Monday, July 29, 2013

Circling the Drain: Indiana Tech Law School Now Expecting Only Thirty Students to Enroll for Fall 2013!

The Pigs’ Enrollment Goal:

Take a look at this old item on the admissions page for the provisionally-accredited pile of rat dung known as Indiana Tech Law Sewer:

“October 2012 

The Admissions Committee will begin to review applications. As of today, we anticipate that our Charter Class will consist of 100 students whose median LSAT score will be 156 and whose median undergraduate GPA will be 3.5. Tuition for the first class will be $29,500, which is significantly lower than the average private law school tuition rate. Scholarships will be available for underrepresented populations and for students with superior academic and LSAT credentials.” [Emphasis mine]

This school has no alumni base and zero connections in the legal field. There were already four ABA-approved law schools in the state of Indiana, when this garbage heap was proposed. Yet, the swine saw fit to charge $29,500 in annual tuition. As you can see, the vile dogs at this place do not give one damn about the students.

Only 22 Fools Have Submitted Seat Deposits So Far:

According to this July 26, 2013 Greater Fort Wayne Business Journal story entitled “Jury’s out on law school,” a pathetic total of 22 students have sent in their seat deposits for the upcoming Fall semester. The piece was authored by reporter Rick Farrant. Check out this fantastic stub, from the article:

“If nothing changes in the next month, the new Indiana Tech Law School will have more faculty and staff than students when the inaugural freshman class begins studies Aug. 26.

School officials had hoped to start with a 100-member class. As of July 23, just 22 students had paid deposits. The $16-million, 70,000-square-foot school, meanwhile, will have 25 faculty and staff when its doors open.” [Emphasis mine]

What a brilliant investment, huh?!?! At least the school will have an amazing student to faculty ratio. The only thing that makes me happier is seeing my child’s smiling face when I come home each day.

Other Coverage:

Elie Mystal landed a devastating overhand right to these pigs, in his July 25, 2013 post labeled “New Law School Gets Just A Third Of Its Expected Starting Class.” Review this opening, for a moment:

“In 2011, when Indiana Tech announced it was going to open a law school in Fort Wayne, Indiana for no good reason, Indiana Tech President Arthur Snyder said that access to legal education in Indiana was a big reason for opening the fifth law school in the state: “There are potential students who desire a law school education who cannot get that education in this area, and there are people in our state who need legal services who don’t have access to them.”

This was always an incredibly weak argument. Now, as Indiana Tech is set to welcome its first starting class, we have some measure of proof that those 2011 prognostications were as incorrect as everybody knew they’d be in 2011….” [Emphasis mine]

The author then points out that the law school swine simply opened a commode because they could. The dolts figured that they could cash in on the scam, along with all the other ABA-accredited diploma mills. Now, look at Mystal’s poignant summation:

“It is a joke to be opening up a new law school in 2013. As far as we know, there are only 30 people in the country who fell for it. That, my friends, is progress.”

On July 26, 2013, the Law School Scam Truth Center featured a short, hilarious entry titled “Indiana Tech Focusing on Small Class Size.” Look at the portion below:

“Low student-teacher ratio is good, right? Indiana Tech's will be pretty impressive next year.

The inaugural class is expected to have 30 students, below the school’s original goal of 100.

The learning experience for these thirty will be unassailable. Working that close with expert scholars like Andre Cummings, these students are bound to become a legal force to be reckoned with in northern Indiana.”

Conclusion: Hell, at this rate, the bitches may need to become an open admissions law school.  Unless they prefer to be out of a job within one or two years of opening a new, $16 million facility.  Maybe the toilet can petition the American Bar Association cockroaches to allow Indiana TTTTTech to accept applicants who have not taken the LSAT.  Perhaps the leeches can simply require a Bachelor's degree and a 2.2 undergraduate GPA.  Remember, on May 5, 2010, the Star-Ledger reported that New Jersey's Drake College of Business - not affiliated with Third Tier Drake - was recruiting and then paying homeless people, for enrollment and attendance purposes. 


  1. After 5 years of fighting these toilets (putting up flyers at my former toilet, writing articles, advising people away from law school), I am finally seeing the pendulum swing the other way.

    This is delightful. Fewer things make me happier than watching these pigs and charlatans desperately try to keep their heads above water as they drown in the sea of their own BS.

    I was on vacation recently and I talked to a potential lemming at Sea-Tac airport. (He was sitting at the bar next to me and was prominently displaying his LSAT study guide.) I hope I talked some sense into him.

    It's slightly discouraging that there is still some residual prestige in the law school brand (as evidenced by the foolish display of his study guide), and I consider it my mission to continue the fight until I never see another one of these study guides being displayed in public.

    1. God bless! The Great One has blessed you!

    2. You have earned your karma points for the year. You've saved a soul! Think about that... I'm so proud of you.

    3. I hope I've saved a soul. The forces of stupidity are strong in lemmings. You have to approach them carefully and obliquely and plant the seeds of doubt deep within their minds. Luckily, I am older and more cunning (I hope) than most lemmings. A direct approach simply does not work. You need to get them to see the truth for themselves. The facts are on our side, but their egos are heavily invested in this foolish decision.

    4. You're right. A direct approach clashes too much with what the biases with which they have been raised and those are hard to get rid of.

      I would think a good technique would be to not be too pushy. Simply open your eyes wide and say "You're studying for the LSAT?" Then in a louder voice say, "YOU'RE going to LAW SCHOOL?" They'll start to get a big, puffy head - you'll be able to see the pride in their eyes. Then just add: "Geez, have you seen the employment statistics lately for lawyers, where less than 30% of all law graduates can get jobs as lawyers?"

      Then I would leave it. Leave or let them respond. Don't contradict. Just say: "Whatever, man" and just shake your head, like it's too incredulous for you to believe. (Because it is.) Don't waste your time arguing with them. Just plant the seed.

  2. As bad as it is, the problem is that most kids are not skilled at building stuff, are allergic to hard work outside ie construction(where the wages have been driven down by illegals and other green card holders who will work for next to nothing because its better than living in an outhouse in Tijuana or Juarez), or have no skills to sell anything, so law school is the only option for kids that are otherwie smart.

    The world is a shit hole and the USA is slowly falling down to the level of most shit countries so people who are trying to avoid living in a sewer themselves play the roulette wheel that is law school. Three more years of delaying reality while trying to make those around you think you are some great achiever.

    Law schools will never run out of students until the federal government stops guaranteeing loans. The only change is the quality of student is going down which makes the employment rates go even lower. Law School has become the modern day affirmative action and we see what that produces.

  3. I remember reading this line from Malcolm X's autobiography. (It always sticks out in my mind.) "And don't ever forget everything in this world is a hustle."

  4. Unfortunately loans aren't going anywhere since higher education is part of the "revolving door." The federal government is run by lawyers and other aspiring law school pigs who hope to go into academia one day to line their pockets. If Washington stopped the loan program half them wouldn't have jobs when they leave. Janet Napolitano is leaving DHS and becoming the Queen Pig at the University of California system. She's going to feast off of countless lemmings who will financially ruin themselves so she can have a swank office and fat paycheck. She'll do absolutely nothing and make $2-$3 million a year.

    The goal for the pigs is to keep the money coming in so if that means slashing standards to keep up acceptance rates then that's fine for the pigs. Even if you default on your loans and you're so broke you can't pay they already got their money so they don't care. As far as the federal government taking a hit on the loans the pigs run the government so they'll just absorb that loss and keep the gravy train going since they are lobbied beyond belief by the higher education industry and they themselves hope to cash out one day and join a university as a "professor" that teaches one day a week and makes $200k/yr.

    This is still good news though. Overall applications are done so even if they lower standards there are still less lemmings overall so they'll have to compete. They'll probably start using the scholarship bait-and-switch more to entice lemmings.

  5. I wonder if Concordia University Sewer of Law in Boise is thriving. You wrote about them before. I believe they just opened Fall 2012. According to their website, it is where visionaries apply!!!!!

  6. Only go to law school under these circumstances:

    a) You're rich and your family's willing to pay all your expenses
    b) Your company is paying all your tuition with the intent to hire you back when you're done (year right, those days ended in like 1980)

    Those are the only exceptions. I don't care if you've worked in law firms and you fucking know you want to be a lawyer more than anything in the world. (If you're in this boat, look into seeing a shrink. No sane person is passionate about the law.)

  7. Only 22 students have put in deposits and the school has 25 faculty and staff.


  8. This school is an attempt to get ignorant students (and taxpayers) to support professors' ambitions while completely ruining the futures of the students who enroll.

    This despicable school is struggling, and we need to make it fail. Most law schools are partly scams...this school is 100% SCAM. There is no way this school is a good investment for any student.

    Dean Alexander and the other professors need to be blacklisted from academia for starting this joke of a school. No need to blacklist them from real law jobs, because no firm or agency would even want to interview any of these lackluster "academics."

    Maybe they can try going solo. They can see how helpful "Hip Hop and the Law" and other mindless law review garbage is when they are begging people to let them take flat-fee DUI cases despite their utter lack of knowledge about the real-life practice of law.

  9. Justice, and decency, are carried in the heart of the captain, or they be not aboard:


    Take a look at this portion of my July 26, 2013 3:23 pm comment on the LSTC article above:

    “If these pigs cannot find more asses in seats, don't expect them to stay in business long. Perhaps, the commode will start open admissions - with a simple survey.

    "Why do you want to be a lawyer?"

    "I like lamps."

    "How will your legal education benefit others."


    "What do you consider your biggest achievement to date?"

    "My girlfriend has pretty feet."

    "Okay, congratulations! You will be enrolled in our fall class."

    On July 28, 2013, OTLSS co-author Charles Cooper posted an entry labeled “A Brief Open Letter to Those Students Enrolled at Indiana Tech Law School.” Check out his killer opening:

    “Guys, a few days ago, I wrote a piece about how it’s not too late to really evaluate whether or not you are making the right decision.

    I’ll cut to the chase. You’re not making the right decision.

    Attending an unaccredited law school is always a bad decision. Paying $30,000 per year in tuition alone for an unaccredited JD – and one from a school that explicitly “makes no representation to any applicant that it will be approved by the American Bar Association prior to the graduation of any matriculating student” makes this bad decision even worse. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to pay off that kind of debt, which will be well above six figures – maybe even close to $200,000 – by the time all your living expenses, bar review courses, interest, books, and other fees and charges are added on?

    And do you have any idea how impossible it will be to pay off coming from an unproven, probably-unaccredited law school? Half of all law graduates today find no work as lawyers. There are twice as many grads as there are jobs. For schools at the bottom of the pile (which is where Indiana Tech is, and is likely to remain), the chances of ever working as a lawyer are dramatically reduced. With your unaccredited Indiana Tech JD, you stand a very good chance of never working as an attorney, but paying the same price for your JD as those students who attend some fine law schools.”

    Can any of the Indiana TTTTTech lemmings counter that argument, with any semblance of logic or common sense?!?! Then again, if the pigs had any integrity or decency, they would refund the seat deposits – and close this dung heap.

    1. Saying I like lamps shows more creativity than 99.9% of all law school essays. ("I want to serve society and I know getting a legal education will let me do so...") But asking an applicant to have a gf with cute feet might be raising the bar at a shithole like this.

  11. Ooh, I wonder how they're going to divvy up the students among the faculty. I'd suggest an all out gladiator style battle royale where the losers get canned. What, you want to keep your tenure? GO OUT THERE AND FIGHT FOR IT THEN, BITCH.

  12. There was no good reason for opening a new law school in 2013. These greedheads are finding that out.

  13. Some interesting and important reading on this sewer:

    "Just read a comment on campos' blog. There are 30 law schools within 200 miles of this proposed school."


    1. Additional info:

      "Attending an unaccredited law school is a drastic step that should only be used as a last resort for a person who is determined to become a lawyer no matter what. The reality is that non-ABA law graduates have extremely-limited career options.

      Currently graduates of non-ABA schools can only sit for the bar exam and practice (if successful) in California. In order to sit for the bar in California from a non-ABA school you have to first pass its First-Year Law Students’ Examination. Additionally, these students are required to study law for 4 years instead of 3. All other requirements for becoming a lawyer are the same as other California applicants."

      Does Indiana Tech offer a 4-year Juris Doctor degree? I doubt it. So what are these gamblers going to do? Are they all ready to move to CA and then enroll for another year, somehow and if able, and then sit for the CA Bar, assuming they can?


  14. The law school pigs cannot continue to deny reality. If only 30~ people show up to that orientation (assuming 100% of those who gave seat deposits are denied where they have been wait-listed and they can't worm their way into the third tier) the pigs need to face facts and just shut down before they even begin. Also, those 22 people who gave seat deposits must truly be retarded and have an acute special snowflake complex. Any marginally intelligent person would not attend this school, let alone give a seat deposit. I'd take a mop job at the post office before I enrolled in this place.

  15. They're up to 24 deposits now. One more and they'll have a 1:1 student to faculty (and staff) ratio.

  16. If the school doesn't fold, Indiana Tech's first class will be asked to compete with grads from UND and Indiana Bloomington. Not to mention grads from strong or at a minimum established schools in the area.

    No alumni base to hook into. Employers will have nothing to go off of, other than knowing the school is brand new. I could on about this. The point is if you have a brain in your head, you shouldn't even consider going to this school.


    Now this is real, big law firms have almost all but dried the article (although it is quite long)

    1. I saw this. It is well worth the read. Although most lemmings have the attention spans of gnats anyway so they won't get past the first paragraph (which is why they never had a prayer of being successful lawyers). The part about the married biglaw attorney losing her job after getting pregnant and now doing crim defense in Chicago making $40k/yr. was the most eye-opening. This article exposed biglaw and the T14 house of cards. Imagine the situation for TT and TTT grads.

  18. I'm not sure that this school is going to open at all. I looked at Indiana TTTTTech's website. It does not look like the website of a school that is going to be having classes in a month. It looks like the website of a school that is waiting for the plug to be pulled.

    Someone looking at this mistake from inside the higher education scam would almost have to conclude that this school is a non-starter. There is no fucking way on earth this terlet will ever generate a profit. 25 students at 29k per year only generates 750k - and that assumes that no 1Ls have scholarships. 750k revenue cannot possibly cover operating costs.

    What's more, 0Ls who are thinking about law school now are going to hear that Indiana Tech has a miniscule incoming class, and are going to realize that there is a good chance that the school won't be around in a few years. If this mistake is still open in 2014, they will be looking at an even smaller class. Shit, they've probably already drained their applicant pool, which is likely made up of special snowflakes living in Fort Wayne who cant relocate for law school for whatever reason. It looks like they have enrolled all 25 of them.

    The other big risk that Indiana Tech has is the possibility that a few students have double deposited, or will get to orientation, see the underwhelming class size and decide that losing the $400 in deposit money is smarter than going into six figure debt for a degree from a law school that no one has heard of and no one will care about. Losing just a few students will make the situation much worse for this sewer. Who knows, there might even be a snowball effect where a couple of 1Ls decide to withdraw during orientation and then the rest follow them out the door.

    At this point, Indiana Tech Law is probably still a going concern because its backers and shills want to save face. When the cold economic facts come clear, I'm pretty sure the adults in charge at Indiana Tech will have to come in and spoil the student loan funded party.

    1. Keep in mind that many of "their" incoming students are probably also on the waiting lists of other schools. If, between now and orientation, they get into any other law school, and I mean any other law school, they are probably gone. The idea of Indiana Tech having a waiting list, on the other hand, is, shall we say, unlikely.

  19. We were too late to truly stop UC-Irvine, but this heap of junk has been one giant "i told you so" from day one. EVERYTHING about this school has been bogus from the get-go and its only the stubborn idiocy of Art Snyder, Pete Alexander, and friends who have kept the charade up this long.


  20. Come on. Does anyone think the administration is going to just stand by and let this shithole drain money from the university? Pull the plug, greedy fucktards.


    Take a look at the report above, from the National Association of College and University Business Officers and Commonfund Institute. The summary is labeled “U.S. and Canadian Institutions Listed by Fiscal Year 2011 Endowment Market Value and Percentage Change in Endowment Market Value from FY 2010 to FY 2011.”

    If you are still awake after that description – and since the pages are not numbered - please head to the school ranked 618th in this survey. The Indiana Institute of Technology, Inc. is listed as holding $41,065,000 in endowment funds as of FY 2011. That is a small figure, in comparison to most of the schools on this lineup.

    As noted in the main entry – and reported in the Greater Fort Wayne Business Journal – the law school has 70,000 square feet and cost $16 million. Even if the state – or private donors - provided most of the funds, the school will incur significant maintenance and staffing costs.

    On July 9, 2013, the New York Times Dealbook published Cockroach Victor Fleischer’s piece, entitled “The Unseen Costs of Cutting Law School Faculty.” This ass-clown noted the following, in that piece:

    “Neither law schools in particular nor universities in general are well designed to deal with fluctuating revenue. ACADEMIC BUDGETS HAVE HIGH FIXED COSTS, LARGELY ATTRIBUTABLE TO THE SALARIES OF TENURED PROFESSORS. Budgets have exploded with increases in administrative staff, information technology staff, and health care and pension costs.” [Emphasis mine]

    Plus, the dolts at Indiana Tech Law Sewer have also acquired a curated art collection. As Marilyn Odendahl reported in the July 24, 2013 edition of the Indiana Lawyer, in her piece “Indiana Tech Law School settling into new digs, waiting for classes to begin”:

    “The school will also boast a curated art collection. Beginning July 27, the paintings, historical photographs and courtroom sketches will be hung around the building.

    Alexander said having the art was not part of the original plans. However, the law school has been receiving gifts of art focusing on law themes, patriotism, courts and justice that has grown into a collection of “very significant and very expensive pieces.”

    With a grant, the law school has hired a curator and, according to Alexander, will be only the second law school in the country with a curated art collection.”

    Yes, that was a brilliant move, right?!?! If the goal was to attract students, and it failed so miserably, then maybe you morons need to get your hands on the Mona Lisa.

  22. Law Schools move to an open admission policy. How great for us practicing lawyers. Now even the dullards can join us:

  23. I think we now have more comments on this post than Indiana Tech Law has students.

  24. There are only 24 of these kids enrolling as per the most recent count I've seen. Is there any way we can interview just one of them?

    Take a look at this news blurb about one Megan Marks, a Purdue University psychology senior, who bears the disTTTTinction of being the first student admitted to ITLS

    “I really wanted to attend a law school near my home and where I eventually wanted to work,” she said. “When I heard a law school was coming to Fort Wayne, I knew that’s where I had to apply first.”

    Nando... just... how do we reach these kids??

    1. If Indiana Tech has an MBA program then you know they have the worse business skills on planet Earth by looking at their law school projections fiasco. The corner crack dealer knows more about business than Indiana Tech

    2. The corner crackhead knows more about business than Indiana Tech.

  25. Thank you for the update, 10:19 am. Here is the link to the July 31, 2013 Lawyers, Guns & Money piece from Paul Campos. It is simply titled "Law school in America moves toward an open admissions policy." Take a look at this opening:

    "Here is the percentage of law school applicants who were admitted, over the last decade, to at least one ABA-accredited law school to which they applied, by year:

    2004: 55.6%
    2005: 58.6%
    2006: 63.1%
    2007: 66.1%
    2008: 66.5%
    2009: 67.4%
    2010: 68.7%
    2011: 71.1%
    2012: 74.5%
    2013: 80% (projected)

    The 2013 projection is based on the relation between the total number of applicants in this cycle and the total number of matriculants in the 2013 class, assuming an 8% reduction in the total size of the national law school class relative to 2012."

    Back on June 7, 2013, Elie Mystal wrote this hilarious conclusion on his entry labeled “Winners And Losers Of The Great Law School Application Reduction”:

    “Let’s end with the most embarrassing stat. Here are the schools that are about as selective as a lonely sailor at last call:

    Highest Offer Rates

    New England Law School — 88%
    Phoenix — 86%
    Vermont — 83%

    My God, what do you have to do to not get into New England Law School?

    “Why do you want to attend law school?”
    “What is your ATM pin number?”
    “Okay, you’ve got labor law first thing in the morning.”

    The law school pigs’ conduct is truly embarrassing and vile. Starving animals are more selective than these desperate bitches and hags. At what point will the cockroaches simply accept any applicant with a college degree and a pulse?!?!

  26. At what point will the cockroaches simply accept any applicant with a college degree and a pulse?!?! <----tomorrow and anyone with a $1 bill in their hand!!!

    These guys will accept even hookers off the street!...hell..they even have more class and are more selective with who they are hitting it with!

  27. That Megan Marks who got her psychology degree from Purdue and being the first student to be "accepted" shows that a Purdue psychology degree is a joke. Guess they never taught her what a sociopath is and she will learn it at Indiana Tech.

  28. Nando, you should create a separate blog titled "Indiana Tech Law School Watch" dedicated solely to bringing down this filthy Ponzi scheme. More established schools are harder to bring down, especially those attached to university systems. But I believe if you focused a decent amount of your efforts on solely targeting Indiana Tech Law School, you could nip it in the bud and have a scalp to nail to the wall. Anyone in the Fort Wayne-area willing to help out physically with this by handing out flyers and/or doing a mail drop? Hell, just stand by the entrance with a sign reading "Google 'Third Tier Reality'"


    Look at this news report from Fort Wayne’s WANE-TV. The segment was entitled “Enrollment lower than first anticipated for Indiana Tech Law School.” The reporter is Randy Spieth. The feature aired on Friday, July 26, 2013, and it was the top story on local Channel 15. Listen to the video, and then read the text provided. Take a moment to reflect on this opening:

    “University officials at Indiana Tech are not worried about lower enrollment numbers at the new law school when it opens next month for the fall semester.

    When the university announced it would add a law school, which cost around $15 million, the plan was to have 100 students enrolled in the inaugural class.

    As of Friday night, 24 students had enrolled.

    "The hundred number, I think, was more aspirational," Jessica Lynn Anderson, an assistant dean of admissions at Indiana Tech, said. "It wasn't set in consultation with any of us here now. It was set before we got here and before the big downturn nationally."

    You cannot spin this into a positive no matter how hard you try, Jessica Lynn Anderson. Later on, the article continued:

    "I really do think 30 is a more reasonable number and I think we are going to hit 30," she said.

    According to Anderson, the law school will employee about 25 people. Eleven of those employees are professors, which makes for a near 3-to-1 professor to student ratio this fall.

    "I think that's more beneficial to the students," David Felts, an incoming law student at the university, said. "I'm sure as the time goes by, more students will come."

    Felts and Anderson agreed that the lower than initially expected enrollment should not worry any future potential law students at the university.

    "The professors are driven and focused," Felts, a Bishop Luers High School and Indiana University-Bloomington graduate, said. "They have a great facility here and I can see their excitement and I know they're not going to fail, and they're not going to let me to fail either."

    Yes, I’m sure that the law school pigs are THRILLED to have such a low student to faculty ratio! You can see the fool known as David Felts - wearing a white shirt and tie - at 1:31 into the video. He obviously has no understanding of basic economics, if he feels that a school can will itself to success – when the enrollment is so pathetically low.

    Lastly, at the 2:03 mark of the video, the reporter stated:

    “Applications to the law school are still being accepted. You can enroll until the end of the month and classes begin a month from today.”

    What a prestigious law school, huh?!?!

  30. Funniest comment I've seen (and it came from today's OLSS) -

    That's right Lemmings. Step right up! Crack the bubbly and buy the bling with your student loan money, because that's your last shot at wealth!

    Go ahead, have your three years of lugging books around, bragging to your friends and family about how you're in law school and are heading for the affluent lifestyle. Go ahead, "study" in Rome or Barcelona for a semester, pretending you're going to be an world renowned International Lawyer.
    [I'm sorry. I had to take a break. I was laughing too hard at that last one].

    Party like a rockstar! Come to class hung over and brag about that girl or guy you hooked up with from Section C.

    When those doors close behind you the day after graduation, that's when the reality will hit home. That's when you know it's for real. A majority of you will not have jobs and most of you will be stuck with that crippling debt.

    Most of you lemmings don't want to hear this, but it would be wise to save some of that loan money for antidepressants and

    Let's see, what else do you need to know....
    Oh, make sure to buy clothes from the Junior League and not department or boutiques (nothing wrong with Junior League but be sure to wash them before you wear them).

    Oh, and McDonald's has free WiFi.

    And if you REALLY must have a car, consider an old police cruiser. You can pick them up for about $1500 or less and they run.

    Get familiar with various ways of cooking beans. They're cheap and nutritious. Forget about eating out.

    Be sure to get out and see people, but NEVER go out in your sweatpants.

    You won't need to worry about rent because most of you will be in your parent's basements.

    As far as medical insurance goes, I don't really have any good advice. Your certainly won't be able to afford decent coverage so try not to get sick.

    But screw it! That can't possibly happen to you! No. Not the way it's happened to hundreds of thousands of law school graduates already. You're special!

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^ Luv.

      The above post, while perhaps considered by some to be dripping with humorous sarcasm is, I can tell, written by someone who has lived the Tale.

      It's said that good humor is often true and, take note Lemmings, the above post rings of truth. Sad, un-sugar-coated, bare truth.

    2. I wrote this original post on OTLSS and did live through parts of it. Many other parts (spending loan dollars on bling, partying like a Rockstar) - I only saw others do.
      I have a lot more material about the indignities of unemployed life after law school and hope to share them as seems appropriate.

  31. Anyone who wants to attend law school these days has to be mentally detached.

  32. A 3:1 student ratio sounds more like something you would see in a porno.
    Those unemployed graduates of this brand new toilette better get used to the 3:1 ratio when they have to star in porn movies to pay back their student loan.

    1. Most porn roles dont pay much--1000 or 1500 bucks per flick at most. Often less. The real money is in working as an escort.

      Dont ask me how I know this.

  33. ^ $1500 a flick is maybe what a female actress would make; a male can expect a mere $100. The boon for men is the gay porn. Maybe the leftist higher learning and gay marriage media propaganda primed the law grads to take it in the butt. And lemmings don't expect a reach around. :)


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