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Third Tier University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law Lays Off Nine; Will Cut Staff and Enrollment by 40 Percent!

The Commode Announces the Downsizing:

On July 5, 2013, the Sacramento Bee published reporter Mark Glover’s piece, “McGeorge Law School downsizes student body and staff.” Read the brief paragraph below:

“The dean of the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law says the school is downsizing its student body and staff.”

Later on, the piece mentioned the following:

"The law school has reorganized the staff in Sacramento to align with its new size. The school first offered a voluntary severance plan to all staff members. This week it was necessary to lay off several staff members. McGeorge is going to be a smaller law school, but it will continue its proud tradition over 90 years of educating excellent attorneys."

The Bee contacted [toilet spokeswoman Bethany] Daniels early Friday after receiving an email tip of a "round of involuntary staff layoffs" at McGeorge this week.

Daniels was contacted after a call to longtime McGeorge spokesman Mike Curran was answered by a recorded message that said that he was no longer with the school, effective July 1. His voicemail provided Daniels' contact information.

Daniels said in a midafternoon email that "the number of layoffs was very small and the majority of reductions were voluntary." [Emphasis mine]

This development makes your heart glow. How often does a small group of committed individuals cause a billion dollar, foul industry to suffer?!?!

The Story Gets Even Better:

Four days later, Glover wrote a follow-up piece for the Bee, under the headline “McGeorge law school says it will shrink by more than 40 percent.” Check out this beautiful opening:

“Student enrollment at University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law will scale down to about 600 students over the next three years, accompanied by about a 40 percent reduction in staff.

Bethany Daniels, spokeswoman at the McGeorge campus at 3200 Fifth Ave., in Sacramento, said McGeorge student enrollment totaled 1,036 students in fall of 2010.” [Emphasis mine]

After describing the national situation, the author continued:

“On Friday, Francis J. Mootz III, McGeorge's dean, issued a statement saying, in part: "In response to the unprecedented drop in applications to law schools across the country, McGeorge School of Law is reducing the size of its student body." 

Today, Daniels said the current "staff realignment was largely achieved by voluntary actions - retirements and voluntary severance."

She said nine McGeorge employees were laid off last Tuesday.” [Emphasis mine]

I haven’t been this proud since the birth of my child. Sure, those academic pigs “voluntarily” left their positions – and I chose not to try out for the Giants in spring training.

Tuition: According to the third tier garbage heap, full-time tuition – for the 2013-2014 school year – will amount to $44,690. That is an outrage! Then again, part-time students will only be charged $29,700 for the 2013-2014 academic year. So that makes everything okay, right?!?!

Ranking: As you can see from the link above, US “News” & World Report rates the McGeorge Sewer of Law as the 124th greatest, most illustrious and magnificent law school in the entire country. Yay!! In fact, it only shares this distinct honor with the University of St. Thomas School of Law – i.e. the one located in Minneapolis, not Miami Gardens.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the McGeorge JD Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - as $140,566. Hell, 92 percent of this school’s 2012 class took on such putrid debt. Keep in mind that this figure does not include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account.

Conclusion: The law school pigs are beginning to wilt under the heat of the barbecue pit. The bastards are finally starting to feel the effects of their fraudulent, filthy, vile actions. Do not shed a single tear for these cockroaches. They KNOWINGLY participated in this scam, for decades. They were AWARE that the U.S. lawyer job market was GLUTTED. Furthermore, they massaged employment placement data – in order to increase their USN&WR ranking and get more asses in seats. Plus, they recognized that tuition was SKYROCKETING. They did nothing to alleviate the situation, other than increase their clinical offerings and idiotic LLM programs.

These ABA-accredited dung pits ought to be closed down permanently, and turned into children’s museums. At least then, the space would be put to good use. Again, the “professors,” administrators and staff at these in$TTTiTTTion$ of “higher learning” do not give one goddamn about you, the student or recent graduate. YOU are a mere means to an end, to these sick bitches and hags. They get paid up front, in full – while YOU are stuck carrying the big-ass bag of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for the next 20-30 years of your life. Rejoice at this news, and keep the pressure on these sewer rats. They will fight to keep the gravy train rolling along, to their last, foul breath.


  1. MCEORGE DOMINATESJuly 10, 2013 at 6:51 AM


  2. Mr. Inanity is "roasting" Nando on his worthless blog and an accompanying Youtube link. Listening to the delusional whackjob's voice in the Youtube clip, he sounds as though he's more than half a pillow biter.

  3. Great work here. I guess the pigs would rather die than lower tuition.

  4. First you had Mcmansions, then you had Mcjobs. Now you have an aptly-named school to reflect the same phenomenon in legal education.

  5. What a dump. I have never even heard of this place. If it's in Sacramento it's probably been a place to funnel people into government jobs--and seeing how the state of California is broke, it's easy to see why applications are down there.

  6. These lower-tier toilets must really be hurting. Law school applicants are committing to one toilet or another this time of year, and I imagine McGeorge got mostly rejections in the mailbag, and are now panicking. (Funny how they released the bad news late Friday on a holiday weekend so that no one would notice.)
    Employers, what few there are, are definitely picking Stanford, Berkeley, Irvine, UCLA, USC, Hastings, Davis graduates ahead of McGeorge ones, and probably those from Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, San Diego and Santa Clara. McGeorge is in the smelliest, lowest rung, along with Golden Gate, Southwestern, Cal Western, USF, and Whittier (not to mention TJSL and all the unaccredited schools).
    There's going to be some real carnage ahead, especially in the lowest rung. You can deny reality for only so long.
    If the deans had any sense, they would convert their schools into training centers for paramedics, security guards, elder-caregivers, telephone-coldcallers, debt collectors, and Obamacare bureaucrats - that's the future.

  7. I love how in the fecal picture this time, the grasses are springing up, tender with the hope of new life. Very apt choice of poopy photos Nando... let us not forget that the shit spewed by these pigs can also be fertilizer.

  8. If the title of something begins with "Mc" and it's not Irish, I generally stay away.

    BTW: I'm not Irish.

  9. I have to say, Nando, I am really enjoying your posts about law schools downsizing. Nice to get some good news every once in a while.

  10. There is a recent New York Times article by a law professor claiming that firing law professors improperly impinges upon academic freedom, even if the law school cannot afford their bloated salaries. This guy probably did not lose much sleep about the terrible job market that most law grads have faced for years, it is only now that it is hitting law schools that these people care---disgusting.

    The Unseen Costs of Cutting Law School Faculty


    "The situation at Seton Hall is representative of many other non-elite law schools. Firing untenured faculty is a shortsighted approach to managing an academic budget. It encroaches on an important principle of academic freedom, namely that a tenure decision should be based on the merit of the case, not the budget of the department."

    1. That article made me want to vomit. It is primary source evidence of the absolute fantasy world of law professors. Especially the part that says: "There are better ways to shrink a law school budget."

      Yeah, it's called don't pay tenured profs so much money for so little work.

      The whining from Academia sounds like the waning aristocracy in Europe complaining that they no longer get paid to sit around and act important.

    2. There is no question that tenured faculty is the largest cost for law schools. Tuition dollars should be being spent on textbooks, libraries, computers, scholarships, and other things that benefit students. It should not be going in Fleisher the pig's pocket.

      I love how he's defending tenure like it is so vital to the success of law school programs. This isn't the 50s during McCarthy where people were worried about communist witch hunts or the 60s where teachers were worried about being fired for opposing Vietnam or the schools in general. Tenure is just job security for lazy, baby boomer pigs who don't have to worry about their job performance since they don't have to worried about being fired.

      Fleischer the pig can go on the NY Times and try to defend the system, but everyone knows he's clutching at straws.

      Burn in hell.

  11. Christopher Knorps is sad about this. Dumbshit loves the law schools.

  12. Check out this Law School Scam blog article, from July 6, 2013. The entry was labeled "Best Law School in Sacramento Shrinking." Look at the following excerpt:

    "In case you're a staffer at an American law school, tell me put this in plain English: you're as disposable as the graduates you've run through the system, so prep your resumes, because you're going to be the first thrown off the boat. It's been fun, we've made a lot of money together, but it's time to shave to preserve the lucre for who really matters.

    I'm now eagerly awaiting the whiny scamblog devoted solely towards displaced staffing. But while I'm on topic, let me shame the scambloggers again: this is a great American law school that fuels the lucrative legal services market in Sacramento. Your actions have exacerbated the effects of a once-in-a-lifetime economic crash and now the state capital of our largest state will be starving for attorneys in just a few years.

    What will California do without attorneys in its state capital?"

    Yes, these bastards are as expendable as the rest of us. Good luck finding one of those "JD Advantage" jobs that you keep telling recent grads to pursue. Hell, you may even need to move to Nebraska, as Bitch Sara K. Stadler told the Emory JD Class of 2011 at commencement.

    Read some of the comments, to this video. You can see that people are catching onto the scam, and MANY are now informing others about this sick situation.

    Two years ago, “Robert Bergey” wrote:

    “If you can't place your law students in jobs then you need to get over it. You need to find another occupation. You need to shutter your law school pronto because educating lawyers for jobs that don't exist differs from a Ponzi scheme in name only, but not in practice. A tiny minority of law professors and students profit hugely while others get fleeced.”

    Look at the comments below, both from user “MrJohndoakes”:

    “1:44:19 "....the great class of 2011"; more like the doomed-to-paying-off-insane-le¬vels-of-debt-class of 2011, though the ones with lawyer [parents] might survive BARELY.”

    This post is right on the money.

    “Emory is ranked 30th by "US News and World Report", but truth be told, if your school isn't in the top 15 and you aren't the offspring of an [attorney] or judge YOU ARE SCREWED.

    The speaker at 36:00 should have given that speech to the 1st year students, not graduates!”

    Why would this butter cow have mentioned this to first year students?! “Law professors” and administrators do not give a damn about their victims.

  13. Dean Mooch didn't even have the balls to make a statement himself. He sent a woman to do the job.

  14. Wow, you are bitter. Incidently, I am a graduate of Pacific/McGeorge and I have always been employed. While I am still paying off my loans, I was completely satisfied with the education at my third tier law school. In fact, I moved from the East Coast to attend McGeorge because it had the programs and focus I wanted - strong clinical programs with a focus on not just learning the law as a theory, but what lawyers actually do in daily practice. I feel sorry for you that law school did not give you what you were looking for, but perhaps you did not choose wisely when you went to Drake.

    1. I attended Third Tier Drake on a full-tuition scholarship, for all three years. I also participated in the criminal defense clinic.

      Paul Campos, tenured law professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder, published an Inside the Law School Scam entry entitled "The message," back on February 17, 2012. Read this portion:

      "Let us do a little exercise.

      Contrary to the disturbing things you may have read in the New York Times, legal education is actually changing in all sorts of wonderful ways, which are making our students far more practice-ready upon graduation.

      There aren't enough jobs.

      Contrary to the disturbing things etc., legal scholarship has entered a golden age, and is producing all sorts of wonderful insights regarding how to make The Best Legal System in the World even better.

      There aren't enough jobs.

      While it's true that a few law schools may have misled applicants into believing there were enough jobs, we are now starting to publish semi-transparent employment and salary statistics.

      Which reveal that there aren't enough jobs."

      In sum, it does not matter if you have internship "experience" or worked in a clinical setting - or taken every available pretrial and trial advocacy course offered at your school - if you cannot find gainful employment as a lawyer. People attend professional school, in order to become working members of that field.

      I am glad that these pigs are finally beginning to feel the effects of their greedy, filthy actions. The cockroaches have lived handsomely - for far too long - by soaking their students with ridiculous amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. These “educators” are aware of the attorney glut. Yet, they willingly and happily continued to overproduce law grads each year. If YOU are okay with that arrangement, then you need a brain stem and a pair of balls, Bitch. Then again, you crossed the entire country to attend a third tier commode. Your mother must be very proud.

    2. 4:15,

      And which biglaw firm do you work for? Maybe you're chief legal adviser to Mr. Obama. It's the internet. Anyone can claim to be 6'2". Or to golf 3 under par at Augusta National.

      Oh, and McGeorge is a shithole. Your most recent notable alum is a former fucking MMA fighter. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

    3. Maybe this guy is Mr. Infinity, too?

    4. Are the schools to blame? We are all adults now, and we can research and make up our own minds. And for the record, I did read a lot about how law school was supposedly a "bad idea" before going, but it was better than a lifetime of working in fast food, even if I could have become a manager. I tend to not listen to the advice of others, because, truly, I honestly still to this day believe know that I am a special snowflake.

    5. You rode the short bus to school. So that makes you special.

    6. @July 11, 2013 at 8:46 PM

      July 11, 2013 at 9:24 AM was another Mr. Infinity post, since he posted the same thing on his blog. So you are right, he is special for riding the short bus to school.

    7. Went to Pacific and I suck off truck drivers for $5 a pop! BAM!

  15. If these schools keep cutting staff, who will do the secretarial and janitorial work? Are tenured faculty going to have do their own copying? Or will their "research assistants" double as night janitors and security guards?

  16. Congrats, but now is not the time to rest. McGeorge should be closing, not downsizing. What this post makes clear is that the scam schools will do almost anything-starting with jettisoning junior faculty and staff-so that the fat cats can stay fat. Open admissions will be next, with them trying to figure out how to accept more and more. McGeorge and others are wobbling, but it will take a genuine knock-out punch to put them out of business(e.g. end of federal loans). Otherwise, they'll continue to exist.

  17. Wait'll 2063, when the M.D.s are howling like this...

  18. Check out the latest comment from Ass-Hat Jack Whittington. He posted the following remark on TTR entry “Open Letter to the Graduating JD Class of 2013." The full text is below:


    July 11, 2013 at 12:05 AM

    Ahh - I figured my name would pop up somewhere around this time of year. I'm flattered you remember me. Now for those inquiring minds here's an update on my sad sad state of affairs. I've sat for the TX Bar twice and failed twice - karmic justice you say? You're probably right. Then of course there was my well documented stint as a car salesman which gave the scambloggers an immense case of schadenfreude. Was Nando right all along? Perhaps. But through all the highs and lows of this experience I understood the risk I was taking and don't blame the legal industry for my gamble. Going to law school now I realize was akin to hitting instead of staying on 18. The odds are incredibly long but dammit it was my intuition and I was going to see it through warning signs be damned! It turns out I was just another snowflake in the pile - actually a below average one at that apparently. Incredibly I managed to land on my feet somewhere along the way - found a decent enough job that allowed us to manage our loans and a mortgage on a new home and live a pretty comfortable life financially in spite of it all. I'm not bitter or angry I've made my peace with it - as Americans we tend to love watching a good train wreck and I'm sure my futile existence provided you with a real gutbuster. With that I hope I have satiated your interest in my curious but oh so typical case. Even Nixon knew when to call it a day and with that I bid you adieu and best of luck to you anonymous I hope you find your identity – Jack”

    Here is the link to the idiot’s Twitter page:

    “Jack Whittington
    Texas Tech and Tulsa Law alum. Sports and Politics junkie.
    Beaumont, TX”

    Read some of his little posts. Apparently, the cretin is obsessed with pro wrestling, reality TV, and a petty war of words between a moronic, preppy douche-bag ESPN analyst who never played sports, i.e. Bill Simmons, and an NBA coach with a championship ring. Of course, this redneck/couch potato sides with the dumb white guy.

    Grow up, Jackass. Congratulations on failing the Texas bar exam TWICE. You now admit that you were warned, but you FOOLISHLY decided to take the plunge anyway. Hell, you enrolled at Fourth Tier Trash Pit TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer, before transferring to the University of Tulsa Commode of Law.

    When Whittington was a student there, Tulsa was ranked in the third tier of U.S. law schools, by US “News” & World Report. The dung heap is now rated 86th greatest – along with four other ABA-accredited toilets.

  19. It's disgusting how the law school pigs don't tell students how the odds are stacked against them and how all those graduates that are showcased in recruitment booklets are either 10%ers or have strong family connections that helped them. I remember at my TTT toilet this kid got a job at a Top 10 law firm in Philly because his father played golf with some partners there and he had solid hooks. The pigs approached him to be in some "profiles in success" thing sent to prospective students. Of course they failed to mention in the piece that the kid's father was a real estate developer who got him into the firm because his father was a longtime client who called in a favor. It was just about creating the illusion of success to entice lemmings.

    You'd think the pigs would feel they have an ethical duty to inform potential students of the risk in finding a job but their greed has supplanted their ethics/morals.

  20. What the fuck is a McGeorge?

    1. Best I can figure, it's some kinda new health thing at McDonald's.

  21. Upset you academic pigs are losing your cupcake jobs? Get over it! Stop being such a taker. Go move to Nebraska for a new job.

  22. Mr. Inanity is looking for jobs on Simplicity now.


    1. There is no any Mr. Infinity. There is a piece of shit named Christopher Knorps. He apparently does not know anything about the Intenet. What is published on the Internet stays there forever. Any potential employer would search the Internet before hiring Knorps. The foot print Knorps left on the Internet would not qualify him for a job where his responsibility would be to eat shit all day long with a very large spoon. Knorps is fucked for life. This is called carnal justice. Knorps, are your reading this, you fucking faggot?

  23. I was just reading about this today, and like many others, I've never even heard of this school before. It still baffles me how these schools, which are the lowest of the low rank-wise, and who don't even post their job statistics, are legally allowed to charge students any amount of tuition, much less $40K+ per year. You know what that means? The work of the scam bloggers is not finished yet. I still continue to encounter young twenty-somethings who have not heard that law school is the fastest way to ruin one's financial future (for the next 30 years or so anyway). And schools like McMuffin are merely scaling back, not shutting their doors, so please keep blogging!

  24. And, yet again, another hack using the revolving door and stopping off in academia to line her pockets.

    "Janet Napolitano, who has served as President Obama’s secretary of homeland security since the beginning of the administration, announced Friday that she is stepping down to become president of the University of California system."

    She's now going to cash in as head pig of the UC system, which financially ruins countless student annually through their law school scam at Hastings, Davis, and Irvine.

    1. Meh, another limousine liberal. It's ironic that this woman, who has been responsible for some of the most egregious violations of our civil liberties, is now head of a system completely dominated by "progressives"?

  25. I'm trying to rewrite my Human Resources Officer Story.

    If anyone has copies of some of my old stories let me know since most of my work was saved on DVDs and was lost after my puppy chewed on them.

    1. ^ I'm going to go out on a limb here, Paintroach: NOBODY "has copies" of your worthless gay poems.

      Did your puppy also "chew on" the $500,000 you've earned from painting houses for 15 years while you mooched off of your parents?

      You haven't been painting houses at all, have you?

    2. What an anti- African American, racist piece of garbage you are, and until you give me your real name, you will be ignored.

      If you think I have money stashed away, you are sadly mistaken.

      You also have your facts wrong.

      As for true facts, I voted for Obama and straight across the board for the Democratic ticket in the 2012 elections.

      Are you self hating?

    3. ^ LOL, did Obama make your debt go away? GullibleRoach is gullible. I'm glad you get such pleasure from voting. *I* get more of a kick from building up my coin collection. I like to think that every time I get 100 gold coins, I get an extra life - just like Super Mario Bros.

      We all already know who you voted for. I actually appreciate your honesty. It's good to know which candidate the deadbeat, I-refuse-to-work roach faction wants in office.

      How did you mark your ballot, though? I can't imagine a tiny roach like you generating enough kinetic energy to actually pull the lever in a voting booth. Maybe you could crawl across the ballot and take a tiny roachshit on the box that's next to Obama's name? It would be detectable AND fitting.

      You aren't black, Paintroach. Race has nothing to do with your issues. Your aversion to work has everything to do with it.

      So where IS the $500K, anyway? Are you hiding it, or have you been lying all these years about working? Will you at long last answer this one simple question?

  26. Elie Mystal bitch-slapped this garbage school in his July 9, 2013 post “Law School: Slashing Class Size, Keeping Tuition High.” Check out this opening:

    “We’ve talked extensively about the decline in law school applications. Law schools are now entering a time of consequences. Schools at the very top are going to do fine. Shockingly, schools at the very bottom are probably also okay, as there is always somebody who has no business going to law school who still wants to go.

    But schools in the great middle — from just outside the top tier to anybody trying to maintain a bare minimum of standards — are feeling the crunch.

    Something has to give. And one law school on the West Coast has decided that people should be the first to go. First, the school fired staff. Now, the school is slashing class size. But I’ll note that the school does not seem to be slashing salaries or cutting tuition. Apparently, people are easier to cut than budgets….”

    Later on, Mystal lands another right cross on these bitches’ beaks:

    “Cutting seats and staff is of course one way to respond to the crisis in legal education. Another way would be to do something about tuition, for the love of God. McGeorge charges $44,690 per year for law school. Surely, McGeorge has engaged in the same kind of aggressive scholarship tactics that other schools have tried, so it’s effective tuition rate is probably much lower. But still, note how the school is much more willing to cut seats and a bunch of staff than drop that big number for the people who will still go to McGeorge and pay or borrow full price.

    The reason why is obvious. If the law school economy rebounds tomorrow, McGeorge can easily re-add the 600 seats. It can easily re-add staff. But if it slashes tuition by 40%… well, gosh, it’ll take it a while to raise it back up 40 percent when the economy rebounds. Better to hold that outrageously high number where it is, because people are more elastic than tuition.

    And of course the school is cutting staff to make its budget balance instead of reducing salaries of its professors. Because in 2013, who needs, say, more CAREER SERVICES OFFICERS when you have Justice Anthony Kennedy teaching summer school. Because I’m sure Justice Kennedy helps McGeorge students get the kind of jobs that justify nearly $45K in tuition.

    McGeorge enjoys the specific problem of being a local law school in a government town when the government is broke. Now more than ever, the school needs aggressive outreach by career services, selling McGeorge students to people outside Sacramento and making sure that local students get their share of jobs in the local economy — as opposed to having those opportunities carpetbagged by students from other California schools who have been pushed out of bigger markets. Instead, MeGeorge cut staff… so the students who still go will get worse services. Have fun, class of 2016.”

    It’s nice to see that the ABA-accredited trash pits are putting their students’ interest first, right?!?! The law school pigs view YOUR wrecked financial future as collateral damage. After all, the cockroaches need to maintain their upper middle class lifestyle, and minimal “work” schedule, at any cost TO YOU!

  27. According to OTLSS, this school's class of 2012 had an appalling 40.5% employment score (full time, long term, bar required, non solo, non school funded jobs).

    1. Why pay $45K for one year of tuition for such shitty job prospects? Fucking crackheads have more sense than to do that.

  28. When I started at McGeorge tuition was $5,500 a year. What a joke that they charge $44K+ now. I graduated number 30 in my class that graduated 200 - 130 never made graduation, and my gpa was 2.8. The real story back then was that most of the class had a gpa of between 2.0-2.3 - and with the school not being in the top, that kind of gpa killed you for job prospects!

  29. The funny thing is that no one wants to mention another stat, which is that McGeorge is not known for all aspects of law, but rather 3-4 specific types (hence the fact that they are ranked in the top 20 of the nation for international law for over three years running now, outdoing duke, cornell, and other top schools)

  30. How about this looney tune out of Third Tier Land (an anonymous lawyer posted this about McGeorge School of Law):

    "Lately the rumors I have been hearing in my [law] office is that recently a student had brought a prostitute into his dorm, and then she started doing heroin and wouldn't leave. Campus security was called and the whole thing was kept quiet. Only now the prostitute's gangster pimp has made death threats on various McG admins..."


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