolished, the blacks were basically slaves. Yeah, 'cuz sharecropping for peanuts is a big step up. Don't forget Jim Crow, literacy tests for voting, and other fucked up bullshit. Like separate but fucking equal. Fast forward to today. It seems like every fucking industry is built on a deck of cards. Housing bubble. Dot com bubble. Stock market crashes about every 10-20 fucking years. Bailouts left and right. And who get fucked every single time?

    Of course the law schools are run by corrupt shitheads. What did you expect? The USA is a piece of shit. And don't you ever forget it.

    1. ^ You're right. You should definitely move to a more deserving country.

      And above all else, you should make sure that you never, ever accept a single penny of America's filthy money.

      Keep pure, man.

    2. I agree.

      I was thinking the same thing last night as I lay awake in bed.

      Nothing has changed.

      Everything in America seems built on scamming the next guy to get yours. Every industry. Every job. Every institution. And as you say, it's all bubble upon bubble, wave after wave.

  9. Hello Nando, I am thankful you are still in the game when others sold out (e.g., Kimber Russell) or dropped off the face of the earth (e.g., Scott Bullock). I don't know if you remember me but I posted a few years ago about my situation. My sister married a shmuck who was a real estate broker during the boom years and made a ton of money. The market crashed in 2007 and the loser decided to enroll in law school. I warned him not to attend law school but he ignored my advice telling my sister that I was just jealous of his drive. Mind you, when he was a RE broker, he was making about $200K a year, and leased a 7 series BMW. He used to tell me how I felt about his success knowing he only had a BA in English while I spent 7 years to pursue a law degree. He graduated law school in 2010. Initially, he could not find a job as a lawyer. Eventually, he had to settle for a job as an insurance agent, making $38K a year. Then I became partner at my firm in 2011. My sister begged me to hire my brother in law because I had authority to hire 2 attorneys in my department. I didn't give the cocksucker an interview because he was not a right fit (e.g., arrogant, douche, and socially maladjusted). Well, last week my sister filed for divorce and now she blames me because all her husband kept telling her was how I kept him down by not giving him a job. I wish my sister can take him to the cleaners but the fucker has so much in student loans, he will probably claim pauperis status before the court. I have not spoken to my sister since 18 months ago (my mother told me about the divorce). So to recap, law school cost a marriage and my relationship with my sister. The last I heard is that my soon to be ex-brother-in-law is thinking of going solo, which is laughable since he can't even draft a simple will. He thinks by taking a CLE in wills, trusts and estates he will become a legal maven. I would laugh at his misfortune if it weren't so damn tragic.

    1. Law school didn't cost a marriage.

      Your sister = all women. When the money's gone, so will they be.

      Your sister asked you to hire him. Take note. That was her attempt at "rehabing him" for one last shot. Failing that, she bailed.

      As far as the guy, he's an idiot because he, like 99.9999% of people, thought he "knew better".

    2. that is so true. Women just want money and if you think one likes you for your wonderful personality and you are over age 30, you would be the perfect candidate for law school. The birth rate will continue to drop because men dont want to have kids with these gold diggers even if it means geowing old alone.

    3. Shoulda woulda coulda, but for whatever it's worth, you should have told your sister your firm had a no nepotism rule.

    4. If you need someone to get you a job you are in the wrong field. Connections are good if you actually have talent in something not just who you know. Exception being the rich elites and their progeny.


    All three women in this clip are stoopid. Cryn's lost some weight since this time (and she needed to).

    How does this girl manage to get all these interviews and travel all over the place anyway? She might be a plant from the SL industry. And a word to the wannabe wise. When your face is fat (and pale), you don't tuck your chin in.

    1. ^ Go away, Paintroach.

      Stop playing on the Internet and try to find a job!

      Nobody wants your stupid YouTube links. Is that all you are good for? YouTube links?

  11. JD Painter, I think I have found your soulmate. She owes about $350K at 8% like you. She cannot practice law and makes $8.50/hr. You should contact Hillary Finne, propose to her and move to Canada. Here is her story John Koch. You both can set each other free:

    1. Stop talking to yourself, LinkRoach.

      And kindly explain why you complain so much about student loans. Your monthly payment (and income) are nil. So they don't even affect you.

      $350K is a big sum to ask the taxpayers to give you - especially when it wouldn't even improve your life at all!


    Let’s take a peak at some of the dual degree programs offered by this second tier sewage pit:

    “J.D./MA (Law & Applied Economics Program)

    This program offers advanced skills and expertise to prepare students for leadership roles in the global economy. The Law School and the Department of Economics offer an accelerated program leading to both a J.D. and a master’s degree in applied economics in 3 1/2 years.”

    Hell, if these students knew anything about applied economics, they would not be incurring $100K in extra, NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a TT law degree. Also, how many “leaders in the global economy” have a JD/MA from SUNY Buffalo?!?! If you work at this commode, then name one graduate who has earned the combined JD/MA - and then become a captain of industry. Keep in mind that lawyers serve the ownership class. Even the Biglaw partners making large sums of money are only paid a fraction of what their wealthy clients earn or steal each year.

    “J.D./MPH (Law & Master of Public Health)

    The Law School and the School of Public Health and Health Professions offer a four-year collaborative program leading to both a J.D. and a master’s in public health. The program fosters the critical interrelationship among the delivery of health care, the protection of public health and legal systems. Students acquire skills that make them attractive candidates for positions in public and private health care.”

    If you are talking about administrative posts in hospitals, then I am certain that candidates with strong business backgrounds will beat out some jackass with a JD/MPH from the STTaTTe UniversiTTy of New York at Buffalo Dung Law School. Those with degrees from Ivy League schools will also have an edge over said stooge. Then again, a SUNY law grad has the upper hand when it comes to janitorial and cafeteria jobs at hospitals.

    “J.D./MUP (Law and Urban Planning Program)

    The Law School and the School of Architecture and Planning have designed a four-year dual degree that leads to both a J.D. and a master’s degree in urban planning. Students completing this program are uniquely prepared for administration and public lawyering.”

    Yes, who will not be served well, by earning two worthless-ass, advanced degrees - from the same garbage “in$TTiTTuTTion of higher learning”?!?! These combined programs are simply designed to rake in more money for the law school pigs and university swine. Remember, these cockroaches DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about you, the student or recent graduate.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Degrees from non-elite schools ARE WORTHLESS.

      A Masters in Urban Planning from Harvard will work. A JD / MA from SUNY Buffalo will not.

      As with just the single JD degree, a non-elite one will close many, many more doors than it will ever open.

      If The Game is not in your favor in America, the best option is Not To Play. So-called "public law schools" like SUNY Buffalo are now (shockingly or not...) no longer even viable low-cost options for a JD.

      The best you could hope for in the past coming from a school like this is some sort of public service / interest job. Now, in the economic climate of 2013, even that outcome seems more unlikely than not.

      Therefore, like the larger group of non-elite law schools, SUNY and other public law schools have become ripoffs and too cost-burdensome for their graduates to justify the risk of attending.

      The winning move, again, is not to play.

      Caveat Emptor.

  14. Mr. Infinity

    It's time to stop touching small children. This guy stalks little children at local elementary schools and parks in Queens. Parents, do not leave your kid unattended for even a second. If you do, Mr. Infinity will fondle them.

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  16. P.S. how do I go about turning myself in for that $200 reward? That would go a long way towards paying for my first IBR payments!

    Mister Infinity, the law school scion
    Top 18% | Western New England

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Nando, check out this story coming out of NJ:

    Looks like the mandatory pro bono requirement that was imposed in NY on new bar candidates is going viral. What a kick in the nuts to these kids who are pursuing this iron pyrite (aka Juris Doctor diploma)of a dream.

    1. Great find.

      I think the spread of this was predicted as well at the time it happened.

      As soon as the State Bar Associations realized that they could fill the "justice gap" using law students who have no choice and no option unless they want that JD (i.e. vulnerable, misinformed, powerless, and politically voiceless people) they were certainly going to take advantage of it.

      Thank you, Judge Jew Man.

      Continue raping the most vulnerable classes of society. 'Atta Boy!!

      And you keep on believin' in dat Justice Baby! You keep on Keepin On.

  19. I am not going to promote your garbage website, Mr. Insanity.

    It is funny that you have NEVER made a cogent argument as to why law school is a wise decision for most students. In fact, you have admitted - on several occasions - that law school is a foolish route for MOST college grads. Of course, you see yourself as "a special snowflake," so the odds don't apply to you, right?!

    You have also stated that you owe about the same amount in student debt as JD Painter. Plus, you have mentioned that you want your wife to finish her Bachelor's and then get a Master's degree. By the way, how the hell does one become a "frugal law student" while living in San Francisco, Boston, and New York City? Those are three of the most expensive cities in the country, fool. Perhaps, you are living in your car – or sharing a studio apartment with two or three other people.

    Listen, cockroach: I moved out of my parents' home when I was 18 years old. I don't see that as a big accomplishment, as millions of people do this every year. If you feel the need to pat yourself on the back, then go ahead, Bitch. I also own a home, and have a wife and child. Can you say the same, douche-bag?!

    You are an obsessed liar who trolls on dozens of web sites, even when it becomes clear to everyone that you are not wanted. Get a life, mental deficient. If you are mad because you did not heed the advice of scambloggers and mainstream news articles, then you need to direct that at yourself, loser. If you had listened and not been a waterhead, then you would not be drowning in student loan debt – while facing dim job prospects. If you want to take your anger out on yourself, then I suggest that you use a Ruger .44 Magnum. No one will miss you.

    1. You have a wife and child, but what kind of life do you give them by spending your days on the internet instead of watching your child grow?

      What kind of life does the child have with an angry father who would rather post pictures of poop than spend time with that child?

      What will that child say when he/she grows up and looks back on the relationship she had with her father, realizing that father would have rather spent time searching for pictures of poop instead of spending with him/her.

      You must be so proud.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. To the piece of trash calling itself Mr. Infinity,

    I have a mortgage, which is better than what you have, i.e. $200K in student debt and a ratty-ass, little apartment. Good luck in the New York legal market with your TT law degree. By the way, you 160 pound weakling/beanpole: I spend plenty of time with my child.

    It's sad that your parents dropped you on your head daily, when you were a baby. It must be tough knowing that your father would rather spend time in bath houses with other men than be around you.

    YOU need to get on with your existence that you call a life. Start by finding a job, turd. Anyone with an IQ above 70 recognizes that you are a fraud, and a pathological liar. Plus, it is beyond creepy that a supposed grown man - who is childless - devotes so much time online talking about other people’s kids. After you are featured on Dateline’s “How to Catch a Predator,” your odd behavior will make more sense.

    To those who are mentally competent – this excludes you, Mr. Insanity – let’s look at the following data:

    On April 3, 2008, Dan Slater’s piece “Dropping 23 Spots in U.S. News: Dean of Buffalo Law Responds” appeared in the Wall Street Journal Law Blog. Check out this excerpt, to see the administrator pigs’ main priority:

    “[I]n the op-ed we blogged yesterday, the author, Michael Seringhaus, a Yale One L who criticized the rankings, mentioned that Buffalo’s interim dean, Makau Mutua (pictured), sent an e-mail to Buffalo students (which appeared on Above the Law) promising to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. “My goal is to get this law school into the top 50,” wrote Dean Mutua, a Harvard law grad who’s been a visiting prof at, among other law schools, Harvard and Iowa.

    So the Law Blog lobbed a call to Dean Mutua to talk about the rankings.

    Hi Dean. Thanks for chatting. Your school took a big hit in the U.S. News & World Report rankings this year. What happened?

    I think one change in how they calibrate the rankings put us in a difficult position. Now, when they count who is and isn’t employed nine months out, they’re counting the people who are not looking for jobs. Even if that’s only five or six people, it can make a big difference. The other thing that was strange was that our reputation among lawyers and judges, which accounts for 15% of the overall ranking, dropped from 2.8 to 2.4, which means we dropped from 86 to 125 in that ranking category. “

    Did you see the dean mention anything about helping SUNY Buffalo law grads find jobs?! Read the entire interview. The bastard simply made a few passing references to “placement success.” In the end, the rats simply want to keep the gravy train rolling along.

  21. How the HELL did you know I weigh 160 pounds?

    1. And how the HELL did you know I touch small children?

    2. Mr. Infinity touches himself to Drew Carey on the Price is Right.

  22. No one wants to hear your shit, troll. And now you're bragging about molesting children. Are you for real?

  23. The law industry is the scam, not the law schools. The problem is that there’s too much jobs in the law industry, not that there are too much students in law schools!

    1. I think you mean "'too few' jobs in the law industry?" Regardless, the law schools themselves ARE part of the scam, because while it's true that they are not directly responsible for the number of jobs in the market itself, they still contribute by allowing in the number of $tudentS they do in spite of the horrific job markets. Law schools are the problem because while they could do the responsible thing and have class sizes much, much smaller than they do now, for $ome rea$on they allow many victi-er, students to enroll in order to pay the "professors" fat salaries. How can you not see this and say that law schools themselves aren't the scam or part of it.

    2. I don't talk about "avalaible jobs", I talk about "current jobs". There are too much lawyers in the law industry. The law industry is the scam because it takes too much space in our world. (and yeah, law schools (TTT or not) are accomplices of that.

  24. Before I went to law school, I was the office manager of a firm in NJ (where I live). I had a good salary, benefits, and worked 9-6pm (with a lunch hour). At 6pm I got to leave every day.

    I then stupidly went to law school. The firm did right by me and hired me in the summers and even after I graduated. While my salary is higher than when I was office manager, I have loan debt, and am stuck here until 8pm most nights. I look into a computer screen so long my vision is blurry and I've had numerous subconjunctival hemorrhages.

    I'd go back to being office manager any day but I can't because I need the money to pay my loans. I may have been making less money, but getting out at 6pm, debt/stress free, was happiness. And what I realized quickly is that you don't want to trade money for your happiness. It never works out the way you think. On Fridays I'd leave the office and had nothing on my plate. Now I get calls all weekend, work late on fridays/come in on saturdays. It's a shit profession.

    Whoever tells you otherwise has a vested interest in keeping the scam going (profs, textbook publishers, Kaplan/Princeton Review employee, Lexis/Westlaw Reps, etc.) or stupid fucks like Mr. Inifinity.

    1. O RLY? I paid off all my loans years ago, and I got done at my office before 5 today.

      And you think *I'm* the stupid fuck.

    2. Mr. Infinity likes to pretend that he paid off all his loans years ago and leaves the office before 5.

    3. Mr. Infinity is a delusional kid toucher.

    4. Yes, you simple minded fool. You are completely full of shit and a pathetic being. You are a habitual liar. I know it must be hard for you because all this information is out there and it's bursting your precious little bubble so you've taken up a fool's errand trying to fight scam bloggers who have raw facts and figures to support their claims whereas you just attack people or misrepresent yourself as being some white shoe lawyer. You aren't convincing anyone here that law school is a wise decision because most people here have already gone and know it's not or are considering going and wisely doing independent research and not relying on law school manufactured employment stats like your dumb ass did.

      Listen bitch, you have never supplied any fact based reasoning as to why law school is a wise decision. You say people who fail at being a lawyer would fail at anything they would do. Yet why are the smartest people arguably not going to law school since enrollment is shrinking and standards falling? Because the word is getting out about the truth and the smart people's intelligence drives them away from taking on $100k in debt for a less than 50-50 chance of getting a legal job. People like you are every law dean's wet dream. You buy it hook, line, and sinker.

    5. ^ I never said law school was a good deal. For most people it actually is a bad deal. The legal jobs aren't coming back.

      I just don't think that scammers like Nando and Paintroach should receive a big-ass birthday present in the form of loan forgiveness. So that's now the same thing as claiming that law school is a good investment? Riiiight.

      As I have said: you were rolled. If you can't get a lawjob, then get some other job and aggressively pay back your loans. Or I guess you could just live with your parents forever like Paintroach.

    6. Hello, bitch. I am not the one charging morons such as you $40K+ per year in annual tuition, for an advanced Humanities degree. This is why YOU have more than $200K in total student debt, you piece of trash. Furthermore, I am not publishing misleading and false employment numbers, in order to attract more applicants and students.

      By the way, pussy: I took a non-law job after law school and I am aggressively paying off my student loans. Tons of other JDs are doing the same thing each year, to the extent that they reasonably can make extra debt payments. Thanks for the advice, mental midget.

      Also, I don't expect student debt to become dischargeable in bankruptcy anytime in the foreseeable future. Hell, I don't see any meaningful reform in this area occurring in the next 10-20 years - as the banksters outright OWN Congress. Get your facts straight, unless you prefer to be an idiot.

      I could have applied for IBR, but I am going to pay off my entire debt load. Unlike you, cockroach, I don't plan to pass off any of my debt to the taxpayers. Good luck paying off your loans with your legal aid job.

      In sum, you agree that law school is a bad idea for MOST people. Of course, your delusional ass believes that you are the exception. You are not a special snowflake. Now move on and get a life, waterhead.

    7. Mr infinity (moron), reading comprehension clearly isn't your strong suit. If you read my post in its entirety you'd see that I'm a lawyer at the firm where I used to be office manager. I wasn't "rolled" because I've wanted to always do this with my life. I may regret it now but I've made my own bed. I accept this is a lifestyle I've chosen to live. I make my monthly loan payment, it's drawn automatically from my checking account, and for a whole year after graduation I stayed at home making extra principle payments. I pay my own way. Furthermore, I haven't heard anything on here consistently in regards to a student loan bailout. It's not something Nando regularly advocates for in his post or in the comment sections. Hence, your comment regarding that, as with everything you say, has been pulled right out of your ass.

      You still haven't given us your argument. You continue to just respond frivolously. God help anyone who comes to you with a legal issue and puts their trust in you to argue a motion before a judge, do a dep, or even put a stamp n an envelope for that matter.

    8. ^ Maybe you are the one who needs a lesson in "reading comprehension." Here's today's lesson: the ^ symbol means that the comment that follows refers to the one that immediately preceded it.

      And if you haven't seen anyone on this site crying about student loan forgiveness (as Nando does in his comment RIGHT ABOVE YOURS), maybe you need to learn how to fucking read, period.

    9. Are you nuts? Nando's comment re: student loan bailout was a direct response to your first, unwarranted comment about it at 8:19. For the few months I've been viewing this site I haven't seen any regular commentary about it. But maybe you have since you religiously visit this blog to troll between hour marathon masturbation sessions. I can only view this site at home at night since my office has citrix and blocks what we can view. I'll make an effort to hunt for that commentary after working all day, idiot.

      I'm sorry dude, but I am done playing tit for tat with your dumb ass. You never question any of the facts or figures supplied on this site with facts of your own or serious challenges to the methodology in obtaining those facts in any attempt to substantiate your still unpronounced positions. All you do is troll. But maybe that's your aim. Maybe this is how you get your jollies when you're not prowling school yards looking for fresh meat. And I was
      the poster at 5:10 retard.

      Go ahead and get the last word in if you want but you are just pathetic man.

    10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    Oh, Johhny Seioge (Joyce) heed my voice, as I come to you full of hope.

    For you are the star of knowlege, the brightest beacon, my eye has encountered in the House of God.

    You are the flower of youth of the finest talk that my eye has seen since I was born.

    For the love of Christ, grant me 'relief' at least until Christmas Eve is over.

    On the following day, I got the piece if paper and I was happy as I went on my way,
    But I got no answer on that day, for I was left with my children out in the dew. I am tired, lashed, frozen, upset, and lacerated from all the walking. And Mister Joyce, the workhouse is full and they won't accept anyone else inside.

    The queen is ill and lying low and the doctors say that she will die.


    The liner notes say this is a Connemara song and is one of the few in tradition that marks the years of the Great Hunger in the late 1840's. Mr. Joyce is in charge of the Outdoor Relief Scheme in the area and is in turn flattered and begged by a woman trying to find shelter for herself and her children.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. I'm an outsider to all this chaos, but have 1 question for you guys.

    My friend is going to northwestern for law and is like in top 25% of class.

    What sort of total debt and starting salary will he have upon graduation do you think? And no I cannot ask him directly.

    I read the pdfs on nw website and it says most debt is covered by merit scholarship and salary starts at 160k. How true is this?

  27. There is a late 20's kid that writes for the Brooklyn Law School student run newspaper that seems strangely similar to Mr. Infinity in his writings and crooked hand written stuff on paper with stick figure illustrations etc.

    His name is Christopher J. Knorps or alternatively Jack Knorps

  28. IMO, not at his rank. Not good enough in the current economy. Non T10 school.

    Doubt he'll make Biglaw absent a high Luck Factor. By the time he graduates, the legal market will be even worse, not better.

    Starting salary, who knows? Not $160 though. More like whatever job he can get..

    Debt, even minimal, will capitalize and can kill financially.

  29. Mr. Infinity, how could you have paid off your loans years ago if Nando is saying you have debt(a statement you didn't refute in your subsequent commentary)? Do you just change the facts of your pathetic existence to support your blog responses? I'm fairly new to this website but from what I gathered you were still a law student or a recent grad.

    I still don't know the crux of your argument. You are just a reactionary who drops wise-ass comments in response to people. We all know you are so busy working at Sullivan & Cromwell this summer doing debt restructuring for GM but when you have a minute, why don't you neatly state your opinion in a comment sometime instead of just leaving inflammatory remarks that only show what a bitter, fucked-up waste of space you really are.

    I just googled your lame-ass internet handle out of sheer curiousity and your twitter says you're a law student. If you finished law school so many years ago (and are debt free) why don't you change your twitter to say what an amazing hot shot attorney you are? I'd imagine your glowing personality would mandate broadcasting such an accomplishment via twitter.

    Will the real Mr. Infinity please stand up? Is this guy just psycho?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. I went to SUNY Buffalo Law school many years ago. During the days when "LA Law" and such tv programs were popular. It was one of the highest years for admissions, students actually sat on the floor as there were not enough seats. Yes, it was difficult, yes I had student loans from undergrad and law school, but I have never regretted the decision. Today, the market has changed, but the education received at SUNY was top notch. From moot court to law review, my class fared very well. Would I want my college age children to, but do not defame and mock the value of that education. Markets change, for many professionals, but Iam proud to be an attorney and to those of you who choose this path, my admiration.

  31. I too am a SUNY Buffalo law grad, class of 2004. I graduated undergrad Phi Beta Kappa and had a partial scholarship to SUNY. I passed the bar on the first try. I couldn't find any job whatsoever for 6 months after graduation. I eventually took a job in a retail clothing store to make ends meet as student loans came due. 6 months later I got a job with a solo for $20 an hour no benefits. I got sick with a long term illness I have, I missed two weeks work and he fired me. Depressing as it was, as unemployment began to wear out, I felt lucky to get food stamps and began to see it as a positive way forward in my life. Then a friend at a party referred me to a document review staffing firm she had some luck with and that was my lucky break. I started making $35 an hour and did document review for two years. I loved it. I had no health benefits by health problems were stable and I was making enough to afford a decent apartment and life was greatly improving. Then, amazingly, I got an offer for a government job I had applied for on a whim and I remain in that job today. I am now a productive member of society and I use my law degree every day.

    So I had a positive outcome, however, it was a very painful path, and one I do not wish anyone else to have to tread. The education at the school is great. However, the reputation of the school is not. In a recent dialog with a law firm partner I have befriended from a sports activity I participate in, he flatly said, even years out he would not consider me, despite years working for the government or anyone from a non-ivy league school or at least Duke and only in the top half of their class. That's the plain truth in the 2014 legal market.

    I have been in a hiring position in my agency, and unfortunately, we have begun to only hire attorneys from more elite schools as well. Having gone to a lesser one, I have advocated strongly for some candidates who interviewed well and went to schools like Buffalo, however, upper management will not even consider them. In short, had I been applying for my job today, I would have no chance at it.

    Regardless of the education, the career services office at Buffalo is very weak, and opportunities are dwindling for non-tier one grads. I had a wonderful experience there. I met my partner there. But I cannot under any circumstances recommend the school to anyone in todays market. I'm just being honest.

  32. I graduated with a JD/MBA in 2012, passes the bar and now work bagging groceries at $8 an hour. I deal on the side. I clerked at my firm for two years and they never gave me a second look after I passed the bar, maybe some of you guys should learn to network better than I did...

  33. Student loan relief it man. And if your gonna give us this BS about tax payer dollars then maybe the government should not back every college and university loan so blindly. That is why college tuitions and students loans are the next bubble.


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