Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Pigs are Sweating: Law School Applications Drop, by Double Digits, for the Third Straight Year

The Washington Post Highlights the Decrease:

The Washington Post published reporter Catherine Ho’s piece “Law school applications continue to slide.”  The article appeared June 2, 2013.  Look at this opening:

“The number of people applying to U.S. law schools dropped nationwide for the third year in a row, prompting some law schools to slash the size of their entering classes.

As of May 17, about 55,760 people had applied to American Bar Association-accredited law schools for the 2013-14 school year — down 13.4 percent from 2012, according to data compiled by the Law School Admission Council.

Law school enrollment is also trending downward, with 48,700 people entering their first year of law school in fall 2011 — 7 percent below the previous year, and the first significant decline in a decade. The council has yet to compile nationwide enrollment data for fall 2012.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, bitches.  Then again, if you greedy pigs and cockroaches hadn’t increased enrollment to ridiculous levels - while also greatly increasing tuition annually, for decades - then you would not be in this situation now. 

Georgetown Law Will Become Less Selective for Fall 2013:

Staci Zaretsky posted a solid ATL piece, under the header “Law School Applications Are Down, Again, And We’re Shocked” – on June 3, 2013.  She begins with a quote from a $elf-intere$ted swine:   

“The rest of world won’t weep over fewer people wanting to be lawyers, but for people like me who do admissions, it creates challenges.

– Andrew Cornblatt, dean of admissions at Georgetown University Law Center, lamenting the fact the school now has to fight over a smaller pool of applicants with other highly ranked institutions due to a drop in applicants.”

You will notice that the parasite did not even pretend to care about the students.  Later in the article, Zaretsky points out the following:

“As for Georgetown, according to Dean Cornblatt, applications have dropped by six percent this year, but that doesn’t mean the school is going to go and do anything crazy, like immediately trim its class size:

Although Georgetown plans to keep its class size at 575 for 2013-14, the school’s long-range planning committee is considering reducing that number in the future, Cornblatt said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we were smaller” entering the 2014-15 school year, he said.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, the dean of ami$$ion$ at 14th ranked Georgetown University Law Cesspool admitted that the school will become less selective for the incoming 2013-2104 school year.  I know that “law professors” love to claim that all attorneys suck at math, but you don’t need to be John Nash to figure this out, people.  The commode has seen a six percent drop in applicants, but its first year class size will remain the same.  If this high-ranked in$titution is resorting to this, then you can bet your ass that many other ABA-accredited dung pits are doing the same.

LSAC Figures:

Take a look at the Law School Admission Council document labeled “Three Year ABA Volume Comparison.”  Review the graphs, and then read the provided text:

“The following charts report ABA applicants and applications for each of the past three falls.

As of 05/31/13, there are 376,380 Fall 2013 applications submitted by 56,424 applicants. Applicants are down 13.2% and applications are down 18.6% from 2012.

Last year at this time, we had 96% of the preliminary final applicant count.” [Emphasis mine]

Do you see why “law professors” and administrator pigs continue to maintain that the job market will improve shortly?!?!  Of course, the bitches and hags do not furnish one scintilla of actual proof, to back up their claims.  Defending this filthy industry is akin to attempting to keep Lebron James away from the paint, while weighing 150 pounds.

The Law School Pigs are Desperately Scouring for Victims:

On May 22, 2013, Paul Campos posted a great entry entitled “Peak law schools.”  Look at the information below:

“First year enrollment at ABA schools:

2010: 52,500

2011: 48,700

2012: 44,481

This fall the 2010 matrics will be replaced by a new entering class. We can roughly estimate its size, because typically 95% of applicants have applied by mid-May. Since last fall law schools have been frantically soliciting applicants, when it appeared the applicant pool might be as small as 52,000-53,000. It now appears it will be around 58,500. If 75% of applicants are accepted to at least one school (this would be a historic high), and 87% of these people — the typical percentage — matriculate, that will produce an entering class of about 38,000 1Ls.

A 28% decline in enrollment over three years sounds daunting enough, but the real situation is probably worse. What these numbers don’t reflect is the extent to which schools are slashing real (as opposed to nominal) tuition, in order to fill even this drastically reduced number of first-year seats.” [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: Only "law professors" and ball-less, brainless shills will be saddened by this development.  Perhaps, college graduates are starting to realize that pissing away three years of their lives on an advanced Humanities degree - and incurring an additional $110K-$180K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in the process - is not a wise investment.  Plus, it is now common knowledge that the U.S. lawyer job market is GLUTTED. 


  1. Fewer applicants by 13 percent.

    Expect lower overall 1L enrollment by maybe 5-6 percent.

    And expect the pigs to pat themselves on the back for voluntarily reducing their class sizes.

  2. I salute you, Nando. From small beginnings come great things-like exposing this scam for what it is. But the GULC example is instructive, especially among the TTT money pits: they will 1. scramble to fill seats or 2. they'll go out of business and then the profs will actually have to practice law. Hmmm...which will it be?-well Campos hits it again-they'll cut prices, lower standards, and fill seats for the $$$.
    In order to eradicate the scam and its years long after-effects, the number of law students-and lawyers-would need to drop dramatically. And that isn't going to happen unless a lot of schools down-size or close-and that isn't going to happen easily between the outright lies and the availability of what appears to be "free" money in the form of government loans. So while there will be a shake-out of sorts, until the money faucet is shut off the gullible will still be enticed to enroll and then incur life-long debt in the neighborhood of $200K.
    So the fight is just paraphrase Winston Churchill-this isn't the end; it isn't even the beginning of the end; it may however may be the end of the beginning(of exposing this scam).

  3. Surprised that you even know who John Nash is. Obviously it's only because of that dumb movie.

    1. It's amazing that you religiously visit this blog even though you disagree with it's message entirely. You are a true sadomasochist. You probably have your gay lover bring men home to fuck while you sit in the corner cloaked in darkness silently observing.

      Numbers don't lie, bitch. Just accept reality and move on.

      By the way, that story you wrote while in Egypt sucks ass. You are not a good writer at all. Bret Easton Ellis would agree.

    2. ^ And yet you still read that story.

      As for your insult, I wouldn't WANT to be involved in that fag stuff. LOL, your two insults cancelled each other out. On the other hand, word around town is that your wife likes to watch you go at it with another guy.

    3. Calling it a "story" is an insult to literature when I think about it. More like drivel and the ramblings of a pathetic loser who squandered his 20s living off of mommy and daddy who chose to go to law school at 30 thinking a JD was a winning lottery ticket when he realized that he'd never get his shitty ass writings in front of an editor at a publishing house.

  4. I am a law professor at a prestigious school in D.C. Nando, I think what you are doing is wrong. You may be a creative writer, but I think it is immoral to discourage young people from following their dreams. The legal profession is a great one, and society will always need more lawyers.

    It is a calling to be a lawyer, just like it is a calling to be a doctor. The two professions are very comparable, due to the fact that they both help people in need. I would love to debate you on this site, if you so wish. I do not appreciate you degrading and insulting law professors the way you do. We spend over 40 hours a week preparing to teach the fine legal minds at our school.

    If you are really making a legitimate argument against law schools, then you should have no problem debating me.

    I hope to hear back from you,

    Tenured Law professor

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      What classes do you teach at Georgetown University Law Cesspool? Do you think that it is immoral to KNOWINGLY take in too many students, and then pump out FAR TOO MANY graduates for the available number of attorney openings?!?!

      According to the NALP Class of 2011 National Summary Report, 44,495 JDs that year competed for 27,224 jobs “requiring bar passage.” Not all of those positions were traditional lawyer jobs.

      Scroll down to the bottom of page 2, of this PDF. Head to the chart labeled “Job Characteristics by Employer Type.” You will notice that 13.1% of all reported positions, from this class, were short-term - while 11.8 percent were part time.

      Check out the ABA graph “Enrollment and Degrees Awarded 1963-2010 Academic Years.” From 1980-1981 to 2009-2010 - a span of 30 years - ABA-accredited law schools/diploma mills collectively pumped out 1,161,863 graduates. Do you see how this has caused a GLUT in the U.S. lawyer job market?! By the way, the internet, automation and legal outsourcing have also reduced the need for hiring an attorney. If you address those areas first, then we can have a discussion or debate. Be prepared to back up your case with actual facts, charts, and other evidence.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. "a prestigious school in D.C."

      There is no such thing. DC only has trap schools and no-name shitholes.

    4. 10:32--It sounds like you're trying to hold on to a mid-six-figure salary.

      Having a "calling" and following a dream are two entirely different things. If someone really has a "calling"--whether it's to the bar, the clergy, medicine, the arts or any other field--it's immoral to try to stop him or her. On the other hand, it's equally immoral not to warn of the risks and possible pitfalls of following a dream.

      Of course, a lot of young people mistake their dreams for callings, and too many unscrupulous people--some of whom are law school administrators and, yes, professors--take advantage of that.

    5. Most of the attorneys who put Esquire at the end of their name as a salutation are no more a member of the "Landed Gentry" as Jack Black a notorious "rat catcher" in the London Sewers in the 19th century. This country has an overabundance of 3rd rate lawyers who should be given more difficult CE courses as so more could be disbarred and they could join Jack Black at rat catching. They would probably make more money than working as 3rd rate scum in sinkhole offices.

  5. Why are your not a member of the legal profession if it is so great? Are you providing a valuable "public service" teaching one class a week, motherfucker Mr. Insanity?

  6. Death to the vile, filthy law school scammers.

    And fuck the U.S. Government for allowing these corrupt garbage institutions to exist.

    Fuck over young people?

    We will rebel you worthless criminal scammers.

  7. Hey Law Prof. I'm a 20 year practitioner from a 4t crapper. You are the epitome of what we practicing in the trenches hate. While I think anyone that goes to law school now goes at their own peril with all the info out there, law is not a calling. Most who think it is are liberal idealists who feel guilty they are not poor and downtrodden. The rest of us go for the potential money and status success brings knowing full well its a life of stress and expensive mediocrity at best for most.

    While I am also against bankruptcy for school loans, taking 200k to go to law school when the stats clearly show more then half of students don't practice law for many reasons, to take this risk when you can't file bankruptcy is a suckers bet. This is especially true when law school, discounting the half ass civil and criminal clinics many of you run, does nothing yo prepare you to practice.

    My experience, including summers at a top school in addtion to my crap school, is you profs are like politicians in that you do very little work and spend more time fundraising, in between the occasional hour bullshitting to wide eyed early 20s kids.

    Very few of you have spent little time in a courtroom and avoid the white trash, Hispanics, and low life negroes that make up the vast majority of people who need legal services. Your idea of law practice is a high priced divorce or transaction at a country club.

    Good for you if you can get rich talking about outdated case law while avoiding true law practice, but don't think that most of us see through it. While I believe each kid has to do his due diligence before going, to ignore stats so you can keep your position is the equivalent of a modern day pt barnum.

    1. ^Amen

      These white lib professors don't even give a shit about their beloved downtrodden and disenfranchised. They just like to mention them every chance they get. You gotta look busy I guess. And reading the Wall Street Journal in your office doesn't count as work.

      Law hasn't been a calling since before Lincoln was a country lawyer. Now it's a zero sum game. And it's nasty out there. Look at all the shysters advertising on park benches and billboards. And on TV at all hours of the day. You've got experience lawyers doing OWI cases for $500 a pop. When I look through the state bar magazine (usually while taking my morning shit) I notice the shyster medical injury experts advertising to sell their testimony to the highest bidder.

      It's a gutter profession. Those confined to the classroom may not realize it. But it's true.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Don't feed the troll; if s/he is really a "Tenured law professor" then why is s/he hiding behind anonymity? Let's have a debate-and since you're all in favor of the rapacious status quo that is the Law School Industrial Complex, use your real name. After all, you are a hero for sticking up for those defenseless law schools being picked on by those nasty scambloggers.
    The joke here is that those without any power but the truth(such as Nando) have shown the Emperor to be without clothes.
    So either go away or reveal yourself.
    And to 9:45-just go away; you clearly do not agree with anything posted here. You don't even honestly contest the content; you just issue puerile insults to any an all who displease you. I'm all in favor of a debate-but it's become increasingly clear that the critics of this site do not want a debate; they only engage in attention seeking behavior for..what purpose? Just go away. There must be other avenues for you to pursue.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. P.S. What happened to the money you made painting houses all these years? Or have you only been pretending that you're out working?

      Where's the money?

    3. Painter spent all his money on blowjobs from your mother and girlfriend (one and the same), you piece of shit. And then he gave some bums some money to jerk off in your eyelid. Pwned. Bitch. Now fuck off.

    4. ^ In other words, he's either hiding it from his creditors, or he hasn't been working at all.

  9. With the glut of lawyers in the marketplace, has there been a drop in cost for services?

  10. To the piece of trash who posted at 9:45 am,

    Actually, I have not seen more than 20 minutes of the movie, bitch. It came on network TV years ago, when I visiting a friend. I read the book by Silvia Nasar. I would recommend it to you, cockroach, but the text is over 400 pages. In my view, the chapters documenting Nash's contributions to game theory and military strategy were the best. Of course, you should stick to coloring books, loser.

    You make tons of semi-retarded assumptions. By the way, pussy: it is OBVIOUS that YOU are not a success story. If you had a brain, you would drop the act.

    You have no argument and no case, dung beetle. A few weeks ago, you stated that you do not need to defend the law schools. Here is a question that you can answer, if you want to be honest for once: what is YOUR stake in keeping people from viewing these blogs?!

    How much are the student loan companies paying you to troll various blogs, vagina? You live on these pages. No one with a real job would devote this much time to sites that they can’t stand. You truly do need to seek some psychiatric help. Since you have no balls, they can place you in the women’s wing.

    Also, I figured out that the person claiming to be a tenured "law professor" is likely a troll, before you chimed in with your dumb comment at 12:02 pm. However, I didn't want YOU to bark "See? He can't even debate the professors!"

    Go back to blowing homeless men at the Greyhound bus station, pest. Then again, you don't need me to tell you to do so. You were planning on performing your best skill on skid row bums, anyway. Take your mother and sister with you next time, and you might make enough to buy yourself a Burger King value meal.

  11. Hey all you aspiring legal lemmings, here is the type of position that you could be applying to upon graduation. At least you will be in air conditioning. I had one document review in NYC that used fans and opened the windows while it was blazing hot outside. Here't the job:

    Hudson Legal is looking for candidates who are Paralegals or JDs for a hard copy document indexing project.

    *When: ASAP

    *Where: Toms River, NJ (work will be completed in Air Conditioned Trailers Outside a warehouse).

    *Pay Rate: Approximately $16 or 17 /hour

    *Duration: 1-2 months, 40 hours a week

    *Requirements: Paralegal Experience or Juris Doctorate, Previous Experiencing Inventorying Documents a plus

    If you are interested please respond to with your resume in Word format and TR12 in the subject line, and answer the following questions:

    1) Do you hold a paralegal certification or a JD Degree?

    2) Do you have previous experience working on Document Inventory? Please describe.

  12. To Nando:

    The law is my livelihood. I enjoy teaching and educating young people about the nuances of the law. I am an esteemed professor at my institution and have produced numerous law review articles, as well as co written many text books. HOW DARE YOU DEGRADE MY PROFESSION! HOW DARE YOU DEGRADE MY SCHOOL!

    The stats you produce are faulty. I will not tell you where I teach, but the official employment stats are on US News and World Report, and are compiled by Bob Morse, who happens to be a friend of mine. Those stats show an incredibly high rate of employment for law school graduates. Again Nando, you have been proven wrong by using faulty statistics from a non credible source.

    Also Nando, it is not the school's job to find the students a job. Anyone who truly wants to practice in this great profession WILL find employment as a lawyer. Also, law school is also about the intellectual experience. It is well accepted throughout the country that a law degree is the most versatile degree one can earn. You can do almost anything with a law degree. You can run for political office ( many politicians have law degrees), you can start a business, and you can do consulting work.

    Those who do not find jobs as lawyers are the ones who CHOOSE not to be lawyers. Many students come to law school with NO INTENTION of ever practicing law. They do it for the intellectual experience, and to bolster their undergrad degrees.

    Also, the law is a calling! Lawyers are the officers of the legal system, and are integral to the operation of society and helping those who are less fortunate. By and large, most people become lawyers to make the world a better place, not to become rich. Not to sound arrogant, but I believe that I am making a world a better place by educating brilliant young minds so they can one day help people. What do you do to make the world a better place?

    I also disagree with the notion that law school is too costly. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to operate a law school? With all the guest speakers, career services, student advising, extra curricular programs and clinics, the price at the school I teach at is quite a bargain. Plus, everyone who graduates law school has an almost UNLIMITED earning potential.

    Don't patronize me, Nando. Don't post where I live. I am here to have a spirited debate. Come back here with a better argument then some stats that have NO CREDIBILITY in the legal community. If you have an intelligent rebuttal to anything I just said, please, be my guest, and reply.

    All the best,
    Tenured Law Professor.

    1. ^tenured bullshitter.

    2. Listen, piece of shit, I asked you above if the profession is so great why are you not practicing in it? Now I am asking you next question what can you, shit fly, teach if you never practiced what you "teach"? You are a crook who does not want to work and yet wants a six figure salary and enormous benefits sustained by twenty year old lemmings.

  13. Mr. Infinity is appearing on the revival of "To Catch a Predator."

  14. This is pretty interesting:

  15. "Professor",

    Please don't insult my intelligence by suggesting the lion's share of tuition dollars go to operating law schools. The salary data on law "professors" shows that they are making money hand over fist. Deans are making upwards of $300k/yr in total compensation packages. Professors are making in the same ball park having summers off and teaching Palsgraf and M/V Testbank year in and year out (no chance it takes a torts teacher 40 hours a week to prepare the same lectures over and over). So don't make it sound like you're making $60k/yr sitting in your office until 11pm every night and students are being given free laptops, textbooks, and state-of-the-art libraries and student lounges. The money is going in your pocket and you are doing a minimal amount of work with summers off and going on sabbatical.

    Also, your "scholarship" in law reviews mean very little to me, since it is law students who run those publications and most likely want to just suck up to a professor. Try getting your stuff published in peer-review/edited publications like us lawyers do.

    If it is incumbent upon a student to find a job then why even have a career services office? Because the schools want to lure students in thinking they'll have career assistance when in reality that office is just another jobs program for academic insiders or unemployed grads so they can be marked as "employed" in the employment data that law schools manufacture every year to artifically boost the percentage of employed grads to appeal to potential students.

    Also, professor, Nando has previously posted showing how Bob Morse jukes the stats at USNWR. Nando showed how Morse fakily boosted percentages of grads who are judicial clerks by basing the number off of the smaller pool of grads who said they were "employed" instead of the entire graduating class. The fact that Mr. Morse is a friend of yours says volumes about your ethics and intentions. USNWR and Morse are mouthpieces for the National Association of American Law Schools (who also have openly lobbied for judicial pay raises and interestingly enough those jurisdictions where judges have received pay raises have consitently dismissed law suits commenced by law grads who have faced dismal job prospects and realized they were scammed by fake employment states that, inter alia, mark as "employed" law grads pursuing another degree).

    If law is a calling and you are making the world a better place and get so much joy out of your job why don't you take a salary cut to help reduce the cost of attending? Students might not attend to become millionaires, but they still need to eat, and you can't do that making $40k/yr trying to pay back $200k in loans.

    You are only sweating now because for decades law schools controlled the flow of employment data with an iron fist via their own in-house publications or USNWR (a mouthpiece for academia). Now, the internet is dispelling the myths your perpetuated for decades that made you rich and ruined countless lives. Now, applications are dropping and you're worried about the sustainability of your racket.

    Why don't you check out Above The Law, Forbes Online, and the countless other publications that are showing the same data suggesting law school isn't a wise investment? Are they all using faulty data too?

    1. @ 8:26 AM:

      You just pounded the nail through the board.

      The internet is the largest "Scam Buster" out there - anything from consumer products, to "business opportunities", to bad businesses (and the law schools certainly qualify as such) etc.

      Word about getting screwed gets out there via message boards, forums, BLOGS - like Nando's - and so on.

      The information jig is up about the schools and now they are sweating bullets.

      In the Good Ol' Days, no one person could talk to enough people and, even if they did, the Haters ran them down and dismissed their story as a "one-off", or because they personally failed, etc. any number of BS reasons.

      Now, a blog reaches the entire world.

      Suddenly, we see not one person but many people all saying the same thing: law school screwed them.

      There is now no way for the schools to discount the numerous stories or stop the flow of information about them.

      And, that's a good thing.

      Truth shines in the light.

      Even more telling, some fat-slob professors have the gall to tell their graduating class to "get over it" and move to Nebraska to find legal jobs.

      Suddenly, those same students who were flattered and welcomed into 1L Orientation with open arms and smiles are kicked viciously to the curb after the final second semester 3L loan checks are cashed and after graduation are dismissed as lazy and failures, etc. when they wind up jobless.

      If that is not the hallmark of the scam mentality, I don't know what is..

      All the profs wanted was your money, honey.

      If law is a calling and you are making the world a better place and get so much joy out of your job why don't you take a salary cut to help reduce the cost of attending? Students might not attend to become millionaires, but they still need to eat, and you can't do that making $40k/yr trying to pay back $200k in loans."


      It's disgusting but young people are simply being used to finance the lifestyles of these degenerate academicians.

  16. On June 13, 2013, some douche-bag named Matt Shinners posted a blog entry labeled “Deva Vu All Over Again: Law School Applications Down 13%” - on a bar prep leech company site. Look at this silly nonsense:

    “It’s to the point now where sounding like a broken record is giving me déjà vu.

    Yet again, law school applications are down. Over 13% this time. Yet again, we here at Blueprint LSAT Preparation are repeating the news. Yet again, I sit to write an LSAT blog article on the impact of these decreases.

    By now, everyone reading this LSAT blog should be aware of the general trend; of the issues in the legal profession stemming from the education system; of the employment issues for grads. If not, please take the time to check out some of my old articles on law school debt.

    So what does the continuing decline in law school application numbers mean for you, the prospective law student? It means that it will be easier to find a seat. The top students are the ones sitting the test out, and that pulls everyone up a bit (especially since not all law schools are shrinking their class sizes, and those that are doing so aren’t doing it by enough). It even means that you can probably expect some more scholarship money, since the schools will be desperate to attract the students just above their numbers so that they can still fill their classes with students who meet their averages.”

    As you can see, the bar prep parasites are using this big-ass drop in applications - as a way to drum up more business for themselves. The ass-wipe even admits that the smarter students are the ones avoiding law school!

    Elie Mystal wrote a critical piece entitled “Winners And Losers Of The Great Law School Application Reduction” - on June 7, 2013. Check out his hilarious conclusion:

    “Let’s end with the most embarrassing stat. Here are the schools that are about as selective as a lonely sailor at last call:

    Highest Offer Rates
    New England Law School — 88%
    Phoenix — 86%
    Vermont — 83%

    My God, what do you have to do to not get into New England Law School?

    “Why do you want to attend law school?”
    “What is your ATM pin number?”
    “Okay, you’ve got labor law first thing in the morning.”

    The schools are becoming less selective in their admissions. This helps explain how mentally unstable rodents such as Mr. Insanity gain admission to ABA-accredited dung heaps.

    1. ^ Well, we can't ALL get offers from elite schools like Drake ...

    2. I have consistently referred to the school as Third Tier Drake, since starting this blog, waterhead. Hell, last year when it was rated 104th best by Bob Morse and US "News" & World Report, I was a little concerned that it might sneak into the top 100 schools. Since it doesn't make a difference to recent graduates' job prospects, I was fine seeing it slide to 109th "best" law school in the 2014 edition.

      By the way, bitch: I received a full tuition scholarship to attend that commode. I have mentioned this several times before, on this site and other others. Due to that offer, I only incurred an additional $37K in student debt, while attending law school. Of course, I also lost three years of full-time income, i.e. opportunity costs.

      Also, since one of your stated goals - other than growing a pair of balls someday - is to save the taxpayers a ton of money, then you should be happy to see applications decrease. This has directly resulted in the ABA-accredited diploma mills seeing smaller enrollments. Of course, the hags are not going to shrink their first year classes by 13 percent. If anything, you should mad at the law school pigs for being so selfish - and living so well off of the federally-backed student loan $y$tem, for their minimal amount of “work.”

      Then again, your tiny brain is incapable of computing simple facts. Stick to coloring books and Legos, mental deficient. Lastly, be careful the next time you shave your pussy. When you get too close to the skin, you act hysterical for about a month.

    3. That wasn't very nice...even though the troll is a sad, little piece of shit. He's even sadder because his boyfriend's in Egypt right now. And he normally sucks Mr. Infinity's dick 20 times a day. Cut him some slack.

  17. My 4-day crash course in business law taught me more about Torts/Civpro/Crim than a whole semester of hide the ball nonsense in law school. The professor was a solo with 20 years exp. practicing law. My textbook was all black letter law, and made me realize 95% of LS material is useless fluff.

  18. To the foul human being who called me a "piece of shit":

    I did clerk for a federal judge for a year before becoming a law professor. I loved it and loved the practice of law. However, I was offered the teaching job, and since my goal after day one of entering law school was to one day be a legal academic, I took the gig.

    HOW DARE YOU INSINUATE THAT I AM LAZY! I work 45 plus hours a week to insure that my students get the best education possible. I spend countless hours out of the class room answering the questions they have. How dare you fucking tell me that I don't work hard! God fucking damnit you have a lot of nerve to say that. I EARN MY PAY YOU LITTLE PISS ANT. YOU WOULDN"T LAST A GOD DAMN WEEK DOING MY JOB. You don't have the intellectual capacity to teach law. Only the best and brightest lawyers out there do.

    As for Nando, he had no response to my argument. He is feeding you all lies. He's just a bitter lazy fool who does NOTHING to better society. None of you have made any credible arguments. And how dare you attack Bob Morse's integrity! He is a great guy, and does a very thorough and honest job in reviewing law schools. Any law school, whether it be Drake, Georgetown, Harvard, or Cooley, is a great investment because so long as you pass the bar, and work your tail off to find a job, you will have no problem finding a legal job.

    To all you prospective law students on here: avoid this site like the plague. Nando and his little henchmen ae spreading LIES! You have a calling to be a lawyer, so follow your dreams. There is no profession more rewarding.

    Yours in anger,

    Tenured Law Professor

    1. Troll Score: 4/10.

      Try harder.

    2. ^Yawn.

      That got old quick. You don't teach law. Your intellectual capacity is lower than whale shit. Your arguments are stupid. And you're only embarrassing yourself, and proving to everyone that you are indeed a piece of shit.

    3. ^^Nice parody of a life-destroying scam dean^^

    4. DREXL:
      No thanks? What does that mean? Means you ate before you came down
      here? All full. Is that it? Naw, I don't think so. I think you're too scared to be eatin'. Now, see we're sittin' down here, ready to negotiate, and you've already given up your shit. I'm still a mystery to you. But I know exactly where your ass is comin' from. See, if I asked you if you wanted some dinner and you grabbed an egg roll and started to chow down, I'd say to myself, "This motherfucker's carryin' on like he ain't got a care in the
      world. Who know? Maybe he don't. Maybe this fool's such a bad
      motherfucker, he don't got to worry about nothin', he just sit down, eat my Chinese, watch my TV."

      You see, piece of shit, I am still a mystery to you, but I know that you are not a professor, let alone a tenured one, you just a little brown impersonator piece of shit. Now, puke, give me your name and address so I can come down to your place and fuck your mom up in the ass and when I am done with her I will take your father to shower and fuck him in the ass too.

    5. ^ "WAAAAAH! I'm calling the POLICE (again)! I'm going to order the police to track you down for me! Stop threatening my family! WAAAAAH!!!"

      - If I Was a Roach

    6. Fuck off, man child. You'd think a grown man would be embarrassed to post WAAAAH! all the time. Even once is too much. Faggot.

    7. ^ How dumb are you? I was offering a direct quote.


    "Jack Knorps‏@JackKnorps29 Apr
    i don't care about law school scams anymore but i had to write about it one (last?) time:"

    When you're done jerking off to Senator Warren's latest speech on the floor of the Senate maybe you can give us one reason why law school is a good investment.

  20. Yo, Tenured Law Professor: take your own advice and go away. No nice to use so many Anglo-Saxon epithets in a single epistle, but so be it. And it's really an odd business for a "tenured" law professor to even visit this site. If you are so secure that all law schools are a good deal, the start your own blog: suggested title: "All Law Schools Are Great!" you can then share the wisdom of the ages with your followers. So "avoid this site lke the plague"; Please take your own advice. Otherwise, on your next visit, you might have to bring some actual, you know, facts to the argument, something you studiously have failed to do so far. My favorite: the suggestion that a law degree is an entre to the world of politics. Ronald Reagan was a self-taught actor(no Yale Drama School for him, thank you). Where does he fit?

  21. Never thought of Georgetown as a trap school but that's exactly where it's headed.

  22. Dear fake tenured professor:

    I prefer to be called minion instead of henchman. How dare you ruin my dreams, as Cartman says on South Park "respect my authority".

    You see, anyone can show up on this blog and say they are offended by how they are portrayed, but the bottom line is that's subjective and not even worth consideration. I know many lawyers and even more law professors who offend easily because they have thin skins and think they are SCOTIS worthy.

    back to you our favorite fake law prof :)

  23. WTF? Is Christopher Jack Knorps out of his mind an in Egypt smoking opium?

    And so Knorps and his sister Meredith as well as his wealthy father in Chicago in the real estate business and his brother that works for the Chicago Cubs baseball organization will have to decide if their strange homosexual and over the top gay sexually harassing relative, Jack Knorps, who is a 2013 graduate of Brooklyn Law School, is a thorn in their side or not.

    If not, then I guess Christopher Jack Knorps can write homosexual literature and fiction with me and Nando as the objects of his desires in said stories.

    And Meredith Knorps won't care a fig nor will the father of Knorps and nor will the brother of Knorps who works for the Chicago Cubs Baseball franchise.

    1. "WAAAAAH! Stop threatening to kill my family! WAAAAAAH!!!!"

      - A. Roach

  24. I find it interesting how the professor didn't respond to the specific example I gave of Morse's misleading stats and other dismal raw employment stats.

    Being a lawyer (which you've never been) you have to be specific in your arguments, yet you fail to even do that. Most of the motions I've seen lost in front of judges have been for lack of specificity. And I didn't clerk for a federal judge after I graduated, just a lowly state court trial judge. God help your students.


    This is my profession too Professor. For the most part, it has been very good to me. Regardless, perhaps you heard of something called the First Amendment? You mean Nando an others here cannot voice any opinions they choose to voice?

    And there is no doubt that your profession, our profession, is filled with Narcissists, liars, manipulators, people who are in it only for themselves. Don't make me laugh about how so many lawyers are out there to help people. There are those too, but they don't work in the big firms, nor are they on the academic side. Some of us actually work for a living.

  26. And by the way Professor. Very few of you go into teaching because you want to help mold new legal minds. Almost all of you go into it because it is prestigious . . and god knows Lawyers demand prestige . . and a relatively easy job for the money made. Sure beats working for a living, doesn't it?

  27. You know what, you guys have no IDEA how hard it is to be a law professor. You don't know the commitment, dedication, intelligence, and teaching ability it takes. I earn every penny of my salary. I am providing a service to young people, as are all teachers out there.

    Do you know how hard it is to grade 180 tests in a 2 week time span? NO of course you wouldn't. You fools would have no IDEA WHAT TO DO. My job is hard, and extremely stressful. I haven't taken a sabatitical in almost 2 years by the way. I have been working NON STOP to update my course materials and teaching methods to inusre that the young people I teach get the best education possible. I can't believe slime like you would talk this way to me. Do you know how many great lawyers I have taught? More then all of your brain cells combined. HOW DARE YOU MOCK ME on here.

    Tenured Law Professor

  28. Interesting. Compare the following to the June 16, 11.08AM comment by the supposed "Tenured Law Professor" and compare the writing styles.

    The letter that appears below was written by Mr. Infinity and addressed to me in August 2012:


    "No, I want to drive YOU to suicide, so you will STOP COMPARING YOUR LAW DEGREE TO MY LAW DEGREE.

    Do NOT degrade my education and career with your shitty experience.

    And every time I see you post ANYWHERE, I will trash what you hold dear. I love my law degree and I value my education. You seem to love your parents and grandparents.

    So here goes: your grandfather did not build anything. He worked sucking cocks in the toilets of the construction site. The only "steel" he erected was the cocks of sex-starved construction workers when he stuck his licked finger up their assholes to make them cum quicker.

    Post again, ANYWHERE, Painter, and I'll repost another "Painter's Family" story for us all to share. Next time, his name gets attached to the story, so it's archived by Google for all to see when they search for his achievements.

    You destroy shit I hold dear, and I'll destroy shit you hold dear. My law degree is not THROWAWAY TRASH like yours.

    And fuck you for needing personal info about anybody, you creepy fucking stalker. Facts speak louder than identities, and you and Nando fucked yourselves by thinking that your real identities added to your legitimacy. Campos made that mistake too. So don't try to draw anyone else into the shitmarsh of internet infamy and permanant unemployability you have created for yourself. It just goes to show us how FUCKING DUMB you are. And you and Nando have given EVERYBODY sufficient facts about yourselves, directly and indirectly, for us all to make a damn good judgement about EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE AND WHY NOBODY WILL EVER EMPLOY YOU."


    The next day Mr. Infinity took his blog down.

    Infinity later put his blog back up because he probably doesn't realize that telling someone that he wants to drive them to suicide is a serious threat.

    I hope Character and Fitness will at least be a little concerned about someone like this.

    1. ^ Hard at work trying to find a job, I see.

      Where oh where did all the house-painting money go? Have you been hiding it from your creditors? Or are you lying about all the work you've supposedly been doing?

      How long are you going to duck this question?

  29. Nando, check out this mess coming out of Jack Knorps' alma mater:

    You know, I almost feel sorry for Joan Wexler. Who will drive her to dinner at the Essex House now that she will have no car or driver? Then again, the article states she is going on a very long two year sabbatical so she probably won't need a limo where she is going. How nice that BLS will continue to pay her a heft salary in her new title as "President Emerita."

    For comic relief, read the part about the BLS law prof suing BLS after his attempt to extort a sweetheart retirement buyout fell apart. Actually, the comic part was when the article referred to Wexler's efforts in elevating BLS's status of one of "national recognition." This woman ruined hundreds, if not, thousands of lives and she gets a nice platinum parachute while kids like Knorps graduate with no employment. Maybe there is something to the magic of Wexler; after all, Knorps defends her despite that she took him for an easy mark.

  30. Check out this opening from Jordan Weissmann's January 31, 2013 piece, entitled "Law School Applications Are Collapsing (as They Should Be)," which was published by the Atlantic:

    "It appears that law schools are about to experience a bit of economic justice.

    As the New York Times reports today, applications from aspiring JDs are on pace to hit a thirty year low. About 30,000 brave souls have applied for a spot this fall's law school class, a staggering 20 percent drop from this time last year, and down 38 percent from 2010, as shown in the graph below from the Law School Admissions Council. When all is said and done, about 40,000 students are projected to enroll, which would cap off a 24 percent free-fall in just three years -- or the time it takes your average student to graduate.

    This is a desperately needed adjustment, for which the academy largely has itself to blame. The legal economy is a shambles, and law schools have done virtually nothing to react."

    Later on, the author made a solid observation:

    "The upshot of all this is that unless you're graduating from a truly top program - and then, only if you graduate reasonably high in your class - going to law school has turned into professional Russian Roulette. If it works out, you survive to pay off a truly enormous debt burden. If you don't make it on the job market, you've just spent three valuable years of your life sweating through deadening lectures and high-stakes finals for nothing, probably consigning yourself to a quarter-century loan payments the process.

    And yet, the response from law schools has amounted to not much more than some extremely belated soul searching. In June, the Wall Street Journal found 10 schools that are considering cutting their enrollment - a positive development, but only an incremental one. And still, some members of the professoriate don't to understand the problems they're facing."

    In his conclusion, Weissmann mentions some solutions that the law school pigs will not consider:

    “Changing what law students are taught won't help. The only answer is to graduate fewer lawyers, and cut the price of an education that is swiftly becoming a less valuable asset. That means fewer law schools, with fewer dollars flowing into them.

    Things are about to get really ugly for the legal academy. As they should.”

    Of course, the bitches and hags will continue to lower their admi$$ion$ standards, in order to avoid losing too much student loan money. After all, the pigs’ top priority is to keep the gravy train rolling along.

  31. Here is the article that Weissmann referred to in his Atlantic piece, cited above.

    On January 30, 2013, the New York Times published Ethan Bronner’s article, using the headline “Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut.” Look at the excerpt below:

    “Such startling numbers have plunged law school administrations into soul-searching debate about the future of legal education and the profession over all.

    “We are going through a revolution in law with a time bomb on our admissions books,” said William D. Henderson, a professor of law at Indiana University, who has written extensively on the issue. “Thirty years ago if you were looking to get on the escalator to upward mobility, you went to business or law school. Today, the law school escalator is broken.”

    Responding to the new environment, schools are planning cutbacks and accepting students they would not have admitted before.

    A few schools, like the Vermont Law School, have started layoffs and buyouts of staff. Others, like at the University of Illinois, have offered across-the-board tuition discounts to keep up enrollments. Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago Law School, who runs a blog on the topic, said he expected as many as 10 schools to close over the coming decade, and half to three-quarters of all schools to reduce class size, faculty and staff.”

    It’s great seeing the law school swine running in all directions, in order to gain more victims. Of course, there will still be plenty of morons who are willing to play Russian roulette with their financial future. Later on, the piece continued:

    “Students are doing the math,” said Michelle J. Anderson, dean of the City University of New York School of Law. “Most law schools are too expensive, the debt coming out is too high and the prospect of attaining a six-figure-income job is limited.”

    Mr. Tamanaha of Washington University said the rise in tuition and debt was central to the decrease in applications. In 2001, he said, the average tuition for private law school was $23,000; in 2012 it was $40,500 (for public law schools the figures were $8,500 and $23,600). He said that 90 percent of law students finance their education by taking on debt. And among private law school graduates, the average debt in 2001 was $70,000; in 2011 it was $125,000.”

    Yes, college grads and potential applicants are doing the math - and they don’t need to be John von Neumann, in order to figure out that the risks far outweigh the potential payoff. The dreamers and mental midgets will continue to take the plunge, and the law school pigs will feast on those idiots.

  32. "Professor",

    You still didn't respond to the specific example of Morse's misleading judicial clerk stats and law schools marking as "employed" people pursuing graduate degrees after law school. How do you respond? Do you consider either of those ethical practices?

    Also, how much time does it take a Civ. Pro. professor to update classroom instructions every year on Pennoyer v. Neff or a Contracts professor for Alaska Packers v. Domenico or a Con Law Professor for Marbury v. Madison? Give me a break. You all have been teaching the SAME cases for upwards of 30 years and do the socratic method or use the same recycled powerpoint slides. As for grading exams, sorry once a year you have to buckle down for a 2 week window and earn your quater of a million dollars a year (assuming you aren't providing a model answer to admins who do the grading).

    Enjoy the next three months off at the beach, oh wait sorry, "preparing" new lectures on Pierson v. Post and writing "scholarship" for law reviews no one who is a practising attorney or judge has the time or interest to read. Do you honestly think any of us attorneys in the field have time to read your latest garbage in some random law review? You are a joke of a professional and, I assure you, NO ONE outside of your academia ivory tower club has much respect for law professors (especially the ones who charge $500/hr for testimony, why not testify for free to assist memebers of your profession and provide a "public" service?).

    Allow me to echo the previous commentary that labeled you a piece of shit.

  33. Nando, if you read the story from BLS, it appears that they are giving "early retirement" plans to staff and faculty. The pigs are hurting and it will only get worse.

    Re: Georgetown Law Center. I never thought Georgetown Law was a great law school. In the good ole days, the top 60% at Georgetown would get Biglaw. Nowadays, I figure that number has dropped to 15-20%, making it a terrible deal considering the sticker price of that school.

  34. Ummm, let's have your real name?

    How long are you going to duck that question?

    You coward.

    1. ^ You're the one who keeps saying he's all sensitive and afraid.

      Where's the house-painting money, man? Where did it all go?

      I don't think you've been painting houses at all. If not, they should probably start calling you Couchroach.

    2. Shut your pig fucking, ignorant mouth, Knorps.

  35. Jack Knorps is a 30 year old man child that wears Scooby Doo underwear and likes to pick his nose and flick his boogers and then stick his finger in his butthole and then sniff his finger while jumping up and down and jacking off to the Family Feud theme. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw!

  36. So next year should we expect 100% acceptance for all applicants. If we look at the trend in the graph, the blue line sure appears to be approaching the red line!

  37. When do law skools start taking in people off the fucking street?

    Admissions guy: "Why do you want to go to law school?"
    homeless dude: "I like lamps."
    Admissions guy: "OK. You're in."

  38. Nando, look at this garbage:

    "Richard Revesz, who recently ended a decade as the dean of New York University Law School, lives with his wife, an N.Y.U. law professor, in a handsome West Village town house that was financed by N.Y.U. They also have a home on more than 65 acres near the Housatonic River in Litchfield County, also helped by an N.Y.U. loan, according to land records in both locales. According to the university’s most recently available tax return, they owe the university $5.7 million altogether."

    I wonder what the rate is on the loan? Oh wait:

    "He [NYU Spokesman John H. Beckman] declined to comment on the terms of most of those loans, like interest rates and any provisions for forgiveness, citing the privacy of the parties."

    Probably near-zero interest rates and plenty of foregiveness provisions in those loans, unlike for their victims.

    Isn't it great that instead of cutting tuition to help out this generation drowning in debt and facing across-the-board dismal job prospects the pigs are raising tuition and giving out sweetheart loans to their cronies? What a wonderful system. It must be nice being an academic pig.

  39. To the miscreant who posted at 8:26 am:

    You have a lot of nerve son. You have no write to attack a profession you know NOTHING about. If you are a lawyer, I MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE TODAY. Without Professors like me teaching you the law, you would never be a lawyer to begin with. You are likely some hack PI attorney. Only the best lawyers become law professors, and I am at the top of this great profession.

    How dare you call Bob Morse a fraud! Ever heard of the Morse Code? He is very objective in his rankings, and does in fact show accurate data as to who earns legal jobs. You are a pile of filth, and you don't deserve to tie my shoes, you mental midget! The law constantly changes, and I am constantly at work preparing lectures, and updating my lectures. You have no idea the power I have in this industry. I could have you squashed like a bug.

    Several lawyers have used my law review articles in their motions. SEVERAL. Judges have cited me in their opinions. You are a mental midget, and you're not even on my intellectual level. Law professors are, in fact, the most respected of all those in the legal profession. Many federal judges, as well as several US SUPREME COURT JUSTICES were law professors.

    Enjoy your 40 k salary you swine,
    Tenured Law Professor

    Enjoy your 40k a year salary

    1. Really? I have no "write" to attack the profession?

      I practice in NJ and I've never seen a law review article cited in any brief in support of a motion submitted to the court. Same when I clerked in the law division. Occasionally I'll read some on west law when doing research but they are written by actual practitioners, not hack professors.

      And I make more then 40k a year, you elitist snob.

  40. Law schools are similar to those infomercial guys. There is a lot of hype about the product and the people selling the product do much better than the consumers that actually buy it.

  41. I'm ready for the post that neatly outlines what is means to be an informed consumer.

  42. Nando, you should check out the Thomas Cooley website and see this article published by its Dean LeDouchbag where he attempts to debunk the common knowledge of unemployed attorneys. He wrote the article around June 3rd and in a fact versus myth bullet points format. Self serving swine are getting desperate.

  43. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. The blog is not finished, cockroach. When sane people go on vacation, they typically don't live online. Of course, waterheads such as Mr. Infinifool head to Egypt - and then spend all day indoors, making idiotic blog comments and entries. It must be sad to be such a pathetic piece of trash.

      By the way, whatever happened to your fictitious "wife," Bitch?!?! Did she run off with someone else? In the end, we knew that you were referring to your right hand, anyway.

  44. Hey Nando. I was thinking of going to a couple law schools in my area once orientation starts up and holding up a sign or carrying around a placard with comments aimed at convincing students to drop out. Do you have any guideance on this? Obviously, my message would be truthful and I would direct my message from public property. Any words of advice? Thx.

  45. I'm glad to see so many students avoiding law school. For the ones who insist on attending b/c they are special snowflakes, had a 3.4 gpa in Basket-Weaving, were assistant back-up secretary for the pre-law society and like to argue: go ahead.

    But if you're not in the top 10-15% by the end of first semester, drop out! In LS the game is decided by the end of the first semester. If you're in the middle of the class it doesn't matter if you are the top student second semester, you're still in the 25% range and SOL. The only employers who matter (biglaw) care solely about 1st year grades.

  46. pt 2: Lemmings, don't stay in the vain hope things turn around. The lottery was held in the first semester, your ticket lost and won't be re-drawn. Just drop out. All that tripe about "quitters never win" is garbage. Losers with $200,000 debt for a useless piece of tp don't win either.

    Afraid your family and friends will view you as a bum? They'll see you as a loser when you move back w/your parents after 3 years of LS. If you're done with 1L it's not too late to leave. Employers don't care about a year of LS, just say it wasn't for you. Fall OCI is for the top 10% LR types and will end badly unless you have major connections. Think about it: If you competed tooth and nail against hundreds of applicants for an unpaid summer internship, what do you think it'll be like when you're looking for a paying position?

    Anyone who stays after 1 year with non-LR grades is just paying for the prof's new Porsche and beachfront property. Drop out, it only gets worse as time goes on.

  47. My friend's law professor says that the legal system is not broken but only appears that way. He claims that the legal industry reflects the economy and will recover as soon as the savior, messiah Obama waves his magic pen and creates a NEW NEW NEW new Deal type socialism to fix our wonderful nation of IMMIGRANTS. H1B workers are our friends and LLM degrees are a godsend. If you oppose getting displace, and paid less due to the oversupply of cheat immigrant lawyers: you be a racist and you should join "da klan!" Economy will get better and lawyers will reign supreme. The garden of Eden will resuscitate. Lawyers are rich; stereotypes are never wrong. Education is of utmost importance. How did I get in front of a computer?

  48. Your style in writing is witty and different from the regular bloggers that I see. The issues you choose to tackle are also important. I salute you for doing such a great job sharing your thoughts through your informative articles.


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