Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clogged Toilet: Second Tier Waste Site Brooklyn Law School is Unloading Assets, and Joan Wexler is Stepping Down as “President” of the Commode

The Real Estate Announcement:

Thanks to this Outside the Law School Scam news roundup, and a recent comment in the TTR comments section, I am thrilled to report on the latest developments at Crooklyn Law.

On June 19, 2013, the Brooklyn Paper published Jaime Lutz’s article, which was entitled “You have the right to sell: Brooklyn Law to unload six Heights buildings.”  Take a look at this fantastic opening:

“Brooklyn Law School is selling six of its student housing buildings in Brooklyn Heights. 

Realtor Massey Knakal announced yesterday that the 114-year-old institution has put the residences, which, combined, could be valued at more than $41 million on the market — and is pitching them as a landlord’s dream.” [Emphasis mine]

As you can see from page 1 of the 2011 Form 990, for Employer ID No. 23-7227990, Brooklyn Law $chool received $80,855,438 in revenue for the tax year ending June 30, 2011.  Please head down to line 20-22 on the front page.  The trash heap had $255,511,349 in total end of year assets, while holding $98,061,104 in total end of year liabilities.  This equates to an endowment of $157,450,245.  This is small, in comparison to most colleges and universities.  Simply put, the dung pit does not have much room for error.

Queen Pig Wexler “Steps Down” as “President”:

The New York Law Journal posted a piece from Joel Stashenko, under the headline “Departure of President Leaves Dean in Charge at Brooklyn Law.”  Read the following lengthy portion:
“Joan Wexler will step down at the end of this month as Brooklyn Law School president, a position she took in 2010 after serving 16 years as the school's dean, the chairman of Brooklyn Law's board of trustees announced Thursday.

With her departure, the school is turning its back on a short-lived experiment under which it was governed by two top administrators: a president handling business affairs and fundraising and a dean overseeing academics.

Dean Nicholas Allard, who was hired last July, will now have sole responsibility for running the 1,000-student school.

Wexler will begin a two-year sabbatical on June 30, school officials said. She will remain as a tenured faculty member at Brooklyn Law although there are no immediate plans for her to teach. She will continue to assist the school on the planned sale of six "smaller" properties in Brooklyn, said Eric Riley, the school's director of communications.

Wexler will assume the title of "dean and president emerita." 

The change in her status comes shortly after Gary Minda, a tenured faculty member hired in 1978, filed a complaint with the American Bar Association claiming, among other things, that having a separate dean and president wasted resources and created confusion among administrators and faculty about who was in charge.” [Emphasis mine]

Apparently, the vile hag still needs a gigantic paycheck, even though she is not yet assigned to teach any upcoming classes.  Everyone who detests Joan Wexler ought to raise a glass to Gary Minda, even if he is a long-time participant in this fraudulent, foul indu$try.  Unless, of course, you feel that Wexler's decision merely coincided with Minda's complaint to the ABA.

Ranking: According to the latest edition of the US “News” & World Report rankings scheme, Brooklyn Law Sewer is rated as the 80th greatest, most majestic and vibrant law school in the entire United States.  Hell, it only shares this prestigious honor with six other ABA-accredited commodes!  That is so impressive, right?!?!

Tuition and Fees: Crooklyn Law School charges its full time students $49,976 in annual tuition and fees.  In comparison, tuition at 2nd ranked Harvard Law School is $49,950.  What a great accomplishment, huh?!?! 

Putrid Employment Placement: The second tier cesspool notes that the nine-month employment rate, for the Class of 2012, stood at a pathetic 75.4 percent!  That is an embarrassment.  Remember that this figure includes non-law jobs, part-time positions and temporary work.

Conclusion: Crooklyn Law School is an absolute, overpriced trash pit.  This second tier sewer ought to be boarded up and closed down permanently.  The employment prospects for recent grads are abysmal, and the school is located in THE MOST GLUTTED LAWYER JOB MARKET in the entire country.  Would you pay $30K for a 1987 Nissan Maxima wagon, with 297,000 miles on the odometer?!?!  If you would not do so in that situation, then why in the hell would you even consider gambling with YOUR LIFE, be attending this corroded septic tank?!  

Do you feel that you need to ruin your future, so that Pig Joan Wexler can maintain her lucrative, unjustified lifestyle and pay, Lemming?  There are plenty of suckers and waterheads who will piss away their financial health, by choosing to enroll in this "law school."  You don't need to be among the dolts.  If you are upset that you are stuck in a lousy job, then imagine earning $35K-$40K per year, while owing $145K+ in total NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a TT law degree.  


  1. Cash flow issues? Violating a debt covenant?

  2. Mr. Infinity/Jack Knorps' spirited defense of how awesome Crooklyn was to attend, and why everyone should still go to law school in spite of the sinking ship, in 3...2...1...

  3. Excuse me. But septic tanks actually serve a useful purpose. You can't say the same thing about law schools. Especially shitters like this one.

  4. Prof. Mindas exemplifies how out of touch law professors are with the practice of law. He tried to negotiate a golden parachute retirement package which resembles Queen Wexler's own and he lost. He used his knowledge of BLS's dirty secrets as leverage to get his way--which in my view is no different than extortion. When he is rebuffed, he spills the beans. Prof. Mindas is a paragon of ethics.

    Back to BLS. There is no sleep till Brooklyn law unloads its assets. I never for the life of me understood why so many fools bought into the BLS scam. It was never considered a good school and I recall it having a reputation where employers paid people to attend during the night program. Queen Wexler and Joan King can live comfortably for the rest of their lives while thousands of BLS grads will suffer their entire lives for making the mistake of attending BLS.

  5. Which is shittier, Brooklyn Law or Seton Hall?

  6. Anyone notice this school's located on Joralemon Street?

    Yep. You certainly are a melon, BLS. Except we can't return your shitty product.

  7. Attention future BLS students: you will be paying tons of (probably borrowed) money in tuition so that the "dean and president emerita" can live the 1% life without even working!! If you have any desire to fight for social justice, this is the wrong place to go. If you have any desire to make a worthwile investment in your future earning potential, this is the wrong place to go.

    You will be throwing gobs of money you don't have at someone who will just add it to the pile. Maybe when you graduate she will give you a job as a chauffeur or something, because any kind of decent legal job will be out of your reach as a BLS grad.

  8. If you really, really really want a law degree, just buy one online. A few years ago, someone from Georgetown had his JD on sale (eBay). For $10,000 I'll sell you mine.

  9. I'm willing to bet money that most of the sale proceeds will be used to buy out lawprofs from their tenure contracts with non-disparagement clauses that prevent them from starting another "Inside the Law School Scam" blog.

  10. They are so worried about declining applications that they're cashing out properties just to make payroll and meet debt obligations. This is what newspapers had to do when readership and subscriptions plummeted.

    You have to wonder about the level of the mind that is going to sit in a law school orientation in 2 months with all this information at their fingertips.

  11. The only way out is to place timed firebombs on every floor one long holiday weekend and watch it all burn.

    Do what you can to keep the janitor, the security guard, and the workaholic away of course.

    1. Are the firebombs sculpted out of poop?

    2. Dedicated to Christopher Knorps

      Like the debt slaves on the side of the road
      I got a name
      I got a name
      Like the Crooklyn snakes and the cackling Joan King
      I got a name
      I got a name
      And I carry my student debt with me like my daddy did
      But I'm living the bullshit dream that he kept hid
      Moving me down the highway
      Rolling me down the highway
      Moving ahead so life higher education won’t pass me by
      Like the North wind whistling down the sky
      I’ve got a song
      I've got a song
      Like the whip-poor-will and the student debt slaves lay dying
      I've got a song
      I've got a song
      And I carry it with me and I sing it proud
      If it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud
      Moving me down the highway
      Rolling me down the highway
      Moving ahead so life won't pass me by
      And I'm gonna go there free
      Like the fool I am and I'll always be
      I've got a dream
      I've got a dream
      They can use facts and charts but they can't change me
      I've got a dream
      I've got a dream
      I know I could share it if you want me to
      If your going my way I'll go with you
      Moving me down the highway
      Rolling me down the highway
      Moving ahead so my frequent flyer miles won’t pass me by
      Moving me down the highway
      Rolling me down the highway
      Moving ahead so life won't pass me by

    3. ^ Keep your day job, man. Oh wait, you refuse to get one, I forgot.

    4. You have a real shit obsession, Christopher Knorps. Matches your personality.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    Let's take another look at Brooklyn Law Sewer's Form 990, for 2011. Scroll down to page 34 of this document. On newer browsers, you might not be able to see the page numbers. So, head to Part II - Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees.

    You will see that Pig Joan Wexler raked in $658,471 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the tax year ending June 30, 2012. The chief swine made $488,709 in base compensation; $66,474 in other reportable compensation; $30,625 in retirement and other deferred compensation; and $72,663 in nontaxable benefits.

    On the next page, Part III - Supplemental Information, you will see the following explanation:





    Isn’t it nice to see that the hag is taken care of so well?!?! Hell, why doesn’t the sewage pit toss in a free masseuse, and count that as a necessary expense? After all, deans and “presidents” are under tremendous pressure. How can they be expected to perform their “job,” without receiving weekly, deep tissue massages?!

    If YOU want to contribute to this dog’s extravagant lifestyle, then you go ahead and enroll in this overpriced, private toilet. But do not come back here later and say that you were not warned. Crooklyn Law School is a laughingstock of an in$TTiTTuTTion. This has been documented by various web sites, going back nearly a decade. Don’t be a dumbass. You must view “legal education” STRICTLY as a financial decision.


    On March 15, 2005, at 8:49:09 pm, LSD accountholder "Nylo" posted a hilarious thread labeled "Brooklyn Law sucks because..." Here is the entire text of his opening comment:

    "...the only thing going for them is apparently a brand new residence hall!

    Yup, that's right. I attended their admitted students reception this evening held at legendary NYC law firm Skadden Arps. I was expecting a razzle-dazzle presentation about their academic program, clinics, distinguished alumni (unless you count Geraldo Rivera and George Ross of "The Apprentice" fame), placement stats and biglaw life (there were, after all, Skadden partners and associates in attendance who are BLS alumni), and most importantly, why we should pick BLS over comparable schools in the area. NADA.

    Instead, the Dean gave us a 30-minute bullsh*t presentation - complete with a full-color slide show - about Feil Hall, the newest addition to their student residence buildings in Brooklyn. She showed us floorplans (?!) and bragged about the Starbucks around the corner and the new YMCA next door. Non-smoking building. Wireless internet. 24-hr security. "You'll get key cards - just like a hotel!" That was it. The entire presentation was on the stupid residence.

    Are you kidding me?! Big f-ing deal. And unless you're fresh out of undergrad and hasn't experienced the wonders of living in an actual apartment, who the hell wants to live in a dorm anyway?

    There goes an hour of my life that I'll never get back."

    On March 16, 2005, at 9:30:33 am, user “Xylo” published this reply:

    “Well maybe that IS what they're proud of the most. What would the audience think if the dean went on and on about how BLS is better than Columbia, Fordham, and NYU. I'd probably laugh and walk out.”

    People, this was posted more than eight years ago. Apparently, many dimwitted fools were impressed by the new residence hall. As the original poster mentioned, if you have lived in an actual apartment, why the hell would you want to live in a dorm?!?!

    You can also check out this October 10, 2009 AutoAdmit thread, entitled “Brooklyn 3L taking questions,” to see how people viewed this garbage institution - almost four years ago. Crooklyn Law School is clearly a stink pit, and this has been known for a while now.

  14. A two year sabbatical/paid vacation? Disgusting corrupt law school pigs.

  15. A president of a TT gets a paid driver and free housing. This is fucking disgusting.

  16. Isn't it great how some law school pig like Wexler can make more than the President? I guess running a trash pile law school is harder and more time consuming than managing a country.

  17. Ridiculous.

    It must just be me but - $157 MILLION DOLLARS?!?!?

    And these fucking academic SCUMBAGS have the nerve to call teaching - and law, of course - a noble profession.


    As another wise poster wrote, education is job welfare for teachers.

    It's ALL about the MONEY.

    As I said, maybe it's just me, but $157 million dollars seems like a TON of money.

    Of course, law school gradutes were the ones who made all things possible. It was on their backs that those educational Pyramids were built. On their backs that the faculty and administration lived 1% lives. On their backs that every luxury was financed, imagined, and transformed into reality.

    And, again, these fucking BASTARDS have the NERVE to criticize the students at graduation and beyond for "failing" after sending them out like sheep into a ridiculously hyper-competitive and ever-declining job market.

    I mean.. yeah. It must just be me..

    I have a conscience. Apparantly, 99% of academics don't. They really do see their charges as nothing more than walking dollar-signs. As a means to an end.

    Yup. The "lucky" law school grad gets to go out and beg with a cup in his hand and maybe - maybe - land a $35k job to start, praying to God that somehow, someway - some day - he can pay off the $150k in non-dischargeable student loans he has with a roof over his head and while putting food on the table.


    The System is broken. It's crystal-clear.

    Any Fool that starts law school now with all the current information out there - fuck them. They deserve their Fate.

    This is disgusting.

    Nando took a while but he finally got there. It's more than the schools and the spigot of Federal loan money. It's the people inside the organizations running them. How they live. How they THINK. What they do.

    It's the whole gestalt.

  18. How the fuck does this shit heap get away with charging more than Harvard??

  19. the fucking united states of piece of shit america is a fucking shamblesJune 28, 2013 at 8:55 PM

    Fuck this place. Everything's a scam in this shitty ass country. Go to this piece of shit school and get a great career as an IT professional. Or a rewarding career as a dental assistant or hair dresser. The ads and the lies never fucking end.

    Try this pill. Have sex all day. (The male actors keep getting younger in those fucking commercials too. And they're always doing something like chopping wood, riding sailboats. Or going 90 mph on the freeway in a bullet bike. Before you know it you'll see 30 year old men in those ads.)

    Hey you. Invest in this stock. You over there. Listen. We've got a great land deal available for a limited time only. Call now in the next 10 minutes or this deal expires.

    Drink this shitty soft drink. You'll get six pack abs in no time and victoria's secret models are gonna blow you on the front porch.

    Fuck this fucking country and all the empty bullshit it stands for.

  20. Wow someone took a huuuge nasty "Seton Hall Law" in that toilet!

  21. More on Weil Gotshal layoffs. Law firm consultant says it's the start of a wave:

    Also, I went on Mr. Infinity's blog and he had some e-mail he'd write to his grandparents saying he's $300k in debt. That guy must truly he psycho to come on here saying he paid off his loans years ago when he just graduated in 2013 and is obviously unemployed since he's traveling around Egypt. Furthermore, he's not in bar review and taking the NY bar exam even though he wants to move to Cali and sail around the world. He's fucked in the head.

    1. Terrible... the only job that can pay off those leviathan loans is disappearing. Maybe the lemmings can work for Goldman Sachs as I-bankers because their law degrees are so versatile.

    2. First, I never said I paid off my loans. I have always maintained that I am in debt, but I am not going to let that debt control my life.

      There are people out there, strange people, who say they are me. I am nothing more than a recent graduate of a school in NY going with the flow in life and not letting things get me down.

      Mr. Infinity

    3. Don't play innocent, Chris Knorps; you hounded JDPainterguy for no real reason, you gave Nando endless headaches, you gave me trouble. You were a troll of the highest order....if you were trying to deal with a stolen identity you would have worked with Nando to hunt down the thief. You can't play games with me; I've been here too long.

    4. Mr Infinity! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Brooklyn law student! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Who's debt by the time he is done will amount to what? In-Fin-Itee! Ha, ha, ha, ha!.

      Who's misery as a Brooklyn law grad will pile up year after year until when??? Infinity! Ha, ha, ha, ha! God bless you son from the great lawland prophet who warned you all not to go to law scam or enter the legal profession as far back as 2006....The Infamous John Bungsolaphagus!


    On July 4, 2012 - nearly one year ago - Abby Rogers wrote a Business Insider article entitled "The 20 Most Expensive Law Schools in America." Look at this segment:

    "Law school tuition has gotten so out of hand the price of just one year of study will eclipse the cost of throwing your dream wedding.

    Couples in the U.S. spend nearly $30,000 on their weddings these days, but one year at a top-tier law school will set you back nearly $60,000."

    As you can see, the piece of trash known as Brooklyn Law School was listed as the 12th most expensive commode in the country. I'm certain that Cockroach Joan Wexler is proud of this fact. Here is the description, provided by Rogers:

    "#12 Brooklyn Law School costs $48,416 per year.

    Brooklyn Law School was dubbed the 65th best law school in the country by U.S. News.

    In 2011 more than 6,000 students applied to BLS, which was founded in 1901. But only 1,582 full-time students were accepted.

    Seventy-three percent of 2011 graduates were employed nine months after graduation."

    Now, the same school is rated as the 80th greatest and most prestigious “legal education” program in the nation, by US “News“ & World Report. Plus, annual tuition and fees at Crooklyn Law $chool now amount to $49,976.

    For $ome rea$on, this grossly overpriced toilet did not provide an employed at graduation rate, to USN&WR.


    Employed at graduation: N/A”

    Avoid this garbage heap, at all costs. The “professors” and administrators DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN what happens to you upon graduation. They don’t care about your monstrous student debt load or your dismal job prospects. The pigs and rats simply want as many asses in seats as possible, in order to get their grubby paws and hooves on all that federally-backed student loan money. The bitches and hags are paid up front, in full - while YOU will be stuck carrying $140K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Do not wreck your future, i.e. don't even consider applying to, or enrolling in, this foul, second tier sewer.

  23. If you graduate from law school and want to pass the bar exam, you have to enroll in a bar review course and pay a lot of money for that bar review course, which starts shortly after graduation.

    The course is intensive and a living hell in which so much information is crammed into around 8 weeks and it is a wonder that anyone can absorb it all and then go on to pass the bar exam.

    What makes the Mr. Infinity story seem so strange is that he brags about being in Egypt now as a vacationer, and at the same time claims to be ready to take the NY Bar Exam this July.

    So, Mr. Infinity is obviously not sitting through a bar review course.

    1. But.... Christopher Knorps is in a bar review course. Isn't that strange?

  24. Let's not forget that the rates on stafford loans will DOUBLE on Monday to 6.8 per cent.

    1. "Let's not forget that the rates on stafford loans will DOUBLE on Monday to 6.8 per cent."

      Unless Congress does something about it. Sound of crickets.

    2. Who cares. IBR for the win!

  25. Nando, you have some psychos, re: 8:55 p.m., on this site. You may want to see if you can assist them in getting help.

  26. Another article:

  27. @ 1:41 pm,

    You are correct that $157 million is a lot of money. However, in comparison to many established colleges and universities, this is a small endowment. Look at the following examples.

    According to the 2012 Form 990 for Employer ID No. 42-0680387, Grinnell College had $1,530,882,168 in total, end of year NET ASSETS - for the tax year ending June 30, 2012. Yes, this little college - located in Grinnell, Iowa - has an endowment of more than $1.5 billion!!

    On line 12 of page one, you will notice that this little college received $150,336,668 in total revenue, for this tax year. That figure alone is nearly as great as the total endowment for Crooklyn Law School. Check out the synopsis of Grinnell College, from US “News”:


    Grinnell College is a private institution that was founded in 1846. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,693, its setting is rural, and the campus size is 120 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Grinnell College's ranking in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges, 22. Its tuition and fees are $41,004 (2012-13)."

    Based on its 2011 Form 990, Fordham UniverSity had $989,242,819 in total, end of year, net assets - for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. This school was not quite $11 million short of reaching the $1 billion mark. Hell, the bastards raked in $800,316,061 in total revenue, for this specific year.

    The University of Chicago had an endowment of $5,965,714,000 - as of June 30, 2011. This information was derived from the “non-profit” institution’s 2011 Form 990.

    Take a look at the 2011 Form 990 filed by the Stanford University Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, i.e. Employer ID No. 94-1156365. As of June 30, 2011, the school had $27,697,527,289 in total, end of year assets - and $5,142,733,434 in total, end of year liabilities. In sum, the school had an endowment of $22,554,793,855!

    In this country, "higher education" is a huge, disgusting, vile business - with pretty much guaranteed profits to these supposed "non-profit" in$titution$. Keep in mind that these college$ and univer$itie$ are tax exempt, too.

  28. We all knew the cocksucker (Mr. Infinity) would comment on this. Ya can't attack his school and get away with it.

    1. It's cute that you all think that this is my school. I just posted because I am somewhat stuck inside due to the revolution going on downstairs. It's an exciting time here in Egypt, that's for sure!

    2. Get the American troll, Egyptian rebels!

      JK. But you are a piece of shit. And I'm not kidding about that.

      It's cute that you now have Flying Houses on your blogroll and Knorps now has your shitty blog on his blogroll. Give it up already. You're not fooling anybody. Loser.

  29. My Prediction is that Brooklyn Law School is going to go into full bust out mode.

    The place will pay fat bonuses to Wexler, Allard, and their cronies. Their salaries will soar to the stratosphere and their perks will approximate the perks given to princes, tycoons, and dons.

    At the same time Brooklyn Law school will unload buildings; accelerating its selling until the main building resembles the courthouse steps. Brooklyn will borrow lots of money at any interest rate. Tuition will be raised to the ceiling but every single seat will be filled even if Brooklyn has to recruit actual retards to go to law school.

    An then, when Crooklyn has exhausted its credit, when it has no buildings left to sell and they are leasing back their facilities, when even their rent checks are bouncing and there is no more money in the bank for paychecks and bonuses; someone will light a match.
    The renter's insurance payment from the arson will be used to hire bankruptcy attorneys (who didn't go to Crooklyn) and it will be all over.

    You heard it here first.

  30. Higher Ed., Health/Obamacare, The Housing Bubble, etc.

    What else can the Federal Gov't get involved in so as to drive the price way up, only to crash later on?

  31. What? Mr. Infinity is in Egypt as a tourist and during civil unrest?

    Come on. Is that true?

    I wouldn't wish that on any American tourist.

    Tell me it is just a hoax and not true Mr. Infinity.

  32. Tell me if this is not very similar to the student loan fiasco:

  33. It appears that everyone's favorite cockroach is indeed posting from Cairo, Egypt. Go outside and use your law degree and communication skills to reason with the revolutionaries, Idiot.

    IP Lookup Details:
    IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: Egypt
    Country Code: EG
    Region: 11
    City: Cairo
    Latitude: 30.05
    Longitude: 31.25

    From Analytics:

    Visits: 27

    Unique ID: 4085144863
    IP address:
    Locale: Cairo, Egypt / English
    Platform: Google Chrome 27.0/Windows 7/1024x600

    Visits by this user in the last 7 days

    Jun 30 2013 12:22pm 2 actions 14s
    Jun 30 2013 10:44am 2 actions 13s
    Jun 30 2013 7:41am 2 actions 14s
    Jun 30 2013 7:03am 2 actions 14s
    Jun 30 2013 4:14am 1 action 10s
    Jun 30 2013 3:53am 1 action 10s
    Jun 29 2013 2:46am 2 actions 10s

    Only a waterhead such as Mr. Insanity could take pride in trolling on blogs, while visiting Egypt. Then again, the douche-bag lives online. Great selection of travel destination, by the way, Dumbass. Evidently, you did not realize that Egyptians rebelled against their corrupt government, back in 2011. Did you believe that you were entering a stable country?!

    Perhaps, law schools don’t train their students to “think critically,” after all. Other than your wife, i.e. your right hand, no one would object to seeing your vacation extended, Bitch.

  34. Enter the following into the Google search box, real quick: Is it safe to travel to Egypt 2013? Check out the extensive results. Let's look at the first result.

    On March 12, 2013 NBC World News published a story, from reporters Atia Abawi and Charlene Gubash, entitled "Egypt branded more dangerous for tourists than Yemen." Read this opening:

    "Tourists have long flocked to Egypt to see the pyramids, take a trip up the majestic Nile or relax on one of its many sun-kissed beaches.

    But, in a potentially damaging blow to its economy, Egypt has now been ranked below countries such as Pakistan, Yemen and Chad for "safety and security" in an influential report on tourism by the World Economic Forum.

    It is perhaps little wonder that tourists are spooked — amid ongoing political unrest, Molotov cocktails, gunfire and tear gas have become almost commonplace in some areas.

    Two years after the revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, protesters still return to Cairo’s Tahrir Square — where it all began — to demonstrate against the Islamist President Mohamed Morsi and lament the country’s failing economy.

    Earlier this month, Bedouin gunmen kidnapped a British couple who were on their way to the glittering beaches of Sharm El Sheikh. They were quickly released, but Bedouins have taken other hostages and also attacked police stations and blocked access to towns to show their discontent with what they see as their poor treatment by Cairo."

    At least, you don't need to worry about having your non-existent balls cut off, Mr. Insanity. Being a eunuch has helped you out, for once.

    Who is surprised by this moron’s inability to do some basic research?! Hell, the mental midget didn’t perform a simple Google search, before enrolling in law school. Why the hell would he bother doing so, before entering one of the world’s hot spots?

    Then again, check out the concluding paragraph of the NBC News report:

    “However, there was at least one thing in Egypt's favor in the WEF report — the price. The country was ranked the fourth cheapest tourist destination in the world "with competitive hotel prices, low fuel costs and low prices more generally."

    The tool is always reminding us that he is so frugal - even though the pussy lives in expensive New York City. Go out and enjoy the crowds. Again, put your JD to work - and negotiate a friendly end to the strife. I’m sure that the rebels will appreciate being lectured about their political system by a mentally deficient, arrogant, acne-faced American - armed with a TT law degree.

    1. Mr Infinity's recent blog post on whether someone should consider going to Egypt to escape their student loans. Of course he is on BR, which means that either way, he has failed to pay his loans as agreed.

      "I would say that Egypt is a country that you should consider if you are looking for a place that offers quite a bit of bang for your buck. It is an exotic place that offers something for everyone. The Egyptian people are very nice and welcoming, and you will probably make a ton of friends here if you give it time. There is so much to see and do here that this may just be the place you want to flee to."

  35. I'm getting really worried about Mr. infinity by now, who seems to be in a real pickle somewhere in Egypt.

    Does he need some money wired so that he can get home?

    It's like a neverending drama with him and I hope Mr. Infinity isn't taken hostage by a rebel faction and that the the Navy Seals won't have to do a rescue operation to save the last, vacationing optimistic law grad in America along with his SO, so that he can sit for the NY Bar Exam this July.

    The suspense is killing me.

    If he is held hostage, then maybe we can raise money for a Roger Waters and Paul McCartney and Billy Joel and U2 rock concert, the proceeds of which will be dedicated to his release.

    Cindi Lauper and Mick Jagger can do a cameo and Tina Turner can be pulled out of mothballs to do a duet in a mini skirt with Betty Ann Milder to bring the house down in tears as they sing the rose or some such song, and Elton John can rewrite his lyrics for candle in the wind for the occasion and appear on screen because he was too busy to make it in person.

    Seven Handkerchiefs for the release of Mr. Infinity from Egypt, and the event will get a 10 grammy awards.

    1. ^ Paintroach, the only thing that *you* could ever "wire" someone is DEBT.

  36. 'It appears that everyone's favorite cockroach is indeed posting from Cairo, Egypt. Go outside and use your law degree and communication skills to reason with the revolutionaries, Idiot.'

    Wow. Just wow. I've read this blog on and off for about 18 months. And that line had me laughing so hard I spit up my drink all over my shirt. I kept laughing even after that. I haven't laughed that loud in years. For a minute I was worried I might be having a stroke.

  37. We are only a few minutes from July 1. For many of you humps that took the TTT plunge, this means your student loans' interest rate is about to nearly double. Did Congress do anything? No. Will they? No. You folks are getting hosed by the Higher Education Complex. How many kids will walk through the valley of lemmings when they descend on Jorelemon Street to sit in their first 1L class to be "taught" by some blowhard about the nuances of Pennoyer v. Neff. It amazes me that these are the same cases discussed 30 years ago, only tuition back then was less than 4 grand. Think about that when you sign that promissory loan which will help fund Queen Wexlers' 2 year sabbatical of doing nothing but burning money fast while you waste away 3 years.

  38. May the Tahrir Square protesters win and Morsi join Mubarak in the dock. Also, I'm hoping Chris Knorps is deported to Afghanistan.

  39. CBS Evening News. Law Students struggle to find work:


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