Friday, July 19, 2013

Pungent Second Tier Filth Pit: University of San Diego School of Law

Tuition: According to the commode, full-time law students at the Univer$iTTy of $an Diego were charged $45,600 in tuition - for the 2012-2013 school year. Fees added $260 to the gigantic tab. At least part-time students were only ass-raped to the tune of $33,000 for the same academic year. Plus, these students merely face $250 in mandatory fees. What a bargain, huh?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: Based on the same page, other expenses will amount to $23,186 to the overall price. As such, the total COA - for 2012-2013 - was $69,046. The bitches and hags at this toilet cannot even add correctly. They show a total of $69,076. At least, their calculations for part-time students were right.

However, keep in mind that ABA-accredited diploma mills base living expenses on a nine-month school year, and not the full 12 months. Seeing that students will require year-round costs, I will pro-rate the following items: rent, food, transportation, and miscellaneous. Doing so, we reach the following more accurate COA figures: $75,199 for full-time law students - and $62,284 for those attending this trash pit on a part-time basis.  This school is CLEARLY not looking out for its students' best interests.

Ranking: What’s that you say, lemming? At such prohibitive costs, surely this school must be one prestigious, highly-respected institution?!?! If you believe that - and you do not want to be disabused of that notion - then skip over the rest of this paragraph. Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report list the Univer$iTTy of $an Diego Sewer of Law as the 68th greatest, most magnificent and phenomenal law school in the entire United States. 

Hell, it only shares this distinct rating with the following seven dung heaps: Case Western Reserve University, Chicago-Kent, Loyola Law School Los Angeles, Arkansas-Fayetteville, Louisville, UNLV and the University of Oklahoma. Their mothers must be very proud of this “accomplishment.”

Published Employment Placement Data: The festering cesspool claims that 81.96 percent of its Class of 2012 was employed, within nine months of graduation. What a truly remarkable figure! Only 51 people - out of 327 total graduates - were unemployed, at this mark.

Scroll down to the subheading Law School/University Funded Positions. You will notice that a total of 22 graduates - from this cohort alone - ended up working in such posts! Yes, this is the hallmark of a pre$TTigiou$ law school, right?!?!

Under Employment Type, you will see that 98 graduates from the U$D Law Class of 2012 were hired by private law firms. This figure represents 30% of the overall cohort. Imagine if AMA-accredited medical schools featured such job outcomes for their grads. Of this amount, 46 ended up working in firms of 2-10 attorneys; only 16 ended up in Biglaw.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the USD Law Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $122,932. By the way, 81 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such putrid debt. Remember that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account.

Garbage Journal Publications: As a student at USD Sewer of Law, you will have the unique opportunity to write onto the world-renowned San Diego Journal of Climate and Energy Law! If you are in a serious relationship - and you don’t want beautiful, busty bikini models to climb on top of you and scratch their names into your back - then you should not go around town bragging about your journal experience or position. [Disclaimer: women will not be impressed by this “credential.”] Here is a partial description:

“The San Diego Journal of Climate & Energy Law serves as a foundation for continued dialogue and development of the rapidly emerging legal issues related to climate change and energy. The journal delves into topics such as insurance claims related to climate change, law and economics associated with cap-and-trade greenhouse gas markets, new energy policy of the carbon-constrained world, legal implications of trans-border air and water pollution, and effects of climate change on endangered species law.”

Conclusion: Do not even consider attending this grossly overpriced trash pit. You will be MUCH worse off financially by incurring an additional $130K-$175K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, if you end up earning $40K-$55K per year. Try paying rent, putting food on the table, keeping the power on, buying health insurance, and repaying your student loans on that salary. Now imagine trying to get married, purchasing a home, having children and feeding them - at that income level. 

Keep in mind that California realty prices are pricey, and the state income tax rate is notoriously high. As of 2013, if you make between $38,727 and $48,942 - as a single person or married but filing separately - your tax rate is 8 percent. Joint filers making $77,453-$97,884 fall into the same bracket. If you are single and earn more than $48,942 but less than $250K, then your state income tax rate is 9.3 percent. Lastly, California is the SECOND-MOST GLUTTED lawyer job market in the country. In sum, you need to view law school STRICTLY as a financial decision, because it will impact you for the rest of your life.


  1. I am the master of my fate:

  2. Wow ... bragging about being 91st in the country. I'm a proud alum (working at a call center and part time cab driver). LOL
    I got this crap in the email yesterday ....

    Are you a proud alum or friend of WVU Law?

    First and foremost, if you currently support the College of Law, we sincerely thank and appreciate you. Participation by alumni and friends is critical to the viability and success of the College.

    We are a law school on the move!

    The WVU College of Law is a Top 100 Law School according to U.S. News & World Report. We are ranked #91— our highest overall national ranking yet!

    The Clinical Law Program earned the 2012 Excellence in Pro Bono Award from Super Lawyers. Our exceptional clinics are just one way we are educating practice-ready lawyers—and providing a valuable legal service to those in need.

    However, there is one critical area where we can do better,
    and we need your help!

    If you have ever considered supporting the College of Law, now is the time! WVU Law continues to aim high, setting and achieving goals, and proving to be a leader in legal education. As we continue to grow, it is important to note that only 6% of our alumni support the College. We can do better! Our low alumni participation rate simply does not reflect the pride, esteem, and overall high-regard held for the College by our alumni and friends. Simply put, WVU Law is better with your support!

    There are many wonderful and worthy initiatives underway at WVU Law, including:
    The WVU Law Center for Energy and Sustainable Development, established in 2011, is playing a prominent role in shaping the energy and environmental policies of the future.
    The expansion and renovation of the law school, portions of which will be completed in spring 2014, that will provide leading-edge educational facilities and experiences for our students.
    The expanded services of the Clinical Law Program such as the Veterans Assistance Project, which serves veterans throughout the state. This is the first time that a law school has formally affiliated with a VA hospital.
    We know your Mountaineer pride runs deep, and we know that you will take a moment to reflect on how the College of Law changed your life and shaped your future.

    You are critical to the continued success of the WVU College of Law. I hope that we can count on you to help us move our alumni and friends participation rate upwards. You will be astounded at what we can accomplish with meaningful support from you, our alumni and friends. We’re counting on you!

    Should you have any questions about making a gift, please contact or in the College of Law Development Office at 304.293.7367.

    The future has never been brighter at the WVU College of Law, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

    Most sincerely,

    Joyce E. McConnell
    WVU College of Law Professor and Dean
    William J. Maier, Jr. Dean & Thomas R. Goodwin Professor of Law

    1. Only 6% lulz! That says something.

      I love how they throw out that scammy Super Lawyers bit. Just lawyers and schools endorsing each other.

  3. USD law alum here. Yes, the employment prospects from the school are horrific, but they are pretty much on par with any school outside of the top 5. USD used to place about the top 10% into biglaw, but now its even lower at about the top 5%. The career services people are awful and give you an attitude and students who are not in the top 10% are treated as second class citizens.

    The faculty are good people, but most try hard to avoid the elephant in the room which is that most of their students are going to be royally F**cked after graduation. They offer courses like "mergers and acquisitions", "international finance", etc. etc. yet I doubt that at most 10 alumni in the school's entire history have gone on to actually practice MandA. Given the shitlaw jobs that most students take, it would be better if they taught courses aimed at sole practictioners (e.g., DUI, traffice, immigration, dog bite, personal injury)...but most of the snowflakes think they will do "international corporate transactions".

    If you have an electrical engineering degree and a full ride, then it's not a bad option and you will probably get a decent job in IP (my situation), otherwise RUN LIKE HELL FROM THIS PLACE.

    Another benefit, San Diego is the best place to live, the beaches are amazing, the bars and nightlife is fantastic, the school is like a resort with ocean views, and its a great place to end up homeless once you graduate from law school!

  4. Nando forgot to add that USD is a Catholic private school, so there are crucifixes everywhere and the undergrads go to SDSU for parties. Nobody talks earthquakes; there are a series of microfaults inside the city that could start clicking if the major faults begin grinding. I have no idea if USD would slide off the hill, but if you pay any attention to seismology you are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    1. The possibility of sliding off the continental shelf and into the ocean will not affect your US News rank. However, actually taking the tectonic plunge will incur a slight detriment to your school’s ranking. Sure, there are some who would claim that reducing your facilities to so much driftwood and beach rubbish would actually be a net benefit to the world. We at US News are of the opinion that the cleanliness of our nation’s beaches outweighs any public policy interest in sparing second tier law students* a lifetime of debt servitude and abysmal employment options.

      You can build your school on top of a volcano for all we care.

      Yours truly,

      --Robert Morse

      *We call 2nd tier students ‘veal’ in the editor’s office, you know, like fattened and slaughtered baby cows. You don't even want to know what we call TTT students. See? We like to have fun, and law students, especially second and third tier students are the comedic gift that keeps on giving. Did I say third tier? OOPS! I meant ‘unranked’. *wink*wink.

    2. I was taking about USD sliding down into Mission Valley; it's miles from the Pacific. I brought up the subject because nobody thinks about `quakes in SD because there hasn't been a serious one since the early `90s.

  5. Hey Nando

    The next time you're with Cryn,make sure she doesn't press her sweaty feet against your backseat window. Nobody wants to see that.

  6. Good point on the state income tax. They kill you with taxes here. Property taxes are high. (Renters, you pay this shit too. You think the landlord's gonna pay that or pass that onto you?) So is the state sales tax. There are plenty of places with good weather. I've been planning a move since 2010 or so. My kids live here, and my ex wife wouldn't be sad to see me leave. Of course the bitch would still want me to pay her even if I can't see my kids more than once a year. And it's tough finding a job in your field in another state. People think it's easy. But it's a lot tougher than you think.

  7. Strelnikov--The crucifixes are appropriate: They should give students some idea of what awaits them upon graduation.

    (from someone who survived 8 years of Catholic school)


    On March 20, 2012, some tool, using the handle “aroth001,” published a thread labeled “USD or USF.” Check out the entire text:

    “First post..

    Here's my dilemma. Born and raised in San Diego. I have wanted to go to San Francisco for law school from the time I began the application process. I've visited both USF and USD... but I'm caught up in the rankings. Should I disregard the fact that USD is ranked higher than USF, and go to school in the city that I want to live in? Or stay in San Diego because it is a "better school".

    $11k first year at USD.. still not sure how much money I would get from USF yet. HELP. I need to give my answer to USD by april 2nd and I'm still SO TORN!

    (still waiting on Hastings, if accepted there its no contest.)”

    Take a look at the wise advice below from site moderator “SBL” - published on March 21, 2012 at 12:25 am:

    “Retake the LSAT or don't go is the most genuine response you're going to get. Neither of these schools are worth the cost.

    That said, USD is marginally better, has the SD market (small though it is) somewhat to itself, and they gave you a little money. If you absolutely cannot get your LSAT score even 3-4 points higher, go to USD. Otherwise, retake, reapply next year.”

    User “romothesavior” then followed up, on March 21st at 3:47 am, with this excellent comment:

    “Yep, this.

    Writing off answers you don't want to hear doesn't mean they aren't genuine responses. These schools at these prices are terrible options. In fact, telling you to go to either would not be a genuine response that I or any other current law student would be able to give you in good conscience.”

    TLS accountholder “NoJob” then wrote, at 11:53 am on March 21, 2012:

    “NEITHER. Don't ruin your life. CA has more than enough attys.”

    This discussion provides a solid illustration of the Lemming “mindset.” These “special snowflake” ass-wipes do not listen to reason and facts. Apparently, these losers believe that THEY will excel in law school, make strong connections, get onto law review and land a clerkship - while their classmates will be mediocre students. This fool received decent feedback from several posters. Yet, in the end, Dumbass decided to wait on UC Ha$ting$ - while leaning towards making a seat deposit to the Univer$iTTy of $an Diego Sewer of Law.

    1. But these are "sophisticated consumers" Nando. At least according to Judge Jew Man.

      These people don't get it..

      These academic scum are living off the backs of debt-enslaved student loan borrowers, plain and simple.

      As you have now said many times, they get the money up front. There are no strings and no accountability for the schools.

      The borrower is the one signing the papers. They bear all the risk and responsibility. All the schools do is sit back and get paid. Cha-Ching Baby!!

      As far as education being a multi-billion dollar industry, again, dead-on. Listen idiots, like everything else in America its a BUSINESS running on the backs of the poor. The prison industry, btw, also operates quite well on this same model if that tells you mental deficients out there anything..

      All the BS spewed in America about merit, working hard, social mobility.. is just American Dream propaganda for mass consumption. It's crap.

      The people I see who are in large firm jobs or have left and gone on to secure government or in-house positions (and this is speaking 20++ years out, long-term outcome) ALL had Godfathers / Godmothers and connections that allowed it. Certainly not the grades in the majority of cases. Strong family / money ties and had a favor called in.

      The rest, including those who actually had the grades became casualties of law like everyone else in the class.

      Last thing: Debt of $125k++ is going to quickly capitalize when you are making shit pay or no pay. As Nando has said, this is strictly law school debt and does not include anything remaining from undergrad - a whole other scam in itself.

      The answer, childrens, is not to play the Game. That's the winning move. Deal with it.

      The academics are living the 1% Good Life in the Here and Now, up-front, while their charges are basically financial lepers and debt serfs for life.

      Got it now?

      How many times does Nando need to say it?

      It's all about the money and always will be.

      NO STATE needs more lawyers today. None. We have at least a 10-year surplus and Boomers who apparently refuse to die glutting up the works on top of all that.

  9. Please Nando. Please. It's right there in black and white... 6% alumni support for WVU. Please, we need you to expound upon this. You know what to do.

    1. If only support from 6% of its alumni isn't a red flag, nothing is. As indicated in my previous post, I graduated "practice ready" from this shithole. Passed the bar. Just like many of my classmates, I couldn't find JD required work after graduation.

      While taking a break in the taxi I was driving that evening, I was reading the latest edition of The West Virginia Lawyer for comic relief. In an interview with the State Bar President, it was revealed the number of attorneys in West Virginia has DOUBLED in only FIVE YEARS. Of course, the Perez had no concern abt it ... let the "free market" eventually thin the ranks.

      Now I hope and pray I can survive by working ina call center and driving a taxi (while paying off my student loans).

  10. Someone else already mentioned it but it bears repeating. Everything and I mean everything is a fucking scam in this country. Religion. School. College. Even elgit businesses. Banks. Payday lenders. I could go on and on. You get the idea. I graduated near the top of my class (but not top 10%). From a top 30 school. I had a few job offers. But everyone that had a judge for a father (surprise surprise) ended up with a good firm job. The rich kids of course ended up doing well. Then I noticed something else. The really pretty girls from my class all worked for good local firms. Didn't matter if they were dumb or had shitty grades. Why's that? Because they had something more important, a vagina.

    I knew a few older guys that had nearly 4.0 gpas. Guess what? Those poor fucks all got shut out of the firms. And they had families to support. Did the law school give a shit about those guys? A few went to work for legal aid.

    Law is a fucked up area. But everything else is a scam too.


  12. Law school is a sucker's bet. Just head down to a riverboat casino and take your chances on the blackjack and roulette tables. You've got better odds there.

  13. Really wanted to disagree with 10:52pm-not sure why, I guess he offended my egalitarian streak but...he's right. Even years ago, everybody knew law school unless you went to a very top school was a scam. It was mentioned all the time in popular culture, with entire movies made about it...even TV shows(there's an old Cheers episode where Sam is defended by a lawyer who hangs out at the bar. At the end of the hearing, Sam reminds the guy to be at his house to trim the hedges). It's not new, it's just that the cost-in actual dollars-is truly oppressive. Back then there was a series of books patterned after the "What Color is my Parachute" type, telling lawyers that their law degree was incredibly versatile. Go to Hollywood! Be a Titan of industry! Really, who needs the practice of law when you can do ANYTHING with that law degree-and all the "anythings" are incredibly lucrative.
    Then came along University of Phoenix, the first truly for profit post-secondary school. You need a Master's in Hospital Administration? Check. Master's in Nuclear Basket Weaving? Check. For profit schools sprang up like mushrooms, out doing themselves in phoney-baloney Master's and Bachelor's degrees(really, a degree in Criminal Justice?). To keep up, and make money, previous legitimate schools decided to sully their hands and dive into the pit, luxuriating in the filthy lucre..paid for by you and me through government loans.
    So welcome to America in the 21st century; you can get a BA or MA in almost anything...and your government will pay-and you'll pay later.
    And it won't stop anytime soon; the Senate had a chance to let loan interest increase this week, which would have sent a message to all: think before you do this(enroll). No such luck; gotta keep that education scam running.
    Law school is a disaster for most students; the problem is, so is pretty much all post-HS schooling(I refuse to call it education).
    So I hope at least one person will stop and think about 10:52's post(and all the posts Nando has written). But I'm resigned to the fact that everyone is a Special Snowflake and won't listen.

  14. USD is one of the schools so desperate for warm bodies to fill their seats that they are accepting June 2013 scores for fall admission this year.
    Here's a roster of the 25 Desperadoes, a handy "Law School Death Watch List":
    Alabama, Albany, Barry, Brooklyn, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida A&M, Florida Coastal, Loyola-L.A., Marland, Missouri-Kansas City, North Carolina, Northern Illinois, Ohio Northern, Pace, Samford, San Diego, Savannah, St. Thomas, Stetson, SUNY-Buffalo, Thomas Jefferson, Washburn, Whittier, William Mitchell.
    They are joining founding "Cloaca Club" members Cooley, Charlotte, Phoenix, Hamline, Vermont, McGeorge, Seton Hall, Rutgers, NYLS, Golden Gate, Cal Western, Southwestern et al.

  15. Let’s review some additional comments from the TLS thread cited above, in my earlier remarks:

    Dumbass “aroth001” posted this follow-up comment, on March 22, 2012 at 12:35 am:

    “Thats more of an answer to my question. Thank you... still going to wait it out on Hastings--but USD wants my deposit by April 2nd. I might have to put down the money just so I don't lose the spot. I'm not ready to make the decision.”

    TLS moderator “SBL” responded with this gem, 22 minutes later:

    “For the love of god man retaking costs what like $200? That is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE less than you're about to waste on a JD from USD.”

    On a larger level, check out this brilliant, spot-on reply from user “romothesavior” - from March 22, 2012 at 12:07 pm:

    “[A] lot of people like to assume that because there are a decent number of grads working in a given region, the school must therefore be a good option for that region. It's a faulty assumption. It's kinda like how people say SLU "dominates the St. Louis market," and yes a lot of their grads get jobs in STL, but that doesn't change the fact that the guy who makes my macchiato down at Starbucks has a J.D. from SLU (true story). Similarly, there may be decent number of USF grads working in SF, but there could be 10x as many unemployed USF grads too.

    Their top 10% students might get some respect and find decent jobs. But do you think anyone in that region has much respect for a USF grad at or below median?”

    In fact, when people mention that TT or TTT grads, from certain schools, place well in a given city or region, they are also not taking into account that many of those alums are Boomer pigs. The typical NYL$ or Third Tier CreighTTTon grad from 1983 certainly had many advantages over the common JD from those commodes, in the last 5-10 years.

    Aside from not being slammed with a mountain of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, the lawyer glut then was not nearly as bad as the job market facing today’s freshly-minted attorneys and law grads. Back then, you had the feasible option of starting your own firm - or working for low wages at legal aid. Good luck trying to get a small business loan, while owing $147,830.26 in student debt. Plus, if you hang your own shingle, you will be expected to compete with established, experienced law firms that can blow your ass out of the water - with their advertising budget alone! But waterheads such as “aroth001” and Christopher Knorps are “special,” right?!?! You cannot reason with these mental midgets.

  16. I graduated from a a 'flagship ' state law school over 20 years ago. I have worked in shitlaw for my entire 'legal career '. In actuality, there is no such thing as a 'career' for most lawyers, even for those like me that have a lot of trial experience in family law, criminal defense, child custody , etc. Why? Because unless you get a secure, stable government job ( if they still really exist) or if you are among the handful of big law partners who are in the 'superstar' category ( I have no idea how you really get in that category, but the entire group can't be larger than, say, the NBA roster)-NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU DO. There is not enough client demand that carries with it the ability and the willingness to pay to provide even a minimally acceptable living wage for the overwhelming majority of lawyers. And you will NEVER be plucked upwards from shitlaw into the law firm job of your dreams because no one is watching your ability to try cases , handle clients, negotiate difficult matters, win the respect of Judges and other lawyers,etc. I do not mean this in the 'special snowflake ' type of 'attention '. I mean ANY recognition from anyone who will consider paying you a decent wage to do all the things that the law schools (falsely ) claim their clinics and the like will train you to do. You can build up all kinds of experience , enjoy one or another aspect of shitlaw, think you are good at it-and you may really get good at it! But 'Boston Law' or whatever fantasy you have of legal employment will never knock at your door. You will be doomed to circle the toilet like the fecal matter artfully portrayed on this blog.

    1. You sir hit the nail on the head.

      You get in shitlaw, you stay stuck in shitlaw.

      This is why you see so many criminal defense and family law lawyers (good ones that know their stuff) jump at the chance to be low level trial court judges. When a judgeship (what a faggoty sounding word) opens, these guys apply quickly. If they get it, they'll close down their practice faster than it takes to fucking make French toast.

    2. Technically, I am not a shitlawyer. I practice IP and business law. In reality, I am a shitlawyer as I have to deal with small and medium size businesses owners of which have money for cars, houses, vacations, cocaine, whores, and alcohol but suddenly have no cash when they need to solve legal problems or do routine legal work.

      On my website, I have a clear message - I do not discuss any matters over the phone and I do not give free consultations. The phone is ringing all the time anyway and "prospective clients" are looking for free legal advice all day long. They laugh if secretary suggests them to book a paid consultation to discuss their matters.

      I am an optimist, I know it will be even worse. Soon lawyers will have to pay for a privilege of talking to "prospective clients".

  17. The '2-11' attorneys law firm designation in the schools' placement statistics is a convenient way to further hide unemployed grads . The true boutique small law firms do not hire regularly and these firms are not suddenly on a nationwide hiring bonanza as the 'placement' figures might suggest .The vast majority of these firms hire lawyers with some experience, not straight out of school. The ''2-11' category is mostly desperate bands of unemployed new lawyers who hope that if they band together and form a 'firm' they will make it. I know this because I have been a daily presence in the shitlaw arena for over two decades and I personally know many of the boutique shitlaw and everyday -shitlaw practitioners in my area.

  18. I do not know why anyone would donate money to a law school. It is throwing money away. Law schools are not noble institutions that deserve charitable contributions. My law school started asking for donations before I left, which I now know is standard practice.

    It shocks me that my law school, asks me to include them in my estate planning, yeah right, that will never happen! (I already paid you a pot of money for a shitty product.) I really feel that law schools have taken advantage of people. Law schools are parasites that have enriched themselves at the expense of the profession. Law professors and faculty are leeches that stay attached to their host for years.

    Why does the dean of New England Law get paid $869,0000+ a year, for running a bottom bucket law school? These people spend decades at the pig trough of student loans.


    Administrator and Faculty Pay: Head to page 18 of this 2011 Form 990, for Employer ID No. 95-2544535, i.e. the Catholic business entity known as the Univer$ity of $an Diego. Under Part VII – Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, you will notice that three members of the second tier law faculty appear on the list.

    Kevin L. Cole, then-dean of the sewer of law, raked in $323,054 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the tax year ending June 30, 2011. Yes, the head pig made $275,761 in reportable compensation, plus $47,293 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.”

    Here is the link to the fat bastard’s faculty bio page. According to this page, he is a supposed “expert” in criminal law and procedure. In fact, Cole is such an amazing “scholar,” he only taught one damn class in Spring 2013, i.e. Criminal Procedure I.

    Orly Lobel received $306,859 in TOTAL COMPENSATION, for the same tax year. She “earned” $288,081 in reportable compensation, on top of $18,778 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.” What a great arrangement, huh?!?!

    Take a look at Lobel’s USD page. Among her areas, you will notice the following: innovation policy; privatization and public law; and consumer and commercial law. One wonders whether this woman has advocated for law schools and the American Bar Association cockroaches to provide transparent employment placement data – with severe penalties for commodes that falsify information.

    Orly Sobel looks even prettier in her law faculty bio. Perhaps this might help explain her big-ass salary and benefits package. Here is a glimpse of her background:

    “Areas of Expertise

    Professor Lobel teaches and writes in the areas of employment law, intellectual property law, regulatory and administrative law, torts, behavioral economics, health policy, consumer law and trade secrets. Her current research focuses on innovation policy and intellectual property.”

    Lastly, we see that Franklin Partnoy made $320,675 in TOTAL COMPENSATION. He received $279,416 in reportable compensation, and $41,259 in “estimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations.”

    On his faculty page, you will note that the goofy gerbil is the “George E. Barrett Professor of Law and Finance.” He also “serves” as co-director of something called the “Center for Corporate and Securities Law.” Do YOU still want to incur an additional $135K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, so that these ass-clowns can continue to live handsomely while providing minimal "work"?!?!

    1. There seems to be quite a few Chosen at this Catholic commode. One might think that given their backgrounds they'd be out in the Real World instead of teaching at the 68th Greatest Law School in the Land.

      Oh, but wait.. That's right.. They would have to work 80+ hours per week for less pay vs. 6 hours a week (max) for mucho cashola and minimal effort.

      Which one now? Let's see? 'Cause I know one choice would require actual work and provide far less job security than the other.

      I see the System now.

      Complete bullshit as usual.

      No one cares that you were taught anything (assuming that's true..) by these Chosen because at the end of the day, you have the name of the 68th Greatest Law School in the Land on your CV vs. what they have on theirs. They have the cushy teaching gig while you have.. oh, that's right.. NOTHING.

      These academics are pretty darn clever, no?

      And wait.. It's less than nothing actually. You have a leftover pricetag of $125k worth of non-dischargeable student loan debt to deal with.

      Poor, poor you.. Oh well, as long as the professors can live the Good Life at the students' expense, that's all that really counts. Just move to Nebraska for a job and get over it..

  20. Why should anyone attend the 68th ranked law school at $45K a year? People that do this shit are the reason why you have "Do not drink paint" labels on paint cans.

  21. Also, throughout the two years after graduating "practice ready" from West Virginia University (while the number of attorneys in West Virginia in the processing of DOUBLING from 2008 to now 2013), I found temp jobs at minimum wage in retail and manual labor. Nobody wants to hire someone who took the K-JD route for non-legal jobs, especially after passing the bar.

    Even when I applied to obtain my taxi driver license, it was held up in background check for two months because having a JD constituted a "red flag" for further investigation. I guess they thought I had something to hide or I wouldn't be driving a cab with a JD. When I finally picked up my license, I was informed by the staff that another person several months previous went through the same thing (with a JD). BTW, I drive a cab in a small metro area.

  22. Thank you for your openness and candor, WVU grad. I would tell you that in critical respects you are fortunate in not being able to work in the "legal profession" (through no fault of your own-you can not change the fact that there is not enough money that clients and/or prospective clients are willing and able to pay, in the aggregate, enough to support of probably two thirds of us in the toilet of law practice ). However, you spent three years of time, effort, blood sweat and tears, as they say, to become an 'attorney' and it sucks that you don't have the opportunity to pursue it, even if those of us who did it or who are still scraping by almost uniformly loathe the gig. After reading your previous post I perused the WVU law web site and I was almost seduced by the slick and disingenuous tone of the site. The school throws out seemingly reasonable upbeat sounding propositions like (not exact words but close) : a WVU degree in West Virginia is hard to beat-we are the only law school in the state, the Bar is small, alumni network is extensive. If you didn't know the simple, stark fact that there is just not enough money available to pay all of us even a minimal wage, the school's claims would seem intuitively rational and correct! Nonlawyers appear to not know how horrific the legal economy is for the majority of us, while the schools know but don't care ( as we know so well from Nando's reportage). Best of luck-I mean it-and that's all I can say. I so hate the platitudes that well intentioned people say to me when I explain to them that over two decades of trials, high volume caseloads , divorces child custody & criminal cases, respect from Judges and other lawyers means SHIT. People are incredulous when I truthfully say that with all of my experience I can NOT make a living in law anymore (final blow was the drastic decline in court appointments). "Well with your experience, intelligence, Ivy League undergrad, etc -SURELY a firm will snap you up!" -they say. I respond by saying "It doesn't work that way", but by that point I always feel like they are silently thinking that "he must have some...hidden psych issue or something, why else isn't he at a LAW FIRM making big $$$$!?!?".Maybe that's projection on my part- but I'm sure you have experienced something similar.

    1. I've practiced criminal defense for about 10 years and everything you say is true. There are a lot of good street lawyers out there who are very skilled, good at dealing with clients, and liked and respected by judges and other lawyers. It is a sad commentary that all of that is not enough to be successful. I have stuck with it because so far I've been one of the lucky ones---I've made enough to pay my bills (including student loans) and live reasonably OK. But I know that could change due to factors beyond my control.

      I will add that the general public is becoming more aware of this due to the scambloggers (props to Nando) and the articles in mainstream media. I think Segal's article in the NYT was a watershed moment. After that came out, my Dad (who is retired and knows very little about the legal system) made a comment that he was amazed that so many graduates and lawyers couldn't find work in the field.

    2. BamBam, you summed it up perfectly with reference to those of us who are "street lawyers"-excellent term,I've not heard it before, I am incorporating it into my verbal repertoire at once. One other point-the vast flowing sewage of legal advertising forces everybody doing it to manufacture what amount to spurious and laughably ridiculous personal brand-identities. Nando wrote of one Social Security firm where the guy wore a cowboy hat and said something like "You've got enough to deal with, let me deal with the government!", and where I live there are dozens-literally- of street/shitlaw lawyers proclaiming they are "compassionate" and/or "caring". One the flip side of that coin there are the many dozens who attempt to portray an aggressive stance and/or a massively successful winning record in criminal and sometimes family law cases- which is just as ridiculous as the self-proclaimed 'sensitive attorneys'.

    3. Of course, I'm sure the WVU College of Law website doesn't mention that the number of WV licensed attorneys has doubled in the past five years. What a joke ...

  23. Student Debt is ruining lives:

  24. Backgound check for driving a taxi held up due to having a j.d. ?? I'm calling bs on this one.

    1. Ever heard of character fitness?

  25. How times have changed. A 4 year college degree really is the equivalent of a HS diploma from 30 years ago. A Master's or JD (which is just a fucking Masters of Arts Humanities degree anyway) is now what a BA was 20 or 30 years ago.

  26. Law schools teach you how to think and write like a law professor. Yep. Who the fuck doesn't wanna shell out $100K for that?

  27. I am in Wilmington Delaware my hotel is right next to widner law school. What a joke it is part of a strip mall sort of looks like a 1970 era college dorm. You would have to be crazy to pay 45k tuition. What you csn learn about law school scam on biz trip

  28. From The National Review Today:

    "If universities are confident enough that the value of their product is sufficient to justify the associated financing cost, then they should get into the lending business themselves, in the same way that automobile manufacturers set up finance companies to help consumers buy their products. But the universities are not eager to get into that business, suggesting that they know that there is in fact a disconnect between price and value in the higher-education market."

  29. I went to this school and am still paying for the "privilege." Good to see Nando finally getting to it. Frankly I don't understand why anyone has been going to school since 2008, when all the mass layoffs were happening and it made mainstream news.

    The past couple of years even a blind person should be able to see what a bad bet law school is. I know Yale admittances that turned down Yale Law (to go to Harvard Medical...but still). I do think you're okay at a top 5 law school, but even then the prize is a booby prize for most. Law really sucks, but at least you'll get paid well for a few years.

    Truth be told there really aren't any jobs out there for any field. It's almost like this generation needs to show everyone they tried and got ripped off and failed before their Boomer parents finally relent and help them out. Of course the elite already help their kids out, but the Boomers below the elite class still can't wrap their heads around that, and instead insist on mocking their kids and putting them at a disadvantage.


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