Monday, June 3, 2013

Putrid Desperation: Brooklyn Law School to Offer Two Year JD Program

The Commode’s TTT Announcement:

On May 8, 2013, the second tier trash pit issued a press release, with the headline “Brooklyn Law School Creates the First Accelerated 2-Year J.D. Program in New York Metro Area.”  The pigs’ mothers must be very proud.  Take a look at this portion:

“Last night the Board of Trustees of Brooklyn Law School (“BLS”) approved an accelerated 2-year J.D. program beginning in summer 2014. With the creation of the program, BLS will be able to offer a range of flexible 2-, 2.5-, 3-, 3.5- or 4-year options—called “Brooklyn 2-3-4”—to adapt to prospective students’ needs. Brooklyn Law School is the first in the New York metropolitan area to enable students to earn a J.D. in 2 years.

The new 2-year offering is designed for select students seeking a rigorous legal education in an abbreviated timeframe. Candidates interested in this type of program might be, for example: 1) mid-life or mid-career professionals, including CPAs, MBA graduates, or those from academia desiring legal credentials and a new start; 2) foreign-trained lawyers with strong English-language proficiency; 3) individuals with established career plans following law school; or, 4) adults who seek to reenter the workforce.”
[Emphasis mine]

Yes, it is noble – and a true sign of “public service” - to take advantage of desperate, older people, right?!?!  One would think that a supposed “institution of higher education” would be embarrassed to publically post such filth.  Then again, we are dealing with academic sociopaths.

Other Coverage of This Garbage:

Adam B. posted an epic entry on this trash program, in his May 29, 2013 OTLSS piece “Dean Nick Allard and the Future of the Scam.”  Check out the excerpt below:

“Brooklyn Law School recently announced that it will offer a two-year J.D. program designed for non-traditional students, i.e. middle-aged students, foreign-trained lawyers, and other people trying to reenter the workforce in a second post-recession career.  Obviously, this is a particularly nasty scam, which attempts to attract the least hirable potential students.  Most law firms do not want to hire older lawyers even if they have years of experience.  It goes without saying that the majority of older lawyers will not have the ability to scrape together a makeshift solo practice, nor would most want to or plan to.

BLS is marketing this new program as a great way for older people to reignite their careers and to find employment stability before they retire.  It is only incidental, I suppose, that it is also a great way to scam unemployed middle-aged people who think that a two-year program will cost less (it won’t).”
[Emphasis mine]

Adam B. is correct in noting that the school is targeting those who will be the least likely to find legal employment, while enrolled or upon graduation.  The administrators and “professors” at this garbage heap have no shame.
Elie Mystal wiped his ass with Brooklyn Law Sewer once again.  On May 14, 2013, he authored an ATL article entitled “The More Law Schools Change, The More Law Faculty Will Start Pitching A Fit.” Here is my favorite segment of that piece:

“More recently, Brooklyn has been begging for press over its new two-year J.D. program. We haven’t covered it here because I didn’t feel like pretending that a polished turd doesn’t stink. The “two-year” program has just as many class hours and costs just as much money as the three year program. In fact, instead of saving students money, the program is designed to remove summer breaks. You remember the summer right? It’s that time during a decent economy when students can work full time to defray some of the costs of attending law school.

Whatever, maybe Brooklyn is tacitly admitting that students aren’t very likely to get lucrative summer associate positions while attending Brooklyn.”
[Emphasis mine]

Even though law firms typically discriminate against older students, in their hiring practices, this program basically ensures that these men and women will have no shot in hell of landing summer clerkships.  The best outcome that these non-traditional students can hope to attain is to become solo practitioners, once they receive their TT law degrees.

Ranking: The commode is currently rated as the 80th greatest, most phenomenal and amazing law school in the entire country – according to US “News” & World Report.  That is quite a prestigious in$TTiTTuTTion, huh?!?!

Pathetic Employment Placement: The sewer rats admit that the nine-month employment rate, for the Class of 2012, stood at an underwhelming 75.4 percent!  That is an embarrassment.  Keep in mind that this includes non-law jobs, as well as part-time and temporary positions.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Crooklyn JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $105,916. Hell, 88 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such foul debt. Remember, this figure does not include undergraduate debt. It also does not take accrued interest into account.

Conclusion: Crooklyn Law Sewer is a foul, putrid, stench pit.  The commode is merely ranked 80th “best” by USN&WR.  Apparently, the pigs are more concerned with getting more federally-backed student loan checks than they are about increasing their pathetic rating.  The bitches and hags simply want to keep the gravy train rolling along, as long as possible.  Again, the law school swine DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about the students or recent graduates.  After all, they are not the ones stuck with $130K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.  If you have a functioning brain stem, then you will not even consider this toxic dump.


  1. I wonder how much money Queen Wexler (I say Queen because she is compensated accordingly, given a luxury car and a penthouse that has a view that would draw Donald Trump's envy) spent in hiring a PR agency to come up with this campaign?

    If this school really wanted to make this a legitimate time and money saving program, it would offer the 3-3 program where students pay for three years of undergrad and complete a 3 year JD program. The savings would be one year's worth of undergrad tuition. However, BLS is not affiliated with a major university. It is a stand-alone profit center that suckers in delusional lemmings like the guy who was featured on the previous post.

    I think it is pernicious that BLS is targeting older people. Can you imagine turning 65, 10 years after getting a JD from this wretched commode only to have your social security benefits garnished? Yes, the government can and will garnish your social security benefits for student loans. It's not like you will have your parents around to bail you out when you are 65 like that jackass Knorps.

    1. ^ Isn't PAINTroach the one who still lives with his parents?

      They can only "garnish" 15 percent of your Social Security benefits, btw.

  2. Non-trads, if you are being forced into "starting over", then stay away from this. There is nothing for you here in an "accelerated" program except outrageous costs of tuition and a credential no one else is interested in. And if you want to go solo, I would think three times before taking the plunge. Look around you...the climate is not good.

    If you already have a job and the company is paying for your JD, then knock yourself out - preferably with a 64oz gin and tonic. You'll want to after the first few blathering 1L classes, trust me.

  3. There's no sense in going solo unless you're desperate or have great sales skills. And if you have the ability to sell yourself, you wouldn't be unemployed. Or 'seeking to reenter' the workforce.

    And you wouldn't be like the piece of shit from 8:49 and be obsessed with a guy that paints houses for a living.

    1. ^ He shuns work and tries to steal from the taxpayers.

      He doesn't do *anything* for a "living."

    2. Put a gun to your head, Knorps.

  4. To add to the above:

    This is absolutely shameful. Remember that Crooklyn and other NY schools will be, and have been, protected by political scoundrels masquerading in black robes. The challenge to the legal Ponzi scheme that is law school failed.

    As far as going after non-trads and older students/foreigners, MBAs: So much for the "sophisticated consumer" line of reasoning (shrug).. 95% of people can't even understand that the so-called $160k and plus $100k salaries reported by the scamming law schools somehow fail to include the approximately 50% of the graduating class that mysteriously failed to report their income - because they HAVE NONE, i.e. NO JOB.

    Lastly, "older" in the context of legal employment just starting out, for large and small firms alike, means roughly 25 or younger. Believe it.

    Small and large firms alike survive by paying absolute crap salaries to young attorneys and justify it by saying they are inexperienced. While that, of course, is true it doesn't exactly help with trying to pay off $150k+ in non-dischargeable student loan debt when you are making $35k or less for many years. And that assumes steady employment. Small firms "churn and burn" by design so they never have to give raises and that starting figure never increases as a cost for them. The law schools are their defacto partners, pumping out a new crop every year to exploit.

    Biglaw operates in the same way, albeit salaries are top of the market. They have a timeframe of 1-3 years for Associates whom they also churn and burn. Cost containment still drives the equation and any perceived downturn in business, meaning a Profits Per Partner decline (PPP) and out comes the Axe - with gusto.

    Older non-trades, potential students, LISTEN: You will NOT be welcomed into the legal field. If for nothing else than your advanced age. That alone will virtually guarantee you no job coming out and this INCLUDES those at the top of their class. AGE alone WILL kill you.

    See THIS:

    And I recommend, although off-topic in a sense, this:

    The "Sales"/Con-Man mentality showcased IS the EXACT SAME. It's all about the MONEY and getting it no matter who or how many get hurt in the process. The character type is rampant in the administrations and faculty of the law schools. The only difference being the method with one (above) being illegal and law school not.

    You have been WARNED.

  5. With rare exceptions, law firms don't want you if you are 30. I had older guys (and by older, I mean early 30s) in my class that for whatever reason aced their 1L courses. When it came to jobs they ended up in some legal aid outfit. Or working for $10 an hour part time in some shitlawyer hack's office. Now imagine being a 50 year old man or woman. The law firms won't even consider you. Not even for a second.

    So you know what you should do? Don't even consider going to law school as an older (30+) student. If you want to waste your money, go buy a luxury sedan. Or something that you can use or walk away from.

  6. Nontrads you are not wanted by law firms. Don't confuse being sought after by law schools with the lawyer job market.

    Just like Hollywood doesn't want fat or chubby actresses, large law firms don't want old people that have job experience. The movie industry doesn't care how pretty your face is or how great your personality is if you are fat. And law firms don't care how great your grades were or how smart you are, if you happen to be older. And that might mean 27 or 28 with some firms.

  7. Non-traditional and older students: DON'T FALL FOR THE TRAP!

    Biglaw sees older (read: anyone over 29) as a pariah. They will not touch you, not even with a 10 foot pole. Here is an article on the legal profession and age discrimination:

    Older students are seen as a challenge to authority. They are seen as people who cannot be molded and are set in their ways. Law shuns older people. I realize that law schools like to point out the Erin Brockoviches (who btw, never attended law school and was only given an honorary doctor of laws degree) of the world as prime examples of older grad success stories.

  8. Excellent choice of photo - two shits for the two year program!

    1. Two year program where the administration doesn't give two shits about the students.

  9. The problem with these two year programs is that you have to spend just about every day at the law school - including summers.

    If you're not in the top ten percent, you will need to spend outside time working for law firms, networking, and doing extracurricular activities in order to get noticed.

    But hey, let them try. One less year in law school can't be all bad.

  10. Thanks for bringing attention to the latest scam, Nando. Notes to any mid-career people contemplating Crooklyn:

    1. Statistically, you will not get a worthwhile job out of this program. Columbia and NYU grads aren't doing so well ITE and yet you want to compete with them?

    2. You will NOT be welcome back in your prior career if law doesn't work out. Law school has no value to most employers; it detracts from your résumé and closes many more doors than it opens. Talk to a recruiter if you don't believe me.



    Employed at graduation: N/A
    Median private sector starting salary: $75,000
    Median public service starting salary: $55,500"

    For $ome rea$on, the bitches and hags at this well-known, festering toilet did not furnish an employed at graduation figure, on the school’s USN&WR profile. Yet, the cockroaches were happy to publish median starting salaries - which were derived from the small minority of Crooklyn grads who provided that information to the commode.

    Let’s take a look at the sewage pit’s NALP Employment Summary for the Class of 2012. First of all, you will notice there were a total of 466 graduates, from this cohort. It’s not as if the NYC and New York State legal markets are GLUTTED, right?!?! Of this massive amount, 227 landed full-time, long term jobs requiring bar passage. This represents 48.71% of the class, i.e. 227/466.

    Also under Employment Status, you will see that fully 100 grads were unemployed AND seeking work. Another 10 JDs from this unfortunate class were not looking for a job, and had yet to find employment. What a pre$TTigiou$ trash heap, huh?!?! Who wouldn’t want to take out monstrous levels of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for such weak-ass, anemic job prospects?!

    Scroll down to Employment Type, on page 1 of this PDF file. A total of 137 members of this class ended up working in law firms – with full-time, long term status. Hell, 63 of these poor souls reported being employed in firms with 2-10 attorneys. This equates to 29.4 percent of the entire cohort, i.e. 137/466.

    If law schools are supposed to train people to become attorneys, then this commode is truly failing in its mission. Of course, the REAL PURPOSE of “legal education” is to provide easy-ass, high-paying jobs to lazy bastards and failed lawyers known as “law professors.” Only a fundamentally dishonest pig would argue to the contrary. Also, such swine are never able to back up their assertions with any solid facts. Instead, the academic thieves and shills employ meaningless platitudes, empty rhetoric, baseless projections about "growth"/massive retirements of older attorneys, and emotional appeals to lemmings’ faith in “higher education.”

    1. Um, NO, Nando, the REAL PURPOSE of "legal education" is to provide easy-ass, high-paying jobs to lazy bastards and failed lawyers like YOU. And Paintroach.

      Or that's how it should be, anyway. Right?

    2. Hello, cockroach. Are you now carrying the flag for the trolls, now that your boyfriend has been identified?

      Try something original, on your end. Use some actual data, and make a case as to why law school is a wise financial decision for most law students. If you cannot do so, then keep your face shut, Bitch.

      On June 27, 2011, Catherine Rampell’s piece “The Lawyer Surplus, State by State” appeared in the New York Times Economix Blog. The article was based off research from Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. At any rate, New York has the MOST GLUTTED ATTORNEY JOB MARKET, in the nation!

      “2010-2015 Estimated Annual Openings: 2,100
      2009 Bar Exam Passers: 9,787
      Surplus: 7,687”

      Do…you…understand…that…waterhead?!?! Or do I need to draw you a diagram with Crayola and posterboard? Maybe you should stick to playing with Legos and Tonka trucks.

      Of course, Crooklyn Law dumped out 466 graduates, in 2012. That was noble of them, correct?!?!

      Now, take a look at the NALP National Summary Chart, for the JD Class of 2011. There were 44,495 graduates, competing for 27,224 jobs that “required bar passage.” In sum, there were 1.63 JDs for these positions. Furthermore, a total of 17,666 members of this class ended up working in law firms. This figure includes the 1,059 desperate souls who went into solo practice.

      Hell, only 39.7% of the class landed attorney jobs, i.e. 17,666/44,495. As anyone with an IQ above 70 - this excludes you, 4:46 pm - recognizes that law schools are run for the benefit of “law professors” and administrators. Imagine if only 39.7 percent of an entire medical school or dental school cohort ended up in their respective practice areas. Do you think that those students would be happy with their “education”?!

      In the final analysis, people attend “professional” school in order to land good jobs or solid careers. Why do you think that law school tuition is so much higher than the rates charged for undergrads, at the same university or college?! At least, medical and dental students are helping to cover the immense costs of new technology. Law schools don’t incur such expenses.

      You are dismissed, you piece of trash. Focus on getting a life, pussy.

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    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. It's so sad that a supposedly grown man cannot grasp that his worthless comments are not wanted in some forums. However, it is beyond pathetic that the shill continues to post rubbish, anyway.

      Likewise, when women blast him in the face with pepper spray, the bastard persists until he was "won them over." Kicking him in the balls doesn't work, because the troll has no genitals.

      This same garbage of trash is also obsessed with JD Painter. Maybe he is upset that his boyfriend apparently went to Egypt, and did not bring him along. Seek counseling, moron. Hell, you might even try finding a JOB, douche-bag. When people land employment, they have less time for playing on the internet, in their mother's basement - and they even earn money. Then again, that is a strange concept to you.

      In your 6:49 am comment, you mentioned that you do not need to make a case for the law schools. Since you have nothing to add to the conversation, none of your comments will be published on this blog. At least, Mr. Infinifool admitted that law school is a bad deal for most students.

  12. hey, nando, outside the law school scam has two posts up reviewing a book supposed calling law school a scam. One of the authors is a fellow named charles cooper. Do you remember him? Is he the same charles cooper who owns the nontradlaw site? Was that his blog that was constantly trashing scambloggers a couple years ago?

    You and I used to go round and round with him. He banned me a number of times from his discussion board, and I think he deleted a bunch of your comments.

    That was and is a shill site. And now he writes a 'law school is a scam' book?!?

    The blog portion of nontradlaw site is now missing although the link is still there on the site.

    1. You might want to read his book. It says that law school admits people who have no chance or real hope of being a lawyer. You know, like Painter.

  13. What a gimmick. This program doesn't save you any money. It just gives you the opportunity to work nonstop for two straight years, burn out, and you don't even get to have the ability to clerk for two summers. This con doesn't even allow you to build a resume in this shit heap profession. What a fucking joke.

  14. The administrators of Crooklyn and other law schools understand psychology in much the same way serial killers as well as common sociopaths understanding. One basic tenet of their understanding is that desperate people, no matter how intelligent they are, will do desperate things. What Crooklyn has done is to find a way to make money from it.

    As Nando and others have pointed out, the fact that Crooklyn is targeting older students brings the ethical standards of law school administrators to a new low. Those students will not only have to pay just as much tuition for two years as "traditional" students pay for three; they are at even greater risk upon graduation. Of course there is the issue of age discrimination.

    Just as important is the fact that older students--some of whom, I imagine, were unemployed for periods of time before returning to school--will have a harder time of recouping their tuition and the opportunity costs they forego in order to attend school. Plus, if they have to take on a lot of debt, it will wreck their credit scores and ruin what little chance they might have had to work for law firms.

    1. It's like the German army towards the end of WW2 - once they ran out of military-age males, they started drafting the old-timers. Naturally, they were slaughtered.

  15. Look Lemmings. Lawyers kill themselves because they hate this job so much.

    Ive been practicing 20 years and I cant tell you how foolish it is to take out loans for law school other then at a T-14 school. Your entire life is delayed ie family, wealth etc for an opportunity to maybe make above average money when you hit 40 and by then your wife has left you for a construction worker and you are either fat, bald, an alcoholic or a drug addict and the only pussy you get will be at the local animal shelter.

    Dont feel shame if you try another profession. It means you are smart.

    1. I too knew of several attorneys who have taken their own lives, as well as others who have had mental breakdowns. What a shit profession.

  16. Nando, no need to cite to Rampell's 2011 article. The lemmings will say you are using stale numbers to justify your position. However, lemmings, if you think the clouds are parting and the sun is coming out, think again. This article, which came out today, only confirms what Rampell was saying:

    According to this article, the best state to find a legal job is in Alaska. I hear Igloos are very cheap and ice is free, which is good since you will need it for your popov.

    1. I read that article. It's actually even worse than that. The data is (law school grads/law jobs available) by state.
      Alaska will look good by that metric even if the entire state actually needs just one more lawyer because Alaska doesn't have a law school. Nevada and Wyoming are barely above water here, having ratios of 0.98 and 0.91 respectively.

      For you guys following along at home. In Wyoming (The best legal market in a state with a law school), for every 100 open positions, there are 91 lawyers generated by law schools in the state, leaving 9 positions that have to be filled by outsiders. The average state seems to be more like California where for every 100 positions, approximately 100 people have to leave the state and find employment somewhere else. My reckoning is that lawyers are freezing their balls off financially speaking; in Alaska, Wyoming, California, Nevada, Mississippi, and every other state in the Union.

      New lawyers will need lots of ice wherever they set up shop because they will need lots of Popov.

  17. This BLS 2-year program is a vicious con. It is set up to target older folks who are dissatisfied with their current job/lack of job. In this economy, that can be 99% of the workforce ages 30-45. As a 20 year veteran lawyer, I can tell you the grass is not greener on this side. It hasn't been green since maybe the late '80s before I even go to this "profession." This profession is a game and it is all about hustling. The law schools hustle you when they paint these rosy pictures of you lateraling to your dream law job. Yes, you too can be the next Denny Craig. What you will be is a broke ass old person.

    I have an uncle who got conned into a similar program. At the age of 57, my uncle kept getting flyers from a local state university which was offering a crash course MBA in 18 months. My uncle was told that many MBA grads (read: 99% are snatched up by Fortune 500 before graduation). Long story short, he incurred $30K in loans, graduated with a worthless MBA and no one will even interview him. His career services offices' best advice was to leave off his graduation year from his bachelors degree (it was in the '70s) so that prospective employers can't tell his age. Right, this strategy will only work if the interviewer is blind. No matter how much black dye he puts in his hair, my uncle still looks 50 at best. No one wants to hire an old fart at this point. The law schools are employing the same method hook, line and sinker. I bet a lot of old timers will fall for this scam. If you don't believe me, go to some firm websites and look up the associates. See if you can find an associate who graduated in the last 3 years ('10 grad and later) who looks 40 years old. If you do find one, chances are, it may be in an IP firm where the associate has an engineering degree. Aside from that, I challenge you to find one that doesn't share the same surname with a name partner.

  18. Law school is a shitty idea. And even the shills are admitting it now.

  19. Is it not much easier to con a 21-22 year old college student then a middle aged adult who is looking to change their lives? I'm middle aged, and it is hard to imagine I would jump into a new career without knowing the risks of doing so. We all know that there is age discrimination when we get to be middle aged. Going to Law School at middle age is probably just an attempt at change, education or a new life . . but I have no doubt anybody doing this is doing so with their eyes wide open as to their future possibilities. We know big law is not going to come calling at our doorstep no matter how well we do in law school.

    1. Smaller firms won't come calling either.

      How many 40 year old guys got IT degrees in the 1990s? Then that field went to shit soon after.

      It just hit me. Americans believe they're exceptional and that a can do attitude is all it takes to succeed. The fact is most wealthy people come from wealthy or connected backgrounds. Trump. Romney. Buffet. The Walton kids. Should I go on?

    2. Agreed. And - people *will* be conned. Crooklyn will make sure to enroll a few people from money into the program. They will know from their applications who they are, at the least.

      The school knows that this small group of completely non-representative applicants will be "successful" no matter what they do after graduation because they come from connections and money.

      They will showcase these people to the mass of applicants as a marketing tool for the program. In fact, they will make sure to draw extra attention to them because, after all, they came from the first graduating class and - look! Look how well they did!

      Older people will be scammed. And quite easily. The school will peddle IBR, etc. so the money "isn't that big of an issue.." etc.

      After watching American Greed and all the suckers who fall for the 5% per month Ponzi schemes, saying older people aren't idiots is silly.

      The schools are running a LEGAL scam and will use any and all techniques to get people to take on $150k in non-dischargeable student loan debt to give to them. ANYTHING to keep the Scam going and the Almighty Fed. Dollars rolling in.

      If people are stupid enough to fall for 5% Ponzi schemes, a 2-yr. accelerated program at Crooklyn is a no-brainer for the school.

      Another benefit: The school gets its money (yah!) quicker in 2 years.

      It's ALL about the money.

    3. Two months ago I called Temple University Law to inquire about its long distance LL M program in Trial Advocacy. I am a long time trial lawyer. They made clear to me that I would qualify for Stafford Loans if I wanted to attend. Anyway, I opted out. Decided to save my time and some 28K in tuition.

  20. True, nobody will come calling for a brand new middle aged lawyer. Still, its a decision that somebody might want to take anyway. Being middle aged, I can understand it. The cost of tuition may not be a significant factor for a middle aged guy. Instead, the chance to learn something new might be the driving force.

    By the way, I don't believe Buffet was wealthy, but even if so, he sure has made his own way. As for the Walton kids, I guess slitting a fortune of 90 Billion or so gives a person some pocket change (didn't one of them kill himself flying an experimental plane?)

    1. From his wikipedia page

      'Buffett was born in 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska, the second of three children and only son of U.S. Representative Howard Buffett,[15] a fierce critic of the interventionist New Deal domestic and foreign policy, and his wife...
      Buffett's interest in the stock market and investing also dated to his childhood, to the days he spent in the customers' lounge of a regional stock brokerage near the office of his father's own brokerage company. On a trip to New York City at the age of ten, he made a point to visit the New York Stock Exchange. At the age of 11, he bought three shares of Cities Service Preferred for himself, and three for his sister.[18][19] While in high school he invested in a business owned by his father and bought a farm worked by a tenant farmer.'

      Unless I read that wrong, the cocksucker's dad was a four term congressman that happened to own his own brokerage firm and other companies. Yep. He sure did do all that on his own. You know what’s interesting? Nowhere does the word greed appear in Wikipedia for Warren Buffet.

  21. Does Brooklyn have a night program for law students? Is it easier to get in that way?

  22. Why anyone would want to go into this horrid profession is beyond me. In Canada, the destructive nature of practicing law is very clear (keep in mind most of these studies were performed before the profession completely caved in):

    Lawyers are more likely to suffer serious depression than the general population. A 1990 study found lawyers were 4 times more likely to be depressed than the general population.

    Lawyers more likely than most other professions to get in car crashes. They are second only to doctors. An ABA Journal article summarizes the findings, and hypothesizes that lack of sleep may be a culprit.

    A 1997 study compared the suicide incidence for Canadian lawyers with the general population using death and insurance records. The suicide rate among general population was 10 to 14 deaths per 100,000 people. Among attorneys it was 69.3 suicides per 100,000 people, about 6 times higher.

  23. Law schools spread misery. Law schools are like the parasitic alien monster in "The Thing" mutating to survive.

  24. Department store mannequins work harder than fucking law profs.

  25. Brooklyn Law School is a true shithouse. I graduated from this school just outside the top 10 percent of my class ('09). All I got was doc review gigs that didn't last for more than 4 weeks at a time.

    Only a pathetic piece of shit would defend this school. And the shitbags defending the law schools know they are lying shitbags.

  26. Anonymous @10:57, so what happened to you after doc review? Did you eventually land a real gig.
    BTW I graduated from a midwest TTT in '09 too and it took me 2 years to find JD Advantage work.

  27. Brooklyn is 80th?? I remember when they were in the mid-50's. It was about 7 years ago.


    “IP Lookup Details:
    IP Information -
    Host name:
    Country: United States
    Country Code: US
    Region: NY
    City: Brooklyn
    Latitude: 40.6944
    Longitude: -73.9906

    NetRange: -
    OriginAS: AS11783
    NetName: BLS
    NetHandle: NET-199-102-168-0-1
    Parent: NET-199-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    Comment: Standard NOC hours are 8 am to 6 pm
    RegDate: 2011-03-10
    Updated: 2012-03-02

    OrgName: Brooklyn Law School
    OrgId: BLS-3
    Address: 1 Boerum Place
    City: Brooklyn
    StateProv: NY
    PostalCode: 11201
    Country: US
    RegDate: 1995-01-18
    Updated: 2007-04-24

    From my Analytics:

    1:48pm 1 action 10s
    1:40pm 1 action 10s
    12:35pm 1 action 10s [secure search]
    12:04pm 1 action 10s [secure search]
    10:54am 2 actions 3m 51s
    10:30am 5 actions 5m 49s
    7:22am 1 action 10s
    6:31am 1 action 10s
    6:30am 1 action 10s

    How are you doing, Crooklyn?!?! Don’t forget to inform the older students, who enroll in this two year program, that they will have one hell of a time finding law firm employment. Then again, you pigs are paid up front, in full – while the student and graduate is stuck with immense sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. As such, their future is not your concern. I'll bet that you don't miss one wink of sleep at night, knowing this reality, either.



    Back on March 15, 2005, 8:49:09 pm, Law School Discussion accountholder "Nylo" started a thread labeled "Brooklyn Law sucks because..." Here is his original post, in its entirety:

    "...the only thing going for them is apparently a brand new residence hall!

    Yup, that's right. I attended their admitted students reception this evening held at legendary NYC law firm Skadden Arps. I was expecting a razzle-dazzle presentation about their academic program, clinics, distinguished alumni (unless you count Geraldo Rivera and George Ross of "The Apprentice" fame), placement stats and biglaw life (there were, after all, Skadden partners and associates in attendance who are BLS alumni), and most importantly, why we should pick BLS over comparable schools in the area. NADA.

    Instead, the Dean gave us a 30-minute bullsh*t presentation - complete with a full-color slide show - about Feil Hall, the newest addition to their student residence buildings in Brooklyn. She showed us floorplans (?!) and bragged about the Starbucks around the corner and the new YMCA next door. Non-smoking building. Wireless internet. 24-hr security. "You'll get key cards - just like a hotel!" That was it. The entire presentation was on the stupid residence.

    Are you kidding me?! Big f-ing deal. And unless you're fresh out of undergrad and hasn't experienced the wonders of living in an actual apartment, who the hell wants to live in a dorm anyway?

    There goes an hour of my life that I'll never get back."

    Check out this response, from user “Xony” – on March 16, 2005 at 9:30:33 am:

    “Well maybe that IS what they're proud of the most. What would the audience think if the dean went on and on about how BLS is better than Columbia, Fordham, and NYU. I'd probably laugh and walk out.”

    Tom the Temp published a great entry on Crooklyn, under the headline “Premier NYC TTT Jacks Up the Tuition!” Enjoy the accompanying picture of Pig Joan King, who bears a striking resemblance to Cesar Romero as The Joker, in this photo.

    “46K a year to attend the Brooklyn Law School Dump and Document Review Training Facility? Is the Dean Joan Wexler freakin out of her mind? For years we have called out this scoundrel and her ilk in the press for their blatant misrepresentation of post-graduate career statistics, and yet they still have the audacity to jack up tuition three times faster than inflation in one of the worst job markets and deflationary environments since the Great Depression. Pure unbridled arrogance and greed!”

    As you can see, Brooklyn Law Sewer has a garbage reputation, and has been a laughingstock for quite some time. Of course, this does not stop the stench pit from charging its victims outrageous sums of money, in order to attend the commode. Head to the link below, and you will notice that full-time tuition and fees at this independent, private toilet have now reached $49,976. First year students will also be assessed an additional $25 registration fee, bringing their total tab to $50,001.

  31. Are you fucking kidding me? It costs $50K a year to attend this cesspool? Wow. I am flabbergasted--my jaw dropped when I saw $50K, which does not include an additional $25K it costs to live in NYC. In some countries, you can live like a king for $10K a year. It is outrageous and it shocks the conscience that BLS charges this amount for tuition when it is so lowly regarded. But I digress. After all, a BLS degree is so versatile. See, e.g., Geraldo Rivera a/k/a "Jerry Rivers."

  32. When will people wake up and realize that law school (and academia in general) is nothing but a jobs program for elitist vermin? All the professors and administrators at law schools are elitists who do a stint in big law, government, or federal clerkships. Then they slither back into academia to line their pockets. My sister worked for Barclays and she said everyone initially signs a 3 year employment contract. After that, most get kicked to the curb. Half the people she knows are now “professors” teaching business administration to dumb shits at crappy colleges thinking they’ll be making $1 million / year some day. If you read the biographies of a lot of newly minted pig law professors, they all did big law or govt. for 2-3 years before their contracts were up and they got forced out the door. If half the law schools were abolished you’d have unemployed T10 JDs roaming the streets. But at least the ivy league pigs are smart enough to get in on the scam and make money, unlike the retard students.

    That being said, the fact that BLS is charging $50k/yr is absolutely fucking ridiculous and a slap in the face. But the intelligenceof potential BLS students wasn't too high to begin with. You literally have to be retarded to pay that kind of money for a non-T10 school. Fucking idiots.

  33. Nando:

    I would think that Campos and Tamanaha would at the very least leave a show of support in the form of a tacit and noncommital comment by now.

    What seems strange is the lack of communication after so much water under the bridge.

    The OLSS menagerie would not exist were it not for Campos.

    And JJD perhaps got Tamanaha off his duff for the very first time.

    And ILSS even openly gave credit to TTR, among other blogs, for his basic premise for blogging as ILSS.

    So where is everybody now?

    And Tamanaha used to post comments on JJD and even on Demo's blog: "Outside Lies Magic"

    And that professor from the U of Michigan Law School with incredible credentials as a top grad from Harvard even wrote aboout the scamblogs in a paper. What was his name?

    Sometimes in life the most telling things are what is or are not said when they ought to be said, and especially after such a long time, measured in the millions of lost blog views in the case of Campos I guess.

    And so.....

    OLSS is good I suppose, but it is basically an unfocuesd Twitter style hyper flurry of one topic to another, rapidly posted and quickly buried and forgotten.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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