Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Profiles in Academic Putridness: Theodore P. Seto, of Loyola Law School Los Angeles

Ass-Hat Claims That Employers Will Soon Experience a Shortage of Law Grads:


On June 5, 2013, TaxProf Blog published an article labeled “Seto: JD Job Prospects as Predicted by JDs Per Capita.” In the concluding paragraph, Theodore Seto wrote the following deception:

“Unless something truly extraordinary has happened to non-cyclical demand, a degrees-awarded-per-capita analysis suggests that beginning in fall 2015 and intensifying into 2016 employers are likely to experience an undersupply of law grads, provided that the economic recovery continues. To some extent, this will be buffered by recent oversupply. If matriculations remain at projected 2013 levels, however, once the market has absorbed the recent oversupply, a degrees-awarded-per-capita analysis suggests that long-term demand for law grads will outstrip long-term supply into the indefinite future.”

This is an outright lie. Several commenters wiped their ass with Seto’s weak-ass“analysis.” Earlier in the same piece, the deceitful rat stated:

“Demand for legal services, however, probably increases as population increases.” [Emphasis mine]

In short, this academic thief fails to understand that demand – plus the ability to pay for - legal services is what counts. There are plenty of deadbeats and bums who are glad to take their issues to a lawyer. However, they are not so keen on paying for legal work.

The Facts Contradict Cockroach Seto’s $elf-$erving Assertion:


From 1980-1981 to 2009-2010 - a span of 30 years - ABA-accredited law schools/diploma mills collectively pumped out 1,161,863 graduates. For $ome rea$on, Theodore Pig Seto did not mention this anywhere in his article.


According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were only 728,200 attorneys – in 2010. Keep in mind that many of those lawyers are old dinosaurs who have no plans to retire before their 80th birthday. By the way, BLS projects that there will be 73,600 more employed lawyers in 2020 than there were in 2010. For people who claim that lawyers must be honest and ethical in all their dealings – and must rely on facts to make their case – “law professors” don’t really care about those principles, in practice.

Other Coverage:


Elie Mystal posted a June 5, 2013 ATL entry entitled “Decrease In Law School Applications Now Will NOT Mean A Legal Hiring Boom in 2016.” Take a look at this killer opening:

“This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last time we have to knock down this ridiculous argument. There’s simply a lot of money invested in making prospective law students believe it. 

And it makes a certain kind of sense. We’ve extensively reported on the decrease in law schools applications. We’re at all-time historic lows. It’s a comforting and mathematically banal argument that the lack of applications now will lead to a dearth of law graduates in 2016, which will mean great times(!) for the class of 2016. More importantly, law schools want people to believe those brave enough to apply to the class of 2017 will benefit from an “undersupply” of new lawyers by the time they graduate. I promise you more than half of the class at Cooley actually believe this crap.

The problem, of course, is that it’s not true. It’s not true, and the people who say it’s true have no evidence that it’s true. Heck, there’s an “undersupply” of lawyers right now, if you look at poor and low-income clients. But that hasn’t actually resulted in a vibrant hiring market for new and recent graduates now, has it?” [Emphasis mine]

Mystal correctly points out that the law school pigs do not have any actual proof to back up their assertions about the legal job outlook. Again, the “market” for broke-ass people with legal problems is extremely large. But an attorney cannot pay his bills or put food in the fridge by representing idiots, for free.


The Law School Scam site published a piece, under the header “Economics/Statistics Whiz Ted Seto: Lawyer Shortage Coming” – on June 7, 2013. Check out this segment, dripping with sarcasm:

“This makes perfect, undeniable sense, as the number of law degrees awarded has always had a direct relationship to the actual market demand for lawyers. And who could deny Seto's premise that "[d]emand for legal services, however, probably increases as population increases?" 

Conclusion: Theodore Seto is a lying, fat pig. He does not give one damn about current students, applicants, or recent graduates. The bastard is solely concerned with maintaining his income level, at the expense of those students. Head to his faculty bio, via this link. You will see the following: “[Seto’s] current research interests include tax theory and jurisprudence.” Clearly, he wants the gravy train to keep rolling along. Could you picture this corpulent swine in an actual job?!?!

In the final analysis, Seto is concerned because fewer people are applying to and enrolling in ABA-approved law schools. He is worried that his job could be affected. The piece of garbage did not feign the slightest interest that, according to the NALP Class of 2011 National Summary Report, 44,495 JDs that year competed for 27,224 jobs “requiring bar passage.” Seto has also not publically commented on SKYROCKETING tuition, and its impact on students and recent grads. Those with an IQ above room temperature will recognize his garbage article as the empty words of a desperate fool.


  1. "In short, this academic thief fails to understand that demand – plus the ability to pay for - legal services is what counts."

    Ever hear of contingency pay?

    1. You are a fucking idiot, 7:47. Don't ever forget that.

    2. Contingency pay, fucking retard, exists primarily in personal injury litigation. Personal injury litigation, at best, represents 10 percent of legal work out there.

  2. Ted Seto is a confidence man for the law school scam. The fact is there will always be a need for legal services for the unwashed masses who cannot afford to pay for legal services. As for the comment at 7:47AM, let me answer your question by posing this one: Ever hear of tort reform? The days of getting easy five figure settlements for a whiplash injury are long gone. Insurance companies are fighting tooth and nail against frivolous claims. In fact, insurance companies would rather spend $10K litigating a case against your clients' phony injury than settling for $2K. The only viable option for most law grads is to hang a shingle, which means more money chasing bad money (law school investment).

    1. I love your excuses. I am still seeing big settlements and big awards. "The sky is falling arguments" are getting old.

    2. Listen idiot, big settlements are reserved only for BIG injuries. Who do you think the big injury cases go to? The recent grad who hangs a shingle or an established law firm with a proven record? Moreover, some jurisdictions have enacted limited tort recovery where maximum recoveries are capped at $250K. I guess you will now tell me that thousands of people get their spinal chords severed and there are plenty of big money cases to go around. Yeah, and money is falling from the sky.

    3. We need to start a wax museum of all fucking retards who have been posting in support of law skool scam over the years. This acne covered fag WTLS/Mr. Insanity should be first exhibit.

  3. I thought Mr. Miyagi died. When did he become a bastard?

    Wax on, wax off Daniel san.

    1. No need for that kind of shit douche bag.

  4. There is no "economic recovery" to "continue." The Fed is just propping up the stock market by printing money. And not counting the people who have stopped looking for work as "unemployed."

    1. This is must see for everyone who is talking about economic recovery:

    2. ^ Do my innocent eyes deceive me? Roachie, I think we actually agree on something. Forgive me for not clicking on the YouTube roachlink, though.

    3. This is not Painter, you piece of useless shit. Get back to your mom's basement and continue to watch porn and jerk off, you fucking retard. No problem with you not watching the video. The video would produce too much mental anguish for your underdeveloped brain. You should surrender yourself in a local hospital for medical experiments.

    4. ^ It's not? You sure do a convincing impression. The two of you probably have a lot in common.

      Anyway, YouTube links on this blog are like roach droppings.

    5. My statement still stands - you have an intellect of a fucking shit fly.

  5. Just looking at this pig's grin you can tell he's living high on the hog out in LA. Seto's blog post and associated research is the equivalent of Exxon Mobile releasing an in-house research project disproving climate change and showing how oil spills benefit fish life.

    “Demand for legal services, however, probably increases as population increases.” That's like saying as the population increases, demand for cars increases (failing to control for factors like debt, costs, insurance premiums, urban living, alternative transportation trends, etc.). There are so many variables for which you aren't controlling when you make that statement, pig Seto (i.e., increasing share of Americans living in poverty who can't pay for legal services).

    But it's no wonder Seto is out there cheerleading the legal profession. The applicant pool to law schools is SHRINKING. He needs more lemmings in his classroom. Because if no one showed up, this pig wouldn't have a job.

  6. Seto is an asshole. An unconscionable asshole. There's no other way to put it.

    He's telling people to gamble with their lives because demand for legal service 'probably increases' as the population increases. He doesn't call it a gamble. But that's what it is.

    I graduated with my law diploma in 1997. The job market was shit then. And that was before the dot com and housing bubbles popped. And before the 2008 recession hit. (The country's economy is being propped up like the other guy mentioned.)

    If you don't have clients that can pay for your legal services you don't have a market. There's always people that want shit for free. If you don't get paid you'll close up shop real quick. I wish I could impress upon you guys how much this is a fly by night profession. Across the street is my favorite coffee shop. I go there nearly every morning. It's in a little strip mall. In that mall is a tiny shitlaw office. In the last 5 years, it's been occupied by at least 4 different shitlaw firms.

  7. To the waterhead who posted at 7:47 am,

    Your parents obviously let you eat paint chips, throughout your entire childhood. Lawyers are taking a gamble, when they rely on contingent fees. This is especially the case for recent grads and solo attorneys with little capital. If you have incurred $150K in student debt, try getting a small business loan for the purpose of opening a law office.

    How is such a lawyer situated to survive on contingent fees, moron?!?! If he does not get a favorable result for his client, then he does not get paid for his work. By the way, how is a debt-strapped, freshly-minted attorney going to advance the costs for depositions, travel expenses, expert witness testimony, etc.?

    Hell, established personal injury law firms do not take cases that are not promising - and they are in MUCH better financial shape than struggling solos. They limit their exposure by choosing the easier, valid cases that will likely settle quickly. These larger PI firms also constantly advertise on TV, radio, city buses, and the phone book. A new lawyer does not stand much of a chance against those odds. The well-known firms can blow his ass out of the water, with their publicity budget alone.

    Also, new PI lawyers are at a severe disadvantage when facing their counterparts who represent the hospital, business, mall, or insurance company. These men and women have the experience, skill and employer’s financial backing to easily beat down weak claims – and to crush new lawyers who have not yet learned how to practice law. After all, ABA-accredited diploma mills focus on the theoretical, since the “professors” are not litigators. Keep in mind that some injury clients are simply seeking a fat payday, so that they can avoid actual work. If one of your clients has a history of slipping and falling, that information will come out during discovery.


    Take a look at PI law firm partner John Bisnar’s piece entitled “Insurance Companies Play Hardball With Minor Car Accident Claims.” Here is the opening paragraph:

    “Insurance companies are making it tougher and tougher to collect medical costs incurred due to minor car crashes. According to a recent 18-month investigation conducted by CNN, you could be in the fight of your life if you're trying to get an auto insurance company to pay medical costs you incur due to an auto accident, even though the accident was not your fault.”

    Later on, the author states the following:

    “Why is it that fighting an insurance company is not beneficial to a consumer? Because it takes up so much time and so much money. You can't really turn to a personal injury lawyer because the experienced ones refuse to take on these cases. They know that the payoff for their client and the law firm is to[o] low to make it worth taking up the cause. The law firm makes no money and the client is dissatisfied with the recovery the law firm got for them. It is a [no win] situation for the lawyers. It is simply not worth it for them to be involved.”

    He also notes that insurance companies started this strategy in the mid-1990s. In his conclusion, Bisnar recommends that injured parties sue the responsible driver for damages, in small claims court. Tell me how that helps PI lawyers, Bitch.

  8. 7:47am sounds like a delusional lemming who has seen "The Rainmaker" movie too many times. If he had paid attention to the end of the movie, he would have realized that Matt Damon's character got stiffed out of the multi-million dollar judgment. Personal Injury practice dried up years ago. There was a misguided law professor who wrote an article about 3rd party litigation financing and how that vehicle was going to save the practice of law. Having handled several PI cases in my career, I will tell you that 3rd party litigation has existed for decades. They are very selective and will only provide financing of big money (read: serious injury cases-such as a fractured vertebrae or permanent paralysis and where deep pockets are involved) cases. They will reject soft tissue injury cases which are a dime a dozen. The million dollar cases usually are handled by the same firm or lawyer who has EXPERIENCE dealing with PI claims. The law school deans are now pushing the "Rainmaker" scenario and seducing lemmings into believing that they can hang a shingle and a million dollar case will be the first one to walk through your office door.

  9. Remember me? I went to law school in Florida for a year and then I dropped out. Turns out you were right about law school.

    Doug :)

  10. The problem with the argument that increasing population growth = more paid lawyering jobs, is the following.

    Population growth is not distributed evenly among the various income classes. Since the middle class is shrinking, and the rich are always a small portion of the population, the biggest increases in American population are the working class, working poor, and unemployed. So two million new American families do not produce, two million new paying customers, they will produce more people who need court appointed attorneys (andstates are trying to limit such services) with only a small increase of people who can pay for substantial legal work.

    So yes there will be a small increase in paying lawyer jobs, but nothing that will employ even a substantial number the 20,000 surplus law students who graduate each year. (out of 45,000)

    So congradulations Seto, by 2021 population growth, and its related economic growth may gainfully employ 26,000 new lawyers a year as verses 23,000 or 24,000 at the present time. It still doesn't justify the existance of 200 law schools.

  11. Is Seto a Liberal?

    And is the Scamblog movement politically Conservative?

    1. In my opinion, the "movement" isn't partisan and includes people from across the political spectrum. Anyone with any kind of moral/ethical principles should be against the scam.

      Any liberal who values social justice or equality should fight the scam, because it systematically benefits the rich and connected and further impoverishes the poor and unconnected.

      Any conservative or libertarian who values free markets and small government should fight this scam, because it uses huge amounts of government-backed lending to distort market forces and grossly oversupply lawyers for whom the market has limited demand.

      There are, of course, many more reasons to fight the scam.

      As far as Seto, I'd wager that he is a "liberal" in the sense that he thinks the government should loan money to kids who will never be able to pay it back, all in the name of "access to justice."

  12. More Seto dishonesty here: http://witnesseth.typepad.com/blog/2012/12/bloated-is-better-for-law-school-rankings.html

    1. ^ Moar roach in the above comment.

  13. Having been around this profession first as an office manager, then as a clerk, and now as a miserable midlaw attorney, I can honestly say it just comes down to who you fucking know. That’s it. At our firm I’ve seen people who graduated top of their class lose out on summer clerkships and associate jobs to TTTs who have family hooks in the firm or some other contact. We just hired some dumbass Rutgers Law grad because his Uncle is on the Board at an area Hospital (a big client for us). Why do you think that dipshit got the job? His Uncle picked up the phone for him. The kid is not terribly bright and has zero people skills. But, alas, here he is. It happens all the time. All the summer clerks are kids of partners or friends/relatives of partners. So when jackasses like Seto spew their garbage stats and analysis, they fail to include any of that. The TTT grads who get jobs are really smart and top 10% of their classes (and scholarship recipients) or they just have connections.

    I regret my entire legal career, every day. I should have become a school teacher when I had the opportunity but I was a fucking idiot. My friend who wisely did so is going to be done working next week for all of July and August. He has a guaranteed salary, tenure, a pension waiting (cash out unused sick days at retirement), benefits for life, weekends/holidays off, and 2 months of vacation coming up. Plus, he has only a small undergrad loan. He works roughly 185 days/yr. This summer he’ll be down the shore at a condo he rented fishing, giving tennis lessons, and fucking beach bar waitresses. I’ll be in my air conditioned nightmare on the smelly, shitty Hudson River. Sure, you could POSSIBLY (no guarantee) make more money as an attorney. But trading happiness/freedom for money is a dangerous proposition. Today there is such an overabundance of every white collar profession if I were a young person today I'd go to a vocational training school. But try having the Mr. Infinity generation pick up a hammer or get dirt under their fingernails for a job. Yeah, right.

    Fuck law school and the pigs like Seto. They are destroying this generation with debt by falsely advertising employment stats and a fantasy lifestyle for their own financial gain. With an undying commitment to bringing down this filthy industry, the scambloggers will hopefully help put these fuckers out of business.

    p.s., I haven't seen Mr. Infinity/Knorps/Bitch around. Did the twat go underground after Nando exposed him?

    1. Why don't YOU pick up a hammer and do vocational work? Since you're so "miserable" and all.

      Pretty hard to take your advice seriously when you refuse to follow it yourself.

  14. Also, to the mentally retarded poster at 7:47am, if you plan on being a solo PI attorney today, I hope you have money in the bank. Because you could be practising for years before you get a decent case. In my area there are only a handful of established PI attorneys who get decent cases. One guy got the Tropicana Casino case down in Atlantic City when the roof fell in on diners in the restaurant area. But cases like that are once in a lifetime. The rest are losers in wrinkled suits who show up to court a mess desperate for any settlement offer. You know nothing.

    Isn't it funny how these jackasses who have NO EXPERIENCE in the field talk about it like they know it all? Whether it be pig professors like Seto who have never practicsed or bitches like 7:47am or Mr. Infinity who think they're destined for greatness. They know nothing about how the profession works yet they feel like they can comment on things like contingency fees or employment prospects increasing because the population grows. No wonder this country is going straight down the tubes with assholes like this reaching the age of majority every day and teaching out youth.

    1. ^ For that matter, what do you think about a JD failure (i.e. Nando) who blogs about the state of the legal profession - when he has never worked for one day as a licensed attorney?

      The key to happiness (not "greatness") is to live on less than you earn, and put the extra money away for a rainy day. And stop trying to get your hand into other peoples' wallets.

      Your peace of mind will grow as that money accumulates over time.

  15. John Grisham ( a lawyer by training) regularly depicts lawyers as shitbags. He depicts the work as shit too. Here's from The Testament.

    In the glory days, he would've been racing to a trial somewhere, juggling ten things at once, phones stuck in every pocket. He didn't really miss it; no lawyer in his right mind really missed the courtroom. But he would never admit that. (p 192)

    "Did you want to be a lawyer when you grew up?"
    "Of course not. No kid in his right mind wants to be a lawyer. I was going to play for the Colts or the Orioles, maybe both. (p 296)

    1. ^ What a useful comment! I just want you to know that I think roaches ROCK!

  16. About 5 years ago, a colleague had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy where he lost his house, had a trustee settle his remaining cases and took the lions' share to pay the estate's creditors over a PI case gone bad. The facts of the case were great. The client had a fractured collarbone, and head injuries which required him to wear one of those halo contraptions that look painful. The client of course was broke so my friend financed the case by taking out a home equity line on his house for $50K. The money went to experts, deposition costs, discovery, medical records, etc. My friend told me he spent about 750 hours working this case to settlement. Finally, the insurance company offered $250K. Guess what? The client was nowhere to be found. After months of stalling, the insurance company gave a 10 day deadline to obtain a release from the client. My friend could not find his client and was even tempted to forge the client's signature. Knowing he would be disbarred for pulling such a stunt, my friend came clean and told the insurance company he could not locate the client. The insurance company filed a motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute. At the hearing, my friend begged the judge to keep the case open. I live in one of those "best practices" jurisdictions where the judges just want to clear cases quickly. The judge granted the dismissal with PREJUDICE. My friend was counting on getting a third of that $250K to pay off his home equity loan, which he took out at 9.5%. Eventually he defaulted and was placed in foreclosure. He filed for bankruptcy and lost his house. A year after the bankruptcy, the client magically shows up. Apparently, he joined some cult and he was prohibited from contacting anyone. Long story short, the client sued my friend for malpractice and filed an ethics complaint against him. My friend had to close his office because the bankruptcy trustee took over his cases and settled with the client who got some $$. So to the jackass who said the sky is raining with big settlements, go fuck yourself. You don't know what the fuck you are talking about. You must be a delusional 0L or a bootlicking limousine liberal like Ted Seto.

    1. Re: The bankruptcy of your lawyer friend. I’m calling B.S. on this one. You may believe what your friend told you, but it is very unlikely to have happened as you tell it.

      [quote] The client of course was broke so my friend financed the case by taking out a home equity line on his house for $50K. [/quote]

      First, if so, this was dumb. Any lawyer knows beyond any doubt that any case, no matter how good, can go south on them. To gamble his house on one case, and one worth only 250K, was quite frankly, stupid. If a lawyer is that destitute, you bring in another lawyer to work the case up and agree on a division of fees. Additionally, spending 50K is a lot of money for a case only worth 250K to begin with. Not that it can’t be done, but if you are spending 50K, you should be putting together a case, with loss of income, worth at least seven figures.

      [quote] My friend told me he spent about 750 hours working this case to settlement. [/quote] An awful lot of hours to spend on what seems to be a fairly routine case, evidencing that your friend was woefully inexperienced.

      [quote] Finally, the insurance company offered $250K. Guess what? The client was nowhere to be found.[/quote]

      Its possible for a client to disappear, but very unlikely given the potential payoff he was looking to receive. And if this truly happened, that shows a lack of lawyer-client communication to begin with.

      [quote] After months of stalling, the insurance company gave a 10 day deadline to obtain a release from the client. My friend could not find his client and was even tempted to forge the client's signature. Knowing he would be disbarred for pulling such a stunt, my friend came clean and told the insurance company he could not locate the client. The insurance company filed a motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute. At the hearing, my friend begged the judge to keep the case open. I live in one of those "best practices" jurisdictions where the judges just want to clear cases quickly. The judge granted the dismissal with PREJUDICE. [/quote]

      This I find almost hogwash. First of all, lack of prosecution means lack of any record activity for a set period of time, usually a year or more. Second of all, there is no reason a Judge would dismiss a case with Prejudice under such a circumstance. Additionally, It would almost be an abuse of discretion for the Court to do anything but abate or stay the case for a period of time, giving your friend time to hire an investigator to find the client. Did your friend appeal the Judges dismissal?

      [quote] Long story short, the client sued my friend for malpractice and filed an ethics complaint against him [/quote]

      If this is true, then your friend was not giving you the whole story. There is nothing in the facts you gave that would justify a malpractice case or an ethics complaint. No lawyer would have taken such a case of malpractice (where is the malpractice) and the ethics complaint would have been dismissed out of hand. Which means your friend is telling you a fairy tail and there is more to the story than he admits.

      The bottom line is this, if you have a case you don’t know how to handle, bring in a more experienced attorney as co-counsel and work out a fair division of fees and costs. By doing so, you will be able to learn how to actually practice law by watching the more experienced attorney at work. If you are a pig and try to handle a case well beyond your expertise, and you screw up, you deserve an ethics or malpractice case against you.

  17. Seto is a fucking filthy lying pig. What a wet cunt he is for spouting this g-spot squirt of information. Or bowel-spasm of watery shit. Or post-sex dribble of cum onto the sheets.

    A shortage of grads my ass.


    Oh, that's right. You can't. They're an odd shape.

  18. I feel bad for this guy. It seems that you are all hellbent on pulling him apart even though he has some really good news for us law grads.

    First of all, I know a bit about contingency fees as I have known a few lawyers who use 'em. First, they are not just used for P.I. cases. That right there shows that you have no clue what you are talking about. Second, in my professional responsibility course we learned that they can be used for any case other than matrimonial/divorce and criminal. That leaves a lot of room open for contingency fees.

    Many of you act like all your clients are sleezebags. With this attitude you will get little work. You have to see your clients as humans with real problems that need to be solved. If you judge them harshly all the time, they will not come to you for help.

    This is why you are all failing so hard in this profession. It's really a people profession. You have to start by being nice. The lot of you.

    1. Listen, idiot, go and practice for at least four weeks to get real life experience instead of what you learned in your "professional responsibility course". And most importantly try to get paid by your "clients", moron. It is difficult to get paid even when you have a retainer agreement and retainer fees, never mind when you agreed to represent clients on contingency basis. The contingency fee clients tend to reassess your fees, sue you (again on contingency basis) for malpractice and report you to the Bar. They will do anything to make sure your are not getting your 33% share.

      What the fuck is wrong with all these motherfucking covered with acne lemmings who took a course or two and now feel they can teach practicing lawyers and patronize them? No wonder these retards are going in law skoolz no matter what you tell them. They know it all.

    2. Wow! You've known a few lawyers who have used contingency fees. And your professional responsibility class taught you those fees can be used on different types of cases.

      So what city do you practice law in? As you're such a legal heavyweight and all those other lawyers better watch out for you.

    3. Contingency fees on a criminal matter? Is this the garbage they are feeding in law school? First off, I have been practicing criminal law for 18 years. I have never taken a criminal case on contingency. It is unethical to tell your client that you will be paid only if you secure an acquittal. It is also unethical to advance costs of litigation from your own till. So I don't know what kind of toilet you attended but that is plain wrong. The practical matter is, once you enter an appearance in a criminal matter, you are stuck in the case regardless of whether your client pays you. The judge doesn't want to hear about how you got stiffed and will not release you from the case. You will go on to resent the client, do a shitty job, he gets convicted, hires another lawyer, files an ethics complaint against you which fuels his appeal for ineffective assistance of counsel. I have seen this scenario play out too many times.

      As for contingency fees in other civil matters, you have to be fucking insane to enter that kind of arrangement. Clients are not fucking dumb. A few years ago, a friend of mine handled a divorce case and racked up $80K in legal fees. The client waited to get the divorce settlement and then turned around and filed bankruptcy to discharge his lawyer's fees. Contingency fees are a crapshoot arrangement. Moreover, some of these cases take years to resolve. Your landlord/mortgage lender won't wait years until you get paid on a case.

      The legal profession is a scam as much as the legal education component. Nowadays, people make money by sticking their hand in the next guy's pocket. Law students are being fleeced. I am not against going to law school or becoming a lawyer but jesus, it is not worth 6 figures. My entire legal education cost me $0 (full tuition scholarship with stipend), well it cost me $110K in opportunity costs in 3 years. If you attend law school at today's tuition rates, you ought to have your head examined.

    4. [quote]As for contingency fees in other civil matters, you have to be fucking insane to enter that kind of arrangement.[/quote

      I have been handling almost all of my cases by contingency fees for almost thirty years now. I can count on one hand a client who refused to sign the disbursement statement approving the fee at the successful termination of a claim and I have never had a client try to sue me to reduce my fee. The contingency fee is the only way for a lawyer to make money over and above an hourly rate, and it means the lawyer has to accurately judge the value of the case before taking it. Half the battle is knowing when to walk away and not allowing your ego to force you into filing a lawsuit you know not worth litigating.

      The point I am trying to make is there is a counter argument to what you read on these scam threads. I am not saying anybody should go to law school and incur huge amounts of debts to do so, or that that the job market is not pitiful for new lawyers. What I am saying is that practicing law is not as bad as some people think it is. It is a viable way to work for yourself with the potential of a decent income. Is it competitive? absolutely. Is it hard to make a living starting out in today's environment? Probably. Thankfully, I never faced this environment and graduated from law school decades ago with very little debt, easily paid off. But I will always contend that somebody who has the potential to be very good in the Courtroom is a person who has the potential to make more money than he ever dreamed about. Not saying they will . . . they still have to get the cases. But the potential is there.

  19. http://ip-whois-lookup.com/lookup.php?ip=

    How are you doing today, Christopher Knorps?


    “Brooklyn Law School is pleased to announce that Kenneth R. Feinberg will deliver the 2013 Commencement address on June 7, at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center.

    Feinberg is best known as the leading attorney overseeing settlement payouts in the wake of massive disasters.”

    I’m sure that you would have learned a ton about settlement payouts, resulting from acts of terrorism, oil spills, executive compensation for TARP recipients, and the horrific Gerald Sandusky child sex crimes at Penn State, from Feinberg. After all, those types of cases occur all the time, right, Dumbass?!?!

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    Jun 11 2013 3:09am [Egypt] 2 actions 31s

    Your 7:47 am post from yesterday was beyond pathetic. It shows that you cannot grasp basic concepts or reality. Likewise, your 1:21 am comment this morning was foolish. For your sake, I hope that you are only pretending to be this dense.

    The words of PI firm partners, law clerks, office managers, and former and current attorneys carry more weight than those of a recent graduate of Brooklyn Law Sewer – especially when the discussion pertains to the legal job market. You simply have no credibility, kid. Go enjoy your vacation, which is likely a handout from your parents. Unless, of course, you want to admit that you used some of your student loan funds to pay for a trip to Africa.

    1. So Dumbshit it vacationing in Egypt and he's still busy defending the law schools.


    2. Perhaps a pathetic attempt at trying to use a proxy. This blog attracts a lot of lowlife types trying to distort the truth about the law school bubble.

  20. @ Mr. Infinity:

    1.) I said if I WERE a young person today (read carefully) I'd go into a vocational training program and forego the student debt. I can't take a paycut and go into vocational training at my stage in life with my loans, mortgage and family. I'm past the point of no return as far as making a radical career shift like that goes that requires taking a paycut. My wife works too and we rely on BOTH our salaries to budget our family. All I'm saying is if you and others want to choose to be financially ruined even with all this data out there (most of which wasn't fully available when I went to law school since the internet wasn't in full swing) then that's your call. Today, having all this information via the internet, IF I WERE A YOUNG PERSON, I would absolutely take the civil service test, go to a vocational training program, or get a mop job at the post office, before I put myself $200k in debt for a 50/50 chance of becoming an attorney barely making a living wage given how salaries have plummeted. My sister-in-law is a school teacher and she said the custodian there makes $55k/year and only on the job 3 years. His job doesn't even require a high school degree. How much do you make at Legal Aid and how much do you have in loans? See my point?

    2.) Nando gives pure, unadulterated facts and figures on this blog. Unlike USNWR which manipulates data and law schools who manufacture employment stats (i.e., counting as "employed" people getting grad degrees after law school). You don't need to be a lawyer to post on a blog showing how less than 50% of graduating classes are gainfully employed in legal positions. Those are cold, hard numbers. I'm talking about assholes who say "contingency fee" as if every day people are getting paralyzed in drunk driving accidents hit by cars driven by Donald Trump and money is falling from the sky and non-practising professors who say demand for legal services "probably grows" as the population grows. They know nothing about the profession with comments like that. Nando just shines a light on the true numbers. It doesn't take a JD to do that.

    Finally, I live on a budget like 99% of Americans do. Thanks for the very unique and groundbraking advice that I should live on less than I earn and have a savings account. I never thought of that one.

    1. ^ You don't "live on a budget." You rack up massive debts for graduate school and a mortgage.

      Never too late to make a career transition - especially to a LESS scammy field of endeavour.

      To answer your question, I don't have any loans. In fact, I don't owe a single penny to anyone (I guess a credit card bill will arrive in a week or so, but I pay it in full every month). I was lucky enough to get a good job. But I was smart enough to cut down on my expenses in school so that I could graduate with a manageable amount of debt.

  21. "PI firm partners, law clerks, office managers, and former and current attorneys..."

    People like that come to your site?

    Since when?

  22. I've been reading this site for 3 months now. You're dealing with someone who's missing a few screws (Infinity). But there's more to it than that. I think he has a learning disability. He has no fucking reading comprehension skills to speak of. The k-12 school system failed him. So did his parents. If my daughter in the 6th grade had as much trouble with reading comprehension as this guy, I would help her out.

    1. ^ Haha, why don't you let ME help her out instead? I'll teach her to read. As long as she isn't a fatty, LOL.

  23. http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2013/06/seto-.html

    Scroll down to the comments section, of the TaxProf article. Check out how poster “Unemployed_Northeastern” busted up Pig Seto’s “logic,” on June 5, 2013 at 11:30:04 am:

    "Demand for legal services, however, probably increases as population increases."

    Funny, I would have said that demand for legal services increases as the ability to pay for it increases. Since most of the jobs lost in the recession were middle-class and most of the jobs gained in the "recovery" were service-sector, I wouldn't be too optimistic.

    "By 2016, however, the per capita supply of law grads for entry-level jobs will be down by more than 25% from 2013 and more than 16% below America’s modern historic low in 2001."

    You know, someday I'm going to have to get one of you sunny-side up law profs to show me where all the "entry-level jobs" are so I can get on with my life. I'm in one of the largest legal markets in the country (Massachusetts), and it's been, well, years since I've seen an actual entry-level law job that didn't actually require 3-5 years' experience and a federal clerkship. Actually, that's not true: I saw a Paralegal or JD job listed on Monster the other day. They'll take entry-level attorneys IF they have prior paralegal experience, and they are willing to pay the princely sum of... $16/hour. So I stand corrected.”

    On the same day, at 2:08:14 pm, someone using the handle “John” followed up with this stiff backhand to Seto’s snout:

    "Demand for legal services, however, probably increases as population increases."

    This is a very dubious assumption. Legal work is subject to far too many other factors to be closely tied to population growth. Technology can and will replace many legal jobs. In addition, legal reforms (e.g. tort reform, patent reform, etc.) are likely to cut further into headcounts. And law firms increasingly are asking for more labor from each billing unit, meaning they can get as many hours today out of 90 attorneys as they demanded from 100 attorneys 10 years ago. Add that to the fact that corporate legal departments discovered in 2009-2011 that they could trim their legal spends without the disastrous consequences that have historically scared them into overpaying for legal services.”

    Outsourcing and automation have taken one hell of a toll on the lawyer job market. Further advances in technology will only exacerbate the problem. Anyone with actual job experience recognizes the situation. In the last 30-40 years, at least, the owners of production in this country have chosen to systematically send jobs overseas. The pigs in academia, media and government then told everyone to “Get an education” – since these newer employment opportunities would benefit those with college degrees. It is now obvious that is quite easy to offshore white collar positions.

    If Theodore Seto is so convinced of the coming “undersupply of lawyers,” why doesn’t he apply to law firms?!?! After all, many of these academic thieves love to claim that they would be making more money as attorneys than as “professors.” For $ome rea$on, they fail to mention that law firms will also expect them to work more than 4-6 hours per week. Plus, firms will not pay six figure annual salaries, so that these “scholars” can take sabbaticals and produce meaningless law review articles.

  24. Mr. Knorps:

    I actually do live on a budget. Like 98% of other home purchasers, I didn't have the money to buy my house outright, so I took out a mortgage (something people have been doing for 100 years). I bought a home to raise my family in the burbs to take advantage of lower property taxes, better public schools and a safer environment. After we had a child reaching school age we decided to leave NYC as it's too expensive to live there and also pay for private school. Plus, NYC sucks and they were opening another homeless shelter on the UWS in our neighborhood and I hit my limit when my wife and child were accosted by some homeless drug addict (it might have been you actually). It was a family decision to move. Kind of like your parents deciding to still baby you at the age of 30. At least my mortgage is for something tangible and useful (a home and piece of property) unlike your shit ass newly acquired JD from Crooklyn and "legal internship" at Legal Aid. Part of our budget is our mortgage payment. Plus, the interest on our mortgage is tax deductible, so it made even more sense. I wouldn't expect someone as mentally deficient as you to comprehend any of that though as you are a 30 year old man child.

    How have you paid off your loans if you just graduated from BLS? You are a pathological liar and so full of shit it's not even funny.

    How's Egypt (and not working)? Loser.

    1. How have I paid it off? Um, because I my NS is not Christopher Knorps, and I have never attended BLS, perhaps?

      Glad to hear that you think you're so financially savvy. You still owe more and possess less than I do, so don't get a fat head or anything.

    2. ^Christopher,

      Which multiple personality is this one? Shall we call him Charlie?

      When are you gonna break out with the multiple personality that owns resorts and oil reserves in Brunei?

    3. Wait so you aren't Mr. Infinity? If you aren't, my apologies. Mr. Infinity is a recent law grad who comes on here claiming he's a successful lawyer when in reality he's a broke JD. Sorry if you aren't him.

      But either way you're an idiot and most likely a liar.

    4. And for the record, scumbag, I'm financially secure and comfortable in my life. I may not love my job but my life could be worse. My wife and I work hard to support our child and make a good life for ourselves and at the end of the day that's the most important thing to me. So eat shit.

      But maybe you can enlighten us, Charles Schwab. Are you a lawyer? Which practice area? Which state? Maybe we know mutual people. But in reality you're a loser. Do you have any idea how many law students and loser grads come on here claiming to be debt free successful lawyers? Get bent.

    5. "Financially secure and comfortable": two parents work full-time to support ONE child.

      Yet you still waste money so that said child can attend a private prep school. Will you ever learn? Perhaps you should have the work "MARK" tattooed on your forehead. Maybe you should send her to Harvey Milk H.S. in the East Village. Assuming you don't already work there yourself, that is.


  25. ^ Haha, why don't you let ME help her out instead? I'll teach her to read. As long as she isn't a fatty, LOL.

    10:48/Knorps/WTLS/Mr.Infinity/BankruptcyJesus, WTF, dude? The Egyptian sun baking your noodle or something? Who the hell even makes jokes about 6th grade girls like that?

    Get some help, before you do something we'll all reget.

    1. Mr. Infinity has to stay at least 200 feet away from all schools and Chuck E. Cheese's.

    2. "Get some help, before you do something we'll all regret."

      We've been regretting his ass from minute one....in a blog where 99.9 percent of the commenters are Anons he stuck out due to his obnoxious personality, spam blogs, and later John Koch-baiting. There's trolling, and then there's the Knorps level of bullshit.

  26. Re: Kenneth Feinberg

    BLS is lucky to have him. I recall a long discussion by him on methods for handling the distribution of massive relief funds for Hurricane Katrina.

    The discussion might have been on CSpan but I forget.

    Feinberg spoke very well and seemed humane, and I wonder if he has any thoughts on the Law School Scam.

    But of course the troll would be in favor of protecting the taxpayers at all costs, and would probably not want relief for the victims of any natural disasters, just as he does not approve of relief for man made disasters such as the law school scam.

    For that would be "socializing the losses"

    1. ^ I certainly would. In your case, it's more of a SELF-made disaster.

      Feinberg is a turd who worked for GS and has unquestionably profited from loans made to morons like you.

      Where you been, Roach-Man? For a while there, I thought someone had sprayed some RAID all over you. This blog was NOT poorer for your absence.

  27. So you have something against Feinberg too?

    Just who do you like? Or are you a loner?

    And out of respect for Feinberg, if no one else, please keep your language civilized.

    1. But I don't HAVE any respect for Feinberg - or for you.

      I have 4 questions for you. If you actually answer them, I'll TELL you who I like.

      1. Why should I have to pay even one penny for you to go on vacation for 3 years at law school?

      2. What is the total amount of money you have paid back on your student loans so far? I'll bet the amount is shockingly low.

      3. If your monthly "payments" under IBR are zero, why do you even CARE about your debt? Are you that damn impatient to borrow even MORE money?

      4. Does RAID actually make you explode? Or is that just an exaggeration by the advertiser?

  28. I'm a practicing lawyer, and outside of personal injury cases, most solos don't use a pure contingency fee arrangement on civil matters. For example there may be a retainer, and then anything else that is collected will be on a contingency basis. The problem is that one has to pay case expenses, and it greatly helps not to do so out of one's pocket.

    Of course payment from residential real estate closings usually contingent on the closing going through, however in my retainer agreement, the client agrees to pay for the title search out of pocket in case the closing does not happen.

    If you practice law, you have to protect yourself.

  29. If any kids fall for this marketing gimmick the blame is completely on them. There is so much information out there detailing the pitfalls of law school. I wish I had these facts when I applied to LS. When I was a 0L there was 1 WSJ article dismissed as the ramblings of a disgruntled law grad.

  30. Check out Mystal’s conclusion:


    Did you catch the bit where he breezed through the most important point? “Demand for legal services, however, probably increases as population increases.”

    Haven’t we had enough people go to law school because things will “probably” work out?

    Thing is, I asked Jim Leipold, director of NALP, exactly this question at the conference this year. I asked him if decreased law school applications would mean good times for graduates in 2016. I asked if the decreased supply would basically “even out” with the reduced demand. And if I had to summarize his answer in Ted Seto terms, it would be: probably not.

    Nebulous demand for “legal services” and demand of graduates of three-year law schools who have bills and debts to pay are two entirely different things. I know that law professors don’t really have to concern themselves with such fine distinctions, but you best believe their would-be students do.

    And even if you argue that there will be demand to simply fill all the seats currently available for new and recent graduates, the nature of that demand is changing. Big firms are hiring fewer traditional “partner track” associates and more contract attorneys. They’re moving more entry-level work offshore. Technically, that’s demand, but it’s hardly the kind of demand that 2016 graduates are going to be looking for.

    If Seto’s rosy scenario convinces you to borrow $100,000 to go to Loyola – L.A. for the class of 2017, don’t come crying to me when you end up as a contractor making $50K in Wheeling, West Virginia. Or to Ted Seto. That’s “probably” what you were hoping for anyway, right?

    The only correction I would make to this piece is changing the line to “Don’t come crying to me when you end up making $40K as an insurance adjuster. Or become a barista or bartender.” At this point, only a rich kid or delusional person would even consider law school. You are betting with your life, lemming. And the “professors” don’t give a damn about your job prospects. They only care that your tuition check clears. You are a means to an end, and the bastards and pigs will gladly lie to you – in order to get your ass in a seat.

  31. To the piece of trash Mr. Infinity at 9:08-

    Reading comprehension really isn’t your strong suit. And I don’t say that jokingly because you obviously can’t read. I said: “I bought a home to raise my family in the burbs to take advantage of lower property taxes, better PUBLIC schools and a safer environment.” My child goes to PUBLIC school, idiot. Furthermore, I never specified if I had a son or daughter and I never will on this blog. You seriously need to up your reading comprehension skills if you want to be an attorney after your legal aid internship ends. My wife and I both work to SAVE money because we want to have a second kid and we PLAN for the future (validating your very unique advice to live on less than we make). Two incomes > One income. Furthermore, we got our mortgage at a historic low interest rate and negotiated down the price of our house. How’s that for financial savvy, jackass? Better than your rat trap apartment in Washington Heights. We budget, save, and in 25 years we’ll own our home outright. Sure, kids cost money, but we love being parents. You obviously aren’t a parent otherwise you would understand. You are just an overgrown loser man child who has never had to accept responsibility and instead of working for a living trolls a blog all day.

    Look, loser, at the end of the day I’m comfortable in my own skin. I have a great family and I value my time outside of work. You, however, obviously have mental issues and a burning desire to troll a blog all hours of the day. I saw your youtube videos which show you have the emotional/intellectual maturity of a 10 year old. You must be a real busy attorney (30 year old intern) with all that free time on your hands. Loser.

    As far as your Harvey Milk comment goes, I’m not sure how to respond. I guess that is just a glimpse into your weird obsession with men. I’ll chalk it up to you being a socially inept closet case with no life. Did you watch that Sean Penn movie and get all inspired and that’s why you went to law school? You probably thought you’d end up fighting DOMA in front of the Supreme Court. I bet you have a bumper sticker on your mini cooper that says “cowboys butts drive me nuts.”

    1. I made the mistake of mentioning my daughter was in sixth grade the other day and sicko offered to teach her to 'read'. See the cocksucker's response. He likes to molest children.

    2. I think someone needs to contact the authorities and have them trace Mr. Infinity. If he isn't already an active sexual predator he definitely has the thoughts and potential to eventually become one. That 6th grader comment at 10:48 from him is troubling.

    3. ^ Must've confused you with then comments of some other "great success story."

      Please don't have any more children. And consider giving up the one you already have for adoption.

      And yeah, I'll bet your boyfriend feels pretty "comfortable in your skin," too. He could probably park a battleship in there if he wanted to. Does your "wife" like to watch you two going at it?

      My advice may not be that unique, but the ability to follow it certainly is. Enjoy paying your big-ass mortgage for 25 years. LOL, at that rate, even the Paintroach will get out of debt before you do. Aren't YOU dressed for success? BTW, it's starting to look like the housing market will be heading downward soon, so you might want to hang on to something.

    4. You prob stalk child adoption services looking for victims, mr. Infinity. So you're saying no one should buy a home if they can't pay for it 100 per cent upfront? That would work out great for an economy driven by home sales. Mortgages have been part of American society for decades, idiot. Again, I don't have anything to prove to you. So go make another YouTube video or peddle your shitty book "how to succeed in law school." you seriously need to grow up, son.

      And as far as your homosexual comments go, I'll leave them with your child sex comments.

    5. ^ "An economy driven by home sales." Jesus, could the banks have you any MORE fooled?

      Even at 3%, the bank gets about 150% of the closing price from you over the life of the mortgage. "An economy driven by home sales." Pffft, more liek "an economy driven by 50% gifts to mortgage lenders."

      Enjoy your mortgage.

    6. @224,

      That shouldn't be very difficult for you. Considering all the business they get from you, the police probably have a couple of satellite offices in your parents' house.

      You are sooooo obsessed with getting docs on your critics. The police aren't your personal army. They probably despise you even more than I do.

    7. Again, mental midget, that's the game of life. I'd rather own a piece of property than give my money to a landlord and have nothing in my name, I'll enjoy my mortgage and the home I live in. Enjoy your ratty apt in Washington heights. See you around fort Washington avenue. Oh wait, I don't live where I need bars on my windows.

      We put 20 per cent down, got a good rate, and live in the NYC burbs where prices have been stable and even ticking up.

      In the end, you are just a troll and a bitter, unemployed law grad, mr. Infinity. We all know who you are, read your twitter/blog. You just graduated, You haven't paid off your loans, you don't have a job. You are the poster child for law school lemmings and web trolls.

      I see a law and order svu episode about you being made. A "legal volunteer" who wants to work with foster children and place them in homes. Except the only thing you are placing is your dick in a little boy's ass. The episode ends with you breaking down in interrogation, waiving your Miranda rights, accepting you were a victim of the law school scam, and going to paradise (Sing sing with your boyfriends).

    8. ^TITCR

      That was the worst I have ever seen anyone get owned on these pages. Shit, I'm still laughing so hard I can barely type this.

    9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Three years of law school is a great sacrifice in time and effort. It is three years of lost opportunity cost.

    It is not a vacation for anybody, and the expierence for many is quite miserable, but they endured it because they thought the law degree would pay off someday.

    When the debt cannot be serviced after law school due to low income, it is a human travesty.

    And after going through all of that browbeating and socratic method bullying in law school (hardly a vacation) only to discover in later years that the debt can only be handled through government charity or IBR, it is a source of great shame and humiliation and worth killing one's self over if one is so inclined.

    Add an anonymous cyber bully coward to the mix to methodically and with countless posts to further denigrate and shame the debtors in front of thousands of readers, and we have a very horrible situation.

    The cyber bully (for that is what he is) must share his real name by now, or he should be found out.

    1. ^ Oh, grow up. Your income is low because you refuse to look for work. If you think that law school is real work, then clearly you are a stranger to the concept.

      And what, is society supposed to pay you not to kill yourself? Nobody should be held responsible for your debt except for you.

      You SAY that you are working. And you probably aren't paying your parents for food or rent. How much does a painter pull down in a year, $40K? If so, you should have at least $500K salted away by now. Why don't you use THAT money to pay off the debt that is causing you so much "shame?" Where did all the money go? Did the gremlins steal it? Or do you paint houses for free?

      I think you are hiding money in an attempt to swindle your creditors.

      And you didn't answer your questions.

    2. Painter is probably gonna get a huge inheritance. Manhasset homes are not cheap.

    3. I fearlessly predict that Sallie Mae would get most of that inheritance. We aren't talking about being paid under the table for construction work, here - it's pretty hard to hide a HOUSE.

  33. The sad fact is that there are no where near enough decent opportunities for law grads. If law schools were honest about the legal job market, a lot less people would go to law school. Law schools have no ethics. The word is getting out, but even a few short years ago a lot of people did not know how truly terrible the legal job market is.

  34. Dogshit > Christopher Knorps

    'nuff said.

    1. He doesn't seem to care that we have his number - we know who he is, where he is writing from, and what firm (if any) he will be working at. It's all psychological projection on his part; he knows he's fucked, so he kicks John Koch to feel better. He needs to get his act together and leave the country for good.

    2. Well, based on all your PAST empty threats, it's pretty hard to take the new ones seriously. All I see is a scared Russian sculpting bitch.

  35. I'm willing to believe that this Seto guy isn't a charlatan. He may just be evidence that people go to law school because they can't do math. After all, why else would he think that the economy is "recovering" and that demand for legal services will increase as the population grows.

    Oh, wait...My medication is wearing off.

  36. The troll is very active and all over other blogs as well, and you can get some insight into his thinking if you read Cryn Johannsen's past few posts as well as the past posts on Scholastic Snake oil.

    My advice is to ignore him. He uses a false proxy and cannot be found.

    He is a self described "Libertarian" and very anti-Obama and has made his typical racist comments on the Scholastic Snake Oil blog.

    So don't take whatever he says personally. He is sadistic and mean to everyone it seems.

    I only hope he is not dangerous.

    If I died today, there wouldn't even be enough money out of my estate to buy flowers, and his saying I have half a million dollars stashed away is defamatory and false.

    I cannot even buy Health Insurance and have been without health insurance since the end of 2011.

    I have no money for retirement and will not have any it seems.

    All I will leave behind when I die is a massive tax bomb after my massive six figure student loan debt is discharged at the age of 70 or so, assuming I live that long and don't die homeless and on the streets before then.

    But what the hell, there are news stories about student loan debtors that live in their cars, and the trolls mercilessly attack them too.

    And so the situation is simply and purely....hopeless.

    1. ^ Bullshit. Do you paint houses for free? Then where DOES the money go?

      You're either lying to your creditors about your income, or you are lying to us about all the hard work you claim you are doing. Which is it?

      Will you at least answer question # 4 from earlier?

  37. Hey! Nice job Matt!


  38. http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2013/06/seto-.html

    Brian Tamanaha, law professor at Washington University in St. Louis, tore Seto’s “argument” to shreds, on June 5, 2013 at 2:11:48 pm. Look at this reply to the nonsensical TaxProf piece:

    “Seto took this line 2 years ago on Taxprof, arguing on the same grounds that law schools were not facing a crisis: http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2011/07/seto-.html

    Today we know Seto was badly wrong, as law schools across the country are currently struggling with dramatically declining revenues.

    Seto will be wrong again in 2015 and 2016: there will still be a significant oversupply of graduates to available positions, though it will be 3-2 rather than the current 2-1.

    And he will be wrong for all the same reasons, starting with the false presupposition that provides the basis for his analysis:

    "Demand for legal services [that people are willing and able to pay for], however, probably increases as population increases."

    Do not gamble with your financial future, lemmings, simply because a self-interested “educator”/thief tells you that it will “probably” pay off for you. The rat does not offer ANY actual proof for his claims. Furthermore, he simply ignores critics of “legal education” who have hard evidence to support their case. In sum, the cockroach has no credibility. Plus, he CLEARLY does not give a damn about YOU or your future job prospects.

  39. http://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2011/07/seto-.html

    On July 1, 2011, TaxProf blog featured a post entitled “Seto: Is the Sky Really Falling in Legal Education?” Here is Pig Seto's garbage opening:

    “Brian Tamanaha's recent blog on Balkinization, The Coming Crunch for Law Schools, echoes the doomsday rhetoric of many current observers of legal education.

    Brian notes a recent New York Times study that finds that law schools are producing about twice as many graduates as "new lawyer positions" projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. He further notes that between 1990 and 2008, law faculties have gotten bigger, expanding by 47.76% between 1990 and 2008. Finally, he notes that law school applications are falling, suggesting that "Schools would be prudent to anticipate a cumulative drop in applications of perhaps a third from their high." He concludes: "Tough times are ahead."

    In the short run, the Great Recession has made the job market for law graduates very tough. The resulting doomsday rhetoric has almost certainly contributed to the decline in law school applications. I am not yet persuaded, however, that the problems legal education faces today are long-term and structural, rather than a natural consequence of the business cycle.

    Let's begin with fundamentals. Between 1990 and 2008 (the period Brian analyzes), the number of law graduates increased by 21.90%. The US population increased by 21.94% over that same period. As a result, the number of law graduates per capita actually declined slightly, by -0.05%. This suggests that unless the amount of legal work per capita has declined, US law schools are not graduating too many students. If so, as the economy recovers the job market for law graduates should recover as well. When it does, law school applications should rise again.”

    Theodore Seto is a disgraceful swine. He has no sense of personal ethics, at least as it pertains to “higher education.” Apparently, the bastard does not know how to perform a basic Google search on “automation” or “legal outsourcing.”

    Check out this brilliant response from user “Loyola ‘05”, which was posted on July 1, 2011 at 3:05:24 pm:

    “This from a guy that teaches at a school with one of the highest forced first year attrition rates of the U.S. News top 100 (some of those forced out held, and lost merit aid to attend the dump);

    This from a guy that teaches at a school where a mere 65% or so of its students graduate with jobs, and of those, many are not full time positions that pay a wage that can support the preposterous 43k a year tuition that pay Seto's bills.

    Oh, I'm quite sure you aren't running...But anyone thinking of paying a dime to attend schools like yours should run, and that's really the point of all this...And thanks for pointing out that you are insulated from the realities of this misery.

    Stop while you are ahead Mr. Seto.”

  40. It's funny how Seto is a BA/JD magna cum laude from Harvard and the best he can do is "demand for legal services 'probably increases' as population increases." So either Harvard isn't the intellectual powerhouse it once was or pig Seto knows the weakness of his position and this is simply the best he can do. It's funny how the "brilliance" of a Hardvard BA/JD is swallowed whole by cold, hard data exposing his racket.

    Seto's pathetic blog post similar to Dick Fuld of Lehman Brothers coming out saying everything is A-okay right before his bank collapsed in on itself.

  41. https://twitter.com/JackKnorps

    You're 30 years old still talking about bars in the village? Holy shit you are immature. Grow up. Good luck in bar review, assclown.


    This loser actually posts on his own blog. Scroll down to the comment section.

    1. How is he going to bar review classes while vacationing in Egypt at the same time? Are you sure you got the right guy?

  42. ^1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you very much for featuring my blog, "Law School Fail" on your analysis.

    Mr. Infinity
    June 11, 2013 at 6:14 AM

    And he waited until after Nando barbecued his ass to comment on that post to make it look like the two assholes are not one and the same.

  43. Here's how the rest of that conversation should go

    Jack Knorps said...

    You're welcome Jack, I mean, Mr. Infinity. Your writing is so great.

    Anonymous said...

    We should hang out sometime, Mr. Inf, err, Mr. Knorps. Now you have me doing it. You seem super cool and it looks like yer a vegan too. My favorite lunch spot is in the back of this gay bar I frequent. They make the best vegan clam chowder ever. Hmmmm.

    Mr. Infinity

  44. Just give us all your name.

    I'm sure everyone wants to know who it is that is making the hate speech and racist remarks about worshipping the big black booty on the Scholastic Snake Oil Blog.

    You are a racist piece of human shit and a coward that doesn't have the courage to put his name behind his words.

    You are garbage and scum that should be scraped off the bottom of the shoes.

    You are filth that belongs in the gutter.

    You are trash, and a boner. And a prick. And a moron. An idiot. And a mentally deranged fool.

    I think that you suck, and that you are a motherfucker, and a cocksucker, and a pig that doesn't fly straight.

    You are a jerk off, and (keeping it in the procine genre) a pig-eyed asshole.

    If cruelty were a political movement, you would be leading a revolution, and if ugliness were the fashion, your ugly and disgusting face would be plastered all over the magazine covers.

    You are a moron, a dipshit, and a craven misanthrope that craves attention by cowardly attacking others, and who hides in the filthy mud under a slime covered rock at the bottom of a toxic swamp, and who only crawls out from under that rock long enough to make inhumane accusations and suggestions about situations and people you do not understand.

    You are evil and obviously white trash, and with truffles growing between your toes and your crooked teeth, and the truffles grow into your cranium, and enter your mind and make you mad.

    You are the reason this country is so fucked up now, and you deserve to be outed, and discovered.

    You are the white devil who trolls anonymously.
    yeah, what a big fucking man.

    Your soul is covered with sin, and you will burn in hell if the hatred you engender and inspire from other people after your cowardly and viscious attacks against them is any indication of how you are regarded in this world.

    Have the guts to stand up to your sadistic poison pen trolling bullshit by now. If you did I am sure a lot of people around here would at least have a little more respect for you.

    For once in your life have the guts to be a man.

    Until then you can sleep with the knowledge that you are probably one of the biggest cowards that has ever gone on the internet.

    1. ^ LOL, Roach Rage!

      So much for keeping our comments civil for Ken Feinberg.

  45. Q: What costs you $150K, takes up three years of your life, and gives you shit job prospects?

    A: A law degree!

  46. The troll's mad because that Feinberg guy fucked his mother in the ass...after he made her bark like a dog.

    1. None of you are answering the real question here: where did all of Paintroach's house painting money go?? Or has he been sitting on his ass all these years and PRETENDING to work?

  47. Chicken Shit you are and need to be found out.


    You are the one that insulted Feinberg you piece of cowardly anon shit!

    You are cowardly vermin You are nothing but shit. You are a coward and will be found out.

    You suck and are a racist and hate filled and vermin as far as anyone is concerned.

    LOL to you too you piece of slime and garbage.

    If you ever wanted to inspire hate you have escalated all of this into unprecedented trolling and have done it and you have no guts and are an anonymous cyber bully coward.


    I want to know who you are and I will find out.

    If Christopher Knorps wants to write fiction about me and Nando in homosexual contexts and publish his stories on the internet then the NY Character and Fitness Comittee will have to deal with that.

    And if you ever bother my family I will go to the police.

    If Mr. Feinberg is reading this I apoligoze, but this troll has been relentlessly pursuing me and publishing the phone numbers of my old parents and referring to my parents as roaches who have nothing to do with any of this.

    This troll has to be found out and for the love of God please if anyone out there can help end this cyber bullying by him please help.

    This troll has been calling my family roaches for a long time now and I am very emotionally distraught and have considered suicide quite a few times over his trolling because he has methodically humiliated me in front of thousands of readers over quite a long time by now and in spite of my best efforts I cannot figure out who he is.

    He is making me very, very depressed and is making false statements about me and I have no defense against him it seems.

    Can someone out ther please help find out who this troll is?

    All I can get is Michael lavrick from Secaucus New Jersey, who is a provider or at least a chain in the link for fake proxys which enable trolls such as this.

    1. Where did all the house-painting money go, man? You keep ducking the question.

      Maybe your parents ARE partially to blame for your entitled attitude and poor work ethic. Sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

      So you claim that you want to commit suicide - er, because you aren't able to expose an anon commenter on a blog? Wow, do they have to talk you down off of a ledge every time you lose your car keys, too?

      Sociopaths like you often threaten to kill yourselves as a means of getting things from others (all that free room and board immediately come to mind). They almost never make good on their threats, however. But on the extremely unlikely chance that you are considering it, I have a counterproposal: why don't you just bury the part of yourself that hates working? Turn over a new leaf. You know that you could do more than blindly sending out resumes with no follow-up. Act like you will literally drop dead in 2 weeks if you don't have a government job at that time. And get one. Pedal to the metal, man. Each year you spend on ICR will make that PSLF look less appealing to you, i.e. "I could get a government job for 10 years, or I could stay on ICR for a little longer than that and not HAVE to work."

      I have a few friends who actually work in the public sector. Some of them owe almost as much money as you do, but they seem to be far happier than you are.

      Believe it or not, I'm trying to help you get out of debt.

      But I guess that no good deed goes unpunished.

      I'm not going to hand you a big fat check, though.

  48. Let's face reality: the hard part-accomplishing concrete lasting change in this corrupt business-is just starting. For a long time Nando and other bloggers were voices in the wilderness, issuing warnings that were ignored while they were reviled and dismissed by the Law School Industrial Complex-the schools, the ABA, and all associated apologists.
    Then people started listening, and law school apps fell-and even the ADHD popular media paid attention.
    Well, these guys-including the well-fed professor-have all gotten rich off the scam. Did anyone think they'd go quietly? Of course not; we've entered the era of truly despicable behavior, where these "educator" charlatans trot out every supposition, hypothesis and out-right lie to keep the applications coming-because if they don't, the schools would close and they'd actually have to practice law. Take a look at virtually every ABA action the past decade, including accrediting a new law school this week(yeah, that was needed)-every action-every single one-was done to increase the profits of the entrenched and protect that pile of cash at the expense of the gullible(i.e new attorneys and law students).
    The tough part is just beginning-and if applications continue to fall, then application standards will continue to fall to the point where it becomes open admissions at some of these places.
    The scammers aren't going to give up without a fight-because it's all about the money.

  49. Yes, Mr. Insanity is mad because Feinberg fucked his mother in the ass hard until she got diarrhea. Knorps is rightly mad because he fucks his mother himself. Incest is the best, right Knorps?

    1. Well, Sculptorpuss, it's only fun going up to and including first cousins. MALE first cousins in your case.

    2. You have sex with your first cousins? That explains a lot.

    3. ^ No, but there are one or two of them whom I definitely consider hittable.

  50. You all have to settle down. First of all, I want to say that I am not the person who posted the comments about the little girl, nor have I cussed on this blog. Also, rest assured I do not drink alcohol, nor do I waste my money at East Village clubs. I have never set foot in a night club in my life.

    Yes, I am in Egypt, and no, I have very little time for you all. However, I am still giddy at the comments you all make because it's fun to read all the arguments you throw back and forth.

    Just because a naysayer posts here does not mean that it is me. Granted, I did mention contingency fees -- that was me! However, there are other people here who disagree with the message of this blog and the scamblogs in general.

    I am glad you are all having so much fun thinking you found me. But, alas, you have not. As for the book "How to Win at Law School," I make money off that as I do with other products on amazon, through an affiliate network. You should all try to find creative ways to make money. You don't have to write a book to profit off of one.


    -Mr. Insanity, J.D.
    Egyptian Wanderer -- Certified Optimist

    1. ^ I keep telling them I'm not you, but they refuse to believe me. If these dingalings give you trouble with C&F, don't blame me. I TRIED to tell them. They're just too effin stupid to listen. Except for Paintroach, surprisingly enough.

    2. Chris Knorps is Mr. Infinity. Keep denying it shit stain.

      Infinity even added flying houses to his blogroll. He took the blog down after his identity was revealed. Then he put it back up. And now all of a sudden Mr. Infinity is commenting on old flying houses posts when he never did before.

      Seek counseling.

  51. Just found your blog -- good show! It's been over 10 years since law school for me, but your sentiments are timeless.


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