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Third Tier Vermont Law School is Cutting More Jobs, in Response to Shrinking Class Sizes

Another Tremendous Article:

On June 27, 2013, the Vermont Journalism Trust published a Alicia Freese piece, under the header “Vermont Law School makes more cuts as class size drops.”  Check out this opening:

"Sarah Buxton, a state representative for the towns of Tunbridge and South Royalton, got some unpleasant, if not totally unexpected, news when she returned to her job at the Vermont Law School after a four-month stint at the Statehouse. Buxton’s position — assistant director of community relations and alumni affairs — was axed at the end of May, leaving the 34-year old lawmaker out of work.

Buxton’s involuntary departure is one of a number of cost-cutting decisions that the Vermont Law School has made in the past six months. The school is grappling with a trend that’s afflicting law schools almost across the board — fewer applicants are applying due to dwindling job prospects and the specter of student debt.

Vermont Law School is particularly vulnerable to financial backlash of that trend because it lacks the shield of a “mothership.” Most law schools are housed within universities, which have been able to absorb their losses."

You’re welcome, bitches.  Then again, if you were not such greedy swine, you could have avoided such swift cuts to faculty and staff.  Later on, the article continued:

“Starting last September, VLS enacted a plan to shrink the school in response to a tuition dollar drought that left it with a $3.3 million budget gap. The school attracted national attention last winter when it cut 12 staff positions — 10 were through voluntary buyouts and two were involuntary.

This past spring, in a quieter move, VLS whittled down its faculty. Eight professors, of the 40 who were eligible, voluntarily moved from full-time to part-time positions. Mihaly estimated that two or three other positions were eliminated when professors departed for personal reasons.

VLS has been pruning expenses elsewhere, too. It has cut down on cleaning services and changed the hours and offerings of its food service, among other changes. At one point, there were conversations about whether coffee would continue to be available in offices, according to one staff member.

An analysis by Bloomberg Business Week shows VLS had the third-highest acceptance rate in 2012, with 83 percent of applicants being admitted. [In past years, the rate has typically fallen between 60 percent and 75 percent.] That prompted The Careerist, a law job blog, to place it in the unflattering category of “law schools where your pet poodle can probably get in.” [Emphasis mine]

Hell, cheap prostitutes are more selective than the pigs at VermonTTT Law Sewer.  Since the dung pit accepts 83 percent of applicants, it is CLEAR that the rats have no standards.  By the way, you could put these “professors” and administrators to actual work, and have them maintain the grounds and scrub the campus toilets.

Financial Status of the “School”:

Let’s take a look at the 2011 Form 990, for Employer ID No. 23-7251952, i.e. Vermont Law School Inc.  Look at lines 20-22 on the first page of this tax document.  You will see that this commode - as of June 30, 2011 - only had $46,807,827 in total assets.  It held $20,284,689 in total liabilities.  This school had an endowment of $26,523,138.  That is tiny, in comparison to most independent, ABA-accredited law schools, let alone those tied to colleges and universities.  

Furthermore, the school received $36,613,766 in total revenue, for this particular tax year.  This info is contained on line 12 of page one.  On line 19, you will note that the trash heap spent more than it took in that year.  Specifically, the pigs ran a deficit of $93,611.  The school simply does not have enough assets to sustain many losses.  Due to the recent smaller class sizes, it is almost certain that the endowment is even smaller now.  

Pathetic Job Prospects for VLS Grads:

Gary Rosin posted a Faculty Lounge entry labeled “Full Rankings: Bar Admission Required, Full-Time, Long Term,” back on March 30, 2013.  VermonTTT Law $chool ranked 153rd out of 197 ABA-accredited in$titution$.  Only 45.1% of this trash pit’s Class of 2012 landed full-time, long term jobs where bar passage was required.  Keep in mind that not all of those positions were traditional attorney openings.

When you click on the hyperlink for 119th “best” Vermont Law Sewer, you will be directed to the following overview, from USN&WR:


Employed at graduation: 20.7% 
Median private sector starting salary: $53,500 
Median public service starting salary: $45,000”  [Emphasis mine]

That “placement” rate is beyond pathetic!  By the way, according to US “News” & World Report, the average law student indebtedness amount - for those members of the VLS Law Class of 2012 who incurred debt for law school - was $132,337.  Who in their right mind would take out an additional $132K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to make $45K per year?!?!

Conclusion: Vermont Law Sewer is vulnerable, because it is an independent, private commode.  It is not attached to a larger college or university.  As mentioned above, the school has a small endowment - and the enrollment is dropping at this garbage pile.  Don’t feel bad for the “professors” who got the ax at this place.  Collectively, they have financially ruined tons of students and graduates.  Plus, this school will likely seek to merge with an existing university in the area.


  1. That picture will haunt my dreams.

    1. I agree, lol!

      Seriously, 27% is just about right for any school outside the T10, maybe T8.

      Now we are approaching what I would consider the real employment numbers for a typical law school graduating class.

      Beware Lemmings. Beware.

      You have been warned.

  2. It is beginning. The unsustainable law school model can't allow for small, independent schools to operate the way they do.

    I think many will engage in a final credit binge, mortgage and/or sale of all real estate and valuable assets before merging or closing. The deans and their closest cohorts shall reveice generous severance packages, enough to live off for some years.

  3. One of my relatives went to this school a few years ago and never obtained an attorney position. He worked as a paralegal for a year or so and has been unable to find another position. The bottom line is you can't even get a paralegal position coming out of this school. The tuition here is outrageous considering the low cost of living in the area. Basically, you're supporting a bunch of law professors' $100,000+ salaries in VT. Do you have any idea how far $100,000 goes in VT. This place is overpriced, the professors are overpaid, and quite frankly there's nothing to do in South Royalton anyway. It's a one horse town. I'm not even sure it has a stop light. Avoid this place.

  4. I imagine that VLS will soon go into a "death spiral". Once potential students realize that the school is open enrollment and has zero prestige and value, they will stop coming. When enrollment drops management will have to start firing faculty and dipping into reserves and endowment. Then the creditors will come after them to get their $20m back. Then it's lights out -- either shut down completely, or beg some Vermont public university to adopt them. I give them maybe 5 years.
    Rationally they should shut up shop within 3 years, but you should never underestimate the capacity of a cornered animal to fight for its life. Plus, if they did close now, what would they do the $26m endowment? So first they will distribute it all among the deans and faculty, maybe with some big "retention bonuses". When the money is gone then they can go tits up.

  5. I would like to see many more professors get fired or they could just call it an unpaid sabbatical.

  6. Interesting article which recommends that parents who cosign on a private student loan be named as beneficiaries for a child's life insurance policy.

    1. ^ I certainly hope that your parents are. Cosigners or no, you owe them big.

  7. Video on the shitty legal job market:

  8. Student Loan Debtors Anonymous

    Express your life of debt and shame.

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      Practice what you preach, man.

    2. I don't have debt, but I have shame. See, my son is the troll that attacks others. He likes to use the term paintroach. I think he's still mad that he was born with male and female genitals. His dad decided to raise him as a boy. I knew it was a mistake when our 'son' was still wearing dresses and high heels in middle school. He still wears bright red lipstick everywhere. He likes to visit gay bars all over town, even at his age. I used to worry about him, but he's got a lot of friends there, if ya know what I mean.

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      Please ignore him. Just recognize him for what he is. An angry hermaphrodite with mental issues. I’ve tried to get him help several times, but he refuses to see anyone. Accept my apologies in his behalf.

    3. ^ LOL, and now the roach "ATTACKS" MY PARENTS!



    4. Mr. Infinity is humanity's shame.

    5. "I don't have debt, but I have shame. See, my son is the troll that attacks others. He likes to use the term paintroach...."

      He IS a giant pantload, Mr. FakeKnorps; in fact he is the greatest troll in the history of blog comments outside of the AV Club's Zodiac Motherfucker, who was best known for WRITING ALL IN CAPS AND EXTREME AGGRESSION. But back to little Chrissy; if he could get a job as a creepy online stalker, he would be set for life.

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    7. LOL at grown men that write WAAAAH! Can't you still get your hermaphroditism taken care of?

    8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. @9:47 am,

    Law firms do not want to hire JDs as paralegals, because they feel that the new employee will seek to become an associate, when there is an available position. Plus, they are worried that the highly-educated paralegal will try to play attorney.

    On December 12, 2012, at 4:35 pm, TLS user "jwinaz" started a thread labeled "Possible Back-up Plan, Using JD to become Paralegal?" Take a look at a few of the responses below:

    One minute later, "alex.feuerman" wrote:

    "Option number two. Nodoby is going to hire a paralegal with a JD because the employer knows as soon as you get a "real lawyer" job you're out the door. So you're a flight risk. Sorry. You're too overqualified."

    Accountholder "francesfarmer" posted this reply, on the same day, at 5:14 pm:

    "This. Its pathetic. People looking to hire paralegals throw out JD resumes immediately."

    At 5:18 pm, on December 12th, the original poster returned with a better grasp of reality:


    Thanks for the response. I did start Googling the topic and I think you're probably right. It seems in most cases that the legal industry views a JD as a scarlet letter for paralegal jobs.

    Still wanted to check. But it does kind of stink. I've heard of Ph.D.'s working as high school and even elementary school teachers. A friend of mine actually is trying to do that with his humanities Ph.D. after not securing employment as a college instructor or post-doc. He said it's quite common to see PhD's teaching in secondary/primary ed. It's considered more or less an advanced degree (at best) or neutral (at worst).

    You'd figure a JD would probably have more starting [kn]owledge of the law and legal processes than a BA applying for paralegal positions, but I guess it's just seen as a negative in the legal field.

    Thanks anyways. Had to check.”

    We are all aware that a law degree is NOT versatile. The “law professor” pigs and cockroaches merely claim that this is the case, because they KNOW that MANY law grads are not finding attorney jobs. These thieves are aware of the lawyer glut. At same point, grads must pay their bills – so they take jobs that do not require a law degree.

    According to the academic pinheads, “If thousands of JDs, each year, wind up working in non-legal positions - and taking part-time jobs in various fields - then a law degree MUST be versatile!” This is another blatant falsehood uttered by the bitches and hags who are benefiting from the scam. Will Meyerhofer documented this best, back on November 3, 2010.

  10. Love your work Nando!

  11. Not a TTT thing per se, but in the spirit of Nando's blog, I received in the mail an offer from my alma mater for 30% off for attendance for their executive MBA. Very similar to the puke offering "limited time" discounts for their law degrees. This offer was for me "because I was an undergraduate alum" of the university that has this MBA program. NOTE: This comes from a school that has a very respected MBA (and undergraduate) program.

  12. I want to thank you Nando for convincing me not to go to law school. I showed your website to my brother, but unfortunately he was too vainglorious to heed the advice not to go. He used the argument that although law schools are expensive and starting salaries are low vis-a-vis that debt incurred, one with a JD has more earning potential over his life time than someone like me who only has a BA. He said that the JD will make his way up to the BLS average attorney salary of 100k (eventually).

    Two questions: Is this a good argument? and If I don't go to law school what would you recommend I do instead? Hate the low paying job my BA got me.

    Thank you and love this blog

    1. You're asking TTR blog commenters on advice of what to do with your life?

      Regardless, congratulations on making a smart decision. You don't need to argue with him as he will be depressed enough as it is.

    2. No, this is a terrible argument. Law has VERY FEW LONG TERM JOBS. Maybe 50% succeed in the short term and even fewer succeed in the long term. The long term is harsh even for grads of top schools.

      All high-paying law firms are shaped like pyramids with tons of junior associates at the bottom and only a few partners at top. Every year a significant percentage of associates are given the axe--even if they perform well--to be replaced by the hordes of new law grads. Only a small percentage make it more than a decade in big law firms. The rest get thrown to the wolves to fight with the masses of unemployed lawyers for government jobs and solo clients.

      Government jobs can be more stable, but they generally pay much less than private firms. These jobs are very hard to get; those who currently have them are not giving them up, and new positions are not being created due to budget issues.

      I am lucky enough to have gotten one of these government attorney positions...but (pay attention now) I get THE EXACT SAME SALARY and benefits I got with my earlier federal government job (when I only had a B.S. in Economics). So basically I spent 3 years in law school and returned to the exact same earning power.

      Finally, if you are still reading, this career field separates its perceived winners from losers very early on. If your friend does not get a good job in his second summer, he will never be even considered for high-paying jobs. Sad but true.

    3. Most attorneys I know make in the mid to upper five figures. This "average attorney salary" being in the six figures is BS. It only applies to law school grads who 1) actually found work as attorneys 2) managed to keep those jobs and 3) responded to the survey. It does not take into account those who didn't find jobs as attorneys, lost their jobs and went into another line of work, voluntarily left the profession because they had no life outside of work, or did not respond to the survey due to embarrassment or disgust at their less than anticipated salaries.

      It sucks that you have a low paying job with your BA. It could be worse--you could have a low paying job with a JD, six figure student loan debt, three lost years of your life, and the stain of a law degree on your resume.

    4. The legal market is completely glutted. I've seen entry level jobs with salaries of 30k for those with JDs. A law degree is not the way to earn a descent wage.

      I would recommend looking into a cheap tech program. Yea, it sucks that you wasted 4 years on BA in uselessness, but don't compound the mistake by adding on JD in advanced worthlessness.

      Another option would be to work on the science and math prereqs and see if you can get into a physical therapy program. Easy way to make 70k. Other options are occupational therapy, dietitian, nursing, etc.

      The only fields that are growing are service (pay sucks), healthcare (good pay a lot of schooling), technical jobs (descent pay, less than desirable work like plumbing)

      Jobs to avoid: LAW, education, psychology, art, humanities, qualitative social sciences

      Avoid criminal justice jobs if you are not a war vet (they get all the jobs)

      Hope some of this advice helped.

    5. You're asking TTR blog commenters on advice of what to do with your life?

      This, +100. You might as well ask a piece of styrofoam advice on how to join NASA. It's one thing to not go to law school after researching, it's another to think that the people on this board have any idea how to live in the adult world.

    6. ^People on this board do know what they're talking about. How much are the student lending companies paying you to be a shitbag?

    7. Intelligent responses. Anyone dissing the readers/posters on TTR: burn in hell you cockroach! Slimeball, waste of life. Notice how @ 4:35 and @ 6:29 gave no useful advice just dissed TTR. Grow brains douchebags!

  13. I'm glad to see this school (and others) being forced to make cuts. These greedy fucking parasites made off too well for way too many years. Go out and get a real job.

    I'm guessing these Boomer assholes will find that law firms don't want to hire 55 year olds that haven't practiced law in 30 years.

  14. Let's return to the Freese article, cited in the main entry. Look at the following portions:

    "Class size for the J.D. program at VLS increased from 152 in 2011 to 171 in 2012, but VLS President Marc Mihaly expects it to take a 30-student plunge this year. Peter Glenshaw, communications director for VLS, said this number has typically fallen between 150 and 170 students during the last 20 years. The school is still accepting applications, and school officials say they won’t have a final count until the students show up in September.

    Mihaly says he is also worried that they’ll see a decline in the average GPA and LSAT scores of the incoming class.

    Starting last September, VLS enacted a plan to shrink the school in response to a tuition dollar drought that left it with a $3.3 million budget gap. The school attracted national attention last winter when it cut 12 staff positions — 10 were through voluntary buyouts and two were involuntary."

    The rats cannot afford to lose $3.3 million, since their endowment - on June 30, 2012 - stood at slightly more than $26.5 million. The swine are desperate to fill seats, so that they can stay afloat. Hell, the bastards are STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS, for Fall 2013!

    Now, check out this series of lies from VermonTTT Law $chool “president” Mark Mihaly:

    “But VLS’s acceptance rate isn’t as munificent as it may seem, according to Mihaly. The school attracts a certain type of student, Mihaly says — people more concerned with changing the world than making money — and those who don’t fit that mold generally don’t apply.

    “We’ve always accepted a relatively high percentage of our applicants because the people who apply to us self-select.” But with a dwindling applicant pool, Mihaly says the school has to make sure entry standards don’t slip to an unacceptable level.

    “The problem we have to watch out for is we can’t take people who we believe probably won’t succeed in law school or won’t pass the bar,” Mihaly said. “To use a trite word, it’s immoral. And there are people applying like that. We are just a little more vigilant now.”

    Yes, accepting 83 percent of applicants is ethical, right?!?! By the way, no one is impressed by your use of a contrived term, i.e. “self-select,” Ass-Hat. Apparently, you believe that it is okay to admit and “educate” people, even though the legal market is GLUTTED – as long as those students can do well in law school or pass the bar exam. What a beacon of integrity, huh?!?! Also, if you are attracting students who are not concerned with making money, is it moral to charge them $46,110 in annual tuition, you filthy cockroach?!

  15. Oh no! How on earth will VLS get by without an "assistant director of community relations and alumni affairs"! The director will have to find the time in his extremely busy schedule to do it all by himself now. There stand-alone schools are ripe to fall. The state/private law schools attached to university systems are protected, for now, until boards of trustees and university presidents decide to stop throwing money away on their law school that is losing money.

    I wonder how Mr. Infinity is making out in Egypt since they are about one day away from a military coupe:

    BLS taught him well. He applied those critical thinking skills when deciding to travel to a country in the middle of a fragile democratic transition instead of studying for the NY bar exam that he wouldn't need to take anyway since he's moving back to San Francisco to be with his boyfriend. Idiot.

    1. Egypt was great, and I would go back in a second. The media hype, overall, was over the top. For the tourists that still do visit, they enjoy low cost of goods, travel, hotels, food, etc. They enjoy world class sites that are free of hordes of travelers such as the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, etc.

      For those who are too scared to leave the world and mother's basement, there is the internet. I hope you enjoyed it.

      I am so sorry that so many of you are scared to go out in the "big bad world." You are truly missing out. As for researching Egypt, I spent hundreds of hours reading about it before I left. I followed BBC news developments on Egypt daily since February when I purchased my tickets. I felt no need to not go, and in the end, I made the right choice. It makes me wonder if I also made the right choice about law school.

      You are right about the New York bar and moving to California this year. It was stupid for me to sign up. I regret that, but it is what it is.

      Mr. Infinity

  16. Nando, it is time for you to do a semi-annual entry on Seton Hall and the Valvoline dean. Did you hear the Valvoline Dean give himself a pat on the back for having Shittin Hall ranked no. 36 on the David Lat/ATL rankings? Besides, the benevolent and noble Valvoline Dean would rather fire junior non-tenured faculty rather than lower the already low admissions standards at Seton Hall:

  17. This dump of a law school needs to quit spending money on composting toilets and cut to the bone. I'm looking forward to the day when VLS students have to use an outhouse ... all for pleasure of paying $46,000+ per year in tuition. All you current VLS students, bloated professors and staff have been sniffing too many methane fumes. Close down your one-horse law school now you dingleberry-infested, scruffy, Birkenstock wearing idiots.

  18. Very Interesting:

    1. Moar like very ROACHY, you mean.

    2. P.S. You and Campos!

      He really gets your lint-size roachpecker hard, doesn't he?

      I made a couple observations on OTLSS about the sudden flood of roachlinks, but they actually BAAAWLeted it.

      Could it be? Are they welcoming you back with open arms, you smelly roach head?

      I hope so. I'd love to see their readership start rocketing toward zero as roachpoem after roachpoem appears there. You pretty much ruin every blog that tolerates you.

      Perhaps they should call you Paintlocust?

    3. I did the same^

      They are allowing Painter back in. Oh well, the site is going downhill as of late.

    4. Shoot an M-80 into your face this July Fourth, Mr. Infinity a.k.a. Christopher Knorps.

    5. ^ Yes, he SHOULD kill himself. Because Painter has a constitutional right to say whatever the fuck he wants, and to never be challenged or criticized by anyone ever.

      He's liek some kind of fierce angry king - whom nobody EVER listens to. Yet he goes on issuing royal commands, LOL.

    6. He's in Egypt, hiding from the Muslim Brotherhood, the protesters, the Egyptian Army, and the hotel staff....all of whom care not a whit about him.

  19. See that cow's asshole, kiddies? If you go to this no name shit box, that's your future.


    Check out this clip from WPTZ, local NBC affiliate for Burlington, Vermont and Plattsburgh, New York. This segment was posted on January 18, 2013, and it was labeled “12 jobs cut at Vermont Law School.” Here is the brief description below:

    “Enrollment is down at law schools nationally, and this trend is hurting Vermont Law School. They've had to cut 12 staffers to bridge a budget gap, but they are shaking up their curriculum to adapt to the times.”

    I love how the pigs claim that dwindling admissions afford them an “opportunity” to improve their course offerings, including Master’s degrees in environmental policy and energy regulation. The dolts also feel that they are being innovative, by providing “online distance learning” programs. Listen, bitches: Americans are tired of hearing false optimism and lofty rhetoric. Be honest and admit that you jackals are desperate for asses in seats. Hell, your actions – including your 83% acceptance rate – reflect the reality of the situation.

    Check out the following quotes from Matt Rizzo, director of in$TTTiTTTuTTTional advancemenTTT for VLS:

    At the 0:37 mark of the video, Rizzo said:

    “This is a very tough time for Vermont Law School. It’s not fun to go through this kind of process.”

    Later on, the dullard then ruined that moment of candor, by uttering the following nonsense at 2:16 into the clip:

    “The future is very bright for this place. This, this, is an institution that has, uh, worldwide expertise in some areas that are needed. And, as I say, we are, we are, filling a gap and we’ll continue to do that.”

    How articulate, huh?!?! Aren’t these “professors” and administrator thieves supposed to be effective communicators? Every time I transcribe an interview involving these bastards, I notice that the academic hack is stuttering or relying heavily on verbal stumbles. At least, the video made me smile big.

    By the way, last year on June 9th, the pigs were celebrating the fact they raised $18.4 million, from alumni, parents and foundations. Within months of this announcement, the stench pit started cutting back on non-faculty staff.

    This school is CLEARLY in bad financial shape. Imagine if the rats had not scraped together that $18.4 million. Again, as of June 20, 2012, VermonTTT Law Sewer only had a total endowment of $26,523,138.

  21. Notice its about how the law schools and professors are getting hurt?

    What about the 95% of students graduating with non-dischargeable student loans of $125K+??

    What are they? Collateral Damage?

    Poor little useless do-nothing, lazy, arrogant academics are hurting and they don't like the taste. It's not so sweet from the other side of the apple, now is it?

    See, as I always write, it's ALL about the money. The Gravy Train is starting to come off the tracks and the roaches are panicking.

    Welcome to Our World assholes.

    Enjoy yer stay!

    1. I'm graduating with $300k debt and I don't see the problem.

    2. That's because you're a fucking moron, Mr. Infinity.

  22. I don't see how the law school model is sustainable. How can these schools survive as class sizes shrink and school income plummets? These layoffs are only a Band-Aid. Unless there is some overnight shift in the legal profession or suddenly the federal government decides to start paying for tuition with no repayment, I don't see where the turn-around is. The only way that these trash pits last another five years is if enough lemmings buy into Pig Seto's and Pig Leduc's unscientific, conclusory "studies" about how demand for legal services "probably increases" as the population increases or how you should enroll now because there is going to be a flood of baby boomer retirees (even though I know 70 year old attorneys who either can't retire because they need to work or won't retire because they don't want to sit at home and "do nothing"). If enough lemmings believe that, and even if that is true, believe it will generate meaningful, profitable legal employment, only then will the pigs continue to survive.

    You have to remember that law deans/admins are lower than crack whores.

  23. Does it make you feel better to show the world such pictures? Maybe you could think about that for a while...

    1. It's been pictures of shit, animal shit, toilets, toilets with shit, diarrhea, backed up toilets with diarrhea and shit, and anything else shit related since day one of this blog. It's part of the theme: third tier toilet.... it gets the point across.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Nando - great blog man.

    Wondering what you think of north Dakota school of law? its 22k a year for nonresidents and 10k for residents. since it is that only law school in the state they claim to have a monopoly on a legal market. however, in the Washington post, it said that only 44% of grads are finding attorney positions. I'm wondering how a state with immense oil wealth, a population and work shortage, and the state with the lowest unemployment in the nation, 3%, has a JD glut? bobbles my mind. I'm requesting that you profile this school.

  25. That picture of the pooping beast is very appropriate. The beast represents administrators and do-nothing profs who voraciously feed off student loan cash to fund their opulent lifestyles.

    The beast shits the lemmings out of school after the last bit of student loan cash is extracted. The poo itself is a reference to the lemming's worth in today's job market.

  26. In "Horse Feathers", Groucho Marx says, "Why don't you bore a hole in your head and let the sap run out."

    That zinger is apropos in Vermont, especially for anyone who would enroll in VLS.

    For that matter, it would apply to anyone who goes to almost any other law school and doesn't have a guaranteed job waiting at the end of it.

  27. Going from 83% admit to 100% admit isn't much of a stretch. Anyone want to wager that's what these guys will do in order to save their phoney-baloney jobs? Vermont may be on the ropes but it isn't down for the count; so long as there are federal loan $$$ available, Vermont will be with us.

  28. Here is the link to the July 31, 2013 Lawyers, Guns & Money piece from Paul Campos. It is simply titled "Law school in America moves toward an open admissions policy." Take a look at this opening:

    "Here is the percentage of law school applicants who were admitted, over the last decade, to at least one ABA-accredited law school to which they applied, by year:

    2004: 55.6%
    2005: 58.6%
    2006: 63.1%
    2007: 66.1%
    2008: 66.5%
    2009: 67.4%
    2010: 68.7%
    2011: 71.1%
    2012: 74.5%
    2013: 80% (projected)

    The 2013 projection is based on the relation between the total number of applicants in this cycle and the total number of matriculants in the 2013 class, assuming an 8% reduction in the total size of the national law school class relative to 2012."

    Back on June 7, 2013, Elie Mystal wrote this hilarious conclusion on his entry labeled “Winners And Losers Of The Great Law School Application Reduction”:

    “Let’s end with the most embarrassing stat. Here are the schools that are about as selective as a lonely sailor at last call:

    Highest Offer Rates

    New England Law School — 88%
    Phoenix — 86%
    Vermont — 83%

    My God, what do you have to do to not get into New England Law School?

    “Why do you want to attend law school?”
    “What is your ATM pin number?”
    “Okay, you’ve got labor law first thing in the morning.”

    The law school pigs’ conduct is truly embarrassing and vile. Starving animals are more selective than these desperate bitches and hags. At what point will the cockroaches simply accept any applicant with a college degree and a pulse?!?!


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