Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clogged Toilet: Second Tier Waste Site Brooklyn Law School is Unloading Assets, and Joan Wexler is Stepping Down as “President” of the Commode

The Real Estate Announcement:

Thanks to this Outside the Law School Scam news roundup, and a recent comment in the TTR comments section, I am thrilled to report on the latest developments at Crooklyn Law.

On June 19, 2013, the Brooklyn Paper published Jaime Lutz’s article, which was entitled “You have the right to sell: Brooklyn Law to unload six Heights buildings.”  Take a look at this fantastic opening:

“Brooklyn Law School is selling six of its student housing buildings in Brooklyn Heights. 

Realtor Massey Knakal announced yesterday that the 114-year-old institution has put the residences, which, combined, could be valued at more than $41 million on the market — and is pitching them as a landlord’s dream.” [Emphasis mine]

As you can see from page 1 of the 2011 Form 990, for Employer ID No. 23-7227990, Brooklyn Law $chool received $80,855,438 in revenue for the tax year ending June 30, 2011.  Please head down to line 20-22 on the front page.  The trash heap had $255,511,349 in total end of year assets, while holding $98,061,104 in total end of year liabilities.  This equates to an endowment of $157,450,245.  This is small, in comparison to most colleges and universities.  Simply put, the dung pit does not have much room for error.

Queen Pig Wexler “Steps Down” as “President”:

The New York Law Journal posted a piece from Joel Stashenko, under the headline “Departure of President Leaves Dean in Charge at Brooklyn Law.”  Read the following lengthy portion:
“Joan Wexler will step down at the end of this month as Brooklyn Law School president, a position she took in 2010 after serving 16 years as the school's dean, the chairman of Brooklyn Law's board of trustees announced Thursday.

With her departure, the school is turning its back on a short-lived experiment under which it was governed by two top administrators: a president handling business affairs and fundraising and a dean overseeing academics.

Dean Nicholas Allard, who was hired last July, will now have sole responsibility for running the 1,000-student school.

Wexler will begin a two-year sabbatical on June 30, school officials said. She will remain as a tenured faculty member at Brooklyn Law although there are no immediate plans for her to teach. She will continue to assist the school on the planned sale of six "smaller" properties in Brooklyn, said Eric Riley, the school's director of communications.

Wexler will assume the title of "dean and president emerita." 

The change in her status comes shortly after Gary Minda, a tenured faculty member hired in 1978, filed a complaint with the American Bar Association claiming, among other things, that having a separate dean and president wasted resources and created confusion among administrators and faculty about who was in charge.” [Emphasis mine]

Apparently, the vile hag still needs a gigantic paycheck, even though she is not yet assigned to teach any upcoming classes.  Everyone who detests Joan Wexler ought to raise a glass to Gary Minda, even if he is a long-time participant in this fraudulent, foul indu$try.  Unless, of course, you feel that Wexler's decision merely coincided with Minda's complaint to the ABA.

Ranking: According to the latest edition of the US “News” & World Report rankings scheme, Brooklyn Law Sewer is rated as the 80th greatest, most majestic and vibrant law school in the entire United States.  Hell, it only shares this prestigious honor with six other ABA-accredited commodes!  That is so impressive, right?!?!

Tuition and Fees: Crooklyn Law School charges its full time students $49,976 in annual tuition and fees.  In comparison, tuition at 2nd ranked Harvard Law School is $49,950.  What a great accomplishment, huh?!?! 

Putrid Employment Placement: The second tier cesspool notes that the nine-month employment rate, for the Class of 2012, stood at a pathetic 75.4 percent!  That is an embarrassment.  Remember that this figure includes non-law jobs, part-time positions and temporary work.

Conclusion: Crooklyn Law School is an absolute, overpriced trash pit.  This second tier sewer ought to be boarded up and closed down permanently.  The employment prospects for recent grads are abysmal, and the school is located in THE MOST GLUTTED LAWYER JOB MARKET in the entire country.  Would you pay $30K for a 1987 Nissan Maxima wagon, with 297,000 miles on the odometer?!?!  If you would not do so in that situation, then why in the hell would you even consider gambling with YOUR LIFE, be attending this corroded septic tank?!  

Do you feel that you need to ruin your future, so that Pig Joan Wexler can maintain her lucrative, unjustified lifestyle and pay, Lemming?  There are plenty of suckers and waterheads who will piss away their financial health, by choosing to enroll in this "law school."  You don't need to be among the dolts.  If you are upset that you are stuck in a lousy job, then imagine earning $35K-$40K per year, while owing $145K+ in total NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a TT law degree.  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Law School Pigs Continue Spending Ridiculous Amounts to Construct New Buildings

Third Tier Baltimore’s Ugly-Ass, Expensive New Building:

On June 6, 2013, Jack Crittenden of NaTTTional Juri$TTT magazine published a piece labeled “Baltimore opens new $114M law building.”  Look at the portion below:

“University of Baltimore has opened a new $114.3 million, 190,000-square-foot law building, which will provide space for the UB School of Law.

The 12-story law center includes 15 classrooms, 29 large- and small-group study spaces, a 32,000-square-foot library and a 300-seat moot courtroom and event space. The building also houses all of the school’s clinical services and law-related centers.

The new facility, located at North Charles Street and Mount Royal Avenue, retains the name of the University’s existing law building, which was named for the parents of UB School of Law alumnus Peter Angelos, LL.B. ’61. Angelos contributed $15 million to the law center project as part of the school’s successful effort in raising $22 million in private funding.” [Emphasis mine]

I remember when Phillip Closius, then-dean at the Univer$iTTTy of BalTTTimore Sewer of Law, was bitching about holding law classes in dilapidated, old buildings.  Of course, the commode is still rated as a third tier toilet, by US “News” & World Report.  It is specifically listed as the 134th greatest law school in the country, by that publication.

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a June 11, 2013 piece from Lawrence Biemiller, under the title “New Building Aims to Draw Students to U. of Baltimore Law School.”  Read this segment:

“The building is ideally designed for the kind of education we want to provide to students,” adds Ronald Weich, the law-school dean, who says the building will be a tool for recruiting both students and faculty members. “It’s centered on experience”—students work with clients in the clinics, in addition to practicing in moot-court sessions—but the building is also “very colorful, fun, and interactive.” And as cramped as the 30,000-square-foot site is, it’s also convenient to light- and commuter-rail lines and the Jones Falls Expressway." [Emphasis mine]

The trash pits only care about attracting more students.  Apparently, it is okay for the pigs to make a return on their investment - even if it is at the expense of taxpayers and students.

The University of Utah’s $60.5 Million Dollar Project:

Back on March 12, 2012, the Salt Lake Tribune published an article from reporter Brian Maffly, employing the headline “University of Utah to build new law school, revitalize campus’ western gateway.”  Check out the following excerpt:

“The University of Utah’s southwest corner is a major campus entryway, where thousands enter and exit the school every day by foot, rail, car and bicycle. But little effort has gone into designing an inviting public space here.

Until now.

A $60.5 million proposal to build a new home for the S.J. Quinney College of Law includes a plaza, outdoor cafe and an architecturally striking building that would create a real gateway across the street from Rice-Eccles Stadium. And a basketball court may appear on asphalt currently reserved for cars.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, law firms will fight amongst themselves to hire students who have access to a basketball court!  Perhaps this school - currently rated as the 41st most fantastic law school in the United States, by Bob Morse - will move up a few spaces, due to the proposed playing area alone.

Fordham’s Pricey New Digs:

The Real Deal, a New York City real estate magazine, featured a piece on Fordham University, back on January 18, 2011.  The profile was entitled “Fordham begins construction on new $250M law school and dorm building.”  Here is the full text below:

“Fordham University has broken ground on its new School of Law and residence hall, the school announced today. The 22-story building, a $250 million development on 62nd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus avenues, will house the university’s law school on the bottom nine floors, including classrooms, a trial court facility and a 562,000-volume law library. The remaining floors inside the 468,000-square-foot building will be used as dorms for up to 430 undergraduate students. The building, which is scheduled to open in fall 2014, is part of a larger, $1.6 billion redevelopment of the school’s entire Lincoln Center campus. The entire project is slated to be completed in 2033.” [Emphasis mine]

Fordham University Sewer of Law is ranked as the 38th most majestic and amazing law school in the entire nation, by USN&WR!  Imagine how high it will climb, when the new building opens in Fall 2014!  It’s nice to see that the “educators” are looking out for their students’ best interests, right?!?!

Conclusion: Imagine if the law school pigs were to apply such massive funds toward student scholarships, instead of on constructing ostentatious, new buildings. In the final analysis, law firms and government agencies do not make hiring decisions based on how nice your alma mater’s law building looks.  The academic thieves are simply catering to Bob Morse’s idiotic law school rankings methodology.  Plus, the swine hope to persuade students to piss away three years of their lives at their campus - by using these monolithic structures as the centerpiece of their recruitment materials.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Pigs are Sweating: Law School Applications Drop, by Double Digits, for the Third Straight Year

The Washington Post Highlights the Decrease:

The Washington Post published reporter Catherine Ho’s piece “Law school applications continue to slide.”  The article appeared June 2, 2013.  Look at this opening:

“The number of people applying to U.S. law schools dropped nationwide for the third year in a row, prompting some law schools to slash the size of their entering classes.

As of May 17, about 55,760 people had applied to American Bar Association-accredited law schools for the 2013-14 school year — down 13.4 percent from 2012, according to data compiled by the Law School Admission Council.

Law school enrollment is also trending downward, with 48,700 people entering their first year of law school in fall 2011 — 7 percent below the previous year, and the first significant decline in a decade. The council has yet to compile nationwide enrollment data for fall 2012.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, bitches.  Then again, if you greedy pigs and cockroaches hadn’t increased enrollment to ridiculous levels - while also greatly increasing tuition annually, for decades - then you would not be in this situation now. 

Georgetown Law Will Become Less Selective for Fall 2013:

Staci Zaretsky posted a solid ATL piece, under the header “Law School Applications Are Down, Again, And We’re Shocked” – on June 3, 2013.  She begins with a quote from a $elf-intere$ted swine:   

“The rest of world won’t weep over fewer people wanting to be lawyers, but for people like me who do admissions, it creates challenges.

– Andrew Cornblatt, dean of admissions at Georgetown University Law Center, lamenting the fact the school now has to fight over a smaller pool of applicants with other highly ranked institutions due to a drop in applicants.”

You will notice that the parasite did not even pretend to care about the students.  Later in the article, Zaretsky points out the following:

“As for Georgetown, according to Dean Cornblatt, applications have dropped by six percent this year, but that doesn’t mean the school is going to go and do anything crazy, like immediately trim its class size:

Although Georgetown plans to keep its class size at 575 for 2013-14, the school’s long-range planning committee is considering reducing that number in the future, Cornblatt said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we were smaller” entering the 2014-15 school year, he said.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, the dean of ami$$ion$ at 14th ranked Georgetown University Law Cesspool admitted that the school will become less selective for the incoming 2013-2104 school year.  I know that “law professors” love to claim that all attorneys suck at math, but you don’t need to be John Nash to figure this out, people.  The commode has seen a six percent drop in applicants, but its first year class size will remain the same.  If this high-ranked in$titution is resorting to this, then you can bet your ass that many other ABA-accredited dung pits are doing the same.

LSAC Figures:

Take a look at the Law School Admission Council document labeled “Three Year ABA Volume Comparison.”  Review the graphs, and then read the provided text:

“The following charts report ABA applicants and applications for each of the past three falls.

As of 05/31/13, there are 376,380 Fall 2013 applications submitted by 56,424 applicants. Applicants are down 13.2% and applications are down 18.6% from 2012.

Last year at this time, we had 96% of the preliminary final applicant count.” [Emphasis mine]

Do you see why “law professors” and administrator pigs continue to maintain that the job market will improve shortly?!?!  Of course, the bitches and hags do not furnish one scintilla of actual proof, to back up their claims.  Defending this filthy industry is akin to attempting to keep Lebron James away from the paint, while weighing 150 pounds.

The Law School Pigs are Desperately Scouring for Victims:

On May 22, 2013, Paul Campos posted a great entry entitled “Peak law schools.”  Look at the information below:

“First year enrollment at ABA schools:

2010: 52,500

2011: 48,700

2012: 44,481

This fall the 2010 matrics will be replaced by a new entering class. We can roughly estimate its size, because typically 95% of applicants have applied by mid-May. Since last fall law schools have been frantically soliciting applicants, when it appeared the applicant pool might be as small as 52,000-53,000. It now appears it will be around 58,500. If 75% of applicants are accepted to at least one school (this would be a historic high), and 87% of these people — the typical percentage — matriculate, that will produce an entering class of about 38,000 1Ls.

A 28% decline in enrollment over three years sounds daunting enough, but the real situation is probably worse. What these numbers don’t reflect is the extent to which schools are slashing real (as opposed to nominal) tuition, in order to fill even this drastically reduced number of first-year seats.” [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: Only "law professors" and ball-less, brainless shills will be saddened by this development.  Perhaps, college graduates are starting to realize that pissing away three years of their lives on an advanced Humanities degree - and incurring an additional $110K-$180K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in the process - is not a wise investment.  Plus, it is now common knowledge that the U.S. lawyer job market is GLUTTED. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Profiles in Academic Putridness: Theodore P. Seto, of Loyola Law School Los Angeles

Ass-Hat Claims That Employers Will Soon Experience a Shortage of Law Grads:

On June 5, 2013, TaxProf Blog published an article labeled “Seto: JD Job Prospects as Predicted by JDs Per Capita.” In the concluding paragraph, Theodore Seto wrote the following deception:

“Unless something truly extraordinary has happened to non-cyclical demand, a degrees-awarded-per-capita analysis suggests that beginning in fall 2015 and intensifying into 2016 employers are likely to experience an undersupply of law grads, provided that the economic recovery continues. To some extent, this will be buffered by recent oversupply. If matriculations remain at projected 2013 levels, however, once the market has absorbed the recent oversupply, a degrees-awarded-per-capita analysis suggests that long-term demand for law grads will outstrip long-term supply into the indefinite future.”

This is an outright lie. Several commenters wiped their ass with Seto’s weak-ass“analysis.” Earlier in the same piece, the deceitful rat stated:

“Demand for legal services, however, probably increases as population increases.” [Emphasis mine]

In short, this academic thief fails to understand that demand – plus the ability to pay for - legal services is what counts. There are plenty of deadbeats and bums who are glad to take their issues to a lawyer. However, they are not so keen on paying for legal work.

The Facts Contradict Cockroach Seto’s $elf-$erving Assertion:

From 1980-1981 to 2009-2010 - a span of 30 years - ABA-accredited law schools/diploma mills collectively pumped out 1,161,863 graduates. For $ome rea$on, Theodore Pig Seto did not mention this anywhere in his article.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were only 728,200 attorneys – in 2010. Keep in mind that many of those lawyers are old dinosaurs who have no plans to retire before their 80th birthday. By the way, BLS projects that there will be 73,600 more employed lawyers in 2020 than there were in 2010. For people who claim that lawyers must be honest and ethical in all their dealings – and must rely on facts to make their case – “law professors” don’t really care about those principles, in practice.

Other Coverage:

Elie Mystal posted a June 5, 2013 ATL entry entitled “Decrease In Law School Applications Now Will NOT Mean A Legal Hiring Boom in 2016.” Take a look at this killer opening:

“This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last time we have to knock down this ridiculous argument. There’s simply a lot of money invested in making prospective law students believe it. 

And it makes a certain kind of sense. We’ve extensively reported on the decrease in law schools applications. We’re at all-time historic lows. It’s a comforting and mathematically banal argument that the lack of applications now will lead to a dearth of law graduates in 2016, which will mean great times(!) for the class of 2016. More importantly, law schools want people to believe those brave enough to apply to the class of 2017 will benefit from an “undersupply” of new lawyers by the time they graduate. I promise you more than half of the class at Cooley actually believe this crap.

The problem, of course, is that it’s not true. It’s not true, and the people who say it’s true have no evidence that it’s true. Heck, there’s an “undersupply” of lawyers right now, if you look at poor and low-income clients. But that hasn’t actually resulted in a vibrant hiring market for new and recent graduates now, has it?” [Emphasis mine]

Mystal correctly points out that the law school pigs do not have any actual proof to back up their assertions about the legal job outlook. Again, the “market” for broke-ass people with legal problems is extremely large. But an attorney cannot pay his bills or put food in the fridge by representing idiots, for free.

The Law School Scam site published a piece, under the header “Economics/Statistics Whiz Ted Seto: Lawyer Shortage Coming” – on June 7, 2013. Check out this segment, dripping with sarcasm:

“This makes perfect, undeniable sense, as the number of law degrees awarded has always had a direct relationship to the actual market demand for lawyers. And who could deny Seto's premise that "[d]emand for legal services, however, probably increases as population increases?" 

Conclusion: Theodore Seto is a lying, fat pig. He does not give one damn about current students, applicants, or recent graduates. The bastard is solely concerned with maintaining his income level, at the expense of those students. Head to his faculty bio, via this link. You will see the following: “[Seto’s] current research interests include tax theory and jurisprudence.” Clearly, he wants the gravy train to keep rolling along. Could you picture this corpulent swine in an actual job?!?!

In the final analysis, Seto is concerned because fewer people are applying to and enrolling in ABA-approved law schools. He is worried that his job could be affected. The piece of garbage did not feign the slightest interest that, according to the NALP Class of 2011 National Summary Report, 44,495 JDs that year competed for 27,224 jobs “requiring bar passage.” Seto has also not publically commented on SKYROCKETING tuition, and its impact on students and recent grads. Those with an IQ above room temperature will recognize his garbage article as the empty words of a desperate fool.

Friday, June 7, 2013

First Tier Filth Pit: Boston University School of Law

Tuition: Full-time BU Law students will be charged $44,720 in tuition, for the 2013-2014 school year.  Student fees will add another $1,066 to the cost of admission.  At such ridiculous prices, why are people even considering a “legal education”?!?!  The only possible, valid economic justification for doing so – other than being from a wealthy and connected family - is to land Biglaw.

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same page, living expenses will amount to $16,240.  For instance, room and board is estimated at $12,070.  Apparently, the school feels that students will reside in a cardboard box, and survive on Ramen noodles and tuna fish sandwiches.  According to current Apartment Guide listings, the lowest-priced apartment in that area is $600 per month, and it is located in Lowell, Massachusetts - which is roughly 38 miles outside Boston.  Pretty much anything else will run you $900 or more, each month.

The school published a total estimate of $63,388.  Keep in mind that ABA-accredited diploma mills low-ball living costs, by basing their figures off of the nine-month academic calendar.  Seeing that actual law students will incur living expenses for the full year, I will prorate the following areas over twelve months: room and board; transportation; and personal expenses.  Doing so, and using the commode’s amounts for books and supplies – as well as Direct Loan fees – we reach a total, estimated COA of $69,101.   

Ranking: Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report have listed Bo$ton Univer$ity $ewer of Law as the 29th greatest, most prestigious and illustrious law school in the entire country.  That must mean that the majority of the student land Biglaw positions upon graduation, right?!?!

Employment Placement Figures: There were 273 members of the Boston University JD Class of 2012.  The first tier toilet claims that 225 grads landed jobs where “bar passage was required.”  Of course, only 175 of these positions were long term.  Seven JDs were pursuing another degree, whereas two people were unemployed and not looking – and 12 were still looking for work.  Using these figures, and seeing that seven law grads did not furnish their employment status to the school, the placement rate was 92.1 percent, i.e. 245/266. 

Boston University School of Law hired 38 of its 2012 graduates in law school or university funded positions.  Had the trash heap not done so, then these students would likely have been unemployed at the nine months after graduation mark.  It’s not as if law grads are choosing such positions over full-time, legal work.  In fact, the placement rate would have stood at 77.8% for the Class of 2012, i.e. 207/266.  Simply put, the school artificially enhanced its employment rate by 14.3 percent. 

Yes, law school pigs truly have no sense of personal ethics.  If you look closer, you will notice that 11 grads were placed in full-time but short term positions.  All 27 part-time workers are listed as short term workers.  That is correct: not a single damn person placed in a school-funded post was a long term employee.  But this is still a marvelous in$titution, huh?!?!

Under Employment Type, you will see that a total of 118 grads from this class ended up working in private law firms.  That represents 43.2% of the entire cohort of 273 students.  In sum, 74 BU Law grads found jobs in firms of more than 101 attorneys.  Even at such a high-ranked school, you are taking on one hell of a gamble.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Bo$ton Univer$ity JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $110,437. Fully 82 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such toxic debt. Remember, this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account.

Administrator Salary Info: No member of the law faculty appears on the list of Highest Compensated Employees, on pages 17-19 of the Form 990 for Employer ID No. 04-2103547, i.e. Trustees of Boston University.  However, you will note that Robert A. Brown, “president,” raked in $1,141,330 in TOTAL COMPENSATION – for the tax year ending June 30, 2011.  Yes, the bastard/academic thief made $830,046 in reportable compensation, plus $311,284 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.”  Do the world a favor, and shave that walrus mustache, grossly overpaid ass-clown. 

Conclusion: If you are not from a wealthy family - or do not have tremendous business or political connections - then do not contemplate attending this school.  In the event that you land a full tuition scholarship, you may choose to proceed.  However, if you lose those funds due to your class rank, then you should drop out immediately - unless you are fully committed to absorbing such debt.  If your first semester grades are weak, then head to the Registrar's Office and leave school entirely.  In the last analysis, we are talking about your financial future.  The dean and "law professors" will continue to live handsomely - for their minimal "work" - without YOU incurring an additional $120K-$185K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.  There is no need for you to take on such significant risk, when the chances of a high reward are slim.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Putrid Desperation: Brooklyn Law School to Offer Two Year JD Program

The Commode’s TTT Announcement:

On May 8, 2013, the second tier trash pit issued a press release, with the headline “Brooklyn Law School Creates the First Accelerated 2-Year J.D. Program in New York Metro Area.”  The pigs’ mothers must be very proud.  Take a look at this portion:

“Last night the Board of Trustees of Brooklyn Law School (“BLS”) approved an accelerated 2-year J.D. program beginning in summer 2014. With the creation of the program, BLS will be able to offer a range of flexible 2-, 2.5-, 3-, 3.5- or 4-year options—called “Brooklyn 2-3-4”—to adapt to prospective students’ needs. Brooklyn Law School is the first in the New York metropolitan area to enable students to earn a J.D. in 2 years.

The new 2-year offering is designed for select students seeking a rigorous legal education in an abbreviated timeframe. Candidates interested in this type of program might be, for example: 1) mid-life or mid-career professionals, including CPAs, MBA graduates, or those from academia desiring legal credentials and a new start; 2) foreign-trained lawyers with strong English-language proficiency; 3) individuals with established career plans following law school; or, 4) adults who seek to reenter the workforce.”
[Emphasis mine]

Yes, it is noble – and a true sign of “public service” - to take advantage of desperate, older people, right?!?!  One would think that a supposed “institution of higher education” would be embarrassed to publically post such filth.  Then again, we are dealing with academic sociopaths.

Other Coverage of This Garbage:

Adam B. posted an epic entry on this trash program, in his May 29, 2013 OTLSS piece “Dean Nick Allard and the Future of the Scam.”  Check out the excerpt below:

“Brooklyn Law School recently announced that it will offer a two-year J.D. program designed for non-traditional students, i.e. middle-aged students, foreign-trained lawyers, and other people trying to reenter the workforce in a second post-recession career.  Obviously, this is a particularly nasty scam, which attempts to attract the least hirable potential students.  Most law firms do not want to hire older lawyers even if they have years of experience.  It goes without saying that the majority of older lawyers will not have the ability to scrape together a makeshift solo practice, nor would most want to or plan to.

BLS is marketing this new program as a great way for older people to reignite their careers and to find employment stability before they retire.  It is only incidental, I suppose, that it is also a great way to scam unemployed middle-aged people who think that a two-year program will cost less (it won’t).”
[Emphasis mine]

Adam B. is correct in noting that the school is targeting those who will be the least likely to find legal employment, while enrolled or upon graduation.  The administrators and “professors” at this garbage heap have no shame.
Elie Mystal wiped his ass with Brooklyn Law Sewer once again.  On May 14, 2013, he authored an ATL article entitled “The More Law Schools Change, The More Law Faculty Will Start Pitching A Fit.” Here is my favorite segment of that piece:

“More recently, Brooklyn has been begging for press over its new two-year J.D. program. We haven’t covered it here because I didn’t feel like pretending that a polished turd doesn’t stink. The “two-year” program has just as many class hours and costs just as much money as the three year program. In fact, instead of saving students money, the program is designed to remove summer breaks. You remember the summer right? It’s that time during a decent economy when students can work full time to defray some of the costs of attending law school.

Whatever, maybe Brooklyn is tacitly admitting that students aren’t very likely to get lucrative summer associate positions while attending Brooklyn.”
[Emphasis mine]

Even though law firms typically discriminate against older students, in their hiring practices, this program basically ensures that these men and women will have no shot in hell of landing summer clerkships.  The best outcome that these non-traditional students can hope to attain is to become solo practitioners, once they receive their TT law degrees.

Ranking: The commode is currently rated as the 80th greatest, most phenomenal and amazing law school in the entire country – according to US “News” & World Report.  That is quite a prestigious in$TTiTTuTTion, huh?!?!

Pathetic Employment Placement: The sewer rats admit that the nine-month employment rate, for the Class of 2012, stood at an underwhelming 75.4 percent!  That is an embarrassment.  Keep in mind that this includes non-law jobs, as well as part-time and temporary positions.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Crooklyn JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $105,916. Hell, 88 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such foul debt. Remember, this figure does not include undergraduate debt. It also does not take accrued interest into account.

Conclusion: Crooklyn Law Sewer is a foul, putrid, stench pit.  The commode is merely ranked 80th “best” by USN&WR.  Apparently, the pigs are more concerned with getting more federally-backed student loan checks than they are about increasing their pathetic rating.  The bitches and hags simply want to keep the gravy train rolling along, as long as possible.  Again, the law school swine DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about the students or recent graduates.  After all, they are not the ones stuck with $130K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.  If you have a functioning brain stem, then you will not even consider this toxic dump.
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